Evinrude prop shaft removal

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How to Replace the Seals in an Evinrude Lower Unit

Pull the cotter pin from the propeller nut with a pair of pliers. Use a /inch box-end wrench to remove the propeller nut and slide the propeller and any washers or bearings from the propeller shaft. Trigger your trim and tilt control to tilt your motor all the way up.

Set the center pin of the steering wheel puller in the center of the propeller shaft and lock the arms of the puller around the back end of the bearing carrier. Turn the T-handle on the puller to remove the bearing carrier from the gear case.

Remove and discard the O-ring from the bearing carrier. Remove the seals from the propeller side of the bearing carrier with an internal-large-jawed puller.

Set two new propeller shaft seals into the bearing carrier without lubrication. Tap the seals into the housing with a bearing driver and mallet -- the lips of the seal should face the propeller. Apply white marine grease to the lips of the new seal.

Apply white marine grease to a new bearing carrier O-ring and seat the O-ring in the carrier groove. Wipe the carrier surface on both sides of the groove clean with a shop towel.

Apply a thin coat of gasket sealing compound to the bearing carrier support flange, the O-ring flange, the carrier and the threads of the bearing carrier retaining bolts. Align the carrier with the propeller shaft and tap it into place with a soft-faced mallet. Thread the the carrier retaining bolts into place and torque to 12 ft.-lbs.


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  • When you're working on your motor, disconnect the battery cable from the negative post of the battery by removing the nut from the battery post and lifting the cable from the post. Removing the negative battery cable isolates the electrical circuit from the boat's common ground, making it "electrically safe" to work on the boat's electrical or mechanical systems.


  • Always use a 5/inch open-end wrench when removing the nut from the negative post of a marine battery. The positive post uses a 3/inch nut. If the lettering or cable color is obscured by dirt or oil, the 5/inch wrench won't fit on the positive post.

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Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history.

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Johnson/Evinrude Driveshaft Installation

This thread pertains to OMC two-piece drive shaft found in and newer four- and six-cylinder gearcases. These gearcases are not sold with upper vertical drive shaft and shift may be reused in the replacement unit.

The old gearcase should be disassembled to remove the upper drive shaft. Push out the pin located approximately six inches from the bottom of the lower drive shaft to free the top shaft. Simply unscrew the shift rod.

Installation of the original shaft does not require that you disassemble the replacement unit. Place the shaft into the unit and tap the top of the shaft to snap it into place. Replacement units come with a spring-loaded retainer clip installed in the lower drive shaft to hold the shaft in place. screw the shift rod in. The shaft may seem loose until the water pump is installed.

Shift Rod Heights for 20" OMC-Bambardier

V4 C/FUP/32"
V4 Looper Small/16"
V4 Looper Big/16 "
V4 60 & Deg Carb/4"
V6 C/F/16"
V6 Looper/16"
V6 60& Deg/4"
V6 60° - F.I./4"

*Add or subtract 5" for your application ( + or - 1/32" )

BRGN - Johnson-Evinrude V4 Large HP
BRGR - Johnson-Evinrude V4 Small HP

Sours: https://www.crowleymarine.com/d/tech_article/johnsonevinrude-driveshaft-installation
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Evinrude drive shaft removal

Re: Evinrude drive shaft removal

CL60 said:


A cylindrical clip is set inside the lower shaft by use of a roll pin on one end. The upper shaft, when inserted, snaps into the end of this clip. Only thing is, its a one way deal. Once you install the upper shaft, it won't come out without gutting the unit.

Got the LU assembled now, just waiting on a grommet for the midsection. Painting today, then installation later in the week. After that, break-in.

If I ever have to R&R and lower unit again, I'm spending the dough and getting a complete unitready to install!

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Old thread I know but
I just received my brand new M2 (Magnum 2) gearcaseman this thing is beefy.
The seller pulled the drive shaft and shift rod out of it for shipping purposes. In the photos you will see a cut down drive shaft and shift rod installedhe did this to keep debris from entering the open shafts while in shipping. The cut down drive shaft is free floating and can easily be pulled right out while the shift shaft is screwed in. My questions:

The seller said I would not need to remove the drive shaft bearing housing at all and that I will simply pull the cut down drive shaft out and slip the 25" shaft in making sure to lineup the splines; he said I will feel the upper shaft lock into place with the lower shaft and I would not compromise the seal when removing the old and installing the new shaft. The problem is when I look in my manual under drive shaft removal and installation there is talk about bearing pullersa roll pin and a retainer which hold the upper shaft to the lower shaft and lock it in place. The manual makes it look like a much bigger job than I expected.
What to do?


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Driveshaft Removal Tool

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Removal shaft evinrude prop

How to Remove a Drive Shaft From a Lower Unit

Take out the bolts that connect the lower unit to the exhaust housing with a socket wrench. Slide the lower unit straight down and off the outboard. Set the lower unit upright in a bench vise.

Remove the four bolts holding the water pump together from the water pump housing with a socket wrench. Slide the impeller from the lower unit and slide them up and off the driveshaft. Pull the impeller plate off the lower unit and slip it off the driveshaft.

Remove the bearing carrier retaining bolts. Insert two small pry bars under the lip of the bearing carrier, and gently pry the housing and propeller shaft out of the lower unit as an assembly.

Pull the shift rod retainer from the top of the lower unit and pull the shift rod out of the lower unit.

Locate the pry tabs where the housing meets the lower unit and use a small pry bar to loosen the fit between the housing and the lower unit. Pull the driveshaft upward, removing the bearing housing, driveshaft and retaining ring.


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Writer Bio

Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history.

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Johnson/Evinrude Lower Unit Disassembly

Blowing up a lower unit is a horrible experience, when you have to pay for it! Especially if you don’t have any warranty. So changing the gear lube periodically can help prevent this but what do you do when your prop shaft seals are leaking?

How To Change Outboard Prop Shaft Seals? Prop shaft seals are changed by pulling the bearing carrier & pushing the old seals out. Then pressing in the new seals & reinstalling the carrier. You can also pull the seals out without pulling the carrier to change them.

Here is a step by step guide to change them, as well as some tips & tricks to getting them to seal if you run into problems!

What Type Of Lower Unit Do You Have?

Changing the prop shaft seals will vary depending upon what brand of lower unit you have. Some gear cases you will be able to change the prop shaft without taking out the bearing carrier.

But then there are other gear cases that you will have to pull out the bearing carrier in order to change out the seals.

It’s important to figure out if they need to be changed or not first. The first clue to whether they need to be changed out or not. It is the color of the gear lube! (Here is an article that we wrote that will explain all the different colors you could see and what they mean!)

If you have discovered that there is a leak. Then you will need to pressure test the gear case. This will tell you where the leak is.

There are three main sources for a gear case leak. They are the shift shaft, the driveshaft, and the prop shaft.

Removing The Seals Without Pulling The Carrier

In order to remove the seals without removing the carrier. We can utilize two different methods of pulling the seals.

The first method is a common method that uses a drywall screw or self-tapping screw. As well as a small drill bit.

You can drill a hole on each side of the seal from the outside. Then take a screw and screw it into the seal so that there is a screw on both sides of the seal.

Once the screws are in, we’ll take to pry bars and pry up evenly on the two screws to pull the seal up and out!

Be extremely careful here because you can scratch the prop shaft with the screw and destroy it!

The next method is to take a flat head screwdriver and bend the outside of the seal in at four locations around the seal. Once the sides are bent in. You will be able to take a seal puller tool and work the seal up from the sides.

This method is probably safer but still has the potential for damage. It’s important to be careful will utilizing both of these engines! So, you’ve been warned 😉 Here is a video displaying the use of both of these methods:


Mercury Marine gear cases have a mixed ratio of lower units. Some of them require you to pull the bearing carrier in order to change out the prop shaft seals. Then the other half you can change them without pulling the carrier.

For the gear cases that you have to pull the carrier on. You will need to push the locking tab down from the spanner nut on the gear case. Then you will need to remove the spanner nut. Sometimes these can be tricky and you might need to drill a hole in the nut.

Then chip it out in pieces! After that is out, a prying tool will need to be utilized to pull the carrier out of the gear case.

Once that is out. You basically just punch the seals out into the carrier and then install the new seals from the inside of the carrier. Here is a video we made that demonstrates this process with a resealing of the gear case:

Otherwise, we will be utilizing the same methods as described previously!


Yamaha gear cases are probably the easiest to service!

These gear cases can all be serviced in the same basic way. Yamaha has not had any major changes done to the design of its gear cases for many, many years.

They are a great gear case and the prop shaft seals can be changed by either pulling the bearing carrier. Or by utilizing the quick way as we have described earlier.

Here is a video showing the service procedure for these gear cases:


Most Johnson Evinrude lower unit prop shaft seals are pulled out from the outside. This means that they will be easily pulled out by utilizing one of the two methods.

The thing about these seals though. Is that they have a thicker metal frame to them. So they are harder to bend with the screwdriver.

But the drywall or screw method works really well.

It is just really important that you predrill the holes in the seal.

Unlike some of the other cases where you can run the screw right into the seal and then pull it out. For these seals, it is really important to drill the hole and run the screw into the hole.

It will help to prevent you from slipping off the seal and scratching the prop shaft.

Suzuki & Honda

Both Suzuki & Honda have the ability to change the prop shaft seals without pulling the carrier.

The same warnings come with these lower unit seals as well. Be very careful if you are using the screw method!

The seal puller method will probably be better for these gear cases. If you are not that comfortable with the entire process, then it will be a lot safer than the screw method.

It’s also important to keep in mind that ALL manufacturers recommend that the bearing carrier be removed. In order to change out the prop shaft seals.

The two methods that we have talked about today. Are a way of getting the job done, but at a risk as well.

We recommend pulling the carrier if you are not that comfortable with doing it. Either of these two ways that we have shown you here today!

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