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I can't understand why the guests won't use my viewing area

I'm really sad. I can't get my guests to even want to TOUCH this watchtower I made for them... took me several hours of work and I've been experimenting and tweaking for at least another hour on top of that with no success. When I work hard on something and then the guest pathing is impossible to decipher, it feels like I just wasted hours of my own time and that's very sad and frustrating.

It seems like the guests just want to get as close to the animal as possible even if that "view" involves staring directly at rocks, rather than having anything remotely scenic. At one point I lowered my "tower" into the ground to perhaps get a better view... but instead the guests decided to use just a tiny corner of the path so they could stare at rocks (behind which were a few sleeping animals)

I really wish there was a guest pathing view that could show me what makes the guests want to stand in a certain area but not another.




PLAYMOBIL Zoo Viewing Platform Extension 70348 to Build up Your Event

Dimensions: 23.5 x 14 x 12.5 cm (LxDxH) The path can be combined with the large adventure zoo (# 70341) and the lions in the outdoor enclosure (# 70343) Play figure set for children from 4 years: Optimal for children's hands due to age-appropriate size and pleasant feel with rounded edges Manufactured by PLAYMOBIL. Playable daily: Instructions for assembly together with the parents high quality and robust design cleaning the parts (without stickers) under running water without chemical agents Accessories: 1 extension element observation path 1 demarcation element water enclosure with aquatic plants 1 demarcation element grass enclosure with plants with observation path extension and demarcation elements for water and grass enclosures. The article is ideal for expanding the adventure zoo world.

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Planet Zoo: Elevated Guest Areas

Elevated Guest Areas

So you have all these elevated paths, and your Guests are complaining they’re hungry, thirsty, or bored. What do you do? Build a downwards path and try to fit a shopping center in somewhere?

Not necessarily! You can build a elevated platform for your guests, overlooking a habitat perhaps. This section will tell you how.

So first, you use the Align to Grid option while building on a elevated path. This allows you to make a nice big platform.


Select and place one of your Guest Facilities. You will have to go into the in depth edit mode (Z button) and use the movement Green arrow to raise it upwards to the level of the platform. Rotating it (option just to the right of the one you are on by default), and then move it with the arrows again until it auto – connects to path.


Repeat with all your buildings. You can also add pillars or some other building / terrain beneath them so that they’re not just hovering in midair.


Add some tables, trash bins, and anything else you desire and you’ll have a full on elevated guest center for them to enjoy.

Planet Zoo Elevated Guest Areas

More of this sort of thing:


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Viewing planet platform zoo

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Brand NEW panoramic viewing area! Planet Zoo (Part 8)

I'm used to it. It was painful to hear such words. A wave of a strange mixture of hatred and passion for these bastards ran through my body.

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