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Are you an avid tennis player?  Wondering what to do with old tennis balls?  There are dozens of ways to recycle, upcycle and reuse them!  Find fun things to do with them for your kids like learning how to turn a tennis ball into a pokeball.  Or, find tennis ball recycling facilities if you aren&#;t crafty.  From eliminating garden slugs to protecting hardwood floors, here are some creative uses for old tennis balls around your home.  

How many times can you use tennis balls?

My husband and son have been playing on a tennis team and taking lessons for years. As a result, we spend a lot of money on tennis balls!

Serious tennis players will only play one match with a can of balls. They lose pressure and don&#;t bounce quite the same after they have been used for a while. This means that I am always looking for creative uses for old tennis balls since we have so darn many of them!

 I thought I would share a few ideas on how to reuse tennis balls in case you have as many of them as I do. From tennis ball crafts to creative life hacks with old tennis balls, you won&#;t throw away another one after reading this post!

  basket of old tennis balls with text overlay 'creative uses for old tennis balls'

Are used tennis balls really a problem? YES!

According to Wikipedia, each year approximately million tennis balls are produced. That contributes roughly 20, metric tons of waste in the form of rubber that is not easily biodegradable. Basically, our landfills are FULL of tennis balls!


So, what can we do with them other than giving them to the dog or toss them in the trash? Here are a few ways to reuse tennis balls that I have come across over the last few years. Of course, if you have a dog, you may not need to find any other ways to reuse old tennis balls. If you DO have a dog, consider getting a tennis ball launcher for dogs and give them a real workout!


dog laying in grass with used tennis balls

How to Reuse Tennis Balls

Wondering how to reuse tennis balls that have lost their bounce? Try one of these ideas!

Put them in the laundry

Fluff up down-filled comforters and clothing. Toss a couple of tennis balls into the dryer with down vests, jackets, pillows and comforters to break up clumps of down and restore their &#;fluffiness&#;. I like to add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the tennis balls before tossing them in with the laundry. Makes everything come out smelling wonderful!

Float them in the pool

Float two or three tennis balls in the pool to absorb swimmers&#; body oils. Replace the balls every two weeks.

Make a tennis ball gym safe

Create a &#;gym safe.&#; Make a two-inch slit along the seam of a tennis ball and insert valuables in it while working out at the gym. Keep the ball in the gym bag with other sporting gear.

Great for bikers

Prevent a bicycle kickstand from sinking into the grass or mud. Make a slit in a tennis ball and put it over the end of the kickstand.

Tennis ball uses in the garden

If they are split or worn out, cut them in half and create slug collectors. Leave them in strategic locations in the garden and then collect the slugs. After a good rain, the ball will stay damp for quite a while and you will be amazed at how many garden pests will end up on them. This will also help get rid of snails in the garden as well. 

close up of tennis racket and tennis balls on tennis court

Where can you donate old tennis balls?

If you can&#;t reuse tennis balls yourself, donate them  to a school to put on the bottoms of chair and table legs. Makes things MUCH quieter in the classroom! You can also donate them to a local nursing home for use on residents’ walkers. They make the walkers easier to push around for people who aren’t strong enough to lift them.

Make tennis ball crafts

Looking for fun things to do with tennis balls?  They come in really handy for an assortment of kids crafts. Check out these tennis ball crafts on Pinterest for some inspiration. You can make them into everything from lamps to picture frames or use them for children&#;s crafts like puppets and snowmen.

Use them in the garage

Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling in the garage to know when to stop the car. No more bumping into the shelves!

For your next BBQ

This is one of my favorite uses for old tennis balls, especially if you are throwing a sports themed birthday party. Use old tennis balls as anchors. Fill old tennis balls with small stones and tie up your balloons and umbrellas.

Add an old tennis ball to your broom handle

Use them to remove scuffs on floors. Many janitors use this trick by placing a tennis ball on the end of a wooden handled broom so it’s always handy.

Fun Tennis Ball Crafts

 Wondering how to reuse tennis balls in crafts and DIY projects? Old tennis balls are a FREE craft supply to keep in your art box! Here are a few that I found on Pinterest that you might want to try.

How to make a Pokeball from a tennis ball

Want to try your hand at tennis ball crafts? Watch the video below and learn how to make a Pokeball from a tennis ball! If you are looking for uses for old tennis balls that your kids will LOVE, this is it!


Can Tennis Balls Be Recycled?


Looking for more uses for old tennis balls? Head over to You can also check out a site called that will actually take your used tennis balls and re-pressurize them! You can also buy discounted re-pressurized balls from them and save yourself some money while you reduce your carbon footprint! Do you have any other tips on how to reuse tennis balls?

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Stuffed Animal Recycling 

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12 Simple and Unexpected Ways to Repurpose Tennis Balls 

Tennis balls perhaps aren’t the kind of thing you’d associate with DIY projects, but it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and look into how these little green balls can bring some functionality into your life! They are sold almost everywhere and they’re definitely on the cheaper side of things, so grab a big bag of tennis balls and start creating! Find some ideas with these simple and unexpected ways to repurpose tennis balls! 

1. Tennis Ball Garland 


There are numerous garlands you can make for your fireplace but none of them as unique as one made of tennis balls! If you love watching Wimbledon, this is going to be a great party decoration when you invite over you fellow tennis enthusiasts! Get the how-to at Anna Nimmity.

2. Tennis Ball Holder 


Did you ever imagine that the most helpful item in your home could be a goofy tennis ball? When strategically placed, a tennis ball can become your personal assistant that always holds your keys or mail when you step through the front doors! Find out all about it at WikiHow!

3. Tennis Ball Ornament 


Tennis balls aren’t just loved by tennis enthusiasts, they are also adored by our four legged companions! Dogs tend to go bananas for a tennis ball, so when you’re making this lovely ornament by Miss Molly Says, make sure you hang it high enough to keep it out of your pooch’s reach!

4. Tennis Ball Bath Bomb 


Using bath bombs is a great way to treat yourself and if you love to make them at home, the whole experience becomes even more special. One of the things that will absolutely help you when making bath bombs is actually a tennis ball! See the whole process at Mommy Savers.

5. Tennis Ball Wreath 


Are you looking to create a really simple but very unpredictable wreath for your doorstep? Something memorable but not too complicated? Anna Nimmity shares the the tutorial for this wonderful tennis ball wreath that is definitely going to be the talk of the neighborhood!

6. Tennis Ball Place Card Holder 


Are you hosting a garden party for your fellow sports fans? Create a truly suitable athletic environment by turning the tennis balls into place card holders! This small but thoughtful act of decoration is going to define the whole setting, so don’t miss the how-to at Polka Dot Made!

7. Tennis Ball Puppets 


Homemade puppets always have a special charm! Creating them is a great way to encourage your kids to express their creativity and they will also appreciate the toys much more if they are involved in the creation process. Check out how My Life With Littles made these adorable tennis ball puppets!

8. Tennis Ball Scented Dryer Balls 


If you love making your own household products, you’re going to love the idea for these tennis ball dryer balls we found at Mom 4 Real! They are very simple to make and will make sure that all of your clothes come out of the dryer soft and with a wonderful smell!

9. Tennis Ball Mike Wazowski 


Forget Frozen, have you hooked your kids on Monsters Inc. yet?! Mike Wazowski is one of the most charming, funny and adorable characters and if your little ones have a true fasciation with his personality and wit, Onelmon&#;s tennis ball Mike should be your next crafting project!

Tennis Ball Teddy Bear 


Another great project for kids is this tennis ball teddy bear that truly doesn’t resemble a tennis ball at all. It’s a great way to bring some nature into your kid’s room especially if they refuse to have a potted plant! Visit Adorablest to see how this green teddy bear came to life!

Tennis Ball Hanging Planter 


Hanging planters are very modern and very trendy. The concept of hanging your plants somewhere in the house rather than stacking them onto shelves appeals to many people and if you want to bring this fascinating decor concept to your home as well, don’t miss The Homesteady&#;s idea for a tennis ball hanging planter!

Tennis Ball Headband 


Making your own hair accessories is always a good idea &#; after all, where in the world could you possibly find a neon green headband on a short notice? If you have a tennis ball somewhere in the home that nobody plays with anymore, cut it up and turn it into a dazzling headband, following the tutorial at Dukes & Duchesses.

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  3. 1 inch hex socket

The 10 best Wimbledon inspired tennis crafts

A glow-in-the-dark comet with streamers, fluffy chicks, tennis ball cookies, garden crafts, and many more creative uses for your old rackets and balls.
Game, set and match.

Inspired by Wimbledon, I&#;ve rounded up the 10 best tennis crafts &#; enjoy!

10 tennis crafts

10 best tennis crafts

1. Tennis ball chick tutorial from &#; HOW cute?!  Of course these would be great to make at Easter too.

tennis ball chick

2. A great idea from C. Diane Zweig &#; use a vintage racket to display memorabilia and photographs.  The perfect gift for a tennis fan!

tennis racket memory display

3. Leaves painted with tennis balls by the Macaroni Kid &#; a quick, simple, outdoor summer craft.

tennis ball painted leaves

4. Tennis themed cookies from Craft, Bake, Sew, Create, these look almost too good to eat&#;

tennis ball cookies

5. A sweet caterpillar made with tights and old tennis balls from Crafts n Coffee


tennis ball caterpillar

6. Christmas ornaments &#; clever idea for baby & toddler friendly tree decorations from

tennis ball tree ornament

7. A glow-in-the-dark comet with streamers &#; tutorial from (who wouldn&#;t want to make this)?!


8. Beaded tennis racket garden art how-to from Garden Therapy


tennis racket garden bead art

9. Tennis ball hangers from &#; your very own ball boy..!

tennis ball hanger

And finally &#; glitter tennis shoes tutorial from Martha Stewart &#; probably by favourite of all the tennis crafts here!

glittered sneakers how to

These are my top 10 Wimbledon inspired tennis crafts &#; do you have any more?  Do let me know!

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30 Creative Design Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Tennis Balls

Creative design ideas that help to reuse and recycle tennis balls turn used balls into unique furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and pet dogs. Landfills are becoming over filled, so any recycling project makes a difference. Homemade crafts with used tennis balls that people normally throw away, are a great way of enhancing green living ideas and protect the environment while having fun.

Before throwing used tennis balls away, think if you can reuse and recycle them for handmade Christmas balls, decorative vases, unique furniture, lighting fixtures or eco gifts that will surprise and delight your family members and friends. Recycled crafts with used tennis balls are fabulous, exclusive and very special.

If you play tennis, collect used tennis balls for recycling. Keep them in a box to use for making small recycled crafts or unique furniture for outdoor home decor in creative style. Here is a collection of creative, interesting and unusual design ideas that may inspire you to explore new ways of recycling tennis balls.

Unique design ideas and recycled crafts with tennis balls

Tennis balls are a great materials for many recycled crafts. Handmade Christmas balls and garlands for Christmas tree decoration will add a touch of eco style to your holiday decor. Dogs like to play with tennis balls, so you can create wonderful pet toys. Pet beds, made with tennis balls, are great design ideas also. These beds are soft, comfortable and warm.

All sort of accessories can be created with tennis balls. Unique furniture and home decorations made with tennis balls look whimsical and bold. Handmade stools and contemporary chairs recycling tennis balls are functional home furnishings that show your talents and green living attitude.

Used tennis balls are perfect for making small decorative vases and table centerpieces with plants and flowers. A large garden bench or yard decorations created with used tennis balls can add unique character to your outdoor home decor and enhance backyard and garden designs with useful items.

Unique furniture design ideas recycling tennis balls for playful seats

25 plastic recycling ideas and recycled crafts with pink pong balls

Handmade Christmas decorations ideas and cheap eco gifts

You can make small houses for little creatures and colorful yard decorations. There are so many design ideas that help reuse and recycle tennis balls for unique items that give a personal touch to your home decor.

Have fun searching for creative design ideas and simple ways to reuse and recycle tennis balls. Do not throw away them. Create home decorations and make inexpensive gifts for all occasions. Have you ever thought of creating recycled crafts with tennis balls? It is a wonderful way to teach the children how to be creative and give them an opportunity to experience firsthand the fun one can have while recycling for environmental conservation. Making recycled crafts reduces waste and teach kids how to bring fun into green living.

  by Ena Russ   

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