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If you have already purchased a double gate kit and are looking for instructions, please see the installation guide.

All our gates can be made into a double gate for a 100in opening. To make 2 of our gates into a double, you will need 2 things:

1. A drop rod. You can purchase these at your local hardware store or directly from us.

2. A gate jig. We recommend that you purchase one from us (vinyl only- aluminum is coming). You can also create your own by using the existing vinyl gate jigs that came with your WamBam gates and join them together. Please see your gate instructions for spacing.

Please note that these items can be purchased under the “Miscellaneous” drop down on each gate page.

Double Gate

All our gate installation guides have instructions for double gates. Please visit this page and download the appropriate guide.


Vinyl Fence Gate Drop Rods Distributor

Vinyl Fence Gate Drop Rods

Are you looking for vinyl fence gate drop rods? Wholesale Fence Distributors is a fence supply company that has been providing vinyl fence gate drop rods and a wide variety of other fencing products for fencing contractors, homeowners and home remodelers for many years with a high level of expertise and customer satisfaction. We stock vinyl fence gate drop rods in a wide variety of styles, dimensions, colors and designs, so regardless of the type of fence accessory you need, we’ve got you covered.

Our wholesale fence distribution center has a vast inventory of fencing products and accessories such as fence posts, fence caps, fence covers and more. We carry fence products for various types of fencing from leading fence manufacturers and distributors including but not limited to vinyl fence products, PVC fence products, chain link fence products, aluminum fence products, wood fence products, privacy fence products, and more. Wholesale Fence Distributors has special equipment that allows us to customize fence products and accessories as well.

Not sure the brand, part number or size product you need? Not a problem. Our fence professionals have many years of experience in the fencing industry and will help you get the right fence product for your specific needs and at an affordable price. Wholesale Fence Distributors carries a wide variety of fence items in stock at competitive prices so rest assured you can find the right item for the right price when you shop with us.

For more information about our vinyl fence gate drop rods or our other wholesale fence products, call our knowledgeable fence experts at Wholesale Fence Distributors today at (888) 703-3623.

Wholesale Fence Distributors - Your Source for Vinyl Fence Gate Drop Rods.

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Snug Cottage Hardware Wrap Around Stainless Steel Cane Bolt/Drop Rod With Retainer for PVC and Vinyl Fence Gates

Cane Bolt with Separate Retainer for PVC and Vinyl Gates (4096)

Our wrap-around Cane Bolts for use on PVC and vinyl gates, are made with 5/8” dia. rod and available in 3 different lengths. They feature a multi-piece design so you can easily adjust and set the amount of drop you require and they come with a separate retainer to hold the bolt in the up position making it easier to use. Cane Bolts are also supplied with a padlock-able bracket so you can lock your gates, if desired.

The Cane Bolts include color-matched stainless steel TEK fasteners and installation couldn't be easier. First, mount the guides which index easily to the corners of the gate frame thanks to the wrap around design. Second, slide the smooth drop rod into the mounting brackets - again without the need to spin and fuss with the pegs which are usually on drop rods. Last, locate and install the retainer bracket. An optional last step is to install the included pad-lockable bracket if you need to lock your gates with a pad lock.

The 4096-VINYL cane bolts are available in 24", 36", and 48" lengths and in Black or White polyester powder-coated finishes. Note: the 48" drop rod is available in black only.

    Cane Bolt with Separate Retainer for PVC and Vinyl Gates (4096) Features:
  • Intended to secure PVC or vinyl double gate or door applications.
  • Bolts are 5/8" dia. rod.
  • 24" and 36" lengths available in 304 Stainless Steel with a Black or White Polyester Powder Coat finish.
  • 48" length available in 304 Stainless Steel with a Black Polyester Powder Coat finish.
  • Sold individually.
  • Hex Drive Stainless Steel "TEK" fasteners included.
  • Supplied with separate padlock-able bracket which can be installed, if desired. Padlock is not included.

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Drop rod gate vinyl

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LokkBolt Drop-Bolt Installation

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