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If there is something that have always bother me, is the resource respawn times. I'm not talking about the multipliers in the game settings.

I'm talking about the resources in itself.

For example: How long does it take to respawn a tree/rock/metal node/crystal node(small&big)/obsidian/oil it is questionable, yet, how long these resources actually respawn.

I think, it would be a neat addiction to the app.

Where it would tell individually each of the resources respawn time in Vanilla Ark Settings.

Featuring an advanced option of the resource respawn multiplier, (The multiplier that the game provides), where the user could insert a value, in which it would multiply and change the original time of the respawns and show to the user the "how long the resources it would take to respawn under that value".

It would benefit the servers, and in general the players a lot, so that they could customize their game to their own needs. Without assuming the respawn time of the value inserted in-game. At least you would know and would be aware if the resource is respawning or not.


Most importantly, they do not respawn if a player is too close, and unlike creature respawning, they aren't affected by the presence of tames.

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Similarly, it is asked, do trees Respawn in Ark?

As with all resources, Trees will respawn after a period of time so long as no players or structures are nearby. Within that radius, players can use Re-Fertilizer.

Secondly, do crystals Respawn in Ark? The drops are small and are not garunteed from every node each time. Once you have found a Crystal location that is handy for you, make sure you mark down the location. Crystal respawns in the same place, so once you've found your sweet spot you can simply return there on a regular basis to keep harvesting.

Furthermore, do plants grow back in Ark?

Plants are a harvestable resource in ARK: Survival Evolved are bushes of many sizes and shapes that can be found all over the map. Like other renewable resources, plants do not regrow in a certain radius around structures, though they can be forcibly regrown by using Re-Fertilizer.

What does a redwood tree look like in Ark?

Overview. The Redwood Forests (formerly known as Deep Island) is a region in the southern center of The Island. It consists of the Redwood Forest Biome and features redwood trees with wide trunks and high treetops which can't be destroyed.

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So I've done a bit more testing...
Lowered the resource health back down to a little higher than default (2.5) I had raised it to 10.5
I have the resource respawn rate set to 0.25 now and still Metal and Crystal nodes do NOT respawn as fast as everyone else has said theirs do..
I'm nearly convinced now that Metal and Crystal respawn at a different rate than other resources...

I've had other things respawn a LOT faster than Metal and Crystal, like Oil for example I have a node sitting right outside my 'port' base that I'm using for my Plesios and Megalos..
Anytime I harvest it I've had it respawn within 2-5 mins 10mins tops..

Something seems a bit off about the respawn rate....

And @Krazy_Kirby, I know I could just give myself the metal and crystal, but it's the principal of things..
I like going out and gathering my supplies, it'd take a lot of the fun out of things if I kept cheating in my resources... cause to me it'd be like.. Why do I need the dinos I have with huge carry capacity anymore when I can just give myself this stuff?
I like having them for the purpose of letting me bring back MASSIVE amounts of supplies, it's more satisfying to count up just how much I was able to haul back. XD

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Metal, Crystal and Obsidian do not respawn :(
Hi there!

I have the following problem:
Metal, crystal and obsidian do not spawn after mining. Bushes, wood and stone spawn normally.

PC with Windows 10
Game Map: The Island
Game mode: Local game - single player
Installed mods: none
Long waiting times in the game did not respawn any new resources.
Restarting the game or computer didn't help.
I have not built any kind of structures near the resources at any time.

I have the values ​​in the options as follows:
- Health of raw materials: 4.0
- Resource respawn time: 0.0 (also tried 0.5 and 1.0 and similar)
- Resource radius to player: 0.2
- Resource radius to structures: 0.3

The problem exists on the island and also in the caves.

I ask for your help!
The game is no longer playable without metal, obsidian and crystal.

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Time ark crystal respawn

Thatch Foundation.pngThis article is a stub. You can help the ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki by expanding it.


ARK: Survival Evolved contains a number of renewable resources scattered around the map that players can harvest. Sometimes these resources can be harvested by hand, such as Silica Pearls, plants and so on; sometimes these resources require the use of a tool, such as harvesting stone from large rocks using a pick.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between terrain and a renewable resource. For example, not all large rocks can be harvested for stone or flint, and not all vegetation are plants or trees.

For simplicity, Creatures are not considered a renewable resource for the purposes of this article, however the harvesting of resources from their carcasses does follow the same mechanics.


Usually hand-harvested renewable resources can be harvested with greater efficiency and yields through the use of a tool or tame. The exception to this are resources that are gathered directly from the ground, like small stones, twigs, or pieces of thatch. Tools cannot be used to gather these, and if this is attempted, the player is warned to use an empty hand to gather the resource. (you can use whip to gather resources on the ground such as stones, twigs, pieces of thatch and that is much more efficient than pick up by hand one resource at a time)

Regardless of the method, the yield is proportional to the Melee Damage statistic, and for tools, the quality of the tool as well (see the tool links for more information). However, the maximum yield for each resource node is capped. However, the cap is still modified by Gather Multipliers, for example the Chainsaw yields far more from a single tree than the most ascendant of axes swung with the most godlike Melee Damage.

Harvesting Mechanics[]

Each time a resource node is harvested, a random number is used to determine the yields, and this is increased by Melee Damage, and the Tool type and Quality. If the number is high enough, then rare resources, which have a greater 'resource cost', can also be harvested. If the calculated yield exceeds the resources remaining in the node, it is capped at the remainder amount and the node disappears, having been fully harvested.

However, the cap is also affected by the same factors, but at a lesser degree, enabling ever-greater yields from the same node when revisited with better tools or melee damage, even when earlier harvesting attempts with lower melee or quality were still 'one-shotting' the node.

Harvesting Tools[]


On official servers, renewable resources respawn after several hours if all the conditions are met. Most importantly, they do not respawn if a player is too close, and unlike creature respawning, they aren't affected by the presence of tames.

Renewable resources also do not respawn after harvesting if they are too near to a blocking structure. For this purpose, blocking structures include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • a foundation
  • the intersection of ceiling and a pillar
  • the intersection of a fence foundation and a wall

Objects that can be freeplaced on the terrain do not interfere with respawning, such as Wooden Signs, Standing Torches, Large Storage Boxes, Stone Dinosaur Gateways and so on.

Plants and trees can also be forcibly respawned in an area by the use of Re-Fertilizer.

Types of Renewable Resources[]

All of these are heavily dependent on the map being played, and installed DLCs. This may not be a comprehensive list, especially as new map regions and DLCs have without fail added to this list.

  • Ground litter - including small stones, twigs and pieces of thatch
  • Rocks, including flint rocks, stone rocks, metal rocks, oil rocks, obsidian rocks, sulfur rocks, and sand rocks
  • Crystal outcrops, both large and small
  • Raw Salt (Scorched Earth) columns
  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Silica Pearl and Black Pearl shells
  • Rare Flower patches, in a wide variety of forms
  • Anthills
  • Creatures
  • Supply Crates
  • Destroyable Urban Objects such as tables, benches and lampposts


  • In custom games, the distances affecting the blocking of renewable resource respawning can be altered through the Game.ini options: ResourceNoReplenishRadiusPlayers=<value> and ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures=<value> (see Console for more infos).

If you are playing single player and log out before resources respawn there is a bug that causes them to not respawn for a very long time.


ARK Sucks: SP resources do not respawn


Crystal is easiest to find at night or in low light. It is self illuminating, meaning that it glows from within. The bright light produced within crystal makes it stand out exceptionally well against darker settings.

The most common places to find Crystal are on many of the mountain tops, scattered across the plains in the snow biome, and throughout many of the caves on the Island. While this may sound quite dangerous, there are a few cases where you can get your hands on some crystal without much risk.

If you are on the East Coast of the Island you may well be able to venture into the edge of the snow biome near the shore to harvest some crystal. Be careful though, as the extreme cold will cause you steady injury if you aren't wearing Fur Armor. There are also a number of dangerous critters running around in the snowy regions.

Perhaps the easiest way to get your hands on some Crystal with very low risk would be to poke your head into a few of the caves on the Island. I've found crystal deposits just inside some of the caves before encountering any hostile life or dangerous enviromental conditions. I walked in, harvested and left. Wait for the resources to respawn and repeat. Some of these caves can also be found in very low threat areas. Just don't push your luck and venture too deep - unless, of course, you are ready for cave diving and adventure!


Now discussing:

hi guys,

i am playing singleplayer with standart settings.only I just changed the difficulty for high level dinos.. i harvest crystals. 10 in game days passed and crystal just plain refuses to spawn back.

*i have not built a base on land
*Map: The Island

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