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Having a healthy car appears to be an important prerequisite for a lot of people, as we are all dependent upon our automobiles, it doesn’t matter if it is to go for you to work or for personal travel. So when we come across some thing different about our Kia Optima, we logically tend to ask ourselves queries. If, in your case, it’s your engine that rattles when hot on your Kia Optima, you’ve come to the right place. We know that this is a repeated trouble and so we have chose to write a dedicated article content to help you deal with it. To do so, first we will check out the complications in connection with hydraulic tappets and valves, then at combustion complications, and at last at the engine rattling when hot because of concerns in connection with the lower engine.


Engine rattling when hot on my Kia Optima because of the hydraulic tappets

If you find out the engine hot rattles on your Kia Optima, and this noise is established at the top of the engine, it denotes that it comes from your cylinder head and its accompanying components. There are two possible motives of an hot engine rattling on a Kia Optima. Either the hydraulic tappets, ordinarily it is because of their faulty “hydraulic catch-up” system that you will hear these clicking noises, often when hot and not when cold. Otherwise, it is the play of your rocker arms or their state of wear that is at fault. In this instance, reflect on replacing them.

The engine of my Kia Optima is doing some rattling noise when hot because of combustion problem

Second option, if you have the feeling that the hot engine rattling is in connection with the combustion of your engine, there are three possible motives of this one. It may be that your timing is out of sync and that it does not manage the synchronization of the different elements of the engine to supply good combustion. And to finish, the most traditional trigger comes from your injectors, which are either clogged or damaged. Don’t hesitate to go to your repair shop so that he can look at the part that seems to be the reason of your engine’s hot clicking on your Kia Optima.

Engine of my Kia Optima rattling cause of problem in the lower part of the engine

To finish, if you have identified the area of origin of your engine that hot rattles on your Kia Optima that comes from your lower engine, it may be that your connecting rods or piston pins are the origin. In both circumstances, the risk in the long run is engine breakage. These two repairs are particularly complex and most mechanics will advise you to replace the engine of your Kia Optima. In any case, don’t wait when you identify such a trouble, it will enable you to anticipate an upcoming big repair or at best find a cheaper solution, rather than find yourself faced with a failure with the origin of your engine rattling when hot and the end result being your engine breaking down on you when you come home from work. Don’t hesitate to look at our catalogue of items on your car that can help you remedy other worries or learn more about your Kia Optima.

To discover more tips on the Kia Optima, take a look at the Kia Optima category.


When you discover abnormal noises on your Kia Optima you tend to stress about them. Specifically when you feel a noise when you accelerate on your Kia Optima. It is right away assimilated to an engine unit trouble and can therefore be serious. As we know that you do not take these disorders lightly, we have made a decision to create this content page to support you find the causes and get rid of this matter as quickly as possible. To do this, we will first see what are the oeigins of a high pitched noise when accelerating with my Kia Optima, then what is a whistling or ratling noise at the acceleration of my Kia Optima, then the origins of a noise that intensifies during acceleration and finally a noise that ends when I stop accelerating.noise-when-acceleratingkia-optima

Ma Kia Optima makes a high-pitched noise when I accelerate:

If your Kia Optima generates a loud noise when you accelerate, it is quite possible that the alternator belt is the cause of your trouble. You will need to identify if this noise occurs suddenly and if it can stop as it started. The alternator belt is a wearing part that is used to bring power to the secondary components of your Kia Optima’s engine and although it is less vital than the timing belt it can cause engine troubles if it breaks. This sound may be a symptom of a slackened belt, in which case the tensioner roller or its wear and tear may be to blame. In any case, examine the condition of your belt and its tension. If it causes this acceleration noise on Kia Optima, go to your technician.

Ma Kia Optima makes whining noise when I accelerate:

  • Rattling or whistling noise caused by the turbo
  • If you have a power loss that comes with the rattling noise when you accelerate with your Kia Optima, it is possible that your turbo is screwing up and some of its elements are at the end of their life. Verify it and replace it if it is the cause, otherwise you risk blockage your engine in the long run. If you hear this blowing or whistling sound on your car, feel free to refer to this content about turbo noises on Kia Optima, if you would like more details.

  • Humming noise caused by air leakage
  • If, on the other hand, you do not feel any power loss due to an humming noise on your Kia Optima, it is more than likely that you have one of your junctions or air hoses that has holes. So examine the whole air supply system from your air filter to your engine to determine the source of this acceleration sound.

Ma Kia Optima generates an increasingly loud noise when I accelerate:

If, on the other hand, you have the feeling that the more you gain speed, the more your noise at acceleration on Kia Optima gets loud, then you will have to check the rolling parts of your automobile. In fact, if this loud noise does not show up when you iddle, it is necessarily in connection with your transmission, and, in general, to your wheels. The most known reason is the state of your bearings, so don’t forget to examine their state to ensure that it is not the reason of this loud noise when you accelerate. If not, go to this content page about the noises related to Kia Optima noise wheels.

Ma Kia Optima makes a noise when I accelerate that ceases when I stop accelerating:

At last, if you experience a noise when accelerating with your Kia Optima and this noise which could be a cliking sound tends to end when you disengage (press the clutch pedal), then one of the wear parts of your clutch system may be the reason. In fact, the clutch release bearings must be changed approximately every / km. To evaluate it, you just have to see if you have more difficulty than usual shifting gears, if you feel a resistance either stronger or non-existent in the clutch pedal. If you have any of these manifestations, go to your auto mechanic to change the clutch release bearings on your Kia Optima. Read our article on clutch noise on Kia Optima for more information.

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4 Noises You Shouldn&#;t Ignore on Your Kia


If there&#;s a problem developing under the hood of your Kia, you&#;re likely to hear an unusual noise. Visit your dealer the minute you hear this strange noise, and you may be able to avoid expensive repair costs. Here are a few noises you shouldn&#;t ignore on your Kia if you want to keep your vehicle running well.

Rattling in Your WheelGay Family Kia Service

Not every noise you hear with a Kia will be a major issue, but they all deserve your attention. If you&#;re out for a drive and hear something rattling in your wheels, you need to schedule a service appointment as soon as you can. Generally, this noise means that your lug nuts have not been tightened properly, which means your hubcap is at risk of falling off your vehicle. Your Kia maintenance tech should be able to secure your lug nuts and hubcap so that you and other drivers will be safe.

Squealing From Your Brakes

One of the most concerning sounds you may hear coming from your Kia is a squealing noise when applying your brakes. If you hear squealing while braking, it usually means that your brake pads are almost completely worn out. To fix this issue, you should visit your Kia dealer&#;s service department to have new pads installed.

Hearing a grinding noise while braking is even more serious. A grinding noise means that your pads are so worn that the metal parts in your braking system are coming in contact with each other, which can cause major and expensive damage.

Ticking From Your Engine

Many of the sounds that you&#;ll hear while driving your Kia will come from your vehicle&#;s engine. While some of these noises are normal, others mean that you need service to keep your vehicle running. For example, if your engine is making a ticking noise, there are several things that may be happening. Most likely, your engine oil is too low, so adding more oil should fix the problem.

If replenishing your engine oil doesn&#;t stop the ticking noise, you need to have your engine inspected because one of your engine parts, such as the fuel injector, may be wearing out.

Whining During Acceleration

If you hear a whining noise while accelerating your Kia, but the noise isn&#;t present when your vehicle is idle, you need service right away. Hearing a whining noise while driving your car can mean an engine part is on the brink of failure, and you may be facing a breakdown in the very near future. This noise can mean that your power steering fluid is running out or that your water pump is malfunctioning. A whining noise can also indicate a major problem, such as a bent piston.

If you hear any of these noises while you&#;re driving your Kia vehicle, you should schedule a service appointment with your Kia dealer as soon as possible. Your dealership&#;s service team will be able to diagnose the problem and effectively complete repairs.


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Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds Problems of Kia Motor Optima

1 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 03/19/

Engine has too much oil consumption , went to do my oil change miles before it was due and the automotive place told me there was no oil on my drip stick. Also have a rattling noise in my engine when I accelerate. Noise has been happening for a few months but they can't seem to find a problem.

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2 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 03/06/

I was headed to ky December to visit my father. The car started making rattling noise. As I hit the gas petal, the car was stopping in on coming traffic heading north. I pulled over and had to call my insurance company to tow to the nearest auto repair shop. I was nearly 50 miles from bowling green kentucky (). I called my insurance and we set up arrangements for towing to pick up the next morning (less than 24 hours- christmas eve). Within less than 24 hours, the car was impounded by kentucky police near glasgow, ky. After paying towing fees and tickets, I finally got my car to auto company to run diagnostics report. After completion, I found out the engine failed along with more stuff. I immediately called the dealer who sold me the car (kia-huntsville, al) to ask for advice on next steps. He told me to contact the nearest kia service department near where the car was immediately to get it fixed because of the recall on the vehicle. The car was finally towed to martin kia (bowling green kentucky). They put me in line to have the vehicle properly and completely fixed. On January 4, the vehicle was in kia possession to fix recall repairs. March 6, I was scheduled to pick up the vehicle because it was promised that the vehicle is completed. After picking up the car, I had to wait 45minutes because my car was locked and tire light came on. I was pulled to side and told the vehicle was fixed by brand new employee and to check to make sure a engine light does not come on because if so, it's probably the new hire fault for it messing up. After all of that, I was headed home and the car stopped a second time! after contacting local police, I was told to go back to kia to return the keys and make them tow the vehicle to get it off of the interstate.

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3 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 08/13/

I was driving home from work and my car stalled on me out of no where. I was able to get started. All my lights on my dash board came on and my car was making a bad rattling noise. I was able to drive it home, still stalling from time to time. I got it towed to a mechanic shop. He said it sounds like a bad engine and it sounds like it could blow. I've had my car for 2 years and have never had a problem with it. It never made a noises before or anything to indicate my engine was going out. I got my piles changed on 8/11/ around pm at murphysboro, IL walmart. This incident happened on 8/13/

4 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 01/11/

Tl the contact owns a kia Optima. The contact stated that the engine stalled and stopped while the vehicle was in motion. The contact also heard a loud rattling noise coming from the engine. The vehicle was towed to riverside kia ( auto dr, riverside, CA , () ) where it was diagnosed that the engine needed to be replaced. The engine was repaired per an unknown recall, but the failure recurred. The contact called the dealer and was still waiting to hear back. The manufacturer was not contacted. The VIN was unknown. The failure mileage was 67,

See all problems of the Kia Motor Optima 🔎.

5 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 05/09/

As I was driving the car it wont shift and sounds forced. The engine started making a rattle sound and I was very concerned! the car stopped in full speed and I was scared for me life and my sons. Had a car been behind us or in the intersection it could have been bad! it turned back on after putting the car in n and pressing the start button. But the car continues to sound and feel as though its being forced to run.

6 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 02/16/

Takata recall, have super loud rattling noise in the motor at first start up and continues the entire time its running. Kia suntrup claims its "not loud enough "and when I asked what the level of noise mine is currently and what the standard for fixing is, they had no clue! come on, car has 47, miles on it and has done this loud noise for the last 25, Kia needs to stand behind their vechiles.

See all problems of the Kia Motor Optima 🔎.

7 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 07/23/

Keep hearing a loud rattling noise from the left side of the engine. He is more so when the car is in park and early morning. Has gone to the shop twice for this issues and each time have been told they can not find the problem even provided a recording of the sound. Also the radio complete shuts off by itself has done this 3 times now. Once again have taking it to the dealer and nothing was done about because the problem would not duplicate it's self. The passenger window gets stuck and have to play with the knobs in order to get it to come back up. I got this car July The car has been in the show twice. First time for a week. Second time 6 days. Still no solution. Was told by lemon law to take it back and have them service it again. Has to be seen by dearer service department four times for the same problem before they will help.

8 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 05/19/

My kia was making a whistling noise on and off for awhile then my oil light would flicker so I figured I need an oil change. Got my oil changed and then the car started make a knocking noise and would get worse with acceleration and would have a hard time accelerating. It would jolt and vibrate and make knocking and flapping noises. Turn on my road to go home and lost power. My car slowly came to a stop I could not accelerate at all. My engine, battery, oil, and eps light came on. I tried starting it up and would come on for about 5 seconds make a lot of noise and the engine would turn off but my radio and windows still worked. My ac was on but not cooling. All the cabin lights work still but my brake are stiff.

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9 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 04/12/

The contact owns a kia Optima. The contact stated that the vehicle shook whenever the engine was running and a loud rattling noise was heard underneath the hood. The contact took the vehicle to a certified mechanic who diagnosed that the fourth piston failed and needed to be replaced. The contact then took the vehicle to the dealer where it was determined that the sludge in the oil pan caused sludge to enter the engine. The vehicle did not receive an official diagnosis. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was informed of the failure and stated that the repair was not covered under the warranty due to the sludge in the engine. The approximate failure mileage was 41,

10 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 03/02/

The contact owns a kia Optima. While driving approximately 40 mph, a rattling noise was present coming from the engine and the vehicle stalled. The vehicle was towed to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the engine seized and needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 30,

11 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 11/01/

kia Optima was out of oil @ 22, miles and no indicator light had gone on when it was taken to an oil change. The oil change place was the one that indicated that the vehicle had no oil in it. It started making some rattling noise specially goint uphill so I took it in to kia service department. They diagnosed it with "sludge" in the engine and engine would have to be replaced. I had to prove 3 previous receipts of oil changes otherwise the warranty would not cover it. I do not have those receipts and 16 days later took it to the same place I did most recent oil change because oil light had turned on. The vehicle again had no oil in it. The topped it off but mentioned that it was not normal for such a recent model to be burning oil. Vehicle is still running but makes rattling noise once in a while, produces white smoke out of exhaust pipe and I have to put oil in it every couple of days. I cannot afford to buy a new engine. I am a single mom and needs a reliable vehicle to get to work.

12 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 10/08/

I was diving on the I up the baker grade and the engine started to make a rattle sound and then a large bang and then shut off. No power to try to pull to the side of the road I was almost hit by a big rig. Once getting to the side of the road opened the hood and oil and smoke every where it was a. M. In the morning. My maintenance record are impeccable and I had just paid the kia dealership over dollars for a tune up and other services. After finally getting a dollar tow to the dealership I was given a report stating these cars from to have an issue with the connecting rod and that engines are seizing. Document attached is something the service dept showed me but I never had seen it before.

13 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 09/14/

I was told by the kia dealership that my kia Optima needs a new engine. I was driving down the highway in middle lane. I tried to accelerate my car and my engine was making a rattling noise and the oil light started flickering all the lights on the dash came on and the car stalled. I had to call a tow company to tow my car to kia. The next day kia said I needed a new engine and I must prove that I kept maintenance on my car by providing them with all my oil change receipts. I have no car now and I need to get to work and get my kids to school.

14 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 09/03/

kia Optima, only 47k miles. . . . Engine failure. . . The dealership says its sludge. . . And I have to provide all my maintenance records. It started with white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and loud rattling noise when I accelerated, then this past Saturday, it started to shake violently and the check engine light went on . I had to get it towed. This is kia's fault!!! not mine. I've done the same routine maintenance on my Toyota and Honda which had over k miles with no problems! I am being told by kia that it won't be covered under the warranty.

15 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 07/22/

Engine failure at 15 months old and 42, miles. Kia denied warranty coverage because I could not prove oil changes. Same complaint as thousands of other kia vehicles, happened abruptly, car starting making loud rattling noise on acceleration while driving, no warning, sludge in engine. I had to pay out of pocket for a new engine to be installed with no assistance from kia or my local dealership.

16 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 06/08/

Driving approx. 45mph on a busy city street, vehicle suddenly began to decelerate and a rattling noise began getting louder and louder from under the hood and finally engine completely cut off and would not start again. While attempting to get over to a safe area which happened to be the turning lane, the car rolled to a complete stop. With my family in the car with me, I had to push the vehicle over to prevent from being hit due to the vehicle stalling and the back end of vehicle was still in way of on coming traffic. After being towed to a service center, I was notified that the rod bearings seized up and my only option was engine replacement. Vehicle with such low mileage should not need engine replacement.

See all problems of the Kia Motor Optima 🔎.

17 Engine Rattling And Whining Sounds problem of the Kia Motor Optima

Failure Date: 06/12/

Driving on a city road during normal traffic (pm est) my vehicle began to make large rattling noise from the engine compartment. At first I thought I had picked up somthing on the road, but as I accelerated/deccelerated the noise became louder/softer. I immediatley contacted my kia dealership. After speaking to the service manager he told me to bring the vehicle in next week since that would be the soonest it could be looked at. I informed him that I did'nt think I could even make it home let alone wait a week to bring the vehicle in. He stated I could drop it off, but it would not be looked at until next week. Either way, within 10 miutes of driving a large banging noise went off under the hood, engine oil sprayed throught the engine compartment and I had complete loss of power. Kia roadside assistance towed the vehicle to the dealership where they have informed me that the engine needs to be replaced. The vehicle is less than 2 weeks old and had miles when this occured. I informed the dealership I would not want a vehicle with a replaced engine and they have informed me that is my only option. I will not be purchasing from kia again as there was no support from their corporate customer service either.

Other Common Engine And Engine Cooling related problems of Kia Motor Optima


Noise kia optima rattle

A rattling engine can be very disturbing.  If your Kia Optima is experiencing this problem, we&#;ll cover the most common causes.  A rattling engine can be caused be the exhaust, timing chain, loose accessories, and much more.

Engine Rattle Kia Optima


Engine Rattling Causes:  Kia Optima

Here are the most common causes of a rattling sound in your Optima:



The exhaust system is one of the most common culprits that can make it sound like your Kia Optima&#;s engine is rattling.  While the exhaust is outside of the engine itself, it can often cause sounds that are confused for an internal engine rattle.


Heat Shield

The number one rattling culprit in your Optima&#;s exhaust system is the heat shield.  They can get a little loose as the vehicle ages and accumulates mileage.  Once this happens, it&#;ll rattle all of the time.  It&#;s particularly noticeable when you rev the engine in neutral and let off of the gas pedal.  You should hear a rattle as the engine comes back down from the higher RPM.

If the heat shield is loose, you&#;ll need to take your Optima into a good exhaust shop and have it welded back into place.  The good news is that a loose heat shield is never going to leave you broken down on the side of the road.

Kia Optima Engine Rattling Diagnosis


Exhaust Leak

If your exhaust system is leaking, it will often make an aggressive ticking sound.  Some folks have described it as a rattle.  If it is leaking, the most common place that it leaks from is going to be where it bolts to the block at the exhaust manifolds.  You can check and see if any of the exhaust manifold bolts have broken off.  This is very common in all vehicles.


Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is responsible for scrubbing the majority of the pollutants out of your exhaust.  As it ages, the metals inside can break down.  When this happens, you can hear them rattle around.

When the catalytic converter does fail, it&#;ll often give you code P, or P  If your check engine light is on, you may want to see if you have an emissions related code.  That would be very strong evidence that the catalytic converter is causing the problem.

Most auto parts stores are happy to scan your codes free of charge.  Otherwise, scanners are really cheap.


Timing Chain

A loose timing chain can really make a rattling sound.  This sound is particularly noticeable when you start the Optima.  A bad tensioner will leave the chain loose and ready to jump a tooth or fall off all of the way.  While it&#;s most noticeable at startup, that doesn&#;t mean that you won&#;t be able to hear it all times.  Sometimes you can, sometimes you can&#;t.


Engine Rattling Fix Optima


Loose Accessory

If something has worked its way loose on your engine, it can rattle and dance at different RPMs.  If you&#;ve left your oil cap loose on top of the valve cover, that can cause a rattling sound.  Or, if you&#;ve left a tool on top of the intake or valve cover it can cause a rattling sound.  It doesn&#;t even need to be something loose, it can just be out of place.



This seems obvious, but it&#;s worth checking out.  If there is no oil in the crankcase, the engine is going to sound like a rattling old buzzsaw.  That rattling sound is the sound of your Optima&#;s engine dying.

If you have a blown head gasket, you could be losing water that goes into the crankcase.  When this happens the oil loses its viscosity as it is watered down.  The oil will look orange and foamy when this is the case.


Internal Engine Issue

If you&#;ve been looking for all of the issues described above, it could be that there is something inside of the engine that is making it rattle.  You could have a stuck lifter, a burnt valve, the wrong spark plugs, or more.  Hopefully, one of the easier to fix and more common issues listed above though.


Conclusion:  Optima Engine Rattling

Good luck fixing the rattle coming from your Kia Optima.  If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.


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