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30 Living Room Storage and Organization Ideas for a Clutter-Free Space (of Any Size)

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Opt for Clever Furniture

In this living room, we're digging that the sofa provides extended storage with a built-in wood surface, proving that stylish statement furniture can also be functional and comfortable. Notice how it offers up a large side table and a backboard to hang your loose items, like a pair of headphones.

9 Dreamy Sleeper Sofas That Are Made for Small Spaces

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Ditch Bulky Furniture, and Reach for the Ceiling

No matter how many nooks and crannies you utilize, sometimes there just isn't enough room to store all your things. But that doesn't mean your belongings have to stay strewn about your furniture and floors. Instead, think about ways to use your walls and ceilings to make your living room feel larger and more organized. Floating shelves are both stylish and functional, and hanging hooks are also a great way to keep linens, blankets, and hats nice and tidy. We also love how this room used a bench to keep things neat.

Place a cushion on a bench or get it upholstered for a cozier feel. Then stack your books and shoes underneath it (something you can't always do with bulky couches).

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Use the Mantel as a Shelf

A wide mantel can act as a bookshelf, a place to store little treasures, or a way to display artwork. Whatever the main use, choose items that compliment the style of the fireplace mantle and your living room.

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Reinvent What You Already Have

If you leave your blankets laying around, they can make your space feel more cluttered and less formal, so tuck them away when you aren't using them. We love how effortlessly elegant this little corner looks. It's the perfect example of how to stay organized in a small space or on a budget. Rather than just shoving everything into a closet or buying a large chest of drawers, you can make use of the furniture you already have as storage.

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Display Your Bar Cart

Bar carts are great because they function as makeshift shelves, side tables, and drawers. They're particularly great for lofts and studios when the dining, kitchen, and living areas flow into each other. Don't drink? You can just as easily use it to display your decorative items and store your necessities.

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Choose Accent Pieces That Double as Storage

Incorporates stylish storage solutions as part of the desgn. There's a magazine rack between the two club chairs to minimize a large pileup on the coffee table, a ladder leaning against the wall to drape throw blankets, and a media console with shelves for anything that should be tucked away. Each storage solution also happens to be a stylish accent piece.

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Find a Sofa with Built-In Storage

A sofa with built-in storage drawers is definitely worth the extra price tag. Not only will it help you declutter, but it's also great for families who need to organize and store lots of items.

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Add a Wall of Bookshelves

If floor space is at a minimum, turn your walls into storage units. Build a wall-sized bookcase, and fill it with more than just books. Use the shelves to hold plants, artwork, or travel souvenirs.

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Store Blankets and Other Bulky Items Inside an Ottoman

Find furniture that does double duty as seating or table space while also offering storage solutions. You might rest your feet on the top of the ottoman while reclining or add a tray on top in lieu of a coffee table. Inside, use the space to store thow blankets and other items.

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Turn a window Seating Area into Storage

If you are lucky enough to have a window bench, use the space underneath the seating for storage. Add drawers or turn the seating top into a flip-top bench to access a chest of space beneath.

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Hide Desk Clutter with a Roll Top Desk

Whether you work from home or only use a desk occasionally, desktop surfaces are a clutter magnet. Antique roll top or secretary desks offer a generous workspace with built-in storage, and when you're done, you can simply flip down the cover to hide the work mess/

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Add Extra Seating with a Storage Bench

We can't get enough of furniture that does double duty. A bench that provides a comfy seat and storage is a great idea, especially for small spaces or studio apartments where floor space is at a minimum.

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Create a Kid-Friendly Corner

Families who juggle a desire for stylish design alongside the need to store lots of kid stuff can get creative and do both. Dedicate a corner of the living room to the kids' play or art area and use rolling carts or under table storage to put it all away at the end of the day.

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Embrace Maximalism

If you aren't able to hide away your belongings in a small space, make them all part of the decor. Use shelving to show off colorful books, and mix and match storage units to add color and organization to small living rooms.

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Use Built-Ins For More than Books

Those who live in pre-war apartment units or homes built in craftsman or bungalow style may have classic builts-in shelving units. Think beyond books or China storage and fill the shelves with pieces of artwork, small plants or treasured decor items.

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Use Every Inch of Hall Closets

In smaller spaces creativity is key. If you have a hall closet or nook beneath the staircase, use every inch for storage. Replace a closet rod with shelves to double or triple the amount of closet storage.

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Create a Book Nook

When shelving alone won't do, transform a wall into an entire reading nook. DIY a bench within a deep bookcase that provides seating and organization. Then lose yourself for hours while reading a good thriller or favorite poetry collection.

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Hang Floating Cubby Shelves

Use the wall to your advantage and create vertical storage. Beyond bookshelves, look for options that mach your style preferences and create floating cubbies or floating shelves to hold books and small trinkets.

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Turn Wasted Space Into Storage

A trick used by tiny home builders and micro-apartment architects is to use every surface inch. There are several cubic feet of unused space under most staircases. Instead of leaving blank walls, install roll out shelving or storage cubes.

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Gather Candles in One Place

To create a uniform space that feels a little tidier, gather all your candles in one place. Stack wax or flameless candles inside an old fireplace, windowsill, or alcove for a clever way to add warmth and organization.

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Cut the Back out of Storage Cabinets to Hide Cords

TV, video game systems, and sound systems all have multiple cords that look messy no matter how you arrange them. While specialty TV stands typically have cord holes cut out in the back, you can easily DIY your own. To repurpose an old cabinet or storage unit for electronics, drill small holes in the back to allow easy access for electric cords.

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Combine Shelves and Cabinets

Instead of doing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, create a wall that combines both. Use bookshelves for display, and store clutter in the well-designed cabinets. The combination also creates a vertical interest along the wall.

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Create a Plant Wall

Houseplants add a sense of calm and a pop of green to any room. For small living rooms, store your plants vertically. Stack them on shelves or use tall plant stands that utilize wall space instead of floor space.

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Tuck Electronics Away in the Coffee Table

Don't leave the remote or tablet on the coffee table. Store it inside instead. A coffee table with hidden shelves or drawers adds more usable space and will help keep your living room tidy without extra cleaning

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Hide Shoes in a Cabinet

For homes with a front door that leads directly into the living room, there's a constant struggle to keep shoes tidy. Instead of leaving them on the floor, clear up the clutter and tuck them away in a shoe cabinet. Find one that has a top shelf or cubby shelf and you'll also have extra space keys and other small items.

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Steal a Bathroom Organization Idea

Towel hooks in bathrooms or coat hooks in the hall entryway let you easily store items you use frequently. Steal the idea for your living room. Use pretty hooks to hang throw blankets when not using.

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Use a Stack of Books as a Small Shelf

Need a place to set down your cup of coffee or a candle next to the couch? Gather large books (library sales are a great place to find art books and other coffee table books at a discount) and stack them to form a small shelf.

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Use a Room Divider

Sometimes, even with your best cleaning efforts, you can't store all the mess. Hide it instead. A room divider adds architectural interest and will hide problem areas in the living room. This one does double duty as a room divider with shelves.

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Repurpose an Old Fireplace

If you have an older home with a gorgeous mantle and empty fireplace space, don't let it go to waste. We know you're already using the mantle as a shelf, but don't forget the old fireplace, too. Fill it with books for a literary space, or stack items like these wooden logs to add visual interest and decoration.

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Store Small Items in Neat Baskets

For smaller items that need to be tucked away when not in use, opt for small, decorative baskets. They can be stored in shelving units or placed in less conspicuous places like behind the sofa.


Whether you own a tiny home lacking closet storage, or you are trying to organize the space you have—the first step is to get building. Here are 37 home storage solutions that are sure to help you manage your messes or conceal items out of use.

From putting together your own built-in window seat to making an outdoor bench that hides tools, TOH brings you detailed step-by-step instructions, shopping lists, and tool lists to do it all yourself and get the extra storage space you need!

Storage Bed

Photo by Laura Moss

The bedroom is often the room with the most need for maximum storage but the least amount of space for putting stuff away. Enter this bed—suggested by a reader who saw one featured in a recent issue of This Old House magazine; it has 23 cubic feet of storage but no room for dust bunnies. This home storage solution is every bit as practical as it is handsome.

Get a place to rest your head and extra storage space with these step-by-step instructions and cut list to Build a Storage Bed.

Storage Chest

Photo by Ryan Benyi

Plastic bins peeking out from underneath the bed? Really? You're not in college anymore. It's time to consider an attractive, adult piece of furniture with plenty of storage and sufficient style to be left out in the open—praised, even.

We built one that eschews the cheap look of sheet goods in favor of box-joint construction with alternating lengths of boards. Then you can relegate those plastic bins to their rightful place, somewhere in deep storage.

Build a Storage Chest for a respectable place to stash essentials.

Mudroom Bench

Photo by Laura Moss

Messy, wet rain-soaked umbrellas and raincoats can warp hardwood floors and stain your best rugs. You need a stopping area just inside the door where everyone can leave the weather behind.

This handsome entry hall built-in, made of plywood, shelf panels, and layered moldings, is the perfect catchall, complete with an open top shelf, coat hooks, and flip-top bench storage—sure to make your house more welcoming, even while protecting it from wear and tear.

Create a catchall with How to Build a Mudroom Bench for step-by-step instructions.

Storage Ottoman

Photo by Laura Moss

The ottoman has many uses, serving as extra seating, a foot rest, or even a coffee table when a tray is placed on top. Versions with under-lid storage, like this handsome example, are the perfect place to stash blankets or store books. Customize the upholstery to fit your household decor or needs: stain resistant for pets and children, or suede for a lusher feel. And vary the height and style of the off-the-rack legs to complement existing furniture.

The customizable storage options are endless when you Build a Storage Ottoman.

Reclaimed Wine Rack

If you've shopped for a small wine rack and felt uninspired, we're with you. What's a vino lover to do? Here, a reclaimed lumber beam was transformed into a simple wine rack that encourages people to make a toast and mingle around it. Even better: You can put it together for less than a day’s work. Now that's something to drink to.

Build a Reclaimed Wine Rack for fun.

Wall-Hung TV Cabinet

Photo by Ryan Benyi

Want to cleverly conceal that large flat-screen television you installed front and center? You can! Hide it behind a handsome cabinet fitted with bifold doors, as we did here. With a simple frame and doors cut down from a single bifold closet door, this cabinet is easy to assemble and costs far less than its store-bought counterparts.

Protect a prized flat-screen with a Wall-Hung TV Cabinet.

Garden Bench with Hidden Storage

Photo by James Carriere

An outdoor bench makes a convenient place to plop down while you remove muddy boots. You'll rest even easier knowing it can store a garden hose (or two) and other less-than-attractive supplies.

You can build one from weather-resistant cedar or ipe. A lift up the seat and a floor made of galvanized metal screen allows water to escape, so you don't have to worry about storing a hose before it drains. The angled backrest, with its decorative curve, adds to the inviting aesthetic of a piece that's as handsome as it is handy.

Unsightly lawn and garden supplies find a nice home in this Bench With Hidden Storage.

Knee-Wall Dresser

Photo by Geoffrey Gross

You can convert hidden, unused spaces into valuable storage areas. Here, you'll recess a chest of drawers into the knee wall of an upstairs bedroom. You'll gain a full-size, eight-drawer chest without sacrificing a single square inch of floor space.

Get all the dresser storage without the floor space when you Install Knee-Wall Storage.

Desk with Storage Cubbies

Photo by Laura Moss

If you lack a dedicated spot for paying bills and stashing loose stuff, a good desk is a must. This desktop, made of plywood topped with acrylic sheeting, stands on turned legs. To make the free-floating hutch, use a small cabinet laid on its side and repurpose the door to create shelves. A cubby tucked under the desktop holds a basket for yet more storage. No guarantees, but it should make tackling paperwork more inviting.

Make a Desk With Storage Cubbies to create a less-daunting workspace.

Coat Rack

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

At 72 inches tall, this handsome entryway accessory has enough height to hold full-length coats and long scarves, and still manages to dress up the space when left bare. When constructing and customizing your own, choose a decorative finish, routered legs, or ornate hooks. Your new addition will keep your woollies close at hand on your way out the door and promise a clutter-free foyer when you get home.

Build a Coat Rack for attractive vertical storage.

Kid's Toy Chest

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

With wheels on the bottom and special toy box lid supports, this chest makes it easy for kids to round up their toys when playtime is over. You can make a barn-shaped container like this one in an afternoon with tools on hand and materials available at the home center. Once the toy chest is put together, kids will be scrambling to fill it with their prized possessions.

See How to Build a Toy Chest for toy storage your kids will love.

Cocktail Hutch

Photo by Ryan Benyi

Stop hunting through cupboards for cocktail fixings just as guests begin arriving. Why not corral all those items in one, easy-to-use location? This tall and slender cocktail hutch provides a handy and attractive place to hang glasses, store wine bottles, tuck bottle openers and napkins, and display spirits. The work will all pay off at your next cocktail party, as guests admire your craftsmanship.

Serving up drinks at a big bash is easier with a Cocktail Hutch.

Wood Laundry Hamper

Photo by Kristine Larsen

Let's face it: A clothes hamper is not the sexiest piece of furniture you'll ever own. But that's no excuse for using a tired old canvas bag or an open-top basket to stash your dirty duds. Instead, build a furniture-like piece like the one shown here. The top and sides are simply stock beadboard plywood framed with 1x material.

See How to Build a Wood Hamper for a decorative dirty socks holder.

Convenient Wall Coatrack

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

A pileup of coats and jackets near the front door is never a welcoming sight. finding a spot to store this stuff can be a challenge. Why not build a low-profile, cottage-inspired coatrack that takes up just a few feet of wall space. Double coat hooks and wire baskets maximize storage space, and the board-and-batten-like design protects the underlying wall from dings and dents.

Get coats out of the way with How to Build a Wall-Mounted Coatrack step-by-step instructions.

Bath Towel Keeper

Photo by Matthew Benson

Hang towels right where you need them, on bathroom appropriate hooks. This towel rack was made using cross-handle faucet taps and salvaged barn siding. A shelf was added on top, supported by ornate cast-iron brackets. This way fresh bath towels can be stacked on top and wet ones hung to dry from the taps below.

Use prized finds to Make a Towel Rack With Vintage Taps.

On-The-Wall Pot Rack

Photo by Gemma Comas

One way to evoke a Victorian-era look—short of bringing the plumbing out of the wall again—is to put your pipes on display with a copper pot rack. You can assemble this cookware holder in just a couple of hours using everyday plumbing parts. Push-together tees and elbows take away the need for messy soldering, and brass polish will make the copper shine like a new penny.

Bring the Victorian age into your home with step-by-step instructions for How to Make a Pot Rack from Copper Pipe.

Stylish Bath Cabinet

Photo by Don Shreve/Corner House Stock Photo

Few vanity styles complement a traditional bathroom design as well as the dresser profile, which handsomely blends modern function with the wash-basin look that was so common before indoor plumbing. You can easily convert a beautiful old dresser—or a modern one if that's your style—into a sink cabinet. You're best off choosing a chest with doors and as few drawers as possible to better to accommodate the plumbing.

Build a Vintage-look Dresser Vanity to make your bath look lived-in, with all the modern functions.

Decorative Wall Niche

Photo by Laura Moss

Pleasing and practical, this architectural accent has been around since ancient Rome. Today you can capture the same timeless charm by buying a preformed niche of dense foam from an online retailer and building it into a barren wall. Create a hole for the insert in a wall and mount it in place using adhesive caulk.

Install a Wall Niche to show off prized plants and trinkets.

Kid's Toolbox

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

If your little builders inherited the DIY gene, then they're more or less programmed to dive into Mom and Dad's tools. So maybe you should think about giving them their own set. This toolbox is just the thing to hold smaller, basic items that fit a young do-it-yourselfer's hands, including a hammer, saws, pliers, and screwdrivers. Building it is easy: The tools required are probably already in your stash, and the materials are readily available at a home center and a sporting goods store.

Help your little DIY-er get started by Building a Toolbox.

Garden Tool Rack

Photo by Laura Moss

You can find vintage garden gear, such as these outdoor spigot handles and spring clips, at flea markets, antiques stores, and online for as little as $1 each. Use them to organize your garden gear with this fun and functional tool rack made from old wood molding, flea-market spring clips, and brightly colored outdoor spigot handles. All you need is a free morning, the tools in a basic kit, and a little creativity.

Build a Spigot-Handle Garden Tool Rack for an interesting storage spot.

Garden Tools Shed

Photo by Jonelle Weaver/Jupiter Images

All the rust-resistant coating in the world won't save your garden tools if you leave them outside all the time. Create a clean, dry, and accessible locale for your pruners and shovels by planting a handsome wood lean-to shed against the house near the patio or garden. This model is made from cedar, a naturally rot-resistant wood, and it will weather nicely while protecting your goods from precipitation and insects alike. You can make it in a weekend out of off-the-shelf lumber.

Fight rust and a cluttered patio when you Build a Garden Tools Shed.

Magazine Storage Rack

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Can't bear to toss old issues of TOH? Although plastic magazine holders are inexpensive enough, we don't like the idea of placing pages full of design and remodeling ideas in holders with such little personality. Instead, build a container more in the spirit of the magazines it's meant to hold. This model has brackets attached to a simple wood frame to create a freestanding file with decorative scrollwork dividers.

Store all your favorite TOH issues with this Magazine Rack.

Coatrack with Doorknobs

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In a perfect world, your closet would be meticulously organized, probably color coordinated, and (let's face it) huge. But this is hardly a perfect world, and keeping any closet, regardless of the size, clutter-free is always a chore. Thankfully, with a few simple organization tips you can get your space under control once and for all. If you don't want to waste any more time wondering where you placed your favorite sweater or that old handbag, then you needed these closet organization and storage ideas in your life, like, yesterday.

If you're looking to transform your packed, cluttered, bottomless pit of a closet into a fancy at-home boutique, look no further. There are plenty of DIY closet organizers that can tame an overstuffed closet, give your favorite clothing items a beautiful home, and all without breaking the bank. Maybe it's your linen closet that's bursting at the seams. Perhaps your bedroom closet could use a little TLC. No matter the case or the space, a little reconfiguring can turn even the messiest closet into a Pinterest-worthy storage center that your friends will envy.

You don't have to be a seasoned organizer to tackle your closet in an efficient and effective way, either. The following organizing ideas are easy for anyone to adapt to their closet. The project of rearranging that small space may take time, thought, and a little bit (read: a lot) of elbow grease, but the following helpful tips will allow you create a closet you can count on.


30 Clever Storage and Organization Ideas for Your Tiny Laundry Room

Install a Pull-Down Drying Rack

Design a Double Duty Work Table

See More Ideas: New Home Essentials: Dog Showers and Built-In Crates

Try a Space-Saving Workspace

Add Touches of Functionality

Opt for Floating Shelves

Sort It Out

Corral the Clutter

Intensify the Contrast

Get Savvy With Secret Storage

Add an Ironing Station

Get the how-to: DIY Iron Station

Raise the Bar (Or Two!)

Try Wall-to-Wall Storage

Get the Hang of It

Divide and Conquer

Put Your Walls to Work

Bring In Some Built-Ins

Stack Your Washer and Dryer

Store Supplies in Baskets + Crates

Create a Pet Pad

Use Curtains for Separation

Put Pedestal Drawers Under Your Washer

Install a Clothing Rod

Consider an All-In-One Option

Consider the Space Under the Cabinets

Don't Forget About Your Doors

Keep a Stool Handy

Ditch the Plastic Containers

Convert Your Cabinets Into Sorting Bins

Pull Out the Ironing Board

Create a Folding Station


Organizer shelves room

Budget-Friendly Organization & Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

Looking for easy ways to organize your living room? Whether you have a small space or a large space, we have some smart tips and tricks to help you get more storage in your living room and stay organized!

Invest in an Entertainment Center

If you’re limited on space in your living room, it’s a good idea to utilize furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Entertainment centers are a great example of this! Not only is this versatile piece of furniture a place where you can set up your TV, cable box, DVD or Blu-Ray player, and gaming consoles, but it can also be used to display decorative items and store books, magazines, DVDs, remotes, toys, pillows, blankets, and more!

Repurpose a Dresser as a TV Stand

Don’t want to purchase or build your own entertainment center? Another option is to repurpose a dresser (Buffet tables work, too)! Dressers take up less space while still providing more living room storage.

Add Storage with a Stylish Hutch

With a living room storage cabinet like a hutch, you can keep blankets, books, games, and toys neatly organized and out of the way. Having a hutch can also be a lifesaver when you have guests coming over, as you can easily stash items and make more space in your family room.

Opt for a Two-Tier Coffee Table

Maximize storage with a coffee table that has a lower-level tier. While this space can be used for decoration, it’s also an ideal place to store books, board games, photo albums, and other small items.

Use a Coffee Table with Drawers

A coffee table with drawers is an excellent way to stash coasters, remotes, magazines, and other items that you don’t want crowding surface space. Consider using dividers to keep everything in your coffee table drawers organized, too!

Go with a Lift-Top Coffee Table

Lift-top coffee tables are great for small living rooms. Not only do these tables provide hidden storage, but they also double as tray tables that can come in handy when reading, working on a laptop, or snacking while watching TV.

Repurpose a Trunk as a Coffee Table

Want a coffee table that functions as both a statement piece and extra storage in your living room? Repurpose a storage trunk! Trunks are deep enough to store large items, such as throw pillows and blankets, and they also provide more surface space for games, snacks, and decorative items.

Add Surfaces with a Nesting Coffee Table

A nesting coffee table is a versatile piece for small living rooms, and it’s especially great for families. Some options have smaller tables that can be pulled out whenever you need more surface space. Other options come with ottoman cubes that can be pulled out for additional seating.

Ditch the Coffee Table for Nesting End Tables

If you don’t have enough room for a large coffee table, opt for nesting end tables instead. You can keep them beside your couch or chair, or you can pull them all out to create a makeshift coffee table.

Find End Tables with Storage Space

You can use lift-top end tables, end tables with drawers, or end tables with shelves for additional living room organization. They’re great for storing remotes, chargers, books, magazines, and more!

Repurpose Suitcases as End Tables

Using refurbished suitcases as end tables is a great way to get more storage in your living room while also providing surface space for books, candles, and drinks. Simply stack them next to your sofa or armchair at the desired height.

Utilize a Bookshelf as an End Table

Instead of the traditional end table for your family room, go with a slender bookcase that can store and display books, magazines, photo albums, knick-knacks, toys, potted plants, and more.

Turn a Bar Cart into Portable Storage

Need a piece of furniture that can be flexible? Get a bar cart! Whether you need an end table while you’re watching TV, a place to store a record collection, a bar for entertaining guests, or a corner bookshelf, a bar cart is the transitional storage piece every living room needs!

Add a Storage Ottoman

Ottomans with storage space are excellent for storing blankets and toys! Not to mention, they can be used as a coffee table, and they can be moved around the room to create additional seating should you need it.

Incorporate a Storage Bench into the Room

A living room storage bench combines all the things you need: hidden storage, extra seating, and display space. These can be wooden benches, benches with cabinets, or ottoman benches. Better yet, you can build a DIY storage bench that fits perfectly in the space you have!

Use a Console Table Behind the Couch

Maximize every bit of available space by putting a console table behind the couch. Display photos and plants on the top level, and store items in bins and boxes on the bottom level!

Hang Shelves & Cabinets on Walls

Shelves and cabinets make it easier to organize your living room. Install them wherever you have wall space to display photos and trinkets, store books and DVDs, or hide games and toys.

Install Free Standing Shelves

Is floor space limited in your family room? Tall shelves are a great way to use every bit of vertical space. Keep items accessible with a wooden ladder or fold-up stool that can be stored next to the shelf, behind the shelf, or under a sofa.

Take Advantage of Built-In Shelving

If you’re lucky enough to have built-in shelving in your living room, you won’t need to hang cabinets or add bookshelves to your space. Simply use bins and baskets to store items up and out of the way!

Repurpose Wooden Crates as Shelving

For those who’d prefer to DIY living room shelves instead of buying them, you can build your own shelf using refurbished wooden crates! Check out this easy tutorial for creating a crate shelf from Tara Michelle Interiors.

Store Blankets & Throws on a Ladder

A DIY blanket ladder is a great way to add living room organization. Not only does this keep blankets and throws off of your sofa, which decreases clutter and frees up seating, but it’s also a great decorative piece!

Use Storage Bins & Totes

Keep shelves and cabinet spaces organized with decorative bins or storage totes. They’re great for storing items like DVDs, magazines, books, video games, gaming controllers, and additional cables and cords.

Opt for Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets can make your living room organization look a little nicer than fabric bins and storage totes, and they’re perfect for tucking away magazines, games, toys, blankets, and pillows. Plus, they can fit under end tables, coffee tables, console tables, and even in some entertainment centers.

Find a Space for Kids’ Toys & Games

Is your living room being overwhelmed by your kids’ toys and games? Designate a shelf or storage trunk where your children’s books, toys, games, and stuffed animals can be organized and stored.

Keep Pet Toys in a Personalized Box

Store cat or dog toys in a cute personalized box that keeps everything out of the way. And when you need to hide pet toys while guests are over, these boxes can be moved under or behind a couch, beneath an end table, or into a storage trunk.

Hide a Small Pet Bed with Style

If you have a small pet, you can save space in your living room by choosing a pet bed that can also function as furniture or a decorative piece. Here’s an idea from DIY Network for making a pet bed end table!

Hang Plants from the Ceiling

Save surface area on tables by moving your houseplants and succulents to hanging planters. Not only does this look nice, but it keeps plants up, which is especially useful if you have young kids or pets who like to get into things.

Store Books & Magazines in Wall Racks

Don’t have room for a bookshelf? With a hanging wall rack, you can use your available wall space to store books and magazines. Learn how to make a DIY magazine rack from Country Living!

Add a Decorative Tray for Remote Storage

Never lose a TV or cable box remote again! With a remote tray that can be kept on your ottoman, coffee table, or end table, you can easily find the remote you need without having to dig through couch cushions.

Keep Remotes in a Wooden Caddy

Another option for organizing and storing remotes is with a wooden remote caddy! You can find pre-made caddies, or you can build your own remote caddy to get the right size for all of your remotes.

Hide Remotes in a Hollow Book Box

If you don’t want your remotes out in the open, you can always hide them in a remote storage box disguised as a book. In fact, hollow book boxes are fairly simple to DIY! Learn how here.

Use a Slat Wall to Hide TV Cords & Cables

Hate those ugly cords and cables hanging from your wall-mounted TV? Give a slat wall a try! Not only does this make hanging your TV easier, but it covers all of those cords and cables. You can also use a piece of foam board that blends in with the wall as a cheaper wire cover option.

Tuck Wires into a Book Box

If you have wires that connect to electronics or lamps on shelves or tables, you can use a book box to hide them! Simply run the wires through the hollowed out portion of the box and set the box up horizontally or vertically. (Bonus tip: Use command hooks to line wires along the sides of shelves or furniture to further disguise wires.)

Utilize Binder Clips for Charger Cords

Do you charge a phone, laptop, or another electronic device in your living room? Keep all of your charger cords organized and out of sight with binder clips on the edge of your shelves or tables.

Organize Cords with Zip Ties

Keep unsightly lamp or TV cords hidden with zip ties. Pull all cords together, zip tie them, and then affix them to the back of furniture or on a wall. You can even go a step farther with this trick by wrapping cords in a fabric that matches the color of the furniture or wall for easy camouflage!

Go for a Cable Box Organizer

Another option for hiding cords and cables on end tables and console tables is to purchase or make a cable box organizer! Move a power strip or surge protector into the box, and pull all of your cables through to make it easier to hide all of those ugly wires. Check out this DIY cable box organizer tutorial!

With these living room organization and storage hacks, it’s easy to keep your space tidy and ready for entertaining guests! Do you have any cool ideas for organizing your living room? Share them with us in the comments!

Modern living room with chalkboard wall
28 Smart Organization Hacks And DIYs

Top 30 Super Versatile Bedroom Storage Shelves

Sometimes, it gets annoying to stay in an unorganized room that seems to get smaller by the day. It makes it difficult to find the items you you need for various purposes. For this reason, you’d need to invest in a bedroom storage shelf to create more room for your things and keep it organized. Read on to discover which bedroom storage shelves are perfect for you.



Top 30 Super Versatile Bedroom Storage Shelves - INFOGRAPHICS


AOOU Portable Closet Organizer Storage comprises a top-quality metal tube, waterproof fabric tiers, and a durable plastic connector. This closet dresser is both sturdy and durable. Thanks to its removable and dust-proof fabric cover, it’s very easy to keep your items moisture and dust-free. This closet organizer storage has 11 storage shelves and 2 movable clothes hanging rods.

Various units of SONGMICS Cube Storage can be stacked together easily due to its “molecular” structure. This cube storage solution can be arranged in different shapes/patterns to fit your space. A rubber mallet is included in the package for you to assemble the rack yourself. 



KOUSI Portable Cube Storage offers extra space for your belongings. It is made up of 12 storage cubes which makes it great for DVD storage. Its flexible shape is strong and designed to gracefully fit any room. You can arrange the cubes in whatever way you deem fit. They could be stacked or arranged separately, with or without the door.



ClosetMaid 8985 Organizer is convenient for storing your shoes, scarves, books, and many more. This stackable storage organizer has two adjustable shelves and a full backer panel. Its sturdy frame is designed to fit perfectly with other ClosetMaid Stackable Organizers.



Rerii Cube Organizer Shelf is a great furniture item for your bedroom. It helps avoid unnecessary clutter on your desktop and keeps everything neat and organized. Although this organizer shelf is sturdy, it’s not advisable to place too many books on it simultaneously. This multi-functional option is perfect for people that are always on the move.


AmazonBasics 24-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer can store shoes (12 pairs), accessories, craft supplies, toys, or other small household items. This organizer helps preserve precious floor space in your bedroom. Its 3 sturdy metal hooks allow your items to be hung up easily. It also has a see-through feature, making it easy to view the contents.



Boasting a large capacity, TomCare Cube Storage Closet Organizer is able store your books, clothes, toys, and more. With a total of 12 cubes, it serves as an ideal space to hold your everyday items. It is a great room organization idea since the cubes can be arranged according to your preferences/needs. 



mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Tower is a great closet dresser that offers space for a variety of items. This item is simply perfect for storing additional pieces of clothing. It’s available in different sizes, formats, and finishes. You can place it in your bedroom, closet, hall or entryway.



Giantex Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf comprises a total of 4 compartments. You can use it to store books, bottles, and other accessories. These four compartments help carefully sort out and arrange your belongings. This storage shelf also has 5 hooks that aid in hanging bags, clothes, coats, and umbrellas. 


SANXIA Storage Cubes are perfect for displaying books, clothes & shoe storage, small green plants, and other decorations. It has 9 cubes that are easy to install. No tools are required for the installation. You can also adjust the cubes and arrange them in separately or in stacks.


C&AHOME Plastic Storage Organizer is a 7-tier shoe rack. You can use it to store up to 14 pairs of shoes. This rack has a compact design that helps reduce clutter while giving your bedroom an elegant look. It can also hold other things like clothes, bags, toys, and much more.



RealOne Wood 6 Cube Storage Organizer Shelf is designed to fulfill different purposes. It is made from high-density MDF boards that are adjustable. Each cube in this organizer is wide enough to store books, videos, toys, and many other things. A pretty piece at an affordable price. 



VASAGLE DAINTREE Floor Standing Industrial Storage Cabinet is able to complement the rest of your furniture perfectly. Versatile and easy to assemble, this cabinet consists of a table-top, 3 side shelves, and 2 adjustable shelves. It is also a multi-functional storage solution with 4 shelves and a cupboard.



POTBY Kids Toy Storage Organizer is a great organization idea for your kids’ room. This storage furniture is environmentally friendly. It is a 4-tier shelf with 8 storage bins, 1 bookshelf, and corner rack. You can use it to store books/totes and it helps teach your kids good organizational skills.



Tribesigns Standing Closet Organizer is easy to assemble and comes with every necessary tool to help you. It has a long glass mirror that offers a good head-to-toe view of your #OOTD. There is a hanging bar that can fit both long and short dresses. It also has a smaller shelf and 2-tier large shelves for extra storage to place folded clothes.



MaidMAX Standing Shoe Rack is a piece of storage furniture with 5 tiers. This shoe rack is made from breathable non-woven fabrics. It can hold 5 pairs of shoes per tier depending on the shoe size. You can use it to store towels, toys, and collectibles. It is also very easy to assemble. 



Whitmor Over The Door Shoe Rack is very easy to assemble and requires no tools if you’re hanging it. This over-the-door organizer comes with a vinyl tip to help protect your door from damage. You can store up to 18 pairs of shoes on this rack. It’s perfect for shoe storage, organization, and display for your bedroom.


Awenia Shoe Rack is a great storage furniture that has a stable and sturdy structure. It can fit all kinds of shoes because its structure can be adjusted to fit your needs. This 6 tier-shoe rack can store up to 30 pairs of shoes. It helps your room to stay organized at all times.


Beeiee Hanging Shoe Shelves Closet Organizer is a great over-the-door organizer. It has 24 transparent pockets you can use to hold shoes, jewelry, nail polish, hair accessories, and so on. This furniture frees up floor space since it’s usually hung over the door. It is perfect for organizing bedrooms, closets, playrooms, etc.


BAOYOUNI Adjustable Storage Shelf Rack is very easy to install and requires no tools at all. Among many other things, it is great for storing your clothes, scarves, belts, flower pots. This shelf rack is made from stainless steel and its length can be adjusted to fit items of different sizes. Aside from using it for storage, it can also serve as a closet divider.


Bestier Wooden Drawers Storage Cabinet Nightstand is a 3-drawer cabinet that can fit your different needs. You can use this storage furniture as a nightstand beside your bed. The bottom drawer is deep and can be used to store your clothes. There are also 2 top drawers you can use to store smaller items like jewelry and cosmetics.


Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelves is a 5-tier wall mount shelf. It is easy to mount and a great room organization idea. Not only is this shelf functional, it is very stylish as well. It features a great design that’s worthy to be in every home. You can use it to display collectibles like DVDs and action figurines.



HOMEFORT Drawer Chest Storage Tower is a 6-drawer dresser. It is carefully designed to fit any space in your room. The drawers are made of linen which is one of the most durable fabrics among every textile goods. The frame of this drawer is not only tough and smooth but also comfortable to touch. It can be used to store dolls, clothes, toiletries and more.



IWELL Rustic Large End Table with Storage Shelf features a compact design that provides enough space for storage and display. You can place your lamp or alarm clock on its top surface, while the two extra lower shelves are perfect for books, magazines, and many other things. 



VASAGLE Floor Cabinet Storage Organizer fits your bedroom  perfectly and very easy to care for. The position of the drawers can be re-arranged or arranged individually to create your own customized organizer. This storage organizer is easy to install since all its parts and accessories are numbered.



ZOBER Over The Door Organizer is designed with a hook that allows you to slide over any door. It helps save space and is great for displaying your purses, and even hand towels. There are 6 slots in total, with the top 2 being able to store smaller items like purses or hand towels. The other 4 are larger and big enough to store handbags and bath towels.



Tot Tutors Springfield Collection Storage Organizer is a large storage organizer. It has 16 plastic bins that are perfect for organizing your kids’ playroom, bedroom, nursery, and even the living room. These 16 bins are divided into 12 regular-sized containers and 4 double-sized containers. This organizer can help you make your kids clean and teach them how to sort their belongings at the same time.



MAGINELS Closet Shelves Wardrobe Clothes Organizer is a spacious closet with 5 hanging sections and 10 cubes for storage. This easy to set up organizer can be arranged in different shapes to perfectly fit your needs. It has waterproof panels and is also dust-resistant. The door has a hole handle feature that helps with air circulation, effectively preventing odors from forming in the long run.



BIRDROCK HOME Cube Organizer Shelf is a stylish and compact shelf made from a type of polyester linen fabric. This multipurpose organizer gives a unique accent wherever it is placed. It comprises a removable storage bin that helps organize household items like clothes, shoes, toys, towels, blankets and so on.



TZAMLI Over-the-Door Organizer is a 10-tier storage rack. This organizer was made from a durable gray iron frame and mesh, and also has non-slip door pads. It is an excellent storage solution for toys, shoes, clothes and so on. The perfect place for this organizer is behind the door or on a wall. 




And there you have it! These versatile storage shelves are guaranteed to provide storage and style for your bedroom and keep your space neat and organized. 


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