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Best Apple iPod Touch deals

Whether you're in the market for a cheap iPod Touch 6th generation or looking for a deal on the latest 7th generation iPod Touch, we have the best prices for you.

With a 4in screen, GB storage (the maximum available), a hour battery life and an 8MP camera, the iPod Touch remains a tempting alternative to the iPhone for those that don’t need cellular coverage.

This could be one of the last chances to snag a bargain on this veteran player, so if you have the cash and second pocket for a portable music player, get this one in your basket while it's cheap.

We've rounded-up the best iPod deals below so you can find a the cheapest price on the 6th or 7th gen iPod Touch. 

There's a rumour that Apple could launch a new iPod Touch but nothing has materialised yet. The device could feature FaceID unlocking and a inch OLED display. Fingers crossed.

The best UK iPod Touch deal

The best US iPod Touch deal

US deal: iPod Touch 32GB $ at Amazon (save $8)
The latest iPod Touch is in stock and on offer at Amazon, delivering 32GB of storage, 4-inch Retina display and all your favorite apps.View Deal


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Apple MP3 Players & iPods

Apple iPod Touch 8GB Black

Apple iPod Touch 8GB Black

1 Rating

Key Specification & Features

Brand AppleMemory 8 GBType Flash driveDisplay YesRecharge Time 4Playback Time 7

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB - Slate

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB - Slate

1 Rating

Key Specification & Features

Brand AppleMemory 2 GBType EarphonesRecharge Time about 2 hours (charges up to 80% of battery capacity)Playback Time Up to 15 hours of audio playback when fully charged

Apple iPod Shuffle - 2GB (Yellow)

Apple iPod Shuffle - 2GB (Yellow)

1 Rating

Key Specification & Features

Brand AppleMemory 2 GBType iPodRecharge Time about 2 hours (charges up to 80% of battery capacity)Playback Time Up to 15 hours of audio playback when fully charged

Rs. 4,

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iPods – The Game Changers of Portable Music Players

Apple as a brand has created quite a name for itself among today’s generation of smart device users. Their products embody everything that’s sleek and innovative. So it comes as no surprise that when iPods were first introduced, it was only a short span of time before they ended up on many people’s list of ‘must-have accessories’. iPod MP3 players sold like hot cakes and every iteration that followed the first model of this portable music player was received with the same enthusiasm as the brand’s latest iPhone launch.

Fast forward a couple of years and today everything is available on our smartphones. Plus, with people’s desire to cut down on cluttering their bags with multiple devices, a question that often raises its head with regard to iPods is, “do we even need them anymore”? Probably not, but what’s the harm in having a portable device where you can exclusively curate your playlist? Besides, Apple iPods offer so much:

They Offer Total Integration

One of the many reasons why iPods became instant hits is because they did a good job of integrating a music player, a computer, and a software that connected the two so well together. iPod MP3 players let you sync your music library or share music with your Mac just by hooking the former up.

A Simple Interface

Apple products have always been distinguished for their no fuss, no mess design. Their range of iPods received the same treatment. Everything, from the volume controls to selecting songs, have dedicated buttons elegantly laid out in these devices’ simplistic-design body.

Access to the iTunes Store

This store opens you up to the possibility of bouncing from song to song, from artist to artist, and buying whole albums easily and on a budget. What’s not to love?

Popular Models of iPods You Can Add to Your Cart

The iPod Touch offers you the perfect way to carry your music library around with you. The iTunes Store lets you load up your iPod with your favourite songs, while the iCloud automatically saves everything you purchase on the iTunes Store on all your devices.

Going beyond being a basic music player, the iPod Touch boasts an improved FaceTime HD camera. This Apple MP3 player also lets you share your purchases from iTunes and the App Store with up to six people without sharing your account.

The iPod Classic extends into 6 generations of iPod MP3 music players, with each generation boasting an improved addition of features or apps to the previous one(s). Then you have the iPod Mini, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Shuffle as your other options.

Buy iPods Online

Shop for iPods online to enjoy shopping luxuries such as checking out the features of each iPod model, comparing different iPod models, and assessing iPod prices. These sites also indulge shoppers with enticing discounts and offers on Apple products throughout the year. Today might just be your lucky day!


How Much Does an iPod touch Cost?

The Seventh Generation iPod touch—the latest version of the multimedia-centric MP3 player that originally debuted in —comes in just three models. Here's how the prices break down.

Prices and configurations are current as of July , based on information from

Three Models, Three Prices

Storage capacity is the only difference among the three Seventh Generation iPod touch models. Apple's pricing is as follows:

32 GB iPod TouchUS$
GB iPod Touch$
GB iPod Touch$

This Seventh Generation model was the first update to the iPod touch line since The latest model adds new A10 Fusion processor that delivers the same smooth, fast performance and crisp display as the iPhone, more storage, App Store support, and other key, modern features.

All About Apple's iPod touch, Model By Model

Does the iPod touch Ever Go On Sale?

Unfortunately, the answer is no: the iPod touch basically never goes on sale.

Apple controls the pricing of its devices very tightly, and high demand for them keeps prices high. You can find annual holiday and back-to-school sales, as well as promotions from individual retailers, but these sales aren't likely to save you more than $20 or so.

If you're looking to get a good deal on an iPod Touch, consider a Sixth Generation iPod touch. Apple doesn't make it anymore, but you should be able to find lots of used devices online.

Just like with tablets and phones, you should buy the highest-memory model you can afford. The iOS and its built-in apps use GB—up to 35% of the storage capacity of the 32 GB iPod touch. The songs, apps, games, photos, and videos you add will eat up the rest very quickly. You can't upgrade the memory, so going for a higher-capacity model will give you a device you can use longer before you're tempted to upgrade again.

Other Costs When Buying an iPod touch

The cost of the iPod touch itself isn't all you need to budget for. Don't forget about sales tax (if it applies in your area). Plus, you'll likely buy a few iPod touch accessories, such as:

Thanks for letting us know!


Ipod apple prices for

The best cheap iPod sale prices and deals for October

If you're looking for a cheap iPod, you'll be happy to know that Apple recently released a surprising 7th generation of their Touch range. We can, therefore, expect to see great iPod sales and prices on the earlier 6th generation model while the latest release finds its feet. 

Despite the phenomenal success of the smartphone, people are still always asking us where to find cheap iPod prices. iPod sales in ? You better believe it. Apple seems to have picked up on the trend as well, shocking everyone with a new iPod Touch release some four years after its previous offering. The 6th generation iPod has always been a big seller, but we expect demand to split between the two models on offer once again before Christmas. There are plenty of new units in stock (of the older 6th generation as well as the 7th) too, so you won't have to settle for a used one. 

The iPod Touch looks like an iPhone, but doesn't actually work as a phone so there's no chance of running up any bills! It's a beast on Wi-Fi and super handy for browsing the net, watching videos, listening to music and using lots of different items from the App Store. Naturally, many downloaded apps function great away from Wi-Fi too. Plus, the iPod prices are a fraction of the cost of an iPhone. 

Smaller than a tablet, even the iPad Mini, it's not hard to see why Apple's cheapest screened device is still such a hit. With lots of colors available, it's been a popular pick with parents as it staves off younger children's need for a phone as they can use a cheap iPod Touch instead to play games. The current 32GB 7th-gen iPod sales are typically around $ / £ which is way cheaper than an iPhone or any of the iPads. iPod prices do shoot up with larger storage capacity versions but you can find 6th generation models for less. 

It is worth knowing, however, that the iPod Touch 6th generation cannot run iOS 

Which cheap iPod should I buy? 

Now that the 7th generation iPod Touch is out in the wild, you may find it more difficult to work out which model to buy. It is worth knowing that the slightly more expensive, and vastly newer, model houses far quicker processing chips and is capable of running iOS 13, something the 6th generation iPod Touch cannot do. 

This means you'll be saving $50/£50 on cheap iPod prices by purchasing an older model but sacrificing a load of new functionality, including the popular Apple Arcade gaming subscription service and some functions of the AirPods Pro. It's a good idea to read up on the features of iOS 13 before you make your decision, as you'll kick yourself if you miss out on your favorite feature. Plus, apps will soon start to be built within the iOS 13 architecture, which means your iPod Touch 6th generation purchase may carry a time limit. 

Cheap iPod Touch sales prices and deals

So if Apple's tiny but mighty, web-browsing media-playing mascot looks like a good fit for you or the kids, take a look at our iPod prices below and we'll do our best to find you some great iPod sales.

7th generation cheap iPod prices and sales

These iPod sales are for the latest iPod Touch model, released in The newer iPod features an A10 Fusion chip making its processing power roughly the same as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as an 8MP camera, p HD video recording, a 4-inch x Retina display, and 40 hours of music playback. 

You'll find iPod prices on the 7th generation range according to the storage capacity you choose, varying from 32GB up to GB. Colors range from Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, and Product Red. 

6th generation cheap iPod sales and prices

If a cheap iPod Touch is what you're after, then the earlier 6th generation will offer a steady feature list at a nice discount over the later model. The hardware is largely the same between the two models, except the 6th generation uses an A8 processor putting its performance at around the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus mark. This does mean that the earlier model won't be able to run iOS 13 which could limit your feature set as software evolves into the future, but to serve a quick entertainment purpose now this is the perfect iPod sales price. 

The cheap iPod Touch 6th generation is available in storage capacities from 16GB to GB and with the same colors as the 7th gen on offer. 

You may be searching for some headphones to pair with your new iPod Touch and if so, you'll be glad to know that we've scoured the web for the best AirPods prices around. If you're looking for something over ear, you can also check out our favorite Bose headphone sales. If you want to control your music playback without whipping out your new iPod every three minutes, you might also want to check out the best Apple Watch deals around. 

Tabs is a Deals Editor at TechRadar, bringing you all the latest savings on the tech everyone's talking about and covering deals on gaming, laptops, tablets and more in the US and UK. Happiest with a DualSense controller in her hand, she's also contributed to GamesRadar, Tom's Guide and T3 and specializes in gaming hardware and computing.

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