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Basics: Hedge Mod Manager
The Hedge Mod Manager is used for installing, en-/disable installed mods and managing "cheat" codes. It works for Sonic Generations, Lost Word and Forces, all-in-one! It's really easy to install and use.
You will probably need to extract files with programs like 7zip[] (works with .zip, .7z and .rar files).

  • Download the latest release of the HMM (HedgeModManager)[], by clicking on (in Assests)
  • Run the HedgeModManager.exe (Windows may warn you that it doesn't know the executeable but you can safely click on More Information and then Run Anyway)
  • The mod manager should find Sonic Generations (or Lost World/Forces) and handle the installation by itself
  • Launch the HMM, got to settings, select Sonic Generations as the game, click on Install Mod Loader and enable the checkmark at Enable mod loader
  • To install a mod click on the Add Mod button and select the mod folder/archive
    Copy/drag the mod in the "mods" folder in the Sonic Generations folder (by default at 'C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sonic Generations\')
  • Some mods may need a different installation method, which is usually explained in the description of the mod on Youtube, Gamebabana or in the mod folder.

If you have issues with the HMM you can try SonicGMI[].

This mod collection includes all of Sonic Generations mods included in this list in one neat place so it's easier to download and it's including guides and installations.
Google Drive:Mod Collection[]
Credit to Idan for idea of the Mods Collection and Basic Mods Collection on Google Drive.

Instructions for this Guide
  • The guide is split into three parts, part one for graphics and other mod, part two for level mod and part three for character and music mods.
  • I marked the most inportant Mods with a "★" so you know which mods you shouldn't miss.
  • Click on the headline of a Mod to open the Youtube video with the download link.
  • Click the download button to be send dirently to the download page. You need to open it in a browser to actually download it though.
  • Click on the "Subscribe to this thread" button above the comments at the bottom of the guide when you want to get notified when I add/update a mod (little side effect,you also get a notification when someone writes a comment).

Click on the headline of a Mod to open the Youtube video with the download link.

Note: I update this Guide whenever a new good mod comes out so check the guide out again every now and then (I often write in the comments what I updated/added).

Optional: Add SonicGMI to the Steam Launch Window
This lets you add SonicGMI to the little window that pops up when you start the game via the Steam library, where it asks if you want to start the game or the config tool.

How To:
  • Download Steam Edit[].
  • Extract the files (for example to your Download folder or your Deskop.
  • Run SteamEdit.exe (Win10 doesn't like if you run .exe files from the internet, click on "Further Information" and then "Run anyway" if that is the case).
  • Type "Sonic Generations" into the search bar and press Enter
  • Click on "Edit Launcher", click on "Add New"
  • Label: SonicGMI
    Executeable: SonicGMI.exe
  • Click "Ok", click "Save" and restart Steam (or click "Save & Refresh")

As a side-note, since adding stuff is not officially supported by Valve there is a little bug with this; it sometimes gets overwritten when Steam updates a certain file but you just have to run the tool again, find Sonic Generations and hit Save & Refresh again.

If you have problems with the program you can ask the creator on reddit.
★ The FxPipeline Renderer/The Unleashed Renderer
This Mod add light and shadow effect like in Sonic Unleashed(XBox 360/PS3)
It make the whole game look more beatiful in my opinion. Requires the HedgeModManager.

Unleashed Lightshafts and Shadows
Add lightshafts and directional shadows. Not needed if you use the mod above, can probably be use in combination. You have to chose one of the four modes, you need to have the FxPipeline Renderer enabled (for SonicGMI: Check the "Unleashed FxPipeline Shader" mod and "Enable FxPipeline Renderer", "Create Alternate Executeable" if you haven't before, only needs to be done once).

Increase the shadow quality for dynamic shadows, need to have the FxPipeline Renderer enabled. Can be done from the Codes section in the HedgeModManager (Set Shadowsmaps to ____x).
If you use SonicGMI use the following Instructions[]

This mod aims to improve performance at the cost of graphics. This mod is for people whose PCs are not strong enought to run the game at a stable framerate. This way you can run it better.
Other Versions[] Made by PTKickass

Low End Mod for the Unleashed Project
This mod is the same as the above mentioned one, just for the Unleashed Project.

Low End Mod for the STH06 Project
Currently not version 3.0. This mod is the same as the above mentioned one, just for the STH06 Project.

This mod disables culling which means that stuff that isn't near Sonic doesn't get unloaded. This is really bad for performance but can make playing on Ultrawide Displays (21:9 or broader) better since you can actually see more. I don't think this is necessary for 21:9, only for broader ones.
Download[] Made by Hyper
★ Longer Homing Attack Trail
This mod has been requested for like 3 years now and it is finally here.This adds the longer Homing Attack Trail from Sonic Unleashed which has been disabled for Sonic Generations. Can be enabled from the Codes section in the HedgeModManager ("Longer Homing Trail").
Download[] Made by TiMan XD,N69vid and NeKit.

Yep, you can have a double jump now, just like in Sonic Colours. Also works underwater like in Colours. Requries the HedgeModManager.
Download[] Made by Sajid (KTE2399)

Doesn't make the homing attack reset your momentum.
Download[] Made by Sajid (KTE2399)

Increases the resolution of the HUD (your amount of Rings, Time, Lives, etc.) to make it look better. The change may be small but noticeable if you pay attention to it. Here[] are a few comparism by the maker of the mod.
Download[] Made by JoeTE

PS4 HUD + Sonic CD Sound Effects
Use this if you have a PS4 controller and also if you want the game to feel even more retro.
Download PS4 HUD[]
Download Sonic CD SFX[] Made by Franksmash

This mod replaces the button icons with the ones of the Steam Controller. This can be combined with the High-Res HUD above (be sure that the Steam Controller HUD is set to a higher priority).
Download[] Made by DaltonaCAN

Fixing Sonic Generations Forever
Yes,it is really called like that. It changes several physics related things. Try it yourself to see what you prefer.
Download (Outdated) Made by Sonic the Plumber

Classic Sonic Improvement Mod
Another mod for tweaking the physics, this time focused on Classic Sonic.
Download[] Made by Showin

Super Sonic Normal Ring Consumtion
Reduces ring consumption to one ring per second.
Download[]Other versions in the Youtube description Made by NeroDeAngelo

[] Want more controlls while boosting like in Sonic Lost World because now you can have that.
Made by Toasted

This replace the normal Sega intro animation with the one from Sega Forever (the Genesis mobile ports/emulations).
Download[] Made by TuanPINGAS

This is the original loading screen and looks quite different. Try it out if you want :D Made by xan1242

Dynamic White World Effect in Stages
This mod make the stages complete white like the HUB world but if you move the colour comes back just like the cut-scenes.It make me ask why SEGA didn't came up with this idea.
Note: This mod doesn't work with the Unleashed Renderer. BTW you can make really nice screenshots with this mod+ the no HUD mod :D

Made by Dario ff / samothethief

Restores the floating Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, sadly without functionality. Requires a hex editor like HxD. Made by N69Vid
Graphic Filters & Time Manipulation
Play the game with Cel Shading Graphics to make the game look more like Jet Set Radio,The Legend of Zelda:Wind Waker or even Borderlands. Made by Dario ff / samothethief

This isn't specific to this game but it makes edges look less pixely. Copy the content of the "d3 d9" into the Sonic Generations folder (Steam/SteamApps/common/Sonic Generations). It also impacts performance, so if your PC is not that good maybe don't use it.
Warnings from the description :
  • Do not use this tool while playing on anti cheat enabled servers (may be detected as a cheating measure).
  • Do not mix d3d9 and d3d10 the files.

This can be used to add after-effects of many different kinds. You can change the colors or add effects. There are many different possibilities to what you can do and you also download the configurations of other people but I suggest watching/reading some tutorials.
You can also do stuff like this :

This lets you change the speed of the game. Now you can play the game in slooooow-mooootion. You will need Cheat Engine for this. Made by Dario ff / samothethief

This disables the HUD and lets you take a better look at the levels. There are some from different guys and I don't know which is the best so choose yourself, just search for one on YouTube.
This section includes level mods which replace the levels from Sonic Generations with other ported or custom made ones.
Sonic Unleashed (Adventure Packs)
These are the Adventure Packs.These packs each contains (mostly) every level from said region from Sonic Unleashed.

Same as all the other Adventure Packs,Act 1,1-1,2-2,3,4.

Download[] Made by Shrey Kumar Singh

This add all the Day-Time Stages from Abadat which aren't already in the Unleashed Project. Made by Arcieo , Alex Lerow and Helias

Chun-Nan with all its levels.

Download[] Made by TiManXD and others (look at the ReadMe.txt)

Empire City Adventure Pack
I don't know what i should write here,same as always.

Download[] Made by N69vid

Just like the Abadat Adventure Pack,this adds the nearly all the Day-Time Stages from Holoska.

Download[] Made by N69vid

All of Mazuri.

Download[] Made by Shrey Kumar Singh

Just like the other packs,this one adds some Day Acts from Unleashed.This one also includes the Act 1-2.

Download[] Made by TiManXD

Spagonia with all its levels.

Download[] Made by N69vid

EggmanLand, your favourite worst nightmare is finally here!

Download[]Other downloads (including fixes) in the Youtube description Made by N69vid
This section mainly features character mods which replace the model and the animations of Sonic with the ones from different characters.
Other mods like ones that replace the level music are also here.
★ Character Mods: Other Versions/Re-Skins Part 2
Play as these strange looking Sonic robots from Sonic Colours.You can even choose between multiple colours.
Download[] Made by JoeTE

Makes all characters invisible. I bet you didn't see that one coming. Made by Gavin Quach

Not quite V1 yet but ready to go.
Download Made by Franksmash

The Sonic Lost World 3DS Modell with the Lost World Sound Effects.
Download Made by Franksmash

Be the fastest pizza delivery guy the world has ever seen.(The video also includes the Hang Castle Mod,recommented as well)
{LINK REMOVED}Download Made by Kingoftheboo

You can't have your Pizza without something to drink, right? Made by spongebobfan78

Ever wanted to mess around in the level or just boost through level or even just fly arond? Well, here you can. Made by happyalm

Sonic and The Black Knight Generations
Have a sword and some armor. Made by Daku Neko

This Pack includes the Free Riders Version of Amy,Blaze,Jet,Knuckles,Rouge,Shadow,Silver and Sonic. Made by Daku Neko

This make the game a bit more Chistmas like with small changes to the characters and a different Green Hill Zone.
Download[] Made by BoomyBoomFP


There’s a reason many games are played in third-person, despite modders’ attempts to retrofit games with first-person cameras. We’ve seen it in games like Dark Souls 3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and The Sims 4, but few things have ever been quite as nausea-inducing as modder Skyth’s first-person mod for Sonic Generations.

Skyth, self-described as a programmer and reverse engineer who mods Sonic games, released a preliminary look at a new Sonic mod that confirms the hedgehog has an iron stomach. Every flip, bounce, and blast through the air of Sonic Generations Sky Sanctuary looks hurl-worthy, because it’s all from Sonic’s point of view and there’s zero camera stabilization.

“I am absolutely NOT responsible for what happens to you,” Skyth said of the mod, which is available for download, “play at your own risk.” Hell, watch at your own risk, Skyth said: “warning: this video is going to badly hurt your eyes.”

Skyth notes that the 2D sections of Sonic Generations “are hard to navigate,” if not vomit-inducing, and that prospective players “might want to enable Disable Boost Particles code as well.”

“Enjoy the suffering,” Skyth added.

First-person Sonic the Hedgehog action has been attempted before, notably in a popular video made for Machinima way back in 2013. That version mercifully stabilized the camera, and reimagined something far more serene, Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Generations was originally released in 2011 and featured “classic” and “modern” versions of Sonic the Hedgehog levels, presented in 2D sidescrolling and 3D platforming styles. A new Sonic the Hedgehog 3D adventure is due in 2022.

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The Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has experimented with a number of different viewpoints and gameplay styles over the years. The series has evolved from its 2D side-scrolling roots through fisheye prototypes and isometric outings before ultimately settling on a third-person perspective that has been the standard for its console releases for decades now. One perspective that has yet to be attempted officially by Sega, however, is a first-person mode. It’s an understandable omission when you stop to think about such a feature’s viability – Sonic moves faster than the speed of sound while performing acrobatic flips and spins that would make a trained astronaut barf up their chili-dogs.

Sonic wouldn’t stop to ask the question of “should we” before attempting anything though, and it seems neither would the blue blur’s fans within the series’ modding community: A modder by the name of Skyth on Twitter has skipped straight to the “could we” portion of the decision-making process and taken it upon themselves to implement such a feature into 2011’s Sonic Generations for PC with surprisingly great results. You can watch a modded-in version of Unleashed’s Empire City through Sonic’s eyes below:

The mod is still in development according to later replies by Skyth, however what’s showcased is surprisingly smooth and far less nauseating than such a viewpoint could be. One aspect of Sonic’s design that this mod shines a light on are the detailed animations in his arms and legs, which sway and pose with a fluidity and playful confidence that’s often missed when playing with a more pulled back camera angle. Also, Sonic is tiny – I’m talking smol with an ‘o’ tiny. Toward the end of the above clip, Sonic collides with an Eggman’s Robot, and this new first-person perspective reveals that the center of this blue boi’s vision is only chest-high on the bot! It’s kind of adorable, honestly.

Skyth has released a number of other mods for Sonic games in the past that are definitely worth checking out, including a recreation of Sonic Forces’ Sunset Hill stage within Sonic Generations’ engine back in May.

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Marcus Ramirez


15 Best Sonic Generations Mods To Try (All Free)

Sonic Generations came out in 2011 to delight fans with its fast levels, varied gameplay, and tons of nostalgia-inducing material.

It’s one of the last excellent Sonic the Hedgehog games. It lets you play with the speed the franchise is known for, both from a side-scrolling perspective as Classic Sonic, and a more dynamic third-person one as modern Sonic.

This bizarre combination is explained through its narrative, which sees our duplicate heroes dealing with an evil entity that’s wreaking havoc on the fabric of the space-time continuum.

Their solution? Run so fast it sets time back in motion.

If that’s not Sonic logic, I don’t know what is.

If you’ve already gone through this awesome tribute to years of Sonic the Hedgehog, but can’t get enough of the speed, consider these amazing mods to keep the experience fresh.


15. HedgeMod Manager

HedgeMod Manager Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

Before we get into the meat of things, you may want to get the incredibly convenient HedgeMod Manager by TheSuperSonic16.

This nifty tool will significantly simplify the mod installing process for Sonic Generations, and also works for Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces.

Whenever you need to edit the configuration files for any of your mods, you can do it easily through the HMM as well.

Some mod hosting websites such as GameBanana also support “1-click” installs straight from the browser using HMM.


14. Modern Adventure: Generations Physics Mod

Modern Adventure: Generations Physics Mod

Check Out This Mod

The first actual mod here is also one of my personal favorites. It tries to bring back some of the charm present in the Sonic Adventure series.

Developed by TheKazeblade, this mod aims to replicate the physics of the Adventure era in Sonic Generations, allowing better low-speed maneuverability and giving you more control at higher speeds as well.

While it works perfectly fine on most Sonic Generations stages, it’s almost a must-have for ported maps from the Adventure era.


13. Better Unlockable Music

Better Unlockable Music - Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

I love unlockables.

And Sonic Generations has a healthy amount of them, including some iconic songs from all over Sonic’s vast roster of games.

Regrettably, many of these tunes are either remixed, or simply shortened for reasons I don’t quite understand.

I mean, the remixes are alright, I guess – but why are my favorite songs half their original length?

This simple mod by NateSquared simply restores all shortened songs to their right length, and you can choose whether or not to keep the remixes.


12. High-Res HUD

High-Res HUD - Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

Modding a game’s Heads-Up Display may seem like a bit much, especially on something like Sonic Generations, but you’ll need this if you’re playing on higher resolutions.

This mod by JoeTE takes the HUD’s original resolution and doubles it so that it’ll look just as good on the higher resolutions you’d find on most computer screens/TVs nowadays.

It may be a relatively small detail. But you’ll be looking at the HUD virtually all the time, so it’s worth the effort.


11. Sonic Movie Generations

Sonic Movie Generations mod

Check Out This Mod

Not everyone likes the recent live-action Sonic movie. There was a lot of controversy over Sonic’s early designs too, which were sitting comfortably at the very bottom of the Uncanny Valley.

Even after the adjustments made for release, Sonic still looks pretty unique in this movie. Thanks to SonicOnBox, you can also bring this unusual Sonic into your Generations game.

Not only does it change how Sonic looks, but it replaces his lines for ones taken straight from the movie – and Sonic even “flosses” on his victory screen.


10. Cel Shading

Cel Shading mod for Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

I first got to know cel-shaded graphics when I played Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as a kid.

And since then, I bask in the beauty of any new cel-shaded game I get my hands on.

Modder Darío seems to agree. So he made this small adjustment that overrides Sonic Generation’s rendering process so the final product looks – you guessed it – cel-shaded.

Even if you’re not that enthusiastic about cel shading, it still looks pretty good.

And it’s a great way to spice things up if you’ve been playing for a while.


9. Dynamic White World Effect

Dynamic White World Effect for Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

From the same author comes the Dynamic White World Effect, an interesting adjustment that SEGA could’ve very well made themselves before release.

As you know, Sonic Generation’s narrative revolves around running incredibly fast to return life, color, and the passage of time to frozen-in-time areas that look white and lifeless.

This mod just makes it so that this change happens in real-time.

Levels start off looking colorless like the hub world, and regain their color as Sonic approaches.

Take into account that this takes a bit of processing power, so expect hiccups if you’re only barely running the game.

Also take a peek at this video to see it in action.


8. Real Tails

Real Tails for Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

It’s been a long while since Tails got any camera time as a playable character.

And modder UltimateDarkman thinks enough is enough.

The Real Tails mod replaces modern Sonic with modern Tails, who not only looks great but retains his abilities, including flying with his helicopter tails by pressing the Boost button in the air.

For this to work, you’ll also have to install a physics module, which comes in “homing attack enabled” and “homing attack disabled” versions.


7. Real Knuckles

Real Knuckles - Sonic Generations mod

Check Out This Mod

Of course, you can’t port Sonic’s sidekick-in-chief to Sonic Generations and ignore the famous red echidna.

The Real Knuckles mod does exactly what you’d think: letting you enjoy Sonic Generations from Knuckles’ gliding perspective.

This time around, there’s no need to install any extra physics modules, because they’re included in the main download. Convenient!


6. Dreamcast Sonic Mod

Dreamcast Sonic Mod - Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

Sonic has had a variety of looks throughout the years other than just “Classic” and “Modern” Sonic.

While some of those are better-off fading into obscurity (Sonic Boom Sonic), others are the stuff nostalgic dreams are made of.

This simple mod by creator Franku slightly alters both Sonic iterations from Generations to look more like Dreamcast-era Sonic, as seen on Sonic Adventure.

This even replaces the pair’s voice clips for similar ones from back in the day when Ryan Drummond still voiced sonic.

The nostalgia is strong in this one.


5. HD Classic Sonic Improvement

HD Classic Sonic Improvement - Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

If you’re OK with modern Sonic just the way he is, perhaps you’d consider improving the adorable, stubby Classic Sonic with this mod by creator Showin.

Far from altering his original concept, this mod actually makes Classic Sonic look even more like his official renders and advertisement material, making him even more adorable.

It also tweaks his gameplay a bit to make it even more faithful to the classic games.

There’s also a mod with the same aesthetic improvements for the lovable classic Tails.


4. Low-End Mod

Low-End Mod Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

I’m always on the lookout for some performance-enhancing mods to help our less technologically fortunate readers, and PTKickass has just the thing for Sonic Generations.

The Low-End Mod gets rid of everything that’s not absolutely necessary to play the game.

This reduces its formerly beautiful graphics to a point where it looks just like a PS2 game.

Fair note: it gives off some Sonic Adventure 2: Battle vibes.


3. Better FxPipeline

Better FxPipeline - Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

On the other hand, the Better FxPipeline mod by creator Skyth does the polar opposite: significantly improving the game’s graphical fidelity.

Not only does it fix Depth of Field and Bloom Glare to work correctly on all resolutions, but particles are now affected by post-processing effects too.

The most recent version was released in 2020, and it adds FXAA support.

If you’re not one for technical mumbo-jumbo, let’s just say it’ll make your game look much better.


2. STH2006 Project

STH2006 Project - Sonic Generations

Check Out This Mod

The 2006 PS3/XBOX360/PC game Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most infamous titles in the series’ history, featuring many questionable decisions, including a furry romance between Sonic and a human girl.

That said, its levels weren’t all that bad.

Which is why creator Brianu has been putting in the work to port them to Sonic Generations.

It isn’t perfect, but the stages remain faithful to the original game down to individual gimmicks, and it even features some boss fights.

The mod’s final objective is to effectively turn the game into Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 title).

It already adds new hub worlds like New Soleanna City and replaces Omochao’s tips with quotes from STH2006, so that may become a reality in the coming years.

And once again there’s a great demo video to watch before installing this for yourself.


1. Sonic Generations – Unleashed Project

Sonic Generations – Unleashed Project mod

Check Out This Mod

Sonic Unleashed’s Werehog Sonic may not have been the most popular addition to the franchise.

But its daytime levels are some of the best the franchise has seen in the last few decades.

Easily the most famous fan-project around, Sonic Generations: Unleashed endeavors to port these levels from the Xbox 360 version of the game to Sonic Generations.

It also adds some other minor improvements to performance, controls, and graphics.

So far, the game includes eight massive levels, ranging from Windmill Isle to Jungle Joyride, all of which you can access from a new hub world. There’s plenty here to keep you busy.

Browse:SegaSonicVideo Games

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