Botw guardian glitch patched

Botw guardian glitch patched DEFAULT

These are the glitches which are possible to perform in Breath of the Wild. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches on this page. This page should be constantly updated with the latest glitches and patches.

Whistle Sprinting

Link Whistle Sprinting

Movement speed comparison
  • Effect: Makes Link sprint at near top speed without losing Stamina.
  • How To: Hold down on the D-Pad and repeatedly tap the sprint button.
  • Notes:
    • Ideally, the player should alternate between normal sprinting and whistle sprinting for on-foot traversal, since normal sprinting is still slightly faster.
    • Even when no audible sound is being made, the game still treats this as constantly whistling; because of this, whistle sprinting will alert nearby enemies and other wildlife of your presence.
    • Link can't whistle while gliding or swimming, so this glitch is only useful when traversing long distances on foot.
    • A similar glitch — "Throw Sprinting" — can be performed by simultaneously pressing B and R repeatedly with a weapon equipped. This has the advantage of not making as much noise, but it is also more awkward to perform and gives less consistent speed.

Fast Travel Softlock

This glitch was patched.
  • Effect: Softlocks the game.
  • Prerequisites: Must possess a Horse as well as have access to an ancient shrine saved as a travel point on the map.
  • How To: Position your Horse on the travel point in front of a shrine entrance. Then, travel to the same shrine as the one the Horse is positioned on. If done correctly, Link will show up at the travel point but will be placed on the Horse at an incorrect angle, softlocking the game.
  • Notes: To get out of this glitched state you'll have to reset the game, so make sure to save before trying this.

Horse Clipping

  • Effect: Clip into walls with the use of your Horse.
  • Prerequisites: Must possess a Horse.
  • How To: Position your Horse so it's facing against a wall. Once this is done, jump off of it, save your game before you touch the ground, and reload it. You should spawn inside the wall behind the Horse.
  • Notes: If you're trying this glitch in a place like Hyrule Castle, which allows exploration of the ground beneath it, it's recommended you save beforehand as otherwise you may have to backtrack to find and get back your Horse. Otherwise, stick to areas with at least a travel point (ancient shrines, Sheikah Towers, etc) nearby.

Horse Clip

  • Effect: Clips Horse through the ground.
  • How To: If the player tries to climb a steep cliff or wall with a Horse, it will start to fall. If the player quickly turns around as the Horse is falling, but still on the cliff, the Horse will begin to slide downward slanted, seemingly leaning against the air. The Horse will continue to slide until the lower half of it moves through the ground.
  • Notes: Once Link reaches ground point, he will jump off automatically and the Horse will return to normal. Jumping off at any point will end the glitch sooner.

Missing Chief Softlock

Missing Chief Softlock
  • Effect: Makes Riju disappear from a cutscene, softlocking the game.
  • Prerequisites: Must have access to Gerudo Town but haven't met Riju yet.
  • How To: Aproaching the throne to start the cutscene while Riju is not sitting on it seems to be the most likely cause.
    On Wii U it might perhaps also be triggered by repeatedly switching the game view from TV Screen to Wii U gamepad during the cutscene with voice acting.
  • Notes: This WILL softlock the game, requiring you to power down the console or close the game from the home screen.
    Found on Wii U, as well as on Switch.
    Steps to reproduce are not tested thorougly.

Endless Magnesis

  • Effect:Magnesis will continually attempt to attach to a metal object but can't so will get stuck resulting in an endless Magnesis cycle.
  • Prerequisites: Recommended (but not necessarily required) to have amiibo to spawn metal blocks in the game.
  • How To: Spawn or go to any metal block anywhere in the game and stand as far as attach distance will go. At the same time you activate Magnesis, rotate the camera so it faces Link. Magnesis will now be stuck in an endless cycle of attempting to attach to the block, but failing each time it tries; Link can now walk around carrying an endlessly activated Magnesis rune in his hands.
  • Notes: If you turn the camera back behind Link or he is hit by an enemy, Endless Magnesis will be cancelled. It may also be cancelled if you wait long enough.

Dark Beast Ganon Out of Bounds

  • Effect: Allows Link to explore Hyrule outside of the Dark Beast Ganon fight. Also allows Link to use the Bow of Light where he normally isn't supposed to.
  • Prerequisites: Must have defeated Calamity Ganon.
  • Notes: You can even use your horse outside of the border. However, during exploration certain NPCs may not exist (e.g. staff members at stables, etc). Note that if you save in this state, you may not be able to get back in bounds, potentially softlocking your game (although you could still move around out of bounds). You'll either be forced to reload from a previous save or start a new game.
  • How To: There are two ways to do this.

Method One

This method was patched.
  • How To: Ride your horse up to the light border which normally is supposed to prevent Link from leaving the fight. Line your horse up so it's walking along the border, and dismount it. If Link dismounts on the correct side, he'll clip outside of the border allowing him to explore Hyrule at a time he normally isn't supposed to.

Method Two

  • How To: Activate Minigame storage with the Birdman Minigame (disable water physics.) Then fight and beat Ganon. When you go to Dark Beast Ganon, mess around. Unfortunately, we're not sure exactly how we got out of bounds, but it appears to be climbing in a certain spot.
  • Notes: If the NPC that offers the minigame says, "Huh? You're supposed to be gliding as far away from the tower as possible!" and teleports you back, the glitch worked.

After you are in the Dark Beast Ganon fight, climb anything. This will cause Branli to bring you back to the tower, however the Bow of Light will remain in your inventory.

Method Three

  • How To: At the start of the battle, collect the bow of light and do a U-Turn then go to the barrier straight behind of where you originally spawn. Find the metal box to the right and use it to launch yourself with stasis through the barrier. This is best done by using magnesis to put the box next to the barrier with a bit of space for Link to go. Then place a square bomb on the opposite side of the barrier and walk into the gap between the box and the barrier. Activate stasis, then hit the box until the time is almost up, then switch to your bomb and activate it, switching the direction of stasis.

Calamity Ganon Softlock

Method One

  • Effect: Softlocks the fight.
  • How To: Perform the Minigame storage glitch with the Birdman minigame, then get to Zelda's castle. Use the One Shot Boss glitch to instantly kill Calamity, then let everything continue. Once the Dark Beast Ganon fight starts you'll be pulled out of bounds from Branli. From there go to the castle again and start Calamity fight again without performing the One Shot Boss glitch. Once the cutscenes are over Calamity will disappear resulting in you having to restart the game or reload the last save.

Method Two

  • How To: Clip out of bounds using one of the above strategies, then return to the Sanctum where the Calamity Ganon fight was initiated. After playing or skipping the cutscenes, there will be a black loading screen that never goes away, requiring the game to be restarted.
  • Notes: Returning to the Sanctum itself does not result in the softlock, only upon entering the bounds in which a fight would occur causes it to softlock. This was tested after defeating all Divine Beasts, results may vary.

Zelda Mute

  • Effect: Mutes Zelda during the Dark Beast Ganon battle
  • How To: After escaping Dark Beast Ganon, talk to a traveling NPC near the fight. The NPC should pause for a bit, then time will resume without Link exiting the dialogue box. When time resumes, get on a horse and start pressing A. Eventually, the screen should show a blank dialogue box and Zelda should stop talking.
  • Notes: Doing anything that opens a dialogue box resets the glitch.

Frozen Guardian Beam

  • Effect: Causes a Guardian's beam to freeze on Link.
  • How To: Randomly when deflecting a small Guardian, such as a Guardian Scout's, beam, the beam will get stuck on Link.
  • Notes: The beam will continuously deal damage as long as it is in contact with Link. Jumping and having the beam deal damage while Link is in the air will cause the beam to fly off, ending the glitch.

Bullet-Time Bounce

  • Effect: Launches Link extremely fast in any direction.
  • Prerequisites: A Shield, a Bow, an enemy, and an item to freeze said enemy (if the enemy is not a red variation).
  • How To: To perform this glitch, you will need an enemy. Go to a ledge or vantage point overlooking the enemy; if they are not a red variation, they must be frozen before attempting this glitch. Use Shield Surfing to jump off the ledge (i.e. Shield Jump) and pull out the Bow to slow time mid-descent. If your shield lands on the enemy during the slow-down, immediately stop slow-down by pressing Y, unequipping the bow, or pressing B twice. If performed correctly, Link will fly at a vastly accelerated speed; this can be combined with the Paraglider to cross impressive distances.
  • Notes:
    • This glitch is caused by an oversight in the physics of slow-down. Link's interactions with ragdolling enemies are not properly converted to be slowed down; however, the game will still attempt to reconvert these physics when returning to normal speed, causing said interaction to be up to 20 times more potent intended.
    • The direction of the bounce is dependent on the location of the enemy's body Link's shield lands on.
    • Putting away the shield after successfully performing the bounce will kill Link's forward speed; conversely, because Link is on his shield, the player can bring out and put away the Paraglider to preserve stamina without losing speed (they will, however, slightly lose height).
    • The sooner the player cancels the slow-down upon contact with the enemy, the more potent the bounce will be. For the most ideal results, cancel on the first frame of contact (this can be easily done by buffering with the Bow Selection menu).

Voice Acting Switch

  • Effect: After switching languages, the cutscene's subtitles will be in the right language, but the voice acting will be in the language in which the cutscene was first seen by the player.
  • How To: Play the game in one language until you find a re-watchable cutscene, then save. Go into the console menu and switch the language. Go back into the game and rewatch the cutscene.
  • Notes: Only been tested on Switch. Not sure whether new cutscenes will play in the correct language.

Daruk's Perfect Parry

Daruk's Perfect Parry
  • Effect:Daruk's Protection will be activated without consuming an use of the ability.
  • How To: As soon as you get hit, release ZL.
  • Notes: Can even prevent you from taking fall damage.

Bow Spinning

Bow Spinning
  • Effect: Lets you perform a spin attack with the bow // Lets you use the effects from elemental weapons indefinitely.
  • How To: Equip a heavy weapon and hold Y, then press ZR and B at the same time.
  • Notes: The blade will still get damaged and you'll have lower reach.

Mini Guardian Combo

  • Effect: Lets you hit the Mini Guardian 2+ times very fast.
  • How To: Hit the guardian and immediately press X and Y.
  • Notes: It has to be a shrine with shallow water. Only blades work.

Flying Ganon

  • Effect: Makes Calamity Ganon fly.
  • How To: Hit its legs while Ganon is on the wall.

Fall Damage Cancel

  • Effect: Resets Link's ground position, allowing him to fall from great heights without taking fall damage.
  • How To: While in the air: Hold R to throw the weapon. As you release R, equip another one.

Scope Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through walls with your scope/camera rune.
  • How To: Position yourself next to a wall or a corner. Walk towards it while the camera faces the opposite direction. Now use your rune.
  • Notes: This does not work everywhere. This can be used to clip outside of the Shrine of Resurrection, allowing you to skip the opening cutscene.

Horse Scope Clipping

This glitch was patched.
  • Effect: Clip through walls using your horse.
  • How To: Position your horse next to a wall, then use your scope to rotate it by 90°, so that the back of the horse is in the wall. If needed, you can shield jump off from it.
  • Notes: If there is not enough room for the horse, it's easier.

Stasis Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through walls using objects.
  • How To: Position an object (Boxes are perfect for this) next to a wall, with a little gap between. Stasis it and hit it a few times so that it'll launch towards the wall. Now stand between it and push towards the object.

Ollie Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through the ground.
  • How To: Shield jump and enter Bullet Time. 1 frame before you hit the ground: Start mashing X. Then, if you stay in Bullet Time, repeat a pattern of three or two X presses.
  • Notes: If you run out of stamina during the process, it can lead to Infinite Shield Surfing.

Cryo Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through Cryonis Pillars.
  • How To: Climb on the pillar while it grows.
  • Notes: As the pillar is completely solid, you can get pushed out.

Blood Moon Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through the ground using the Blood Moon cutscene.
  • How To: Position yourself on a spot where you killed a Guardian Stalker or Turret. Wait until a Blood Moon triggers. After the cutscene, you'll get pushed through the ground by the Guardian.
  • Notes: This can be used to clip inside Hyrule Castle.

Locked State

  • Effect: You won't be able to move or rotate, it can lead to other weird stuff.
  • How To: Jump from a hill with your bike - If it despawns as you touch the ground, it should've worked.

Spinning Head

  • Effect: Link will rotate his head until you crouch.
  • How To: Get a wooden shield with an arrow on it and open the map for the first time.
  • Notes: It must be the first arrow you have collected in this file.

Skew Storage

Effect: Stores Link's orientation from when he last shield surfed.

  • How To: Cancel shield surfing as soon as Link hits the ground. This can be done automatically by shield jumping against a slope.
  • Notes: To use the skew, unequip the shield during Link's boarding animation. The stored skew persists through loading screens. You will lose your skew if Link touches the ground while surfing or completes his boarding animation.

Shield Clipping

Shield Clipping Tutorial
  • Effect: Clip through walls using a shield.
  • How To: Store a skew facing the same direction as the wall you want to clip into, shield jump, then unequip your shield as Link boards his shield.

Extended Shield Clipping (ESC)

  • Effect: Clip through walls using a shield (More wall options).
  • How To: The same as Shield Clipping, but in the frame you snap back from your skew, pull out your shield by pressing ZL and A. Then unequip the shield immediately.
  • Notes: This even works on most solid walls.

Instant Shield Clipping

  • Effect: Clip through walls using a shield.
  • How To: ESC, but instead of storing a skew, shield jump off from a slanted surface, then unequip the shield. Then immediately shield surf and unequip the shield.
  • Notes: Is less consistent than ESC.

Skew Bounce

  • Effect: Bounce really high by shield jumping.
  • How To: Set a skew while in Bullet Time.
  • Notes: Make sure you face against the wall so shield surfing is canceled on the same frame you hit the ground.

Fosbury Flop

  • Effect: Launches Link upwards.
  • How To: Shield Surf, perform a trick with Y, jump and unequip your shield a frame after.

Stasis Launch

Stasis Launch
  • Effect: Launches Link by using Stasis on an object.
  • How To: Stasis a box or rock and hit it repeatedly. Either hold on or stand ontop of the object as it launches away.
  • Notes: This leads to Super Launching. This method is commonly used in speedruns on the rock outside of the shrine where Stasis is unlocked.

Super Launching

  • Effect: Launches Link by using Stasis on an object. Maintain the speed by using the Paraglider.
  • How To: Stasis Launch, but jump into the trajectory of the object as it gets launched.

Bullet Time Launch

  • Effect: Launches an object upward at extreme speed.
  • How To: Place an object over water and stand on a ledge you can activate Bullet Time from. Create a Cryonis Pillar underneath the object and activate Bullet Time as the pillar is raising.
  • Notes: Does not work with some objects, such as horses. The timing will determine how far off the object will be launched. The ideal timing is when the Cryonis Pillar is raising the fastest. If performed with the Master Cycle or another big object such as rafts and crates, Link can launch himself with the object by jumping over them before activating Bullet Time.

Bullet Time Storage

  • Effect: Lets you walk in Bullet Time.
  • How To: Create to Cryo Pillars with a little gap between. Stand on the gap and jump. As you touch the ground, enter Bullet Time. Then repeatedly press R and B.

Flying Machine

Flying Machine
  • Effect: Fly using two metal objects and magnesis.
  • How To: Place two objects ontop each other. The lower object must contain metallic parts. Then, climb up to the upper object and use magnesis on the lower one to raise the machine.
  • Notes: This is most stable when done with two minecarts ontop each other, or a crate ontop a minecart. Pressing up on the D-Pad will accelerate the machine, whereas pressing down will de-accelerate it. Link can balance the machine using his own weight.

Horse Sliding

Horse Sliding
  • Effect: Get momentum by dismounting your horse/bike.
  • How To: Get to a steep slope and place your vehicle parallel to it. Mount it by holding ZL and pressing X.
  • Notes: The distance and speed depends on the distance you've ridden, the direction depends on the direction the slope was facing.

Bomb Smuggling

  • Effect: Makes Link stuck in the Bomb Holding animation // Invisible Bomb.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal, press R and A very quickly.

Seal Sliding

  • Effect: Make Link rotate insanely fast.
  • How To: Use Bomb Smuggling and pull out your bow. Then dismount the seal and mount another one.

Stuck with a Seal

  • Effect: Get stuck until the seal wakes up.
  • Prerequisites: Must have a shield equipped.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal, hold ZL, press A and immediately use your bow.

Shield Sliding

  • Effect: Removes the turn radius of Shield Surfing.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal and press A and B very quickly.
  • Notes: This stays once you restart the game // Trying to mount a seal can crash the game.

Shield Hovering

  • Effect: Makes you shield surf in the air.
  • How To: Make Link rotate (By using a Horse or ESC). Position the horse on a slope next to a wall and hold ZL, press A and X. If Link touches the wall while he is tilted, he'll start surfing in the air.
  • Notes: Shield Slide required.

Horse Stamina Refresh

  • Effect: Remounts a horse very quickly, restoring their stamina faster than usual.
  • How To: Have a shield and a bow equipped. While on the horse: Hold ZL, A and ZR and press X.
  • Notes: This works better over flat terrain.

Arrow Duplication

  • Effect: Farm arrows very quickly.
  • How To: Use a multishot bow (preferably x5 but any bow that has a multiplier works) to shoot into a lit torch in the Lost Woods or Kara Kara Bazaar. The arrows shot will not despawn.
  • Notes: A very consistent method is to stand to the side of the cooking pot in Kara Kara Bazaar. Aiming at the tent slightly to the right of the soup ladle will allow quick collection of arrows while the bow reignites after firing, since it angles down into the fire under the pot.

Sword Smuggling

  • Effect: Hold a weapon until you use it. You can perform any action while holding it.
  • How To: Spawn a bomb, pull out your weapon, press B to unequip it, pause as Link is still in his unequipping animation, unequip your shield. Unpause, then pick up the bomb.
  • Notes: The glitch will end if you draw your smuggled weapon.

Bow Smuggling

  • Effect: Hold a bow until you use it. You can perform any action while holding it.
  • How To: Either use the Sword Smuggling setup or stand in front of a bomb or a rock, then hold ZL and press ZR and A.

Hold Smuggling

Hold Smuggling + Dead Link Inventory
  • Effect: Lets you hold an item everywhere.
  • How To: There are multiple ways to do this.

Method One

Drop a Fire Jelly and hit it with a sword. As you get damage, hold an item and teleport.

Method Two

Stand shoulders deep into water. Hold an item, jump and spawn a bomb. Detonate the bomb, and n the third frame of the explosion animation, pause the game and teleport away.

Dye Clothes With Any Ingredient

  • Effect: Allows Link to dye his clothes any color with any ingredient.
  • How To: Perform Hold Smuggling with five items of any kind, then talk to Sayge. The smuggled ingredients will be used for the dye.

Stand on a Horse/Bike

  • Effect: Stand on a Horse/Bike.
  • How To: After you performed Hold Smuggling: Get a wooden shield with an arrow on it and mount the Horse/Bike.
  • Notes: It has to be the first arrow in this file.

Horse in Teba Cutscene

  • Effect: Stay at the Flight Range // Become very long // Instant Death // Softlock
  • How To: Talk to Teba while sitting on a horse.

Reset Runes

  • Effect: Lets you reset the Runes' recharge timer.
  • How To: Watch a memory.

Free Compendium Pictures

Free Compendium Pictures
  • Effect: Lets you complete up to 1 page of the Hyrule Compendium for free.
  • Prerequisites: Must not have obtained Symin's free picture yet.
  • How To: Go to a merchant in Hateno, select an item you have the most of, select sell all and cancel, then talk to Symin.

Weapon Durability Glitch

  • Effect: Lets you use weapons without damaging it.
  • How To: Press Y and switch the weapon 1 frame before the enemy gets hit.

Shield Durability Glitch

  • Effect: Use a shield without damaging it.
  • How To: Swap out your shield during a flip mid-air.

Burn Timer Reset

  • Effect: Lets you survive in the Death Mountain area.
  • Prerequisites: Have a two handed equipped.
  • How To: Once you start burning, hold Y, then let go of it.

Blood Moon Timer Reset

Blood Moon Timer Reset (skip to 0:53)
  • Effect: Skips the Blood Moon refreshing the game world, but still resets the timer as if the Blood Moon had happened.
  • How To: Use a Travel Gate (or a placed Travel Medallion) to warp away just before the clock strikes midnight. You will know you did it correctly if, upon arrival at the destination, no cutscene plays, the clock shows midnight, and only Malice particles are about, no red sky effect.

Guardian Stalker Stasis+ Clip

Guardian Stalker Stasis+ Clip
  • Effect: Makes a sleeping Guardian Stalker clip through the ground. Will reset if Link leaves the area.
  • How To: Use Stasis+ on a Guardian Stalker while it is still sleeping.
  • WARNING: Does not work on all sleeping Guardian Stalkers, and the ones that don't clip will wake up instead. For example, the ones on Lomei Labyrinth Island will NOT clip through the ground with this glitch. However, there is another glitch that can be used to do that.

Decayed Guardian and Lomei Labrinth Stasis+ Glitch

Lomei Labyrinth Island Guardian Stalker Stasis+ Clip

Bomb during Revali's Gale

  • Effect: Hold a bomb while you rise up.
  • How To: Hold X, let go of X and immediately use your bomb.

Horse Factory

Horse Factory
  • Effect: Spawn horses yourself.
  • How To: Make a boko dismount the horse (Don't kill it!) and go away. The boko will despawn, the horse will stay.
  • Notes: If there are ≈200 or 250 horses on the screen, it can cause a panic blood moon which results in a crash.

Healing on a Horse

  • Effect: Transfers the Hot Spring Water effects to your horse until you dismount.
  • How To: Place your horse on a warp point, then go into spring water -> Teleport to the horse.

Get Damage on a Horse

This glitch was patched.
  • Effect: Makes you die very quickly.
  • How To: Place your horse on a warp point, then go into icy water -> Teleport to the horse.
  • Notes: The cooldown won't exist anymore, so you pretty much die instantly.

Infinite Guardian Parts

Infinite Guardian Parts
  • Effect: The guardian will spawn an unlimited amount of guardian parts. // Lags the game very hard.
  • How To: Move one of those four guardians two quadrants away from their spawn point.[1]

Infinite Treasure Chests

  • Effect: Lets you open your chest repeatedly.
  • How To: Move an iron chest two quadrants away from its spawn point, open it, and reload. The chest will be still there.

Horse Weapon Duping

  • Effect: Lets you dupe weapons/bows/shields from thin air.
  • How To: Weapon Duping


  • Effect: Causes five glitches: Stuck in place, Stuck in running animation, Moonwalk, Slide, Hover
  • How To: Pull out your bow and press B -> Immediately unequip your shield during the unequipping animation.

B-Lock: Stuck in Place

  • Effect: Makes you be stuck in place, but you can still rotate in the standing animation.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Jump while holding B and don't let go of B.

B-Lock: Stuck in Running Animation

  • Effect: Makes you be stuck in the running animation // You can't move at all
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Jump while holding B and moving and don't let go of B.

B-Lock: Moonwalk

  • Effect: Lets you moonwalk.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Walk into any direction while holding ZL, hold B (Don't let go of it), let go of ZL.

B-Lock: Slide

  • Effect: Replaces the running animation with the standing animation.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Hold ZL, jump and start holding B mid-air. Then don't stop moving or holding B.

B-Lock: Hover

  • Effect: Makes you stuck mid-air.
  • How To: After performing B-Lock: Climb a small step while holding B. Letting go of B fixes it.

Ragdolling Bokoblin

  • Effect: Makes a bokoblin stuck in the ragdolling animation.
  • How To: Let a moblin throw a bokoblin, then freeze/electrocute it once it touches the ground.

Glitched Shop Items

  • Effect: Lets the shop display glitched items.
  • How To: Stand in front of the item, place a bomb. Pick it up and pause buffer. If you pause, there'll be one frame that displays the incorrect number of rupees, melee damage etc.

Flying Rope

  • Effect: Places a seal rope mid-air.
  • How To: Stand next to a seal -> Press A and B a few frames later.
  • Notes: The next time you're trying to mount a seal, it won't work.

Invisible Link

  • Effect: Make Link hold an invisible rock which turns him invisible.
  • How To: Pick up an item as it falls from a ledge. Then turn the camera away from the point where you dropped it.
  • Notes: Walking away will fix the glitch.

Goddess Glitch

  • Effect: Spawns particles indefinitely, which lags the game.
  • How To: If you have full hearts and stamina (To do this: [Apparatus Glitch: Heart Duping], talk to the goddess in the Temple of Time repeatedly.

Hyrule Overloading

Hyrule Overloading
  • Effect: Overloads the game which leads to weapon duping and other weird stuff.
  • How To: Escape the Dark Beast Ganon fight by using Stasis Clipping or Shield Clipping, then enter Hyrule Castle and leave it repeatedly. Do this 180 times and Ganon should despawn, and the inventory should show a glitched Link.

Lizalfos Curse

Lizalfos Curse (11:11)
This glitch was patched.
  • Effect: Makes NPCs, enemies and Link rotate forever and crashes the game sometimes.
  • How To: Push the three Lizalfos from the rock.
  • Notes: This is a Switch exclusive glitch.

Flying Guardian Boat

Flying Guardian Boat (11:00)
  • Effect: Makes a flying raft.
  • How To: Place a guardian ontop of the raft. Then, if needed, place a cryonis block underneath.

Sanctum Zip

  • Effect: Warps you back to the Ganon fight, but immediately pushes you out again.
  • How To: Escape the Calamity Ganon fight and fall down to the ground while holding a bomb or an item.

Delete Koroks

  • Effect: Avoids spawning Rock Koroks until you reload the game or warp.
  • How To: Explode a bomb at the same time you lift the rock. Then stasis launch it away. It won't spawn the Korok anymore.

Floating Campfire

  • Effect: Makes the campfire float until you exit the dialogue box.
  • How To: Place a campfire next to a tower's pedestal and use it.

90s Loading Screen

  • Effect: Makes reloading take much longer.
  • How To: Reload while you have 1 bomb on screen and are in Bullet Time.

Mess with Dye Cutscene

  • Effect: Makes Link T-Pose and other funny stuff.
  • How To: Place a box where Link gets dyed // Use your ancient saddle inside the building and dye your clothes while you sit on a horse.

Malice Glitch

  • Effect: Damages the horse once you look at it or walk near it.
  • How To: Jump off the horse once it touches the malice.

Kilton Overload

  • Effect: Drastically lags the game.
  • How To: Place objects where Kilton spawns and wait at a campfire. If done with a horse, this will push Kilton outside his shop.

Korok Softlock

  • Effect: Softlocks the game.
  • How To: Watch a memory in the exact frame a Korok Puzzle is solved.

Camera Glitch

  • Effect: Walk around freely while in the camera state.
  • Prerequisites: Any Shield, Camera Ruin
  • How To: Hold your shield with ZL, and then open your camera, immediately after opening your camera, push your crouch button. You'll know if you did this right, because Link will be moving much slower then usual in the camera state, and if you change the camera type to selfie, you can move around.

Apparatus Glitch

Apparatus Glitch + Every side effect
  • Effect: Lets you control the Apparatus and Link // Makes Link invincible // He can't run out of stamina // Leads to Heart Duping, Early Master Sword, Void out everywhere, Free rupees, broken paraglider, (+ Sheikah Slate Skip), Climate Immunity, Transfer Potion Effects, Death Mountain Effect everywhere
  • How To: Perform the Camera Glitch in a shrine with an apparatus, then examine the apparatus and immediately pause, hold an item, unpause, pause and watch a memory.
  • Notes: This glitch stops once you open a menu.

Apparatus Glitch: Heart Duping

  • Effect: Lets you dupe hearts and stamina using the cursed statue in Hateno Village (At least four hearts are required).
  • How To: Sell any number of Link's essences to the statue. Note that this value will be doubled by the glitch, regardless of whether hearts or stamina is sold. Save the game, then buy back the essences. The game will autosave a few times during this process. Perform the apparatus glitch, then pause and load the save that YOU made after selling to the statue (NOT the autosave!) then talk to the statue again. The statue will still have the essences sold to it, and Link will still have the amount of hearts and stamina received from buying them back the first time. Buying the glitched essences will result in the duplication.

Apparatus Glitch: Early Master Sword

  • Effect: Lets you dupe hearts and stamina (At least four hearts are required).
  • How To: Save on a horse next to the Master Sword, perform the Apparatus Glitch, then reload and warp to another place. Now collect the Master Sword.
  • Notes: As long as you don't have collected it normally, you won't get an extra slot. You can still pull it, though. Once you pull the invisible Master Sword, everything is fixed.

Apparatus Glitch: Void Out Everywhere

  • Effect: Makes you void out as soon as you load a save file and places you underneath Hyrule Field.
  • How To: Perform the apparatus glitch, void out and reload.
  • Notes: Can be used to skip the opening cutscene or obtaining the Sheikah Slate.

Apparatus Glitch: Climate Immunity

  • Effect: Makes you immune to fire, ice, hot and cold temperature (+ Broken Paraglider)
  • How To: Perform the Apparatus Glitch twice in a row very quickly (Reload before the camera fully zooms out).
  • Notes: This ends after restarting the game.

Apparatus Glitch: Death Mountain Everywhere

  • Effect: Sets your equipment on fire. Bomb Arrows are not a good idea
  • How To: Perform Climate Immunity and walk into lava.
  • Notes: Walking into water fixes the glitch, leaving you with Climate Immunity.

Apparatus Glitch: Transfer Potion Effects

  • Effect: Lets you transfer potion effects from one save file to another.
  • How To: Perform the Apparatus Glitch and load a save file.

Apparatus Glitch: Free Rupees

  • Effect: Get free rupees (Breath of the wild currency).
  • How To: Do the Heart Duping glitch but don't buy your hearts back but, the glitch, when you reload makes you get the hearts back but still keep the rupees for selling them.

Apparatus Glitch: Broken Parigider

  • Effect: Makes link glide as if he had not equipped the paraglider
  • How to: Do the Heart Duping Glitch but with stamina once at 3 wheels your pariglied will be broken
  • Note: To fix just save and reload that save. you must have under 3 wheels of stamina before this glitch.You will still take no fall damage when gliding.

Moon Jump

  • Effect: Lets you continuously jump in midair.
  • How To: Start the Mounted Archery minigame near the Lake Tower and Highland Stable, then be riding on a bucking wild horse as the timer runs out. Once it does, you'll still be on the horse as it keeps jumping into the air, so teleport to any warp spot on the map. Link will be able to jump in mid air, however you cannot paraglide or enter bullet time, as the game seems to consider Link in somewhat of a grounded state. This glitch is reset if you either reset the game or ride a horse, Lynel or the Mastercycle Zero.
  • Notes: If you are jumping just after you finish loading in you freeze in the air, you either have to rewarp or use a bomb to blow Link up to reset his positioning. A consistent method is to ride to the hill east of the horses that are south of the camp, then jump off at around 10-12 seconds remaining. This window increases with the amount of stamina Link has, but the minimum time required is about 9 seconds. Sometimes when walking up a small step, Link will begin to walk very slowly or stop altogether, and running will deplete the stamina bar but not allow Link to move faster. Warping to any location seems to fix this.

Go Under the Mud

  • Effect: Lets Link go under the mud
  • How to: Get the Moon Jump Glitch, then walk into a mud pit.
  • Notes: Putting a Cryonis block directly above Link will let him see under the mud. Link can also walk inside of certain objects, namely rock formations, while under the mud. This is likely because these objects are seen as part of the same landscape, and walking inside of the mud acts similar to clipping inside of it despite it not being a solid object, meaning that Link can jump into the mud but not out of it.

Wrong Warp (V1)

  • Effect: Respawns you at your Travel Medallion whenever you void out
  • How To: Set up the moon jump glitch, but teleport to the Travel Medallion as your warp point. Now whenever you void out, you'll be placed where your Travel Medallion is on the map (or its equivalent co ordinates if in a shrine or dungeon)

Wrong Warp (V2)

Wrong Warp Tutorial
  • Effect: Lets you teleport to any saved location by saving and reloading
  • How To: Set up the moon jump glitch, then load a save in the location you want to wrong warp to. Teleport to the Travel Medallion once you've done this, and now you'll be placed in said save location whenever you save/reload (until the game is reset). This effect can also be carried over to Master Mode/normal mode by heading to the title screen and switching modes.

Rune Skip

  • Effect: Leave the Plateau without all of the runes
  • How To: Set up a wrong warp to a non Plateau shrine as the warp location, then start a new game. Save and reload to wrong warp into said shrine, and finish it. You'll get the Spirit Orb as normal before voiding out and appearing on the Plateau. You can use this in place of any particular Great Plateau shrine to avoid collecting the rune there, or in place of all four of them to skip getting any runes at all.

Mini Game Storage

  • Effect: Escape a mini game, and roam the world while said game is still ongoing
  • How To: Use glitches to escape a mini game, with said glitch varying based on the mini game. For instance, you can use the first form of wrong warping with the Blue Flame or Gut Check Rock mini games to escape them, and keep things like the timer going elsewhere in Hyrule.

Mini Game Storage: Birdman Contest

  • Effect: Lets you walk anywhere while the Birdman Contest minigame is still active.
  • How To: Set up moon jump, then talk to Branli.
  • Notes: You will not be able to talk to any NPC while in this state.

Mini Game Storage: Eventide Paraglider Course

  • Effect: Lets you walk anywhere while the Eventide minigame is still active.
  • How To: Activate the Eventide minigame, then go near a place that triggers a cutscene, such as Gerudo Town or a freed Divine Beast.
  • Notes: Going near Eventide Island will deactivate the glitch.

Mini Game Storage: Test of Wood Escape

A Basic Guide to Mini Game Storage
  • Effect: Setup mini game storage by escaping the Test of Wood
  • How To: Start the Test of Wood mini game, and then land somewhere outside the main area that's near/before the mini game's exit trigger. If done correctly, the Korok running the mini game will ask if you want to quit, but the Lost Woods fog will cover up the conversation. Agree to continue, and you'll be voided out, and placed at the entrance to Korok Forest. Now, head back towards the trigger for the mini game (but not close enough that it'll count as you having left), and the mini game will start again with you outside the intended area. From here, you can go anywhere in Hyrule with the mini game active, and it'll only end if you unequip the Forest Dweller's gear in your inventory.

Mini Game Storage: Keep the One Hit Obliterator

  • Effect: Lets you keep the One Hit Obliterator outside the quest it's meant to be used in
  • How To: Activate mini game storage with the Test of Wood escape glitch mentioned above, then start the Obliterator trial. You'll immediately fail the mini game due to having unequipped the Forest Dweller's Sword in favour of the One Hit Obliterator. Now, choose to restart the mini game. Monk Maz Koshia will say you've left the Great Plateau and that the trial has ended, but he won't take the Obliterator away. Instead, he'll take your current weapon, which is now the Forest Dweller's Sword. You'll then fail the Test of Wood again, and still have the One Hit Obliterator in your inventory, letting you use it whenever you want or hang it up in your house.
  • Notes: The One Hit Obliterator only does one damage outside of the Great Plateau, but will reduce Link to a quarter of a heart when used regardless. Dying with it equipped will not cause an instant game over either, and both Fairies and Mipha's Grace will now act as expected when using it.

Eventide Storage

  • Effect: Keeps the Eventide Island quest going while outside of Eventide Island, which resets your inventory upon saving and reloading
  • How To: Escape the Test of Wood to activate Mini Game Storage, then go to Eventide Island. You'll fail the mini game when the quest begins, and warp back to Korok Forest. Choose to continue, then fail/exit the mini game. By doing this, you'll now have the empty inventory from Eventide Island, while not being limited to the island itself.
  • Notes: Any changes in your inventory will reset when you save/reload. Hence Spirit Orbs spent at Goddess Statues will come back, key items given away to NPCs will be returned to your inventory, and any clothing purchased/obtained with Eventide Storage active will be lost forever when you reload. However, upgrades to Link himself (like extra inventory slots or heart/stamina upgrades) and event triggers will not be reset.

Ride Prince Sidon Anywhere

  • Effect: Lets you ride Sidon outside the Vah Ruta boss battle
  • How To: Set up moon jump, then go to a shrine near the East Reservoir Lake. From there, moon jump towards the lake without touching the ground, and speak to Prince Sidon while in mid air above the water. Start the battle, then drown to respawn by the shrine. Now, head to the bottom of the dam near the Reservoir, and Sidon should appear soon after.

Defeat Bosses in One Hit

One Shot Ganon Glitch
  • Effect: Defeats any boss (including Calamity Ganon) in one hit
  • How To: Go to the boss battle trigger (like the Sanctum), and stop just outside of said trigger. Now, shoot an arrow/bunch of arrows at the location the boss spawns during the cutscene, and quickly activate the battle while they're in mid air. If done correctly, the boss should take tons of damage during the pre fight cutscene, and collapse dead the minute the cutscene ends.

Dupe Items Anywhere

How to Dupe Items in Breath of the Wild
  • Effect: Lets you clone weapons, shields and bows anywhere in the game
  • Pre-Requisites: At least 7 multishot bows and at least one shock arrow.
  • How To: Equip one of the multishot bows and the shock arrow(s). Tap ZR so Link pulls out his bow, drop the bow on the floor, equip another multishot bow, then repeat six times. Link should start to disappear on the menu screen. From here, just equip the item you want to clone via the quick change menu, and swap it out for the one you want to replace in the inventory itself. If done correctly, the item that Link's shown to be holding should not have changed. Now, drop the currently equipped item, and it'll become a clone of the one you want to dupe instead.

Elemental Trap

  • Effect: Makes elemental weapons retain their elemental properties after being dropped.
  • How To: Equip an elemental weapon, press Y, then immediately pause and drop the weapon mid swing.
  • Notes: Does not work with ice weapons. Electric weapons need some sort of conducive object to transfer electricity to.

Shield Block Reset

  • Effect: Allows Link to double jump.
  • How to: Jump, block an attack with your shield, then immediately jump again.
  • Notes: Can be used to access Bullet Time from ground level.

Flurry Lock

  • Effect: Makes Link initiate an unprovoked Flurry Rush.
  • How To: Press Y the moment you enter Bullet Time.

Horse Wrong Warp

horse wrong warping
  • Effect: Lets you bring your horse anywhere (or almost anywhere)
  • How To: Set up moon jump, then take your horse to the entrance of the Lost Woods. Now, head to the right of the entrance and there should be a cliff with a small rock at the bottom in the lake that surrounds the forest. Take your horse down there. Bring it near to the entrance, and the Lost Woods fog should quickly roll in. If done correctly, you'll then respawn in the location your Travel Medallion was set at.

Disable Water Physics

  • Effect: Enables you to use weapons, Champion abilities and runes in water, as well as not drown when your stamina runs out
  • How To: Activate moon jump, then start the Birdman Contest mini game in mid air while above the water alongside the tower. You'll now be able to swim forever/walk in water normally, as well as walk on land while the mini game is still going.
  • Notes: This activates Minigame Storage with the Birdman minigame

Final Trial Skip

Method 1 for skipping the Final Trial

Method 2 for skipping the Final Trial
  • Effect: Lets you immediately fight Maz Koshia without going through the Final Trial
  • How To: There are two methods here:
    • For one of them, get moon jump, and enter the Final Trial. Now, jump up the elevator shaft the Shrine of Resurrection moves down in, and head towards the back wall. This area has no collision above a certain point, so you can head on through to escape the dungeon. From here, keep jumping until you escape the bounds of the dungeon itself (you'll know when this happens since your Champion Abilities will come back), and then keep moon jumping away from the dungeon. Do this long enough, and you'll end up above the boss arena where you fight Maz Koshia, and can drop down to start the battle.
    • Alternatively, you can also use wrong warp to instantly warp there. Head to the Riverside Stable, then go away from the river. You'll get to another path with some trees nearby. Place the Travel Medallion here, then set up a wrong warp via it. From there, you just need to head the Final Trial and jump into the lava to respawn in the Maz Koshia boss arena.

Guardian Hypnosis

  • Effect: Hypnotizes a guardian.
  • How To: Crouch underneath a guardian stalker and spam the whistle button.

Sharo Lun Crash

Crashing the game via this shrine
  • Effect: Leaving the Sharo Lun Shrine crashes the game
  • How To: Setup wrong warp or moon jump, then fall into a pit while in the Sharo Lun Shrine. The game will crash either immediately after Link voids out, or immediately after he respawns. This is because the shrine itself is very unstable, and going more than about 20 feet from the edge of the shrine via glitches will cause the game to crash for unknown reasons.

Daqa Koh Clip

  • Effect: Makes Link clip through the moving blocks in the Daqa Koh Shrine.
  • How To: Shield surf and land on the ground the moment the blocks start rising.

Hyrule Escape

A video tutoria on how to escape Hyrule with this glitch
  • Effect: Lets Link get past the world borders with moon jump
  • How To: Set up a Travel Medallion out of bounds, then get moon jump. Go to the Travel Medallion, then travel to the border (where it says you can't go any further) with moon jump while staying out of bounds. Now drop down quickly into the water, then swim forward. If done correctly, you shoud go under the barrier and eventually start falling through the air. Moon jump back up to escape Hyrule.

Magnesis Overload

Overloading the game with Magnesis Overload
  • Effect: Lets you overload (and eventually crash) the game with dropped items and Magnesis
  • How To: Use Magnesis, then pause when Link is holding the magnet. Hold some items, and you'll drop them after leaving the menu. Either pick them up or leave them, and repeat to overload the game. This is because it generates invisible items whenever you do this, and those don't get erased. Hence doing this enough will cause you pick up invisible jars by pressing A in random spots, or eventually crash the game altogether.

Hinox Curse

Breaking physics with the Hinox Curse
  • Effect: Lets you break multiple parts of the physics engine (including Link's model, enemy and object interaction, etc) by pushing a Hinox into a waterfall
  • How To: Use Magnesis and a weapon or box to push or carry a Hinox into a waterfall. If done correctly, it'll despawn/turn invisible, and the game's physics engine will just completely shatter. Link will get stuck rotating in place or walking upside down, enemies will float in the air or walk while tilted diagonally, the camera will randomly zoom out, entire shrines will sometimes start spinning in place and the game will lag like hell.

Rune Lock

Using the Rune Lock glitch
  • Effect: Lets you walk around with a glowing Sheikah Slate hand, as well as walk automatically.
  • How To: Activate any rune, then hold ZL. Now remove your shield to activate the glitch. In this state, you can't interact with objects in your environment (like NPCs or signs), and if you equip and unequip a shield, you'll either spin around (if standing still) or walk automatically (if moving).

Memory Storage

Using the Memory Storage glitch
  • Effect: Lets you start a new game with all of your weapons, equipment, armor sets and everything else from your previous save including the Master Sword, keeping the Bow of Light outside of the Dark Beast Ganon fight, and the Paraglider as part of a new game+ save file
  • How To: You will need the following things: The Travel Medallion, the upgraded Sheikah Sensor, at least 1 Hyrule Compendium entry, at least one recovered Captured Memory, plus a sidequest to mark on the map. Once you have all of that, go to the Inventory, and place the cursor on The Travel Medallion. Go into Hyrule Compendium, select the picture, and press the Y button to begin searching, and then press the + button to open the Inventory immediately afterwards. Before the 'Searching' text disappears, place down the Travel Medallion, before going back to the map. Selecting a sidequest, pressing Y to change to Shrines, then as it's searching, open up the Adventure Log. Press Right and A quickly, and you should have the Memory prompt in normal gameplay. Afterwards, go to a cooking pot, then by pausing the game, and by going to the option screen, selecting load, then when you select a file, immediately view the Captured Memory from the glitched menu. Now, you must kill Link without pausing the game. You then need to return to the title screen from the game over screen. Once here, start a new game. If the glitch has been done correctly, you will notice something a bit weird. Namely, the game would never save, which means you have to do a "No Death Run" of the game. Continue through the game until you get your first Captured Memory. Free all of the Divine Beasts. And once you are ready, fight Dark Beast Ganon. During the battle, watch a Memory cutscene. Now, whittle down its health as usual. When you are about to do the final blow, switch to another bow in the Inventory. Watch or skip the ending, then load the save file. For whatever reason, it'll put you back at the Shrine of Resurrection as if you started a new game. Then wait for it to save, then reload the autosave. The game also acts as if you have gotten every type of weapon for the first time, and all of your Inventory items, including the Bow of Light, is transferred into the new save. You can use them all right from the start of the game.

What's more is that the player has access to the Paraglider and can skip talking to the old man, skip the Runes, and leave the Great Plateau early. This glitch does have limitations, as you can only bring your entire Inventory.

Early Master Sword

Getting the Master Sword early
  • Effect: Lets you get the Master Sword with less than 13 hearts
  • How To: Go to the Master Sword pedestal in Korok Forest, and put some wood on the corner of the pedestal. Light it to start a campfire, then sit at the campfire, and look up at the trees above. Mash A as the time skips ahead, and you should get the sword early.

Save in Yiga Clan Hideout

Saving in the Yiga Clan Hideout with this glitch
  • Effect: Lets you save and place the Travel Medallion in the Yiga Clan Hideout stealth mission.
  • How To: In the mission, set up a campfire, then sit at it while facing the ceiling. After time moves ahead, press pause. You should be able to save the game, even though you're normally not allowed to. You can also place the Travel Medallion in the same state.

This lasts until you move the camera down again, which disables saving and the Travel Medallion once more.

Take the Yiga Clan Anywhere

Taking the Yiga Blademasters to Gerudo Town
  • Effect: Allows you to bring the Yiga Blademasters from the hideout (the ones that kill Link in one hit) anywhere in the game.
  • How To: Go out of bounds in the hideout, then shoot an arrow at one of the Blademasters to get them to attack Link. Now get back in bounds, and the Blademasters will follow you back, including into the snowy mountains, Gerudo Desert, etc.

If Link goes near a town with one of them, they'll go into a permanent 'stealth mode' setup, where they'll patrol the area aimlessly instead of attacking.

Collision Overload


BOTW Friendly Guardian Glitch Looks Surprisingly Easy To Pull Off

A newly discovered glitch in Breath of the Wild renders the game's imposing guardians totally useless and a lot less threatening for players.

A new glitch has made its way onto the internet that shows The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s tough as nails guardians becoming incredibly docile, and, what's more, it looks surprisingly easy to pull off. Nintendo released its awesome and vast Breath of the Wild in 2017. It immediately became a huge hit for Nintendo, going on to win Game of the Year at 2017’s The Game Awards. The gaming company has since promised fans that a sequel is on its way. Other than rumors and speculation however, nothing more has been announced.

Thankfully, Breath of the Wild is the gift that keeps on giving. Even nearly four years after its release, fans are still finding new and creative solutions to just about everything. Its playground of a map has managed to keep players entertained and coming back to the fantastical RPG time and time again.

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Now one Zelda fan has come up with a solution to make one of the trickier enemies within Breath of the Wild an absolute breeze to overcome. Sharing their discovery on YouTube, ThornyFox shows how, with a simple use of Urbosa’s Fury and the Stasis+ rune, players can render an attacking guardian totally useless. By simply stunning the advancing mechanical monstrosity with a charged up Urbosa’s Fury attack (behind cover to ensure even less chance of taking damage) and then immediately freezing the guardian in its place with the enhanced Stasis rune, the guardian will become harmless and no threat. However, players should not try and fight the subdued guardian as some attacks, such as an arrow to the eye, will cause the enemy to once more fire up its lasers. This technique was further verified by fellow Zelda gamer, Mety333, who shows off a much more peaceful Hyrule Field in their YouTube video than fans will be used to seeing in a traditional playthrough of Breath of the Wild.

Given that, in order to pull this nifty trick off successfully, gamers will need to have completed the Vah Naboris divine beast within the Gerudo region of Breath of the Wild, it is safe to assume that some level of gameplay competence has already been established before this glitch can be realized. Nonetheless, it is a handy little trick to know how to do, especially when making the final advance on Calamity Ganon inside Hyrule Castle.

This year marks the 35th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. Fans are hopeful that Nintendo’s celebrations will include some new games within the franchise, perhaps even the fabled Breath of the Wild 2. As the Zelda community continues to prove however, there is still so much fun to be had and fresh gameplay to be discovered within Breath of the Wild itself.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: ThornyFox, Mety333


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A Major New Bug Lets You Get Infinite Ancient Parts (and treasure) in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Back in 2017, a way to farm ancient parts was found in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Known as the World Reset glitch, it involved warping from the Trial of the Sword to a Divine Beast, then going elsewhere on the map. By doing this, important flags wouldn’t be set, meaning you could farm treasure chests and tip over Guardian shells to flood the screen with ancient parts

It was a great glitch, and for a while, broke the game wide open.

But it was quickly patched afterwards, rendering said bugs useless in the process.

However, it turns out that isn’t the end of the story! No, the infinite parts glitch is indeed still possible after the patch, albeit with a bit more difficulty than before.

And it all comes down to exactly four Guardian husks found in certain locations on the map.

That’s because these particular husks are marked as dynamic in the games code. That means their status is set via an in game item list, which is updated every time you move to a new location.

To save memory, this list is only a finite length. Anything past the end of this list is removed, leaving space for new items.

Breath of the Wild Area Map

Caption: Which generally happens when the player brings an item across two squares in the above map

This works fine most of the time. You never usually take items like chests too far across the map after all, so clearing their status logically shouldn’t have an effect, especially if they’re re set upon visiting the normal area.

But as you can imagine, this falls apart if a player does take such an item far enough. Without the right flags being set, the game cannot mark treasure chests as opened, nor a Guardian as having dropped ancient parts.

So the Guardian continuously drops them while the game slows down to a halt, and affected chests respawn at their original point unopened. Pretty broken if you ask me.

Caption: A useful video showing how you can get ancient parts with this glitch.

Caption: How to get infinite treasure chest items with the same glitch

Well, sort of. You see, for ancient parts, this glitch is great. Using it makes the Guardian drop an infinite stream of them, which makes for very quick way to stock up on parts and rupees.

However, chests don’t constantly drop the item. They drop it once, then respawn at their origin. This means collecting them like this is super slow, and likely not at all practical given the shops, enemy camps, etc that exist throughout Hyrule.

So it’s a mixed bag really. Useful for ancient parts and money, alright as an emergency backup if you’re too poor to use the shops, but not great for anything else.

It also doesn’t work on DLC items, removing that use the original World Reset glitch has.

Still, the Zora Helm does work here, so that can at least be picked up multiple times now. And for those without money, this does provide a nice fallback and usable way to stock up on ememtal arrows with minimal hassle too.

So check it out. It’s an interesting glitch to play around with, and one which could help you max out your wallet in no time flat.


How to Get Infinite Ancient Parts in Zelda Breath of the Wild (2019 Glitch)



How do you glitch the Surf Shield?

How do you glitch the Surf Shield?

Use Shield Surfing to jump off the ledge (i.e. Shield Jump) and pull out the Bow to slow time mid-descent. If your shield lands on the enemy during the slow-down, immediately stop slow-down by pressing Y, unequipping the bow, or pressing B twice.

Does sand seal surfing damage shield?

However, Shield Surfing on Snow, Sand, or rocky pathway does not damage the Shield,[verification needed] and Shield Surfing during Rain reduces damage done to the Shield and increases speed.

Is the ancient parts glitch patched?

A Major New Bug Lets You Get Infinite Ancient Parts (and treasure) in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It was a great glitch, and for a while, broke the game wide open. But it was quickly patched afterwards, rendering said bugs useless in the process. However, it turns out that isn’t the end of the story!

Is the heart duplication glitch patched Botw?

Yes, it does. I used it just now after completing all shrines on master mode.

Can you buy ancient cores in Zelda?

Ancient Cores can drop as a random loot from certain Guardians. Additionally, Link can purchase Ancient Cores from the traveling merchant Teli. While Teli normally only sells an Ancient Screw, Ancient Spring, and Ancient Gear, he has a rainy day special, where Link can purchase an Ancient Core for 130 rupees.

How do they cut off a guardian leg?

[BoTW] Pro-tip: The legs of Guardian Stalkers can be cut in one hit with Ancient/Guardian weapons. If you go to hit the moblie land-guardians (frequent around and outside of Hyrule Castle) they typically take 2-4+ hits from most weapons to cut one of their legs.

Where are the most guardians in Zelda?

Guardian Stalkers They can fire energy beams from their eye which will explode upon impact. Guardian Stalkers can be found throughout Hyrule, but are most commonly found in Central Hyrule near Hyrule Castle and in the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.

How many Guardian stalkers are in Botw?

46 Guardian Stalkers


Guardian patched botw glitch

Not sure if people have seen this but I haven't seen it mentioned here before.

It's a pretty interesting exploit of the item generating system in the game. It's a lot of work, but it works. I did it just to see if it was real and grabbed a few hundred ancient cores and springs and gears.

I used the Guardian in the gerudo area. It was pretty easy to move that far without much opposition.
I've done it on wii u. Based on videos, in the Wii U, the items don't travel as far from the "spout" before despawning, so they were harder to collect. Still got 999 cores from it. No money troubles for the rest of that particular playthrough.

People have reported problems after doing it though. I remember someone said their controller kept disconnecting, but only on BotW, after doing the glitch. Don't see how that should be possible, so it could have been a coincidence. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

I'm not sure how, I'm not sure why, but I'm almost certain that you owe me money!

Yeah I moved around to see the best way to grab them before they despawn. I found that if you stand on top of the Guardian as close to the edge without falling off that you can grab them as they come out. It seemed to me it was easier to grab them after the framerate drops and momentarily comes back up you can grab a bunch at a time.

I didn't flip it back over to stop it but just ran away until the game ran smooth again.

I did it for the parts to make ancient bladesaws. It's my favorite weapon so having unlimited copies is fun.

The problems reported are certainly unrelated. Once you leave the area everything respawns normally. I can't see any way an effect could last afterward.

That is a really neat glitch, never seen that one before

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

bluebeans posted...

Is this the old one or does it work on the latest version of the game?

Not sure what you mean but I just did it on a fully updated version on the switch. They can't patch it out because it's literally required for the way they designed the item reset system.

OhioLawyerF5 posted...
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Is this the old one or does it work on the latest version of the game?

Not sure what you mean but I just did it on a fully updated version on the switch. They can't patch it out because it's literally required for the way they designed the item reset system.


I remember getting an immediate Blood Moon after doing this on my Switch version and sleeping at my house in Hateno. Took a few tries to move the Hyrule Castle Market (?) one out far enough without getting interrupted by Yiga ass***s.

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Has anyone tried pushing one all the way to a beedle? I'm wondering if you could push the daval peak one to karakara bazaar, load up, flip it upright, sell, then flip it back over and load up again.

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Is there an easy way to get the damn thing to flip back over to being upright? I don't have any amiibos, so no on-demand chests. I've been using a shield.

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