Synonyms for house

Synonyms for house DEFAULT


A large house or building, usually built for the wealthy.


A domestic unit consisting of the members of a family who live together along with nonrelatives such as servants.


To beat (crops) down flat:


A roughly built, often ramshackle cabin; a shack.


(Countable) Any group or aggregation of things classed together as kindred or related from possessing in common characteristics which distinguish them from other things of the same order.


A place of abode with some permanence; residence requires bodily presence and is distinct from domicile, which requires both bodily presence and intent to make it one’s home. A person may have many places of residence, but only one domicile; a house or apartment; the place where a corporation does business, or is registered to do business. See also domicile.


A large, ornate public building used for entertainment or exhibitions.


A small, crudely built cabin; a shanty.


The act, process, work, or business of constructing houses, ships, etc.


A room or rooms rented in a private home


A large building or group of buildings fortified with thick walls, battlements, and often a moat; castles were the strongholds of noblemen in the Middle Ages


A group of related persons, as a clan or tribe.


To provide with a room or lodgings

family tradition


A body of persons given the responsibility and power to make laws for a country or state; specif., the lawmaking body of a U.S. state, corresponding to the U.S. Congress


The definition of accommodate is to provide a place to stay.


Ancestors considered as a group.


Any similar passage or hole for shelter, refuge, etc.


A place of residence or business with its possessions and staff.


A structure or shelter made or used by a bird to hold its eggs during incubation and to house its young until fledged.


The act of inhabiting; state of inhabiting or dwelling, or of being inhabited; occupancy.


A sheltered part of a body of water deep enough to provide anchorage for ships.


To berth is to put a ship in its specific place or to find a space for someone to rest.


To stand ready for; to await for someone; watch for. [First attested prior to around 1150.]


A little house or cabin of the plainest or crudest kind


In America during colonial times, a district granted as a manor and leased to tenants at a set rental


Lineage is defined as the descendants of a common ancestor.


(Chiefly British) A farm, especially the residence and outbuildings of a gentleman farmer.


A group of usually related people living together as a unit


To divide or separate into a number of parts.


A manner of accomplishing something in an orderly or efficient way:


(--- Brit.) The administrative body of a county, town, city, district, etc.


A representative body having supreme legislative powers within a state or multinational organization.


Any dome-shaped building, esp. one used for storage


A framework or exterior, as of a building.


A business company or partnership of two or more persons


Any of a number of plants of the crucifer family, as evening stock (Mathiola bicornis), or Virginian stock (Malcomia maritima)


(Intransitive, of a soldier) to lodge, or be quartered, in a private house


The national legislative body of a nation, especially a republic.


The definition of a tenement is a run-down or dilapidated apartment building.


An early form of social group, as in the Scottish Highlands, composed of several families claiming descent from a common ancestor, bearing the same family name, and following the same chieftain



Dwell is defined as to live somewhere, to remain for a time or to continue thinking, writing or speaking about a particular point.


The interior of a boat, enclosed to create a small room, particularly for sleeping.


(R.C.Ch.) The house in which a parish priest lives


In India, a low, one-storied house, usually with a wide, sweeping porch


A cabinet with open shelves, designed to rest upon a low cupboard, dresser, etc.


(Stock breeding) A family of animals descended from some particular femaleprogenitor, through the female line.


(US) Often used specifically of playhouses and drama, so as to distinguish from moviehouses and cinema.

sign of the zodiac

Any of the twelve divisions or houses of the zodiac, each represented by a symbol


(--- Football) A line of scrimmage.

(religious house) monastery


Superfluous or tasteless embellishment, especially in architecture.



To keep from being curtailed or exposed to risk:


A matter of interest or importance to one; that which relates to or affects one; affair; matter; business


A card game for two to four players. (Also spelled cassino.)


The building or buildings occupied by such a community


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How to use house in a sentence

The city announced Tuesday that the Housing Commission plans to use about $38 million in state Project Homekey funds to buy two hotels with 332 units to house homeless San Diegans now staying at the San Diego Convention Center.




nounbuilding or place where one resides


nounplace of residence or business where one can be contacted

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

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85 Synonyms for “House”

By Mark Nichol

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An extensive vocabulary exists to describe all the possible variations in the structures in which humans live. This list, which omits most terms of foreign origin and includes temporary and mobile living spaces, includes definitions of many such words to help writers distinguish between them:

1. Abode: Any living space; often used jocularly in a mock-formal tone.

2. Apartment: A living space consisting of one or more rooms in a building or a building complex with at least a few such units.

3. Billet: Quarters in a private home assigned to a member of the military order by an official order (also called a billet), or, informally, living quarters.

4. Boardinghouse: A house that provides room and board (a private or shared room and meals).

5. Bungalow: A small one- or one-and-a-half-story house.

6. Cabin: Originally, a small, crudely constructed one-story dwelling; now, often refers to a vacation home that may be quite large and complex.

7. Caravan: A British English synonym for trailer (see below), in an extension of the sense of a file of vehicles, based on the original meaning of a train of pack animals.

8. Casita: A small house.

9. Castle: Originally, a fortified structure that often served as a dwelling for a nobleman and his family and retainers, now used figuratively for a large, imposing house.

10. Chalet: A characteristic type of house in Switzerland, by extension any similar house; also refers to an Alpine herdsman’s hut.

11. Chateau: A large rural house; also refers to a wine-country estate.

12. Condominium: A unit in an apartment building or a town house complex that is individually owned rather than rented.

13. Cottage: Originally, a small country house (though some cottages were and are not necessarily small), either for vacation use or permanent residence.

14. Countryseat: A country house.

15-16. Digs/diggings: Originally slang referring to student lodgings, now informally referring to any living space.

17. Domicile: A formal term for any place of residence.

18. Double-wide: A mobile home (see below) twice the standard width of a trailer.

19. Duplex: A building with living spaces for two separate residents or groups of residents.

20. Dwelling: A place where one lives.

21. Estate: A piece of land, generally with a large house on it.

22. Farmhouse: A house on a current or onetime farm.

23. Flat: A one-floor apartment.

24. Grange: A farmhouse, but generally refers to the farm itself rather than the living space.

25. Habitation: A living space.

26. Hacienda: A large estate or plantation (see below).

27. Hall: A castle (see above); later, a manor house (see below).

28. Hermitage: A residence or vacation home in a secluded place.

29. Home: A place where one lives, though it also has a qualitative association of the domestic dynamics as opposed to the structure in which people live.

30. Homestead: A home and its adjoining land; also, in the United States, specifically a plot of 160 acres.

31-32. Hooch/hootch: See hut, below.

33. House: A place where one lives, as distinguished from a multiunit building.

34. House trailer: A trailer large enough to serve as a permanent living space, rather than one designed for travel.

35. Houseboat: A boat designed with a superstructure similar to that of a small house, as opposed to a cabin cruiser, which has an interior set into the hull. Some houseboats are navigable, while others are merely floating houses. (Interesting side note: Houseboats are nothing new; the word goes back more than 200 years.)

36. Hovel: A small, often poorly built and squalid house.

37-38. Hut/hutment: A small, simply constructed, and perhaps temporary living space; the latter word may also refer to a collection of huts.

39. Hutch: See hut, above.

40. Lodgement: A place for accommodations.

41. Lodgings: One or more rooms rented as a living space.

42. Lodging house: A house or other building providing living spaces.

43. Manufactured home: See “mobile home,” below.

44-45. Manor: The house or hall of an estate; also refers to the estate itself; also called a manor house.

46. Manse: A Presbyterian minister’s house provided by a church; also a secular synonym for mansion (see below).

47. Mansion: A large, opulent house.

48. McMansion: A pejorative slang term for a generically unattractive, ostentatious large house.

49. Mobile home: A trailer intended as a permanent, fixed living space.

50. Modular home: A house assembled in sections in a factory and assembled on
the building site.

51. Motor home: A large vehicle designed as living quarters; not to be confused with a mobile home (see above).

52. Pad: Living quarters.

53. Palace: A large, elegant house; also, the residence of a monarch or a government leader, and in British English an archbishop or bishop’s official residence.

54. Parsonage: A pastor’s house provided by a church.

55-56. Pension: Hotel or boardinghouse accommodations on the European continent; a building for such purposes is called a pensione.

57. Penthouse: A rooftop structure or living space; also, a shed or an annex.

58. Plantation: An agricultural estate, though the term may refer to the main house on the property.

59. Prefabricated home: See “modular home,” above.

60. Quarters: One or more areas set aside as living space.

61. Railroad flat: An apartment having a series of rooms arranged in a line.

62. Ranch house: A one-story house typically with a low-pitched roof.

63. Recreational vehicle: See “motor home,” above.

64. Rectory: A rector or parish priest’s house provided by a church.

65. Residence: Any living space.

66. Rooming house: A house where accommodations are available for rent.

67. Saltbox: A house with a long, rear-sloping roof in back that provides room for two stories in front but only one in back.

68. Shack: See hut, above.

69. Shanty: See hut, above.

70-72. Shotgun house: A house in which the rooms are arranged in a line; also called a shotgun cottage or shotgun shack.

73. Split level: A house with separate levels set off from each other.

74. Suite: A living space consisting of a set of rooms.

75-76. Tenement: Broadly, any living space, but in practical usage an apartment building of low-quality construction; also called a tenement house.

77-79. Town house: A two- or three-story house often connected to one or more similar living spaces; also called a row house or a townhome. The term also can refer to a house in town, especially a city residence of a household that lives primarily in a house in the country.

80. Tract house: One of a collection of similar-looking houses built a particular tract, or plot, of land.

81. Trailer: A mobile structure designed to be towed by a vehicle and used as a temporary living space.

82. Triplex: A building with living spaces for three separate residents or groups of residents.

83. Vicarage: A house for a vicar provided by a church.

84. Villa: A large rural or suburban house; also, in British English, an urban house with a yard that may be connected to other identical living spaces.

85. Walk-up: A multistory apartment building with no elevator, or an apartment in the structure.

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Synonyms of house in English:


See US English definition of house

See UK English definition of house

See Spanish definition of casa


1‘the new estate comprises 200 houses’


home, place of residence, homestead, lodging place, a roof over one's head

formal habitation, residence, dwelling, dwelling place, abode, domicile

2‘make yourself scarce before you wake the whole house’


household, family, family circle, ménage, clan, tribe

informal brood

3‘the power and prestige of the house of Stewart’


clan, kindred, family, tribe, race, strain

dynasty, line, lineage, ancestry, ancestors, bloodline, descent, family tree

4‘the publishing and printing house grew to become self-financing’


firm, business, company, corporation, enterprise, establishment, institution, concern, organization, operation

informal outfit, set-up

5‘the sixty-member National Council, the country's upper house’


legislative assembly, legislative body, chamber, council, parliament, diet, congress, senate

6‘the house burst into applause’


audience, crowd, those present, listeners, spectators, viewers, gathering, assembly, assemblage, congregation

gallery, stalls

British informal punters

7‘the house offers a wide variety of real ales’


inn, bar, tavern, hostelry, taproom

restaurant, hotel, eating house

British pub, public house

informal eatery, boozer

historical alehouse, taphouse, beerhouse

North American historical saloon


1‘they converted a disused cinema to house twelve employees’


accommodate, provide accommodation for, provide with accommodation, give accommodation to, make space for, make room for, give someone a roof over their head, provide a roof over someone's head, provide with a place to work, harbour

lodge, quarter, board, billet, take in, provide shelter for, shelter

sleep, put up, give a bed to, provide with a place to sleep

2‘the rear panel houses the selector switch’


contain, hold, store, cover

protect, enclose, encase, sheathe, keep safe


    on the house

    ‘our first rounds always came on the house’


    free, free of charge, without payment, without charge, at no cost, for nothing, gratis

    courtesy, complimentary

    informal for free

    North American informal comp


For house synonyms

Well, we will continue tomorrow, - the third decided. - Yes, Andrey. He smiled.

house - 8 nouns which are synonyms to house (sentence examples)

Often limited myself, trying to restrain desires, but somewhere I was just afraid of something. It often happened that I simply did not touch her, for ethical reasons, so to speak. To do this, we had to blow off steam before the meeting. But it happened that even when lowering, and even more so without lowering, the kettle boiled unbearably, and at such moments I could not restrain myself so as not to touch.

Now discussing:

It became so empty inside, I thought, he just fell out of me, but then the head leaned against. Another hole. He also pushed hard, wet from my juices, the member easily slipped inside, not meeting the strong resistance of my ass. My gut gripped it tightly, I thought I could feel this head pressing into me.

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