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24 Aquamarine Engagement Rings That Make a Splash

An engagement ring is forever, so it should have timeless style and plenty of character that makes it uniquely yours. That's what makes aquamarine engagement rings so popular among couples looking for beautiful, stand-out bling that won't go out of style. The gemstone's distinct blue color—a light greenish-blue—is stunning enough on its own as well as in combination with white diamonds or other gemstones. Even celebs are falling for aquamarine engagement rings. Jessica Biel's six-carat stunner, for example, features a diamond center stone flanked by aquamarines. What's more, the gemstone carries with it plenty of symbolism and historical significance.

Here's everything you need to know to choose the best aquamarine diamond engagement ring for you.

What Is Aquamarine?

Known as the "gem of the sea," aquamarine's name comes from the Latin phrase aqua marinus, meaning seawater. The light blue stone is part of the beryl family of gemstones that also includes emeralds.

Because of its distinct color—due to the presence of iron in its chemical composition—and transparency reminiscent of the sea, the ancient Greeks and Romans considered aquamarine a sailor's gem that could protect seafarers against shipwrecks and other perils. In modern day, those who have a special relationship with the ocean will surely appreciate the gemstone's connection to the seas. Fun Fact: According to one legend, the blue gemstone was also believed to be mermaid treasure.

Aquamarine has been a favorite of jewelers for thousands of years. It's especially popular as an engagement ring because it's associated with long relationships, harmony and clarity. It's also the birthstone of March.

What to Look For in an Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Not all aquamarines were created equal. In fact, there are even variations in its blue color. Aquamarines in deeper and darker shades of blue are considered more valuable than lighter blue ones because they're more rare.

It's also common practice for manufacturers to enhance the color of the gemstones by heating them. This treatment permanently changes the color of the stone without damaging it. Most mined aquamarines actually have a greenish-blue color, so some manufacturers heat the stones to remove the green tint. Pro tip: It's essential to purchase your engagement ring from a trusted seller who will disclose any additional treatments the stone may have been subject to.

Like diamonds, aquamarines can be cut into any shape, which is another reason the gemstone is so popular. Take a good look at the stone before buying the ring to make sure it is also correctly faceted.

And finally, look for any internal flaws or irregularities in the stone. Because of aquamarine's natural clarity, those shouldn't be difficult to spot even if you're not a pro.

Why Choose an Aquamarine Engagement Ring?

Aquamarines add a delicate splash of color to engagement rings making for a unique appearance. But looks aside, choosing this particular gemstone has a few practical benefits, too.

First, though it's a semi-precious gem, aquamarine is durable enough to withstand constant wear. It scores 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale (a diamond is a 10), making it pretty resistant to scratches and breakage. Of course, you should still be careful not to hit it against hard surfaces, as you may chip it.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, aquamarine doesn't require anything out of the ordinary. Just clean the ring with a soft cloth and soapy water, and take it to your jeweler once a year for a professional inspection and cleaning.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings You Can Buy Now

Ready to take the plunge? Shop some of our fave rings styles below.

Brilliant Earth Aquamarine Waverly Diamond Ring

A timeless design with a twist, this gorgeous halo aquamarine engagement ring features a round aquamarine encircled by pavé diamonds, plus a diamond-encrusted band.

From $2,600 | Brilliant Earth

Tiffany & Co. Victoria Vine Ring

One word: stunner. A diamond-encrusted platinum band and organic vine motif of marquise diamonds make this aquamarine engagement ring an instant heirloom.

From $13,900 | Tiffany & Co.

Jared Aquamarine Ring White Topaz 10K White Gold

This nontraditional engagement ring is all about the avant-garde vibes thanks to a chevron-shaped white gold band encrusted with white topaz gemstones. The round-cut aquamarine is set in white gold prongs appears to float above the band.

$400 | Jared

Blue Nile Cushion-Cut Aquamarine Diamond Halo Cocktail Ring

This blinged-out 14-karat white gold engagement ring won't go unnoticed. The cushion cut of the blue aquamarine stone is surrounded by shimmering pavé diamonds set on a diamond-encrusted band.

$4,300 | Blue Nile

Zales Emerald-Cut Aquamarine and 1/10 CT. T.W. Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold

This beautiful aquamarine engagement ring brings the romance. The sparkly emerald-cut aquamarine stone sits atop a whimsical rose gold setting encrusted with white diamonds.

$1,099 | Zales

Joy Roze Fine Jewelry Baguette Aquamarine With Diamond Ring

Bigger isn't necessarily better. This dainty aquamarine engagement ring has style in spades. The sky-blue aquamarine stone is set east to west and flanked by two radiant round white diamonds.

From $450 | Joy Roze

Gemvara Aquamarine Double Happiness Band

How gorgeous is this nontraditional engagement ring?! It features two rows of aquamarines and diamonds (88 in total, to be exact) as a symbol of two lives connected for eternity. The band is made from 14K white gold, but you can customize it in six more precious metals.

$2,980 | Gemvara

Brilliant Earth Aquamarine Petite Twisted Vine Halo Diamond Ring

This dazzling 18-karat white gold halo ring features an oval aquamarine surrounded by diamond pavé. The delicate vine-inspired design of the band makes this a standout choice for nature lovers.

$2,840 | Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth Aquamarine Reina Diamond Ring

This opulent halo ring is fit for royalty. The central emerald-cut aquamarine gemstone is accented by an elaborate and elegant halo of round diamonds set in 14-karat rose gold.

$2,940 | Brilliant Earth

Jared Aquamarine Ring 1/10 Carat TW Diamonds 10K Rose Gold

Why go for one rock when you can have three? This unique engagement ring features three pear-shaped aquamarines set in a deconstructed, open setting.

$700 | Jared

Diamondère Adorna Marquise-Cut Aquamarine Solitaire Ring in 18K White Gold

A single marquise-cut stone takes center stage in this white gold aquamarine engagement ring. It's set atop a twisted band for an ultra-modern look.

From $733 | Diamondère

Angara Three Stone Emerald-Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

A traditional three stone setting with a colorful tilt, the emerald-cut aquamarine center stone of this stunning platinum engagement ring has a gorgeous, saturated blue color. It's complemented by a duo of trapezoid white diamonds for added sparkle.

From $3,719 | Angara

Jared Natural Aquamarine Ring Diamond Accents Sterling Silver

Equal parts trendy and timeless, this sterling silver engagement ring features an oval-cut aquamarine stone accented by two petite white diamonds.

$600 | Jared

Gemvara Mysteria Ring

This aquamarine engagement ring is for the minimalist bride-to-be. This three-stone stunner features a princess-cut gemstone flanked by two more aquamarines set on a sleek platinum band.

$1,545 | Gemvara

Azeera Polished Kujji Men's Aquamarine Band

The focal point of this unisex engagement ring and wedding band is a beautiful round-cut aquamarine stone that can be customized in various shapes. The streamlined band comes in platinum and is available in seven other precious metals—plus a range of ring sizes.

$2,615 | AZEERA

Kay Jewelers Aquamarine Heart Ring 1/10 CT TW Diamonds Sterling Silver

How romantic is this heart-shaped halo ring? Pavé diamonds give this sweet style some added sparkle.

$150 | Kay

Stone and Strand Teardrop Aquamarine Ring Set


Cushion-Cut Aquamarine & Diamond Halo Ring in Sterling Silver

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Aquamarine Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that's a bit more colorful than a diamond but just as elegant, you may want to consider aquamarine. The light blue stone brings to mind the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, giving these rings a fresh vibe—not to mention, it's the "something blue" you won't have to think twice about. The color and history behind it make this option unique, but it’s still a timeless piece you’ll love years down the line.

What Is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, with sister stones like emerald and morganite. The name comes from two Latin words, aqua marinus, and means “water of the sea,” which refers to its greenish-blue color. It’s known for its wonderful clarity, which gives it a dazzling look.

The myths and legends surrounding aquamarine only make it more desirable. “Legend has it that the aquamarine gemstone originated in the treasure chests of mermaids,” says jewelry expert Lauren McCawley. “Mariners have long carried the stone for protection against the wrath of the sea.” This stone will have an especially special meaning for anyone who loves the sea and the beach.

Meet the Expert

• Lauren McCawley is a jewelry and style expert and the owner of Carbon West PR.

• Kim Kanary is a certified diamontologist and vice president of community development and engagement at JTV, an online jewelry shopping destination.

Pros and Cons of Aquamarine Engagement Rings

For many, the biggest advantage of opting for an aquamarine engagement ring over a traditional diamond is the price tag; aquamarine is much more affordable, even in larger carat weights.

The gorgeous color of aquamarine is another big advantage. “If you’re attracted to color gemstones, it comes as a refreshing alternative to a colorless diamond or a more budget-friendly alternative to a blue diamond,” explains certified diamontologist Kim Kanary. Aquamarine is also versatile, available in a variety of shades that work well with a range of cuts. 

Everything You Need to Know About Turquoise Engagement Rings

“The stone is quite resilient, so it is a wonderful alternative to a diamond as far as durability,” McCawley says. Kanary adds that it is a 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale (for comparison, a diamond is a 10), which makes it suitable for everyday wear. However, a diamond is still more durable as it's the hardest gemstone. “Diamonds have a higher refractive index, which means they reflect light more, providing the brilliant sparkle that people love,” Kanary says.

What to Look for in an Aquamarine Ring 

Considering an aquamarine for your engagement ring? Here are a few questions and answers you should know before purchasing an aquamarine engagement ring.

  • What color variations should I look for? Aquamarine is generally described as light greenish-blue, but it does come in different shades, so you’ll want to decide which hue you like best. “Aquamarines come in a variety of color saturation, and the more common, pastel hues will be more affordable than the rarer, more vivid stones,” McCawley says. “Look for a color that speaks to your personal style, be it a calming pastel or a dramatic, deep blue aquamarine.” The color can also be intensified by deeper pavilions and higher crowns, so keep that in mind when looking at settings and designs.
  • What cut provides the best look? For maximum sparkle, McCawley recommends looking for a cut graded as excellent. “While most faceted aquamarines are free from visible inclusions, have your jeweler help you select a stone that has even color and is ‘eye-clean,’ meaning that flaws aren’t visible to the naked eye,” she adds. Kanary also says to ask if the gemstone has been treated to enhance its color or clarity if that’s something that’s important to you.
  • What metal pairs best with aquamarine? Aquamarine can mix well with any metal, although some metals may enhance the features while some may provide a contrast. “White gold will bring out the coolness, while yellow gold is generally warmer and will balance out the aquamarine,” says Kanary. Opt for white gold for more blue-toned stones and yellow gold for more green stones.

How to Care for an Aquamarine Ring

You’re going to take care of your aquamarine ring pretty much the same way you would care for a diamond or any other gemstone. “Gentle care and cleaning after every third or fourth wear is recommended,” McCawley says. “Use a soft toothbrush after soaking in gentle dish soap with warm water to clean it.”

Since you’re wearing it every day, you’ll also want to do a deep, more thorough clean every six months or so. Kanary says, “A deep hydroponic clean and checking of the prongs to ensure your aquamarine is still securely set is highly recommended at this twice-annual cleaning.”

Below, scroll through some of our favorite aquamarine engagement rings.

DeBebians Pavé Diamond Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine gives this classic and simple style a more unique spin. The stone stands out on its own without a halo or elaborate setting, and the u-pavé setting adds a bit more sparkle. 

J.R. Dunn White Gold Teardrop Aquamarine and Diamond Double Halo Ring

To make your aquamarine ring even more unique, get it in a teardrop cut that actually works well with its history. The double halo and eternity band make this one extra dazzling. 

Bario Neal Radial Cluster Hex Sapphire Ring

Cluster rings are enjoying a moment in the spotlight right now, and mixing several different similar gemstones makes for an aesthetically pleasing design. This one features aquamarine stones with two kinds of sapphires and one champagne diamond for contrast. 

Gemvara Scarlett Ring

Three aquamarine stones, with one as the center and two small ones as accents, add lots of color to your finger. A simple white gold band really allows this stone to take center stage. 

Effy Aquarius Rose Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

This stunning emerald-cut aquamarine stone is surrounded by tiny round and baguette diamonds for an interesting design. The double cushion cut halo in rose gold gives this a slightly vintage vibe. 

DeBebians Oval Aquamarine Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

For an ultra-feminine look, opt for this floral halo created by small round diamonds. The center oval aquamarine stone fits perfectly. 

Bario Neal Stellium Aquamarine with Diamond Halo Ring

This diamond halo has a celestial look to it in the shape of a sparkling star. The round aquamarine stone is set in the center, and the yellow gold band is a nice contrast to the color. 

Bella Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Diamond Matching Band

This vintage-inspired ring features a round aquamarine center stone with an intricate milgrain and filigree band. The white diamond accents add a little extra sparkle. 

Rough Aquamarine Engagement Ring with Meteorite

The unconventional bride will love this ring that definitely doesn’t resemble your typical engagement ring. A rough aquamarine stone may not be as sparkly, but it still catches the eye, especially when paired with meteorite and contrasting white gold. 

56 Unique Wedding Rings

Artemer Geometric Baguette-Cut Aquamarine Ring

One larger baguette center aquamarine stone is surrounded by smaller baguette aquamarine stones on either side for a stunning finish. The slim yellow gold band gives this a more simple and delicate look. 

Soho Gem Aquamarine Three-Stone Ring

An emerald-cut aquamarine diamond stands out when surrounded by two brilliant diamonds on either side. A simple band finishes this off perfectly. 

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine makes it easy to play around with different styles, and this one is truly different. An oval cut aquamarine stone features asymmetrical side diamonds for a show-stopping take on a cluster ring. 

Emily Warden Designs Aquamarine Collage Ring

Shine bright with the emerald-cut aquamarine engagement ring of your dreams. Available in either 14k yellow gold or rose gold, this collage ring includes a round cut and baguette diamond for a stunning finish.

LisaJewelry US Oval Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring

For the vintage-inspired bride in search of heirloom details, look no further. This oval cut aquamarine engagement ring is set apart by an art deco-inspired twisted band and diamond accents.

5 Popular Vintage Engagement Ring Trends

Astley Clarke Paloma Ring

Sometimes less is more. This 18K gold vermeil ring is coupled with a captivating milky aquamarine gemstone that calls to mind a bygone era.

Bony Levy Iris Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Perfect for stacking and just the right size for everyday wear, this dainty ring has won us over. An aquamarine center stone is flanked by six petite round diamonds on a yellow gold band. 

Stone and Strand Teardrop Aquamarine Ring Set

Steer clear of tradition with not one, but two rings that are made for stacking and layering. This dazzling 10K yellow gold set features a unique pear cut aquamarine stone and smaller round light blue aquamarine stones.

30 Wedding Ring Sets for the Perfect Bridal Stack

Sirciam Aquamarine Cloud And Moon Ring

What bride couldn't use a little extra magic on her big day? We love the celestial appeal that this enchanting aquamarine ring brings. The upper halo is encrusted by small stars and diamonds that offset the 3.75K aquamarine center.

EmiConnerJewelry Art Deco Inspired Cluster Engagement Ring

Pure elegance, right this way. As if the brilliant cluster setting wasn't enough to catch your eye, this handmade ring is made even more spectacular with a sky blue aquamarine center and surrounding cubic zirconia diamonds.


Cushion-cut Aquamarine Engagement Rings in 14k Yellow Gold

Cushion-cut Aquamarine Engagement Rings in 14k Yellow Gold

Cushion-cut Aquamarine Engagement Rings in 14k Yellow Gold

Our Natural Aquamarine rings are of the highest AAAA quality and embody the glistening blue of sea water. Rings with a round gemstone are the most popular choice for engagement rings. Cushion cut or 'Pillow cut' rings have been popular for over a century. 14K Yellow gold rings contain 58% pure gold and most women in America prefer 14kt gold rings for the right balance of color and durability. Our Natural Aquamarine rings are of the highest AAAA quality and embody the glistening blue of sea water. Rings with a round gemstone are the most popular choice for engagement rings. Cushion cut or 'Pillow cut' rings have been popular for over a century. 14K Yellow gold rings contain 58% pure gold and most women in America prefer 14kt gold rings for the right balance of color and durability. Our Natural Aquamarine rings are of the highest AAAA quality and embody the glistening blue of sea water.

Cushion-cut Engagement Rings in 14k Yellow Gold

Aquamarine 

Cushion-cut Aquamarine in 14k Yellow GoldRings

Engagement Rings 

Aquamarine Engagement Rings in 14k Yellow Gold

Cushion-cut Aquamarine Engagement Rings


Natural AAAA quality Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Handcrafted & Custom-made Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Rare Brazilian Aquamarines

Our Aquamarine Engagement Rings and other jewelry is rated A+ by BBB

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ABOUT OUR CUSTOM Cushion-cut Aquamarine Engagement Rings in 14k Yellow Gold


Customize rings with natural gemstones, diamonds and color diamonds. You can also choose from solitaire rings, halo rings and vintage ring designs. Don't forget to engrave rings for free. Though white gold rings are our all time favourite, yellow gold rings are a classic, rose gold rings are trendy and platinum rings are truly special!

Our hand-picked, conflict-free Natural Aquamarines are medium sea blue, eye clean and exhibit high brilliance. Diamondere uses Aquamarines of AAAA quality that are typically mined in Brazil or Mozambique. This March birthstone is said to have a calming influence on relationships, making it a perfect anniversary gift.

14 Karat (14K or 14KT) yellow gold is a premium alloy which is hypoallergenic. Our 14K yellow gold jewelry has the classic shine of yellow gold and is scratch-resistant. The is the standard for fine jewelry since it has the right balance of color and durability while blending well with diamonds and color gemstones.

Cushion cut are also known as pillow cut. Cushion cut have large facets that increases the gemstones brilliance. Cushion cut gemstones are majestic choice for large color gemstone rings as the cut makes the gemstone sparkle brighter.


Ring cushion cut aquamarine

Peora Aquamarine Ring in 14K White Gold with Genuine White Topaz, Cushion Cut Halo Design, 1.13 Carats total, Comfort Fit, Sizes 5 to 9

Design DNA

From traditional styles to art nouveau, designing is our passion. Our designers take inspiration from conservative values and modern trends to create pieces that evoke beauty, invigorate your spirit and elevate occasions into unforgettable moments.

Peace of Mind

Peora is a U.S. based fine jewelry manufacturer committed to the highest standards of excellence since 1998. A reputable brand on Amazon with over 50,000 positive reviews, you can wear your jewelry with confidence, knowing that each Peora piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and meets all U.S. Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Gift Giving

Create personal and unforgettable moments. Opening a Peora box is an experience and more than just receiving a beautiful jewelry piece, it empowers the wearer and elevate occasions and feelings into specials ones. Do more than give a simple gift – give them a memory that they can truly treasure.

Birthstone Ring 8mm Cushion VS Aquamarine Ring Solid 14K White Gold Aquamarine Engagement Ring

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