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6 Ways To Identify Valuable Old Pepsi Bottles

Old Pepsi Bottles

Old Pepsi bottles are hard to come by, so adding one to your collection can be both challenging and rewarding:

The big question is, how do you identify a valuable vintage Pepsi bottle versus the frauds and upsellers?

To help you add only authentic pieces to your collection we&#;ve compiled six top-tips that&#;ll have you spotting duds and authenticating Pepsi bottles worth money:

1. Look for bottles with embossing and straight sides

From to , Pepsi used bottles that were made by glassmaker Hutchins. They were decoratively embossed and had straight edges. These are super-valuable:

(Up to $).

Plus, if the hue of the bottle is amber, then the bottle could be even rarer!

TIP: If you have a Pepsi bottle with wave-like embossing on its shoulder, then it was probably manufactured around to This was the time of the great depression and only a few such bottles exist today, which makes them quite valuable to the right buyer.

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2. A Pepsi-Cola Paper Label

If you can find a vintage bottle with a paper label saying ‘Pepsi-Cola’ then your bottle was probably manufactured before

Always look closely at labels. They should show age, have date-appropriate text and imagery. Plus, authentic labels could be faded and even damaged:

If it looks too fresh and doesn&#;t have the look, feel, or smell of old paper &#; it might not be authentic.

3. The Applied Color Label

If you have a vintage bottle that has the Applied Color Label, meaning the label is on the glass instead of paper, then your bottle was manufactured around to

Additionally, if there is a colon between the words Pepsi and Cola then this is a genuine version:

However, if the words are separated by a hyphen with the words ‘2 Full Glass’ then your bottle was manufactured around

The to version is known as ‘Double Dot’ while the version is called the ‘Dash Bottle’.

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4. Bottles With A Mold Code

Old Pepsi bottles with &#;mold code&#; on their base were manufactured during the s:

The code consists of 1 or 2 digits along with the alphabet A or B. The digits usually represent the year of manufacture for example if your bottle has a mold code ‘2A43’ then it was manufactured in

5. The Swirl Neck Designs

Pepsi bottles with swirl neck designs and embossing were manufactured in the s:

This design also has the company name displayed in rounded form with an oval border. Pepsi bottles before the s use to have narrower necks.

You can check this by placing a beer bottle crown on the opening of the bottle. If the crown fits then it is a s version but it does not fit then it was manufactured before the s.

6. The Pepsi Logo

Logo color and the condition of the paper label play an important role in identifying the year of manufacture of a Pepsi bottle.

Bottles with a red and white logo were made after

However, bottles with a red, white, and blue logo were made during World War II and can be worth around $

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Sours: https://nerdable.com/how-to-identify-valuable-old-pepsi-bottles/

Pepsi Cool Cans

promotional cola cans

Two Neon cans arranged to display the alleged hidden word SEX.

The Pepsi Cool Cans are a series of promotional cola cans produced in with four different designs, as part of a PepsiCo advertising campaign. The designs passed into folklore, particularly the one titled Neon, due to the belief that the word SEX was hidden in that design.[1]


PepsiCo distributed limited edition Pepsi Cool Cans in the United States in , from Memorial Day to Independence Day. This promotion marked the first change to the design on Pepsi cans since It occurred during the Cola Wars, and the cans debuted at about the same time that rival Coca-Cola's MagiCans campaign was aborted.[2] Pepsi Cool Cans were produced in four designs, called Confetti, Sunglasses, Neon and Motifs.[2] Part of a larger Pepsi rebranding strategy, which included a change of logo, the cans were intended to appeal the teenage market.[3][4] PepsiCo was attempting to portray Pepsi as a drink for the young, and conversely, Coca-Cola as being for older people.[3]

Hidden message controversy[edit]

After the Pepsi Cool Cans were released, some people began to claim that when one Neon can was stacked on top of another, and the two cans were aligned in a certain way, the word SEX could be seen in the design.[5][6] A number of parents complained to PepsiCo about this, but a spokesman for the company dismissed the concern: "I guess if you look hard enough at clouds in the sky, you could see various images and messages that other people don't see."[5] Another spokesman stated that the supposed hidden message resulted from "pure coincidence".[7] Eventually, however, the complaints caused PepsiCo to stop distributing the cans,[8] but the campaign was still seen as successful, as sales of Pepsi had increased by 20%.[9]

If, as PepsiCo stated, there is no hidden message in the artwork on the Neon cans, then the perception that there is one is an example of pareidolia, a type of apophenia.[citation needed]


Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepsi_Cool_Cans
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Pepsi And Frito Announce Plans To Cut Sodium, Sugar, And Fat From Products

PepsiCo and its products has been around for nearly a hundred years, and during that time, there have numerous Pepsi products. From the original Pepsi soft drink (which was first called &#;Brad&#;s Drink&#; before becoming Pepsi-Coal, and, then finally Pepsi) to Tostito chips (along with Lay&#;s and Ruffles as well)  to whatever new kind of Mountain Dew is being released this week (my personal favorite is Baja Blast), Pepsi products are constantly being bought and consumed by people all over the United States and across the world. While it&#;s pretty typical to go to your local grocery store and pick up a case of soda or a bag of chips for only a few dollars, there are some Pepsi products out there that cost a lot more than those regular prices. Mos of these products have a lot of historical or cultural significance attached to them, which has allowed for their value to skyrocket over the years. These are the most expensive Pepsi products of all-time.

(Photo Illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Spice Girls Pepsi Can

5. Spice Girls Pepsi Can &#; $

Before it was purchased, this Spice Girls Pepsi can was priced at almost fifty dollars, making it one of the least expensive Pepsi products on this list. A collector&#;s item for anyone who devoutly loves the &#;90s girl group, this unopened, Victoria Beckham Pepsi can from South America is definitely one of the rarest and most unusual cans of soda that I&#;ve ever seen.

(Photo via Ebay)

Michael Jackson Pepsi Bottle

4. Michael Jackson Pepsi Bottle &#; $

Spoiler alert: this is the first of two Michael Jackson-related items that will appear on this list of Pepsi products. Costing almost $80 (and still available for purchase at the time that I am writing this article), this rare Pepsi bottle features a photo of Michael Jackson on the front of it and was a collectible from his Dangerous Tour. The bottle remains unopened and comes from Japan, and it is the fourth most expensive Pepsi product on this list.

(Photo via Ebay)

Lord of the Rings Pepsi Cans

3. Lord of the Rings Pepsi Cans &#; $

As a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, these collectible Pepsi cans appeal to my inner fanboy, but I&#;m still not sure if they deserve the $ price tag that was placed on them before bidding ended, making these cans the third most expensive Pepsi products ever.  These limited edition, Lord of the Rings Pepsi cans come from Italy and feature, what appears to be, very detailed hand-drawn portraits of some of the series most major characters (Aragorn, Gollum, Frodo, and Gandalf) on the front of them.

(Photo via Ebay)

Michael Jackson Pepsi Can

2. Michael Jackson Dangerous World Tour  Pepsi Can & Ticket &#; $2,

What makes this, our second and final Michael Jackson-related Pepsi item on this list, a little more interesting, and thereby, valuable than the other one is the fact that this Pepsi can, which comes from Taiwan, also includes an original ticket to the Michael Jackson concert. Perhaps that rare, authentic ticket is what makes what I would have assumed to be a pretty moderately-priced item cost $2,

(Photo via Ebay)

Unopened Classic Pepsi Cans

1. Classic , , & Pepsi-Cola Cone Top Cans &#; $5,

While they do cost almost $6,,  these classic cone top cans from , , and seem to be an ideal item for only type of historical collector of the time period. The tall cans, which state on the front of them that they are the equivalent to &#;2 full glasses,&#; were produced when Pepsi was still called Pepsi-Cola and appear to be in pretty solid condition, which, along with their $5, price tag, make them the most expensive Pepsi item out there today.

(Photo via Ebay)

Sours: https://worthly.com/most-expensive/expensive-pepsi-products/

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