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RWBY Watches Death Battle S3 EP1

Dante vs. Bayonetta

(Note: Long chapter sorry but this is a special return to a classic series)

Teams RWBY and ORNJ where relaxing in there apartment when the door opens and in walks Qrow “Hey everyone” He said

“Uncle Qrow!” Ruby said going and hugs him “Your back!”

“Did you find your Digimon?” Yang asked him

“Yep I did” Qrow said showing he had a Pailidramon, Falcomon, Lilthmon, Impmon and Leomon

“Awesome” Nora said amazed

“It was tough but now I want to relax” Qrow said sitting down in his chair

“Oh, we should watch Death Battle again!” Oscar said and everyone agreed

Hearing that Weiss sighs and gets her coping tea and said “Fine”

Ruby gets the boxset dusting it off and puts in season 3 “Let’s start this” She hits play



(*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*)

“Oh how I missed that opening theme” Nora said with a smile nodding her head

“It is a welcome sight to hear again” Ren said with some agreement

Wiz: For some action heroes, it's not enough to just save the world.

Boomstick: They've gotta look good doing it!

“Hell yeah they do” Yang said giving a thumbs up

“Maybe but the saving the world is priority” Jaune points out

“To each there own” Qrow said sipping some coffee Rose Droid brought him.

Wiz: Dante, the Devil Hunter.

“I like the coat” Blake said looking at it and nods

Boomstick: And Bayonetta, the Umbra Witch.

“Well, she definatly has a very skin tight outfit” Oscar said blushing a bit

“I guess that’s her way of looking good” Ruby said nodding

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills, to find out who would win... a Death Battle.



(*Cues: Devils Never Cry - Devil May Cry 3*)

Dante Image

Wiz: Take a walk down Slum Avenue and you'll find all sorts of hangouts for the scum of the underworld. The Bullseye Bar, a random strip club, and even a run-down service shop called "Devil May Cry."

Boomstick: But the services they're selling aren't like washing your car or fixin' your plumbing. Oh no! Long as you got the cash, this shop specializes in delivering demonic beatdowns. Who's crazy enough to try and make a living this way you ask? His name is Dante.

“Oh so he is sort of like a huntsman, but instead of Grimm he hunts demons.” Ruby said thinking on it

“Yeah, that checks out in a way” Blake said thinking about it


Half-demon, full awesome

Mercenary, private investigator, and vigilante

Son of Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight

Perpetually drowning in debt

Lover of red trench coats

Favourite dessert: strawberry sundae

“Woah, he is a son of a legend apparently” Weiss said reading the bio

“Well, let’s see what else they have for us” Nora said with a nod

(*Cues: Lock & Load - Devil May Cry*)

Wiz: From the very beginning, Dante's life was always unusual. Born from the unholy union of a human mother and demon father, Dante and his twin brother Vergil had their first supernatural encounter at the young age of eight.

“Wow, I didn’t think I would encounter those with an destined future younger then me but there we go” Oscar said surprised and sighs but Nora hugs him making her feel better

Boomstick: Yeah, see, his demon dad was a badass who single-handedly conquered the underworld and imprisoned its demon emperor, Mundus. But after Dad died, Mundus' minions felt brave enough to take some revenge, by slaughtering his family, leaving Dante an orphan. Bummer. Hate it when that happens.

Ren and Nora sigh and nod knowing what Dante must have gone through with losing his whole family.

Wiz: With his mother gone and his brother assumed dead, Dante was left with only one option: Become the ultimate demon hunter, and perpetuate the cycle of vengeance.

“Well that just seems like a cycle of never ending” Weiss said face palming.

“Eh, I can support that” Blake said with a shrug “I mean they took everything from him and there evil creatures as well”

“True” Weiss said with a nod

Dante: This party's getting crazy! Let's rock!

Dante struggles to turn on his boombox until he karate chops it.

The group laugh at Dante’s misfortune and Qrow said “Now the smoothest mood Dante.”

(*Cues: Devils Never Cry - Devil May Cry 3 again*)

Wiz: Despite the dangerous nature of his occupation, Dante always maintains a carefree spirit when dispatching devils of the underworld.

Boomstick: It's part of his charm. Hell, when you've got abilities like Dante's, why not be a little cocky? He's faster than the mortal eye can see, strong enough to grapple with the underworld's toughest demons, and straight-up man enough to shake off being stabbed through the chest like every god damn day!

“Impressive for someone who doesn’t have an aura to cover the damage” Ruby said smiling and nodding at that

“Must be his half demon biology” Yang said thinking on it

Powers & Abilities:-

Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability

Healing factor


Expert marksman

Proficiency with any weapon

Devil Trigger:

Transformation which increases all of his attributes

“That is a lot of skills and abilities” Jaune said surprised but impressed

Wiz: That's thanks to his regenerative ability. In fact, all of that is made possible due to his demonic heritage, and made even more deadly by his plethora of weapons, his favourites being his dual pistols and enormous sword.

“Yang called it” Blake said which was followed a ‘Whoo!’ celebration from Yang.

“Good job Yang” Weiss said with a nod

Boomstick: Like any proud weapon owner, he gives his tools of destruction pet names. His guns, Ebony and Ivory, specialize in long-range shots and rapid-fire barrages respectively. These hand cannons are so powerful they can each obliterate demons in a single shot.

“Want” Ruby said making grabby hands at the weapons

(*Cues: Taste the Blood - Devil May Cry 3*)

Dante shoots off Echidna's head without looking.

Dante: I think that look suits you better.

“I agree with that statement” Nora said with a giggle



Magical claymore-style sword

Ebony & Ivory:

Dual semi-auto pistols


Katana capable of slashing through space itself


Demonic guitar with electric powers


Briefcase which becomes 666 different weapons


Backpack containing unlimited spike projectiles

“That is a lot of weapons” Oscar said “and I think these are just some of the more well known ones”

“That might be the case” Qrow said with an agreeing nod

Boomstick: Rebellion is a large, magical sword given to him by his pops, which can cut any demon down to size in the blink of an eye. He's also got his brother's sword, Yamato, which can cut through dimensions!

Wiz: Throughout his adventures, Dante also collected a wide assortment of additional weaponry called Devil Arms, physical manifestations of powerful demons he has defeated.

Boomstick: Remember Mega Man? It's that, but on steroids.

The group laughed when Megaman popped up randomly as Boomstick simply explained it

Wiz: His armouredGilgamesh gauntlets increase his striking power, letting him shatter huge monoliths with a lethal one-inch punch.

“Oh wow, now that is a weapon I would like” Yang said with a grin “Strong, stylish and comes with a cool armoured mask”

“I wouldn’t risk it, it is a demon weapon after all” Qrow points out

“Spoilsport” Yang pouted

Boomstick: With Lucifer- the backpack, not the devil- Dante basically throws infinite lightsabers. He's also got an electric guitar, which is literally electric, ice powered nunchucks, grenade launchers, shotguns, and, I kid you not, a briefcase that can transform into 666 different weapons, ranging from a giant Beyblade to a flying turret gun. Where does he possibly keep all this stuff?

“That is what I want to know as that is insane” Blake said in sheer shock at it all

Wiz: Really, really deep pockets, or perhaps it's one of his Styles, abilities he's also acquired from defeating demon bosses. With Doppelganger Style, he can duplicate himself, with Trickster Style, he can teleport instantly, with Royalguard Style, he becomes a nigh-impervious dreadnaught, and he can even slow down time with the Quicksilver Style.

“Geez, I feel at this point we should ask him to help us fight Salem, he seems to have an endless supply of weapons and abilities to beat her with” Nora said eating some potato chips

“Maybe but we are nod done yet” Ren said

(*Cues: Blackened Angel (Battle) - Devil May Cry 4

Boomstick: On the rare occasion Dante feels he needs to get serious, he enters the Devil Trigger, a transformation which taps into his demonic heritage to unleash his true devil form. Devil Trigger dramatically increases his strength, speed, and healing power, and he can fly!

“Okay that is cool” Qrow said with a smile and a nod of apporval of the Devil Trigger form

Wiz: Being so well-armed, Dante is more than capable of handling entire courts of demons on his own, although this doesn't stop some of his allies from joining in from time to time. This includes Trish, a demon lady who occasionally fights alongside him, and happens to resemble his deceased mother... talk about giving somebody an Oedipus complex.

Boomstick: Hey, if I may quote an old family saying, "If she's not directly related, she's safe to be dated".

“Oh dear lord I kind of but at the same time didn’t miss you Boomstick” Weiss said sighing and drinking some tea.

“and so it begins again” Yang teased grinning

“Shut up Yang!” Weiss yells

Wiz: That explains a lot. Luckily, and quite surprisingly, that avenue was never explored, thank God.

“Yes thank you the gods of Light and Darkness for that” Weiss said nodding and everyone admittedly agrees

(*Cues: Shall Never Surrender - Devil May Cry 4*)

Boomstick: Dante is a walking, talking, feat achieving machine. One time, after getting impaled by four demons at once, he pushed one so hard, it exploded and dropped a ceiling fan on the other three, all while eating a slice of pizza. Oh, and when their friends showed up, he challenged them to a game of billiards.

Dante fires a bullet from his gun to knock the balls into the demons, knocking them out cold.

Boomstick: He won.

“Yeah, he most defiantly did with that move” Jaune said with a nod “I am starting to think the Battle of Beacon would have ended differently if we had Dante with us”

“Yeah I was thinking that too” Ruby said with a nod


Runs fast enough to catch fire due to air friction

Stopped a punch from The Savior with his bare hands

Can be stabbed through the heart or shot in the head and brush it off

Defeated Vergil, his virtual equal

Barely fazed when hit by meteors

Has defeated the Underworld's most fearsome demons

“That is a good list of achievements” Blake said with a smile

Wiz: Dante has run down the side of a building so fast he caught fire, similar to a spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere at approximately 17,000 miles per hour.

“Geez I am lucky I can’t move that fast or have to….I hope anyway” Ruby said with a gulp

Boomstick: And he's even capable of taking out others just as overpowered as himself. like his brother Vergil, who was not dead, but evil.

“Awwww man now that sucks” Oscar said sighing

“It is bad when siblings end up on opposite sides” Ren said nodding in agreement

Wiz: He stopped a colossal punch from this titanic monster without breaking a sweat, shrugged off bombardment by meteors, and eventually avenged his mother by defeating the demon lord Mundus, in space.

“WHAT?!” The group said in shock at that, they were happy Dante was able to get revenge but they weren’t expecting the space bit

Boomstick: You may be asking yourself, "Can anything stop this guy?" Yes. Dante does have a limit to how much punishment he can take, but if there's anything that could take him down, it's his own cocky attitude.

“Oh my god I just realized….he is a male version of Yang” Weiss said face palming “Just with my hair colour

“Oh yeah, sweet” Yang said with a grin and Ruby giggles

Wiz: In the words of the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi, "There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent."

Boomstick: I'm gonna have to disagree with old Laozi here. I'm pretty sure there's no greater danger than telling a woman those pants do, in fact, make her ass look fat.

“Yeah, that is dangerous territory” Qrow said chuckling at that

Sid: You bastard!

He runs at Dante and leaps at him, Dante aims his gun at Sid.

Dante: And jackpot.

He fires, striking Sid.

“Well that guy was stupid” Blake said shaking her head


The group admit Dante was strong but agreed that so long as he doesn’t underestimate his opponent he should be fine



(*Cues: Advent of the Angels I - Bayonetta*)

Bayonetta Image

Wiz: From the angels of Paradiso to the demons of Inferno, there is a name feared by both the light and the dark, and her name... is Bayonetta.

“Oh really, I wonder why?” Ruby asked curious why both Demons and Angels fear her


Real name: Cereza

Height: 7'7" | 232 cm

Weight: approx. 200+ lbs | 90+ kg

Her standard clothes are her hair

One of two surviving Umbra Witches

The "Left Eye of the World"

Once babysat her childhood self

(*Cues: Tokyo Game Show - Bayonetta*)

Boomstick: To any normal guy walking down the street, she may look like your average seven-foot-tall gargantuan amazon woman with good fashion sense, but Bayonetta is actually one of the last Umbra Witches, a clan of mystics allied with demon-kind.

“Wow that….that is a big surprising backstory” Weiss said surprised at that. “I fear to know what happened to the other Umbra Witches”

“I feel like I got some ideas” Blake said gulping “Not all good”

Wiz: Named Cereza upon birth, she spent her early life growing up in outcast due to her parents being from rival clans, her father, a Lumen Sage, and her mother, an Umbra Witch.

Boomstick: See, the Sages and Witches had one rule to follow: Don't make babies with the opposite clan, because according to prophecy, it would bring on the destruction of the universe. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before somebody couldn't keep it in their pants. (sighs) Pulling out works every time, but the last time.

“Yeah this would be something Boomstick would be familiar with” Nora said with a giggle

“Oh most definitely” Yang said laughing

Wiz: You would know. With the pact now broken, war ensued between the two factions, in the end, only two witches survived; Cereza, and her rival/future friend Jeanne. Hoping to prevent the apocalypse, Jeanne used a special dagger to seal away Cereza's memories and put her into a five hundred year-long coma.

“I guess they had no other options” Ren said feeling sorry that she had to be put in a 500 year coma

Boomstick: When Cereza woke up from her epic power nap, she took on her new name, Bayonetta, and set out to find her lost memories. Luckily for her, she had just the right weapon for the job: her hair!

“Wait what?” Nora asked surprised by that

(*Cues: Love is Blue Equipped - Bayonetta 2*)

Wiz: As an Umbra Witch, not only does her hair serve as her clothing….

Boomstick: Which I'm having a really hard time deciding whether or not that's hot, or just disgusting.

“Only you Boomstick” Weiss said shaking her head

“Well it is a tough topic” Qrow said thinking on it

Wiz: She can also use it to summon the demon Madama Butterfly to aid her in battle. This technique; the Wicked Weaves, creates portals for the giant demon to deliver devastating punches and kicks.

“That does sound cool thing to do with long hair” Yang said smiling

“Yeah but if I am honest I have been thinking of cutting my hair” Blake admits and in a flash the entire group were in the Volume 7 and 8 looks “Wait what?”

“Sorry thought I keep you up to date” DM77 said appearing and then vanishing

“Well, that’s good….I think” Jaune said rubbing his now short hair

Powers & Abilities:-

Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability

Witch Time:

Dramatically slows the flow of time

Witch Walk:

Walks on walls & ceilings in the light of the moon

Beast Within:

Animal transformations granting increased speed, flight, and damage negation

Blazingly fast reflexes

Proficiency with any weapon

Boomstick: Bayonetta can also walk on walls and ceilings with Witch Walk, and even transform into animals to fly, run super fast, and dodge attacks.

Wiz: But her most useful technique is Witch Time. By slowing down time itself, Bayonetta can dodge practically anything while unleashing a barrage of attacks.

“That sounds like it could come in handy in a fight” Nora said with a nod

“Yeah but would it be enough to stop Dante?” Oscar asked

Boomstick: Bayonetta is basically a tall, sexy armory. She wields gauntlets called Durga which attack with fire and electricity, a huge scythe that rots the souls of its victims, and a freaking lightsaber called Pillow Talk. She has a bow that fires poison arrows, a chainsaw made of dragon scales, a massive hammer that can cause earthquakes with every strike, and even ice skates which attack with ice. Obviously.

“So in a sense, this is Boomstick’s fantasy girl” Weiss asked with a smirk as she made of Boomstick

Ruby giggles and said “Maybe if the hair thing didn’t confuse him”


Love Is Blue:

Four supernaturally powerful handguns


Katana which sucks the soul of its victims


Gauntlets which strike with fire or electricity


Ice skates which can freeze lava


Whip imbued with poison


Hammer which causes earthquakes on impact

“Well that is a lot of weapons for all events” Yang said looking at them

“Yeah quite the weapons arsonal” Qrow said in agreement

Wiz: But her most beloved weapons are her four pistol set called Love Is Blue. Rather than swap between them like a normal person, she somehow manages to wield all of them at once by using not only her hands, but also her feet.

Boomstick: How does that work? Does she have like, some kinda weird thumbs on her ankles or something? That would kinda detract from the hotness factor just a bit-OH MY GOD! She's covered in hair, and she uses her feet like hands... she's a monkey! MONKEY WITCH!!

The group laugh at that and Yang said “I am so using that on Mercury next time we see him”

“Oh yes you have too!” Nora said laughing

Bayonetta: This is awkward...

Wiz: I highly doubt that. She probably just uses some sort of magic. Speaking of magic, when Bayonetta wants to unleash her full potential, she triggers her 'Umbran Climax.'

Boomstick: *Chuckles*

“Oh grow up Boomstick” Weiss said annoyed

Wiz: ...Which increases her strength and lets her summon Madama Butterfly's full unrestrained power. When fully unleashed, Madama Butterfly can shatter huge meteors by headbutting them.

Boomstick: Ah, climax.

“Well that is a very devastating attack move” Ren said thinking on it

“Yeah feel sorry who is in range when that is summoned” Jaune notes

(*Cues: Fly Me To The Moon (Climax) - Bayonetta*)


Defeated Jubileus, The Creator

Headbutt a skyscraper across a city

Threw a colossal satellite with her legs

Dodged bullets when they were instantly repositionedbehind her

Fought her way through Inferno and back

Tanked a superpowered bullet to the face and was merely staggered

Boomstick: By herself, Bayonetta has pulled off some impressive feats. She's strong enough to kick military jets into the air, headbutt skyscrapers across the city, and even throw satellites with her legs in outer space. Oh, by the way, she can survive outer space.

“Geez, I am starting to think Dante met his match, but I am still going to root for him” Blake said thinking about it

“We are not done yet though” Ruby said as they probably had a bit more info to be given.

Wiz: Using Witch Time, she was able to defeat this thing in only a matter of real-time seconds. Even without Witch Time, her reaction speed is astronomical! For example, when a Lumen Sage stopped time to position newly fired bullets about three feet behind her, she managed to not only turn and identify the incoming threat, but also dodge all 16 of them. Considering regular bullets travel around 2,500 feet per second, she must have pulled all that off in less than 1,000th of a second.

“Wow that is ridiculous” Ruby said shocked at that

“More then some of Dante’s” Weiss said thinking

Boomstick: And then there's that one time, when she killed God. You know, by scissoring her hair with Jeanne's and punching the creator's soul across the entire solar system into the sun!

Wiz: Okay, obviously Bayonetta's feats and abilities are absolutely ridiculous, but she is sometimes rather inconsistent.

“Oh really?” Nora asked surprised by that

“But wow she has defeated god that is crazy” Yang said smiling

Boomstick: Despite her reaction time, she's been caught off guard by enemies ranging from a half-god called Lobster or something like that, and even a plant monster that managed to grab her out of the air.

“Yeah that is really sad if you can react to bullets but nod enemies that sneak up on you.” Ruby said shaking her head

“Must have been distracted” Oscar said

Wiz: But regardless of whatever weaknesses she may have, Bayonetta's achieved more than anyone could possibly imagine, despite being 100% human.

Boomstick: Wait, she IS human?! Dibs.

“Of course Boomstick would be insntatly into it” Weiss said with a sigh as the other chuckle

Bayonetta: All right, let's dance baby.


The group discussed and decide which teams they were on

Team Dante: Ruby, Yang, Blake, Oscar and Qrow

Team Bayonetta: Jaune, Ren, Nora and Weiss

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!


Death Battle

(*Cues: Out of Darkness (Prologue) - Devil May Cry 4*)

Dante arrives on the top of a very tall clock tower, which contains a chapel inside. He sees a tall chair in the middle with a small Bayonetta doll and picks it up to examine it. While looking at it, Cereza arrives (dressed in priestess attire) while holding a book.

“Oh this is going to be bad” Jaune said worried

Bayonetta: Another wandering lost soul I see?

Dante is impressed by the woman's looks, and tosses the doll back onto the chair while walking over to talk to her.

Dante: Lost? Nah. I'm looking for something called the Left Eye. Care to give me a hand? Could be fun.

Bayonetta: Hmph, I see. But if you're looking for the Left Eye, that would either make you an angel…

“Close...but other side of the spectrum” Blake said

(*Cues: Genocide - Devil May Cry *)

Bayonetta holds out her book and Dante walks over thinking she's offering it to him, but she starts shooting at him. They both try shooting as she leaps over Dante and takes off her priestess outfit revealing her true clothes. They both get into a gridlock after firing a few shots and she winks at her opponent, with the Left Eye flashing.

Bayonetta:... or a demon!

“There we go” Nora said smiling and nodding


They both exchange blows of gun-fu before Bayonetta uses Madama Butterfly's foot to kick Dante to the floor. Dante quickly gets up. They fire more bullets and Dante ends up catching one in his mouth that he spits out. Bayonetta laughs as she avoids Dante's bullets while firing her own. Dante leaps high into the air to avoid as his opponent follows suit and grips him between her legs (similar to Dante's fight with Nero in DMC4). He escapes her grip and the two kick each other backwards.

“Woah, they seem about even so far” Ruby said watching amazed

“Yeah but wait until we get to the other weapons and powers” Qrow said nodding

(*Cues: Blackened Angel (Battle) - Devil May Cry 4*)

Dante lands as Bayonetta gets out Kafka and aims at him.

Bayonetta: Take this!

Dante avoids the arrows at first and then slashes them while firing more bullets. He charges at Bayonetta with Rebellion. She dodges it and uses Witch Time.

Bayonetta: Too slow~

She uses the slowed down time to land multiple hits on Dante with her hair and uppercuts him. She uses a Madama Butterfly kick to send him into the Iron Maiden, which closes and traps him while impaling him in multiple places.

“Dante is going to struggle with an enemy who can slow down time” Ren said with a nod

“Maybe but I am sure he can overcome it” Yang said with a nod

Bayonetta: Mmm, what a disappointing finish...

Bayonetta starts walking off, but Dante breaks out of the Torture Attack while brushing his shoulder.

Dante: That all you got, sister?

“She may slow down time but he has that nice healing factor” Ruby said with a smile

“Guess we will see which will out last the other” Nora said nodding

Bayonetta giggles as she takes out the Rakshasa.

Bayonetta: Ah. Looks like you're more of a man than I thought!

Dante: C'mon!

“Are they flirting?” Weiss asked concerned

“Possible” Qrow said shrugging

Dante sends multiple energy waves out of his sword which knocks over multiple chairs in the chapel. Bayonetta dodges all of them and activates Witch Time for the last attack. She charges at Dante, but Dante activates Quicksilver allowing him to fight at her speed in time to counter her and send her back.

“Oh yeah!” Yang cheers happily

“I guess that’s how you counter slow time, with speed up power” Oscar said thinking on it

Bayonetta: What?

Dante: Haven't used this in a while. Still got it!

They clash their swords multiple times before Dante sends her back and kicks a chair her way.

Dante: In the money!

Bayonetta slashes the multiple chairs her way but is caught off guard by a chair that hits her in the back of the head, as a result of Dante teleporting behind her.

“Guess this is one of those rare times Bayonetta is inconstant with her reaction time” Weiss said with a sigh

Dante: Ha ha ha! Jackpot!

Bayonetta: You're a naughty boy hitting a girl like that. You need to be taught a lesson!

Bayonetta takes out Arluna and clashes with Dante using the whip with Rakshasha on her feet.

Dante: Ho ho ho! Now this is what I'm talking about!

“I love this, Dante is having the time of his life” Yang said with a laughing

Bayonetta: If you liked that, you're gonna love this. Avavago!

Bayonetta summons Gomorrah, which roars at the white-haired demon hunter. Dante salutes with a smug look as the large demon devours him. Dante isn't chewed up and opens up the large monster's jaw from the inside.

Dante: Phew! Your breath stinks!

Dante escapes from the demon's mouth and takes it down with a few slashes of Rebellion. Bayonetta takes out Takemikazuchi and tries slamming Dante, who blocks is using Gilgamesh. The blow sends them to the next floor of the building. Dante quickly activates Quicksilver again as Cereza sneaks up on him with a blow with Rakshasha and they both point their weapons at each other.

“They are even but it seems Dante’s demon weapons and abilities can counter Bayonetta’s” Ruby said happy at that.

“Maybe but they haven’t pulled out there big abilities yet” Ren points out.

(*Cues: Max Anarchy OST- Find You*)

Bayonetta: This is where we part ways, love.

Dante: After you.

Trish arrives on the scene driving her motorcycle towards the center to intervene.

Trish: Dante!

Dante pushes Bayonetta back as Trish sends the cycle towards his opponent. Bayonetta stands there as Jeanne appears to kick the bike back at Trish, who slashes it in half with Sparda, resulting in an explosion.

“Wow, surprise assistance from there well known allies” Blake said surprised.

Dante: C'mon Trish, you missed!

Trish: Oh, don't be a baby. Let's finish her off!

The Devil May Cry team gets ready to fight.

Bayonetta: Jeanne.

Jeanne: Cereza. Having some guy trouble?

Bayonetta: Not to worry, I've got this one handled.

“Maybe be a little overconfident there” Qrow admits with a thought

Trish: Wait, we're getting paid for this one, right?

Dante shakes his head and starts running.

Dante: C'mon!

“Well not all jobs need to be paid” Jaune said with a shrug

Trish tosses her scythe at Bayonetta, who hits it back with her hammer. Dante then starts trading blows with Jeanne before Trish comes to assist him. She electrocutes Jeanne, allowing the two to perform a team attack on her.

Trish: This is gonna hurt!

As Jeanne's knocked back, Bayonetta takes out Chernobog which clashes with Dante's gauntlets. Dante takes out Agni and Rudra to slash at her before calling his partner.

Dante: Trish!

Trish: Bye-bye!

Trish kicks Bayonetta with an electric kick and clashes with Jeanne again, this time wielding the Angel Slayer. Jeanne tries slashing Dante who manages to punch her with his gauntlets.

Dante: What's wrong? Can't keep up?

“So far the Devil May Cry team are showing superior team work, that is very good” Oscar said and the others agree

Trish tries kicking Bayonetta, but Cereza turns into multiple bats and activates Witch Time to kick both Dante and Trish back.

Bayonetta: So close.

She nearly hits them with an uppercut from Madama Butterfly. The two Umbra Witches assume a stance as Dante takes out Pandora, which morphs into a missile chair and fires just as Trish uses Maximum Voltage. Bayonetta and Jeanne turn into panthers to avoid all the attacks and jump out of the window onto a falling clock. Their opponents follow suit.

“Looks like we’re heading out the building now” Blake mentions

“Let’s see how they handle now they are not confined into a building

(*Cues: Bayonetta 2 - Aesir*)

Jeanne clashes with Trish and her flying sword.

Jeanne: Where'd you get that outfit, a thrift store?

Trish: You're one to talk, that color looks terrible on you!

Trish levitates her sword to stab at Jeanne but misses.

Jeanne: Ugh, bitch!

Jeanne kicks Trish off the clock and jumps after her. Dante sees his partner flying off.

Dante: Trish, wait!

Bayonetta takes out Shuraba and takes advantage of the distraction.

Bayonetta: Best pay attention, boy!

“Oh that’s not good, what happened to Trish and Jeanne?” Ruby asked and a note appears ‘This part here and the reason for Trish and Jeanne’s involvement was used to promote the first DB spin-off series DBX a series that is like it but no analysis just combat. It was hosted by Boomstick but now is hosted by The Ringmaster’

“Hmmm that is interesting” Yang said thinking on it

The two demon hunters clash until Bayonetta teleports behind Dante. Dante teleports in response and activates his Devil Trigger mode. Bayonetta powers up and sends multiple Madama Butterfly punches at Dante, who blocks and dodges all the punches. Bayonetta then pulls her trump card by summoning the full Madama Butterfly, who charges up a powerful punch.


King: Okay, explanation time. This one is like the Barron, remember that one from Chapter... 15, holy shit how far we've come. Point is, it's a mythical figure without any finalized description. Seriously, he's described as having dark hair, blonde hair, red hair, and a weird combination of all three with dark tips, red middle, and a golden crown. I just went with the version as seen in the popular MOBA Smite.

Knox: You really like that game, don't you?

King: I certainly enjoy it. But that's neither here nor there. Let's get this one running and see what happens. Hope you enjoy.

Knox: Dude, check the views.

King: Hmm? ... 6 MILLION?!

Inspiration: Cu Chulainn


The viewers slowly returned to the main theater. An interesting late comer back to the seats was Emerald. She walked through the walkway, seeming uncertain. She looked up from her internal struggles to find Mercury had already moved further from Cinder. And what did Cinder seem to think? Nothing. She sat there like everything and everyone was so far beneath her that it didn't matter what they did. Like everything would fall in line no matter what they believe. She gave a glance to Cinder, uncertainty filling her mind for the fist time since the woman found her after robbing that jeweler. Emerald's head hung a little lower and she took the seat directly to her side, three rows and an aisle away from the woman she's followed so far.

Knox flickered in, "Alright! Who's ready for the next one?!"

King burst into form a little bit after, "Hang on, Knox. We're missing one."

Yang looked around the audience, doing a head count, "I don't see anyone missing."

But someone was in the theater and not among them. Someone who thought she was done with all this. The doors to the theater opened to reveal Raven as she walked back down the aisles.

This made Yang jumped to her feet in shock, confusion, and anger. "What are you doing here?! I thought to left!"

Raven rolled her eyes, "So did I…" She looked up toward the purple fireball with a glare sharp as her blade.

They could almost see the shit-eating grin on King's flame, "What? Is something wrong Raven?"

Raven felt her eye twitch before she huffed and moved to the back left of the theater and taking a seat. "Just get this over with."

"Nice to see you too…" King swung around to address everyone again, "Okay. That's everyone for now. We're hoping to expand things soon, but right now, this is our group. Now, let's get this going!"

King and Knox flickered away as the screen began the next world to view.

The world opened to show the famed Amity Coliseum floating over Beacon grounds. The Vytal Festival was in full swing and people were in high spirits as the first round of the tournament was coming to an end. Within, Team RWBY was facing off with one of Vacuo's premier first year teams, Team VILT (violet). As of the moment, Weiss dodged passed a large battle ax to land a series of light attacks before sending her opponent flying backward, knocking him out of the competition.

Ruby's arms flew up in excited celebration, "Go Team RWBY!" She giggled a bit, "It's so weird rooting for ourselves."

Yang chuckled and gave her sister a light punch on the shoulder, "Anywhere else."

Weiss's moment was cut short by a nasty club being slammed directly into her gut, knocking out the rest of her aura and eliminating her.

Weiss felt personally offended to be knocked out like that, and her angry growl made that very clear to everyone there.

The camera moved to the side to show the wielder of the weapon was a massive man dressed in a pair of tiger-stripe pants and boots; and nothing else. His torso was bare of any clothing or armor, replying solely on aura to defend it. But this also showed the man was built like a brick house. A pair of horns stuck out from the top of his head and everything about him practically screamed brute.

Port's voice rang out over the stadium, "Ooh! What a hit from Vacuo's Isshin Doji!"

Isshin grinned and turned to the rest of RWBY. Ruby and Yang were run ragged and Blake looked like she was ready to collapse right then and there.

Yang groaned, "What's this guy made of?!"

Ruby tried to stay in control of the situation, "We need to focus. There has to be a way to beat this guy."

Blake shook her head to shake of loss of balance growing in her nervous system, "Easier said than done. His team is out, but he's barely even hurt."

Mercury laughed, "Dude's built like a brick shithouse and they're all ready to collapse. They're doomed."

Though team RWBY didn't like hearing it, they recognized the facts of the situation.

Isshin smirked toward the group, "I'm being very generous to let you three have this conversation." He swung his club up over onto his shoulder, "If you'd prefer, you can rush me all at once. Do your worst. It won't make a difference."

Yang growled, her eyes turning red in anger. She wanted to knock this guy down on his ass for acting like that, but last time she tried that she ended up flat on her back instead. If there was one thing she could give this guy, he could back up what he was shouting.

Isshin huffed, seeing them not charging him. He already knew Yang was a hot head, which meant that his provocations weren't going to work much longer. He grinned and swung his club back to his side. "You won't come to me, then? Then I'm coming for you!" He ran off toward the group, the camera moving up to show the attack, and team RWBY's subsequent dodge, from a downward angle. Team RWBY was doing everything they could to keep the giant man at a distance, slowly chipping away at his aura.

Isshin grabbed an opportunity to counterattack one of Yang's flares by using giant club like a bat and send the flare straight into Blake's torso. This knocked Blake's aura into the red and removed her from the competition.

Blake recoiled seeing the events leading to her knock out. She figured this man as a brute like Cardin, but he's proven to be smarter than he seemed. Not only blocking but reflecting an attack like that, a flare no less, took a great amount of calculation. Even if it proved to be his semblance, he'd still need to predict both her and Yang's movements and plot out how best to counter.

Yang turned to Ruby and then up to the scoreboard. There was no way they were going to chip down his before he knocked them out first. Their only option was a ring out. Yang took a deep breath before twisting her heel and charging forward. With a fist reared back, she fired a shot into the man's gut and knocked him back just a little. She started to rush attacks and pushed him closer to the edge of the arena. Unfortunately, this soon proved to be him humoring her. Her planted his foot and swung a heavy blow to Yang's head.

Yang's turn to recoil at the obviously painful strike.

Yang would have fallen back if not for Isshin grabbing her arm and pulling her back before lifting her by said arm.

Isshin grinned, "Did you really think, after this entire fight, that you could knock me out that easily."

Yang looked back down toward him with a grin of her own, "Maybe. Or maybe I was keeping you at range."

Isshin raised an eyebrow before his head suddenly flew backward and his body recoiling with it, dropping Yang in shock. He barely caught himself before realizing that Ruby's scythe doubled as a high impact sniper rifle. She fired more shots to the same point of impact just fast enough to keep him off balance. With his footing ruined, Yang pushed herself off the ground and tackling into his gut and finally knocking him out of bounds.

The theater erupted in cheers from the Beacon students for team RWBY's victory. Even if it wasn't their version of the team.

Port's voice returned to the stadium, "An incredible turn around brings victory to Beacon's Team RWBY! However, this is only the beginning as now, after a short break, the doubles round begin. Can they keep this momentum going, or is their narrow victory here indicative of their chances? Time will tell."

The screen transitioned to team RWBY collapsing onto a set of seats at one of the food stalls. Each of them was groaning from the injuries and painful reminders of the previous battles. Blake went so far as to have her head fall onto the counter.

This got a few chuckles out of her team and friends.

Ruby took a breath before smiling, "Well, at least we made it to the next round!"

Weiss rubbed her cheek, the point of impact after being tossed like an ice-themed ragdoll, "Let's just hope that's the worst it gets."

Blake turned her head toward the heiress, "You just jinxed it."

"You can't actually believe in that nonsense."

"I'll believe whatever I have to not have that happen to me ever again."

Yang pat Blake's shoulder, "If it makes you feel any better, you can sit out the next round."

"Good." Blake returned to her previous position.

Yang sighed, "So, I feel like I've still got fight in me. So, who's coming with me to the next round?"

Ruby and Weiss turned to each other, neither really excited about the idea. In the end they settled it with a silent argument, resulting in Weiss being the unwilling winner. The heiress sighed, "I suppose I am."

Nora laughed the scene, falling back in her chair.

Ren shook his head, "Not exactly the best way to decide."

Weiss just sighed in annoyed embarrassment.

As their meals arrived, they just chose to enjoy the food before even thinking of the next round. As Weiss moved to pay for the food, however, a thief snatched her wallet from behind and started to run off. Weiss jumped her feet and called out after him, prepared to run after him and subdue him with her glyphs.

Roman rolled his eyes, "Amateur. True, crowds are great for finding marks, but he clearly needs to work on picking better ones."

However, to her surprise and the shock of many, a spear flew from the sky and directly in front of the thief. The crook had no time to react and ran face first into the steel and flopped onto his rear. Weiss ran up and retrieved her possessions before the festival security arrived to take the thief away.

The spear's sudden appearance caused many to jump in surprise. Ruby was just amazed at the weapon, but not for what it was. Rather, it was for it wasn't. Unlike Pyrrha's weapon, this spear had no mecha-shift function or trigger boosted propulsion. The spear was just a spear, meaning the wielder had to have thrown it through power alone.

Weiss huffed as she watched the thief being taken away. "Good riddance." As she turned to return to her group, she found herself face first into a man's chest.

The man stepped to the side, "Sorry about that."

Nora sprung up to proclaim, "There's Jaune!" It had almost become a game to her at this point.

"It's fine. I wasn't watching where I was… going…" Weiss took a step back and finally got a look at the man she'd run into.

The man standing before her was the very picture of power. His loose fit pants were paired with armored boos reaching up to his knees. His torso, however, was bare save for an emerald-green cloth with golden accenting wrapped up over one shoulder, meeting the rest of its form at his waist. His shoulder was adorned by a flowing, bright blue tattoo of a running hound. His blonde hair was slicked back away from his forehead and into a braided strand on one side of his face. He smiled and waved off her apology, "It's fine. No harm done."

Yang couldn't help but whistle in appreciation and amazement at the version before them. The version wasn't a muscle head, but definitely had definition. However, Weiss's reaction in that world just made her need to tease the Weiss sitting next to her, "Looks like the Ice Queen is the one with the crush this time."

Weiss rolled her eyes and just ignored it.

Jaune stepped around Weiss and retrieved the spear from the ground, revealing a set of barbs at the tip of the weapon.

This got Ruby's mind working in overdrive, both interested in the weapon and scared of the connotation of those barbs. She knew large protrusions, or teeth, on a weapon were used for catching incoming attacks and breaking the weapon. However, these barbs were too small and the only thing they could really be for was maximizing damage dealt.

Weiss watched him retrieve the weapon and walk off with a wave. She had planned to thank him for helping catch the criminal, but her team's shouting distracted her long enough for him to disappear among the crowds.

Said crowd also acted as a transition back to the arena. Port's voice rang out over the viewers, "And we return for the doubles round! This is where things start to get truly difficult for many. You don't have your full team backing you up anymore, and if you and your partner aren't prepared you can be easily overrun. Now! Let's get started with the first match!"

Oobleck's voice soon joined him, "After the randomization of the teams, we have our first match. First, representing Beacon Academy's team CFVY! Coco Adel and Yatsuhashi Daichi!"

Coco swung her purse/weapon over her shoulder while Yatsuhashi sat in meditation.

Coco grinned, "Made it to the second round. Not too bad, considering the usual competition."

"And in the opposing corner, representing Atlas Academy's team ORNJ (orange), Roan Amaril and Jaune Arc."

The camera moved to show this version of Jaune standing beside a young woman in a pale red combat dress, dark leggings, boots, and a yellow scarf.

Roan gave Coco and Yatsuhashi the once over before turning slightly to Jaune, "Any ideas on how handle them?"

Jaune glanced between his opponents before smirking, "Here's an idea. I'll fight the big guy. You can handle the fashion show over there."

Coco shrugged, "Not exactly an insult. At least he can appreciate that I look good."

The Coco on screen raised an eyebrow behind her sunglasses, "Oh? You sure you don't want to face me yourself. Yatsu might be too much for you."

Jaune cracked his neck and rolled his spear shoulder. He chuckled as he spoke, "Tell you what, if you can beat Roan and you'll get your chance."

Roan did not appreciate that comment.

Sun cringed a bit, but kept his smile, "Dang. Does he not have any faith in his teammate?"

Nora scoffed, "Well, obviously! She's not us~!"

Ren sighed, shaking his head slightly.

The environments were selected as city ruins and mountain region. As the two structures snapped into place, a countdown began before the fight was kicked off. Roan gave a sideways glance to Jaune. She could see Yatsuhashi was a powerful short-range fighter and it would be in their best interest to deal with him first, and given her ranged abilities she was clearly the best option to fight him.

"She's not wrong." Coco was rather nonchalant, "Though he's tougher than he looks."

When the timer rang out to start the fight, Roan grabbed a tube from her back and fired a heavy slug into Yatsuhashi and knocking him back into the city area. She immediately moved to pursue the larger man.

Coco watched this happen and snapped her weapon into form as Roan ran passed her, "So much for that…!" She was interrupted as Jaune's spear flew passed her head.

Roan's charge was halted by said spear hooking into her scarf and pinning her in place. "What the hell?!"

This surprised everyone involved in the viewing.

Ruby jumped up toward the screen, "Why did he do that?!"

Jaune slowly walked passed Coco and grabbed his spear from the ground. With his other hand, he grabbed Roan's collar and pulled her toward his face, "I made it clear he is MY opponent. Stay in your lane, or I'll bury you in it!" He pushed her away and toward Coco before walking into the false ruins.

Everyone just looked at this Jaune like he was crazy. Not only had he more or less attacked his teammate, but now he threatened her to top it off. Safe to say they saw a terrible teammate.

Jaune walked into the city and found Yatsuhashi waiting for him in the street. Jaune grinned and placed his spear onto his shoulder, "Sorry to keep you waiting."

Yatsuhashi remained fairly stoic, "You have an odd way of addressing your teammate."

"She knows how I get when she ignores me, too. I'd think getting to know me makes it clear she shouldn't make me angry."

Penny tilted her head slightly, "He does not sound like a good teammate."

Winter's eyes narrowed, "And certainly a poor representation of Atlas Academy."

Yatsuhashi's brow raised slightly, "I must admit, you aren't what I imagine when I picture an Atlas student."

Jaune scoffed before laughing, "That's because I'm no student of Atlas. Sure, I go to the school, but I'd hardly call myself Atlassian. No," Jaune grinned and spun his spear around his shoulder and neck before the spear finally came to rest in his hand, "I'm something different." He held up his spear and pointed it toward Yatsuhashi, "You face the Hound of Uldan! But enough talk! FIGHT!"

Jaune charged forward with spear at his side to crash the tip against a guarding Yatsu. However, Jaune used his position to leap over Yatsu's guard and kick him across the top of his head, causing the larger man to stagger. Where Yatsuhashi was strong, Jaune was precise. His spear was like the wind, block it all you want, it will simply flow around you soon enough. Jaune was a fierce fighter that was actually pushing Yatsuhashi back through the streets of the ruins.

Coco tilted her glasses a bit and whistled, "Damn. Getting Yatsu to back up is an accomplishment on its own. But let's see how he handles the big guy's semblance."

Few among the viewers actually knew what Yatsuhashi's semblance even was, so they watched intently. Even though at the back of their minds, they knew there was every possibility that this wasn't the semblance of their version.

Yatsuhashi chose his moment as Jaune started to charge. His eyes started to glow for a moment, soon followed by Jaune's eyes glowing the same color. Confusion soon spread across Jaune's face and he slowed his charge, looking around as though something was wrong.

Emerald watched, though half-heartedly for the moment. She wondered if the ability was like her own, illusions.

Yatsuhashi took a hard step forward and reared his weapon back. He was well within Jaune's guard now. He wasn't taking too many chances. The effect will still last for another second, more than enough time to land a heavy blow and possibly send him out of bounds if he was lucky.

Lucky, however, he was not. He soon found himself blasted back by a strange gust of air. Enough to lose his footing and prevent his attack. He looked toward Jaune, confused, as he felt everything around him heating up. Enough sweat fell from his brow was falling over his face that he was forced to wipe it away.

Coco's eyes went wide, "What in the world was that?"

The glow in Jaune's eyes faded and he turned back to Yatsuhashi with a smirk, "Cheeky. You wiped my memories for a second."

This got a few realizations, but also a few a bit scared. It was the kind of ability that didn't matter if you knew it was happening or not. He would simply wipe away all your memories and capitalize on the moment of confusion.

Jaune didn't seem that bothered, though, "Unfortunately, that won't really work so well on me. See, I've got a lot of pent up aggression, and if I forget how to keep it in then I have no choice but to vent."

"What an upsetting turn of events for the young Mr. Daichi!" Port exclaimed, "Mr. Arc's ability allows him to super heat his body hot enough to cause his sweat to evaporate and the area immediately around him to sear. A technique he refers to as Venting."

The camera moved to Jaune, showing steam flowing off his body from the heat he was producing. After a moment, the steam disappeared as he got a handle on his Venting again.

Ruby thought about that one for a moment before chucking a bit, "I swear Yang does something like that."

Tai met her train of thought and grinned, "Oh! Like the hair glowing thing when she gets mad enough."

"Yeah! That's it!"

Jaune chuckled and swung his spear over his shoulder again. "That said, it'll be annoying to have that happen again. I'll have to forgo my usual fun and deal with you quickly."

Yatsuhashi knew plenty of first years that gave themselves too much credit, so he didn't react to that. He did, however, block the incoming spear. Jaune had used this as a distraction to get under Yatsuhashi's guard and grab him in a tight squeeze with locked arms. Yatsuhashi looked down toward him, more surprised than anything, but soon grew concerned by Jaune's mad grin. A rush of steam ripped through the air around them as Jaune Vented at point blank. Yatsuhashi was being cooked inside his armor with no real way to shake Jaune off. His aura was taking chip damage as he tried to wrestle Jaune out of his hug of heat, but the rising temperature began to take more aura with each passing second. Yatsuhashi's struggles started to weaken and soon he collapsed from heat exhaustion, his aura depleted.

Coco and Velvet were stunned silent. They'd never seen Yatsuhashi fall onto his back. Sure, he'd lost fights before, but he always stayed on his feet, propped up on his sword if it was necessary, but never falling onto his back.

Jaune released his defeated opponent and walked over to his spear, moving his foot under the shaft of the weapon and kicking it up to his hand. He looked over the mountain area and saw a series of bullets flying up over the rocks.

The camera ran over to meet Coco as she unleashed a torrent of bullets toward Roan. The Atlassian jumped behind a rock to take cover, but Coco's chain gun was too powerful and ate into the rock, forcing her to dive to the side and keep running. Roan's launcher was great for range, but rapid was not a good word to describe it. "This is Arc's fault! If he hadn't stopped me from fighting that big guy, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

"Maybe if she communicated that idea, she wouldn't be in this situation," Blake snarked.

Coco let off the trigger for a moment and let her gun rest, "You're not going to beat me unless you start fighting back."

"You're barking up the wrong tree there, Fashion Show." The sudden arrival of a new voice forced Coco to turn to see Jaune walking up toward them.

"You beat Yatsuhashi?"

Roan popped up from her new rock of cover, "Finally! Now help me win this already!"

Coco got a little nervous. Her weapon might be good for crowds of Grimm, but people are smart enough to spread out and make her weapon less helpful against them.

Jaune huffed and stabbed his spear into the ground, sitting on a nearby rock, "Nah. This is your fight. I'm not getting between you."

Nora frowned, "Did they have some kind of fight? Why wouldn't he help her?"

Ren shrugged, "It might an honor thing. I've heard some people refuse to fight two-on-one with the advantage."

Coco raised an eyebrow at their antics, "Um… are you two okay?"

Jaune scoffed, "Focus on your opponent's actions, not their squabbles."

Ironwood had to give that one a quick nod, "He's not wrong. In combat, the enemy squabbling with themselves is to your advantage."

Coco shrugged and leveled her weapon toward Roan again, opening fire. Though she chose to keep a sideways glance toward Jaune. She didn't trust him to stay put while his teammate was being pressured. Surprisingly, though, he made no motion to move to help her. Coco returned to tracking Roan, keeping her aim ahead of the runner. Her weapon wasn't accurate, but this ensured she chipped away plenty of aura from her fire. That said, she didn't track where Roan was running to. Roan had run off to Jaune's seat and a stray bullet tagged Jaune and knocked him off the rock.

This got a few people to laugh. Given how capable this version of Jaune was, it was ludicrous to think he'd get hit so stupidly.

As Coco paused, seeing what happened, though mostly requiring a cool down period of the weapon's barrels, Roan skidded to a halt beside Jaune. "There! Now you got hit! Your stupid code means this is your fight now!"

Ren nodded, "So it was a personal code."

Roan continued shouting as Jaune pulled himself to his feet, "Now, get to it and fight her, damn it!"

Jaune brushed off some dirt, the angle of the camera obscuring his eyes. "Fine then. I'll fight her."

"Finally!" Roan turned to Coco as she got the chance to load her weapon again. "Let's get this over…" Jaune's shadow loomed over her a moment, "with?"

Jaune now stood a full two feet taller than before with his muscle structure resembling something more akin to a monster. His eyes were a glowing red and filled with pure and unadulterated anger. The steam from before was flowing out en masse.

Everyone shrunk away from the scene. Something about this change in Jaune terrified them. Likely something in his eyes.

Jaune grabbed Roan by her throat and lifted her off the ground, her feet kicking to try and free herself. When Jaune spoke, there was an unholy reverberation to his speech, "Then get the fuck out of my way!" Jaune tossed her up to change his grip to the back of her head and slammed her face into the rockface, knocking her aura out in one move, and cracking the mountain's surface apart a good twenty feet up. The camera hung on Jaune's tattoo to reveal the running hound had shifted to a blood-red, charging Beowolf.

Everything was silent for a moment.

Yang gave a nervous chuckle to break the tension if possible, "At least I'm not that bad…"

It didn't really work.

Coco was just stunned, her glasses threatening to fall from her face.

Much of the stadium was in a similar state. Not even Port or Oobleck, who were supposed to be commentating, could bring themselves to say a single word.

Jaune took a breath and his body returned to normal. His tattoo faded back to its normal form as if the steam took it away. He calmly walked to his spear and pulled it from the ground.

Coco shook her head slightly and glared toward Jaune, "What the hell was that?!"

Jaune just turned to her, perfectly calm again, "That was my Semblance. Most people think that Venting is my power, but that's not quite true. That is a biproduct of my actual ability, something I learned to keep it in check. My power is the ability to build up and store emotional outbursts, particularly my rage. I learned to let all that out as steam, or I can build it up and unleash my full power. I call this Riastrad. It's a blind rage where friend and foe are just words. I attack whatever is in the area regardless of allegiance. I lose myself to my anger and the only thought going through my mind is to kill."

Tai took in a sharp breath, "That's… actually pretty scary." He knew Yang's semblance had a similar idea where, if she gets angry, she can lose sight of her objectives. However, she has never been that bad, so long as you leave her hair alone. Even then, you just get punched, and usually just one.

Jaune leveled his spear toward Coco, "And I turn. That beast is my power unleashed and made physical. But enough talk. We're here to fight."

Coco readjusted her glasses and leveled her own weapon. "Alright."

As the barrels started to spin, Jaune threw his spear and snapped the weapon from her hand and pinning it to the ground. Jaune stepped closer to her, "No weapons. Just to be fair."

Coco growled and tried to pull the spear out from her gun, but the barbs were holding it in place in the ground. She had to give up and ball her hands into fists. "So long as you don't do that Venting or Ria-thing you did before."

"It's only fair." Jaune brought his fists up and took up a fighter's stance. Her footwork was excellent as her fighting style required good grounding and stance work to fight back against her weapon's recoil. Her arms, however, were sloppier and possessing an open guard. She never fought unarmed before and sparing matches with Fox didn't count.

The stance just made Tai cringe from the sight, "Do your teachers not teach you how to handle a fight without your weapons? Her stance should at least look better, even if she isn't a good hand-to-hand fighter."

Coco looked away to hide a blush of embarrassment. She wasn't that good at hand-to-hand. One could say she was terrible at it. She enlisted Fox to help her, but without her purse/gun, she often foundered.

Jaune saw the stance and raised an eyebrow, "You're not a very good fist fighter, are you?"

"Shut up! You're the one that told me to focus on the fight." She charged forward to punch him, though Jaune moved to block the hit with his hand. This proved a slight mistake as Coco's fighting style was less predicable and hit harder than he anticipated. Coco was able to knock back his hand and punch Jaune clean across the jaw.

Coco let out a sigh relief seeing her at least accomplish that much with her fist.

Jaune staggered back and shook his head. "You're stronger than you look." He moved to the side and landed a heavy punch into a block. However, Coco's footing kept her on her feet and in place from the attack. "And tougher too." Jaune pushed off Coco with a kick hopped back, keeping his eyes on her.

"Thanks for the compliments," Coco didn't let it show, but Jaune's punch hurt her a lot more than she was letting on. She learned to handle heavy recoil across her entire body, but never had to handle an attack like that. If she wasn't careful, he'd knock her aura out with just a few more big punches.

Jaune cracked his neck and adopted his stance again. "Don't push it." He charged forward and leapt up with his knee striking her guard and knocking it out of place. His arm was reared back, and he punched her head back and downward toward the ground. He lands and starts a rush of attacks. The punches were weaker than before, but there were significantly more of them. The rush began to grow more brutal over time. Instead of knocking her guard away, he would just punch into it. With one last punch to her gut, knocking her onto her back, the fight was ended as Coco's aura hit the red.

Coco sighed. She knew she didn't stand a chance without her gun, but it was still hard to watch something that brutal.

For the first time since returning, Raven finally spoke. "I have to admit, that was more brutal than I expected anyone to act."

There were only a few people that heard her, but most chose to ignore her.

Port called the end of the match as Jaune pulled his spear from the stone. He picked up Coco's weapon, which snapped back into purse form. "I admit, despite knowing you had no chance, I respect your commitment to the fight." He tossed the weapon over to her and spun around on his heel and waved, "See you around, Coco."

Coco leaned up, watching him leave. She wasn't sure what to think of this man.

The last shot of the world was Jaune walking away from the arena with spear over his shoulder.

"Yikes…" Coco slumped back into her chair, "That was crazy."

Velvet nodded. "It was… definitely something."

Emerald had long since lost interest, though the transformation of that version did keep her thinking about Cinder's own transformations. Nothing on a physical level like his own, but more her emotional work. She seemed so confident and commanding, but she also seemed more apathetic to both her and Mercury. Even though the entire reason Emerald followed her was because she promised her somewhere to belong. A decision must be made, and Emerald finally had her answer.

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(A/N: So what's funny about this is that I literally found out about Demon Slayer when I was looking for a meme from Demon Slayer (The one where the guy in the Red Mask slaps the black and green guy, no I don't know their names) Then I saw the fight scene between the siblings and the demon lady thing, then I got curious and learned about Nezuko and just typed her name in and found this, which shows the immediate aftermath of Nezuko becoming Demon and somewhat explains some stuff. I honestly have no idea what the fuck is happening, so for once, ISM will be reacting with them to some of this stuff. He'll explain a few things but will mainly be reacting.)

"What the fuck?" ISM said in confusion.

"What is it?" Neptune asked.

"I honestly don't know" ISM responded.

"What I'm getting here is that the universe is called "Demon Slayer"" ISM stated.

"Off to an interesting start here already" Jaune announced.

"Oh, ok then..." ISM muttered.

"I'm gonna have very limited knowledge here so I'm practically going to be reacting with you guys" ISM said, "Also, we will be able to hear people's thoughts. So if the person who's speaking doesn't have their mouth moving, then we're hearing their thoughts."

"So little to no background information and we'll be hearing others thoughts? This will be strange" Weiss said 

"It will be strange" ISM said in agreement as he started the video.

The screen turned on to Velvet, who was walking in the middle of the forest on a Winter morning, sporting a smile on her face.

(So just to let you guys know, when the dialogue of the character is like this: "I don't like this"  Then it means that you're reading that character's thoughts. If the dialogue is like this: "I don't like this" then they're speaking out loud.

Velvet: I hope my little rose likes the present I got her

"Little Rose?" Coco and Fox both repeated in a teasing tone.

"According to this book of bullshit" ISM said as he looked through the pages of a book that came out of nowhere, "Velvet and Ruby are both dating"

Cut to everyone sending a grin towards Velvet and Ruby, who were both blushing, well except Yang, who was thinking about possibly killing Velvet.

"I wouldn't mind it" Velvet and Ruby both thought.

Velvet was seen carrying a rose in her hand and a basket on her back.

Velvet was happily humming to herself as she continued the walk to her girlfriend's house.

"Velvet's really happy" Yatsuhashi noted.

"You're gonna jinx it" Neptune said.

Velvet was close to the house until she suddenly stopped. Her eyes had widened in horror and tears had started to form in her eyes as she dropped the basket, along with the fact that Velvet had started to breathe loudly.

Everyone become nervous at what caused Velvet's mood change dramatically.

The camera then cut to the front of the house, where Ruby's body was laying, blood everywhere, with Zwei's dead corpse next to her.

Anyone who was carrying something dropped something as everyone looked at the scene in horror.

"I'm... am I dead?" Ruby asked in shock as tears dropped down her eyes.


This is the Doom Enternal trailer 2.

Ruby: I-I can't watch another Sad one, please be a happy one!
View: well, this next one isn't exactly happy. But you will most likely enjoy it.
Roman: Hey lightbulb! The hells that supposed to mean!
View: just watch!
The scene open in on Jaune doing stupid dances in front of a mic. It also shows Yang flipping her hair back and forth at the camera.
Yang: what the hell is this?
Pyyhra: why is Jaune dancing?
Yang begins to shake her hips back and forth in front of the camera. And Jaune begins to dance in what seems like the sewers.
Yang: I'm gonna kill whoever made this!
Neptune: hey the view isn't bad.
He is stoped by Yang and tais killer glares.
Neptune: I was joking!
Tai: that's what I thought!
Jaune: were no strangers to love! You know the rules and so do I! A full commitment is what I'm thinking of. You wouldn't get this from any other guy.
Everyone gets more confused as Views smile widens
Jaune: I, just wanna tell you how I'm feeling. I gotta make you.... understand!
A large bright text appears
Jaune: never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down. Never gonna go around, and hurt you!
The text becomes visible


Mercury: you asshole!
View falls onto the ground laughing.
After view calmed down
Cinder: can you stop wasting our time and go onto the movie!
View: yes, now I will.
Raven; this better be the real movie or I swear...
(Your welcome)
The scene begins on a wide shot of Remnant , which isn't in the best shape, with Multiple spots of Red and black on the normally blue and green planet. Distress signals begin to come in from unseen civilians and soldiers.
The death Toll has risen to millions
The scene zooms in onto the planet to show A giant Demon moving around a destroyed city.
Priest: this is humanity's chances to repent.
Nora: demons are real!
View: yes, these are demons from the deep reaches of hell.
Weiss: what do they want with remnant? Are they here for our dust?
Cinder: how Naive  you are schnne. They want what any conquering army wants.
Winter: and what would that be?
Cinder: they want there enemies to suffer. They want land, they want victory
Goodwitch: the death toll is in the millions! What of James army! And the huntsman!
View: in this remnant, there is no aura, no Grimm, and no huntsman.
Coco: how! We need that to survive!
View: not on this remnant.
The scene changes to a space station orbiting earth. A man in Giant green armor looks onto earth, and walks over to a container.
Speaker: against all the evil that hell can conjour.

The unnamed man picks a shotgun up. And loads it
The scene changes onto a destroyed terrain. With no giant demon statues in a frozen fight.
Speaker: against all the wickedness mankind can produce. We will send onto them
A man in green armor walks up to a window, and places his helmet onto his head.
Speaker: only you.
The visor flickers for a second. Showing the scared face of Jaune arc.
Nora: wow! Jaune Jaune get 2 baddass suits of armor! That's too cool!
Ruby: I wonder how that shotgun works!!
Ironwood: against all of the wickedness mankind can produce? That doesn't sound good.
Qrow: You know ironwood. It's good your really perspective. Because no one connected the dots that wickedness that man kind can produce was a bad thing!
Demon: saving your people will not bring you peace.
A few demons watch as a pod crashed down into the helish landscape.
Demon: it will only make the burden you carry
Jaune hops of the pod.
Demon: worse.
Ruby: why wouldn't they save people! It's the right thing to do!
Roman: Oh I'm so sorry little red! But not everyone is out for the greater good.
High priest; for Melania we have survived.
Jaune walks into a throne room. With guards on each side of his standing at attention.
High priest: made other sacrifice in the name of our prosperity
A giant glowing demon appears before Jaune
High priest: who are you? A human? To defy our traditions?
The scene Zooms in on Jaune. Who cocks his shotgun
Yang: ah come on ruby! I have shotguns!
Ruby: but that one looks soooooooo coooooool!
Goodwitch: finally we get to see what this mr arc can do.
Saphron: get em Jaune!!
Jaune fires a hook into a demon. Bringing it right in front of Jaune, who fires a shot from his shotgun. Blowing the demon into millions of pieces. He then jumps into the air grabbing his rocket launcher. He fires 5 rockets into a giant demon, killing it in a firey expion of blood and guts.
Everyone's eyes widen.
Qrow: holy shit! The kids a beast!
Emerald: he killed the giant demon like it was nothing!
Ruby: rocket launcher, shotgun. OH MY GOD!!!
Weiss: ruby you dunce there just weapons!
Sun: I'm scared of this Jaune. Neptune hold me!
Jauen jumps over a platform and fires a grenade into a group of demons, quickly killing them. He then jumps onto the second floor and takes out his plasma rifle. Quickly inahalating the demons on that level.
Cinder frown
Cinder: he's reliying on his weaponry and brute strength. There's no plan.
Mercury: when your that guy? I don't think you need one.
A demon fires serval rockets at Jaune. But he summons a blue shield that blocks them. He then take out his mini gun and shreddes the large demon into oblivion. He then moves into the next room, firing a grenade into a flying demons mouth and shotgunning another.
The audience are stunned by the shear brutality of This Jaune.
Jaune fires a rocket into one demon, then jumps across a field. Skipping one demon in mid air, he then uses his rapid fires shotgun mode to destroy one demon. And finishes it off with a blade through the head!
Ozpin: this mr arc is very brutal, but he does get the job done.
Ruby: so much blood, I think I'm gonna be sick!
Yang: rapid fire shotguns! Where can I get one of those!
Human: we must move quickly, there are those who would wish to stop them.
A group of soldiers run up to Jaune, with spears that have lawyer blades on them.
Ruby: I wonder if I can make that!
A portal opens and a large demon comes out, equipped with a sword and laser shield.
Demon: you are nothing but a Usurper!
He take out his axe, with 2 laser sides as blades
Demon: a false idol.
He and Jaune face off in an arena.
Blake: there very similar looking. Almost like that demon is jaunes equivalent.
Ren: or that.
A giant demon hand reaches over Jaune, as ingested music plays.
High priest: the only thing they fear...
Jaune reaches into an altar, and takes out a broadsword. But where the blade should be, there is a laser looking blade. Made of hellish material. This is the crucible. 
Pyyhra: what!!
She attempts to attack ruby, but is held back by her team.
Jauen begins to go on a rampage. Slicing a demon into three parts. Jumping onto a flying demon and ripping out its eyeball. And finally, slicing a demon right in half.

Rip and tear until it's done


Watching rwby jaune demon fanfiction

How they immediately fixed it on the back of my head. I WAS motionless. I could only sway from side to side and even then, the bed would not allow me.

The Soul of a Leader - Optimus Prime/Jaune Arc Tribute

The guys dressed and said nothing, like football, then left the sports center and went to the nearest pub for a beer. It was clear that all those guys had become friends. Ben said he was leaving for industrial practice in Edinburgh the next day for two weeks. This was the end of such a wonderful evening. The next day Ben sat in lectures and recalled everything that had happened to him the.

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Crazy, Shadri muttered. Somehow she didn't like this room. We're going to go crazy here too. Suddenly the hunter was pierced by an acute angle of alarm.

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