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Standard thread on the driven clutch bolt. Left hand threads are only on drive clutch bolt on 97 up motors.
Your drive clutch bolt should be standard thread, since the 96 motor should be a counter-clockwise rotation. If for some reason you have a clockwise motor, the drive clutch bolt will be left hand thread.

No puller is needed for the driven clutch, unless for some reason it&#;s mega stuck.
If you bought the long Bolt type puller, that&#;s for the drive clutch and that will come in handy.

Since you&#;ll be removing the driven clutch, you may want to also remove the drive clutch and rebuild it. To some degree, the clutches depend on each other working properly.


90 DS replacement clutch?

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You can use any Club Car DS drive clutch from up. Drive clutches are non-directional. You'll see online that many cart retailers will list older drive clutches from , and then newer ones from up. But there's no operational difference. One of our guys broke down the internal parts for both, and the only difference was that the up drive clutches have little red plastic plugs in the threaded holes around the middle.

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Golf cart clutch removal is confusing to many people without prior experience. DespiteGolf Cart Drive Clutch automobiles also have clutches, there is very little similarity in the operation of those compared with a CVT (continuous variable transmission) in a golf cart. Although the clutch on an automobile and those on golf carts are responsible for transferring power from the engine to the transmission which is about their only similarity.

Golf cart clutch removal must begin with identifying your golf cart by finding your serial number or VIN #. Once found, call us or a local dealer to look up the year and model. You may need this information later to locate the proper clutch puller for your vehicle.

CVT Components

On a golf cart, the CVT is comprised of three parts; the drive clutch or primary clutch on the engine, the driven or secondary clutch on the differential, and the belt which connects the two. As the rpms of the engine increase, the drive clutch spins with it and with the use of flyweights and centrifugal force, the clutch pulls inward on the belt. Due to the sloped faces of the clutch, this causes the belt to ride higher on the clutch faces thus tightening the belt tension. The reaction is that the belt is pulled down between the clutch faces of the driven clutch. This give and take of the CVT, is how power is transferred from the engine to the differential.


Drive Clutch

Let’s start with the removal of the drive (primary) clutch which is mounted on the crankshaft sticking out of the engine. Before beginning the golf cart clutch removal of either clutch, you must first remove the drive belt. At rest, it is loose enough where you can just work it over the clutches. Once removed, you can then remove the drive clutch.

Using an air gun, remove the center bolt and centering washer from the drive clutch.Golf Cart Drive Clutch Threads Once out, you’ll notice that the bolt is much smaller than the hole from which it came out. This is because the retainer bolt screws into thread in the end of the crankshaft not the clutch itself. You will also notice that there are larger and seemingly unused threads inside the clutch. This is where a clutch puller would be used. Most modern golf carts have a tapered fit on the end of the crankshaft. This helps to ensure the clutch has a tight fit to the shaft and that it won’t come off. But, it does make removal difficult. After purchasing a clutch puller for your specific golf cart, insert it into the clutch hole and thread in slightly. Use an air gun to turn the puller inward at a high rate of speed. Once the puller contacts the crankshaft, the pressure created causes it to pop off the tapered fit. Without a puller, golf cart clutch removal is next to impossible.

Golf Cart Clutch Removal

Driven Clutch

As for the driven or secondary clutch, although it may seem easier to remove, it is oftenKeyway Style Driven Clutch the hard one to tackle. When the bolt is removed from the center of the driven clutch, there is literally nothing else holding it on. It is not generally a tapered fit like is used on the drive clutch. Usually, it is either mated onto an input shaft with a key or a splined input shaft.

However, despite the fact nothing holds the driven clutch on except the bolt, this golf cart clutch removal can often be difficult. If it has never been off, there is a strong possibility that rust has developed between the splined shaft and the clutch itself. This may IMG_prove difficult to break free. In which case we recommend squirting some penetrating oil where the parts mate together, wait an hour, and then lightly tap on the clutch with a rubber hammer. Be very carefully with your tapping. Most modern clutches are produced from cast aluminum which can be very brittle. Usually, a few good taps with a rubber hammer after the penetrating oil has been allowed to sit will allow the clutch to be removed.

By Michael Williams

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Clutch club replacement car

Replacement Clutches and Belts for Club Car Golf Carts

Your golf cart’s primary and secondary clutches, along with the drive belt, work together as a system to move power from the crankshaft to the differential. When these components wear out, they can affect your cart’s ability to climb hills and maintain a consistent speed. If you notice diminished speed and power when you’re carrying heavy loads or a jerky start-up, it might be time to replace the golf cart clutch or drive belt.

Buggies Unlimited has the parts you need to keep your cart running smoothly for years to come. We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for your Club Car, whether you need a new drive clutch for a Carryall or a weight kit for your Precedent.

Optimize your Club Car’s performance with high-quality replacement parts and hardware from Buggies Unlimited. We stock tuning kits, bolts, bearings, and everything else you need to complete your job, and our knowledgeable staff is ready to help when you need them.

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