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As we reach the end of what was one of the most stressful years of many of our lives, filled with unprecedented trials for HR pros, we’re looking back to reflect on everything that’s happened. 

One of
the few upsides that emerged from chaos of 2020 is all the hilarious memes flooding our social feeds. We’re all needing a little laughter as we wrap up this difficult year so we’ve compiled a few of our favorite memes that sum up our feelings on 2020.

  1. Trying to navigate COVID-19 policies

  2. What you said on your resume vs. the reality of this year

  3. Trying to keep productivity up while working from home

  4. When we were asked to do more with less

  5. Holding back from saying how we really feel

  6. Pretending it was business as usual

  7. The main feeling of the year 💤

  8. Thinking we’ve almost made it to the end of the year

  9. And then this happened

  10. Managing open enrollment during a pandemic

  11. Having benefits on the mind

  12. Picturing what the future could look like

  13. … but going cautiously into the new year

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10 Memes That Only A Human Resource Professional Will Understand

HR meme

HR, an abbreviation of Human Resource, is the face of the company who bridges the gap between the top management and the employees. Everyone wants to be close and friendly with HR. Undoubtedly, this is the most challenging and an important job in every organization as HRs are the face of the company. 

You have to be really good with people, with management and the list never ends. 

Here are 10 cool memes that only an HR Professional will understand. 

What others think I do 

meme on hr

Profit maximization versus Employee Satisfaction

hr management meme

HR’s primary goal is to bring food 

hr meme

That passion

every hr ever

The candidates (interviewees) be like: 

human resource meme

 The constant pressure of evaluating the performance


When everyone thinks that HR Skills are the easiest ones

human resource goals

Those expressions after rejecting somebody

every person to hr

That pride when you ask for a minute

hr scares people

And the reaction for surveys 


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  1. Hilary duff proposal video
  2. Ge washer timer parts
  3. 9 x 13 tarp


We recently looked into finding some high-quality, genuinely funny HR memes to share on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, but were disappointed to find very few good memes.

Being the proactive, problem-solving bunch that we are, we decided to take it upon ourselves to fill this void with some much-needed HR humor. We’re no stranger to content production and curation, so sourcing and creating these memes was no problem!

That said, let’s get into it. Here are our five favorite human resources memes!

1. Putting Out Fires

Here at BizLibrary, we have a lot of love for managers. With good training, we know managers can be a serious asset for your organization. But there’s a steep learning curve, and that can lead to some fires!

Thankfully HR is pretty good at putting out fires. However, even small fires can cause long-term damage to healthy departments, so you might find some helpful and practical advice in our New Manager Playbook for preventing these fires in the first place.

2. When Your Desktop Wears as Many Hats as You Do

It’s no secret that HR departments are full of very busy people. Between open enrollment, payroll, training, and recruiting, staying organized is a challenge.

Fortunately, there are these things called folders, but as HR professionals know, even those can become overwhelming!

3. When HR Abuses Their Power

We all know that for some employees, meeting with HR sends them kindergarten flashbacks of being scolded by the school principle.

For better or worse, human resources professionals have a unique power over employees – even though most of the time there’s nothing to fear when HR gets involved with something, some employees get scared.

4. If Only We Could Snap Our Problems Away

It’s not a task anyone particularly enjoys, but when reductions come, HR is usually there to help guide conversations and help leadership ensure quality transitions.

Or, you can knit an Infinity Gauntlet and snap your problems out of existence. Different strategies work better in different organizations, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Editor’s note: BizLibrary does not recommend bringing an Infinity Gauntlet into reduction conversations.

5. We All Know How This Will End

It turns out that human resources has a lot to do with The Avengers, because this is the second HR meme referencing the mighty superhero crew. Honestly though, what better way to describe HR?

Sometimes high-performing employees need to be rewarded, but that doesn’t always mean they’re ready to lead employees!

Thankfully, there is plenty of high-quality management training in The BizLibrary Collection, and you can give unprepared managers a leg-up with our free ebook, “The New Manager Playbook.”


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