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O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc, America’s oldest family-owned and operated firearms manufacturer, has launched its redesigned, mobile-optimized online store with the announcement of “Grand Opening” specials for visitors who join the Mossberg community.

gear-mossberg-storeNow through Nov. 20, 2016, sign up as a Mossberg community member and receive 20 percent off of your next purchase of gear, apparel, parts and all things Mossberg at or simply browse through the latest offerings at For further savings, look for Black Friday specials Nov. 21-25, with Mossberg Community members receiving a 10-hour advance notice on all special sales throughout the week.

Visitors will discover a fully-integrated experience with the firearms section of the site. Easily locate parts or accessories for your Mossberg firearms by simply selecting the model. New filters and navigation streamline the process of finding the right barrels, chokes and accessories to customize your shotgun or rifle. Display your Mossberg pride with branded gear, apparel and collectibles. And if you are an on-the-go shopper, the new store has been optimized for ease of viewing on mobile devices.

Why join the Mossberg community? As a member, we will keep you posted on new guns, apparel and online store special offers and discounts. You can join other Mossberg enthusiasts with access to the latest tips and secrets for success in the field or ways to further enjoy your favorite outdoor experiences.

Start shopping today and take advantage of the latest online discounts at


Mossberg’s retail solutions team met with the client and mapped out their workflow. Our team was able to identify delays, waste, and tedious manual processes. Then we went to work to develop a process that would allow reaction to market information in REAL

time, produce in-store

marketing in a 3 to 4 week

cycle and take 50% of

the labor out of the creative/

production process.

The new process incorporates template-based automation for the creative process, a searchable data base for warehousing digital assets, automated distribution of proofs and internal information and low-cost printing, kit packing and


The cycle time for the creative/production process was reduced by over 75%. 

Labor costs were reduced by almost 50%. Marketing managers were able

to focus on strategy rather

than micromanaging the

production process, and the

creative team is only involved in oversight now.

The new process easily provides for local and regional versioning/pricing with immediate distribution of proofs to the appropriate

merchant partners for

approvals and input. 

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Mossberg On BlackBerry App Store: 'Clumsier' Than iPhone's, 'But It Works'

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Dan Frommer


blackberry-app-world-tbi.jpgBlackBerry maker RIM (RIMM) launched its App World, its answer to Apple's wildly popular iPhone App Store, yesterday. Reaction among BlackBerry users was mixed: Some loved it, happy that they could get their hands on apps more easily. Some didn't like it.

Walt Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal's technology columnist, also gave App World a mixed review as his first take. In short, he says it's a good thing that BlackBerry devices can finally download apps from a central store, and it works. But it's "clumsier" than Apple's iPhone store, and for something that RIM has had so long to nurture, there's a surprising number of apps missing at launch.

From Walt's blog post:

  • Perhaps the biggest flaw is that it doesn't work on millions of old BlackBerry devices. (We're okay with that -- if RIM is going to survive the consumer smartphone war, it's going to have to sell a heck of a lot more new devices.)
  • No Google, Amazon, Kindle apps. $3 AP news app stinks. No Twitter app. And the Facebook app is the "rudimentary" one that's been available for a while.
  • But! A few fart apps, "something that seems so… unBlackBerry-like."
  • Buying process is "harder" than on the iPhone.
  • Apps tend to be more expensive. Cheapest are $3.
  • You can only save apps to onboard memory, not an expansion card.
  • Apps aren't downloaded to the Apps folder, but the Downloads folder.

The not-enough-apps problem could be a simple one for RIM to solve. All it has to do is wait and hope that developers will invest in their platform. It's possible, given RIM's large and growing user base, many will. Especially if BlackBerry owners show the same interest in using apps as iPhone owners have.

But the design flaws and lacking elegance will be trickier for RIM to fix. Not because these seem like particularly complex problems to solve. But mostly because it seems like RIM just doesn't understand design and user experience like Apple does. Sure, they will make updates and fix some of the most glaring problems. But it's pretty telling that the problems exist in the first place -- something we've learned to expect from RIM.

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