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AMD Has Silently Launched the FX-8310 as OEM Model


First we had the rumours about the three new AMD FX CPUs and they were also released shortly thereafter, but at the same time there were more rumours about a fourth new FX CPU from AMD. We’ve already had one of the first three on our test-bench for a review, so you can check that out if interested.

So far this has stayed a rumour and we didn’t hear much more about it, until now. AMD recently released documents that show that the FX-8310 was launched simultaneous to the other three. It was however launched silently and with a temporary OEM exclusive instead of a retail version like the other three models.

Just cause something is meant for OEM and not retail, doesn’t mean it won’t find its way to us as consumers. TigerDirect is currently selling the new FX-8310 CPUs for just $124.99. There’s also reports coming in from the Asian markets that several shops have started to carry the CPU’s there too. That is a seriously low price for an eight-core packing this kind of performance.

While this is an OEM version and not a retail package, a lot of people actually see it as a benefit. Buying an OEM version saves you to pay for all the things you don’t actually need, like stock-coolers, manuals and stickers – and lets face it, those are things that don’t matter to most of us.

You’re probably interested in the specifications of this new chip and here are the numbers. The FX-8310 is an upgraded version of the FX-8300 model. The new version has an increased base clock of 100 MHz and runs at 3.4 GHz. It isn’t fully clear yet how effective the turbo is, but it looks like it has gotten the same 100 MHz bump as the base clock. It’s still an eight core CPU with 8MB L3 cache and an unlocked multiplier. The TDP remains at 95W as well.

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Details about  AMD FX-8310 3.4GHz 8-Core 8M Socket AM3+ CPU Processor

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Effective Speed -53%Effective Speed -53%Average Score -116%1-Core -134%, 4-Core -151%, 2-Core -143%, 8-Core -152%, Memory -3%Overclocked Score -106%1-Core -109%, 2-Core -121%, 4-Core -145%, 8-Core -153%, Memory -2%Value & Sentiment User Rating -85%, Market Share -∞%Nice To Haves -301%64-Core -225%, 64-Core -230%, Age -447%

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The number of benchmark samples for this model as a percentage of all 47,055,741 CPUs tested.

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  • Best value for money - Value for money is based on real world performance.
  • Fastest real world speed - Real World Speed measures performance for typical consumers.

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AMD FX 8310 OverClocking Guide (≥4 Ghz)

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