Dell battery flashing orange

Dell battery flashing orange DEFAULT

Where did you purchase the battery?

If not from Dell, it could be a used battery that has been "reconditioned" and is probably no good.

Run the battery down and not how long it runs before completely discharged.

You (should) have a Lithium Ion battery, which does not need to be recharged multiple times to achieve full charge. This was true for Nickel-Cadmium batterys and to a lesser extent Nickel-Metal Hydride.


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Is your Dell laptop flashing orange and white light when plugged in? if your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

This problem is very easy to fix and the coolest part is that you can fix it yourself. You don’t need to waste any money hiring a computer engineer.

As a dell user, I know you will say your computer’s power or battery light is flashing orange and white. But, what if i tell your dell laptop is actually flashing amber and white light.

it’s ok, I have also made the same mistake until somebody corrected me. Before we proceed to the solution, I’m sure you must be interested in finding out what it means when your dell laptop flashes the orange and while color.

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What does it mean when your Dell laptop battery light flashes amber and white?

Amber LightWhite LightPossible ProblemDescription
21CPUCPU failure
22BIOS ROM failureSystem board failure (included BIOS corruption or ROM error)
23MemoryNo memory/RAM detected
24MemoryMemory/RAM failure
25MemoryInvalid memory installed
26ChipsetSystem board/chipset error
27LCDLCD failure
31RTC power failureCMOS battery failure
32PCI/videoPCI or video card/chip failure
33BIOS recovery 1Recovery image not found
34BIOS recovery 2Recovery image found but invalid

As you can see from the table above, depending on how your amber and white light is blinking, there is a pattern you should look out for in order to quickly find the root of the problem.

Look closely at the table and try to read the pattern your laptop is showing symptoms for.

When you figure it out, drop a comment below to let me know.

Normally, the most common cause for a dell laptop battery light to flash orange and white is because of a charging failure.

When your dell laptop detects a charging failure, it usually reflects with the battery led blinking orange and white.

Here’s an easy way of how to fix it.

Note – The next section will involve you opening your computer with a screwdriver. If you don’t know how to disassemble a laptop, then I suggest that you should seek the help of a computer engineer

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How to fix Dell Laptop Battery light flashing Orange and White

Fix Dell laptop light flashing orange then white:

  1. Drain Out All The Energy
  2. Reinsert CMOS Battery
  3. Replace Dell Charger
  4. Check Your Ram and Its Slot
  5. Get Rid of Dust.

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1. Drain out all the Energy

To drain out all the energy from your dell laptop, you need to perform a hard reset.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Disconnect every peripherals from your computer.

2. Disconnect your charger.

3. Remove or disconnect your battery from your computer.

4. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

5. Reconnect just your battery and laptop charger to your computer.

6. Turn on your computer by pressing the power button.

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2. Reinsert CMOS Battery

The idea here is to remove your CMOS battery and then reinsert it to get rid of any error.

Here’s how,

  1. Turn off your computer.

2. Unscrew the back of your Dell laptop with a screwdriver to reveal the motherboard.

3. Remove your CMOS battery and put it back correctly after 10 seconds.

cmos battery

4. Reassemble your computer.

5. Turn on your computer.

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3. Replace Dell Charger

Your Dell laptop must have devolved this blinking or flashing problem from the frequent use of a damaged charger.

There are some types of chargers that goes bad but they still keep on working. Those type of charger must have been the cause of this power or battery light problem.

What you should do is to try a new Dell charger to see if everything will work properly.

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4. Check You Ram And Its Slot

There’s a possibility that either one of your rams or its slot is faulty, so the idea is to take out all the ram installed on your Dell computer and then put each ram in a particular slot one after the other.

While that is done, turn on your dell laptop on each try to know which slot and ram are working.

If by any chance that your computer didn’t come on after inserting a particular ram in a particular slot, then it means either that particular ram or slot has gone bad.

Once you figure it out, put the ram that is working in the correct slot and then replace whatever that went bad.

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5. Get Rid Of Dust

Depending on how long you have been using your Dell computer. Surely it would have accumulated a lot of dust that can be affecting its performance.

Sometimes dust may seem harmless when it is little, but when it is in excess, it can cause some complex problems that can result in a serious damage after a long period of time.

Your current situation might be as a result of too much dust inside your Dell laptop. You will have to get rid of all the dust before your computer begins to work well again.

My advice would be for you is to get the right tool that can help you get rid of dust fast and effectively.

Compressed Air, MECO High Pressure Air Duster Blower
Compressed Air, MECO High Pressure Air Duster Blower
  • 【High Pressure】MECO Compressed Air blows immediate and continuous high-pressure air to clean dust debris and dirt away from any Electronic device in your home or office. (Need to connect the power supply when using)
  • 【Multi-use】WIth 8 extra nozzle attachments making it an easily maneuverable versatile device. It can be used for any of your expensive electronic devices such as your computer, keyboard, laptop, copy machine, medical equipment, camera, etc.
  • 【Two Speeds Adjustable】There are two gears to adjust the speeds, which can adjust the high to low. This Electric computer Duster has a powerful ~ watt blower motor for long-term use.
  • 【Lightweight and Easy to Use】MECO Air Duster having an extra-long foot cord and with a weight of only pounds. Easy to use and allows you to maneuver around easily. (When using, DON'T put it on the table to block the air inlet, otherwise, it will cause serious heating or stop working.)
  • 【Environment Friendly】An alternative to compressed air gas. With landfills overflowing with non-biodegradable waste including compressed air cans, our computer cleaner is safe for the environment and for the cost of cans of air cans you can own a MECO Air Blower.

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This is how you use it once you get it:

  1. Open up your Dell laptop to reveal its motherboard.
  2. Turn on the blower and blow away.
  3. Make use of the brushes to dust off some hard-to-reach places while using the blower.
  4. Put back your laptop together once you are done.
  5. Confirm if your Dell laptop has stopped blinking.
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Good afternoon,

Been working on a Dell Latitude E which is bringing me problem after problem.
I now seem to have all my previous issues sorted but still one major issue remains - the battery will not charge.

The battery light is constantly flashing orange. The laptop is recognizing there is a battery attached but will not charge it.

Things I have tried:

removing the battery unplugging the AC adapter and holding power button down for 30 seconds before putting the battery back in and trying to see if it charges then. No luck

Different AC adapter. still powers the laptop but will not charge the battery

Reset the BIOS to default settings

Physically taken the laptop apart to check the physical connection was not damaged.

uninstalling the battery from device manager and reinstalling.

Probably a few other things as well but I can't think of other stuff I have tried off the top of my head.

Ideally I would like to try a different battery to see if that charges which will of course confirm my current battery is dead but I do not have a spare one to try.

Anyone else got any ideas I can try?



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Battery orange dell flashing

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Laptop Battery Not Charging - Plugged in not charging

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