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  • We’ve updated this overview to add our newest pick for best OLED TV.

June 7, 2021

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and testing TVs to find the best options for any space and budget. This article provides an overview of the top picks across all of our guides to the best TVs, with links to our full coverage. The TCL 6-Series—available in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes—is our recommendation for a great LCD TV at a reasonable price. But if you want even better performance, a lower price, a smaller size, or the best choice for gaming, we have other recommendations, as well.

Great image contrast, brightness, and detail comparable with that of $1,000+ TVsHDMI inputs support a maximum bandwidth of only 18 Gb/s
Integrated Roku support for all major streaming servicesSome people might find the Roku remote too basic
Gaming-friendly features

Great image quality for the price: Best LCD/LED TV

An LCD TV sits in a living room media center, displaying a family of polar bears walking in snow.

Buy a midrange LCD TV if:

  • You want quality for a reasonable price: The good ones offer excellent picture quality, solid preset image modes, easy on-screen navigation, and plenty of inputs for under $1,500.

Buy another type of TV if:

  • You want the best image quality possible: An OLED TV will provide a clear, truly lifelike image with perfect blacks and bright highlights, but you’ll have to pay for it.
  • You’re on a tight budget: If you’re willing to compromise on image quality to save some money, consider our budget pick.
  • You don’t have very much space: If you’re looking for a TV to fit in the corner of your small bedroom or dorm, get a 32-inch model.

Why we like it: The TCL 6-Series is our favorite LCD/LED TV thanks to its combination of great image quality, simplicity, and features that make it ready for the future—all for an affordable price. The TV uses advanced technologies such as quantum dots and mini LEDs to produce an image that is very colorful and has superb contrast ratios and HDR performance. The 120 Hz LCD panel can deliver cleaner, smoother motion for TV shows, movies, and video games without resorting to the soap opera effect. And the built-in Roku interface makes it easy to access almost every streaming service without having to add an extra streaming box.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The HDMI inputs are limited to a bandwidth of 18 Gb/s, which means they can’t accept a 4K signal at 120 Hz, only at 60 Hz. The video processing on the 6-Series is fine, but it’s not as good as what companies like Sony and Samsung offer. Some people might find the supplied Roku remote to be too basic. There are no number keys, so selecting a TV channel requires using the on-screen guide or the up and down arrows.

Available sizes: 55, 65, 75 inches
HDMI ports: four
Smart OS: Roku

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

  • The Best LCD/LED TV

    The Best LCD/LED TV

    The new and improved TCL 6-Series is our favorite LCD/LED TV, thanks to its great performance, simple Roku interface, and future-proof features.

If you can’t spend as much: Best budget 4K TV

A TV sits on a media console.

Buy a budget 4K TV if:

  • You’re willing to sacrifice image quality: Spending a little more money will get you noticeably better image quality.

Buy another type of TV if:

  • You watch a lot of TV during the day: Our budget 4K TV picks might not be bright enough to compete with sunlight through windows, which might bother you during a lazy Sunday morning.
  • You want something that looks as good turned off as it does while on: A more expensive TV may have better aesthetics than our budget pick.

Why we like it: The 55-inch Vizio M-Q8 has the advanced technologies needed to deliver a great-looking 4K picture. Plus it’s easy to use and has a variety of streaming services built in.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Vizio panel isn’t as bright as the best LCD TVs we’ve tested, and it has only a 60 Hz refresh rate, so motion isn’t as fluid as it can be on a 120 Hz panel. The M-Q8 uses the claw-foot stand design, in which the two feet are spaced far apart, so it needs a table or stand that’s as wide as it is.

Available sizes: 55 and 65 inches
HDMI ports: four
Smart OS: SmartCast

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

Upgrade for the best possible performance: Best OLED TV

Our best OLED TV pick, the LG C1 Series, displaying scene from a car race in a video game.

Buy an OLED TV if:

  • You want the best possible image quality, regardless of price: OLED TVs can produce the best HDR image quality of any TV currently available.
  • You watch TV in a room where you can control the lighting: In a bright room, an OLED TV might reflect a lot of light that obscures the picture. If you are looking for a TV for a dark room, or a home theater setup, OLED TV is the perfect choice.
  • You want your TV to look as nice off as it does on: An OLED TV usually has an attractive metallic design that will look great in your living room.

Buy another type of TV if:

  • You largely watch TV in a very bright room: OLED TVs can’t compete with LCD models for overall brightness, which can easily overpower reflections and direct light.
  • You aren’t looking for the best possible picture quality: An LCD TV can provide a great image at a much lower price.

Why we like it: The LG C1 offers superb image quality, is brighter than previous OLED TVs, supports the leading HDR and HDMI 2.1 standards, and has an extremely thin and attractive design. Its WebOS smart-TV platform is easy to use and supports all of the major video and audio streaming services. Videophiles will like that the C1 gives them more control over the image than competing OLED TVs do, while the Filmmaker Mode makes it easy for anyone to get an accurate image.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The HDMI 2.1 ports on the C1 offer a bandwidth of 40 Gbps, instead of the full 48 Gbps bitrate. The sound quality of the LG C1 could be better, but that’s the case with every flat-panel TV. We expect most people will pair a TV in this price range with an AV receiver and surround-sound combo or at least a good soundbar.

Available sizes: 48, 55, 65, 77, 83 inches
HDMI ports: four
Smart OS: WebOS

Upgrade pick



The best OLED TV

The LG C1 produces fantastic 4K HDR images and performs almost as well as higher-end OLED TVs for a significantly lower price.

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

For small spaces: Best 32-inch TV

A product shot of the TCL Roku TV on a white background.

Buy a 32-inch LCD/LED TV if:

  • You don’t have space for a larger TV: Our other picks are likely too big for small bedrooms or dorm rooms.

Buy another type of TV if:

  • You care about picture quality: A larger LCD or OLED TV will provide an image with much higher definition.
  • You’ve got plenty of space: A 32-inch TV will look a little odd in most suburban living rooms.
  • You’d like a TV that looks as nice when off as it does while on: A high-end LCD or OLED TV will have much better aesthetics.

Why we like it: The 32-inch TCL Roku TV is our pick for the best 32-inch TV because it has three HDMI ports instead of two and comes with Roku OS built in. This saves you the roughly $40 you’d otherwise have to spend on a streaming stick. We don’t think that the 32-inch Roku TV is all that special, but it is the best of the small TVs we tested and good enough for viewing in a small room. It’s also available in 28-, 40-, 43-, and 49-inch versions.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Although this 32-inch TCL model looks good for the price, it’s not remarkable. But these days that’s true for all small TVs, which are increasingly an afterthought for TV makers. The prices of larger screens have dropped to the point that almost anybody can afford one; as a result, small TVs are based on designs that lag several years behind the latest technology. This 32-inch TCL offers only 720p resolution, which means that it doesn’t support 4K (the larger three sizes in this series go up to 1080p, but that’s still just HD). They also don’t do HDR. You have to really need the small size to justify getting one of these right now.

Available sizes: 32 inches
HDMI ports: three
Smart OS: Roku

Our pick

TCL Roku TV (32-inch)

TCL Roku TV (32-inch)

The best small tv

TCL’s 32-inch Roku TV lacks 4K and HDR, but that doesn’t matter as much on a small screen. It has great streaming options and more HDMI ports than other small TVs.

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

  • The Best 32-Inch TV

    The Best 32-Inch TV

    The best small TV for most people is the TCL Roku. Its low price tag and integrated Roku make it great for a second room or the very price-conscious.

For gamers: Best TV for video games

A video game is displayed on the LG CX OLED television set up as a monitor with a desktop, mouse, and keyboard in frame.

Buy a gaming TV if:

  • You want low input lag: The lower the TV’s input lag, the less time between when something happens in the game and when you see it on your screen.
  • You want the latest gaming-friendly HDMI 2.1 features: The newest HDMI 2.1 specification includes a number of gaming-friendly features, like automatic low latency mode, variable refresh rate, and the bandwidth to pass a 4K 120 Hz signal. While many TVs might support one or two HDMI 2.1 features, only a select few currently support the higher bandwidth.

Buy another type of TV if:

  • You don’t play video games: Other TVs can deliver great performance for movie- and TV-watching for a lower price.

Why we like it: In addition to being our favorite overall performer for movies, the LG CX OLED TV supports all the HDMI 2.1 features you could want for gaming, including 4K 120 Hz inputs, ALLM, VRR, and HGIG. In addition, it has one of the lowest input lags we’ve measured on a TV, its game mode offers accurate colors, and it has superior viewing angles and pixel-response times compared with LCD TVs. It supports AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync for PC gamers, too. Unlike almost every other HDMI 2.1 display out there, the CX supports HDMI 2.1 on every HDMI input (it has four total), not just one or two.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some people worry about burn-in when using an OLED TV as a gaming monitor, though we don’t think this is a major issue. The HDMI 2.1 ports on the CX offer a bandwidth of 40 Gbps, while the former C9’s HDMI inputs offered a full 48 Gbps bitrate. With all the current gaming sources that are available, this should not be a concern.

Available sizes: 48, 55, 65, 77 inches
HDMI ports: four
Smart OS: WebOS

See our complete coverage and learn more in our full review

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The 5 Best 48-49-50 Inch TVs - Fall 2021 Reviews

In the OLED category, the best 48 inch TV is the LG OLED48C1PUB. It delivers stunning picture quality, especially in dark rooms, and comes with a few extra gaming-oriented features too. It comes with a sleek center-mounted stand that doesn't take up too much space, so you can easily place it on a table. The OLED panel delivers a near-infinite contrast ratio with perfect black uniformity, with no blooming around bright objects in dark scenes.

We tested the 55 inch model as a TV, and our results should be valid for all sizes, but we also tested the 48 inch version as a monitor. Gamers should enjoy the four HDMI 2.1 inputs, allowing you to play 4k games up to 120fps from either the PS5 or Xbox Series X. It natively supports FreeSync and HDMI Forum variable refresh rate (VRR) technologies, as well as G-SYNC Compatible for PC gamers. Motion looks very smooth thanks to the near-instantaneous response time, and it has low input lag for a responsive gaming experience.

Unfortunately, our unit has bad out-of-the-box accuracy, so you may need to get it calibrated to enjoy it to the fullest, but this can also vary between units. Sadly, OLEDs have the risk of permanent burn-in, which can pose a problem if you watch the same news channel all day or if you want to use it as a PC monitor, but we don't expect this to be an issue for most people. Overall, it's the best 48 inch TV with an OLED panel.

See our review

Sours: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/by-size/48-49-50-inch
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Top positive review

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5.0 out of 5 starsVery Happy Wth This Set!

Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2011

I'll try not to repeat what's already been written about this set. Just wanted to echo the positive reviews and give it the great rating that it deserves.

I purchased the set in late September, so I've had some time to evaluate most aspects of its performance. My sources are 85% HD cable (sports, documentaries, music...) and 15% Vudu streaming movies and music doc's (more on this later). I did purchase a Bluray player but haven't had a chance to pick up any discs yet! Have played conventional DVD's but this wasn't really a tough test for the TV. They look fine...

- Directions and Connections: Fast and self-evident. Clear, thorough directions for set-up. I could use a bit more detail on some of the picture and effects setting definitions as there is some proprietary jargon, but I was able to work through what the setting means by just trying it...

- Picture Clarity and Color: Fantastic with all sources. As other reviewers have stated, it's good out of the box, but I spent a few sessions playing with all of the settings, and the picture benefited greatly. The fine tuning is really worth it (I found this to be true with my old CRT set as well). Had relatives around over Thanksgiving and they were very impressed. Kept commenting on how great it looked. Blacks are very black, and color is natural and highly adjustable.

- Smoothness/Refresh: Overall, very good. A bit of judder(?) on live sports but I am chalking this up to the cable speed (I needed a signal booster, so my source signal probably isn't ideal). Seeing none of this on dvd's or Vudu streaming. Just perfectly smooth and natural movement on the screen.

- 3D: Wow. I love that the glasses are analog, not battery powered. I would not have purchased a set that used the expensive shutter glasses. We have spent a fair amount of time watching Vudu trailers, ESPN3D, and the Comcast 3D channel, and I am really surprised how much this enhances the viewing experience. I saw 3D as kind of a side-benefit that I might not use very much, but I have found myself, to the amusement of my family, watching live college basketball and football, glasses on looking like Buddy Holly, and really enjoying it. X-Games highlights are great, and full 1080i streaming in Vudu is kind of a revelation. I love 3D in theaters and wasn't sure that it would translate to the living room, but my fears were unwarranted. I really hope more 3D programming pops up on cable, especially sports. Love it.

- Sound: Ok. If I could have given the set 4.5 stars, the -.5 would be due to the sound. It's adequate, but I didn't expect it to sound like my nice audio rig or a theater. I didn't really realize how, well, ok it sounded, though, until I picked up a Panasonic sound bar with a subwoofer. Wow. This set deserves better sound and even the modest sound bar greatly enhances the overall viewing experience. I would say that some kind of after-market sound system is essential for all viewing content. If you're going to put a big TV in your house, it should sound like a big TV.

- Wireless Steaming, VIA: This is actually one of the features that I was looking forward to with this set and I have not been disappointed. As another review said, the set didn't pick up a full signal from my little Apple wireless set-up. Moving the unit to a more exposed location (it was under my desk) solved this right away and it's coming through loud and clear now. This really only affected Vudu 1080i content. Speaking of Vudu (I promise that I have no connection to this company! I just really like using it), since we dropped Netflix a while ago, most of our home movie viewing has been with cable on-demand, and it is fine. It comes through in 720i HD and looks really good. But then I hit the play button on a full HD Vudu clip and really saw what this set could do. Wow. We've been watching movies and music documentaries (the Classic Albums series is fantastic...) and the selection, interface, and quality is amazing. Honestly, I haven't felt the need to sign up for or use many of the other app's (I did connect to Pandora just for fun). Streaming definitely seems to be the way content delivery is going, and I am sold.

Miscellaneous: Remote is really nice. Overall appearance of the set is fine. The black color blends into the background in the room. It doesn't have that very slick Samsung clear bezel look, but it seems like the effort and R&D was put into the functionality of the set and not it's exterior design. It looks good hanging up in a very prominent location in our living room.

Overall: I would be happy with this set if I had paid more money for it. For about $1000, I have a hard time believing that there is a better value out there for the kind of picture, 3D, and overall viewing experience than this Vizio (and the price is lower now than when it came out!). I don't mind giving it 5 stars i/o 4.5!

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/VIZIO-M3D460SR-46-Inch-1080p-LCD/product-reviews/B0056YN8NQ

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VIZIO 43 Inch 4k Smart TV Long Term Review - Does It Suck?

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