Rear cantilever brake hanger

Rear cantilever brake hanger DEFAULT

Is cantilever rear cable hanger supposed to move?

Ideally all parts of the brake system that hold the cable housing should be fixed and immovable. There are two problems that can occur if this is not the case:

  • Flexing or movement when the brake is applied and there is tension between the cable and housing: This reduces the force that can be applied at the brake caliper and is obviously a bad thing.

  • Movement of the housing as the brakes are applied and slack in the cable is taken up. The brake lever has to be moved too far before the brake pads touch the wheel rim.

Sounds like you have the second problem. When the brakes are released the springy housing is moving the brake hanger causing you to have too much slack in the system.

The fix is is to get the cable housing under control so that it cannot flex and move around. The housing may be a little too long or not anchored the the frame properly. You can try fixing the brake housing to the frame or seat post with a zip tie to hold it in place. A zip tie around the seat tube end if the hanger to make the housing enter into it straight might work also.

Ideally, there should be a little tension in the brake cable when the lever is released so that the housing is held in line. This tension is supplied by the return springs of the calipers. Check the calipers to see if the return spring force is too weak. There are typically adjustment screws on the calipers or a array of holes on the brake bosses that the end of the spring fits into for adjusting spring tension.

Update after reply from OP in comment: 'I have shifter-type compressionless housing '

Shifter cable housing should NOT be used for brakes. The forces generated by brakes are much higher than those generated by shifters and derailleurs and the housing may fail.

See this answer.


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Funky Monkey Cable Hanger

The Funky Monkey is a simple, hanging housing stop for front and rear center pull and cantilever brakes. This simple part is brought to a whole new level with our renowned machining prowess.

Technical Information

  • Material


  • Weight


  • Finish


  • Anodized Color

    Black or Silver

  • Size

    Front: 7/8" (mm), 1" (mm), or /8" (mm)
    Rear: mm ↓

    Funky Monkey Fronts are available with three different inside diameters.

    The ⁄8" (mm) version fits around the steerer tube of modern threadless forks.

    The 1" (mm) version fits around threadless steerer tubes with an outside diameter of 1" (mm), and around quill stems with an outside diameter of 1" (mm).

    The 7/8" (mm) version fits around quill stems with an outside diameter of 7/8" (mm)

    The rear version fits is designed to fit on a mm seatpost.

  • Front Specs


  • Rear Specs


Product Story

We make a front and a rear version. The front comes in 7/8&#; (mm) , 1” (mm) , AND 1-18&#; (mm) sizes, the rear is mm and is meant for mounting on a seatpost.

The front Funky Monkey features an extra-long arm that drops down to prevent brake cable housing from bending too tightly and binding up. The arm sticks out far enough to clear most headsets.

The rear Funky Monkey has a hinged arm to self-align for the proper cable angle.

Both front and rear versions have a barrel adjuster to make brake cable adjustments quick and painless.

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Cantilever hanger rear brake

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How to restore and install vintage Shimano cantilever brakes

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