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bloody? withered spring Bonnie
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Withered Spring Bonnie


Spring Bonnie, Springtrap


Animatronic rabbit


Former Fredbear entertainer

First Appearance

Final Nights

Starting Location


Withered Spring Bonnie is an antagonist appearing in the epilogue of Final Nights.


Withered Spring Bonnie is an animatronic rabbit which appears in Final Nights that heavily resembles that of Springtrap from FNAF 3, absent of William Afton's corpse. He has dark green fur with many rips in the suit including the absence of a majority of his right ear. It appears that he has no eyes.


His behavior is not unlike that of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. When the player's back is turned, he will move quite fast, oftentimes moving towards you. The player needs to be aware of their surroundings and not make contact with him to avoid a jumpscare.


  • Withered Spring Bonnie‘s design was based on Springtrap.
  • As was previously mentioned, the behavior is not unlike that of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who or SCP-173 from SCP: Containment Breach.
  • Also, this behavior could have inspired Endo B "Angel" from The Joy Of Creation: Story Mode.
    • This particular character, along with the rest of the Fallen, is also based off of the Weeping Angels. Though it's the only one to also have such a reference in its name.
    • Withered springbonnie is same to withered fredbear of fredbear family diner or fredbear entertainmen


Sours: https://final-nights-awake.fandom.com/wiki/Withered_Springbonnie
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Withered Spring-Bonnie (FNAF 2 DLC)

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To celebrate FNAF 2's 3rd anniversary (i know FNAF 2 came out yesterday on the 10th, im doing today since it was released on steam today + i was busy yesterday), I made an idea of a FNAF 2 DLC, featuring one of my favorite ideas of FNAF antagonists, Nightmare Toys! Enjoy!

This full body is free-to-use and was made by DA user ''NightmareFreddy05'' with a few little errors fixed. I heavily suggest checking him out.

Active on: Night 5
Withered Spring-Bonnie, also nicknamed Pre-Springtrap in the Extras Menu, is one of the least aggressive antagonists but still poses a threat on Night 5 and onwards. He will behavior in a similar fashion of a mix of all of the Withered's excluding Withered Golden Freddy with his behavior most being that of Withered Freddy. He will get up from his position, appear rarely in the cameras, make it to the hallway, and eventually enter your office.

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© 2017 - 2021 xXxMLGFNAFxXx

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/xxxmlgfnafxxx/art/Withered-Spring-Bonnie-FNAF-2-DLC-714593056

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Spring bonnie withered

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