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Jack Points on a Subaru Forester

How and where to jack up your Subaru Forester

Subarus are straightforward to jack up, but if you have never done it before or you just don&#;t want to screw something up on your car then this post is for you.  Using the provided jack points and few jack stands it is possible to rotate your tires and do an oil change on the forester in a few short minutes at home. If possible you should rotate your tires every oil change. I usually do mine while the oil drains out of the car.

This post directly applies to the following models: (Most suabrus are very similar)

  • / Subaru Forester XT
  • Subaru Forester Normally Aspirated.
  • Impreza Gen four
  • Cross Trek

The Following Images Show the Jack Points on a Subaru Forester

 Forester Jack Points Front and Rear

Service Manual Jack Points On the Subaur Forester (+ but older models are similar)


Subaru Forester Front Jack Point

Subaru Forester Front Jack Point

Subaru Forester Rear Jack point. (Just below the two bolts in the center of the picture)

Subaru Forester Rear Jack point. (Just below the two bolts in the center of the picture) The rear differential will flex when you jack on it.

Hitch Jacking point on Forester

If you have an after market hitch you get to cheat.

Jacking Tips

  • If you have a fat cow of a floor jack like I do you will want to jack up the front of your car first. If you jack up the rear first the front end of the car will be so low to the ground that you are unable to get the jack point behind the oil pan.
  • Keep you jack stands set as low as possible to achieve your job.  They are a lot more stable and stronger the lower they are.
    • It should go without saying, but always use jack stands&#; NEVER GO UNDER YOUR CAR WHEN IT IS ON THE JACK ONLY&#; See the dent in the back of my skid plate?  Setting up jack stands and the jack rolled&#; I got really lucky it hit there and not the oil pan. Which brings me to my next point.
  • Do not use spacers on your jack. *One hockey puck is OK* Tall blocks of wood = bad idea.
  • You can also jack near the connection points of the subframe if you are careful, but it is better to use the official jack points. *More applicable to WRX*
  • Always Use at least 3 Jack stands(4 if not on a center point). NEVER let your car balance on the two center points it will fall off!
  • If you have an after market curt hitch it is plenty strong to jack on unless you have a load of brick in he back of your car.

Where to Jack on an Impreza or Cross Trek.

How to Jack up a Subaru Impreza

How to Jack up a Subaru Impreza and Cross Trek (WRX is basically the same)

DO NOT win a Darwin Award!

NO! If you do this there is a very good shot you will die under your beloved Subaru.

NO! If you do this there is a very good shot you will die under your beloved Subaru.

Jack Stands only go this way. Never put them on plastic!

Jack Stands only go this way. Never put them on plastic! Always on a flat surface.  If you see a jack stand that is not flat on the floor jack the car back up and reset the jack stand.














Stay Safe

Stay Safe






Putting your Subaru up on jack stands! Getting your Subaru in the air without going to a Rally-X event!

You are ready to install a fresh batch of parts on your Subaru, but how do you go about going supporting your Subaru safely and securely to confidently work under your car. When you glance under your car there are many metal objects you could situate your jack on to lift the car up, but which are sturdy and made to take this abuse? Where is the proper locations to place your jack stands after you have sent your vehicle skyward?

I use slightly taller jacks on the Forester. My standard sized jacks will barely keep the wheels off the ground.

We all know that using just a car jack is quite unsafe and can easily fail with one wrong move. Below we should answer all these questions and help you work on your car without incident. Being that all Subaru’s are very similar to one another we will use a 12 Impreza for our test car. So let us get to the task at hand!

With your jack stands, jack and flat ground you will need around five to ten minutes to get the vehicle off the ground and on the jack stands.

As expected we need a car jack to get the car into the air. I have used this Pittsburgh jack for the last three years, it has been pretty much bullet proof for me and works well on both my STi and Forester.

Always good to have a few extras just in case!

The best place to start is a level and flat piece of pavement/cement, then place your car in park or in gear(manual trans) with your parking brake engaged. It is also a good idea to chock the rear wheels with any object you can.

Parking brake and gear selected! For manual cars just put it in a gear.
Here is the image from Subaru to help you find your lifting points.

Next up you can slide the jack under the front end of the car and find the front jacking plate. This is located behind the oil pan and sometimes the steering rack. Other times the rack is housed right above it. Once you have it centered on the jacking plate you can begin to lift the vehicle.

It’s pretty easy to spot this plate under your Subaru. It should be towards the rear of the car past the oil pan.
Lifting it on up!

Once you have the vehicle lifted to a proper height for your repair, you can place the jack stands. For the front end of the car you can use the reinforced pinch welds that will hold the weight easily. If you are working on that part of the car you can use the inner unibody frame rails. I would recommend the pinch welds, this gives the widest base and therefore the least likelihood of it falling.

On the front of the car these are prime locations. The pinch weld gives a slightly wider base, I would recommend it.
If you need to work on the side skirts or somewhere near the pinch weld the unibody frame rails are happy to do the work too.

If you have an older Subaru with a front U-frame you can place jack stands on it near any of the bolts of it. You can also use it to jack up the car but not the front section near the radiator. It isn’t bolted directly to the unibody and can/will bend if you use it.

On my Forester and STi I often use to U-frame to get a little bit of extra height when only lifting the front of the car.

Now that you are done with the front let us move toward the back of the car. The easiest and best location will be the rear differential. If your jack has a metal plate on it I would highly recommend using a piece of wood to not chip or damage the diff.

Using a piece of wood helps keep the rear diff from chipping or damage when lifting it.
Finding the flattest portion of the diff you can commence to lifting.
Up we go.

With the rear of the car up in the air you can once again place your jack stands, making sure that the jack stands are at equal height. The most choice location being the pinch welds once again, these will be the most sturdy. Your next choices would be a flat piece of the suspension that bolts to the unibody. For my older Subarus I use the front of the trailing arm.

With equal heights on the jack stands we can start lowering it down to them.
Not the easiest to see but these rear jack stands are on the trailing arms

Having your car up on all four jack stands you can now give the car a jounce to make sure the car is stable and equally supported. For your safety you can place a wheel and tire under the car with you, now if a jack stand fails the car will fall and be stopped by the wheel and tire, just an extra precaution to keep the car from falling directly on you. If you don’t have a sizable tire to do this with you can always place an extra jack stand just underneath a stable piece of suspension, this will be extra insurance if one of the main jack stands fail.

Up in the air and very balanced. It is good to push down on part of the car after setting your jack stands to make sure everything is stable.

I have been working on my own cars for many years and have yet to have a car fall off the jack stands or have a jack stand fail. But being fully or over prepared is never a bad idea in this case.

Congrats! Now with your car off the ground you can begin your project! Always remember to be safe while under the car. Jack stands are much safer than a jack but keep in mind just how much a car weighs if it decides to come down. Any extra safety precautions that are listed above are well worth it.

Pittsburgh 3 ton low profile jack

Craftsman standard jack stands

Craftsman High lift jack stands

Hyper Tough jack stands

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In this article, we are going to treat a theme that can be of use to all of us. Whether it’s because you have a flat tire, or you want to change your brake pads, knowing where the jack is on a Subaru Forester is essential. In fact, without the jack, you won’t have the ability to lift your car and therefore change a wheel, or, access the elements behind it such as the brake pads for example. To achieve this, we will first show you the different kind of jacks, then, where the jack is on an Subaru Forester, and finally, how to use the jack on your car.


What are the different types of jacks for Subaru Forester?

So we begin our content with the different kind of jacks that exist. In fact, nevertheless in general most Subaru Forester will be equipped with the same sort of jack, there are still different styles with different uses, here they are:

  • The single-arm screw jack for Subaru Forester : The first type of jack, the most traditional and cheapest of all, is generally determined on entry-level models, or with few options. This sort of jack has just one articulated arm that is placed under the motor vehicle to lift it. This sort of jack is light, easy to use, but does not enable you to lift large loads.
  • The double-arm screw jack for Subaru Forester : It uses exactly similar basic principle as the jack seen earlier, that is, a worm screw that will enable screwing to raise the jack, and unscrewing to lower it, nevertheless the use of a double arm will enable to have a more stable jack that can lift a higher payload.
  • The hydraulic jack for Subaru Forester : This form of jack is not standard equipment on vehicles, and is usually just supplied with a premium model or bought in motor vehicle centres. These jacks are heavier, generally less bulky and have the advantage of being much easier to utilise and able to lift a larger load. It would cost between 20 and 50 euros to buy them, here is a simple and efficient model from Oscaro.


Where is the jack on Subaru Forester?

We will now commence the part that absolutely made you come to this content, where is the jack on a Subaru Forester? It might seem simple, but based on the motor vehicle produce and model the location of the jack is not similar. Take note that most Subaru Forester cars are supplied with a jack, if they are not you will have to find a puncture-proof spray or a compressor instead. Whether you have just bought your Subaru Forester or have been loaned one, or are renting it, you may not have this information. We are going to give you the different locations of the jack on your motor vehicle, these locations may change based on the year and the finish of your Subaru Forester:

  • The most basic position for a jack is in the trunk of your Subaru Forester. To reach it, just lift the carpet in the trunk and you should find it and the spare tire.
  • In the rear wheel arch: Similar but less common position, your jack might be in your trunk, but on the side of the trunk, to reach it you just have to open the hatch in the right part of your trunk.
  • Last possible location for the jack on your Subaru Forester is under your motor vehicle. If you still have the spare tire you will discover it under your trunk, generally you will have to unscrew a nut to have the ability to release it and the spare tire.

How to use the jack on a Subaru Forester?

Finally, we will fairly quickly show you how to use the jack on your Subaru Forester. Whether it is to change your wheel or to change the brake pads of your Subaru Forester, the procedure remains similar. This procedure might seem complex, but you just need to follow a few recommendations to use your jack safely:

  • Before lifting your Subaru Forester, remember to engage the handbrake as well as a gear to lock your wheels.
  • Unscrew the wheel nuts of the wheels you want to work on before lifting the car, otherwise you risk damaging the transmission.
  • Begin to lift your jack (about 20 centimeters) and position it under your motor vehicle at the level of the underbody, you will generally discover a notch to position it in the right place.
  • Raise your Subaru Forester, don’t bother doing it much, if your tire comes off three inches off the ground that’s enough.

To get more tips on the Subaru Forester, take a look at the Subaru Forester category.


- Do not jack up the vehicle on an

- Do not jack up the vehicle on an incline or a loose road surface.

The jack can come out of the jacking point or sink into the ground and this can result in a severe accident.

- Use only the jack provided with your vehicle. The jack supplied with the vehicle is designed only for changing a tire. Never get under the vehicle while supporting the vehicle with this jack.

- Always turn off the engine before raising the flat tire off the ground using the jack. Never swing or push the vehicle supported with the jack. The jack can come out of the jacking point due to a jolt and this can result in a severe accident.

1. Park on a hard, level surface, whenever possible, then stop the engine.

2. Set the parking brake securely and shift the shift lever in reverse (MT models) or the select lever in the “P” (Park) position (AT models).

3. Turn on the hazard warning flasher and have everyone get out of the vehicle.

4. Put wheel blocks at the front and rear

4. Put wheel blocks at the front and rear of the tire diagonally opposite the flat tire.

5. Take out the jack, jack handle and wheel nut wrench.

The tools and the spare tire are stored under the floor of the cargo area. Refer to “Maintenance tools”.

Make sure that the jack is well lubricated before using it.

Models with standard spare tire
Models with standard spare tire

Models with temporary spare tire
Models with temporary spare tire

6. Take out the tool bucket and turn the attaching bolt counterclockwise, then take the spare tire out.

If the spare tire provided in your vehicle is a temporary spare tire, carefully read “Temporary spare tire” and strictly follow the instructions.

1) Notch

1) Notch
2) Valve hole

7. If your vehicle has wheel covers, insert a wheel cover remover into the notch on the opposite side of the valve hole and pry the wheel cover to remove it.

8. Loosen the wheel nuts using the wheel

8. Loosen the wheel nuts using the wheel nut wrench but do not remove the nuts.

9. Place the jack under the side sill at the

9. Place the jack under the side sill at the front or rear jack-up point closest to the flat tire.

Turn the jackscrew by hand until the jack head engages firmly into the jack-up point.

 Insert the jack handle into the jackscrew,

Insert the jack handle into the jackscrew, and turn the handle until the tire clears the ground. Do not raise the vehicle higher than necessary.

Remove the wheel nuts and the flat tire.

 Before putting the spare tire on, clean

Before putting the spare tire on, clean the mounting surface of the wheel and hub with a cloth.

Put on the spare tire. Replace the wheel nuts. Tighten them by hand.

Do not use oil or grease on the

Do not use oil or grease on the wheel studs or nuts when the spare tire is installed. This could cause the nuts to become loose and lead to an accident.

Turn the jack handle counterclockwise to lower the vehicle.

 Use the wheel nut wrench to securely

Use the wheel nut wrench to securely tighten the wheel nuts to the specified torque, following the tightening order in the illustration.

For the wheel nut tightening torque, refer to “Tires”. Never use your foot on the wheel nut wrench or a pipe extension on the wrench because you may exceed the specified torque. Have the wheel nut torque checked at the nearest automotive service facility.

 Store the flat tire in the spare tire

Store the flat tire in the spare tire compartment. Put in the spacer and tighten the attaching bolt firmly.

Also store the jack, jack handle and wheel nut wrench in their storage locations.

Never place a tire or tire changing

Never place a tire or tire changing tools in the passenger compartment after changing wheels. In a sudden stop or collision, loose equipment could strike occupants and cause injury. Store the tire and all tools in the proper place.

Flat tires
If you have a flat tire while driving, never brake suddenly; keep driving straight ahead while gradually reducing speed. Then slowly pull off the road to a safe place.
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How to Rotate Tires on a Subaru with Scissor Jack

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