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43+ Best Alphabet Stencils

Stencils are generally a fine thin materials which are used for designing. They can produce images as well as letters. They make the design look visually appealing and has a decorative ambience towards it. You can come up with artwork that involves use of stencils to print or paint letters on materials. It might be a home garden sign you want to make or a t-shirt you would like to print. The work of stencils is popular widely and can be used in textile, decorative elements, business, designing, art and other designing elements. Items such as mugs and coffee cups are also printed with letters using the stencil. You can come up with different fonts of the alphabets so that they represent the design feature you want to introduce.

In other kinds of designs, it is easy and useful to play with different styles of fonts and cases such as Bold, Italics, Aerial and other form of alphabet designs. For hand-drawn stencil designs, it is a bit difficult and complicated. However, as pre-designed stencils are readily available, you don’t have to face any hassle and you can play with them in design and artwork instantly! Be it hand painting letters, decorating walls, printing on textile materials and embroidery, letter stencils can be used in a versatile manner for a number of tasks and activities.

If that’s not all, you could also put them to work on flat surfaces as well as rounded or curved surfaces. You can find best alphabet stencil designs that can be downloaded on your computer and printed. You can get alphabets that produce sharp results for your wall décor, special occasion signs, primitive signs, and any other task that begs for personalized stencil work. See more : Fabulous Wall Paint Stencils ,  Spray Paint Art Stencils

Stencil Letters and Numbers


Algerian Font Alphabet Stencil


Alphabet Stencil Typeface


Free Alphabet Stencils for Printable


Alphabet Stencils in Spray Paint


Arial Bold Font Alphabet Stencil


Fleur De Leah Alphabet Stencil Set


Balloon Font Alphabet Stencil


Alphabet Stencil by Heidi Swapp


Old English Alphabet Stencil


Military Alphabet Stencil


Bard Font Alphabet Stencil


Typeface Alphabet Stencil Gothic


Bergell Font Alphabet Stencil


Black Chancery Font Alphabet Stencil


Lower Case Alphabet Stencil


Celtic Font Alphabet Stencil


Calligraphy Alphabet Stencil


Colorful Alphabet Stencil


Alphabet Stencil Reusable Template


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Free printable alphabet letter and number stencils to print

What is a letter stencil?

If I had to describe a letter stencil in one sentence, it is a template to guide you as you scribe and trace letters and numbers onto surfaces.

A letter stencil is a specialized template containing a typography design which can be used for spray painting.

Our letter and number stencils make getting beautiful, consistent letters easy! Available in many formats such as PNG, PDF and SVG.

SVG Letter Stencils

NEW! SVG Letter and Number Stencils

Stencil Letters of Alphabets Use our free letter and number stencil templates for creating your own design ideas.

Let your design imagination run free for things such as t-shirt stencils, wall letter stencils, painting letter stencils for banners, alphabet coloring and much more.

Our free printable stencils which include letters and numbers are available in over different designs. Find a perfect stencil template for your project today.

Our printable PNG and SVG stencil templates are free to print.

PDF Letter Stencils

NEW! Premium PDF Letter Stencils

Featured printable letter stencils available in 1 to 12 inch sizes.

Print our free stencils in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 inch templates. Please visit Free stencil letters from 1 to 12 inch templates to print out for free.

We offer small and large stencils in various size inches to print.

Number stencil templates with 1 to 10 numbers.

We also have Number stenciltemplates which can be printed out for free.

Our huge selection of free stencils are available in many template themes which include:

Arial, Block, Bubble, Cursive, Decorative, Girly, Gothic, Graffiti, Halloween, Italic, Japanese, Large, Lowercase, Military, Old English, Small, Uppercase and Wooden style letter stencils.

Download and print for free our latest SVG stencil letter templates.

All letter and number stencil templates have bridges. The bridges help the letters and numbers connect together so that they don't fall out when you are cutting them.

PDF letter stencil templates. Letter stencils are cut out with bridges to keep the center piece in place. These stencils are popular among DIY Crafters, Scrapbookers and Painters.

  • 's Art Style Letter Stencils | 's Brushed Cursive Printable Stencils | 's World Style Letter Stencils | 's Calligraphy Printable Letter Stencils | 's Novelty Free Letter Stencils | Air Force Army Letter Stencils | Army Crates Letter Stencils | Army Major Letter Stencils | Army Stencil Majuscule Printable Letter Stencils
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    Cool lettering, fancy text, stencils, cool fonts, templates, patterns, and stylish colorful font generator. See font generator, monograms, and colorful text generatorfor more ideas.

    Fancy Text, Cool Lettering, Templates, Stencils, Font Generator

    Select a letter below to view that alphabet font. You can then create words and pick new colors!


    Christmas Letter A, Colorful Fonts, Templates, Stencils, Patterns, Clipart


    Easter &#; Halloween Letter A, Font, Templates, Stencils, Patterns, Clipart


    More Stencil Ideas and Patterns




    Printable Lettering for the Classroom and DIY Craft Project

    Printable letters and numbers can be used for a variety of DIY craft projects for both the home and the classroom. You can use these letters to create a festive banner, sign, or a customized card for someone&#;s birthday or anniversary. Furthermore, you can use these letters to create holiday decorations, add personalized lettering to a scrapbook, and many other projects.

    Helpful Lettering Tips and Projects

    • Print the letters or numbers on colored paper. By doing this, you can create colorful banners and signs without having to color in each individual letter.
    • Cut out the letters on wrapping paper, old maps, decorative paper, etc. to add some additional embellishment to your crafting project.
    • Apply a rubber stamp design over your letters and numbers to create a unique decorative pattern with a personalized touch.
    • Print out the letters on white paper and then ask kids to color them. After coloring the letters, you can ask them to write or draw objects that start with the letter you printed.

    Learn how to paint and make stencils.

    Pin for later!

    FREE cool fonts, fancy text, cool lettering, alphabet stencils, number stencils, printable letters, patterns, templates, large, big, DIY.


    Fancy Text, Fonts, Stencils, and Printable Lettering

    Use these printable letters, stencils, fonts, clipart designs, and patterns as templates to imprint letters and numbers on other surfaces. Create personalized, custom projects for your home, for craft shows, for selling projects online, etc. These uppercase (and some lowercase) alphabet letters and numbers are great for coloring pages, coloring sheets, crochet patterns, drawing and painting projects, cricut and silhouette cutting machines, hobbies, holiday crafts, iron-on designs, kid crafts, laser cutting, needlecrafts, preschool printables, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, sign making, string art (nail art), teachers, wall art, weddings, woodworking projects, and other DIY arts and crafts.


    You can transfer these printable patterns to cardboard, cardstock, canvas, construction paper, fabric, felt, foam, glass, leather, metal, notebook paper, paper, parchment paper, photo paper, plastic, plexiglass, poster board, rubber, steel, vinyl, wax paper, wrapping paper, wood, and many other types of materials.


    When downloading a pattern or stencil font, you can specify a new color (e.g., red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, magenta, tan, cyan, olive, maroon, navy, aquamarine, turquoise, silver, lime, teal, indigo, violet, pink, black, white, gray, or grey). Your new design or pattern can be printed or downloaded in PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. You get to select the size, so create large stencils, big stencils, or little stencils. This allows you to create stencils 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", etc. in height.


    Looking for More Cool Lettering, Stencils, Fonts, Patterns?

    In under 20 seconds create fancy text or monograms. Try the font generator or add 😎cool symbols to your text.

    Try photos to sketch and photos to painting and create a family name sign.


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