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Belle Delphine reveals she once cheated on her 14-year old boyfriend with a 30-year old man

Mary-Belle "Belle Delphine" Kirschner recently appeared on popular YouTuber Phiilip DeFranco's podcast "A Conversation With," where she revealed that she once cheated on her boyfriend with a much older man when she was a teenager.

The 21-year old South-African born British YouTuber provided viewers with an intimate glimpse into her life beyond the camera, during her recent appearance on Philip DeFranco's podcast.

From addressing her strained relationship with her parents to speaking about her boyfriend's secret identity, Belle Delphine's interview proved to be a rather engaging one, courtesy of a set of riveting questions posed by Philip DeFranco.

At one particular juncture, while speaking about her dating life, she came up with a candid revelation which revolved around her cheating on her 14-year old boyfriend with a 30-year old man.

Belle Delphine gets candid about her early dating life, shares her encounters with "older men"

[Timestamp: 29:03]

Over the course of her interview with Philip DeFranco, Belle Delphine touched upon a wide array of topics, which ranged from her parents' relationship with one another to her decision to move out at the age of 15.

She also revealed her mother's nonchalant attitude towards her in general. She proceeded to give an example of a time when she once hopped on a train to meet a 25-year old guy and her mother didn't even seem to notice that she was gone.

Upon hearing this, Philip DeFranco asks her if this was a one-time thing or not. In response, Belle Delphine delves into her personal life, without a moment's hesitation:

"My first boyfriend, I met him like when I was 13 or 14 and when I broke up with him, things got really shit in my school . I did something really bad in that relationship and I went to a festival with one of my friends and I cheated on him with a much older guy . He was 30 years old I think and I just kissed him or whatever ."

She also revealed that the practice of older men dating younger girls was quite prominent during those years, especially in the emo community.

The duo then went on to have an insightful conversation about the "predatory power dynamic" that exists today and how times have changed since then.

Belle Delphine is perhaps best known today for popularising the GamerGirl "Bath Water" trend, which reportedly sold out within three days of its launch.

Since then, she has adopted a unique persona over the course of her career, which oscillates between being "kawaii" and risque all at once. On account of this, she is known to command a huge army of simp fans.

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Despite being one of the most polarizing figures on the internet today, she continues to make bank, courtesy of her recent foray into the adult entertainment industry.


Mary Belle “Belle Delphine” Kirschner recently talking up about her relationship with her boyfriend and his reaction when Belle shooting of an explicit video.

The 21-year-old internet sensation and online celebrity recently appeared on popular YouTuber podcast Philippe DeFranco’s “A Conversation With”, where he opened up about her career goals, family and his partner relationship.

Belle Delphine Boyfriend Reaction To Shooting An Explicit Video

Belle Delphine unveiled some personal insight into her life and her journey so far. She announced the strained relationship with her parents and is they like the shoot her first adult video.

 In one of the more explicit segments of the interview, she talked about her partner’s reaction to shooting a candid video. She also explains why her identity has been kept secret.

Belle Delphine explains why she prefers to keep her boyfriend “anonymous”

“He was kinda thinking like ‘Am I comfortable with this, I’m not sure.’ Eventually, he was like yeah, you know it’s fine. It took me a while to be comfortable with it as well. We randomly sat on the sofa and somehow it randomly transpired into doing p**n. We thought we’ll film it, we’ll sell it to them and we’ll leave the internet”

Eventually deciding to proceed with the process, the entire experience felt rather anti-climatic. She further revealed that she is in a 3 to a 4-year relationship with her partner.

She also spoke of leaving school at the age of 13 and spoke openly about his life’s ambitions. She also described her leaked Christmas video and what is the thought process that she went into it before its release.

Belle Delphine also revealed some of the interesting and shocking things with her partner.

“I think there’s just no purpose for showing his face. I wanted my profile to still be about me, you know? I still want to try and be the girlfriend experience and if you put a face to the guy, it can take away from me. I’m selling a fantasy on the internet, I want to be your ideal thing! In a non-demeaning way, I kind of just want him to be an object!” she said.

Belle Delphin always trending on the internet because of her content. She has been involved in her fair share of controversies.

From scandalize by people about to play a role as a kidnapping victim in graphic photo shoots, she has continued to divide the Internet from her actions.

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After so much backlash, she still is one of the major sources of interest for the online community. Fans and other observers have recently seen a more explicit and personal side to Belle Delphin, just because of the Philippe DeFranco and other podcast hosts.

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Who is Belle Delphine’s boyfriend? Fans link Joshua Gray to OnlyFans creator!

Belle Delphine confirmed during the Happy Hour podcast that she has a boyfriend so who is he? Fans think it’s Joshua Gray.

The OnlyFans creator hasn’t confirmed who her boyfriend is but said she has one when asked by presenter JaackMaate.

She also said that the man in her upcoming video is her “partner”, which has unsurprisingly left fans wanting to know more.

Does Belle Delphine have a boyfriend?

She might historically be coy about revealing her relationship status, but during her appearance on the Happy Hour podcast Belle confirmed that she has a boyfriend.

Although she remains tight-lipped about who he is, she says that they’ve been together for around three years: “He was there before my name was Belle Delphine.”

Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

She also goes on to confirm that he is the man set to star in her “hardcore” OnlyFans video on Christmas day, but that he will remain anonymous throughout.

Of course this is the internet we’re talking about here and so although she hasn’t confirmed his name as of yet, detectives online have long speculated the boyfriend is a man called Joshua Gray.

Who is Joshua Gray?

Fans have frequently found old and deleted pictures of the couple together, often from old Facebook accounts. In one image she can even be seen sporting a ring on her wedding finger, which led fans to believe Belle was engaged to Joshua. However, there has been no pictures of a ring since.

The alleged relationship between Belle Delphine and Joshua is still only speculation, but official records of her company show a definite link between the two.

Belle’s registered company called Innovative Artists LTD, previously Belle Delphine LTD, previously has Joshua marked as a director with the role of a marketing consultant. It now stated that he resigned from the role.

Belle Delphine’s alleged boyfriend Joshua was born in December of 1993, making him either 26 or 27. Currently, he’s marked as the director of Odyssia LTD, a photographic studio in Brighton. Unsurprisingly, he has no public social media which can be found.

Belle Delphine

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Belle Delphine's boyfriend rated a "5/10", YouTuber reveals "truth" about her boyfriend

In a recent episode of the True Geordie podcast, artist and YouTuber Jack “JaackMaate” Carl Dean made some observations on Belle Delphine’s boyfriend. He gave him a rating of 5/10.

It was episode #138 of the True Geordie podcast, and the hosts were talking about Belle Delphine. JaackMaate revealed that he'd actually had the good fortune of meeting Delphine and her boyfriend some time back. According to the YouTuber, Belle Delphine’s boyfriend is a “normal guy” and shares many interests with her.

The hosts discussed Belle Delphine's persona in detail and thought that it caters to an inappropriate audience. JaackMaate did reveal that she behaves like a “woman” when she leaves the internet persona behind. He added that she's also far more intimidating when she leaves the internet persona behind.

The truth behind Belle Delphine’s boyfriend, YouTuber rates him 5/10

JaackMate revealed quite a few bizarre details about Belle Delphine and her boyfriend. He suggested that the guy is fairly normal, and has had a significant influence on Belle Delphine

He also wore a Pokemon-themed Ash Ketchum hat during their meeting. JaackMaate stated quite clearly that Belle Delphine’s boyfriend is not a “simp.”

“He is all right. He is actually a very normal, like nice guy, but there was a little bit of Belle Delphine in him to the point that he came wearing an Ash Ketchum hat. He is a very good-looking guy. He is a normal guy.”

JaackMaate also revealed that Belle Delphine’s boyfriend has his head “screwed on” and might be more good looking than people give him credit for. It didn't stop him from rating him as a 5/10 though.

He also stated that Belle Delphine’s boyfriend did not know much about YouTube. Brian “True Georgie” Davis joked that Belle Delphine's boyfriend’s low rating would give her army of “simp” fans some hope of dating her.

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Image via TG2, YouTube - JaackM

The podcast's big takeaway was that Belle Delphine’s internet persona isn't like her everyday personality. Her boyfriend will definitely be of interest to most of her fans, even though he wasn't of much of interest to JaackMaate.


Boyfriend belle delphine

Belle Delphine: 21 facts you (probably) didn't know about the online star

Everything you've ever wanted to know about Belle Delphine including her age, height and net worth.

  1. Belle Delphine

    1. Who is Belle Delphine? Everything you've ever wanted to know about the online star...

    Belle Delphine is a British cosplay model who went viral after selling her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ online. She has since been in various scandals which resulted in her Instagram account being banned. Here's everything you need to know about the online star. [via Instagram]

  2. Belle Delphine Age Birthday Born

    2. How old is Belle Delphine?

    Belle Delphine is 21 years old. She was born on the 23 October 1999, which makes her a Scorpio. [via Instagram]

  3. Belle Delphine Height Tall Short

    3. How tall is Belle Delphine?

    Belle Delphine is 5ft 6in (168cm) tall. [via Instagram]

  4. Belle Delphine Star Sign Starsign Zodiac Horoscope Birthday

    4. What is Belle Delphine’s star sign?

    Belle Delphine’s zodiac sign is in fact, Scorpio. [via Instagram]

  5. Belle Delphine Real Name

    5. What is Belle Delphine’s real name?

    Belle Delphine’s real name is actually Mary-Belle Kirschner. [via Instagram]

  6. Belle Delphine Born Birth Birthplace British Birthday

    6. Where is Belle Delphine from? Is she British?

    Belle Delphine was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where she spent the early years of her childhood. Belle moved to UK with her family aged 12. [via Instagram]

  7. Belle Delphine boyfriend partner

    7. Belle Delphine has been in a relationship for three years.

    Belle Delphine is incredibly private about her dating life, however, during a stint on the Happy Hour podcast in November 2020, Belle confirmed she had a "partner". Not too much is known about him because he would prefer to stay anonymous but they have been together for three years. She said: "He was there before my name was Belle Delphine."

  8. Belle Delphine Dating Boyfriend Breakup

    8. Who is Belle Delphine's boyfriend? Is she dating anyone right now?

    Belle Delphine is currently in a relationship. Her partner's identity is yet to be revealed, however, there are reports that she is currently in a relationship with a mystery man named Joshua Gray. [via Instagram]

  9. Belle Delphine Net Worth

    9. What is Belle Delphine’s net worth?

    According to, Belle Delphine is worth around $500,000. [via Instagram]

  10. Belle Delphine Bath Water Selling Sold Gamer Girl Online

    10. Is Belle Delphine really selling her bath water?

    Yes, Belle Delphine is currently selling her own ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ for $250 on her website, , along with other products including GamerGirl Pee and GamerGirl Chewed Gum. The bath water was initially reported to have cost $30, but it seems she has increased the price! [via Instagram]

  11. Belle Delphine Bath Water Selling Sold Gamer Girl Buying Bought Drinking Online

    11. Are people actually buying Belle Delphine’s bath water?

    Unbelievably, yes! Belle Delphine’s bath water is so popular that it sold out shortly after being made available to buy online. [via Instagram]

  12. Belle Delphine prison

    12. Did Belle Delphine go to prison? Was she really arrested?

    In October 2019, Ethan Klein discussed Belle Delphine's disappearance from social media and speculated that she was in trouble with the police on his H3 podcast. Belle confirmed she had been arrested on Twitter and shared her mugshot with a Metropolitan Police watermark. Apparently, Belle was arrested because she spray painted a girl's car after she stole her hamster. Right… Alas, the Metropolitan Police said the claim couldn't be verified. [@bunnydelphine via Twitter]

  13. Where did Belle Delphine go? What happened to her?

    13. Where did Belle Delphine go? What happened to her?

    Belle Delphine seemingly dropped off of the face of the world following rumours that she had died. In February 2019, Belle posted a cosplaying video on Instagram where she danced to a song about suicide whilst holding a gun. However, she actually left the internet after receiving death threats and having fans turn up at her home. [@bunnydelphine via Twitter]

  14. Belle Delphine Instagram Ban Deleted Reported Removed Suspended

    14. Why was Belle Delphine banned from Instagram?

    In July 2019, Belle Delphine'a Instagram account was removed for breaching community guidelines. Belle's account had been reported for nudity or pornography. Her old handle was @Belle.Delphine [via Instagram]

  15. Belle Delphine banned YouTube: channel terminated

    15. Why did Belle Delphine get banned from YouTube?

    Belle Delphine was banned from YouTube for violating the platform's strict guidelines on "nudity or sexual content". Belle hit back at the ban on Twitter, tweeting: "Why was my YouTube account terminated with no warning/no strikes for 'sexual content' when you allow and promote songs like WAP? Seems a lil sus." Belle's account was later reinstated and YouTube admitted it was terminated by "mistake". [Belle Delphine via YouTube]

  16. Belle Delphine adult movie onlyfans leak

    16. Belle Delphine will release her first adult movie on OnlyFans on Christmas Day.

    Belle Delphine is releasing her first adult movie on Christmas Day 2020. She will be starring in the movie with her partner (whose identity hasn't been revealed) and she'll even be selling the used condom on her website after. The explicit movie will be available on Belle's OnlyFans page. [@bunnydelphine via Twitter]

  17. Belle Delphine OnlyFans earnings

    17. How much does Belle Delphine make on OnlyFans?

    Belle Delphine makes over $1 million per month on OnlyFans. In an interview with The Spectator, Belle confirmed she makes $1.2 million a month from charging her subscribers $35 to view her explicit content. She spoke about her mammoth earnings again on Logan Paul's podcast. She said: "All, like, the main people on Only Fans are roughly earning the same, I think... From what I know, and at the moment it's, like, a mill a month." [@belle.delphiny via Instagram]

  18. Belle Delphine Instagram Handle

    18. Is Belle Delphine on Instagram?

    Yes, Belle Delphine has Instagram again after her account was deleted for violating Community Guidelines. Her new handle is @belle.delphiny. [via Instagram]

  19. Does Belle Delphine have a Twitter account?

    19. Does Belle Delphine have a Twitter account?

    Belle Delphine is on Twitter. Her handle is @bunnydelphine. [Belle Delphine via YouTube]

  20. Belle delphine tiktok

    20. Does Belle Delphine have TikTok? – @babybelledelphine

    Belle Delphine is on TikTok and she has almost 632,000 followers. Her handle is @babybelledelphine. [@babybelledelphine via TikTok]

  21. Belle Delphine onlyfans leak

    21. Does Belle Delphine have OnlyFans?

    Belle Delphine recently made an OnlyFans account – you can find her on Belle is selling "lewd" content for $35 a month. [Belle Delphine via YouTube]

The TRUTH About Belle Delphine's Boyfriend

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