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How to Fish in 'Final Fantasy 15': Full guide, tips and tricks

Everyone in your party in Final Fantasy 15 has a special skill. Gladiolus' is survival, Ignis cooks those obscenely delicious-looking meals and Prompto takes a lot of pictures of Noctis looking uncomfortable. Noctis' skill is fishing. That's not a particularly useful skill in the game's first Cars-like desert area, but you'll find a good fishing spot at Galdin Quay, a location you'll visit as a part of the main quest line in chapter 1.

Here's everything you need to know about fishing in Final Fantasy 15 based on my experience playing the game so far..

How to fish in Final Fantasy 15

First off, let's discuss why you'd want to fish in the first place. Not only does fishing provide Ignis with ingredients he needs to cook meals for your squad at campsites but it also earns you ability points, which you need to gain new abilities in the "ascension" menu. If you're running low on Gil, you can also sell fish you catch to make some extra cash.

Okay, onto fishing itself! You'll know if you can fish in a specific area if there's a little blue fish icon on your map near a body of water. The first area you can fish is at the end of a dock at Galdin Quay, which looks like this:

Once you start fishing, you can choose where to cast your line with the left thumbstick. Make sure you throw it in an area populated with rarer fish, which you can check by referring to the mini map in the upper-right corner of the screen. (A guide for what the different dot colors mean is embedded below.) Additionally, the icon in the water itself will change color based on the rarity of the fish that occupy that area. When it changes from blue to gold, that means there's an edible fish in that area. Use both the mini map and this indicator to make sure you're casting your line in the right spot.

If you've thrown your line in a spot populated with fish, you should get an on-screen indication that a fish is interested in your lure. To get the fish to bite, you can lightly tap the right trigger to make the lure bob through the water in a jerky motion, which will entice the fish. You can typically see where the fish is in the water, so that should help you know how much or how little to move the lure. If you get too far away, the music indicating that a fish is nearby will fade out and you'll have to cast your line again.

Once the fish bites, you'll enter an automated mini game where you have to simultaneously move the left thumbstick in the direction indicated on screen while reeling in your line with the right trigger. Be careful, though. When the horizontal line on the bottom of the screen changes from white to red, that means your line is under too much stress and might break if you keep holding the right trigger. Only reel in your line when the indicator is white. If it changes color, back off for a few moments.

If you're following the on-screen indicators, eventually you'll reel the fish close enough to complete the catch.

Final Fantasy 15: Fishing tips and tricks

If you're having trouble getting a fish to bite, make sure you have the right type of lure equipped. Each lure is suited to catch specific types of fish, so check to see if the lure you're using corresponds to the type of fish that occupy that specific body of water.

If you're not sure which type of lure to use, look out for signs near bodies of water that indicate what types of fish are in the area and equip a lure that will attract those specific varieties. For example, a sign right next to Bob's Tackle Shop at Galdin Quay indicates that Giant Trevally and Galdin Trevally occupy the nearby waters, so the lure called "Poppeck: Chocobo" — which you can buy at Bob's Tackle Shop — would be a good option. 

To equip a lure, just follow the onscreen instructions once you've started fishing, but before you cast your line. On PS4, you just tap the touch pad and select your lure.

If you're really having a tough time — or if you're just not great at paying attention to the stress on your line when you're reeling in a fish — you can also swap out the default fishing line for something sturdier. You can buy stronger fishing lines at Bob's Tackle Shop. You'll equip them in the same menu where you pick between lures.

That's all there is to it! Good luck!

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Fishing is Noctis' Leisure skill. The primary use of Fishing is to acquire Ingredients not easily acquired in any other way.

Fishing Index


In order to fish, you must have at least one Lure and at least one Fishing Line in your inventory. These Items can be purchased from specialty fishing shops, or less often from general shops, and sometimes found in the field. There are also Rods and Reels; using a higher-tier Rod and Reel will make it easier to catch better fish.

The first step during fishing is to find a place to fish. There are many fishing holes in the game, mostly in Duscae and Cleigne, and each has its own selection of fish to catch (you can also fish from the Royal Vessel). The next task is to look at the radar. Yellow marks on the map indicate fish that provide Ingredients; other fish are marked in blue. The double (larger) dots indicate rarer (though not necessarily larger) fish.

At this point, it's time to cast. Assuming you're near enough a fish and the conditions to catch it are met, there is a chance it will take interest in your Lure. You need to move the Lure around through a combination of directionals and reeling (different fish like different patterns) to hopefully get the fish to bite, at which point you will receive a button prompt to hook it. (If you don't want to catch that type of fish, you can ignore the prompt and the fish will swim away after a while without any sort of penalty.) Once the fish has been hooked, you'll need to follow the button prompts (generally directional button presses) while reeling in the fish; note that at this point, there's no way to release the fish without breaking your Line or catching it. Reeling while not doing the correct button prompt will wear out your line at a rate dependent on the difficulty of the fish and the Defense rating of your Rod. If the Line breaks, the fish will swim away, and you will lose your Lure as well (unless the Lure is one of the few that cannot be lost, which are mostly Lures given as unique rewards for completing certain quests). Reeling will move the progress gauge at the top of the screen at a rate dependent on the Offense rating of your Reel and the difficulty of the hooked fish.

Once the gauge is finished, the fish will be caught and you'll receive an Item (which depends on the fish) plus an entry for the fish in the Archives. If you have Angler Action you will gain 1 AP for catching fish, and Reel Experience grants EXP in addition. With the Sportfishing Node, you will receive the full amount of AP for catching a fish rather than the 1 AP from Angler Action (although many low-end fish are only worth 1 AP anyway).

As a final note, game time continues to run while fishing, except during the Liege of the Lake Tour.


General Tips

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you want to catch, and get the right conditions for it to appear. Especially for those going for a complete list of fish, a common issue is how to manipulate time and weather. For Fishing Spots near a Haven it's no issue, but for those further away, you'll have to get more creative. The simplest way to do this is to camp at a Haven (anywhere is fine), then drive the Regalia to the Fishing Spot. From here, you can use the Haven (with Return to rest point in the Map menu) to advance time (which also can affect the weather), then use Return to car to quickly get near the haven. Just make sure to have Chocobos available as well, many Fishing Spots are far from the roads.

The Royal Vessel works a little differently. Instead of predefined Fishing Spots, you can fish from anywhere the Royal Vessel can go (except while it is docked). While sailing manually, you will have a fish radar. Blue means no fish, green means few fish, yellow means some fish, orange means many fish, and red means loads of fish. The chances of larger (and rarer) fish spawning also scale as you work your way up the color scale, so it's in your best interest to stick to orange and red spots most of the time. There are also fish exclusively available using the Royal Vessel; these only appear in specific areas, and then only on red spots.

Other than figuring out the conditions to catch the type of fish you want (which are given for all the game's different fish in the table below), the trickiest part about fishing is reeling in the tougher/better catches. As a simple rule of thumb, you should not reel unless the tension indicator is not being shown (regardless of its color) and the fish is not changing direction. Higher-end fish will wear down your Line very quickly if you reel while not pressing the correct direction. It may help you to watch the movement of the fish itself, or of the camera, rather than trying to follow the prompts themselves; this all comes down to personal preference. Another trick is that you can briefly (for a half-second or so) tap the reel button while the fish is struggling without penalty (but not while it changes direction). In the end, practice makes perfect, both to gain proficiency with the timing involved and to level up Noctis' Fishing Skill.

Tips for Specific Fish
  • All Lucian Carp varieties: All the varieties of Carp in Saxham Reservoir (and the few found elsewhere, for that matter) have properties that differentiate them from most other fish: specifically, they're very picky about Lures (they won't take any except the exact one listed) and not at all picky about time or weather. In addition, Carp, like real-life fish but unlike most in-game fish, very frequently don't bite even with the correct Lure, meaning you'll probably have to cast at them several times. You can either try different Carp Lures in a crowd to see if anything reacts (you'll pick up some Dace as well, just catch them to get them out of the way), or look at the large fish here, whose names are descriptions of their appearance (Gold Lucian Carp is brilliant gold, Sunny Lucian Carp is a pale yellow with a red spot on its head, Bronze Lucian Carp is a deep reddish-brown, Marble Lucian Carp has multi-colored spots, etc.) and pick the correct Lure for the fish in question. Be sure your Line is in decent condition though; Carp have surprisingly high stamina, but thankfully they don't struggle too much.
  • Morion Trout: This fish has a very low spawn rate, and seems to appear more often in the extremely late hours of the night. Simply enter and exit the fishing game until a double blue dot appears.
  • Noble/Regal Arapaima: These fish have similar properties; the slightly easier Noble Arapaima is the fish targeted for the Liege of the Lake Tour, while Regal Arapaima is entirely optional though a great test of your fishing skill. Both fish struggle often, with incredible Stamina and high but not extreme Attack (that is, damage dealt to the line). Once you have the top equipment (Kupoberry Cheesecake is recommended but not necessary), go to the desired location and try to catch the fish. Once hooked, it's a question of patience; reel in short bursts, never when the fish is changing direction quickly (it will change 3-4 times before deciding on a direction)--the line drain per mistake isn't significant (about 50 with the ideal setup), but there are so many chances for error that avoiding unnecessary line tension is essential.
  • Pink Jade Gar: Arguably the toughest of all fish (on the mainland anyway), the Pink Jade Gar has very low Stamina for a top-tier fish (300,000), but its attack is by far the highest in the game, checking in at a whopping 5.4 (for comparison, the next highest "normal" fish, the Mighty Barramundi, has 3.6, and Regal Arapaima and Barbaric Gar both have 3.5). Save before attempting to catch this. More than anything, you need to learn its attack patterns and reel in short bursts. PJG will struggle long enough for about 2-3 reeling bursts (remember that a white Tension indicator does not indicate line damage) before sinking down and changing direction (it can sometimes change direction during the struggle but it doesn't do so frequently). After this direction change, it can either struggle again (most common), change direction again (it will then change a third time very quickly, back to its original direction), jump, or remain still (rare). Wait a half second after the initial direction change before reeling; If it struggles simply repeat the struggle pattern; if it changes direction, wait for it to finish, after which it will struggle. In the rare event it remains still, you can hold down reel, but be ready to release the instant the white Tension indicator appears on screen. If it jumps, after the jump itself, it will either change direction once or do nothing; again, wait a half second. If it changes direction, it will go into struggle (or, rarely, jump) again, but if it doesn't, you'll have about two seconds to reel before it rises up to struggle again. Kupoberry Cheesecake and top equipment is strongly recommended, as is clear weather in daytime (makes it easier to see the fish); you should also try to catch it fairly close to you, to make it easier to see (it moves around a lot, so you can just drop your line about halfway out in its general direction and it will likely swim into your Lure). It will definitely take some practice, but with patience and perfecting your technique it can be done.
  • Dread Grouper: Can only be caught with Big Master Typhon Lure. Otherwise, it is fairly standard for a high-end fish, and similar to the Murk Grouper caught in the Angler's Nightmare sidequest.
  • Mummy Bass: To catch the Mummy Bass, after sailing to the map marker for Monster of the Deep (if you already completed the "quest" and wish to return, just check your completed quests to get the location), hook one of the single (small) blue dots where the Royal Vessel stops. (Lure should be Tidal Might Leviathan or Big Blaze Bahamut.) It will spawn anytime but it's easiest to start this in the morning, to avoid nighttime visibility problems. Reel in a little (to about 1/6th of the Stamina gauge or so), but nothing beyond that. Follow the button prompts and the Mummy Bass will eventually eat the smaller fish, allowing you to hook it in turn. (This can take several minutes, so be patient. If you've waited a while, reel slightly and you may trigger Mummy Bass's appearnace.) Be sure to continue following the prompts while waiting for Mummy Bass to bite to avoid wasting your line condition (you don't need to actually do anything else, it will always bite once it appears unless you catch the fish first).

    Once you have the Mummy Bass on the line, you're in for a tough contest. Mummy Bass has the stamina of the Regal Arapaima and the attack of the Pink Jade Gar, although thankfully it's more docile than either of those two (though it's recommended to catch both of the prior two fish before attempting this, to practice technique). The overall strategy is similar to that of the Pink Jade Gar, but there are some key differences. For one thing, Mummy Bass changes direction much more frequently during struggle than PJG does, so be careful reeling during struggle. It will either do this about three to four seconds into the struggle or not at all (unless it hits one of the side barriers, which forces a direction change). Second, it sometimes (about 25% of the time, more often in the latter half of its Stamina bar) turns at the end of struggle, before dropping down. Finally, the Mummy Bass stays out of struggle far more often after dropping down or jumping than PJG does, either turning and dropping again, jumping, or remaining motionless. Because of this, you'll often be able to knock off significant portions of its HP in between its struggles. You still need to be attentive, after its drops it can (and often will) change direction, but especially when it remains motionless--which happens most often after a jump but can also happen directly after a drop-down--you can often get a couple seconds of quiet reeling in. Just be ready to lay off when the Tension meter appears. Otherwise, overall strategy is similar to the PJG--be aggressive, but smart and accurate.
  • Styrial Bluefin Tuna: Catching this requires you to spawn Bismarck (to do this the first time, you need to do the A Second Sea God quest; after that, the quest will not repeat, but you can return to the same area after resting to trigger the scene again); once you leave the fishing interface (or the area) after triggering a Bismarck appearance, you'll have to re-trigger Bismarck for the Tuna to appear (rest anywhere that tallies EXP, then return). The best Lure for this is Big Blaze Bahamut but Tidal Might Leviathan also works. As to actually landing the Styrial Bluefin Tuna, it's a little easier than the Noble Arapaima (same stamina, but seems to have lower attack (line damage) and isn't as aggressive) and much easier than the "holy trinity" fish (Regal Arapaima, Pink Jade Gar, Mummy Bass) at any rate. Note that, as long as you don't leave the fishing interface (changing Line/Lure is fine), SBT will continue to spawn each time the fish refresh, allowing you to farm it quite easily assuming you have enough Fishing Line stockpiled.

Fishing Skill Levels

Noctis's Fishing Skill levels up as he catches more fish (better/more difficult fish level up the skill faster than easy ones). Each Level provides a bonus related to fishing. The Levels are listed in the table below.

1Amateur AnglerN/A
2Long-Lasting LineFishing line receives 25% less damage when fish struggle
3Tackle Discount ITackle shops offer 10% discount
4Lure Allure IChances of hooking a fish increase by 25%
5Able AnglerMedium-sized fish appear on the map
6Tackle Discount IITackle shops now offer 30% discount
7Longer-Lasting LineFishing line now receives 50% less damage when fish struggle
8Lure Allure IIChances of hooking a fish now increase by 50%
9Tackle Discount IIITackle shops now offer 50% discount
10Ace AnglerAll fish appear on the map

Note that the Long-Lasting Line, Lure Allure, and Tackle Discount abilities do not stack with other abilities of the same type, and Tackle Discount only affects fishing shops, not general stores selling fishing gear.

List of Fishing Spots

This table lists all the game's different Fishing Spot. For each Fishing Spot, its Region and a more specific Location are marked, as well as the types of Fish found there and the colors they will appear as on the map. Fish with their names underlined will appear as double (large) dots. Fish exclusive to the Fishing Spot in question will be marked with a *.

Most Fishing Spots (except some located within an Outpost) have a random Lure and a spool of Fishing Line nearby, in case you forgot to get them before. Both of these will respawn, except for those in Outposts or Dungeons.

Leide Fishing Spots

Being an arid region, Leide naturally has few Fishing Spots, mostly along the southern coast.

Fishing SpotLocationFish
Vannath CoastGaldin Quay beachMurk Grouper*, Dread Grouper*(morning), Giant Trevally, Galdin Trevally, Reef Trevally*, Glowing Barrelfish(night)
Galdin ShoalsVannath Coast, eastern shoreAllural Sea Bass*(evening), Copper Allural Sea Bass(evening), Cygillan Grouper, Crimson Trevally*, Rock Barramundi*, Black Barrelfish(night)
Crestholm ReservoirNear Crown City Checkpoint (Ostium Gorge), down the stairs to the north of the roadAlstor Bass, Horned Bluegill, Lucian Catfish(night), Lucian Carp(night), Dawn Lucian Carp*(morning), Duscaen Dace
Duscae Fishing Spots
Fishing SpotLocationFish
Neeglyss TowerfrontNorth shore of the western lake in Alstor SloughAlstor Bass, Horned Bluegill, Shorthorn Bluegill(night), Lucian Catfish(night), Dank Barramundi, Crag Barramundi
Neeglyss PondSouth shore of the large lake in Alstor Slough, near the NebulawoodAlstor Bass, Horned Bluegill, Shorthorn Bluegill, Lucian Catfish(night), King Catfish(night), Crag Barramundi
SwainsmereMalacchi Hills, south of Chocobo race trackAlstor Bass(large version only appears at night), Horned Bluegill, Chipped Bluegill, Shorthorn Bluegill, Lucian Catfish(night), King Catfish, Mud Dace(night rain)
Malacchi PondEast of Kettier Highland Parking SpotAlstor Bass, Spiked Alstor Bass, Horned Bluegill, Chipped Bluegill, Hookhorn Bluegill(night), Phantom Snakehead*(night rain), Lucian Catfish(night), Mud Dace(night)
Forgotten PoolThe Fallgrove, north of Costlemark TowerChipped Bluegill(evening), Shorthorn Bluegill(night), Hookhorn Bluegill, Spotted Catfish(night), Specular Dace, Rainbow Trout, Lambent Trout(evening)
Saxham ReservoirWestern edge of Saxham OutpostSnakehead, Spotted Catfish(night), Lucian Carp(night), Bronze Lucian Carp*, Gold Lucian Carp*, Silver Lucian Carp*, Sunny Lucian Carp*, Cloudy Lucian Carp*, Marble Lucian Carp*, Amber Lucian Carp*, Sunrise Lucian Carp*, Dusk Lucian Carp*, Regal Dace*(night), Duscaean Dace
Archaean's MirrorCauscherry Plains, southeast of Cauthess Rest AreaAlstor Bass, Redeye Bass(night rain), Hookhorn Bluegill, Striped Catfish(night), Grim Catfish* (evening rain), Dank Barramundi
Daurell SpringSchier Heights, close to Daurell CavernsAlstor Bass(day, small version also requires rain), Spiked Alstor Bass*(day), Phoenix Bass(day), Redeye Bass, Snakehead(day), Garnet Snakehead(day), Jade Snakehead(night rain), Striped Catfish(night), Pink Jade Gar*
Daurell StillsDaurell CavernsOpal Snakehead*(night), Lurking Catfish*(night), Cave Dace*, Bizarre Barramundi* (day)
Cleigne Fishing Spots
Fishing SpotLocationFish
River WennathUpper Wennath, east of Wennath Riverhead Parking SpotSandy Dace*(night), Cherrycomb Trout, Rainbow Trout, Callatein Brook Trout(evening), Chrome Rainbow Trout(night), Argus Salmon*
Rachsia BridgeLower Wennath, bridge north of Old LestallumAlstor Bass(large appears in rain only), Chipped Bluegill, Pale Dace*, Wennath Dace*(night), Nebula Salmon(rain), Wennath Salmon, Zipper Barramundi(night)
The MaidenwaterMaidenwater, near Malmalam Thicket parking spotRiver Dace*(night), Rainbow Trout, Cleigne Brown Trout, Maiden Brook Trout, Nebula Salmon(evening), Great Nebula Salmon*(morning OR evening)
Caem ShoreLeirity Seaside (west of Cape Caem) near mouth of riverStriped Barramundi, Dark Allural Sea Bass, Copper Allural Sea Bass(evening), Cygillan Grouper(night), Tide Grouper, Black Barrelfish(night)
The Vesperpool - East BankVersperpool, north of the Vesperpool Parking SpotPhoenix Bass, Glimmering Bluegill, Lotus Bluegill, Sapphire Snakehead(morning), Jade Snakehead(night), Golden Catfish, Crag Barramundi, Vesper Gar(morning), Noble Arapaima*(morning)
The Vesperpool - West BankVersperpool, along western bankPanther Bass, Glimmering Bluegill(night), Fan Bluegill(night rain), Golden Catfish, Garnet Snakehead, Sapphire Snakehead, Vesper Gar(morning)
The Vesperpool - CapeVersperpool, north of Vesperpool - West Bank (swim using Chocobo)Panther Bass, Giant Catfish(night), Vesper Dace, Coeurl Dace*, Barbaric Gar*, Mighty Barramundi*
The Vesperpool - IsletVersperpool, north of Vesperpool - Cape (swim using Chocobo)Spotted Devil Gar*, Sunset Lucian Carp(evening), Leopard Trout(morning, NOT raining), King Trout*(rain), Vesper Barramundi*
The Vesperpool - North BankVersperpool, north of Steyliff Grove (swim with Chocobo)Risorath Peacock Bass*, Lotus Bluegill, Butterfly Bluegill*, Fan Bluegill(rain), Giant Catfish(night), Regal Arapaima* (morning), Vesper Dace
Myrlwood FallsThe MyrlwoodCascade Dace*, Cleigne Brown Trout(day), Maiden Brook Trout, Chrome Rainbow Trout, Lambent Trout(evening), Morion Trout*(night), Platinum Myrltrout(day)
Sea Fishing Spots
Fishing SpotRegionLocationFish
Sonelio PlazaAltissiaSoutheast of Port Gondola StationCygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Coral Allural Sea Bass, Pigeon Grouper*(morning)
Furgola CanalAltissiaNortheast of Ministerial Quarter Gondola StationCygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Coral Allural Sea Bass
Gondola MarinaAltissiaTake gondola from Port StationCygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Tide Grouper, Scorpion Grouper*(evening), Red Barrelfish*
Royal VesselN/AUse Royal Vessel (check the mini-map to find viable fishing spots)Cherrycomb Trout, Platinum Myrltrout, Tide Grouper, Nebula Salmon, Wennath Salmon, Giant Trevally, Crag Barramundi, Cygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Dark Allural Sea Bass, Dynnel Barramundi*(day only, near Leirity Seaside (west of Cape Caem) only), Mummy Bass*(near Angelgard only, must catch a fish and not reel it in), Nephilim Grouper*(morning, near Accordo islands only), Styrial Bluefin Tuna* (after completing A Second Sea God, appears only after Bismarck appearance**)

*Fish is exclusive to this location. Fish exclusive to the Royal Vessel only appear in red areas on the radar at the specified location.
**More details given here.

List of Fish

This section lists the different fish in Final Fantasy XV. Some types of Fish have small and large variants with different properties--these will be listed separately in the table below. Map indicates how the fish appears on your in-game map (yellow fish provide Ingredients, while blue fish do not); remember that Noctis' Fishing Level must be high enough for a given size of fish, or the fish will not appear on the map at all (though it can still be caught as normal). Stamina is the stamina of the fish--higher Stamina scores indicate fish that take longer to reel in and give a rough guide to the difficulty of reeling in a given fish. Lure indicates the preferred Lure, if any, for that type of fish. Note that most fish can be caught with non-preferred Lures, but it will be more difficult. Fish without a preferred Lure can be caught with any Lure. Exp and AP indicate the Exp gained with Reel Experience and the AP gained with Sportfishing, respectively. If you don't have Sportfishing but do have Angler Action, you will simply be awarded 1 AP regardless. Item is the Item that is awarded for catching that fish; if you have Item Angler you will get two of the listed Item per fish caught, and with Expert Item Angler, three per fish. Fishing Spot indicates where you can catch the fish; all fish are available at any time of day anywhere they can be caught unless marked otherwise. If multiple conditions are marked, then all must be satisfied for the fish to appear there.

(Tip: If you're looking for a particular fish, use CTRL + F or your mobile browser's search function to find it in the table below.)


Bass are one of the main "basic" fish varieties, and serve as fodder in many Fishing Spots.

FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Alstor Bass (small)Blue30,000Bomber: Bomb, Jumbo Tusk: Garulessa, Fatal Roulette: Ahriman101Alstor Bass BonesCrestholm Reservoir, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring(day), Archaean's Mirror, Rachsia Bridge
Alstor Bass (large)Blue60,000Bomber: Bomb, Jumbo Tusk: Garulessa, Fatal Roulette: Ahriman451Alstor Bass BonesCrestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond, Neeglyss Towerfront, Swainsmere(night), Malacchi Pond, Archaean's Mirror, Daurell Spring(day, rain), Rachsia Bridge(rain)
Spiked Alstor BassBlue50,000Bomber: Thunder Bomb151Alstor Bass BonesDaurell Spring(day)
Panther BassBlue65,000Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar401Bass TeethThe Vesperpool - West Bank, The Vesperpool - Cape
Risorath Peacock BassBlue130,000Stinker: Great Malboro702Bass TeethThe Vesperpool - North Bank
Phoenix BassDouble Blue65,000Bomber: Thunder Bomb, Fatal Roulette: Bloody Eye702Phoenix Bass BladderDaurell Spring(day), The Vesperpool - East Bank
Redeye BassDouble Blue50,000Bomber: Thunder Bomb, Mog: Rubygold Moogle1003Bass EyeArchaean's Mirror(night rain), Daurell Spring

Like Bass, Bluegills normally serve as easy "fodder" fish.

FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Horned BluegillBlue10,000N/A101Bluegill ScaleCrestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond, Neeglyss Towerfront, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond, Forgotten Pool
Chipped BluegillBlue20,000N/A101Bluegill ScaleCrestholm Reservoir, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond, Forgotten Pool(evening), Rachsia Bridge
Glimmering BluegillBlue30,000N/A151Bluegill ScaleThe Vesperpool - East Bank, The Vesperpool - West Bank(night)
Shorthorn BluegillBlue12,000N/A151Bluegill ScaleNeeglyss Pond, Neeglyss Towerfront(night), Swainsmere, Forgotten Pool(night)
Hookhorn BluegillBlue14,000N/A151Bluegill ScaleMalacchi Pond(night), Forgotten Pool, Archaean's Mirror
Lotus BluegillBlue15,000N/A251Bluegill ScaleThe Vesperpool - East Bank, The Vesperpool - North Bank
Fan BluegillDouble Blue40,000Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar251Bluegill FinThe Vesperpool - West Bank(night), The Vesperpool - North Bank(all locations during rain)
Butterfly BluegillDouble Blue50,000Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar402Bluegill FinThe Vesperpool - North Bank
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
SnakeheadBlue50,000Poppeck: White Chocobo, Stinker: Malboro151Snakehead TeethMalacchi Pond, Daurell Spring(day), Saxham Reservoir
Phantom SnakeheadBlue80,000Knife T. Tonberry151Snakehead TeethMalacchi Pond(night rain)
Garnet SnakeheadBlue60,000Poppeck: Red Chocobo, Jumbo Tusk: Garula401Snakehead TeethMalacchi Pond, Daurell Spring(day), The Vesperpool - West Bank
Jade SnakeheadDouble Blue70,000Stinker: Great Malboro, Giant Needle 10,000: Gigantuar, Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar, Jumbo Tusk: Green Garula852Snakehead ScalesDaurell Spring(rain), The Vesperpool - East Bank(all locations at night)
Sapphire SnakeheadDouble Blue90,000Stinker: Great Malboro, Giant Needle 10,000: Gigantuar, Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar1403Snakehead ScalesThe Vesperpool - East Bank(morning), The Vesperpool - West Bank
Opal SnakeheadDouble Blue300,000Needle 1,000: Gold Cactuar1503Snakehead ScalesDaurell Stills(night)
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Lucian CatfishBlue50,000Needle 1,000: Cactuar, Needle 1,000: Metal Cactuar201Catfish BarbelCrestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond, Neeglyss Towerfront, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond(all locations at night)
Striped CatfishBlue60,000Needle 1,000: Cactuar, Needle 1,000: Gold Cactuar401Catfish MucusArchaean's Mirror, Daurell Spring, (all locations at night)
Spotted CatfishBlue65,000Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm, Stormer: Focalor702Catfish MucusSaxham Reservoir, Forgotten Pool(all locations at night)
Golden CatfishDouble Blue100,000Needle 1,000: Gold Cactuar1203Catfish BarbelCrestholm Reservoir, The Vesperpool - East Bank, The Vesperpool - West Bank
Grim CatfishDouble Blue150,000Needle 1,000: Gold Cactuar803Poisonous Catfish FinArchaean's Mirror(evening rain)
Lurking CatfishDouble Blue200,000Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar803Poisonous Catfish FinDaurell Stills(night)
Giant CatfishDouble Blue550,000Needle 1,000: Gold Cactuar2404Catfish HeartThe Vesperpool - North Bank, The Vesperpool - Cape(all locations at night)
King CatfishDouble Blue450,000Invincible Iron Giant5007Catfish HeartNeeglyss Pond(night), Swainsmere

Gar are most notable for having relatively low Stamina but very high Attack, quickly wearing down your Line.

FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Vesper GarDouble Yellow180,000Stinker: Malboro, Stinker: Malbodoom, Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar, Ranker Tonberry3005Vesper Gar FilletThe Vesperpool - East Bank, The Vesperpool - West Bank(all locations in the morning)
Spotted Devil GarDouble Yellow600,000Invincible Iron Giant6507Devil Gar FilletThe Vesperpool - Islet
Barbaric GarDouble Blue450,000Big Blaze Bahamut65011Gar FinThe Vesperpool - Cape
Pink Jade GarDouble Blue300,000Big Master Typhon80011Jade Gar MirrorscaleDaurell Spring

Both varieties of Arapaima have very high Stamina and fairly high Attack.


Carp have several properties that set them apart from other fish. Most Carp aren't especially picky about time of day, but they will only bite on one specific Lure, and tend not to bite all that often.

FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Lucian CarpDouble Yellow690,000Fatal Roulette: Ahriman4506Lucian Carp FilletCrestholm Reservoir, Saxham Reservoir(all locations at night)
Bronze Lucian CarpDouble Yellow700,000Whiskers: Pearly Moogle4506Lucian Carp FilletSaxham Reservoir
Gold Lucian CarpDouble Blue720,000Fatal Roulette: Floating Eye1,00013Lucian Carp ReverscalesSaxham Reservoir
Silver Lucian CarpDouble Blue730,000Whiskers: Crystal60011Lucian Carp RowscalesSaxham Reservoir
Sunny Lucian CarpDouble Blue740,000Fatal Roulette: Bloody Eye60011Lucian Carp RowscalesSaxham Reservoir
Cloudy Lucian CarpDouble Blue750,000Whiskers: Chocolate60011Lucian Carp RowscalesSaxham Reservoir
Marble Lucian CarpDouble Blue700,000Stormer: Focalor60011Lucian Carp RowscalesSaxham Reservoir
Amber Lucian CarpDouble Blue710,000Hot Breather: Red Dragon60011Lucian Carp RowscalesSaxham Reservoir
Sunrise Lucian CarpDouble Blue720,000Stormer: Purple Berry Focalor60011Lucian Carp RowscalesSaxham Reservoir
Sunset Lucian CarpDouble Yellow730,000Hot Breeather: Green Dragon4506Lucian Carp FilletThe Vesperpool - Islet(evening)
Dusk Lucian CarpDouble Yellow740,000Stormer: Chert Focalor4506Lucian Carp FilletSaxham Reservoir
Dawn Lucian CarpDouble Blue850,000Hot Breather: Blue Dragon60011Lucian Carp RowscalesCrestholm Reservoir(morning)
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Duscaen DaceBlue10,000Fatal Roulette: Bloody Eye, Gemlight: Caster Carbuncle101Dace ScalesCrestholm Reservoir, Saxham Reservoir
River DaceBlue16,000Whiskers: Pearly Moogle101Dace ScalesThe Maidenwater(night)
Specular DaceBlue15,000Bomber: Bomb101Dace ScalesForgotten Pool
Mud DaceBlue12,500Burrower: Green Sandworm101Dace ScalesSwainsmere(rain), Malacchi Pond(all locations at night)
Pale DaceBlue18,000Poppeck: Chocobo101Dace ScalesRachsia Bridge
Vesper DaceBlue21.000Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar101Dace ScalesThe Vesperpool - North Bank, The Vesperpool - Cape
Cave DaceBlue25,000Burrower: Abyss Worm101Dace ScalesDaurell Stills
Wennath DaceBlue28,000Poppeck: Chocobo101Dace ScalesRachsia Bridge(night)
Regal DaceBlue440,000Fatal Roulette: Floating Eye, Fatal Roulette: Bloody Eye, Gemlight: Caster Carbuncle101Dace ScalesSaxham Reservoir(night)
Cascade DaceBlue25,000Hot Breather: Blue Dragon101Dace ScalesMyrlwood Falls
Coeurl DaceBlue32,000Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar101Dace ScalesThe Vesperpool - Cape
Sandy DaceBlue26,000Bomber: Bomb101Dace ScalesRiver Wennath(night)
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Rainbow Trout (small)Yellow30,000Tidal Might Leviathan, Whiskers: Pearly Moogle, Knife T. Tonberry101Trout FilletForgotten Pool, River Wennath, The Maidenwater
Rainbow Trout (large)Yellow50,000Tidal Might Leviathan, Whiskers: Pearly Moogle, Knife T. Tonberry102Trout FilletForgotten Pool, River Wennath, The Maidenwater
Cleigne Brown Trout (small)Yellow30,000Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm, Burrower: Abyss Worm351Trout FilletMyrlwood Falls(day), The Maidenwater(evening)
Cleigne Brown Trout (large)Yellow80,000Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm, Burrower: Abyss Worm352Trout FilletMyrlwood Falls(day)
Lambent TroutBlue50,000Whiskers: Pearly Moogle, Gemlight: Caster Carbuncle151Trout ScalesForgotten Pool, Myrlwood Falls(all locations in the evening)
Maiden Brook TroutYellow40,000Deadly Waters: Seadevil, Hot Breather: Green Dragon151Trout FilletThe Maidenwater, Myrlwood Falls
Callatein Brook TroutYellow70,000Burrower: Green Sandworm, Whiskers: Chocolate803Trout FilletRiver Wennath(evening), Myrlwood Falls
Chrome Rainbow TroutYellow20,000Hot Breather: Blue Dragon1002Trout FilletRiver Wennath(night), Myrlwood Falls
Leopard TroutBlue100,000Big Blaze Bahamut151Trout ScalesThe Vesperpool - Islet(morning, NOT raining)
Cherrycomb TroutDouble Yellow40,000Whiskers: Crystal151Trout FilletRiver Wennath, Royal Vessel
Morion TroutDouble Blue90,000Hot Breather: Green Dragon753Morion Trout ScalesMyrlwood Falls(night)
King TroutDouble Yellow120,000Hot Breather: Green Dragon1804King Trout FilletThe Vesperpool - Islet(rain)
Platinum MyrltroutDouble Yellow100,000Gemlight: Caster Carbuncle2004Plainum Myrltrout FilletMyrlwood Falls(day), Royal Vessel
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Nebula SalmonYellow80,000Deadly Waters: Sahagin, Hot Breather: Green Dragon, Hot Breather: Blue Dragon, Knife T. Tonberry, Big Blaze Bahamut551Nebula Salmon FilletRachsia Bridge(rain), The Maidenwater(evening), Royal Vessel
Great Nebula SalmonDouble Yellow160,000Hot Breather: Green Dragon501Nebula Salmon FilletThe Maidenwater(morning OR evening)
Argus SalmonDouble Blue120,000Whiskers: Chocolate803Salmon FinRiver Wennath
Wennath SalmonDouble Yellow100,000Hot Breather: Red Dragon2204Wennath Salmon FilletRachsia Bridge(morning), Royal Vessel
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Dank BarramundiYellow57,500Bomber: Bomb, Bomber: Thunder Bomb151Dank Barramundi FilletNeeglyss Towerfront, Archaean's Mirror
Crag BarramundiYellow50,000Sweet Jamming: Custard, Tidal Might Leviathan, Bomber: Ice Bomb, Ranker Tonberry301Barramundi FilletNeeglyss Pond, Neeglyss Towerfront, Swainsmere, The Vesperpool - East Bank, Royal Vessel
Rock BarramundiBlue70,000Bomber: Ice Bomb802Spiny Barramundi FinGaldin Shoals
Striped BarramundiYellow100,000Stormer: Focalor, Stormer: Purple Berry Focalor, Stormer: Chert Focalor1803Barramundi FilletCaem Shore, Royal Vessel
Vesper BarramundiBlue200,000Hot Breather: Green Dragon, Big Blaze Bahamut, Big Master Typhon401Spiny Barramundi FinThe Vesperpool - Islet
Bizarre BarramundiDouble Blue140,000Deadly Waters: Sahagin1805Barramundi InnardsDaurell Stills(day)
Zipper BarramundiDouble Yellow60,000Deadly Waters: Sahagin, Hot Breather: Red Dragon752Zipper Barramundi FilletRachsia Bridge(night), Royal Vessel
Mighty BarramundiDouible Yellow380,000Fatal Roulette: Floating Eye, Stormer: Focalor55011Mighty Barramundi FilletThe Vesperpool - Cape
Sea Bass
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Cygillan Sea Bass (small)Yellow40,000Stormer: Focalor, Stormer: Chert Focalor101Sea Bass FilletFurgola Canal, Gondola Marina, Royal Vessel
Cygillan Sea Bass (large)Yellow80,000Stormer: Focalor, Stormer: Chert Focalor501Sea Bass FilletFurgola Canal, Gondola Marina, Royal Vessel
Lucinian Sea BassYellow100,000Whiskers: Pearly Moogle, Knife T. Tonberry, Stormer: Purple Berry Focalor952Sea Bass FilletSonelio Plaza, Gondola Marina, Royal Vessel
Dark Allural Sea BassYellow120,000Deadly Waters: Coraldevil, Whiskers: Chocolate, Big Blaze Bahamut1603Sea Bass FilletCaem Shore, Royal Vessel
Allural Sea BassDouble Yellow90,000Whiskers: Pearly Moogle2005Allural Sea Bass FilletGaldin Shoals(evening)
Coral Allural Sea BassDouble Yellow230,000Whiskers: Crystal752Allural Sea Bass FilletSonelio Plaza, Furgola Canal
Copper Allural Sea BassDouble Yellow240,000Whiskers: Chocolate1203Allural Sea Bass FilletGaldin Shoals, Caem Shore(all locations in the evening)
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Scorpion GrouperBlue700,000Big Blaze Bahamut3806Grouper SkinGondola Marina(evening)
Pigeon GrouperBlue300,000Whiskers: Pearly Moogle752Grouper BonesSonelio Plaza(morning)
Cygillan GrouperDouble Blue160,000Whiskers: Chocolate1003Grouper SkinGaldin Shoals, Caem Shore(night)
Tide GrouperDouble Yellow180,000Ranker Tonberry, Hot Breather: Red Dragon, Big Blaze Bahamut4006Tide Grouper FilletCaem Shore, Gondola Marina, Royal Vessel
Murk GrouperDouble Blue900,000Burrower: Abyss Worm6008Murk Grouper EyeVannath Coast
Dread GrouperDouble Blue1,000,000Big Master Typhon65011Grouper FinVannath Coast(morning)
FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Giant Trevally (small)Yellow45,000Poppeck: Chocobo, Sweet Jamming: Custard, Tidal Might Leviathan101Trevally FilletVannath Coast, Royal Vessel
Giant Trevally (large)Yellow75,000Poppeck: Chocobo, Sweet Jamming: Custard, Tidal Might Leviathan601Trevally FilletVannath Coast, Royal Vessel
Galdin TrevallyYellow60,000Sweet Jamming: Flan, Stormer: Chert Focalor151Trevally FilletVannath Coast, Royal Vessel
Reef TrevallyDouble Blue120,000Sweet Jamming: Custard1203Trevally ScalesVannath Coast
Crimson TrevallyDouble Blue280,000Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm, Poppeck: Tinselred Chocobo Lure501Trevally FinGaldin Shoals
Windows/Royal Edition-Exclusive Fish

These Fish are only available in the Windows and Royal Editions of Final Fantasy XV. All of them are found exclusively using the Royal Vessel.

FishMapStaminaLureExpAPItemFishing Spots
Dynnel BarramundiBlue~800,000Big Blaze Bahamut70013Barramundi GoldfinLeirity Seaside (Royal Vessel, near Cape Caem, day only)
Nephilim GrouperDouble Blue~1,100,000Gemlight: Caster Carbuncle?13Grouper CombscaleAltissian Isle (Royal Vessel, near Accordo islands, morning only unless Whopper in the Waves just completed)
Mummy BassN/A~1,300,000N/A?31Mummy Bass GutsAngelgard (Royal Vessel)*
Styrial Bluefin TunaDouble Yellow~1,000,000Big Blaze Bahamut?9Bluefin Tuna FilletRoyal Vessel**

*Note that the Mummy Bass uses a special procedure to catch: catch a small blue fish in a red area on the radar near Angelgard, but don't reel it in. Eventually, a Mummy Bass will replace it.
**Must spawn Bismarck for this to appear.

Sours: /ps4/230226-final-fantasy-xv-royal-edition/faqs/78363/fishing
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Fishing Skill Guide [Final Fantasy 15/ FFXV]

NameFishing Spot(s)Suited Lure(s)SPEXPAPItems ObtainedRarityStaminaPowerLucian CatfishCrestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, Malacchi PondNeedle 1,000: Cactuar
Needle 1,000: Metallicactuar520Catfish BarbelC500001.2Cleigne Brown Trout (small)Myrlwood FallsBurrower: Mad Pink Sandworm
Burrower: Abyss Worm535Trout FilletB300001.2Maiden Brook TroutThe Maidenwater, Myrlwood FallsDeadly Waters: Sahagin515Trout FIlletA400001.3Galdin TrevallyVannath CoastSweet Jamming: Mousse515Giant Trevally FilletB275001Alstor Bass (big)Crestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring, Rachsia BridgeBomber: Bomb
Jumbo Tusk: Garulessa
Fatal Roulette: Ahriman845Alstor Bass BonesC55001.9Cygillan Sea Bass (big)Gondola MarinaStormer: Focalor
Stormer: Chert Focalor850Sea Bass FilletC800001.7Rainbrow Trout (big)Forgotten Pool, River Wennath, The MaidenwaterTidal Might Leviathan
Knife T. Tonberry
Whiskers: Pearly Moogle810Trout FilletD500001.8Garnet SnakeheadMalacchi Pond, Daurell Spring, The Vesperpool – West BankPoppeck :Red Chocobo
Jumbo Tusk: Garula840Snakehead TeethC600001.7Giant Trevally (big)Vannath CoastPoppeck: Chocobo
Sweet Jamming: Flan
Tidal Might Leviathan860GIant Trevally FilletB500001.5Fan BluegillThe Vesperpool – West BankAny825Bluegill FinA400001.3Crag BarramundiNeeglyss Pond, The Versperpool – East BankSweet Jamming: Custard
Bomber: Ice Bomb
Ranker Tonberrry
Tidal Might Leviathan830Barramundi FilletA500001.6Chrome Rainbow TroutRiver Wennath, Myrlwood FallsHot Breather: Blue Dragon121001Trout FilletA800001.8Phoenix BassDaurell Spring, The Vesperpool – East BankBomber: Thunder Bomb
Fatal Roulette: Bloody Eye12701Phoenix Bass BladderB650001.8Zipper BarramundiRachsia BridgeDeadly Waters: Coraldevil12751Barramundi FilletB600001.9Cleigne Brown Trout (big)Myrlwood FallsBurrower: Mad Pink Sandworm
Burrower: Abyss Worm12351Trout FilletB800001.9
Sours: https://samurai-gamers.com/final-fantasy-15-ffxv/fishing-skill-final-fantasy-15-ffxv/

Daurell Spring:

Striped Catfish, Big Blaze Bahamut, Night
Pink Jade Gar (Not caught yet)
Jade Snakehead, Giant Needle 10K Gold Gigantuar, Evening
Garnet Snakehead, Stinker Malboro, Evening [Has other specific lure]
Phoenix Bass, Bomber Bomb, Day
(Snakehead, Alstor Bass)

Daurell Stills:
Cave Dace, Burrower Abyss Worm, Early Morning
Lurking Catfish, Daurell Stills, Early Morning
Bizarre Barramundi (Not caught yet)

Caem Shore:

Black Barrelfish: Hot Breather: Red Dragon, Night
Cygillian Grouper: Whiskers: Crystal, Day
Dark Allural Sea Bass: Stormer Chert Focalor, Night
Striped Barramundi, Whiskers Crystal, Day
(Tide Grouper)

Raschia Bridge:

Zipper Barramundi, Hot Breather Green Dragon, Evening
Wennath Salmon, Hot Breather Green Dragon, Day
Nebula Salmon, Deadly Waters Sahagin, Evening
Alstor Bass, Big Blaze Bahamut, Early Morning
(Chipped Bluegill)

River Wennath:

Argus Salmon, Big Blaze Bahamut, Evening
Cherrycomb Trout, Whiskers Chocolate, Evening
Callatein Brook Trout, Whiskers Chocolate, Day
Rainbow Trout, Whiskers Chocolate, Evening
Sandy Dace, Whiskers Chocolate, Evening

The Vesperpool –East Bank:
Vesper Gar: Stinker Malboro, Early Morning
Sapphire Snakehead: Giant Needle 10K Gold Gigantuar, Early Morning
Glimmering Bluegill, Giant Needle 10K Metal Gigantuar, Day

The Vesperpool – West Bank:

Golden Catfish, Stinker Malboro, Night
More fish, unsure if more unique to location.
Vesper Gar
The Vesperpool – North Bank:
Vesper Dace, Giant Needle 10K Gold Gigantuar, Day
Butterfly Bluegill, Poppeck Chocobo, Day
Fan Bluegill, Big Blaze Bahamut, Day
Lotus Bluegill, Big Blaze Bahamut, Day
Rosorath Peacock Bass, Giant Needle 10K Gold Gigantuar, Evening

The Vesperpool – Cape:

Mighty Barramundi, Fatal Roulette Ahriman, Night
Coeurl Dace, Needle 10K Metal Cactuar, Early Morning
Giant Catfish (Big Fish), Giant Needle 10k Gold Gigantuar, Early Morning
Panther Bass, Needle 10K Gold Cactuar, Day

The Vesperpool - Islet
Vesper Barramundi, Hot Breather Green Dragon, Day
King Trout, Big Blaze Bahamut, Evening [Has other specific Lure]
Leopard Trout, Hot Breather Red Dragon, Night
Sunset Lucian Carpd, Hot Breather Green Draon, Early Morning
Spotted Devil Gar (Big Fish), Invincible Iron Giant, Night

The Archaeon’s Mirror:

Dank Barramundi, Big Blaze Bahamut, Early Morning [Has specific Lure]
Grim Catfish, Needle 10K Metal Cactuar, Early Morning
Hookhorn Bluegill, Big Blaze Bahamut, Early Morning
Redeye Bass, Big Blaze Bahamut, Early Morning

The Maidenwater:

Great Nebula Salmon, Hot Breather Green Dragon, Early Morning
Maiden Brook Trout, Hot Breather Green Dragon, Early Morning
Myrlwood Falls:
Platinum Myltrout, Fatal Roulette Floating Eye, Day [Has specific Lure]
Morion Trout, Fatal Roulette Floating Eye, Night
Chrome Rainbow Trout, Whiskers Crystal, Early Morning
Cascade Dace, Hot Breather Green Dragon, Early Morning


Sours: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/932981-final-fantasy-xv/74688029

Guide ffxv fishing

How To Fish In 'Final Fantasy 15' Skill Guide: Best Locations, Equipment And Bonuses To Level Fishing Fast

Now that Final Fantasy 15 is finally out, you’ll want to explore every nook and cranny of its densely-packed world. If you want all your achievements, you’ll need to master fishing, Noctis’s royal skill. Here’s our tips and tricks guide for how to fish in Final Fantasy XV.

First of all, Noctis starts off with everything he needs to get started fishing so you don’t need to buy anything. Position yourself at a fishing spot and use these basic commands:

  • L to aim, and then after casting, to pull the line in any direction

  • X (PS4) or A to cast

  • R2 (PS4) or right trigger to reel in

  • Circle (PS4) or B to quit

  • The start pad (PS4) or the menu button to open the Tackle menu and change your  equipment

When you’re aiming, a blue marker indicates where your lure hits the water. Use the minimap in the top right corner of the screen, which is marked with colorful dots where you’ll find fish. Yellow dots indicate edible fish that provide ingredients Ignis can use in his meals, while blue are prize fish that yield treasures.

Cast your line and reel in with R2 or right trigger. Don’t just drag the line back in a straight line; you want to twitch the line around with L, tap R2/RT and pause every once in awhile to provoke a fish’s attentions.

The game actually measures a fish’s interest using a red bar at the top of the screen. You want to adapt the way you move and pause your line so that you build up the interest bar. Once that bar stretches to the whole length of the screen horizontally, the fish will bite.

Once the fish bites, you and your piscine enemy begin a delicate dance. While your goal is to reel in the fish, you’ll have to watch your line’s durability to do so. Here’s how:

When you get a bite, tilt L in the direction the screen instructs. If you don’t, the fish will just swim away. Then reel in with R2/RT, causing the fish’s stamina to decrease. The stamina can be seen on the top of the screen. Once the horizontal gauge is empty, you win the fish.

The fish will swim around randomly with your line suffering as a result, so you need to take aim. Tilt L to the left or right, wherever the fish is swimming, to keep your line intact. If you just fart around as the fish flails on your line, a hidden tension gauge will fill slowly , but if you aim in the wrong direction entirely, the gauge will start filling up fast. You can tell this is happening because your control will vibrate heavily. Tilting the stick in the right direction keeps the tension bar empty.

The tension causes damage to your line and when the line’s durability reaches zero, it breaks. That means you’ll lose both the line and the lure you had equipped. The key is to manage this tension by pushing constantly in the right direction, tweaking your aim sharply and quickly, and reeling in fish with short bursts while releasing tension the rest of the time so your line stays intact.

If a fish jumps in the air, it “attacks” you. Tilt L right away in the direction the screen says to cancel out the damage to your line as well as lower the fish’s stamina.

Lures : There’s lots of lures in the game. You’ll need to swap out which lure you use based on what fish you’re hoping to hook and where. Popper lures let you seek fish near the surface, pencil lures let you fish more effectively at dawn or dusk, swisher lures make boring fishing spots more lively, crankbait lures help you in rocky or littered waters, minnow lures work in clear waters, and vibration lures are best for wide areas.

  • Lure Weight : The heavier the lure, the deeper underwater it goes, and the bigger the fish it catches.

  • Lure Color : Fish like colors close to their own. Get a red lure for a red fish.

There are many lure possibilities, but pick the one best for the environment you’re hoping to catch the fish.

Lines: With only three types of line, you’ll mostly be purchasing these from shops. The higher the durability, the longer it can hold out against tension (aka damage) inflicted by fish.

Rods: Rods provide defense, which determines how much tension damage on your line they cancel out. You can get better rods from shops and by completing sidequests for Nayth.

Reels: Reels determine how fast you knock out a fish’s stamina bar as you reel it in - basically your fish attack stat. Tackle shops have high-quality reels, but the very best reel is called Llymlaen and is a reward in the Totomostro mini-game.

Here’s what fish you can find and where in the world of Altissia you can find them.

  • Gondola Marina : Cygillan Sea Bass, Lucinian Sea Bass, Tide Grouper

  • Vannath Coast: Giant Trevally, Galdin Trevally, Murk GRouper, GLowing Barrelfish

  • Crestholm Reservoir : Horned Bluegill, Lucian Catfish, Alstor Bass, Golden Catfish

  • Neeglyss Pond : Horned Bluegill, Chipped Bluegill, Lucian Catfish, Alstor Bass, Crag Barramundi, King Catfish

  • Swainsmere: Horned Bluegill, Chipped Bluegill, Lucian Catfish, Alstor Bass

  • Malacchi Pond: Alstor Bass, Lucian Catfish, Snakehead, Garnet SNakehead

  • Forgotten Pool : Horned Bluegill, Chipped Bluegill, Rainbow Trout

  • Daurell Spring: Snakehead, Garnet Snakehead, Jade Snakehead, Alstor Bass, Phoenix Bass, Pink Jade Gar

  • River Wennath: Cherrycomb Trout, Rainbow Trout, Callatein Brook Trout, Chrome Rainbow Trout

  • Rachsia Bridge: Chipped Bluegill, ZIpper Barramundi, Alstor Bass, Nebula Salmon

  • The Maidenwater: Rainbow Trout, Maiden Brook Trout, Nebula Salmon

  • Caem Shore: Striped Barramundi, Tide Grouper, Dark Allural Sea Bass

  • The Vesperpool - East Bank: Glimmering Bluegill, Phoenix Bass, Crag Barramundi, Golden Catfish, Sapphire Snakehead, Noble Arapaima

  • The Vesperpool - West Bank: Glimmering Bluegill, Fan Bluegill, Golden Catfish, Garnet Snakehead, Sapphire Snakehead, Vesper Gar

  • Myrlwood Falls: Cleigne Brown Trout, Platinum Myrltrout, Maiden Brook Trout, Callatein Brook Trout, Chrome Rainbow Trout

So what do you get in return for all this work?

  • Skill Level 2: Fishing line wear down 25 percent less quickly when fish struggle

  • Skill Level 3: Tackle shops offer 10 percent discount on all items

  • Skill Level 4: Chances of hooking fish are increased by 25 percent

  • Skill Level 5: Ability to catch fish up 31.5 inches

  • Skill Level 6: Tackle shops offer 30 percent discount on all items

  • Skill Level 7: Fishing line wears down 50 percent less when fish struggle

  • Skill Level 8: Chances of hooking a fish increased by 50 percent

  • Skill Level 9: Tackle shops offer 50 percent discount

  • Skill Level 10: Catch fish up to 59 inches

And never forget, Bluegill fish are garbage who will throw themselves on your hook even without a lure, so they’re great to practice with.

Pumped about getting your hands on this long-anticipated game? Feel free to talk Final Fantasy 15 in our comments section below.

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Sours: https://www.player.one/how-fish-final-fantasy-15-skill-guide-best-locations-equipment-and-bonuses-level-571044
Final Fantasy XV: Top 3 Fishing Tips

Final Fantasy XV Wiki Guide

Fishing Basics

First, how to fish and the biggest tips for starters:

Best Fishing Gear

Top fishing gear for fishing in the game (Rod, Reel, Line, and Lure):

Pink Jade Gar

The Pink Jade Gar is the hardest fish to catch in Final Fantasy XV. Video shows pro tips on how to catch the Pink Jade Gar.

Regal Arapaima

The Regal Arapiama is also one of the hardest fish to catch in Final Fantasy XV. It is tied with Pink Jade Gar in difficulty. This fish requires you to be defensive most of the time, and the fish is located in the hidden Fishing Spot at The Vesperpool - North Banks

Devil of Cygillan and Tranquility Rod

Catching the Murk Grouper in Galdin Quay will award you with the best Fishing Rod in the game (Tranquility)

Biggest Fish

The biggest (large, not long) fish in FFXV is the Dread Grouper. It is bigger than the King Catfish and the Pink Jade Gar (both of which are thin and long, rather than big). You can catch the Dread Grouper in Galdin Quay after you have caught the Murk Grouper.

Best Lure

The Best Lure is the Big Blaze Bahamut, which you can never lose, as it always comes back even if your line snaps.

Moogle Chocobo Carnival Fishing Festival

During the Moogle Chocobo Carnival Event, a Fishing Festival takes place in Altissia. Catch tagged fish to earn unique rewards.

Prize List:

  • A - Rod (Howling Gust x1)
  • B - Reel (Albireo x1)
  • C - Lure (Poppeck: Tinselred Chocobo x1)
  • D - Lure (Mog Rank: Rubygold Moogle x1)
  • E-J - Choco-Mog Medallions, Fishing Line, etc.

Fishing Locations

All Fishes Compendium

The following video shows all fishes in Final Fantasy 15, and how to catch them:

The 100 fishes are:

  1. Alstor Bass
  2. Spiked Alstor Bass
  3. Panther Bass
  4. Risorath Peacock Bass
  5. Phoenix Bass
  6. Redeye Bass
  7. Horned Bluegill
  8. Chipped Bluegill
  9. Glimmering Bluegill
  10. Shorthorn Bluegill
  11. Hookhorn Bluegill
  12. Lotus Bluegill
  13. Fan Bluegill
  14. Butterfly Bluegill
  15. Snakehead
  16. Phantom Snakehead
  17. Garnet Snakehead
  18. Jade Snakehead
  19. Sapphire Snakehead
  20. Opal Snakehead
  21. Lucian Catfish
  22. Striped Catfish
  23. Spotted Catfish
  24. Golden Catfish
  25. Grim Catfish
  26. Lurking Catfish
  27. Giant Catfish
  28. King Catfish
  29. Vesper Gar
  30. Spotted Vesper Gar
  31. Barbaric Vesper Gar
  32. Pink Jade Gar
  33. Noble Arapaima
  34. Regal Arapaima
  35. Lucian Carp
  36. Bronze Lucian Carp
  37. Gold Lucian Carp
  38. Silver Lucian Carp
  39. Sunny Lucian Carp
  40. Cloudy Lucian Carp
  41. Marble Lucian Carp
  42. Amber Lucian Carp
  43. Sunrise Lucian Carp
  44. Sunset Lucian Carp
  45. Dusk Lucian Carp
  46. Dawn Lucian Carp
  47. Duscaen Dace
  48. River Dace
  49. Specular Dace
  50. Mud Dace
  51. Pale Dace
  52. Vesper Dace
  53. Cave Dace
  54. Wennath Dace
  55. Regal Dace
  56. Cascade Dace
  57. Coeurl Dace
  58. Sandy Dace
  59. Rainbow Trout
  60. Cleigne Brown Trout
  61. Lambent Trout
  62. Maiden Brook Trout
  63. Callatein Brook Trout
  64. Chrome Rainbow Trout
  65. Leopard Trout
  66. Cherrycomb Trout
  67. Morion Trout
  68. King Trout
  69. Platinum Myrltrout
  70. Nebula Salmon
  71. Great Nebula Salmon
  72. Argus Salmon
  73. Wennath Salmon
  74. Dank Barramundi
  75. Crag Barramundi
  76. Rock Barramundi
  77. Striped Barramundi
  78. Vesper Barramundi
  79. Bizarre Barramundi
  80. Zipper Barramundi
  81. Mighty Barramundi
  82. Cygillan Sea Bass
  83. Lucinian Sea Bass
  84. Dark Allural Sea Bass
  85. Allural Sea Bass
  86. Coral Allural Sea Bass
  87. Copper Allural Sea Bass
  88. Scorpion Grouper
  89. Pigeon Grouper
  90. Cygillan Grouper
  91. Tide Grouper
  92. Murk Grouper
  93. Dread Grouper
  94. Giant Trevally
  95. Galdin Trevally
  96. Reef Trevally
  97. Crimson Trevally
  98. Glowing Barrelfish
  99. Red Barrelfish
  100. Black Barrelfish
Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/final-fantasy-15/Fishing

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I was hoping to see something epic. A mortal battle between man and fish.


Fishing(釣り, Tsuri?) is a minigame in Final Fantasy XV where the player can gather food ingredients for cooking at camp sites and prize fish that cannot be eaten. The player can catch fish of all sizes in bodies of water, using various different rods and lures. Upon catching new fish, the party can unlock new recipes. Fishing is an optional pastime, but some quests require one to fish.


How to fish[]

The fishing game minigame uses button prompts while reeling in a fish. The fish that appear blue on the radar are acquired as "treasures" in the item inventory; the yellow ones on the radar are "ingredients" that can be cooked at camp. Dots with an outer circle on the radar indicate the location of uncommon fish. Quitting fishing and restarting respawns the fish, so the player can keep trying for the specific fish they want. Sometimes the fish splash on the surface of the water to tip the player to an especially good spot to cast their line.

Fishing requires at least one usable fishing line and lure. Both can be purchased at shops, including tackle shops located near select fishing holes. As Noctis's fishing skill increases, both the speed at which lines deteriorate and the cost of lures decrease. Noctis can acquire new fishing rods and reels, boosting his fishing offense and defense.

To start fishing, the player must find a fishing spot in a body of water. They become marked on the map after being discovered, and the player can also learn about them beforehand from tipsters and from fishing magazines found lying around the world. Some fishing spots have signs that denote what kind of fish can be caught there, although these are not fully comprehensive. Fishing at different times of day and in varying weather may yield different fish. The player can't fish with Aranea in the party, or in Chapter 14.

When the player begins to fish, Noctis summons a rod to his hand. Entering the menu at this point lets the player choose their fishing equipment.

The player uses the action button to cast the line and the right shoulder button to reel the line. To get the fish to bite one must use a lure, and specific lures work for specific fish; if the player uses an incompatible lure, the fish will simply ignore it. When the lure is near a fish a red bar appears to the top of the screen and a sound cue will play, same as for initiating a battle on the field. The fish pulling on the line wears it down, and if it snaps and the fish gets away, the player will lose their lure (there is one special lure obtained from a side quest that cannot be lost, however). The line wear is depicted as a numerical value, and the player should replace their line from the equipment menu when it wears thin.

The player must follow the button prompts that appear on-screen to reel in the fish. The player should not reel when there is no tension on the line that makes the gauge go red, and when there is tension to push the analog stick to the direction the screen prompts to relieve it. At times fish jump out of the water with a button prompt to follow, which lets Noctis reel his catch a little closer.

There is a record of what kinds of fish have been caught. It is possible to catch fish up to one meter in length.


map icon.

A good strategy is to not look at the strength of the line or the progress gauge at the top, as once a fish has been hooked the player is committed to catching it. Instead, the player can watch the fish to anticipate its movement, and move the rod the same way the fish is moving. If a fish is far away, the player can use its wake to determine movement. The camera always moves in the same direction as the fish and can thus also be easier to observe.

It can be a good idea to not reel when the fish is changing direction rapidly, and only reel when it is moving consistently in one direction. When the water splashes and the controller is vibrating, the fish is struggling. Reeling is much more effective when the fish doesn't struggle, and for the big fish it is advised to not reel when they struggle as it creates tension on the line. Tapping the reel button once, rather than holding, when the fish struggles, doesn't deplete from the line strength, but can slightly advance the progress bar at the top. For catching the big fish, repeatedly tapping the reel button rather than holding tends to work better to avoid wearing down the line.

For the superfish like the Mummy Bass in the Windows and Royal Editions that destroy the line fast, one may tap the pause button and adjust the reel/do not reel and direction as needed while paused, although it takes a long time to reel in a big fish this way.

The Booster Pack +, which is included in the season pass, contains the second most powerful fishing rod and reel, making it easier to fish and level up Noctis's fishing skills. This can enable the player to get fishes that yield tremendous status boosts early in the game to gain a huge advantage and level up efficiently as well as leveling Ignis's cooking skills from cooking complex dishes.

Skill level[]

Sours: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Fishing_(Final_Fantasy_XV)

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