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Serah's Place — So, I ended up messy in class today. It was my own...

So, I ended up messy in class today.

It was my own fault really. I accidentally slept in and so was in a bit of a rush when I got ready and had breakfast before I headed to college. This didn’t leave me any time to wait to mess since my body usually starts pushing a little while after I eat, and so, kind of inevitably, I spent pretty much all of my first class in a messy diaper.

Nobody noticed though as far as I’m aware, and the rest of the class went by without any hitches, so overall I’m actually pretty happy about this and am feeling reassured by the experience : ) As far as the photos go, I decided I might try doing a kind of… lifestyle post like this every now and again, where everyone will get a bit of a glimpse into my life in diapers, since my bladder control is gone these days and there’s a bit less to talk about when it comes to my own untraining other than losing bowel control. I figured photos from my first ever messy experience at college might be a good start, and I took these just before I got changed ^^

The funny thing is, I used to not understand why Kali (someone else who untrained) would say that if you dealt with bowel incontinence, you should wear a messy diaper when you went to go and try on any new clothes that you were thinking of buying, to ensure you get the right fit and look. At the time when I read it, I was kind of like, well that seems a bit excessive, buuuuuut, I’m starting to see why that might be a good idea now, ha ha. Based on how my butt looks here in skinny jeans, I think I’m going to have to start taking his advice, while also making peace with the fact that more people are probably going to find out about my diapers and incontinence. Messy diapers have a certain uhm… bulk to them that wet diapers just don’t have. 


Yeah I Like Diapers


Super embarrassed baby rockin’ some crazy bedhead🤪

I woke up at around 3/4 in the morning and instead of holding it I used my diaper like a good girl then went back to bed until morning. As you can see this little girl really had to go potty. 😳

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diaperboy27 asked:

Hi i want to say you are a butifull girl how did you got in the abdl world

babyblair answered:

I made an Instagram and made friends, and it went from there ❤️


Easter is the best holiday for babygirls!


The Trest diapers are by far the best diapers I've ever worn.

Hmm? Do I need toilet paper?

lalalumen asked:

How did you like the Trest diapers? Do they live up to the hype?

sunnywittledays answered:

I really like them so far! I haven’t felt close to leaking and the way they swell reminds me of an abdl cartoon with the right sides and poofy bottom. I wore this for almost a full 24 hrs just out of comfort and how well they wicked I didn’t notice how quickly the time flew by oops

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She had never felt so stupid in her entire life.

As she crouched on the carpet in front of her family, she couldn’t believe that it was real.  Twenty minutes ago she had been a grown-up.  Admittedly, not a very good one, but a grown-up all the same.  She had a job, a car, and the respect of her peers, but now?  Now she was squatting in a dirty diaper while her family watched TV behind her.

This must be a nightmare.  She lifted her babyish denim skirt out of the way to feel the truth.  The slick plastic of a baby’s diaper greeted her.  Last week, she would’ve been in an important shareholder’s meeting, but now she was going poopy in front of her mom and dad in her Sesame Street Pampers.

No one reacted to her as she grunted again, forcing another messy load into the seat of her crinkling disposable diaper, they just kept watching the TV and talking about how nice it was to have their baby daughter back.  The only reaction was her mom eventually getting up from her spot on the couch, gently pushing her back on her sodden, squishing diaper and untaping it in front of everyone right there on the carpet.

As she laid there on the open, poopy diaper, she felt less like the twenty-two year old she was and more like the two year old she had become.  Handed a set of jangling baby keys, she was expected to busy herself, babbling like an infant while her mother wiped the sticky brown clumps from her bottom while everyone else in the room looked on. 

She was nothing but a baby again.



Baby Girl and Mommy


My stinky baby 🍼

We get alot of questions about baby girls messy diapers. Since beginning our breastfeeding 🤱🏻 journey, the frequency of baby girls poopies have increased. She makes 4-6 poopy 💩 diapers a day now. Her first is in my lap, during/shortly after her first feeding. The second poopy diaper is more solid and after her second feeding/bottle most days. The other ones are all pretty unplanned and depend more on her solid foods for the day! Cloth diapers do a really good job at concealing the smell so I always peek in the waistband/leg bands of her diapers for a stinky! I use ample diaper cream to keep her from getting a rash. When I notice she has a made a poopy diaper, I make a point to change her within a short amount of time. Before getting my little girl all cleaned, here are some ways I reinforce her infantile state of a full wet and messy diaper:

  • Grab/Squeeze the crotch of her diaper
  • Squeeze her back side and purposely try to make it squish into all her little princess 👸🏻 parts
  • Bounce her on my knee
  • Breastfeeding 🤱🏻 while patting her bum
  • Lay her down for tummy time, get her to roll over (If i know shes gassy, i love to lay her on a blanket and do bicycle kicks till she starts making poopies! Watching her lay on her back and fill her diapers is so cute!)
  • Hold your little in your lap as they make a poopy 💩
  • Use lotions and extra care at their messy diaper changes! It makes them feel more comfortable making a mess in the first place!

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    My stinky baby 🍼 ...We get alot of questions about baby girls messy diapers. Since...
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At this very place, Uncle Lyosha was covered and dragged into the heavens, arching. He felt like a pomp that someone was blowing and deflating. Lungs puffed up like a balloon, wheezing escaped from his chest. His thighs trembled, leaning forward, firing clumps of tart seed from the cannon.

It seemed to go on forever.

girl poop diaper

Struggling with bouts of nausea, Vika washed up and went to wake her "mom". Not surprisingly, Natalie was more smeared than her daughter. A couple of streams dripped from her mouth and pussy. After spending five minutes to stir up the terribly sexy naked body of her mother, Victoria sat down next to a woman who had.

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