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EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices is an effects pedal manufacturer located in Akron, Ohio that was founded by Jamie Stillman and Julie Robbins in 2004.[1] EarthQuaker is part of the boutique guitar pedal industry.[2]


EarthQuaker Devices was started in founder Jamie Stillman's basement in West Akron, Ohio in 2004. By 2019, the company grew to employ 50 people and operates our of a 15,000-square-foot building on Bowery Street.[1] Stillman famously started building pedals by attempting to make a satisfactory clone of the Fuzz Face guitar effects pedal 50 times before he was satisifed.[3] According to Stillman, the pedal making business was "just a hobby that went awry and turned into a pretty big global business."[4]

In 2019, EarthQuaker Devices was recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as the Small Business Exporter of the Year. At the time of the award, EarthQuaker distributed their products to 47 countries while producing all devices at the Akron, Ohio facility.[5]

Associated Artists and Artist Collaborations[edit]

EarthQuaker Devices products are used by numerous musical acts including The Black Keys, Coldplay, and Paul Simon.[1] The company has also created limited-run pedals associated with musical acts and artists including the Earthquaker Devices x Sunn O))): Life pedal created in collaboration with Sunn O))) and special editions of the Acapulco Gold and Tentacle pedals created in collaboration with Mark Mothersbaugh.[6][7][8]

Activism and Advocacy[edit]

Earthquaker Devices posted publicly in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on their Instagram account on June 4, 2020.[9] The company has also hosted blogs on Black Lives Matters advocacy in the music industry as well as sexism in the industry.[10][11] In July, 2020 the company ceased their sponsorship of the Akron Art Museum concert series, a relationship that had lasted several years. CEO Julie Robbins explained the decision by saying that "I have been following the situation ... regarding the complaints of former employees [about] racist behavior, sexual harassment, discrimination and toxic work environment at the Akron Art Museum."[12]



11 of the Best EarthQuaker Devices Pedals

Acapulco Gold Power Amp Distortion V2 (Sunn O))) Model T) - £135


EarthQuaker's full-on single-knob distortion is a bona fide singular Model T classic - which can be well gauged by just how many clones and replicas it has out there. I first caught YouTuber Nick Jaffe championing this and soon added it to my wishlist - alongside the Erupter and Spatial Delivery - those are probably 3 of my longest standing wishlist items. I have a few variations of Model T style pedals in the collection to date - but have still to hit the trigger on this one - must be fairly imminent by now. Even though one is a distortion and the other 2 are fuzzes - I deliberated for a while as to which single-knob EQD classic should feature in this listing - between the aforementioned Acapulco and Erupter, but also the much loved yet discontinued EQD Speaker Cranker.

Afterneath V3 Otherworldly Reverberator - £199


I have only just recently reviewed this one - which sprung from a 'nice-to-have' to a must-have based on the recent update which adds 9 new modes to the pedal. This to me is just a fantastic Quirky Ambient Spice pedal not dissimilar to the Chase Bliss Dark World or Walrus Audio SLÖ. I feel I might have this in the collection just ahead of the other two mentioned as I would use each in the same way and in the same slot - at the end of my mono effects chain - and just before the stereo effects kick in. I explained to a reader on the blog that my main sort of always-on Reverb will become the forthcoming EHX Oceans 12, where I would look to supplement that with the Eventide H9 Max which is also a permanent feature of my pedal-chain - while the Ambient Spice Reverb pedals would be rotated on the mostly currently Chase Bliss Audio / Glitch pedal slot - currently occupied in turn by the Chase Bliss Blooper, Generation Loss and MOOD. As always, EQD has some format alternatives for the Afterneath in the guise of the Leviathan and Transmisser Reverbs - where I personally have a significant preference for the Afterneath!

Avalanche Run V2 Stereo Reverb & Delay - £299

Avalanche Run V2 Stereo Reverb & Delay - £299

In a recent interview I believe Mr EQD - one Jamie Stillman picked out this as his favourite all-time EarthQuaker pedal - alongside old classics like the Hoof Fuzz, and newer delights such as the Data Corrupter LLP Style Harmonizer/Fuzz. The Avalanche is the first of the newer digital platform format - which has also been utilised by the fairly recent Pyramids Flanger - which was high on the wishlist for a while and very imminent - before I decided I really preferred those sort of modulations to be fully analog. The Avalanche Run V2 is a fantastic combination of Reverb and Delay - a sort of Senior / Deluxe version of a Dispatch Master. q.v. While of the larger size enclosures we also have another Delay + Reverb pedal (different emphasis) in the guise of the 3-footswitch Disaster Transport SR. These are all really great sounding and handy devices, while I probably prefer the GFI Specular Tempus and Source Audio Collider in this dual channel Delay + Reverb area.

Black Ash Endangered Fuzz (Tone Bender MKIII) - £205 new, limited to 1,500 units


This was the first EQD pedal I made a concerted effect to track down - after I overlooked it when it initially came out on release. It took me three attempts and several months of patient waiting to pin down a very decent second-hand one in pristine condition - and at the right price. For a while these were hovering up at silly prices but have come down since. I have several MKIII style Tone Benders - and this all-Silicon affair is right up there, possibly not quite as upper echelon to my PigDog JuJu - but near enough - and it has that lovely sustaining saturation largely just the same. I was somewhat surprised on the choice of transistors here (2N3903) which are really quite commonly available - so not sure why this batch is necessarily limited. In any case - a great TBIII-style fuzz. I compared it to the earlier Tone Reaper version which I believe is a Germanium transistor affair - but for some reason I prefer the Black Ash Circuit - it just has a more pleasant and more evenly balanced tonality for me ears - while the Tone Reaper is slightly more gritty and edgy. I also seem to prefer the Park Sound Fuzz to the Tone Reaper too - both of those are also based on MKIII Tone Benders.

Dispatch Master V3 Digital Delay & Reverb - £199


This is one of Stefan Fast's (PedalZone) all-time favourite pedals - and pretty much solidly affixed to his board - a very simple but really elegant combined Reverb and Delay with just 4 controls - Mix, Reverb, Time and Repeats. For lots of players this is their always-on ambient / atmospheric pedal - and it has a knack of always sounding absolutely correctly balanced and never overly dominating - almost regardless of what you throw at it. In my stereo rig all my delays need to be stereo - bar glitch / granular and pitch-shifting delays - I also really like the idea of tap tempo which is absent here - so this is a pedal which is very unlikely to hit my collection although it is loved by legions of fans - obviously with standard mono boards.

Hoof Reaper Double Fuzz with Octave Up (Green Russian Muff + Tone Bender MKIII) - £319


I had the longest deliberation here on whether to include the solo Hoof Fuzz, or the combined Hoof and Tone Reaper with added Octave effect which we see here. In the end I went for the more feature-rich / capable and versatile pedal - which I've decided that in this incarnation it is a little too large for my own preferences - to which ends I have the solo Hoof Fuzz for myself. I also did head-to-heads with the all-Silicon Cloven Hoof Fuzz - which is also part of a an alternative Silicon variation of Hoof Reaper. The Cloven Hoof is a higher gain all-silicon version which misses out on the beautiful balance and low-end push of its original sibling - and instead is somewhat more strident, thin and bass-cut - which some seem to prefer, but which for me is not nearly as elegant as the Hybrid Germanium + Silicon original. I really hope Jamie does a more compact BB version of this at some stage in the future.

Palisaded Mega Ultimate Overdrive (TS808++) - £245


I've only just noted that this King of the Tube Screamers has been recently discontinued - while there are some examples still in retail - including at least one at I'm not aware of any Tube Screamer that has more tone-shaping options than this one - albeit the Jackson Audio Broken Arrow would be my preferred choice for an ultimate multi-clipping Tube Screamer. Here though you get dual channels with multiple voicing and clipping options and with added Boost. I guess when the EQD range moved to 3 Tube Screamers after the recent launch of the Plumes Small Signal Shredder - someone decided that there wasn't enough room for all 3 of them, so just the Junior Palisades - AKA Dunes and the Plumes remain. Each one of those is tuned somewhat differently - while the Dunes has a little more tone-shaping to it with 3 knobs and 3 toggle-switches versus the Plumes 3+1. I already have plenty of great Tube Screamers in the collection and don't think I need to add any more at the moment.

Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer - £225


I featured this fairly recently in my piece on Lo-fi Modulation Pedals. This is a fairly unique device - with pitch-warping as a primary element and with some degree of chorusing as a secondary ingredient - which all swirls up and mixes together via 6 control knobs - Primary (Volume of Polyphonic Harmony) | Pitch (Frequency of Polyphonic Pitched Harmony) | Secondary (<12 Octave Down/=12 Chorus/>12 Chorus Up) | Magic (Regeneration/Aliasing/Feedback) | Tone (Treble roll-off) | Tracking (Lag time between Wet and Dry Signal). The pedal had dual footswitches - Activate and Magic - where the second footswitch sends the 'Magic'/ Feedback parameter into overload - similar to how a Havoc switch typically works on a Caroline Guitar Co. pedal. This is a delicate sort of Fuzz Factory type pedal with 6 highly sensitive interactive dials which you need to tweak in tandem for some truly weird and wonderful chorusey pitch-warping effects - this pedal is really one for properly experimental players and can be frustrating if you don't have the patience to dial it in properly - capable of some fantastic tones and textures though if you persevere.

Spatial Delivery Envelope Filter with Sample & Hold - £205


I've been intrigued by this Envelope Filter since I first heard demos, and this featured quite high on my active acquisition/wishlist some years ago, but is somewhat less critical to me now as over the years I've acquired different pedals to cover envelope filtering duties - and in compact standalone form factor - the forthcoming Dr Scientist Dusk will likely be the leading contender. Nevertheless this relatively simple pedal can sound tremendous with just 4 controls - Range, Resonance and Filter knobs, and a 3-way Mode selector - Up | Sample & Hold | Down. At a different time this was more of a priority for me - but I've gone a different way since, and like I said - I would likely be getting the Dr Scientist Dusk instead - while that is likely to be somewhat dearer.

Talons High Gain Overdrive/Distortion - £195 when new


Sadly now discontinued, this remains nonetheless one of EQD's most feature-rich and versatile drive pedals. It is not entirely uniquely described as a High Gain Overdrive - Greer Amps uses the same descriptive for its Supa Cobra Overdrive - meaning a high degree of break-up saturation rather than the fully high-gain distortion saturation that most associate the 'high-gain' term with. There aren't many drive pedals with 3-Band EQ + Presence - particularly in the compact form factor - so this is a relative rarity. Tonally it has quite a dense, dark, richly percolating breakup character with plenty of tone-shaping on-tap, while the character steadily leans towards the dark-side of things. This pedal is a sort of secret weapon still for several players, and it's one of the ones on my EQD acquisition wishlist. I'll see if I can track one down in decent nick and for just the right price!

Sunn O))) Life Pedal V2 Octave Distortion + Boost - £289 part of 2.500 limited run


This was actually the first ever EQD pedal I ordered, albeit my 3rd attempt at a Black Ash arrived a touch sooner. This is essentially a 3-way clipping Rat-style distortion with green-ringer style octave-up circuit and boost. You get some truly amazing saturated sustaining drone sounds here - with the output frequencies having that lovely textural warble to them - and when used in conjunction with the Octave element everything ramps up another level. The controls / legends could probably have been named for somewhat easier recall - as it is the core Rat circuit is controlled by the Amplitude (Volume), Filter (Hi-Cut) and Distortion knobs - as expected for most Rat-style pedals. The Octave is activated by the Magnitude footswitch and controlled by Magnitude (Level) and Octave (Depth/Intensity) knobs - with the Clip rotary knob controlling clipping options - OpAmp / Asymmetrical / Symmetrical. I really love the output of this pedal - it's not a typical Rat at all, even though I sort of file it with all my Rat pedals - it is though well worthy the hype for most, and a much more practical variety than the original over-sized limited edition varieties.

10 More Honourable Mentions


There are so many pedals to EQD's range (past and present) that there was no way we were going to fit in every one of the more essential ones into the above highlights. At one time I would likely have included the Data Corrupter and Pyramids ones above, while I've since evolved my thinking and prefer rather more compact PLL types and wholly analog flangers.


In fact the few pedals not covered above that still ride high on my acquisition/wishlist are the Erupter and Park Fuzzes - while I also have a soft spot for the Arpanoid, Gray Channel Distortion and Spires Dual Fuzz! :

  • Arpanoid Polyphonic Pitch Arpeggiator - £219
  • Aqueduct Vintage-inspired Pitch Vibrato - £205
  • Bit Commander Analog Octave Synth - £195
  • Data Corrupter Modulated Monophonic Harmonizing PLL - £229
  • Disaster Transport SR Advanced Modulated Delay & Reverb - £295
  • Erupter Ultimate Fuzz Tone - £139
  • Gray Channel Dynamic Dirt Doubler - £199
  • Park Fuzz Sound - £194
  • Pyramids Stereo Flanger - £279
  • Spires Dual Fuzz - £199

Final Thoughts

EarthQuaker Devices is for sure one of the very best of the boutique pedal brands - with a huge range of interesting pedals - albeit a lot more discontinued now than I had first thought. There are so many pedals out there overall - that pretty much no one can follow all of them across all the salient brands.


Everyone has commitments and priorities, and is exposed to different things. For whatever reason I arrived quite late to Earthquaker Devices - but have liked everything I have encountered thus far - although there are probably other brands which do things closer to my overall preferences - multi-mode dual-footswitch compact enclosure pedals for instance. EQD still hasn't got to the dual-footswitch compact pedal stage yet, and moreover I personally find some of these pedals a little over-large! :


That said, I have acquired 5 to date:

  • Bellows Fuzz Driver / Fuzzy-Drive
  • Black Ash Endangered Fuzz (Tone Bender MKIII style - Silicon)
  • Dream Crusher Germanium Fuzz + Bias Knob (Germanium Fuzz Face)
  • Hoof Fuzz (Green Russian style Hybrid Muff)
  • Sunn O))) Live Pedal V2 Droning Distortion + Octave

And have 9 more on my fairly imminent acquisition wishlist :

  • Acapulco Gold Power Amp Distortion V2
  • Afterneath V3 Otherworldly Reverberator
  • Dirt Transmitter Fuzz (Silicon Fuzz Face)
  • Erupter Ultimate Fuzz Tone
  • Fuzz Master General (Super Fuzz)
  • Park Fuzz Sound (Germanium MKIII Tone Bender style)
  • Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch Mesmerizer
  • Talons High Gain Overdrive/Distortion
  • Terminal Destructive Fuzz (Companion Fuzz)

As to which of these pedals you will like for yourself - that's largely down to your own playing preferences. I do though feel that the EQD signature flagship pedals are likely the trio of Afterneath Reverb, Hoof Fuzz, and Dispatch Master Reverb & Delay. It was the Hoof Fuzz after all that pretty much put Jamie Stillman on the map in the first place!

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NAMM 2016: 8 new EarthQuaker Devices pedals on show

Acapulco Gold power amp distortion

NAMM 2016: Earthquaker Devices, purveyor of surprisingly affordable boutique pedals (and excellent press releases) is coming to NAMM tooled-up with eight all-new pedals.

Ranging from previously limited editions to one-know germanium specials, this far from hateful eight all ship in the next few months. For the official details, read on...

PRESS RELEASE: The Acapulco Gold was originally intended to be a limited release but, due to demand, we have decided to give it a face lift and add it to our permanent line up!

You know what's awesome? Simplicity. One button, one knob. How loud would you like it? Just move the knob. The Acapulco Gold is an original power-amp distortion circuit that's based on the sound of a cranked Sunn Model T.

This is the spirit of rock and roll. Quit turning knobs and play that guitar like you mean it. With a dirt sound this good, any one second spent bending down and fiddling with knobs is one second too much.

This is why the Acapulco Gold has one gigantic knob; move the thing and it gets louder or quieter. While playing, don't forget to fiddle with your guitar's volume and tone knobs, these can drastically affect the sound of the Acapulco Gold.

The volume knob, especially, cleans the pedal up pretty well; not completely, this ain't your daddy's Fuzz Face. At minimum guitar-volume settings, the Gold imparts a hazy Nashville-sounding spank to your tone. At just-barely-backed-off, the Gold turns into a raunchy overdrive.

Of course, when the guitar's knob is fully on, the Gold roars like a Model T on the verge of explosion. It's not-quite-fuzz, but so close. Each Acapulco Gold is hand-built by totally real people using premium components in Akron, Ohio, where the beer flows like wine.

Ship Date: April 2016

MAP: $117.00 USD

Bellows fuzzdriver

PRESS RELEASE: The Bellows is a back-to-basics, transistor-based dirt device.

This two-knob wonder has a whole lot of character for such a simple, unassuming pedal. It straddles the line between amp-like grit and fuzzy saturation to create a remarkably vintage, tweed-type tone.

Similar to the volume control of a “non master” amp, the Drive determines how hard the signal hits the input. At lower drive levels it's a little wider and grittier. Resist the usual urge to dime it and keep the Drive low for mellow, amp-like break up.

Slowly bring up the Drive and you'll eventually end up in blown out fuzz land, having passed a bunch of useful distorted places in between. It's pretty much every era of rock n' roll in a box.

While designed for guitar, Bellows also handles bass extremely well at growling low and scorching high levels. And if you're a guitar player that fancies themselves a bass player- then forget it, this is your favorite dirt pedal.

Each and every bellows is made by a bunch of bearded dudes and a couple ladies in the comedic drama section of Akron, Ohio.

Ship Date: May 2016

MAP: $145.00 USD

Gray Channel dynamic dirt doubler

PRESS RELEASE: The Gray Channel is a real “twofer” of an overdrive. It is based around a classic hard-clipping gray box overdrive (subtle hint, huh), one of my all-time favorites.

Coincidentally, this is the very same pedal that got me started building pedals and launched EQD. It is two channels of a simple hard clipping overdrive that leaves the character of the guitar and amp intact. The Gray Channel retains the classic warm overdrive sound and expands upon it with several clipping options and bigger bass response. Each channel has 3 clipping modes.

The Green channel- “Si” (Silicon clipping diodes), “Ge” (Germanium clipping diodes) and “N” (no clipping diodes). The “Si” mode will be bright/loud/fuzzy and has a natural tube type break up.

“Ge” mode is a little looser with more lows and warmth and less output. “N” mode acts as a clean boost until you hit roughly 1 o’clock on the gain, at which point it’ll start to saturate the op amp into a biting, loud distortion. Phew!

Still with me? Cool, onto the modes of the Red channel. Here, you’ve got “LED” (LED clipping diodes), “FET” (Mosfet clipping diodes) and “N” (again, no clipping diodes). “LED” mode is the loudest, cleanest and most touch sensitive/least compressed. “Mos” mode is the most compressed with a tighter crunch; the biggest hesher of the group.

And finally, the “N” mode is the same clean to crazy loud op amp distortion set-up as the Green channel. With a couple of switch clicks you can go from your bypassed tone to warm break up to over-the-top gnarly grind and any/every combination in between.

With more and more drive pedals moving onto already crowded pedal boards, having the Gray Channel dual overdrive is like, totally crucial for sonic growth and sustain. Join the fight to stop pedal board overcrowding, because before we can overdrive tomorrow, we must first drive today... or something.

Each Gray Channel is built one at a time, part by gorgeous part at a former automotive paint factory by a bunch of smokestacks on a dead end street in Akron, Ohio.

Ship Date: March 2016

MAP: $195.00 USD

Night Wire dynamic harmonic tremolo

PRESS RELEASE: The Night Wire is a feature-rich harmonic tremolo. What is harmonic tremolo? In short, the signal is split into high pass and low pass filters, then modulated with an LFO that is split 180 degrees.

The Night Wire takes the traditional harmonic tremolo a few steps further by allowing the center point of both filters to be adjusted for different tones. The filter frequency has three modes: Manual, LFO and Attack. In Manual mode, the center point can be set to a fixed position with the frequency control.

In LFO mode, the filters are continuously swept and the frequency control adjusts the speed.

In Attack mode, the filters are dynamically swept according to pick attack and the frequency control acts as a range control, much like a standard envelope filter.

The tremolo section has two modes, Manual and Attack. In Manual mode, the speed of the tremolo is governed by where the rate control is set. In Attack mode the speed is controlled by pick attack and the rate controls the sensitivity; the harder you pick, the faster the rate and vice-versa.

The tremolo can be subtle and shimmery or full-on throbbing depending on where the depth control is set. With the depth set to zero, the Night Wire will act like a fixed filter, phase shifter or envelope-controlled filter depending on which mode the filter frequency is in.

It also features a cut/boost volume control to get your levels just right. Each Night Wire is hand made one at a time in the moonlit village of Akron, Ohio.

Ship Date: February 2016

MAP: $195.00 USD

Spires fuzz doubler

PRESS RELEASE: The Spires was born from my need to have my big old Rosac Nu Fuzz and our now discontinued Dream Crusher on my pedalboard without taking up all the space.

The green channel features a cranked fuzz inspired by the Rosac Electronic Nu-Fuzz, which, for all the unacquainted fuzz seekers, was released in 1968- decades prior to the dreaded “nü” prefix ever being uttered. The original schematic for Rosac Nu Fuzz is somewhat of a mystery so I used my original to make a “sonic copy” that is pretty much dead on.

It is full-on fuzz all the time and uses crude wide range tone control to change the character from big and warm to sizzling and blown out. The original was slightly below unity at max so I gave this one plenty of output volume while retaining the original tone.

The Red channel is a silicon version of the now discontinued Dream Crusher. There's no need to mourn the loss anymore. Dreams will still be crushed with walls of classic two transistor fuzz, only this time the crushing will be much more stable and less temperature sensitive.

It features a very usable, dynamic Fuzz control and tons of output volume, just like the original. Each Spires is hand made one at a time by a white gloved team of professional experts in the dirty, dusty canyon of Akron, Ohio.

Ship Date: February 2016

MAP: $195.00 USD

Spatial Delivery envelope filter with sample & hold

PRESS RELEASE: The Spatial Delivery is an oddball, a voltage controlled envelope filter that allows you to step outside the universe of funk while reinforcing your secret love affair with auto-wah. It has 3 modes - Up Sweep, Down Sweep and Sample and Hold.

With Range, Resonance and Filter controls you can get super emphasized filter sweeps in the Up and Down modes. The Range, in combination with pick attack, controls the sensitivity and reaction time of the envelope and thus the width of the frequency sweep. The higher the Range and harder the attack equals a faster reaction time and higher frequency sweep and vice versa.

Reign in the controls a bit, add your favorite overdrive/fuzz after the Spatial Delivery and you've got a real nice resonant, cut-through-the-mix lead tone. Crank the controls back up and you're a neo-bedroom rock god. In the Sample and Hold mode the filter is controlled by random voltage and the Range controls the speed. Add a sub octave into the mix (before or after) and you've just created a deep fried space droid computer freak-out.

The filter can be cross faded between high pass (counter clockwise), band pass (center) and low pass (clockwise) for a wide variety of voices. The Resonance control goes from zero to the brink of oscillation and adds more body and ring to the filter voice. We recommend placing the Spatial Delivery first in your signal chain.

However, due to its envelope control, experimenting with pairing and signal chain placement can take the potential of the Spatial Delivery even further. Each Spatial Delivery is hand made bit by damn bit in silver studded Akron Ohio.

Ship Date: March 2016

MAP: $195.00 USD

Avalanche Run stereo delay and reverb - coming soon!

PRESS RELEASE: The Avalanche Run is our first product built on a high powered DSP platform we have been working on for a while now and we couldn't be more excited! While this may make an appearance at NAMM, it is still in the development process.

The Avalanche Run was designed to satisfy all the requests we have received for a stereo and/or tap tempo version of our wildly popular Dispatch Master. While it is a delay and reverb just like the Dispatch Master, the style of delay and reverb is quite different.

The delay has more of a tape quality with bucket brigade sensibilities and the reverb is adjustable while having more of a deep, plate-like cavernous tone. Here are a few feature teasers to wet your whistle:

  • Reverse delay mode
  • Swell delay and reverb mode
  • Tap Tempo with subdivisons
  • Assignable expression control
  • Tails/True Bypass modes
  • Sound on sound style looping with adjustable length in tails mode
  • Auto oscillation by holding down tap switch

Ship Date: March 2016 Exclusively through through

MAP: $295.00 USD

EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny


NAMM 2021: Astral Destiny – a new modulated octave reverb from EarthQuaker Devices

21 Jan· EarthQuaker Devices explores outer space with its new Astral Destiny modulated octave reverb pedal, featuring 8 reverb modes and a Stretch switch.

Bliss Factory & Time Shadows


ZVex Bliss Factory revealed, along with Time Shadows by EQD & Death By Audio!

10 Nov 2020· Four boutique builders and two new pedals! The Bliss Factory and Time Shadows pedals have finally been revealed, and one of them has already sold out!

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath V3

The new Afterneath V3 from Earthquaker Devices features 9 new Modes

20 Jan 2020· Even owners of the V2 version will want to check out the new updated Earthquaker Devices Afterneath V3, because it comes with an EXP input with 9 different modes for the drag parameters.

EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath


NAMM 2020: EarthQuaker Devices brings Afterneath other-worldly reverb to Eurorack

16 Jan 2020· Afterneath has been making weird reverb sounds as a guitar pedal for some time but now it's found itself in Eurorack with an expanded feature set for added strangeness.

Earthquaker Devices Sunn O))) Life Pedal V2 . Another one!


NAMM 2020: Earthquaker Devices Sunn O))) Life Pedal gets (another) limited release

09 Jan 2020· EQD launches... yet another Sunn O))) Life Pedal limited edition! We have nearly lost count - is this number four? We are officially reaching the Life Pedal Marketing Saturation Limit.

EarthQuaker Devices Sunn O))) LifePedal 2019 Silver - Another one!


EarthQuaker Devices Sunn O))) LifePedal 2019 Silver: The final limited edition!

02 Dec 2019· Back for a final limited run of 250 units, one of the most sought-after pedals around is back. Miss out on the last Black or Gold editions? Here is a last chance to grab a limited edition version.

#BLACKEDXOUT is all over Instagram, but what does it mean?


#BLACKEDXOUT is all over Instagram, but what does it mean?

19 Nov 2019· Have you been on Instagram today? Then you may have seen the huge #BLACKEDXOUT campaign involving lots of boutique guitar companies. But what does it all mean?

Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things Competition


Win an Earthquaker Devices Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler pedal – Enter Now!

06 Nov 2019· Want one of these great little utility boxes to help reign in the chaos on your pedalboard? Worth EUR 279, Swiss Things by EarthQuaker Devices is a must-have for pedal addicts. Win! Win! Win!

EarthQuaker Devices Sunn O))) Life Pedal gold reissue

Earthquaker Devices Sunn O))) Life Pedal gold reissue

22 Aug 2019· EarthQuaker Devices and Sunn O))) have just announced a reissue of the Life Pedal in gold. Only 500 pieces are being produced worldwide, with all the drone tones of the original intact!

Earthquaker Devices Plume


EarthQuaker Devices Plumes – Just Another Tubescreamer?

03 Jul 2019· The new EarthQuaker Devices Plumes pedal is their interpretation of the classic green Tubescreamer circuit. But has it got what it takes to make you want to buy one?

EarthQuaker Devices Life Pedal Sunn O))) +


EarthQuaker Devices and Sunn O))) create the Life Pedal (yes, it’s already sold out)

19 Jun 2019· Sunn O))) and EarthQuaker Devices have joined forces to create the new Life Pedal designed to give you tube-amp destroying distortion, and bowel wrenching octave effects all in one unit.

Top 5 Fuzz Pedals 2018


Top 5 Boutique Fuzz Pedals of 2018 by Mr Black, ZVex, Beetronics, KHDK, Earthquaker

31 Dec 2018· It is that time of year again, the one where I get to share my favourite boutique dirt boxes and explain why I believe you should be hunting them down to add to your fuzzy sonic palette.

EarthQuaker Devices Black Ash Endangered Fuzz


EarthQuaker Devices Black Ash Endangered Fuzz – A rare bird?

09 Nov 2018· The new limited run of the Black Ash Endangered Fuzz is EarthQuaker Devices' take on the classic Tone Bender fuzz/boost circuit. Limited to just 1500 units worldwide

Earthquaker Devices Aqueduct pedal


Earthquaker Devices Aqueduct: A vibrato pedal with My Bloody Valentine setting

30 Aug 2018· With eight distinct modulation modes including a 'My Bloody Valentine' setting, plus a rather useful Flexi Switch system to momentarily engage the effect easily when required.

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids stereo flanger


EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids stereo flanger: Eight Flangers in one!

02 May 2018· EarthQuaker Devices have just released a very versatile DSP based boutique flanger that packs in a variety of very desirable flanging effects into one pedal.

Earthquaker Devices Westwood


NAMM 2018: Earthquaker Devices want to manipulate your drive with the Westwood

12 Jan 2018· With an active EQ section designed to compliment you amp's tone, this subtle drive pedal from boutique effects builders Earthquaker Devices looks like one to check out.


Earthquaker devices pedal new

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EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny Delay/Reverb Pedal Demo

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But then she completely parted and even stuck a tube of mustard into my anus. It was kind of like a punishment. I dirty my tablet, accidentally ruined it and got it for it. What happened next, you probably read in my previous story "The third time. and again in the ass".

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