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Breaking a mirror doesn&#;t mean bad luck. In fact, I believe just the opposite. Broken mirror can be used into a great decorating project and make your space magical. If you want to turn those broken shards into something spectacular, just reading a list of ideas below&#;

1. This is an exciting idea for mirror shards. Turn an ordinary concrete planter into a gorgeous front porch decoration.

The first step about this project is to make a concrete planter and then stick hundreds of mirror shards on it. It may take a lot of time to stick the mirror shards if you want to achieve the effect in the picture.  Image source for bottom project:

How to Make Concrete Planter:

2. Use broken mirror mosaic on stair risers to bring interest to boring stairs:

Source Unknown.

3. Create a piece of broken mirror wall art for your wall:

All You Need:

You will need broken or old mirror, a hammer, heavy duty butcher paper or a heavy duty paper bag, gloves, a scrap piece of plywood, liquid nails and a caulk gun.

Image source:    Get the full Instructions here:

4. Create a wall mosaic in the bathroom with pieces of broken mirror:

Use industrial strength adhesive to attach pieces onto the wall and finish with unsanded grout to fill in the spaces between pieces.

5. Decorate your old piece of furniture with broken mirror and make it look new…

Image source:   Get the full Instructions here:

6. Stick hundreds of mirror shards on garden fence to give it a gorgeous look:

For more details at: Cindy [email protected]

7. Glue broken mirror pieces and blue marbles onto a bowling ball to make a cute mosaic gazing ball for your garden:

See the details at:

8. Turn those broken mirror pieces into a great modern dresser design:

The tutorial for above project:

The Instructions for Case2 project:

1. Primed with 2 light coats of Rustoleum spray primer in Black. 2. Painted with 2 light coats of Krylon spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze (it&#;s a fancy black). 3. Removed doors and used Dollar Tree Super Glue to glue on broken mirror pieces. Let sit at least 8 hours. 4. Karacualk (unsanded) in Black in between mirror (apply like you&#;re applying grout to tile).

9. Applying the broken mirror idea to your garden door will have a stunning effect: beautiful and make a small space look bigger.

Image source:

Suspended glass floor features mirror shards located in the space between subfloor and glass floor:

For more details at:

Candice Goff

Hello! My name is Candice and the owner of Proud Home Decor. I love everything “DIY”. From crafts for the holidays, decorating my home, gardening tips. I also love to do homemade cleaners and remedies as you’ll soon see as you browse my blog. Working to create a beautiful, inspiring and relaxing home is my passion.


Introduction: Broken Mirror Mosaic

When we accidentally broke a beautiful mirror, instead of throwing it away I decided to reuse the pieces to make a piece of art for a bare bathroom wall. It was really easy to do!

Step 1: Making Manageable Pieces.

While the mirror was already broken, most of the pieces were too big to use. So I needed to break it a little more so the pieces were more manageable.

Safety is important! I used safety glasses and heavy gloves while breaking and sorting the glass.

To keep shards from spraying when you hit the mirror with your hammer, lay a cloth (I used an old pillow case) over the glass before giving it a few light taps. Repeat until you have pieces that are a usable size.

Step 2: Choose Your Mounting Material

I chose to mount my mirror mosaic on black foam board. I purchased this at my local dollar store! I didn't want to add more weight than was necessary since the mirror pieces are already heavy.

Step 3: Put Together the Mosaic

This part took the longest!

Arrange your glass pieces how you want them on your board. I spent nearly four hours arranging and rearranging my mirror pieces until I was happy with the pattern.

Once you have them in place, glue them down. I use this loctite Power Grab glue, it works perfectly! You can find it near the caulk, no caulk gun required.

I did not grout my mosiac, but if you are worried about the art piece being touched, you could easily add that step now at the end. Mine will be hanging in a master bathroom away from any potential curious touches so I was not worried about injury. The black foam board between the mirror pieces was enough!

Step 4: All Done!

Let the glue dry, and mount your new lovely art!

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DIY Mirror Mosaic Wall Hangings

Screen Shot at PM.png

I originally made this DIY project for a YouTube video, but I figured, why not dedicate a blog post for it, too. Excuse the grainy photos that were grabbed from the video.

In my last apartment, I had a big wall in my kitchen that I needed to fill, and I wanted to reflect the light that came in from the windows on that side of the apartment. I had seen some beautiful huge mosaic tiled mirrors at Pier 1 or somewhere that I definitely could not afford on my apartment budget, so I decided to recreate something similar myself. I lovedddd these pieces and they hung in that kitchen the whole time I lived there, and then hung in my bedroom for a couple years at my next place. Keep reading for the tutorial!

IMG_ copy.jpg
  • Framed Canvas (I used a pair of 16” x 40” canvases)

  • Mirror (I used a pair of 13” x 49” door mirrors that were super cheap at Walmart. You could also look at a thrift store or repurpose a broken mirror. Just be sure that your mirror is larger than the area you’re covering.)

  • Towel

  • Hammer

  • Safety Glasses

  • Work Gloves

  • Empty plastic bin or container

  • Mosaic Adhesive

  • Mosaic Grout (You may need rubber gloves and a sponge for this step, but check the directions on your package)

  • Optional: Mosaic Glass Gems

Start by wrapping your mirror in the towel and then carefully tapping on the towel-wrapped mirror with the hammer to break it into mosaic tiles. If you’re using large canvases like I did, you’ll want all of the pieces to be smaller than 4 inches at the largest part, or smaller if you’re using a smaller canvas. Keep re-wrapping and tapping until all of the broken pieces are small enough. I like to have a variety of sizes of pieces to work with to help everything fit together. I used a super cheap mirror, so I had to peel the paper backing off of mine before I could break the mirror up. Gather all your pieces into a plastic bin, discarding any pieces that are too small to use.
SAFETY ALERT: I recommend wearing eye-protection and work gloves during this step to avoid injury. I wasn’t wearing them in the video because I like to live on the edge (read: I’m lazy). Broken glass has a lot of sharp edges. Don’t be lazy! Be safe!

Screen Shot at PM.png

Glue a glass gem to the top of each canvas to anchor your design and start laying out pieces of mirror around the gem. If you decide to leave the glass gem out, choose a starting point either at the top or corner of your canvas.

Screen Shot at PM.png

Lay out your mirror pieces like a puzzle so that everything fits together. Try to leave a consistent amount of space between each piece. I tried to leave between 1/8” to 1/4” of space. When you like how your pieces are laid out, glue them to your canvas and let everything dry overnight.

Screen Shot at PM.png

When the glue has set, you can add the grout between your mirror pieces. Mix up your grout following the directions on the package. Fill every tiny space between every piece with grout, and then wipe away the excess. This part can get really messy! Let the grout set up overnight (or however long it says on the package) and then your mirror mosaic piece is complete!

Screen Shot at PM.png

This project can be really time consuming and a little bit tedious, but the end result is more than worth the work. I created these two large pieces for under $40 and because of the nature of the medium, they can fit just about anywhere in your home.


Leave a comment and let me know if you liked this DIY project and want to see more like it. If you try this project, please tag me on social media or send me an email! I would love to see how yours turns out and where you decide to put it!


DIY Crafts: Turn a Broken Mirror and Cardboard into Mosaic Art!What DIY crafts can you create with a broken mirror? Make your own mosaic art!

Do you remember when I upcycled a broken mirror into a magnetic board? Like I mentioned in that post, I saved the pieces of the broken mirror for a future craft project. Well, the future is now! I transformed a boring piece of cardboard and a broken mirror into a beautiful mosaic art piece!

What You Will Need:

1. A broken mirror

2. Cardboard

3. Low VOC spray paint

4. Scissors

5. Hot glue/hot glue gun

6. A pencil

7. (Optional) Gloves

How To Do It:

1. Draw the shape of your choice onto the cardboard. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I chose a heart, but I also thought about doing a peace sign like my Pop Top Peace Sign. You could also do a letter or even an entire word.

2. Cut it out!

3. Paint it the color of your choice. Your cardboard will soak up a lot of paint, but don’t feel like you have to give it a perfect paint job. Most of the surface will be covered with broken mirror, anyway.

4. When dry, carefully arrange the mirror pieces onto your cardboard shape. (Helpful hint: I suggest wearing protective gloves while doing steps 4 and 5. Getting little pieces of mirror in your finger tips is not fun!)

5. Once you have all of the pieces arranged, hot glue them to the cardboard. If you have any mirror pieces left over, try this DIY concrete mosaic!

DIY Crafts: Turn a Broken Mirror and Cardboard into Mosaic Art!

Isn’t it pretty? I love the way the mirror reflects the light and adds a little “bling” to the average piece of cardboard. I plan on putting this cutie on my mantle to celebrate the month of love (February). I was thinking it might be a cute base for an eco-friendly centerpiece, too! You could also frame it in an empty picture frame.

Where would you put it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!


Broken mosaic diy mirror

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DIY Mirror Mosaic Pumpkins

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