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2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan - Specs


2.4-Liter DOHC, 16-Valve SMPI



Std. — SE and SXT

Std. — ES and R/T; opt. — SE

Type and Description

I-4, liquid-cooled

V-6, 60-degree, liquid-cooled


148.2 cu. in. (2429 cu. cm)

167 cu. in. (2736 cu. cm)

Bore x Stroke

3.44 x 3.98 (87.4 x 101)

3.38 x 3.09 (86 x 78.5)

Valve System

DOHC, four valves/cylinder, hydraulic end-pivot roller followers

DOHC, four valves/cylinder, hydraulic end-pivot roller followers

Fuel Injection

Sequential, multi-port, electronic

Sequential, multi-port, electronic


Semi-permanent mold-aluminum block with cast-iron liners, cast-aluminum heads

Semi-permanent mold-aluminum block with cast-iron liners, cast-aluminum heads

Compression Ratio



Power (SAE net)

150 bhp (112 kW) @ 5500 rpm (62.5 bhp/L)

200 bhp (149 kW) @ 5800 rpm (74.1 bhp/L)

Torque (SAE net)

160 lb.-ft. (218 N•m) @ 4200 rpm

190 lb.-ft. (258 N•m) @ 4850 rpm

Fuel Requirement

Unleaded regular, 87 octane (R+M)/2

Unleaded regular, 87 octane (R+M)/2(b)

Oil Capacity

5 qt. (4.75L) with dry filter

5 qt. (4.75L) with dry filter

Coolant Capacity

8 qt. (7.6L)

8 qt. (7.6L)

Emission Controls

Close-coupled three-way catalyst, heated oxygen sensors, internal engine features(a)

Two close-coupled, three-way catalysts, heated oxygen sensors, internal engine features(c)

Max. Gross Trailer Weight

1,000 lbs. (455 kg)

1,000 lbs. (455 kg)

Estimated EPA Fuel Economy mpg (City/Hwy)



(a) Meets Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV) standards in all 50 states
(b) Flexible Fuel Capability (E85).
(c) FFV 2.7-liter engine meets federal interim Tier Bin 10 standards in all states except CA, NY, MA, ME, and VT. Gasoline-only automatic transmission 2.7-liter engine meets LEV standards in CA, NY, MA, ME, and VT. The Manual transmission gasoline-only 2.7-liter engine meets LEV standards in all 50 states.

Electrical System

2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan


120-amp, high-speed


510 CCA, maintenance-free


Automatic, Four-Speed Overdrive




Electronic control and electronically modulated converter clutch (on 2.7 only)

Gear Ratios








Final Drive Ratio


Overall Top Gear


Dimensions and Capacities (a)

2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan


108 (2743)

Track, Front

60.2 (1529)

Track, Rear

60.2 (1529)

Overall Length

191.2 (4856)

Overall Width

70.6 (1793)

Overall height

54.9 (1394) — SE and ES

54.4 (1383) — R/T

Curb Weight (estimated)

3,175 lbs. (1440 kg) — SE

3,182 lbs. (1443 kg) — SXT

3,225 lbs. (1463 kg) — ES

3,230 lbs. (1465 kg) — R/T

Weight Distribution, F/R


Drag Coefficient

0.325 — SE and SXT

0.347 — ES

0.364 – R/T

Fuel tank capacity

16 gal. (61L)

(a) All dimensions measured at curb weight with standard tires.




Seating CapacityStandard



Head room

37.6 (955)

35.8 (909)

Leg room

42.3 (1074)

38.1 (968)

Shoulder room

55.2 (1402)

54.7 (1389)

Hip room

52.5 (1283)

53.1 (1349)

SAE interior volume

50.8 cu. ft. (1.44 cu. m)

43.2 cu. ft. (1.22 cu. m)

Total Interior Volume

94 cu. ft. (2.66 cu. m)

SAE Cargo Volume

16 cu. ft. (61L)

EPA Interior Volume Index

110 cu. ft.

Body and Frame

2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan


Transverse front engine, front-wheel drive


Steel unibody with isolated engine


2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan

FrontDouble-wishbone with high upper arm and stabilizer bar
Normal-duty — SE, SXT
sport-tuned — SE (2.7L), ES
performance-tuned — R/T
RearLow-arm multi-link with stabilizer bar: included with 2.7 only
Normal-duty — SE, SXT
sport-tuned with stabilizer bar — SE (2.7L), ES
performance-tuned with stabilizer bar — R/T


2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan


Rack and pinion; power-assisted (SBA) — (SE, SXT)

(SBB) firm feel power — ES

(SPB) steering performance — R/T

Overall ratio


Steering Turns (lock-to-lock)

3.1 — SE, SXT and ES

2.8 — R/T

Turning Diameter (curb-to-curb)

36.8 ft. (11.22 m) — SE, SXT and ES

40.8 ft. (12.44 m) — R/T


2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan


   Size and type

P205/65R15 92T black sidewall all-season

   Mfr. and model

Goodyear Eagle LS

   Revs per mile (km)

820 (510)

SXT and ES

   Size and type

P205/60R16 91T black sidewall all-season

   Mfr. and model

Goodyear Eagle LS

   Revs per mile (km)

819 (510)


   Size and type

P215/50R17 93V black sidewall all-season performance

   Mfr. and model

Michelin Pilot® HX MXM4

   Revs per mile (km)

818 (508)


2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan


   Type and material



15 x 6 J


   Type and material

Painted aluminum


16 x 6.5 J


   Type and material

Chromed-clad aluminum


16 x 6.5 J


   Type and material



17 x 7 J




SE, SXT and ES — Standard
   Size and Type

11.1 x 1 (282 x 23) vented disc with single-piston calipers

9 x 1.6 (228 x 40) leading trailing with full-cast drum

   Swept Area

120 sq. in. (774 sq. cm)

   Power Assist Type

Single-diaphragm vacuum

R/T — Standard; SE, SXT and ES optional
   Size and Type

11.1 x 1 (282 x 23) vented disc with single-piston calipers with ABS Plus

10.6 x 0.35 (270 x 9) solid disc with ABS Plus

   Swept Area

120 sq. in. (774 sq. cm)

72.9 sq. in. (470 sq. cm)

   Power Assist Type

Single-diaphragm vacuum

Sours: http://www.new-cars.com/2004/dodge/dodge-stratus-sedan-specs.html

Dodge Stratus

Motor vehicle

The Dodge Stratus is a mid-size car that was introduced by Dodge in February 1995 and was based on the 4-door sedanChrysler JA platform. The Stratus, Plymouth Breeze, and Chrysler Cirrus were all on Car and Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 1996 and 1997. It received critical acclaim at launch, but ratings fell over time. An updated version of the Stratus was introduced for 2001, with the Cirrus being renamed as the Chrysler Sebring, and a coupé model was also added to the range. However, production ended in early 2006 at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, which had built 1,308,123 Stratus and Sebrings since 2000.[1] The Dodge Avenger replaced the Stratus nameplate in early 2007 for the 2008 model year.

After the discontinuation of the Stratus sedan in 2006, the assembly line and tooling were sold to the Russian concern, GAZ, which manufactured 9,000 examples of a very slightly modified Stratus from 2008 through 2010 called the Volga Siber.

First generation (1995–2000)[edit]

Motor vehicle

The Dodge Stratus was the middle entry of the JA platform (with the Cirrus being the higher-end model and the Breeze being the lower-end model). Introduced in 1995, the Stratus had two models, the base (later renamed SE in 2000), which came standard with the 2.0 L straight-4 and had the SOHC 2.4 L as optional, and the ES, which came standard with the a 2.0 L from 1995 to 1997, and had a DOHC 2.4 L and a 2.5 L V6 as optional. In 1998 the DOHC 2.4 L was standard and the 2.5 L V6 was optional on the ES, and from 1999 to 2000, the 2.5 L V6 was the only engine on the ES model.

The Stratus directly replaced the high-volume Spirit and Dynasty (United States only) to favorable reviews, but lower sales. It was often compared to other small mid-sizes such as the Chevrolet Malibu, and judged roomier than the 1995 Ford Contour by many magazines such as Consumer Reports.

The Stratus, Cirrus, and Breeze had many parts that were interchangeable between each model. The exteriors of these three cars were very similar, with the front fascia, rear bumper, taillights, and wheels being the main differences. The interiors had little variation between the three models; being almost identical, save for the name on the steering wheel, and a few available options. The fascias of each JA car corresponds with each brand's minivan offering, sharing headlights and grill designs.

All three variants of the platform were available with most of the same standard features and available options, such as the following: a four-speed automatic transmission and an optional semi-automatic dubbed "Autostick" (not available on the Plymouth Breeze), anti-lock brakes, four wheel independent suspension (double wishbone in the front with a multilink rear), tilt steering wheel, cruise control, power windows, power door locks, power driver's seat, leather seats (Cirrus only), power antenna, a six CD changer, sunroof, remote keyless entry, anti-theft system, etc. A five-speed manual was available with the 2.0 L. The 2.4 L was not offered in a manual because of its high torque and difficult drivability issues, mainly due to wheel spinning.

In 2000, the Stratus was available for its last year of sales in Canada, with the Chrysler Sebring taking over as the company's only lower mid-size sedan - Dodge did not sell the equivalent version in Canada.

A turbocharged version of the Stratus was sold in Mexico, with the 2.4 L DOHC 4-cylinder engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission with AutoStick. This engine produced 168 hp (125 kW; 170 PS) at 5200 rpm and 216 pound force-feet (293 N⋅m) of torque at 2200 rpm. All 2.4L turbo engines were only for the Mexican market.

The Stratus was sold in Europe, with the 2.0 L and the V6, as the Chrysler Stratus (the Dodge name was not used in Europe, except for commercial vehicles). Its styling was similar to that of Chrysler's Cirrus (which featured chrome accent moldings along the doors and bumpers), with the exception of the rear taillights, which were the same as Dodge's Stratus, and a Dodge grille, which differed from that of the Chrysler Cirrus and Plymouth Breeze. The Chrysler Stratus competed in the Swedish Touring Car Championship; the Dodge branded model also competed in North American Touring Car Championship as one of few truly professional outfits to contest the short-lived championship, with David Donohue winning the 1997 season using the Stratus.

For Brazil, the Stratus was marketed as the Chrysler Stratus, the equivalent Chrysler Cirrus being unavailable. It had the same engines as the North American version but a higher ground clearance for the road conditions there.

In Argentina, it was marketed as Chrysler Stratus, and it was raced in the category "Superturismo Sudamericano" (Copa de las Naciones), driven by Ernesto Bessone and Pablo Peon.

In several countries and American states, Stratus and Cirrus were used as police vehicles.

Second generation (2001–2006)[edit]

Motor vehicle

Second generation
01-03 Dodge Stratus sedan.jpg

2001-2003 Dodge Stratus sedan

ProductionJuly 17, 2000[2]–2006 (Sedan)
2000–2005 (Coupé)
AssemblyUnited States: Sterling Heights, Michigan (Sterling Heights Assembly) (sedan)
United States: Normal, Illinois (Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America) (Coupé)
Body style4-door sedan
2-door coupé
PlatformSedan:Chrysler JR platform
Coupé:Chrysler ST-22 platform
Chrysler Sebring sedan
Volga Siber
Chrysler Sebring coupé
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Transmission5-speed manual
4-speed F4A42/F4A51 automatic
4-speed Ultradrive 41TE automatic
WheelbaseSedan: 108.0 in (2,743 mm)
Coupé: 103.7 in (2,634 mm)
LengthSedan: 191.2 in (4,856 mm)
Coupé: 190.9 in (4,849 mm)
Width2003–06 Sedan: 70.6 in (1,793 mm)
2001–02 Sedan: 71.9 in (1,826 mm)
Coupé: 70.3 in (1,786 mm)
HeightSedan: 54.9 in (1,394 mm)
2003–06 R/T Sedan: 54.4 in (1,382 mm)
2003–05 Coupé: 53.9 in (1,369 mm)
2001–02 Coupé: 53.7 in (1,364 mm)

In 2000, the Stratus became the last of the surviving Cloud Cars, with the Cirrus renamed as the Sebring,[3] and the Breeze discontinued (along with the Plymouth brand).[4] This generation of the Dodge Stratus was not sold in Canada, although 1999 was the last year for Dodge Stratus sales in Canada. 2002 models dropped the "DODGE" badges from the doors.

2004–2006 Dodge Stratus sedan

The Stratus and Sebring sedans for the second generation used a revised version of the Chrysler JA platform named JR. The coupé models with the same names were entirely different cars; they were actually based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

During this time, sales declined as its ratings from consumer and auto magazines fell below average among mid-size cars,[5] while the sedan market had shifted and pushed the larger Intrepid and later Charger to record sales. 2004 brought styling revisions, which did not reverse this trend. The Stratus was discontinued in May 2006[1] (the Sebring name was continued).

In Mexico, the Stratus R/T came in a turbocharged version. The Stratus R/T's turbocharged 2.4 L engine went through some improvements in 2001, when power was increased to 215 hp (160 kW). This improved engine would later be used in the U.S. in the Dodge SRT-4 and PT Cruiser GT. Stratus R/T engines built from March 2004 and later generated 225 hp (168 kW) at 5200 rpm and 235 lb⋅ft (319 N⋅m) of torque at 4200 rpm. Stratus R/T models with the turbocharged engine could be recognized by a rear badge saying "Turbo".


Stratus coupé[edit]

2001 Dodge Stratus SE coupé

For 2001, Dodge introduced the Stratus coupé, replacing the discontinued Avenger. This model along with the Chrysler Sebring coupé was built at the former Diamond Star Motors plant by Mitsubishi, using the ST-22 platform. Like its Chrysler counterpart, the coupé models shared very little other than the name and a few exterior styling cues with sedan and convertible models. The Stratus coupé was restyled for the 2003 model year. The coupé was discontinued after 2005, one year before the sedan. The next midsize Dodge which replaced the Stratus, the Avenger, did not include a coupé version.



The first generation Dodge Stratus received a "Poor" rating in the IIHS frontal crash test. It was actually a Chrysler Cirrus that was tested, but the results also apply to the Stratus, and also the Plymouth Breeze. The second generation Stratus and its twin, the Chrysler Sebring, received an overall "Acceptable" rating in the IIHS frontal test due to a possible injury to the right leg. On the side test, the Stratus receives a "Poor" rating without optional side airbags due to a serious neck injury, a weak side structure, possible rib fractures, and high forces on the shoulder and pelvis. Its seats and head restraints earn an overall "Acceptable" rating from the IIHS.

Licensed production in Russia[edit]

Main article: Volga Siber

Volga Siber on GAZ Group booth at Moscow international autoshow, 26 August 2008

The license and production facilities for the second generation Dodge Stratus and Chrysler Sebring sedans were sold in April 2006 to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, owner of the GAZ company in Nizhny Novgorod, which builds the Volga automobile. The price for the production line and rights was approximately US$151 million (€124 million). The models were built by GAZ in Russia from late 2007 through 2010 as the Volga Siber. The production facilities were planned to build up to 65,000 cars of both models yearly. Four-cylinder engines were to be purchased from Chrysler and made in Mexico.

The Siber was introduced at the start of the Global Economic Crisis of 2008, and though annual production of 40,000 vehicles had been planned, sales were not as expected and around 9,000 had been manufactured by the time the Siber was discontinued after model year 2010.


Calendar year United States
1999 95,186
2000 128,549
2001 110,504
2002 114,056
2003 59,022
2004 136,014
2005 104,020
2006 102,317
Sales total972,971


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Stratus
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2004 Dodge Stratus

Retail Price

$18,710 - $22,695MSRP / Window Sticker Price

Engine2.4L I-4
MPG22 City / 30 Hwy
Seating5 Passengers
Transmission4-spd auto w/OD
Power150 @ 5500 rpm
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Dodge stratus 2004

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