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Postby CN » Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:19 pm

hippie wrote:I have a 99 200 ficht . it runs great no problems yet the blowing up problem you had was a recall the bolts on the injector would break and send gas everywhere so when you would start your boat it would ignite. a couple other things were in that recall if you had the upgrades which many qualified service guys won't even work on the ficht if you don't have the recall upgrades. you should have an outstanding motor they do leak oil on the bottom of cowling I asked my service guy if there was a fix he says yeah put an etec on back. I love evenrude, I hope to not have any problems with my ficht but if I do it will get repowered with an etec

Youve described mine to a tee.I did have the upgraded injector flanges put on and it will leak oil arond the lower part of the cowling but my mechanic said the same thing dont worry about it.
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Thread: Thoughts on 2003 Evinrude 200HP Direct Injection

If it is a 2003 it is in fact made by BRP , probably a ficht ram or later, same as the etec just before their tacky marketing blitz. It won't be as light o the fuel as the current ones but is a lot better than any 2 stroke if propped right

Only let someone who knows them inside out and is qualified to do a service on it.

Hopefully since you have just bought it you had it inspected and got a complete download from the ECU ( computer ) as it will tell if any codes have happened, correct hours, rev range it has operated at etc. Check compressions for a start as it will tell you condition..

Only run it on XD 100 and you will have no worries and no water in the fuel.

They were a strong and reliable motor propped right with correct oil , battery, and fresh fuel.

If you grab your serial number and call a dealer a nice dealer will look it up and tell you any history they have in the system for it along with updates , recalls or such.

edit Mate you are only a few minutes from Downes marine in Bowen - give him a call , let him check it out , as he knows these motors and will tell you all the good and bad

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Evinrude ficht 2003 200

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Evinrude 200 - Decarbonization Run

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