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There comes a time as an adult where we crave for our home to reflect just how grown-up we really are. The checklist looks something like this: a good mattress, a few home essentials, appropriately framed and mounted wall art and a designated location for every single item in your home. With the latter comes the need for a concise storage system—every bottle, jar, trinket, and linen deserving of its own cubby. However, the one place we often see the biggest lack of space in is the kitchen.

This also coincides with it being one of the most crowded when it comes to house admin materials (cleaning supplies, sponges, tools, etc.). In a room that often intersects with a bustle of guests and family members rotating through, you want your kitchen to not only put its best face forward but support you in your creative cuisine pursuits.

Understanding your pain—we feel the need for a fluid kitchen sink system too—we’ve sourced 15 of the best under-sink storage setups so that your counter space becomes a source of organization and inspiration as you set out to master this week’s menu.

Iris Iris Expandable Under Sink Organizer ($29)

The Iris Expandable Under-Sink Organizer is easy-to-install and even easier-to-customize to your exact needs. Not to mention a great solution for just about any situation—with the accessible pull-out organizers and six-shelves for storage, you can easily find a hiding place for all your cleaning supplies.

The Container Store Poder Under the Sink Storage Caddy ($24)

This purchase is for those who find solace in a deep cleaning session—just slide the narrow caddy in or out for easy access. This is a great option for tight spaces as the design allows it to fit snug with the under-sink pipes and the bottom tray to adjust to your needs. The top handle can also be used to hang rubber gloves or cleaning cloths out to dry.

Lynk Professional " x 21" Slide Out Under Sink Cabinet Organizer ($79)

This chrome cabinet storage is for those who may not have a ton of counter space. Keep sponges, hand soap and more on the caddy to conceal them out of sight at all times yet at reach. Wet items can sit to dry on the metal without creating mold. Invest in two to create storage options on either side of sink piping to really max out your space.

Mind Reader 2-Tier Mesh Storage Basket in Silver ($19)

For those who seek accessibility, this option displays all your goods for a quick grab and go. Toss rags, backup garbage bags and more in the 2-tier sliding drawers.

88 Main Expandable Under Sink Storage Rack Champagne ($24)

Regardless of how little space you may have under your sink, this expandable unit is the perfect way to display supplies. It removes the annoying shuffling of goods just to grab that bottle of Windex way at the back. Shelf heights adjust and can be individually removed to fit your exact needs. The metal material makes this option simple to wipe down when needed.

Rev-A-Shelf 4FSCOSC-1 4FSCO Series " Wide Pull Out Base Organizer with BLUMOTION Soft Close Slides for 24" Base Cabinet ($)

If you’re lacking for cupboard storage in your kitchen, this wood pull-out shelf is the fix to adding structure to your space. Its easy-glide design makes it accessible and the adjustable dividers provide the best place to keep Tupperware and lids organized and accounted for.

.ORG Metal Mesh Kitchen Cabinet Organizer ($15)

If the real-estate under your sink is already spoken for, this handy mesh cabinet organizer mounts to the cabinet door to create vertical solutions. Hide sponges, rubber gloves, paper towels and more in this nifty design.

Madesmart 2-Tier Sliding Basket Organizer ($22)

The Madesmart 2-tier plastic basket organizer is for those who strive for every drawer and cabinet to be presentable and ready for guests. Both baskets glide out providing convenient storage for things you grab for often.

Sorbus Cabinet Organizer Drawer with Cover—Mesh Storage Organizer w/ Pull Out Drawers ($24)

This mesh basket with cover is the best if you’re looking for storage that is stackable beneath your kitchen sink. It’s drawer slides out and is a great spot to tuck away cleaning supplies that aren’t visually pleasing.

DecoBros Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer, Chrome ($24)

DecoBros offers a chrome solution which includes a drawer for stashing away clutter, as well as its top shelf for setting out items that you use more often. Consider using the top shelf to stack clean hand-towels or wet rubber dish gloves for kitchen use.

Household Essentials C Glidez Under Sink Sliding Organizer ($60)

For those looking for a much heftier solution, this Household Essentials organizer supplies multiple offerings for those tight on counter space. The chrome design glides out efficiently and allows you to mount the second tier on the left or right depending on the format of your sink. The depth of the heavy-duty chrome design eliminates the problem of hard to reach corners making all your belongings accessible with a simple pull of the handle.

mDesign Plastic Food Storage Container Bin with Handles ($26)

If you’re not looking for an under-sink solution that needs assembling, these plastic organizers are low maintenance and narrow enough to store in sequence. Lightweight and portable you can simply pull them out from under the sink when needed, and stowed away just as quickly. For those with lots of small goods yet no pantry space, this is a great way to organize spices, vitamins, and more.

IKEA VARIERA Shelf insert, white ($5)

IKEA brings ultimate simplicity with its under-the-sink insert. With the ability to be stackable, the VARIERA Shelf creates designated spaces for dish-ware, pantry supplies and more.

Trinity 20 in. Deep Steel Sliding Pot Organizer in Chrome ($35)

Those who are hooked on systemizing every aspect of their kitchen will rejoice for this organizer. On ball bearing slides, this pot organizer can be inserted into your under-sink area to become the dreamiest functioning cooking space.

Rebrilliant Dual Slide 2 Tier Under Sink Pull Out Drawer ($)

If baking is a priority in your household, turn your under-the-sink space into a sanctuary for your baking sheets, pots, and pans with this handy drawer. No more hiding them away in your oven—even casserole dishes deserve a home.

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How to use IKEA cabinet hacks to solve even the toughest storage issues

We see your kitchen’s potential and we’ll get every inch to work. How can we be so sure? We’ve done it before, and we know that using a few clever IKEA cabinet hacks will tighten up and maximize your IKEA kitchen design.

So, if you’re looking for hacks to maximize space in small kitchens, our design team at IKD can help.

Whether it’s using fillers, customizing standard IKEA cabinetry – such as with blind cabinets or appliance garages – or using cut cabinets, there are many ways to create a functional kitchen that’s also eye-catching.

Let’s take a look at how to capitalize on your IKEA kitchen without sacrificing space or style!

Blind Cabinets

Kitchen corners can sometimes be troublesome for designs. But a good designer will see a kitchen corner as an opportunity to showcase their creative talents with IKEA kitchen corner ideas.

The first of our IKEA cabinet hacks that’s worked well for us is incorporating a blind corner cabinet.

Blind corner base and wall cabinets are some of the most common ways to design a corner.

Blind Cabinet in Corner

You may also want to consider products such as The Cloud single-tier organizer Blind Corner Accessory from Rev-A-Shelf, as another option.

Appliance Garage

Small appliances can take up a lot of countertop space.

This is where an appliance garage comes in handy. It’s a special cabinet built to house kitchen appliances, like toasters, blenders, food processors and stand mixers, you name it.

And appliance garages go great in kitchen corners too, by the way.

Sadly, IKEA’s SEKTION line does not include an out-of-the-box appliance garage.

Our IKEA hack uses a tall pantry cabinet to make an appliance garage.

First, take a pantry cabinet and cut it down to the desired height.

Then divide up the remaining space for storage. Our hack assumes that you’ll use standard IKEA doors and parts but you can also use custom doors from Semihandmade or another provider.

We recommend using shelving for the upper areas, and a drawer for the middle section. Here, you can use a 5” high low MAXIMERA drawer – a great space for aluminum foil, plastic wraps, or small plastic food bags.

Appliance Garage

You could also use lift-up hinges for the bottom door of your appliance garage.

Keep in mind though that IKEA doesn’t sell hinges like these; you’ll have to purchase them separately.

Refrigerator Space

The average kitchen ceiling height is 96” high and most modern refrigerators are 84” tall.

Can we put this short space above a tall refrigerator to work?


Even if a standard cabinet doesn’t fit there, in the past we’ve cut the cabinets’ height and used drawer fronts as doors, for example. Or if you’re using a custom door provider, like Semihandmade, you can request a custom front size to fit this space.

IKEA Cabinet Hacks above fridge

(To Use or Not Use) Fillers

This hack is perfect for filling a large empty space in a cabinet run between two walls.

Sometimes, large fillers don’t look professional.

If more than 5” is leftover, you can put this space to work by inserting a custom 5” wide cabinet.

But, IKEA kitchen cabinet doors start at 12” wide.

So where are we finding a 5” door?

Well, we’re not.

We’re taking a low-drawer front and placing it vertically. The low drawer front is 5” high, so when you rotate it 90° you have a 5” wide door.

While IKEA does not sell a 5” wide cabinet there are companies that provide solutions for big fillers and small spaces.

For example, the Rev-A-Shelf Filler Pullout Organizer with Ball Bearing Soft-Close Sink & Base Accessories is available for 3” and 6” base cabinet applications and comes fully assembled.

Filler Pull Out

Remember, our design team at IKD will guide you to the products and design that will help you achieve a functional and beautiful kitchen – with room to spare!

Learn more about how we can design your IKEA kitchen, bath, laundry room and closet at

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Pull-outs &#; lazy susans || Custom organization in our IKEA kitchen

Hey guys and gals! We are neck deep in building our own custom IKEA kitchen! If you want to read all about our on-going IKEA series, start here. Today I&#;m going to talk about one of the ways we are taking our box IKEA kitchen and making changes to it so it&#;s more custom and fits our specific needs.

Instead of the basic insert options that IKEA offers, we decided to take it up a notch and install higher quality, more heavy duty inserts to accommodate our hard-working family. Here are two of the IKEA options that we scrapped for more industrial strength and aesthetically-pleasing options:

All three of our major insert upgrades are by a company called Rev-a-Shelf (this is not a sponsored post but I will link each product to an amazon affiliate link).

Here is our new Rev-a-Shelf Lazy Susan:

We installed this exact same Lazy Susan in our old house and were so impressed with it that we bought it again.

The Lazy Susan that IKEA offers is plastic and doesn&#;t hold much weight (26 lbs per shelf to be exact). We sprung for this metal Rev-a-Shelf one to help support the weight of our cast iron that we prefer to cook with. (This upgraded one can hold up to 84 lbs per shelf).

This Lazy Susan comes in a few sizes, so I purchased the largest one that would fit in the IKEA corner base cabinet. The exact center of the base cabinet on top does not line up with where the cross pieces are, so we had to get creative and install a 1&#;4 across the center for the new lazy susan to attach to.

Though it is possible to install after your kitchen is complete, it&#;s much easier to install while you assembling your cabinet boxes. Our corner cabinet and lazy susan were the first things we assembled and installed when we began our IKEA kitchen cabinet installation.

Here&#;s our new Lazy Susan in-use. We&#;ve got a couple pots and pans with lids and the lids tend to be cumbersome and annoying to store.

I took some Command Hooks and stuck them to the underside of the top of the corner cabinet and hung the lids from them. Now the lids are easily accessible yet out of the way.

Our next upgrade we made from the basic IKEA pull-outs were custom pull-out base cabinet organizers.

We upgraded to some heavy-duty wooden pull-out organizers to be used for our spices.

Our cabinet boxes are 12&#; wide. When I ordered these pull-out organizers we hadn&#;t yet assembled the base cabinet boxes, so I ordered the 11&#; wide pull-outs. Well, once the boxes were assembled I realized that the inside of each box was less than 11&#; wide and our pull-outs didn&#;t fit. Rev-a-Shelf easily exchanged them for us and we got the 8&#; wide pull-out organizers. They fit perfectly.

Installing these pull-outs is straightforward and easy enough. They come with a template that spells out exactly how to install them. They come fully assembled and require only a handful of screws to install.

Having all of our spices and baking supplies ready and available right next to either side of our stove is amazing. It makes cooking so much easier. We *try* to generally keep the baking supplies on the left side and the cooking spices/supplies on the right side.

I love that the top is wide-open. I put all our most used spices such as pepper, salt, garlic powder, etc on the top shelf so when we pull open our pull-out organizer they are super easy to grab.

Our final Rev-a-Shelf upgrade in our new IKEA kitchen is probably my favorite &#; an Appliance Lift!

This was a fun splurge and I am so happy we bought it!

This appliance lift allows you to keep your mixer (in our case our KitchenAid) off your counter when you aren&#;t using it. Two great things about this appliance lift are 1) it stores your mixer in the cabinet but makes it super easy to access it when you need it, 2) you add your own top to it so you can install it in pretty much any size cabinet.

The appliance lift was a little more confusing to install, mainly because the one we bought didn&#;t come with any instructions. I googled and found a pdf online with the install instructions though so that was pretty much a non-issue. It is screwed into the cabinet with multiple screws and feels very secure.

Once we lift our KitchenAid, we just plug it right into the plug outlet next to the cabinet. This is one reason we installed it in an end cabinet. We opted to not install a plug outlet inside the cabinet and leave it permanently plugged in because I&#;m weird about stuff like that and it seemed like a fire hazard.

We are going to add a nice butcher-block top to our Appliance Lift, so this white top is just temporary. Also, you may notice screws behind the back of the mixer. If the mixer shifts further back than this, it hits the counter as we lower it back into the cabinet. When we add our new butcher block I&#;ll add little blocks or something just to make sure the mixer doesn&#;t shift too far back and potentially crack our countertop. Other than that, this lift is perfection. Just make sure your mixer doesn&#;t shift too far back on it.

I was worried about how the IKEA hinges and the lift were going to work together, and luckily the Appliance Lift installs lower than the IKEA hinge. We did have to swap out basic hinges for the degree hinges so that the door opens further out to accommodate for the Appliance Lift when in use.

Also, one additional small change we had to make on the IKEA hinges was to install the door damper on the bottom hinge instead of the top hinge. This has not made any difference in the performance of the cabinet door.

Those are the three Rev-a-Shelf upgrades we made to our new IKEA Kitchen. We love that they are a lot more durable and also give the kitchen a more custom feel. If you want to check them out, here are links:

Rev-a-Shelf Lazy Susan

Rev-a-Shelf pull-out base cabinet organizers

Rev-a-Shelf Appliance Lift

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This post contains amazon affiliate links

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!

Here are links to all our products:


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