Great pumpkin island walkthrough

Great pumpkin island walkthrough DEFAULT

1. Ride the blimp to Great Pumpkin Island if you’re not already there yet. Go all the way to the right, over to the pumpkin patch. Linus will say that his sister, Lucy wants the biggest and heaviest pumpkin. To do so, choose any two pumpkins and put the lighter ones to the side. Keep on doing so until you find the heaviest pumpkin and hand it off to Lucy.

2. After that, Lucy will ask you to roll the pumpkin back to their house. Basically, you have to roll the pumpkin along hills, obstacles and stuff like that. Once you get to the rabbits, you have to wait until they go back down and roll. This bit is quite frustrating, especially when you get to the kids swinging.

Great Pumpkin Island Video Walkthrough

3. Try placing the pumpkin next to the first kid swinging and when the kids swing, push as fast as you can for dear life. When you have done that, Lucy will be there waiting for you. Then you’ll end up in their house. Linus will give you the trick or treat bag he promised you.

4. Lucy will cut the pumpkin. You can watch the quick dialogue after that. Leave the house and go talk to the guy who looks like he sweeps chimneys for a living like those kids in Victorian times used to.

5. Give him the trick or treat bag and he will give you a lemon-flavored sucker in return. Linus’ favorite. Go back inside the house and give Linus the sucker. He will give you his Halloween party invitation. Pick up the pen he left and make an exit.

6. Go all the way left, left, and left. When you reach a place with leaves scattered on the ground, go a bit to the left until you reach a boy in yellow and black. His name is Charlie Brown. You are in his backyard. He will ask Snoopy to put the falling leaves into a pile. You will have to play as Snoopy – you have to use the dog’s breath to guide the leaf over to the pile.

7. Do this for five leaves. When you’re finished, Linus will charge in and fly into the pile. Go to the Main Street and Linus will wonder where he put his blanket. Click on the pile of leaves and sort through the leaves until you find a blue blanket that belongs to no other than Linus. Go back to the Main Street and give Linus the blanket back. He will use the blanket to mail his letter to the Great Pumpkin.

8. Go back to Charlie Brown’s backyard and you’ll see Lucy trying to talk Charlie into letting her teach him a football trick. She even offers him a document for him to sign. But Charlie doesn’t have a pen. Give him the pen and Charlie will sign the contract. Charlie will then run up to kick the ball and will land flat on his face. So Lucy tricked him anyways. Plus, the contract was never notarized.

9. Scoop up the football and go over to Snoopy. Go inside your inventory and select the football. Throw it in the air and an aviator cap in the tree will get knocked off. It will land on Snoopy’s head. You are now the World War I flying ace. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy’s territory. All you have to do is fly around and avoid the bombs the enemy plane are dropping.

10. You will have to last 60 seconds to win. Now in this next part, you are in the enemy’s territory. You have to avoid being spotted by the yellow light. First hide behind the first rock you see. Then you have to go and hide in a trench. Then hide behind another rock. After that, hide behind some tall grass. Hide behind a haystack. Then hide behind a road marker. Hide in the stream and then finally behind a chimney.

11. Now go right until you reach the scarecrow. Click on the mask it’s wearing and put it on. Enter the farmhouse. A voice will welcome you with a ‘Come on in and enjoy the party!’. The party is going strong. First click on the bobbing for apples game. You have to bite six apples and you are not allowed to miss any.

12. For the Jack O Lantern, you have to carve any face onto the pumpkin, by drawing on Charlie Brown. Then you can play Pin the Face on the Pumpkin. In this game, you have to put each of the five features where they belong – in the dark. If you get more than 85% accuracy, you pass.

13. After that, you have to play the piano. You have to press the keys below each of the falling circles when it enters a box in the row above the keys. You have to play accurately to keep Snoopy dancing. This part is really annoying but you’ll manage.

14. Once you have finished that, you can now go trick or treating! You have to knock on a door and some candy will fly out. You have to get four different types of candy when you have finished the trick or treating. Charlie will always get a rock.

15. You’ll then receive the bag of candy and you can go back to the pumpkin patch to share your candies with Sally. Do that. After that, you can watch the hilarious dialogue where Sally storms off because she had been cheated out of trick or treating. Then Lucy will come along and thank you for looking after her brother. She will give you the 100 credits and the island medallion.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Poptropica Great Pumpkin Island.


No Video Walkthrough

Written Walkthrough

Run down Main Street to the right and head to the Pumpkin Patch, where you’ll find Linus and Lucy. Linus will ask you to help find the heaviest pumpkin in the patch. You have a timer and need to drag the heaviest pumpkin onto Lucy’s picture before time runs out. The quickest way to do this is to pick any two pumpkins and put them on the scales. Remove the lighter one and drop it off to the side so you don’t accidentally pick it up again. Then keep putting pumpkins on the scale, always removing the lighter one. After you’ve gotten through all the pumpkins, the one remaining on the scale is the heaviest, so drag it over to Lucy.

Next, Lucy and Linus need you to roll the pumpkin back to their house. This launches a challenging mini-game where you push a pumpkin along hills and obstacles. There are several spots where it can drop off or get hit by something and be destroyed. If it breaks, you’ll get sent back to a starting point (either the very beginning or the last flag marker you passed). The toughest part is near the end, where three kids are on swings. The best strategy is to get the pumpkin into position right next to the first swinger and then as soon as she passes you while swinging backwards, run and push as fast as you can all the way through. You and the pumpkin will end up safely next to Lucy.

Next you’ll go inside the Van Pelt house (Van Pelt is Linus and Lucy’s last name). Linus will give you a trick or treat bag. Lucy will carve the pumpkin and then the screen fades out to “Later that Day.” Charlie Brown and Linus have a quick conversation with you and then Linus starts to write a letter to the Great Pumpkin. Once this is over, run outside into the street and find Pig Pen. Give him the trick or treat bag and he’ll give you a lemon flavored Sucker. HEad back inside the Van Pelt house and give the lemon sucker to Linus. He’ll leave and then you can grab the pen he leaves behind on the desk. Now run outside.

Run left through Main Street to Charlie Brown’s backyard. There you’ll find Charlie Brown and Snoopy over by Snoopy’s doghouse. Talk to Charlie and then you’ll play a game as Snoopy where you have to blow leaves that fall from a tree onto the leaf pile. You need to move five leaves over to the pile to complete the game. You move left and right with your mouse and then click to blow up into the air to keep the leaf aloft. It takes a little getting used to because normally in Poptropica you click to move. Once you finish, Linus will arrive and jump into the pile of leaves. He’ll then walk away to go mail his letter to the Great Pumpkin.

Now run back to Main Street and you’ll find Linus next to the mailbox. Click on him and he’ll ask where his security blanket is. Now head back to Charlie Brown’s backyard and click on the pile of leaves. Move your cursor around really fast in a circular motion to blow all the leaves out of the way and then click on the blue blanket when it appears. Take the blanket back to Linus and he’ll use it top open the mailbox and mail the letter.

OK, now head back to Charlie Brown’s backyard once again (there’s a lot of running back and forth on this island!) and you’ll find Charlie Brown and Lucy playing football. Charlie wants a signed agreement from Lucy before he kicks it. Give him the pen you found on Linus’ desk when he asks for it. He’ll try to kick the ball but Lucy takes it away at the last second and he falls flat on his back. They’ll leave and then you can pick up the football. Go back over to where Snoopy’s doghouse is and stand under the tree. Use the football to kick it up into the branches, where it will knock down Snoopy’s aviator cap.

Now begins the whole Snoopy part of the quest. The first game is where you are Snoopy flying on his doghouse trying to avoid the Red Baron (who looks a lot like Woodstock!) The main strategy here is to fly around in loops and avoid the Red Baron as much as possible. You especially want to stay clear of the bombs he drops. Stay alive for one minute and then you’ll make an emergency landing behind enemy lines. The next part is where you run across the countryside at night while trying to avoid being spotted by the searchlight. This is a lot like the laser beam part in the museum in Counterfeit Island. You just need to run to the right and stop at each obstacle that you can hide behind. When the searchlight passes back to the left, run again to the next hiding place. When you reach the house, jump up on twice to get onto the roof and hide behind the chimney. Then drop down to the right and you’ll be standing next to a scarecrow. Take the mask off the scarecrow and walk to the right where you’ll find the entrance to the Halloween Party.

Inside the Halloween Party, you’ll find a bunch of different games that you need to win. The first one is bobbing for apples. This is very easy. Just click on one apple at a time when they appear. As soon as you get five, you win. The next game is where you carve a pumpkin using the back of Charlie Brown’s head as a model. All you need to do here is trace the shapes of a jack-o-lantern and then you’ll see your handiwork carved on the pumpkin.

The next game is harder. Here you’ll see a jack-o-lantern move around and then the screen goes dark. You need to place the jack-o-lantern pieces so that they overlap as closely as possible where the jack-o-lantern last appeared. It’s a bit like pin the tail on the donkey. If your pieces are all close enough, you’ll win. Here’s a quick tip: when the jack-o-lantern stops moving, put your finger on the screen right where it’s nose is. That way, you can line up the pieces very closely.

The final game is a rhythm music game on Schroeder’s piano. You need to click on the piano keys just as the falling dota land on the squares above them, just like in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. As long as you get enough of them to keep the blue progress bar past the red line, Snoopy will dance. At the end of the song, if he’s still dancing, you win.

The party will come to an end and everyone goes out in costume for trick-or-treating. All you really need to do here is ring the doorbell at each house and then jump up and catch one piece of candy (get a different at each house). When your candy bag is full, the trick-or-treating is over.

Now head back to the pumpkin patch, where you’ll find Sally and Linus still waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Give the bag of candy to Sally, and she’ll thank you. Once that happens, you’ll see a pumpkin moving in the foreground. Is it the Great Pumpkin? Nope, just Snoopy! Sally leaves in disgust but Linus says he’s going to stay. You’ll offer to stay with them. Then as night progresses, Lucy will arrive and thank you for watching out for Linus, who is now fast asleep on the ground. She’ll give you the island medallion as a reward and then she’ll take Linus home. Congratulations! You completed Great Pumpkin Island. Good grief!

After it’s all over, you can still go back and visit with most of the characters.

Poor Linus in Great Pumpkin Island

Poor Linus.

Woodstock Follower

Members who log in during the Great Pumpkin Island early access period will get a special limited edition Woodstock follower as a prize. This is the best thing ever in Poptropica. Woodstock rules!

Poptropica Woodstock Follower

Poptropica Members who complete Great Pumpkin Island get a special Woodstock follower as a prize.

Scenes from Great Pumpkin Island

Here are a few screenshots from Great Pumpkin Island.

If you’re not familiar with the original TV special from the 1960′s here’s the link on IMDB: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

  1. Jennifer lopez mother lottery
  2. Pontoon lifting strakes
  3. 9mm ammo cases


Halloween is here, but not all of the PEANUTS kids are celebrating – not when Charlie Brown keeps getting tricks instead of treats, Snoopy is attacked by the infamous Red Baron, and Linus waits all night for the Great Pumpkin. Can you set things right and save Halloween?

For walkthroughs on Great Pumpkin Island, scroll down.


Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Album Photos | Trivia

Island Extras:Map | Official Tour | Peanuts TV special

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Slanted Fish
Special thanks to: Jane, Lone Bones, Enclosed Lightning, Lucky Joker, Fierce Moon, Patrick

The (Great?) Pumpkin

Start off by going to the right of Great Pumpkin Island to the pumpkin patch. Find Linus and talk to him. He will ask you to give his sister (Lucy) the heaviest pumpkin.

To do this, put any two random pumpkins on the balance scale to measure them. Set the lighter pumpkin off to the side so you won’t pick it up again, and keep weighing the pumpkins until you get to the heaviest one (the last one remaining), then give it to Lucy. Be quick, you only get 30 seconds!

pumpkin weighing

Lucy will then ask you to roll the pumpkin over to the Van Pelt house. To do this, just keep pushing it. When you reach the rabbit holes, don’t let the rabbits come up under the pumpkin. If it touches a rabbit head, it will be sent flying and you’ll have to start over from your last checkpoint (flag).


To avoid getting it stuck in the log, build up speed on the pumpkin before rolling it through there. At the swing set, get as close as possible and stop, then roll through quickly while all three kids swing back.

Van Pelt house

At the Van Pelt house, after Lucy cuts the pumpkin, speak to Linus and he will reward you with a Trick-or-Treat Bag.

Then Lucy will chop the pumpkin, and a quick cutscene will follow. Later, give the bag to Pig-Pen (the dusty boy outside the house), and he will give you a lemon-flavored Sucker in return.

Return to Linus, give him the sucker, and he will give you a Party Invitation.

When he leaves the room, walk over to his desk and pick up the Pen. Exit the house.

Leaf pile

Walk left to reach Charlie Brown’s Backyard. Talk to Charlie, and he’ll ask Snoopy to help him put the falling leaves into a pile. You will then get to play as Snoopy – your task is to wait for a leaf to fall and use the dog’s breath to move left until the leaf rests onto the pile of leaves. Do this for five leaves.


Then Linus, with his wet sucker and blanket flying behind him like a cape, will jump in and ruin the pile.

leafy linus

Go back to Main Street, where you will find Linus by the mailbox. Talk to him, and he’ll wonder where is blanket went. Go back to the backyard, click on the remains of the pile, and move your cursor in a fast and circular motion to blow the leaves out of the way, revealing Linus’s Blanket.


Go back to Main Street and and return the blanket to Linus, who is standing by the mailbox at the far right. He will use the blanket to mail his letter to the Great Pumpkin.


Now return to the backyard, where Lucy is trying to talk Charlie Brown into letting her practice a football trick with him. She even asks him to sign a document stating that she won’t trick him, but Charlie doesn’t have a pen. Give Charlie the pen you got from Linus’s desk and he will sign the contract. However, Lucy tricks him anyway and he falls flat on his back trying to kick.


Plus, it turns out the contract was never notarized. Sorry, Charlie!

Flying Ace

Pick up the Football from the ground and go over to Snoopy.

Throw it up in the air, and the aviator cap will be knocked out of the tree. Now playing as a World War I flying ace (Snoopy), your mission is to infiltrate the enemy’s territory and last 60 seconds without being shot down to succeed.

All you have to do is fly around on Snoopy’s doghouse and avoid the bombs being dropped from the Red Baron’s plane. One way is to fly inverted along the top of the screen. When he drops bombs, veer back the opposite way to dodge them.


Crashing behind enemy lines, your character and Snoopy will have to avoid being seen by the searchlight. Hide behind rocks, in a trench, in a haystack, behind a road marker, in the river, behind a bush at a shed, and finally behind a chimney.

hiding gp

Once you get all the way to the right, click to go right.

Halloween Party

Take the green Halloween Mask off the scarecrow and put it on your face.

Enter the farmhouse and a voice will welcome you, saying, “Come on in and join the party!” Inside, you will see kids from the Peanuts gang partying in the spirit of Halloween.


Succeed at each of the party games:

  • Bobbing for Apples: Click on apples when they are up. Bite 6 of them, and don’t miss – three strikes before you win means you have to play again!
  • Drawing a Jack o’ Lantern: Carve out any reasonable face you like into the pumpkin by drawing on Charlie Brown, who is modeling for this task.
  • Pin the Face on the Pumpkin: Put each of the 5 features (stem, right eye, mouth, nose, and left eye) close to where they belong, in the dark. Get at least 85% accuracy to win.
  • Schroeder’s Piano: To play the song, press the key below each of the falling balls when it enters a box in the row above the keys. Hit the correct notes while keeping Snoopy’s dance rate above the red line to win. There will be sound when playing this game!

Trick or Treat!

Once that’s done, you get to go trick-or-treating! Go with the gang dressed up in costumes when they walk away from the pumpkin patch. Knock on the door by clicking on the house. Candy will be thrown into the air. Jump up to get one of the treats.

From the four houses you visit, you’ll get four different types of candy. Each time, the gang will report on what they received – and Charlie Brown will always get a rock.

Take the Bag of Candy to share with Linus and Sally back at the pumpkin patch. A cutscene will follow where Sally storms off angrily, having been cheated out of tricks-or-treats time as there was no Great Pumpkin after all.


Lucy comes in thanks you for watching her over little brother Linus, who later falls asleep in the pumpkin patch. She will award you with the Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Poptropica Store. Good grief!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Great Pumpkin Island is Poptropica’s 15th island. It was released on September 30, 2010 for members, and October 14, 2010 for non-members.
  • As of July 10, 2015, the island became locked to members only, with a demo for non-members.
  • The island is based on the classic Peanuts TV special It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  • During the early access period (Sept 30–Oct 14, 2010), members who logged in received an exclusive Woodstock Follower item.
  • Starting from September 7, 2010, a preview version of the island was available to everyone. As the days went by, more characters were added to the island to be interacted with: first Charlie and Linus, then Lucy, then Snoopy.
  • Common room: Flying Ace Cafe
  • While trick-or-treating, Charlie Brown will always get a rock, unless you get it first.
  • Because the characters are drawn in the style of the Peanuts comics, they are not customizable.
  • You’ll play as Snoopy as he avoids the Red Baron, a German fighter pilot during World War 1.

good grief!

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Island great walkthrough pumpkin

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This article focuses on something from a different universe than the Poptropica one. Before editing, please check our canon policy.
Good grief!
—Charlie Brown

Great Pumpkin Island


September 30, 2010 (for members)

and October 14, 2010 (for all)

Great Pumpkin Islandwas the 15th Island on Poptropica. It is a Halloween Island, based on the PEANUTSseries and the classic television movie: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


Halloween is here, but not all of the PEANUTS kids are celebrating - not when Charlie Brown keeps getting tricks instead of treats, Snoopy is attacked by the infamous Red Baron, and Linus waits all night for the Great Pumpkin. Can you set things right in this online virtual world and save Halloween?


Pumpkin Patch

Land on Main Street in Great Pumpkin Island. Go right to the Pumpkin Patch. Talk to Lucy and Linus. As you might know, Lucy is very demanding, and this time, she wants the heaviest pumpkin. Using the scale, find the heaviest pumpkin and drag it to Lucy.

Pumpkin Delivery

Accept Linus' task of delivering the pumpkin to the Van Pelt House. Roll the pumpkin all the way to the house while avoiding the obstacles. Once you've done that, Linus will give you a Trick-or-Treat Bag. Then Lucy takes out a big knife and stabs the pumpkin, scaring Linus. Who thinks she killed the pumpkin.

Van Pelt House

Exit the house. Walk over to Pig-Pen (the dirty guy outside the house) and give him your bag. He will give you a lemon-flavored Sucker that he doesn't like. How nice! Go back to the Van Pelt House and give Linus the sucker. He will give you his Party Invitation. Get Linus' Pen from his desk and then exit the room.

Falling Leaves

Go left to Charlie Brown's Backyard. Talk to Charlie Brown and a mini-game will start. You play as Snoopy and you will have to blow 5 falling leaves into the big pile. After that, find Linus at the mailbox on Main Street and talk to him. He will say that he lost his blanket. Go back to the backyard and search through the leaf pile. Once you find Linus' Blanket, bring it back to him.

Go back to the backyard. There, you will get to experience the most famous scene in Peanuts, the "Football" Scene. Lucy is holding a football and asks Charlie Brown to kick it but Charlie refuses, saying that she will swipe it away when he's about to kick it. However, Lucy states that she will sign a document stating otherwise. Charlie Brown then complains that he doesn't have a pen. Give him the pen and he will sign the contract and attempt to kick the ball. Lucy swipes it away at the last moment and Charlie Brown flips on his back once again. Lucy then catches the document out of the air and says that it was never notarised. She tricked him. Then they walk away. Pick up the Football. Walk over to Snoopy's kennel and use the football. It will cause Snoopy's pilot hat to fall down onto Snoopy's head. Thus begins another mini-game.

World War I

You will play with Snoopy again as a British ace World War pilot who is with the Triple Entente entering territory of the Central Powers. His doghouse will be a Sopwith Camel and you are trying to evade the Red Baron, which is Woodstock, as he is dropping bombs and firing at you. Survive for one minute, and you will crash-land in enemy territory. Spotlights are searching for you, so hide behind rocks, trenches, and avoid the spotlight. Continue right until the spotlight disappears. You will then find a scarecrow with a Halloween Mask. Take the mask and wear it. Go into the house and enter through the door.

Halloween Party

You discover that it is the Halloween party. Here, you have to win all the party games:

  • Bobbing for apples - Click on the apples as they appear. Catch 6 apples without 3 strikes.
  • Carving a Jack-o-lantern - Draw a Jack-o-Lantern's face on Charlie Brown's head.
  • Pin the face on the pumpkin - A Jack-o-Lantern will move around and stop. The screen will then turn black and you will have to place the pumpkin's features in the right places.
  • Playing the piano - Click on the right keys as the notes fall into each space and entertain Snoopy.

After winning every game, everyone will go out for trick-or-treating.


Return to Main Street and go trick-or-treating. At each house, knock on the door, try to collect candy and try to avoid the rocks. When you have collected a sufficient amount of candy, you will get a Bag of Candy.

The Great Pumpkin

Return to the Pumpkin Patch. Give Sally your candy. You will hear something and Snoopy will appear with a pumpkin on his head. His shadow will appear and disappear briefly. Realizing it was a prank, Sally leaves Linus. You stay with him. A few hours later, Lucy takes Linus home. As a reward for taking care of him, Lucy gives you theIsland Medallion. Congrats!



Click here to see the gallery for Great Pumpkin Island.

Multiplayer Room

The multiplayer room on Great Pumkin Island is the Flying Ace Cafe.

Flying ace cafe

Flying Ace Cafe, the multiplayer room


  • This island's internal name is "peanuts."
  • It is the third Island that takes place in a different continuity than Poptropica, being part of an entirely different series. The first two are Nabooti Island and Big Nate Island.
  • The Island is based on the Peanuts movie, "It`s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".
  • When trick-or-treating, you can steal the other kids' candy or rocks when they're thrown up into the air. However, this is useless, since you get candy even if you don't do anything.
  • Every time you go trick-or-treating, the kid in a ghost costume with spots (Charlie Brown) will only receive rocks instead of candy (as it was part of the movie). That is, unless you grab the rock first.
  • If the pumpkin that you're pushing to the house gets stuck in the tree trunk, it will say that you broke it.
  • Since the characters in this island are designed in a Peanuts style, you can't use the costumizer on any of them.
  • This is one of the few islands to not have an individual trailer.
  • This island, along with Wimpy Wonderland Island, Big Nate Island, Red Dragon Island, Nabooti Island, and other sponsored islands, became an exclusive members-only island on July 9, 2015.
    • However, in November 2015, it became available for non-members once again.
Poptropica-Great Pumpkin Island Walkthrough(Full)

People of Poptropica


Hello everyone. It’s Lucky Joker here with another island walkthrough!  As you can tell, I will be walking you through Great Pumpkin Island. Let’s POP right in! Shall we? We shall.😛

Pumpkin Patch:Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

As soon as you land on this island, you may talk to Charlie Brown to understand the story, but you don’t need to. Head all the way to the right, to the pumpkin patch, and talk to Linus. He will tell you that Lucy wants him to find the heaviest pumpkin in the patch, and we’ll have to help him.

Start by placing two random pumpkins on the scale to see which one is heavier. With that knowledge you can now repeatedly replace the lighter one with a different pumpkin. Once you think you’ve found the heaviest, drag it to Lucy. You’ll have 30 seconds to do this, because Lucy is really impatient. Not to worry! You can always try again!

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Once you finish, Lazy Linus will ask you to get the pumpkin to his house. Being the nice Poptropicans we are, say “Sure”. Yay! Another mini-game!

Pumpkin Hassle:

Pushing the pumpkin, you’ll have to be extra careful. If it breaks, you will have to restart. You will face obstacles like steep hills, bunny rabbits, a tedious log and swing set full of children. In better news, there is a checkpoint half way through the trip to his house. Goodness, how does Linus get home everyday? It must be a struggle. Anyway, just follow the trail until you reach your destination. I suggest you push very slowly when passing the rabbits and very fast when trying to get through the log. Roll the pumpkin as the kids swing back on the swings.

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin
Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin
Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

You’re finally finished! Awesome! Lucy will be waiting for you and you will be invited into Linus’s house.

Party Invitation:

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin


Once inside, click on Linus and he will give you a Trick-or-Treat Bag. A small cut scene will play between Linus and Charlie Brown, regarding the Great Pumpkin. After that, head outside and run to the right– until you meet Pigpen. Use your newly received bag and give it to him. In return, he will give you a Sucker. Now, go back to the house and give Linus the sucker, you literally just obtained. For giving him this, you will acquire a party invitation! He will then walk away. Pick up the pen on the desk and exit the house. Now, run to the left and into the next screen.



Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Leaf Piling:Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Run further to the left, and talk to Charlie Brown. You will be directed to another mini-game. You will be playing as Snoopy, which is pretty cool! The goal is to get 5 leaves added to the mountain of leaves Charlie Brown has raked up. You will do this by blowing the falling leaves, to the left, and into the pile. To blow, click and hold beneath the leaves. It’s fairly simple, but it may take a few tries. After all of our hard work, Linus will come out of nowhere and destroy Leafy Summit.

Resolving Problems…

Go right to the next screen, and walk until you see Linus. Click on him. He seems to beWalkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin missing his blanky. Head back to the left and click on the pile of leaves. Hover your mouse over the leaves to move them around. Once you can clearly see Linus’s blanket, click on it, to remove it from the pile. Go right and return it to Linus! A cut scene will play and Linus will mail a letter to the Great Pumpkin. Head back to the left, and click Charlie to start another cut scene. You will have to use your pen when prompted to. The rather hilarious cut scene will finish, and Charlie and Lucy will work on their costumes for the party.

Flying Ace Snoopy: Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Collect the football, that was dropped, and use it to throw it up in the tree (The one on the edge of behind Snoopy’s house). You’ll knock down Snoopy’s flying helmet, and will be led to another mini-game! All you have to do is move your mouse around your screen to dodge The Red Baron’s(Woodstock) missile and bullet shots. You’ll have to do this for a minute to succeed.

Don’t get Caught:

After you’ve finished the game, you will have to dodge the enemy once more. This time you will be avoiding surveillance lights by hiding behind/in various objects. It’s pretty self explanatory. Just keep walking to the right, dodging the lights, and hiding. Hide behind things like rocks, grass, hay, water, etc. The chimney on the hut, will be the last thing you will hide behind. You can now enter into the next scene.


Party Time!

Grab the Halloween Mask off of the scarecrow, put it on and walk right into shack. If I must say, the shack looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing on the inside. Now we’re going to have some stressful fun. You will now proceed to play all of the party games, including, Bobbing for apples,Carving a Jack-o-Lantern, Pin the face on the Pumpkin and the Piano mini-game. Not really much to explain here, so have fun playing these games! Grandpa certainly had a ball.

Tricks or Treats:

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

After the party is over, it is time to get some candy! You and a few other members of the crew will go Trick or Treating. You will have to knock on all of the doors and collect the candy as it is thrown to you. Now that that’s all settled, run right to the pumpkin patch. To make Sally feel better, give her your bag of candy. A cut scene will play, and you will…


Receive the Island Medallion!

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin.png

Well, that was a pretty enjoyable and simple island. I didn’t realise how fun it was until I replayed it. I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough, and I’ll be back again next week. POP on!


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