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We love arrow tattoos. They’re cute, subtle, and quite chic. Plus, they’ve become hugely popular in recent years – they’re simplicity makes them the perfect choice for someone who’s getting inked for the first time. Sarah Hyland recently got a gorgeous one with her friends, which made us think a bit more about arrow tattoos and the meaning behind the design. Would an arrow tattoo be a good pick for you? Read on to find out.

arrow tattoo

arrow tattoo


There are a lot of symbolic meanings behind an arrow tattoo. In the Native American culture, for instance, the arrow is seen as a weapon of protection and hunting. It is believed to safeguard one’s family, as well as help them provide food to sustain life. Two crossed arrows signify friendship – that’s usually why friends opt for matching arrow tattoos, to highlight the profound bond between them. An arrow tattoo can also mean moving forward, despite the usual struggles that come along in life. A bow is seen as an obstacle, and the arrow being released signifies fighting to reach one’s goals and fulfill one’s life’s purpose. Despite the fact that the bow pulls the arrow back, the arrow then gets released and is free to move on and seek better things. You get the point.

Another meaning can be tied to the Zodiac, where a bow and arrow stand for the astrological sign of Sagittarius. An arrow can also be a symbol for love – does Cupid’s arrow ring a bell for anyone? Moreover, it can be a symbol for strength and power, or it can signify a sense of direction: you’re moving forward without looking back. It can mean that you’re ready to leave the past behind, let go of mistakes or grudges, and seek better opportunities in life. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the meaning you find in the symbol, since you will be the one wearing it day after day. Ideally, it should be associated with a positive feeling, so that every time you catch a glimpse of it you are reminded of how strong you are or about how you’re fighting to reach your goals.

You should also consider the placement of the arrow when choosing a certain design. If we’re talking about a small arrow, that’s the perfect size for your ankle, finger, or wrist. If you want a larger design, that can be inked on your shoulder, side, back, chest, leg, or arm. Along the spine is another popular spot for an arrow tattoo, but we feel like we should want you: that really hurts. The spine is actually one of the most painful places to get a tattoo – your spine is made up of 26 bones, and 24 of them go from your neck to the base of your back. That means that each tattoo you decide to get along them will hurt. If you’re not a big fan of pain, you might want to reconsider your tattoo placement.

What design to pick?

This of course comes down to your own preferences, but certain designs carry a deeper symbolic meaning you should be aware of before making a choice. A single arrow is one of the most widely uses arrow tattoo designs, and it can signify protection from negative forces. As we’ve already said, it can also mean that you want to move forward, despite what hardship life might throw in your direction. If you want to get inked with two arrows that cross each other, this is the perfect design for a matching tattoo to get with your best friend. Be aware though – if the arrow point away from each other, this usually signifies war. If you fancy such a design, it can maybe symbolize a war that’s going on within. Pretty deep stuff, don’t you agree?

A broken arrow, on the other hand, can symbolize pain, a broken path, or a love story gone bad. On the other hand, it can also symbolize making peace, since the arrows pointing away from each other depict war. As you can see, this is all very subjective, and that’s exactly why you’re the only one who can decide the personal meaning a certain arrow tattoo design has for you. Last but not least, a bundle of arrows can signify unity and strength – an arrow is much easier broken when it stands alone that when it’s in a bundle. Such a tattoo can stand for your love for your family, a group of friends, or another type of group you belong too. The number of arrows one chooses to be in the bundle is usually the number of people in said group.

An arrow can also be accompanied by other design elements, for a more sophisticated tattoo. An arrow passing through a heart is usually, as you might have already guessed, a symbol for a broken heart and pain in love. If the arrow passed through a diamond, on the other hand, that’s a symbol for courage and success. If you decide to get an arrow with a compass, this represents direction – maybe you’re now choosing a path in life, or you’ve decided to adopt a more Zen attitude and go whenever life takes you. Another popular design features a bow with an arrow ready to be shot; a symbol that you’re ready for the greatest things that lay in your future. Or you can choose from another multitude of design elements to accompany your arrow – flowers, a dreamcatcher, feathers, and so on, each with their own particular meaning.

As for the colors, you can either opt for a simple black arrow, which makes for a more subtle tattoo, or you can use color, especially if the arrow is among other design elements, which makes for a more eyecatching and vibrant design. Again, it all comes down to your personal preferences and the placement of the tattoo.

What to ask the tattoo artist

Getting a tattoo is a major decision, so you should ponder upon it for a while, especially if we’re talking about the first time you get inked. It’s good to have a few questions ready for the tattoo artist, so you are sure you’re making an informed choice. First off, ask them about their previous experience and qualifications. Their skill and expertise are the main factors that determine the quality of your body art, so you want to be positive you’re picking a professional. Also, ask them to show you their portfolio, so you can figure out if their style matches your needs. Besides, you should make sure they properly sterilize their tattoo equipment. Getting a tattoo in a shady place may save you some bucks, but this isn’t exactly something you should skimp on. After the tattoo is done, ask about aftercare; they will usually recommend products and healing techniques to keep your tattoo looking fresh and gorgeous for a longer time.

Still set on the idea to get an arrow tattoo? We can’t blame you, as they’re incredibly attractive. We’ve gathered 50 arrow tattoo designs for you below, to get you inspired and help you make a better decision. Which one will it be?

arrow tattoo 2

Getting a tattoo on the spine will hurt, but the pain is worth it if you end up with such a gorgeous design. Adds an air of mystery, don’t you agree?

arrow tattoo 3

Looking for direction in life? Moving forward? Whatever this arrow tattoo means, we’re big fans. It’s simple but oh so effective.

arrow tattoo 4

We love this sophisticated arrow tattoo, and the fact that the owner decided to keep it black gives it even more elegance somehow.

arrow tattoos


Simple, classy, and still gorgeous. Plus, the placement of the tattoo is particularly well-chosen here and works well with the length of the arrow.

arrow tattoo 6

Another simple, but wonderful piece of body art. If you choose this kind of placement, you will see your tattoo quite often, so make sure you pick a design you won’t get bored of or one that has a deep meaning for you.

arrow tattoo 7

As we’ve already said, a group of arrow usually signifies strength. And the design of this tattoo is quite powerful, so we’re not going to argue with the symbolism.

arrow tattoo 8

Why not use a quote to emphasize the power of the arrow? “Follow your heart” is a fitting one, especially if you’re the kind of person who enjoy following their own path instead of going the traditional route.

arrow tattoo 9

I’m always going forward, never looking back. Do you think this is what the owner of this tattoo had in mind when choosing this design? The placement of the body art seems to hint to that.

arrow tattoo 10

The amount of detail in this arrow tattoo is quite impressive. We’re big fans.

arrow tattoo 11

Another arrow placed on the foot, which, again, seems to symbolize moving forward. This one also has an interesting spiral attached which gives it a certain edge.

arrow tattoos


The crossing arrows which symbolize friendship make a special appearance. We’re guessing the owner values her friends a lot. And hopefully so do you.

arrow tattoo 13

Stunning design, awesome quote. And perfect to look at when you need just a bit of motivation to help you overcome an obstacle or reach a goal.

arrow tattoo 14

Another impressive and sophisticated design any tattoo artist would be proud of. We like the head of the arrow in particular.

arrow tattoo 15

Feathers can have several meanings since they’re associated with birds, creatures that possess the ability to fly. They usually signify freedom, triumph, liberty, or independence. It makes sense to use a feather as a design element to accompany your arrow tattoo.

arrow tattoo 16

An arrow facing down symbolizes peace in the Native American Indian culture. Do you think this is what the owner of the tattoo was going for? Either way, it looks amazing.

arrow tattoo 17

The arrows above are pretty similar, but they are all unique. Using geometry symbols can be a great way to personalize an arrow and make it more true to who you are. Whether you use squares, circles, lines, or hexagons, you will surely stand out from the crowd. You can ask a designer friend to help you come up with a one of a kind tattoo design – that way, you will be sure no one has a similar one. Or, you can play around with design programs to make your own from scratch. Most tattoo artists are also willing to come up with something for you as long as you’re clear about what you want. You just need to decide on what elements you want to include in the design, pick fonts if there are any quotes involved, and explain what you would like the end result to communicate to the world.

arrow tattoo 18

Double trouble! This is a great idea for a matching tattoo to get with a close friend or – why not – your significant other. Your bond will only grow stronger. Alternatively, you can get both tattoos on your arms and dazzle people when you cross them.

arrow tattoo 19

Great use of color here. The tattoo makes a splash, literally. And it still moves forward despite being broken in the middle, which can send an important inspirational message.

arrow tattoo 20

Looking for direction in life? Isn’t everyone? At the end of the day, none of us knows what they’re doing. We just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

arrow tattoo 21

A powerful tattoo that will help you remember who strong you are and how courageous you can be. You don’t scare easily. You’re ready to tackle everything that comes your way. The true meaning of a #Girlboss.

arrow tattoo 22

Lovely use of feather alongside an arrow tattoo. We especially appreciate the placement of the tattoo here, since the feathers seem to be flowing so natural.

arrow tattoo 23

We’re ready to bet that the owner of the tattoo chose this design to symbolize strength and masculinity. Just look at the size of the thing. It’s majestic.

arrow tattoo 24

The arrow might have encountered some obstacles along the way, but it’s still moving forward. Again, an awesome example of a matching tattoo you can get with your significant other, since you can use your initials. Fitting if you had to go through a lot to finally be together.

arrow tattoo 25

I am strong, I am invincible! Such a tiny tattoo, such a powerful meaning. Miley Cyrus has the habit of tattooing her fingers as well, so you can be sure your tattoo will be on fleek.

arrow tattoo 26

Another sophisticated design which makes great use of geometry symbols. We’re in awe.

arrow tattoo 27

Pain in love? Maybe waiting for someone to complete the heart? Maybe just emphasizing that one person is enough, they just need to fight a little to realize that? We don’t know what the owner had in mind when she opted for this tattoo, but we can help but appreciate the simple and elegant design.

arrow tattoo 28

Another bundle of arrows, each of them unique in their own way. Perfect if you want it to signify a certain group – like your family or your friends.

arrow tattoo 29

Three lovely arrows intersecting and some initials where they all come together. Maybe it signifies a special moment where three lives had come together. We can only speculate.

arrow tattoo 30

A broken arrow with some awesome design elements! The use of color here is perfect, and the 3D effect is surely eyecatching.

arrow tattoo 31

A detailed design and we’ve got arrows and feathers together again. Woop woop!

arrow tattoo 32

The arrow might be broken, but it’s still in perfect shape. Maybe the owner of the tattoo had to go through some sort of hardship and ended up victorious. We’re rooting for them.

arrow tattoo 33

That is one imposing arrow, we’ll give you that.

arrow tattoo 34

Delicate, with a hint of color and great details that help the tattoo stand out from the crowd. We’re going to want the name of the artist.

arrow tattoo 35

Impressive design, just the perfect size, and well-picked placement. A design that was surely made to impress. And we are.

arrow tattoo 36

A tattoo that encompasses many symbols, but the arrow still stands out from the crowd.

arrow tattoo 37

Snake tattoos are classic, and they usually symbolize birth, magic, or mystery. Whatever it is, we love the use of colors here. It definitely helps the design be more vibrant.

arrow tattoo 38

A big arrow for an even bigger and more impressive tattoo design. We totally approve.

arrow tattoo 39

Simple, elegant, conspicuous. The tail is especially stunning.

arrow tattoo 40

Gorgeous. Enough said.

arrow tattoo 41

A subtle, yet powerful piece of body art, perfect if you’re a tattoo novice.

arrow tattoo 43

Did you ever think of getting both the bow and the arrow? This design showcases how good these two elements work together.

arrow tattoo 44

If you’re bold enough, you can use the arrow as an element in a larger design, as shown above.

arrow tattoo 45

Another great example of how good two design elements can work together.

arrow tattoo

Enlisting the infinity symbol in your tattoo – cool or too common? We vote cool. We’re still in love with it.

Ready to get inked? Choose a tattoo artist and discuss your design idea with them. And whatever you do, never show take drugs or drink alcohol on the big day, thinking it will numb your pain. Most tattoo shops won’t tattoo you if you are inebriated, since it can cloud your judgement. Feel the pain and trusts us – it will be incredibly empowering. Good luck!


30 Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

Arrows are quickly becoming some of the most popular designs for tattoos. With all the different styles of arrows, they can be used to signify almost anything or can be interpreted into many different ideas. Originally, arrow tattoos were used by Native Americans as a means to keep a record of their history but the ideas would differ depending on the tribe.

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

Now, arrow tattoos have become extremely mainstream but one of the most common arrow tattoo meanings for an arrow is signifying positivity in life or even a flashback to any old cupid’s arrow. No matter what meaning you’re looking for or if you believe in any meanings for arrow tattoos, Pretty Designs is here with some ideas.

1. Family Arrow Tattoos

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

This family arrow tattoo is more than likely showcasing children but you could use it for any family members. This style would be great if you’re getting a matching tattoo with a family member or if you’re looking for a unique way to display names or quotes.

2. Quote Arrow Tattoo

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

This arrow tattoo is a little bit different because the arrow actually has a heart in the middle. The heart and the arrow wouldn’t normally go together but end up looking great. Then there’s the quote above that can obviously be customized to whatever you’d like.

3. Arrow Tattoo With Quote In Middle

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

If you still want the look of an arrow but want a quote, try putting the quote inside the arrow. It’s a unique way to incorporate two symbols without taking up too much space.

4. Warrior Arrow Tattoo

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

If you like the look of the previous tattoo but want something a little bit more detailed, this one might be for you. It has a lot more decoration especially with the circle and the details of the arrow.

5. Arrow ArmBand Tattoo

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Armband tattoos have always been popular but using an arrow is a really unique idea. Getting an arrow armband would also be a great way to add some color to your tattoo as well.

6. Multiple Arrow Tattoo

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Usually, arrows never come in a single package so adding a multiple arrow tattoo design is perfect. The arrows are also all at different lengths which could symbolize something to start of something new or being hesitant to start something new.

7. Arrow Infinity Design – A cute small tattoo

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Arrows and infinity signs are two great symbols and when combined together, can symbolize something completely different. This design is also extremely minimalist which would be great for a first tattoo or one that doesn’t command a lot of attention.

8. Heart Arrow Tattoo on wrist – A cute tiny heart tattoo for girls

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

If you don’t like the look of the arrow as is, you can always transform it into a different shape. Making it into a heart is unique and without an actual end to the tattoo, the possibilities are wide open. Do you love this cute tattoo? And here are more tiny tattoos you may love.

9. Charm Bracelet Arrow Tattoo for girls

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Arrow tattoos work great as a base for incorporating other tattoos. This cute small tattoo uses the arrow as a bracelet and the other symbols act as the charms. It’s a really unique way to incorporate two seemingly different designs.

10. Bow and Arrow Tattoo on the back

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Arrows are typically associated with bows so why not tattoo the bow on there as well? Adding the bow is so underrated and unique because most people just think of getting an arrow.

11. Colorful Arrow Tattoo – Inner Upper Arm

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Most people who get arrow tattoos prefer something simple in black ink. If you want something different, try getting a color version of multiple arrows. It would look a lot more fun and a more creative approach to arrow tattoos.

12. Watercolor Arrow Tattoo

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Watercolor tattoos are becoming extremely popular and combining it with arrows is a great equation. This tattoo looks extremely colorful even though the arrow itself is black but the background of the different water colors really makes it stand out.

13. Arrow Feather Design – Arrow tattoo for female

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Arrows don’t always have to have the same distinct look. Try substituting a feather in for the back of the arrow and it will give you a chance to customize your tattoo even more and add some color if you desire.

14. White Ink Arrow Tattoo forearm

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

Maybe you don’t want the same black-inked arrow. Try getting an arrow design in white ink then. It will look a little bit different but still keep the same concept.

15. Classic Arrow Design – Arrow Tattoo on foot

15 Arrow Tattoos That Are A Bullseye

This last idea is the classic arrow tattoo design. You can’t get much more original than this one and if you’re just simply looking for an arrow design, then this might be right on target.

Update: and here are more cute and cool arrow tattoo ideas for you to choose from, enjoy.

arrow tattoo for summer

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


Arrow Tattoo Design

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


Small arrow tattoos

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

Arrow Name Rib Tattoo My children, my love. No matter what happens in life, they are my reason to always propel myself forward and look to the future. It’s our job as parents to guide them but let them form their own path in life and follow their arrow wherever it points


arrow tattoos for sisters

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


Cool arrow tattoo ideas for women

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


You are the bows from which your children as living arrow are sent forth

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


bow and arrow tattoo

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

Love Sarah Hyland’s Arrow Tattoo

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


cute small arrow tattoo on foot

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female


couple tattoos – couple arrow tattoo design

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

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Top 47 Arrow Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Arrows hold significant symbolic meaning while being strikingly effortless. An arrow is admirable for both experienced tattoo-lovers and newbies alike.

The symbolic meaning of an arrow tattoo depends largely on the number of arrows involved and the way that they are positioned.

For instance, single arrows represent protection against evil forces while a bundle of arrows symbolizes the strength of a group. Double arrows, on the other hand, are unparalleled in their ability to express both camaraderie and adversity. If the arrows form a cross, they will represent closeness, whereas if they are pointed to each other, they will indicate war.

The vast array of symbolic meaning can be further adapted to your own personal beliefs or life experiences, making them one of the 50+ best tattoo ideas. A single arrow passing through a diamond, for example, can represent you moving forward through a challenge in your life.

The far-reaching symbolic meaning of arrow tattoo is just one reason that they make a distinguished choice for a first-time tattoo. Additionally, the simplicity of the arrow design means that it usually does not require a lot of time to finish, giving newbies a taste of the tattoo experience without being overwhelming.

Above all, arrows are among the most timeless symbols, making them a classic way to show off your flair.

Small Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Amazing Mens Small Arrow Tattoo Designs On Inner Forearm

This is a fresh minimalist forearm tattoo. Like the unique aspect of each arrow, and how crisply they’ve been etched. The fletching (feathers) is quite eye catching with deft, black lines forming each pattern. Three arrow pieces are often used to symbolize direction and movement during important decisions and life changes.

Ankle Compass Small Arrow Guys Tattoos

A perfectly acceptable minimalist compass using arrows to signify direction. It’s the type of body art you can get at most studios for the shop minimum of $50-$80, and you don’t need a master on the gun. Fresh, black line picks and stick jobs like this can be handled by an apprentice.

Cool Small Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas For Males On Inner Forearm

This tattoo is an exceptional inner forearm piece that applies a mix of styles. The Native North American tribal approach is well packaged amongst geometric flourishes to help the traditional black and gray arrow stay balanced. The circles in particularly create a brilliant contrast for the piece by allowing it to get wider on the skin, and provides a good use of black line amongst the feather fetish shade work and fletching.

Creative Small Arrow Tattoos For Men On Side Of Outer Forearm

A nice, simple black line arrow tattoo cut through with cursive. The font choice for “life” works cleverly against the straight line arrow, whose placement is excellent on the outer part of the arm.

Finger Small Arrow Male Tattoos

A tiny finger tattoo using the compass to represent direction. Again, this small piece could be had for shop minimum or on a special flash day of some kind.

Forearm Small Arrow Tattoo Designs For Guys

Enjoy the heavy detail in this black and gray arrow tattoo. The internal shade work has been accomplished with great technique to give the arrowhead and shaft different textures. Also like the whispers of delicate fletching going along the shaft to further illustrate the arrow’s home made quality.

Gentleman With Small Arrow Tattoo On Fingers

It’s difficult to keep finger tattoos such as these crisp, as you can tell from the fuzzy thickness of ink in these digits. Over time they’ll lose clarity further and will likely look smudged or lose shape. Make sure to check with your artist on best techniques and styles to keep finger tattoos looking sharp over a long period.

Guys Small Arrow Tattoo Deisgns On Wrist

The use of a stylized arrowhead works brilliantly as a border for the mountain scene within. This small tattoo is greatly effective, mixing up fine, clear line work of the arrows and interior with the thicker, fuzzier black triangle. It’s a well developed and funky looking inner wrist piece.

Guys Small Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas On Side Of Forearm

Cool placement of arrow on the subject’s outside forearm. The artwork isn’t spectacular but is professionally delivered with the flickers of white highlights displaying the artist’s attention to detail.

Guys Tattoos With Small Arrow Design Outer Forearm

The use of white as a filler for the arrowheads work in this otherwise minimalist arrow tattoo. It’s such an unusual fill color that it stands out in this instance. Cool ink.

Guy With Small Arrow Tattoo Design Side Of Hand

Smart work to cover up the old arrow with a thicker, better held new version that has much more interesting fletching. The type of fade and fall out in the older piece often happens with edge of hand tattoos, so try to choose an image that would be simple enough to re-do or cover up.

Hand Small Arrow Tattoos Men

Love this neo traditional tattoo. It rocks the old, American traditional flint arrows, but throws in updated color work and a skin pouch to keep it current.The ram’s head – symbolically linked to determination and initiative must have been there first so the artist put the pouch in and created a cool effect.

Incredible Small Arrow Tattoos For Men Outer Arm

Enjoyable line work gives this arrow a more delicate feel despite the primitive style flint head. The fletching is tight and flows simply but it’s the artist choice to use fine needle curves and swirls that helps it become better body art both stylistically and in the tattoo’s use of space.

Inner Arm Bicep Geometric Small Arrow Tattoos For Gentlemen

Inner Arm Bicep Male Tattoo With Small Arrow Design

Inner Arm Small Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Inner Forearm Dotwork Nautical Star Manly Small Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Inner Forearm Guys Tattoo Ideas Small Arrow Designs

Inner Forearm Minimalist Cool Male Small Arrow Tattoo Designs

Inner Forearm Retro Traditional Small Arrow Mens Tattoo Designs

Leg Masculine Small Snake With Arrow Tattoos For Men

Male Cool Small Hand With Arrows Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Male Small Arrow Nautical Star Compass Outer Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Male Small Arrow Tattoo Design Inspiration On Rib Cage Side

Male With Cool Small Arrow And Bow Leg Tattoo Design

Mens Cool Small Arrow Tattoo Ideas Upper Back

Mens Small Arrow Tattoo Design Ideas Hand

Mens Small Arrow Tattoo Design Inspiration Outer Forearm

Mens Small Geometric Arrow Tattoo Ideas Inner Arm Bicep

Mens Tattoo Ideas With Small Bow And Arrow Design On Arm

Mens Tattoo With Small Arrow Design Inner Arm Bicep

Old School Traditional Awesome Small Broken Snapped Arrow Tattoos For Men

Old School Traditional Upper Chest Guys Small Three Arrow Tattoos

Outer Forearm Simple Small Arrow Tattoo Design On Man

Remarkable Small Arrow Tattoos For Males On Lower Leg

Rib Cage Side Geometric Small Arrow Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Sharp Small Arrow Male Tattoo Ideas On Shoulder

Small Arrow Guys Tattoo Designs On Triceps

Small Arrow Mens Tattoo Ideas Forearm

Small Arrow Tattoos Guys Forearm

Small Crossed Arrows Leg Tattoo Ideas For Males

Small Tiger Head Arrow Guys Tattoo Ideas On Leg

Traditional Mens Tattoo Small Arrowhead Design On Lower Leg

Traditional Small Arrow Through Hearts Tattoos Male Upper Chest

Unique Mens Small Arrows Through Hand Arm Tattoos

Upper Chest Geometric Artistic Male Small Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Distinctive Male Small Arrow Tattoo Designs

Wrist Small Arrow With Bow Geometric Male Tattoo Designs

Small Arrow Tattoo FAQs

What does an arrow tattoo symbolize?

The arrow is one of the most versatile tattoo motifs out there. A range of meanings can be attached, whether it’s a solitary shaft or whole whole quiver, based on angle, direction, body placement or whether they’ve been etched alongside a bow or other weapons.

Some common representations of the single arrow include: love, direction, power, physical strength, and manhood. Interestingly, a bow set to fire an arrow is considered a symbol of conflict and tension, which changes to positive momentum if it becomes loosed.

An arrow point down means peace, while one facing left or right can ward off evil or act as protection. Two arrows facing each other equal war, and three arrow pieces are often used to symbolize direction and movement in relation to decisions and major life changes.


75 Unique Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos, despite their inherent popularity, come in so many different styles and types that it’s possible to make them all your own. They are especially popular among women, and they make excellent options for couples’ or best friends’ tattoos, as well.

The arrow tattoo design itself is simple in nature, but they can carry some very complex, and deep meanings. The only limit when it comes to arrow tattoo ideas is your imagination – and your tattoo artist’s ability.

Cute and Unique Arrow Tattoos for Women - Arrow Tattoo Ideas


Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Meanings behind arrow tattoos can vary depending on the type of tattoo you choose. They are symbols of everything from protection and positivity to love, achievement, and friendship.

More often than not, women choose arrow designs as a symbol of moving forward. The arrow literally points outward in an effort to direct the wearer to keep moving and keep going. Think about what you want your arrow tattoo to mean, then choose a design that is an accurate reflection of that.

Arrow Tattoo On Wrist + Diamond

Simple Arrow Tattoo On Wrist - Arrow Through Diamond Tattoo

For example, a broken arrow represents peace and destroying your weapon. An arrow pointed downward represents peace as well. Also, crossed arrow tattoos represent friendship, where two arrows pointing away from each other represent conflict.

Simple Broken Arrow Tattoo

Warrior Tattoo - Simple Arrow Tattoo

Whether you choose to have a single arrow, broken arrow, or an arrow within a compass, they all have general symbolism but should most importantly mean something to you. We will discuss more meanings of each of the different arrow tattoo designs below.

How To Keep Your Tattoo Vibrant

There’s a lot of argument over the best way to help your tattoo heal – especially in the first few days after it’s finished. Though many artists still recommend triple antibiotic ointment or even A&D Ointment (commonly used for diaper rash), there are better options.

Small Watercolor Arrow Tattoo on Forearm

Small Watercolor Arrow Tattoo on Forearm

Ora’s Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve

This tattoo salve is one aftercare product no tattoo aficionado should be without. Ora’s Amazing Tattoo Salve is petroleum-free, which is a huge plus, and it’s infused with herbs that help to reduce the risk of infection. Bonus: it’s also great for minor burns and wounds, so after your ink heals, keep it in your first aid kit.

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Coppertone Tattoo Guard Continuous Spray

Though it won’t happen immediately, the sun can (and absolutely will) cause the colors in your ink to fade. To prevent this, use this Coppertone Tattoo Guard spray made directly for tattoos every time you expose them to the sun.

Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Kit

If you want to avoid buying multiple products, this is the option for you. This Tattoo Aftercare Kit is affordable and comes with everything you need to properly care for your new arrow tattoo. It comes with a protective healing salve, a moisturizing lotion, a special soap, and a sunscreen all in one cool kit.

Arrow Tattoo Designs + Ideas

Designs for arrow tattoos are endless, but if you’re having trouble deciding what to get, the following arrow tattoo meanings and ideas may help:

Bow And Arrow Tattoo

One of the most popular arrow designs is the bow and arrow tattoo. This is a design that is perfect as a stand alone tattoo or as a couples or friendship tattoo.

If you see an arrow being pulled back on a bow this can symbolize life struggle or tension. On the other hand, if you have an arrow that has been released from the bow it represents moving forward, or a positive transition.

Simple Arrow Tattoo + Bow and Arrow

Simple Arrow Tattoo - Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Flower Bow + Arrow Tattoo

Flower Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Though you’ve probably seen this design in many variations, the bow and arrow can symbolize love for couples or friendship for besties. One person gets the bow and the other the arrow, ideally in the same place.

Small Wrist Bow And Arrow

Small Wrist Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Couples Bow And Arrow Tattoo

Couples Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Also, some will use the bow and arrow to symbolize the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Sagittarius Tattoo

Floral Bow and Arrow Tattoo - Sagittarius Tattoo

Detailed Geometric Bow + Arrow Tattoo

Detailed Geometric Bow and Arrow Tattoo - Bow and Arrow Shoulder Tattoo

It is also believed that when you have a bundle of arrows together this represents strength as a bundle of arrows is rougher to break than a solitary arrow.

Bundle Of Arrows Tattoo

Bundle Of Arrows Tattoo - Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Bow And Arrow Tattoo

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Small Arrow Tattoos

If you’re interested in an arrow tattoo, but you aren’t really keen on a large tattoo that’s overly visible, they are perfect for tiny tattoos. Small arrow tattoos can be placed on the side of your foot, on your shoulder, or even on the side of a finger where they’ll be more dainty than noticeable.

Perfect Small Bow + Arrow Finger Tattoo

Perfect Small Arrow Finger Tattoo

Tiny Heart + Arrow Finger Tattoo

Tiny Heart And Arrow Finger Tattoo

Infinity Ankle Arrow Tattoo

Small Ankle Arrow Tattoo

Geometric + Arrow Finger Tattoos

Geometric and Arrow Finger Tattoos

Small Broken Arrow

Small Arrow Tattoo - Arrow Finger Tattoo

Small Heart Arrow Tattoo

Heart and Arrow Tattoo - Small Tattoo Ideas

Arrow Charm Bracelet Tattoo

Small Arrow Charm Bracelet Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Designs for Women

Small Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Small Geometric Arrow Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Designs for Women

Small Arrow Tattoo On Collarbone

Small Arrow Tattoo On Collarbone

Perfect Simple Arrow Tattoo On Foot

Perfect Simple Arrow Tattoo On Foot - Arrow Tattoo Ideas for Women

Arrow Compass Tattoos

Compass arrow tattoos can represent many different stages in life, but for the most part they will always represent moving forward. For example, this can symbolize a new relationship, starting on a new path, or changing your path towards the unknown. Compass tattoos are very sentimental and can be extremely simple or  very detailed.

Watercolor Arrow Compass Tattoo

Watercolor Arrow Compass Tattoo

Compass Arrow Tattoo On Arm

Compass Arrow Tattoo On Arm

Detailed Arrow Compass + Feather Arrow Tattoo

Detailed Arrow Compass Tattoo - Feather Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Compass Tattoo On Back

Arrow Compass Tattoo On Back

Classic Arrow Compass Tattoo

Classic Arrow Compass Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Designs

Feather Arrow Tattoo

A feather arrow tattoo can have any number of meanings, but it most often represents overcoming one’s troubles and independence. The arrow is indicative of a warrior, and that’s exactly why so many people prefer it. Of course, you may simply choose a feather arrow for the aesthetics, and you can choose a simple black-and-white or full-color tattoo to suit your personal preferences.

Small Feather Arrow Tattoo On Wrist

Small Feather Arrow Tattoo On Wrist

Feather Arrow Forearm Tattoo

Feather Arrow Forearm Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Designs for Women

Feather Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Feather Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Infinity Feather Arrow Tattoo with Initials

Infinity Feather Arrow Tattoo with Initials

Native American Arrow Tattoo

Native American Arrow Forearm Tattoo

Arrow And Feather Tattoo

Feather Arrow Forearm Tattoo with Feather

Bow Feather And Arrow Tattoo

Bow and Arrow Tattoo - Feather Bow Tattoo - Rib Tattoo Ideas

Geometric Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos mean something different to each owner, but geometric designs give a modern spin on a simple tattoo. Diamond arrows are one of the most common geometric arrow tattoos. Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on Earth, therefore tattoos with diamond shapes represent courage and invincibility.

Geometric Arrow Tattoo On Arm

Geometric Arrow Tattoo On Arm

Geometric Arrow White Ink Tattoo

Geometric Arrow Tattoo - White Ink Tattoo

Amazing Arrow Tattoo On Back

Amazing Arrow Tattoo On Back

Solitary Geometric Arrow

Solitary Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Large Geometric Arrow Tattoo On Back

Large Geometric Arrow Tattoo On Back

Crossed Arrows Tattoos

The arrow design of two crossed arrows symbolizes friendship. Therefore, this design is extremely popular for matching friendship tattoos.

Small Crossed Arrow Tattoos

Crossed Arrow Tattoos - Crossed Arrows meanings

Crossed Arrows on Arm

Crossed Arrows on Arm

Simple Ankle Crossed Arrow Tattoo

Simple Ankle Crossed Arrow Tattoo

Matching Crossed Arrow Tattoos

Matching Crossed Arrow Tattoos - Arrow Tattoos on Forearms

Arrow Tattoo On Arm

Arrow Tattoo On Arm - Crossed Arrows

Crossed Arrow Tattoo With Rose

Crossed Arrow Tattoo With Rose - Rib Cage Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Designs for Women

Crossed Arrow Friendship Tattoo

Crossed Arrow Tattoo - Friendship Matching Tattoos

Arrow through the Heart

Another classic is the arrow-through-the-heart tattoo. This can be done in the traditional tattoo style (with a cartoon flair) or it can be made more modern depending on what you like. This design is also known as the cupid arrow tattoo which represents love and romance.

Unique Heart Arrow Tattoo

Heart Arrow Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo On Shoulder

Simple Heart Arrow Tattoo

Heart Arrow Tattoo - Simple Arrow Tattoo

Classic Cupid Tattoo

Heart Arrow Tattoo - Cupid Tattoo - Tattoo Ideas For Women

Realistic Heart + Arrow Tattoo

Realistic Heart Arrow Tattoo

Cute Heart Arrow Tattoo

Unique Heart Arrow Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Designs

Realistic Small Cupid Tattoo

Heart With Arrow Tattoo For Women - Arrow Tattoo Ideas - Realistic Small Cupid Tattoo

Couples Arrow Tattoos

Matching tattoos mean something special to everyone. Whether you decide for matching small tattoos or complementary tattoos, arrow designs are perfect.

Small Couples Arrow Tattoo

Small Tattoo - Small Couples Arrow Tattoo

Couples Bow and Arrow Forearm Tattoo

Couples Bow and Arrow Forearm Tattoo

Simple Couples Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Simple Couples Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Couples Arrow Finger Tattoo

Simple Couples Arrow Finger Tattoo

Brother + Sister Arrow Tattoos

Matching Arrow Tattoos - Brother And Sister Tattoos

More Arrow Tattoo Designs

Finding the perfect arrow design for you may take time. Your tattoo will most likely be a combination of multiple arrow ideas, but once you find your perfect tattoo it will be worth the time and effort. Below are more unique arrow tattoo designs to help you create your own masterpiece.

Colorful Broken Arrow Tattoo

Colorful Broken Arrow Tattoo

Heart Arrow Tattoo On Wrist

Simple Heart Arrow Tattoo On Wrist

Arrow Through Diamond Tattoo

Simple Arrow Forearm Tattoo - Arrow Through Diamond Tattoo

Broken Arrow Tattoo On Wrist

Broken Arrow Tattoo On Wrist

Unique Arrow Tattoo On Forearm

Unique Arrow Tattoo On Forearm

3 Arrow Tattoo Design

3 Arrow Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Ideas

Arrow Tattoo + Lotus Flower

Arrow Tattoo With Lotus Flower

Love Yourself Arrow Tattoo

Love Yourself Arrow Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Ideas for Women

Diamond Arrow On Arm

Arrow Tattoo On Arm - Arrow Tattoo Designs for Women

4 Arrow Tattoos

4 Arrow Tattoos - Rib Cage Tattoos - Arrow Tattoo Ideas for Women

3 Arrow Tattoo On Collarbone

Arrow Name Tattoo On Collarbone - Arrow Tattoo Designs

Warrior Arrow

Warrior Tattoo - Simple Arrow Tattoo

Three Arrows Tattoo Design

Three Arrows Tattoo Design - Arrow Tattoos for Women

Arrow Semicolon Tattoo

Arrow And Semicolon Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Ideas for Women

Unique Arrow Tattoo On Wrist

Unique Arrow Tattoo On Wrist - Tattoo Ideas for Women

Arrow Rib Tattoo

Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Women - Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrow With Feather Tattoo

Arrow And Feather Tattoo - Arrow Forearm Tattoo

Double Arrow Tattoo

Double Arrow Tattoo - Arrow Tattoo Designs for Women


Tattoo small arrow

We continue to introduce to you the most popular designs in tattoo, so today I’d like to share with you arrow tattoo ideas which will be perfect for creative and ambitious persons. If you think that it’s all about you, then don’t waste your time and consider all ideas that we’ve collected for you. You can choose simple and minimalistic arrow tattoos or find something original and decorated, for example, colorful or floral arrows, with a bow or a feather, with a quote or just an important word for you. Like other tattoos, arrow ones have their meanings too. A single arrow means a right direction or protection from negative forces. A tattoo with two arrows which cross each other is a symbol of a friendship, so these tattoos can be matching ones with your best friend. Now scroll down and see other ideas. Enjoy!

Black And Colorful Arrow Tattoo Ideas

If you like a laconic design, then you should make a tiny black or black-contour arrow tattoo without any decor elements. So small tattoos you can place on your wrists, ankles, fingers or behind the ear. Wanna something unique? Choose arrow tattoos with colored feathers or infinity signs and place them on your back, shoulders, sides or arms. If you want more personal tattoo, pick up a motivational and important word or quote and combine them with your arrow.

Arrow and feather tattoo

Arrow and feather tattoos

Arrow tattoo on the right side

Arrow and infinity sign tattoo

Arrow with phrase tattoo

Arrow with word believe tattoo

Beautiful tattoo on the arm

Black arrow on the foot

Colored tattoo on the foot

Colorful arrows tattoo

Small arrow tattoo on the back

Tiny arrow tattoo on the finger

Bow And Arrow Tattoo Ideas

You can also find many ideas of a bow and arrow tattoo design (if you are a sagittarius, then this idea will be perfect for you). This type of tattoos means a love, hunting or power. Many girls place them on the back or neck, arms or a stomach. You can add to it colored flowers and leaves. Very small and simple bow and arrow tattoos place on your ankles and wrists.

Arrow and bow tattoo on the wrist

Black-contour tattoo on the back

Chic bow and arrow tattoo on the back

Floral tattoo on the arm

Original tattoo on the back

Tattoo on the shoulder

Tattoo with phrase stay strong

Tiny tattoo on the ankle

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Simple arrow tattoo for men - arrow tattoo designs - temporary arrow tattoo at home - #shorts

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