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Full Name

Tobias Erin Rogers



Toby Rogers
Mr. Rogers

Powers / Skills


Physical strength
Sense focusing
Genetic pain immunity
Enhanced stamina
Elusive nature


Murdering people who ridiculed him and for the Slender Man.


Kill his abusive father (succeeded).

Serve Slender Man (ongoing).


Serial murder


Type of Villain

Tragic Serial Killer

The boy lacked any normal appearance, anyone could blandly see that something was wrong with him. His messy brown hair went in every which way, and his pale, almost gray skin was brought out by luminescent lighting. His eyes were dark, unlike his mother’s and he wore a white t-shirt and scrub pants that had been provided to him by the hospital. The clothes he had worn before where so shredded and blood stained, that they weren't 'wearable' anymore.
~ The first description of Ticci-Toby.

Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers, also known as Ticci-Toby, is the titular protagonist villain of the Creepypasta story of the same name.


Toby is usually upbeat and hyperactive. However, he can occasionally be a very sarcastic person, and he will occasionally be uncontrollable due to his borderline disorder. He is shown to be temperamental when he is able to change from being very emotional to being angry or happy instantaneously, making it impossible to speak to him at times. In spite of this, he can show kindness towards certain people, and he is also shown to be a treacherous troublemaker. Although he twitches and ticks sometimes, he doesn't mind, and he continues with the same personality. He's a bit of a jerk, and annoying too.



Toby is a tragic boy who was born with several mental disorders and was constantly bullied until he went insane and killed his father. He was found by Slender Man and serves as one of his Proxies.

Toby Rogers was born with many different mental disorders, making it very hard for him to fit in with people. His disorders caused him to be unsuited for a public school surrounding, along with earning him constant bullying, so he was switched to homeschooling early on.

He grew up with little to no friends and he lived with his mother, his older sister Lyra, and his father. When Toby was 17 years old, his sister and he were involved in a tragic car accident resulting in Lyra's death.

Becoming Ticci-Toby

After the death of his sister, Toby grew more and more troubled, his symptoms getting worse, barely eating or leaving his room, growing less and less social, losing more and more memory and taking his stress out by chewing the flesh off his hands and fingers.

His father lost himself to drugs and alcohol and became abusive towards his family. Toby soon lost control of his sanity and one night attacked and killed his father. He fled out of the house, grabbing two of the hatchets in his garage, a box of matches, and a gallon of gasoline, and set the neighborhood on fire in the attempt to escape the local police.

The fire surrounded him and as he was about to give into his own death, Slender Man appeared and saved him before he blacked out. Toby woke up with no memory of his past life and soon became one of Slender Man's proxies.


  1. C.I.P.A (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis): Causes him to be numb to pain.
  2. Schizophrenia: Delusions, bizarre behaviour, disorganized speech.
  3. Tourette Syndrome: Tics result in cracking of neck and joints.
  4. P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder): After a car accident.
  5. Amnesia: After he met Slender Man.
  6. ADHD
  7. Depression


  1. His father: Stabbed to death with a kitchen knife.
  2. An unnamed middle school kid: Stabbed and bludgeoned to death with hatchets.
  3. Another middle school kid: Stabbed and bludgeoned to death with hatchets.
  4. Another middle school kid: Stabbed and bludgeoned to death with hatchets.
  5. The last middle school kid: Stabbed and bludgeoned to death with hatchets.




Toby without his goggles.


TICCI TOBY (Original Voice)

TICCI TOBY (Original Voice)

Ticci Toby (Being A Proxy)

Ticci Toby (Being A Proxy)

Masky Original Voice (Slender And The Proxies)

Masky Original Voice (Slender And The Proxies)

Ticci Toby Patient Interview 1

Ticci Toby Patient Interview 1

Ticci Toby Patient Interview 2

Ticci Toby Patient Interview 2

Ticci Toby Patient Interview 3

Ticci Toby Patient Interview 3

Ticci Toby "Memories"

Ticci Toby "Memories"

Ticci Toby "End Them All!"

Ticci Toby "End Them All!"

Ticci Toby "Time"

Ticci Toby "Time"

Ticci Toby "Merry X-Mas"

Ticci Toby "Merry X-Mas"

Toby (Ticci Toby inspired original song)

Toby (Ticci Toby inspired original song)


  • Ticci Toby was created by Wade Kastoway.
  • Ticci-Toby is considered one of the most popular creepypasta characters, alongside Slender Man, Jeff the Killer and Smile Dog.
  • Due to their similar backstories, many people like to imagine Ticci Toby being romantically attached to Clockwork, another creepypasta character.
  • Ticci Toby was born in April 28,
  • Ticci Toby is 5'6.


Sours: https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Ticci-Toby

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Ticci-Toby (real name: Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers) is a fictional Proxy of the Slender Man from the creepypasta of the same name written by Kastoway. The story focuses on Toby's descent into madness and his first encounter with The Slender Man.


Toby grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood, making it difficult for him to fit in with "normal people". He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his tics and was ultimately deemed unsuited for a public school surrounding, so he switched to homeschooling. While he received plenty of support from his mother and older sister Lyra, his father was nothing but a negative influence on his son. Having lost himself to alcohol, drugs and gambling, Toby's father became increasingly abusive towards his family, especially Toby.

When Toby was seventeen, he and his sister were involved in a tragic car accident that resulted in Lyra's death. Toby's symptoms worsened greatly because of this; he lost his appetite for food, became even less social than before, and slowly began to lose his memories. On the night he returned from the hospital, Toby saw the Slender Man watching him from the street. Slender Man repeatedly stalked Toby wherever he went throughout the following weeks, causing Toby to have several visual and auditory hallucinations. Concerned for her own son's safety, Toby's mother brings him to a psychiatrist to help him cope with his post-traumatic stress disorder.

The next day Toby dreams of his sister's corpse followed by an attack by the Slender Man. As Toby walked down the stairs, he began hearing voices telling him to kill his father. He eventually couldn't ignore the voices anymore and has a complete mental breakdown. After a brief struggle with his father, Toby gained the upper hand violently stabbed his father in front of his mother. In a desperate attempt to escape the police, he set the neighborhood on fire as a distraction, but was quickly surrounded by the flames. Just as he was about give into his inevitable death, the Slender Man teleports in front of him and saves him. Two weeks later, Toby's mother listened to a news story about the murders of several teenagers. The main suspect is Toby due to one of his hatchet's being found at the crime scene. This&#;marked the moment Toby officially became a Proxy of&#;Slender Man.


Though Toby usually has an up-beat and hyper personality, he can be very sarcastic at times and he will sometimes lose control of his emotions due to his bipolar disorder. He can change from being very emotional to being angry or happy in an instant, making it very difficult to talk to him at times. Despite this, he can be friendly to certain people and he is a natural born trouble-maker.

Masky, Hoodie, and Toby

  • Brian Thomas (Actor Brian Haight)

  • Brian Thomas when he is Hoodie

  • Tim Wright (Actor Tim Sutton)

  • Tim Wright when he is Masky

Be aware this section contains spoilers:

This is a point of confusion in the mythos that often is question without truly understand who Masky and Hoodie are. Ticci-Toby is, in his own story, a proxy. Masky and Hoodie, however, are not proxies, and have never come into contact with Slender Man. The main antagonist of MarbleHornets&#;is The Operator, a similar character to Slender Man with several fundamental aspects altered. The Operator does not use proxies, and neither Masky nor Hoodie are ever seen trying to help it. The opposite is true, actually, as they are constantly trying to impede&#;Alex, who is&#;also trying to destroy The Operator, but through a different method than they are.

Additionally, Hoodie and Masky are the alternate personas of Brian Thomas&#;and&#;Tim Wright. By the end of MarbleHornets, Brian is dead, and Tim has cast off his personality shifts. Neither have had control of their shifts, do not show any ability to remember what has happened, and Tim specifically does everything both as Masky and as himself to stop The Operator the best he can. By the end of the series, Tim and Hoodie were enemies, and Hoodie was ultimately killed by Tim and then revealed to be Brian.

Ticci-Toby has never existed in the MarbleHornets universe, and therefore would never interact with either Tim Wright nor Brian Thomas. Furthermore, Masky and Hoodie are typically depicted as individuals with a similar build to Toby, which is false as both are bulkier men with a heavier set. Finally, MarbleHornets states it exists in its own continuity, meaning it would be impossible for Ticci-Toby to meet either Brian or Tim, let alone the fact that Brian is dead and Tim is missing.

One other piece of confusion is part of the Creepypasta World theory, which stipulates all creepypasta characters actually exist in one singular universe. While most creepypasta authors do not accept this, Brian and Tim&#;still&#;wouldn't be part of it even if it were true. This is because Hoody and Masky are not creepypasta. By definition, a creepypasta is essentially an internet horror story, whereas Hoody and Masky were characters created for a YouTube show. They were never written in a story prior to this, and are copyrighted characters just like Toby, so they cannot be written without permission from Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, and Tim Sutton. Any creepypasta stories involving Brian and Hoody are not only non-canon, but totally fake, just like any spinoff creepypasta of Ticci-Toby.

Is Toby Canon?

This is a point of confusion for most people in the Toby fandom, which mainly stems from confusion as to how Slender Man canon works.

A Slender Man story is typically regarded as canon or not on an individual basis, but as a mythos overall, stories that are canon are typically only accepted as canon once the mythos has come to accept it as either a fundamental aspect of the Slender Man, or the world Slender Man embodies. Furthermore, most works involving characters interacting with Slender Man often have very limited storytelling, and quickly die out. From a surgist point of view, Toby would be an unacceptable part of the mythos, as Surgists do not tend to believe in the concept of proxies as a canon aspect.

One major problem is that Slender Man is attributed under a creative commons, allowing for use of him in everything save for commercial products that are released without the permission of Eric "Victor Surge" Knudsen. Ticci-Toby, however is a copyrighted character belonging to Kastoway, who used Toby in only one story and has distanced himself from his creation altogether. As such, Toby is a dropped concept, and is non-canon. He exists in only one story and will not be used in any further stories.

Kastoway and his creation

On the Ticci-Toby Deviantart page created by author Kastoway, comments have been disabled.

On Friday, December 14th, , Kastoway wrote the following after a series of arguments regarding Toby being shipped with other Creepypasta characters. The post was titled "Creepypasta Fandom, Please Read"

Hello guys,
Due to recent events I feel the need to clarify a few things.
A lot of people really have been white knighting for me, which I understand is in attempt to help me out and defend me in a situation in which I wouldn't defend myself but you really don't need to do that.
I know in the past I have asked people not to draw or write anything involving Toby which featured him being shipped with anyone other than Clockwork but I know now that it's really pointless to ask something like that.
A lot of people have respected what I am and am not comfortable with and some people haven't. That's fine, I don't really find it to be important anymore, it's really just not worth the effort in trying to fight back against stuff like that and I guess I really just don't care much anymore.
I'm done with the Creepypasta fandom. I've been done with it for a while and with Toby's copyrights in place I plan on not looking back on it or bothering with it unless it involves legal violation of copyright.
Please don't feel inclined to defend me against people shipping Toby with other characters or OCs or anything like that, it's fine. And not to mention people are getting hurt because some others tend to take it too far.
Bashing on someone's OC is a big nono. Please do not do that it's very hurtful towards the creator.
Bashing and Constructive criticism are two very different things and have two very different outcomes.
I never wanted to ultimately hurt anyone, I just thought that in the past that by putting up boundaries with my character I'd feel more comfortable with my place in the fandom but I was wrong and I am % not afraid to admit that.
This is my fault. It is and I am truly sorry that I caused so much trouble, please know that it wasn't intended.
From this point on please don't attack anyone about shipping with Toby or anything like that.
Just leave it be, okay?
And to anyone who has been hurt in the process please know that I truly am sorry. The fact that one little thing went against something I didn't like doesn't mean that it's right for you to be hurt, and I truly hope that everything gets better for you.
I wasn't prepared for my character to become popular on the internet. I really wasn't.
I never thought it would happen and I'm still not good at dealing with it. In fact I suck at it, it's true.
Anyone who dislikes me has one reason or another to feel that way about me and that's fine. As I've said before I don't ask anyone to think of me any certain way so hate me if that's what you feel, just know that I'm sorry for what I've done and if I've ever done anything to personally offend you or anything like that and you'd like to confront me about it please do so so that I can apologize to you directly, because I want you all to understand that I'm not just playing nice, I mean it when I say I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused.
I don't want to come on Deviantart and worry about people hating me. I don't want to start or continue conflicts, I just want it all to be water under the bridge.
So all and all--
Thank you and I'm sorry. I really am.

Kastoway has tended to refuse to answer questions regarding Ticci-Toby, with reasoning not being directly cited, but possibly being due to receiving the same questions over and over, and possibly in response to any flame wars that happened due to the above post.

The Slender Man Connection (SMC) wiki has hosted an article regarding Toby since May , and has repeatedly had to delete or redact comments worshiping Toby. These include worshiping Toby's aspects, wanting to be in a relationship with Toby, believing Toby to be real or, at the very least, based on a real person, wishing to be in a romantic relationship with Toby, idolizing his murderous behavior, and a myriad of other problems. On April 29th, , Kastoway wrote the following on a blog post on Deviantart titled "What the F". The beginning portion of the blog was added after Kastoway had posted a comment on this wiki which will be posted after this blog.

EDIT:// Hey guys, sorry again for how hostile I sounded in this journal, I usually try not to use such a large amount of cursing and stuff like that, I was in a really infuriated state so I let all of that slip. ANYWAY the mods on the wiki have featured my comment as a discussion and edited to wiki in order to give the issue some recognition, which I am incredibly thankful for! Hopefully that helps cut this crap down, although I know there will always be those hard-headed people who will refuse to accept the fact that he's not real. Anyways, sorry about that. I'd like to go back to avoiding the subject of Ticci-Toby from here on out.
Thanks guys
I know I said I'd like to avoid this topic to the best of my ability but I feel like straight up pointing this out because I have no tolerance for this asinine bulls Sure it's all fun and games until another person gets hurt because some crazy fed up kid thinks they're gonna please some made up fing character by harming someone else again.
The comments on this are absolutely ridiculous.
I'm saying this here and now, and I'm going to make a comment there linking back to this journal so people know that I'm the actual person who wrote the god damn story: Ticci-Toby is % fictional, he is made up, I am fing positive because I made him up. His sole purpose was for my entertainment because I like horror and I wanted to create a scary story that ended up actually getting unexpected amounts of attention. He is not real, he not based off of a real person or an urban legend, you have not seen him with your own eyes because he is FAKE. Do NOT take this and make another fing sick move like those girls who stabbed their friend over Slenderman, do not do this to me, do not do this to anyone. Claiming that he's real is taking an imaginary thing meant to do nothing but take the form of a scary story for entertainment purposes and making it a real life issue that actually affects real life people. I'm horrified to see people say this, I don't know what I'd do if this were the cause of something awful because of some fed up prepubescent shead hurting someone over something I made.
I know I sound aggressive and rude but that's because I am furious. I am not going to take lightly to this subject, I'm not playing games, this is an issue and I'm not going to sit back and let people take something made up to a harmful realistic magnitude.
To the people who think that Ticci-Toby or any horror character, creepy pasta or not is real; get your fing head on straight, don't be a god damn idiot.

(Minimally edited to censor curses, Original blog link above, can be read uncensored on Deviantart)

In response, Kastoway also posted the following under the username "Bonejags" on the comment section of this article (Link to uncensored comment):

I cannot believe the bulls that I am seeing in these comments. I cannot believe that there is an actual debate over whether or not Ticci-Toby is real. I made this account to announce that no, he is not real. How do I know? Because I'm the one who made him the hell up. I'm Kastoway from deviantart, the one that's credited in the wiki for writing the story. If you don't believe me here's a link to a journal about this subject that's on my account http://kastoway.deviantart.com/journal/What-the-f
So, once again, I'm going to say it. Ticci-Toby is % FICTIONAL. As in he is NOT REAL. So no, to those saying that they've seen him with their own eyes, you haven't, there's nothing to see because he doesn't exist. He's not based on a real person nor an urban legend, he is a character I made up because I wanted to write a scary story for my own entertainment. I had no clue that it would get this amount of attention, and that's why handling the subject has been so rough for me.
I apologize if I sound harsh but I have no tolerance for this bulls The amount of people who think that he's real is absolutely obscene, and I can't bare to think that another incident similar to the Slenderman Stabbings is possible because of something I created for fun. Please do not let that happen and take this seriously. It's one thing to enjoy a horror story, it's another thing to get joy from thinking that fictional psychopaths are real and that you're able to interact with them. They're fake and quite frankly I don't care how hearing that affects you, if you're heartbroken to hear that a crazy fing murderer isn't real then there is something wrong with and what you need is help and a taste of reality.

(Edited minimally to censor curses. Original unedited comment link above, and will remain unedited for record).

Since then, all comments regarding worshiping Toby or trying to imply he is real have been either heavily edited or deleted entirely. Kastoway himself does not wish to speak about Ticci-Toby further.

UPDATE: For some time, Kastoway's Deviangtart Blogs have been ed, possibly indicating they were deleted by Kastoway, but for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, the only current evidence of their existence is the above transcripts of the blogs.


  • Artist: BleedingHeartworks

  • Artist: Kastoway

  • Artist: Kastoway

  • Artist: Kastoway

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"Ticci-Toby" by Kastoway

"Ticci-Toby" by Kastoway

Narration by Mr. Creepypasta

Toby (Ticci Toby inspired original song)

Toby (Ticci Toby inspired original song)

Sours: https://slendermanconnection.fandom.com/wiki/Ticci-Toby
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Tobias (Toby) Erin Rogers is a proxy of the Slenderman. Toby grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood, making it difficult for him to fit in with "Normal people". He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his tics and was ultimately deemed unsuited for public school surrounding, so he switched to homeschooling. Although he received plenty of support from his mother and older sister Lyra, his father lost himself to alcohol, drugs, and gambling, and started abusing his family. When Toby was 17, he and his sister were involved in a tragic car accident resulting in Lyra's death. Toby's symptoms started to worsen because of this, he lost his appetite for food, slowly began loosing his memories, and became less social than before. The Slenderman starts to repeatedly stalks Toby afterward in an attempt to turn him into a proxy, and slowly does so by giving him strange visual and auditory hallucinations. Toby eventually gives into the voices in his head and violently murders his father. In a desperate attempt to escape the police, he sets the neighborhood on fire as a distraction, but was quickly surrounded by the flames. He was about to give into inevitable death when the Slenderman saved him as he was about to black out. When Toby woke up, all his memories of his past were taken by Slenderman and he become a loyal proxy.


Even though Toby usually has an up beat and hyper personality, he can be very sarcastic at times and he will sometimes lose control of his emotions due to his bipolar disorder. He can change from being very emotional to being angry or happy in an instant, making it very difficult to talk to him at times. Despite this, he can be very friendly to certain people and he is a natural born trouble maker.

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/creepypasta-origin-stories-ticci-toby


Estimated reading time — 17minutes

The long road home seemed to go on and on. The road continued to stretch in front of the vehicle endlessly. The light that shone through the branches of the tall, green trees danced across the window in random patterns, and every once and a while, obnoxiously shining in your eyes.

The surroundings were full of deep green trees forming a forest around the road. The only sound was the sound of the car&#;s engine as it traveled down the path. It was peaceful and left a serene feeling. Although the ride seemed like a nice one, it lacked every form of &#;nice&#; from its two passengers.

The middle-aged woman behind the steering wheel had neat short brown hair that fit her complexion quite well. She wore a green v-neck T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Diamond stud earrings decorated each of her ears, which partially showed from behind her haircut. She had deep green eyes, which her shirt brought out, and the lighting seemed to make them more noticeable. There wasn&#;t anything significant about her appearance. She looked like any other &#;average mother&#; you would see on TV shows and the like, however, the one thing that made her different than the &#;average mothers&#; was the dark bags she had under her eyes. Her facial expression was gloomy and sad, although she genuinely looked like someone who smiled a lot.

She would sniffle every once and a while, and occasionally glance in the rear-view mirror to look at her son in the back seat, who was hunched over partially, with his arms held tight around his chest, and his head pressed against the cold window. The boy lacked any normal appearance, and anyone could plainly see there was something wrong with him. His messy brown hair went every which way, and the luminescent lighting brought out his pale, almost gray skin. His eyes were dark, unlike his mother&#;s, and he wore a white T-shirt and scrub pants that had been provided for him by the hospital. The clothes he had worn before were so shredded and bloodstained that they weren&#;t wearable anymore. The right side of his face bared a few cuts along with a split eyebrow. His right arm was bandaged all the way to the shoulder, which had been shredded when his right side hit the shattered glass.

His injuries appeared to be painful, when in reality he couldn&#;t feel anything. This was just one of the glories of being him. One of the challenges he had to face while growing up was growing up with a rare disease that caused him to be completely numb towards pain. Never before had he felt himself get hurt. He could have lost an arm and felt nothing. The other major disorder he had faced, which was the one that deemed him many insulting nicknames in the short time he attended grade school before he switched to homeschooling, was his Tourette&#;s Syndrome, which caused him to tick and twitch in ways he couldn&#;t control. He would crack his neck uncontrollably and twitch every once in a while. The kids would tease him and call him Ticci-Toby, and they mocked him with exaggerated twitching and laughing. It got so bad he had to turn to homeschooling. It was too hard for him to be in a common learning environment with seemingly every kid poking, or more like stabbing, fun at him.

Toby starred blankly out the window, his face empty of any emotion, and every few minutes his shoulder, arm, or foot would twitch. Every bump that the car tires hit would make his stomach turn.

Toby Rogers was the boy&#;s name and the last time Toby remembered riding in a car was when it crashed.

That&#;s all he thought about, unconsciously replaying everything he remembered before he blacked out, over and over again.

Toby had been the lucky one; his sister had not been so lucky. When the thought of sister came, he couldn&#;t help the tears that welled up in his eyes. The horrible memories replayed in his mind. Her screaming that had cut off when the front of the car was smashed in. It all went blank for a moment before Toby opened his eyes to see his sister&#;s body, her forehead pierced with glass shards, her hips and legs crushed under the force of the steering wheel, and her torso pushed in from the too late inflated airbag. That was the last thing he had seen of his dear older sister.

The road home continued on for what seemed like forever. It took so long to get home because his mom wanted to avoid the sight of the crash. When the surroundings gave way to a familiar neighborhood, they were both more than ready to get out of the car and step back into their own home. It was an older neighborhood with quaint little houses all next to each other. The car drove in front of a blue house with white windowpanes. They both quickly noticed the old vehicle that was parked in front of the house, and the familiar figure that stood in the driveway. Toby felt automatic anger and frustration take over him at the sight of his father. His father who wasn&#;t there.

His mother pulled the car up in the driveway beside him before turning off the engine and preparing to step out and face her husband.

&#;Why is he here?&#; Toby said quietly as he looked back at his mother who reached to open the car door.

&#;He&#;s your father Toby, he&#;s here because he wants to see you.&#; His mother responded in a monotone voice, trying to sound less shaky.

&#;Yet couldn&#;t drive up to the hospital to see Lyra before she died,&#; Toby narrowed his eyes out the window.

&#;He was drunk that night, honey, he couldn&#;t drive-&#;

&#;Yeah when is he not,&#; Toby pushed the door open before his mother and stumbled out onto the driveway where he met his father&#;s gaze before looking down at his feet with a stern expression. His mother stepped out behind him and met her husband&#;s eyes before walking around the car.

His father opened up his arms, expecting a hug from his wife, but she walked past him and put her arm around Toby&#;s shoulder and started leading him inside.

&#;Connie,&#; her husband began in a raspy voice, &#;What no welcome home hug, huh?&#;

She ignored her husband&#;s obnoxious words and walked past him with her son under her arm.

&#;Hey, he&#;s sixteen he can walk by himself,&#; his father began to follow them in. &#;He&#;s seventeen,&#; Connie glared back at him before opening the door to the house and stepping inside.

&#;Toby, why don&#;t we get you in your room to rest okay? I&#;ll come get you when dinner is ready-&#;

&#;No, I&#;m sixteen. I can walk by myself,&#; Toby said sarcastically and glared back at his father before stumbling up the small staircase and turning into his room, where he slammed the door violently.

His little room didn&#;t have much in it, just a small bed, a dresser, a window, and his walls had a few picture frames of his family, back when they were a family. Before his father became an alcoholic and acted violently toward the rest of his family. Toby remembered when he was arguing with his mom and he grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to the floor, and when Lyra had tried to break it up, he pushed her and she hit her back on the corner of the kitchen counter. Toby could never forgive him for what he did to his mother and sister. Never.

Toby didn&#;t care how much his father beat him down, he couldn&#;t feel it anyway, what he did care about was how he intentionally hurt the only two people he cared about. And when he was waiting in the hospital where his sister took her last breaths, the only one who didn&#;t rush there was his dad.

Toby stood by the window and looked out at the street. He could have sworn he saw something out of the corner of his eye, but quickly blamed it on the meds he was on.

When dinnertime had come and his mother called up to him, Toby came down the stairs and hesitantly sat down at the table across from his father, and in between his mother and an empty chair. It was quiet as his parents picked at their food but Toby refused to eat. Instead, he just watched his dad with a blank stare. His mother caught on to his staring and elbowed him slightly. Toby looked over at her slightly and then down at his uneaten food, which he still didn&#;t touch.

Toby laid in be, he pulled his covers over his head and stared at the window. He was tired but there was no way he would fall asleep. He couldn&#;t, there was too much to think about. He had been debating on whether or not to follow his mother&#;s directions and forgive his father, or continue holding a grudge with his boiling hatred.

He heard his door creak open and his mother padded into the room and sat on the bed next to him. She reached over and rubbed his back, which had been turned to her.

&#;I know it&#;s hard Toby, trust me, I understand, but I promise you it will get better,&#; she said softly.

&#;When is he going to leave?&#; Toby said with an innocent tone in his shaky voice.

Connie let her gaze fall down to her feet. &#; I don&#;t know honey, he&#;s staying as far as I know,&#; she replied.

Toby didn&#;t respond. He just continued to look forward at the wall, holding his damaged arm near his chest.

After a few minutes of silence, his mother sighed before she leaned in to kiss his cheek and stood up to walk out of the room. &#;Good night,&#; she said as she closed the door.

The hours passed slowly, and Toby couldn&#;t quit tossing and turning. Every time he let his imagination take over, he heard the screeching of tires, the screaming of his sister, and he would uncontrollably jerk in bed. He threw off his cover, and lying on his back, he pulled his pillow over his face and cried into it. He could hear his own pitiful weeping. He would have been screaming and crying if e didn&#;t press his pillow over his face.

After a few seconds, he threw the pillow off his face and sat up, hunched over, holding his head and breathing roughly, tears streaming from his eyes. He couldn&#;t help but cry. He tried to keep it in, but he couldn&#;t stop the whining and whimpering as he sat there shaking. He inhaled before he stood up and walked around his bed to the window and peered out, taking deep breathes trying to calm down. He rubbed his eyes and looked out at the group of tall pine trees across the street.

He stopped suddenly, and his gaze slowly centered on something standing under the street light. He heard ringing in his ears and couldn&#;t look away. The figure stood beside the streetlight, about two feet shorter than it did, long arms draped at its sides as it stared up at him with non-existing eyes. The figure had no facial features to speak of. No eyes, no mouth, no nose, yet it held Toby&#;s hypnotized stare, seemingly peering into his very being. The ringing in his ears grew louder and louder each second he stared before suddenly it all went black.

The next morning Toby woke in his bed. He felt different. He wasn&#;t tired at all, and when he consciously woke up, it felt like he had been lying there awake for hours. He had no thoughts flowing through his mind. He sat up slowly and stumbled over to the wall, but when he stood he automatically felt dizzy. He stumbled to the doorway and walked down the stairs. His parents were sitting at the table, his father was tuned in to the small TV that sat on the counter top, and his mother was reading the newspaper. She quickly looked over when she felt Toby&#;s presence looming behind her.

&#;Well good morning sleepy head, you&#;ve been sleeping forever,&#; she greeted him with a hesitant smile. Toby slowly looked over at the clock and noticed that it was p.m.

&#;I made you breakfast but it got cold, I was going to wake you but I felt you needed sleep,&#; her expression fell from happy to worried as her son resisted responding to her.

&#;Are you all right?&#;

Toby stumbled over and sat by his father. He felt as if he was on idle and had no control over his actions. He was seeing everything he did, but I didn&#;t register in his brain properly. He reached out to his father&#;s arm, but his hand ended up getting slapped. His father turned to him abruptly and pushed his chair over whit his foot.

&#;Don&#;t touch me, boy!&#; he yelled.

His mother stood up, &#;Alright know that off! That is the last thing we need!&#;

The days went by, and things continued on as they were. Connie spent most of her time cleaning the house, and her rude husband spent most of his time ordering her around. It was just like how it used to be before the crash.

Toby never really left his room. He would sit by his bed and tremble. His mind would wonder, but his thoughts changed too fast to be remembered. He would pace around his small room like a caged animal or stare out the window. The unhealthy cycle continued.

Connie continued to be pushed around by her husband, being way too submissive to him, and Toby remained in his room.

Before he could think twice, he would begin to chew on his hands, tearing the flesh from his fingers. He would gnaw his hands until they bled. When his mother walked in on him while he was doing so, she reacted horribly. She rushed him downstairs and grabbed the first aid kit, wrapping his hands in bandages. Afterward, she demanded that he wouldn&#;t leave her side again.

Toby isolated himself so much that he grew to hate being around others. His memory grew glitchy as well. He&#;d start missing memory of minutes, hours, days, and so on. He would begin talking nonsense about things completely unrelated to the conversations he would have. He&#;d go off about seeing things, sharks in the sink as he washed the dishes; hearing crickets in his pillows, and seeing ghosts outside his bedroom window. His mother grew so anxious about his mental health that she decided it would be good for him to talk to a professional about what he was feeling.

Connie walked Toby into the building, holding his hand and guiding him in. She walked him up to the front desk and began talking to the lady who sat behind it.

&#;Mrs. Rogers?&#; The lady asked.

&#;Yes that&#;s me,&#; Connie nodded, &#;We&#;re here to see Doctor Oliver, I&#;m here with Toby Rogers.&#;

&#;Yes, right this way,&#; the lady stood and led them down a long hallway. Toby looked at the framed artwork down the halls and tuned in to the sound of the lady&#;s high heels on the hardwood floor.

She opened the door to a room with a table and two chairs.

&#;If we can get him to sit in here for a few minutes, I&#;ll get the doctor,&#; she smiled and held the door open.

Toby stumbled into the room and sat down at the table. He looked over at his mother and the lady before the door slowly shut behind them. He looked around the room before he held up his tightly bandaged hands and began to bite at the bandages to unwrap his hands, but he was interrupted as the door swung open and a young woman in a black and spotted dress with light blond hair stepped in, holding a clipboard and a pen.

&#;Toby?&#; she asked with a smile.

Toby looked up at her and nodded.

&#;Nice to meet you Toby, my name is Doctor Oliver.&#; She put her hand out for him to shake by hesitantly pulled away when she noticed his bandaged hands.

&#;Oh,&#; she smiled nervously before clearing her throat and sitting in the chair across the table form him.

&#;So I&#;m going to ask you a few questions, try to answer them as honestly as possible, okay?&#; she placed her clipboard down on the table. Toby nodded slowly and held his restrained hands in his lap.

&#;How old are you, Toby?&#;

&#;Seventeen,&#; he responded quietly.

She wrote that down on the paper that was clipped to the clipboard.

&#;What is your full name?&#;

&#;Toby Aaron Rogers.&#;

When is your birthday?&#;

&#;April 28th.&#;

&#;Who is your immediate family?&#;

Toby paused for a minute before answering her question, &#;My mom, my dad, and…&#; he stopped, &#;M-my sister.&#;

&#;I heard about your sister dear…I&#;m really sorry,&#; her expression faded into a sad pity-filled look.

Toby nodded.

&#;Do you remember anything from the crash Toby?&#;

Toby looked away from her. His mind went blank for a moment. He looked down at his lap, and in the surrounding area, he heard a faint ringing sound. His eyes widened and he froze in place.

&#;Toby?&#; the counselor asked.

&#;Toby are you listening?&#;

Toby felt a shiver go down his spine until he froze once again and slowly looked over out the little window through the door, where he saw it. A dark featureless figure, peering in at him. He stared, eyes widened, the ringing growing louder and louder until suddenly the loud voice of the counselor broke his trance.

&#;Toby!&#; she yelled.

Toby jumped and fell sideways out of his chair and backed up into the corner.

Doctor Oliver stood up, holding her clipboard to her chest. A surprised look in her eyes.

Toby met her eyes again, his breath hitching as he twitched.

That night Toby lay in bed. His eyes were dazed as he stared straight up at his ceiling. He could feel himself begin to doze off when he heard the scattering of footsteps down his hallway. He sat up and looked towards the doorway, his door wide open. There was no light everything was lit by the luminescent blue glow of the moon through his window, leaving a cold lighting. He stood up and slowly made his way toward the doorway when suddenly the door, which previously was wide open, slammed in his face. He gasped and fell back.

He was out of breath when he hit the ground and he began breathing heavily, his eyes wide open. He waited for a few seconds before getting back on his feet. He reached out and grasped the cold door handle with his bandaged had and it creaked open. He looked out into the dark hallway and tiptoed out of his room. The window at the end of the hallway lit up the darkness with blue moonlight as he padded his way down. He could hear footsteps rustling around him, and faint giggling followed by the pitter patter of small feet, which sounded like a child had run in front of him, giggling and running around. The hallway was a lot longer than he remembered. It seemed endless&#;like the ride home from the hospital. He heard the door creak in front of him.

&#;Mom?&#; he called in a shaky voice.

Suddenly a door slammed behind him and he jumped and turned around. Behind him, he heard a long eerie groan that sounded like croak right in his ear. He turned around as fast as he could and was suddenly face to face with none other than his dead sister. Her eyes were clouded white, her skin pale, the right side of her jaw dangling there by tissue and muscle, glass protruding from her forehead, black blood leaking down her face, her blonde hair pulled up in a pony-tail as it always was, and she was wearing her grey t-shirt and athlete shorts, which were dirty and spotted with blood. Her legs were bent in ways they shouldn&#;t be. She stood emitting a long croaking noise only an inch away from Toby&#;s face.

Toby yelped and fell back.

&#;AH!&#; He started to crawl backward away from her, but he was unable to break the eye contact he held with her blank, dead eyes. He dragged himself backward until he backed up into something.

He stopped for a second. Everything was dead silent except for his heavy breathing and crying. He slowly looked up to meet the blank face of a tall dark figure, the same figure that stood over him now. Behind the tall dark mass were rows of children looking to range from three to ten years old, their eyes completely black and dark black blood leaked from their eye sockets.

He screamed and stood up as fast as he could only to be tripped by dark black tendrils that wrapped around his ankle. He fell straight on his stomach and got the wind knocked out of him. He tried to scream but he couldn&#;t make a sound. He wheezed out before it all went black.

Toby woke with a start. He screamed out and sat up as fast as he could, completely short of breath. He wheezed out and held his chest with his bandaged hands. It was just a dream….just a dream. He lay back down on his bed and rolled over on his side. It felt like against weight had been lifted off his chest as he took in deep breaths. He stood up and padded over to his window. He saw nothing. Nobody was out there. No ghosts, no figures, nothing.

He heard the rustling and coughing of his father outside the doorway. His door was closed.

He walked over and opened it. Looking out into the hallway once again, he padded down the hallway and into the kitchen where he found his dad standing and having a smoke in their living room. Toby waited for a second and watched him from around the corner before a burning feeling started deep in his chest.

Deep boiling anger overtook him. He heard the little imaginary voices in his head.

&#;Do it, Do it, Do it,&#; they chanted.

He turned away and held his arms. He felt like he actually had control over himself, unlike he did for the past few weeks since he got home from the hospital. He actually had complete thoughts for just moments before the chanting of the little voices in his head clouded them.

&#;Kill him, he wasn&#;t there, he wasn&#;t there, kill him, kill him,&#; they continued on. Toby trembled. No. No, he wasn&#;t going to do it. What, was he going crazy? No. He won&#;t kill anyone. He can&#;t. He hated his father, but there was no way he was going to kill him.

That was it, the last thought he had before he fell into an idle state once again. The influence of the voices in his head was too much. He began to silently walk up behind his father. He reached over the counter to the knife in the case. He gripped it in his hand. He felt the sensation take over his chest. He let out a snicker.

&#;Heh… heheh… hehehehehe! HAHAHAHAHAHA!&#; he began laughing so hard he had to gasp for breath. His father turned around abruptly before he felt a brute force shove him to the floor. He grunted as the air was knocked out of him.

&#;What!&#; he looked up at the boy who stood over him, grasping the kitchen knife in his hand.

&#;Toby, what are you doing?&#; he went to sit up and put his arms out in front of him in self-defense but before he knew it Toby was on top of him. He went to grab his neck, but his father reached out and blocked his hand by grabbing onto his wrist.

&#;Stop! Get off of me, you little fucker!&#; he yelled and with his other hand he threw an off-center punch towards Toby&#;s shoulder, but he didn&#;t stop.

The look in Toby&#;s eyes was not sane. It looked as if a demon had taken control of him. He yelled back and went to stab the knife into his father&#;s chest, but his father blocked him and grabbed onto his wrist once again. He went shove him back, but Toby kicked his feet out in front of him and landed a hard blow straight to his father&#;s face. His father recoiled and pulled his arms away to cuff his face, but Toby got back up and drove the knife straight into his shoulder.

His father let out a loud cry and went to pull the knife out, but before he could, Toby threw his fist straight into his face.

He began to pound his fists into his head, laughing and wheezing. He cracked his neck and grabbed the knife and ripped it out of his father&#;s shoulder. He drove it deep into his dad&#;s chest and repeatedly stabbed into his torso, blood spilling out and getting splattered everywhere. He didn&#;t stop until his father&#;s body went still. He threw the knife over to the side and leaned over his body, coughing and panting. He stared at his father&#;s smashed-in face and sat there twitching until a loud scream broke the silence. He looked over to see his mother standing a few feet away, covering her mouth, tears streaming down her face.

&#;Toby!&#; she screamed, &#;Why did you do that?&#; she cried.

&#;W-why!?&#; she screamed.

Toby stood up and began to back away from his father&#;s bloody corpse. He began to back out of the kitchen. He looked down at the blood-soaked bandages on his hands and looked up at his mother one last time before he turned and ran out of the house. He ran into the garage and slammed his hand against the control panel on the wall and pushed the button to open the garage door. Before he ran out, he noticed his father&#;s hatchets, which had been hanging on the tool rack above a table full of jars filled to the brim with old rusted nails and screws.

One of the hatchets was new, it had a bright orange handle and a shiny blade, and the other was old with a wooden handle and an old, dull blade. He grabbed both and looked down at the table and he saw a box of matches, and under the table was a red gasoline tank. He held both of the hatchets in one hand and grabbed to matches and gasoline before running out of the garage, down the driveway and up the street. As he approached the streetlight that he could see out his own bedroom window, he heard police sirens in the distance.

He turned around and the red and blue flashing lights came rushing down the street. Toby stood for a second before he pulled open the cap on the gasoline tank and ran down the street, spilling gasoline all over the street after him. He turned and ran into the trees. He poured the last bit of gasoline out before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a match. He struck it against the box and immediately dropped it. In an instant, flames burst around him. The fire caught on the trees and bushes around him and before he knew it, he was surrounded by fire. The silhouettes of police cars were visible through the flames as he backed away into the forest around him. He looked around but his vision was blurred, his heart was pounding, and he closed his eyes for a moment. This was it. This was the end.

Toby felt a hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and looked over to see a large white hand with long boney fingers resting on his shoulder. He followed the arm that was attached to the hand up to a dark, towering figure.

It appeared to be wearing a dark black suit, and its face was completely blank. It towered over Toby&#;s small frame as it looked down on him. Tendrils reached out from its back. Before Toby knew it, his vision blurred and he heard the sound of ringing in his ears. Everything went blank.

That was it. That was the end. That was how Toby Rogers died.

A few weeks later, Connie sat in her sister&#;s kitchen. His sister, Lori, sat next to her drinking a cup of coffee.

About three weeks ago, Connie lost her husband and her son, and a few weeks before, she had lost her daughter to a car crash. Since then she moved in with her sister. The police were keeping her busy, they had just finished cleaning up the case, and the story had been released two weeks ago. The focus of the world seemed to have shifted to completely new stories.

Lori switched the TV on to a news broadcast. On the TV the news reporter began introducing the new headline.

&#;We have breaking news! Last nightthere have been reported the murder of four individuals. There are no suspects yet, but the victims were a group of middle school kids who had been out in the woods late last night. The kids had been bludgeoned and stabbed to death. The investigators have discovered a weapon at the crime scene. It appears to be an old, dull-blade hatchet, as you can see here.&#;

The picture changed to show snapshots of the weapon exactly as it was left at the crime scene.

&#;Investigators have pulled the name of a possible suspect, Toby Rogers, a seventeen-year-old boy who stabbed his father to death a few weeks ago and tried to cover up his escape by setting a fire in the streets and forest area around the neighborhood. Although they believed the young boy had died in the fire, investigators suspect Rogers might still be alive, due to the fact that his body was never found.&#;

Credit: Kastoway (DeviantArt • Twitter • Instagram)

Originally posted on the DeviantArt platform.

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