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Use the Quick Search menu to quickly find the right printer model and then find the exact Canon printer that you are using, here at Order for fast delivery from our Dublin warehouse. Using the quick search, you will see all the Canon ink cartridges that are compatible with your particular printer. You will notice that we have our own brand compatible ink cartridges and that these are cheaper than the original cartridges.

If you have the number of your ink cartridge at hand, you can opt for using the 'search by cartridge number' option. This will save you time by taking you directly to the page where all of the compatible inks for your printer will be displayed. . 


We can take a look at some of the Canon printer series and their respective ink cartridges.

  • If we take a look at the popular Pixma series, a very popular printer is the Canon Pixma IP7250. For this printer you can use the Canon CLI551 ink cartridges and our own Canon CLI551 XL multipack which saves you a lot of money.

  • One of the many popular MG printers is the Canon Pixma MG5750 which uses the Canon PGI-570 ink cartridges, both original and compatible inks. If we look at the PGI570PGBK for example, you will see that our compatible ink cartridge has 27.5ml, compared to the 15.4ml that the original contains- that's 12.1ml more ink at a cheaper price!

  • If it is a printer from the i-series you are looking for, for example the Canon i9550, you will need the Canon BCI6 ink cartridges. As well as the regular black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges you can also opt for photo colour ink cartridges such as the Canon BCI6PC for an enhanced spectrum of colour.

  • If you have a Canon imagePROGRAF 2000for example, you can find all of the Canon PFI-1100collection of ink cartridges available for your printer.

  • If it is a printer from the Canon Selphy series that you have, for example the Selphy CP1300, you can find the Canon RP108 cartridge that comes with photo paper, on top of the Canon KP36IP ink cartridge.

  • A very popular Canon ink cartridge in the Maxify series is the Canon PGI1500. Our own compatible Canon PGI1500 cartridges are very popular with our customers. 

  • The 123ink compatible version of the PGI1500BK XL contains 10.3ml more ink than the original, without a loss of quality.

Our own compatible Canon ink cartridges


We guarantee that our own Canon ink cartridges will work just as well for your Canon printers as the originals. You will not notice any difference in the print quality. We will also give you a 100% guarantee on our own brand ink. Our own Canon cartridges are cheaper than the original ones and they contain more ink, which means you get a lot more ink for your money.

Don't forget to buy paper for your Canon inkjet printer!

Canon inkjet printers are known for creating vibrant colourful prints. Don't forget to stock up on printer paper or Canon photo paper to bring your documents or photos to life! 


Canon Ink and Toner Cartridges

Turn to our Canon printer ink and toner cartridges for beautiful printing of your photos and documents. Our online ink superstore offers a wide selection of Canon ink and toner cartridges all at every day low prices. Trust your Canon printer with a set of quality ink to deliver the dark black text on all your documents and clear-cut photo printouts. InkJetClub’s Canon ink is fast-drying and virtually smudge-free on both glossy and matte surfaces so you can revisit printed portfolios confidently, knowing your beautiful printouts will be visually pleasing months or years later. Whether your printer needs one cartridge of cyan, magenta, yellow, black or a mix-and-match color assortment in a value pack, our compatible Canon printer ink is designed to offer exceptional pigment and value for all your printing needs. Canon printers have always been a favorite amongst professional and amateur photographers for printing. Our compatible Canon ink cartridges work in tandem with Canon printers, just like the original Canon cartridges which use technology such as the photolithography inkjet nozzle systems for exceptional sharpness and detail when printing. InkJetsClub guarantees all our Canon ink with a lifetime no-hassle return policy for any defects or issues that may arise.

It is easy to find what ink you need for your Canon printer with InkJetsClub. To locate the right Canon ink and toner cartridges specifically for your printer, scroll through the printer categories below and find the one compatible with your Canon printer. Below you can find cartridges for all-in-one printers, inkjet printers, fax machines, copy machines, photo printers, and portal printers. Customers love InkJetClubs prices, durability and quality of our compatible replacements to Canon PGI-250 and CLI-251, PG-245 and the CL-246 Canon ink series. Our online store carries Canon Pixma, Maxify, and imagePROGRAF, including Canon model numbers: MX922, MX490, MX492, MG2520, MG3620, MX920, and PIXMA Pro-100.

Find better prices on Canon ink and toner replacement cartridges for any Canon printer model at InkJetsclub! Enjoy brilliant images and reliable print performance at a much lower price when you buy our compatible Canon ink cartridges online today.

Get free same day shipping and handling and a lifetime warranty! Shop our online store and save 82% off retail Canon store ink prices.



Will remanufactured Canon cartridges damage my printer or void its warranty?

No, using our remanufactured inkjet cartridges will not damage or void your printer warranty. We guarantee all of our products including our Canon remanufactured inkjets to perform just like OEM products when purchasing from InkjetsClub.


How long will it take for my order of Canon ink cartridges to arrive?

At InkjetsClub, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our shipping department ships out orders the same day we receive them. We use first-class shipping on all average-sized orders which have an estimated shipment arrival of 2-4 business days. Every order is included with tracking information, you will receive an email with a link from the postal service where you will be able to track the progress of your order at all times.


Does InkjetsClub sell Canon ink cartridges that are filled with pigment ink instead of dye-based ink?

Yes, InkjetsClub Canon PGI-225, CLI-226, PGI-250 are all filled with premium pigment ink that will be sure to print vibrant photos and crisp documents at a fraction of the cost!


I already tried to troubleshoot my Canon printer and the prints come out blank, what can I do?

If troubleshooting hasn’t solved the issue with your printer, you might have clogged ink nozzles in your printer. If you don’t use your printer very often, sometimes the ink will dry up and clog the inkjet nozzle. This is usually the case when your printer seems to be printing, but you get blank pages. You might be able to clean the nozzles yourself (be mindful of ink possible spilling) or you can order a printer head cleaning kit.


Is there a difference between original OEM Canon ink cartridges and remanufactured Canon ink cartridges?

The only difference we see is the price! Brand name Canon ink cartridges can be quite expensive when bought from the store. InkjetsClub provides remanufactured and compatible Canon ink and toner that works just as good as the original, with a great deal of savings! Order your Canon remanufactured or OEM original inkjet cartridges and toners and save up to 70% off brand name ink prices! Just ask our countless happy customers, check out the reviews or order today to see for yourself that is the best!


I don’t know which model number ink cartridge I need for my Canon printer, can InkjetsClub help me find the correct inkjet cartridge for my Canon printer?

Absolutely! has a tool on the homepage where you can select your printer brand, printer series, and printer model to help you find the right cartridge. Aside from this feature on our website, you can always call’s Customer Service phone number: (347) 948-4771. Customer Service is available 7 days a week through phone, email and chat! You can also contact us at [email protected]


I’m getting an error message on my Canon printer, can InkjetsClub help me solve the problem?

This depends on whether the error message issue is from your printer or because of the new cartridge you are installing. Some new cartridges have trouble being recognized by your printer right away, all you need to do is troubleshoot your printer to get printing right away. Follow the instructions ink the following link for troubleshooting your printer: Troubleshoot


How can I get the best deal on Canon ink? always has Canon reman ink on sale. Take advantage of our value pack specials where you can stock up on ink for additional savings! We always have coupons sent out with our newsletter (sign up by clicking this link). Ask us for our current coupon code! Every order of $30 or more automatically qualifies for a discount and free shipping.

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Ink, Toner & Accessories for Canon Pixma Series Printers, Copiers & Faxes


Pixma MP260

Pixma Pro 9500


Pixma MP270

Pixma SFP1


Pixma MP280

Pixma SFP2

Pixma Pro 9000

Pixma MP410

Pixma TR4520

Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II

Pixma MP430

Pixma TR4522

Pixma G1200

Pixma MP450

Pixma TR4550

Pixma G1220

Pixma MP460

Pixma TR7520

Pixma G2200

Pixma MP470

Pixma TR8520

Pixma G2260

Pixma MP480

Pixma TR8620

Pixma G3200

Pixma MP490

Pixma TS202

Pixma G3260

Pixma MP495

Pixma TS302

Pixma G4210

Pixma MP495

Pixma TS3120

Pixma G5020

Pixma MP500

Pixma TS3122

Pixma G6020

Pixma MP510

Pixma TS3320

Pixma G7020

Pixma MP520

Pixma TS3322

Pixma MG2120

Pixma MP530

Pixma TS5020

Pixma MG2220

Pixma MP540

Pixma TS5120

Pixma MG2420

Pixma MP550

Pixma TS6020

Pixma MG2520

Pixma MP560

Pixma TS6120

Pixma MG2522

Pixma MP600

Pixma TS6220

Pixma MG2525

Pixma MP610

Pixma TS6320

Pixma MG2555

Pixma MP620

Pixma TS702

Pixma MG2920

Pixma MP630

Pixma TS8020

Pixma MG2922

Pixma MP640

Pixma TS8020

Pixma MG3020

Pixma MP750

Pixma TS8120

Pixma MG3022

Pixma MP760

Pixma TS8220

Pixma MG3120

Pixma MP780

Pixma TS8320

Pixma MG3122

Pixma MP800

Pixma TS9020

Pixma MG3220

Pixma MP800R

Pixma TS9120

Pixma MG3222

Pixma MP810

Pixma TS9520

Pixma MG3500

Pixma MP830

Pixma TS9521C

Pixma MG3520

Pixma MP950

Pixma iP100 Mobile

Pixma MG3522

Pixma MP960

Pixma iP110

Pixma MG3620

Pixma MP970

Pixma iP1300

Pixma MG4120

Pixma MP980

Pixma iP1500

Pixma MG4220


Canon Printer Cartridges

Buy cheap Canon Ink & Toner cartridges in bulk and save

Here at Ink Station our goal is to provide any and every kind of printer cartridge you may need from all the biggest brands. Whether you're looking for a quality inkjet cartridge that will give you quality prints for a very long time, or a laserjet cartridge that won't fail, we probably have the right cartridge for you. Our cartridges come with a full manufacturer's warranty, and are dispatched on the same-day (if ordered before 3pm AEDT during the business week), so you can be confident in your purchase from Ink Station.

See our complete range of Canon cartridges at the links above.


Browse our full range of genuine Canon Ink Cartridges including popular model series such as Canon BJC, FAX, MultiPass, PIXMA, I Series, S Series, MAXIFY, Selphy and IMAGEPROGRAF. 

We stock Canon black and white as well as colours such cyan, magenta, red, green, grey, clear and complete colour packs.

Want even more value on our Canon ink or Toner cartridges? Check out our range of multi-packs and save up to 76% on popular high yield cartridges!


Canon printer ink

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How to Replace/Remove Ink Cartridge in Canon Pixma MG3070S Printer

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