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Sony BDP-BX Blu-ray Disc Player with built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI cable


Dimensions (Overall): Inches (H) x Inches (W) x Inches (D)

Electronics Features: Front-Loading, Streaming Capability, 10/ Ethernet Only, Wi-Fi, Parental Controls, Multilingual Menu

Maximum capacity: 1 discs

Includes: Registration Card, User Manual, Remote Control

Maximum Resolution: p

Video Upconversion: p

Connection Types: USB, Coaxial Digital, RJ (Ethernet), HDMI

File Formats Supported: Xvid, GIF, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MP3, Motion JPEG, MPEG 1, JPEG

App compatibility: YouTube, Netflix, Pandora

Compatible With: DVD+RW, BD-ROM, DVD+R, CD-R

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item, please call Target Guest Services at



Item Number (DPCI):

Origin: Imported


Whether you’re streaming your favorite show, watching movies, or listening to your favorite music – do it all from one device. Take movie night to the next level and with full HD, built-in wifi and fast, high-definition streaming. Get started in seconds with an included HDMI chord for seamless setup.

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Top 8 Best Smart DVD Players in Reviews

Smart DVD players are slowly gaining popularity. Unfortunately, the market has both show-off and so-so models. Differentiating between the upper-stratum models and their half-baked models is not an easy task. We have made the process easy for you. The options listed below are carefully selected. Most of them are versatile, compact, and effective. Therefore, we suggest you add any of them to your shopping list.


Bestseller Smart DVD Players On Amazon:

List of 8 Best Smart DVD Player Review in

#8. DVD Player, Sindave Compact DVD Players for TV Region Full HD 

#8 DVD Player

  • By: Sindave Smart DVD Player

This is an advanced smart DVD player. It boasts a next-generation design. For instance, this smart DVD player comes with a new compact design. The size makes carrying it around easy and straightforward.

Additionally, the product boasts a multi-region construction, which makes it perfect for all places. It offers a smooth color transition, which makes it a great purchase. With the cool shades and excellent design, the smart DVD player gives a natural look.

What’s more, this product comes with multiple video output ports. For that reason, you can access videos from different sources. Additionally, the smart DVD player offers a quick connection. Setting it up won’t require any technical knowledge. The unit also features advanced shock protection making it safe and ideal for most users.

This is a highly compatible product. It works with DVDs, DVD-R, DVD+RW, CDDA, CD, CD-R and many more. It is also compatible with most TVs. Therefore, the product lets you customize your entertainment. Additionally, it also offers slow motion, skip, advance zoom, and single-step functions. In short, this is an ideal product for general home entertainment.

More Features:

  • The small size makes it portable
  • The voltage rating makes it a universal unit

#7. Sony BDP-S Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi-Region Smart DVD Player

#7 Sony BDP-S Region Free Blu-ray Player

  • By: Dynastar Smart DVD Player

This is a region-free smart DVD player. It is a versatile product which works with most DVDs and CDs. The product works perfectly in all regions. And yes, it offers customized entertainment for its users. With the Blu-ray and DVD playback features, this smart DVD player guarantees an immersive musical experience. The excellent P video performance combined with its unique and advanced sound ensures that you experience upper-stratum entertainment.

The product also plays DVDs so you won’t need to replace your old models. With its excellent up-scaling, the product offers exceptional experiences for its users. Something else, the product also operates at a voltage of V. Therefore, it is perfect for use all over the world. The versatile design also makes it ideal for use with DVDs, CDs, USB, and other inputs.

What’s more, this smart DVD player also offers excellent Ethernet connections and advanced coaxial audio output. With the built-in streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon instant video, you will get exceptional musical experiences with the smart DVD player. It even works with wired or wireless internet connections.

More Features:

  • It allows one to stream, playback, and regulate the speed.
  • The excellent up-scaling makes it perfect for use.

#6. DVD Player, Foramor Smart HDMI DVD Player for TV Support 

#6 DVD Player

  • By: Foramor Smart DVD Player

This is an updated smart DVD player. It features a next-generation HDMI support, which makes it perfect for use with different inputs. With its excellent p performance, the product delivers HD picture quality, which makes it an ideal purchase. It also features a compact design making it portable. With its advanced technology, this smart DVD player delivers an immersive musical experience. Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t support Blu-ray, but that isn’t a deal-breaker for most buyers.

Something else, this product boasts an advanced USB direct recording. For that reason, it plays your files directly from the USB for a fantastic experience. The versatile construction makes it perfect for use with MP3, WMA, DVD, CDs, and many more.

Another thing, this unit offers the last memory function. Therefore, it starts from the previous spot it was playing. You won’t be rewinding and forwarding trying to get the final spot you played earlier. With the compact size of ** inches, you will be playing your videos and audio from any place you wish.

The product also boasts an easy-to-read display, which makes it perfect for all users. With the DVD player, you won’t be straining to operate it. It offers several functions, including track selection, memory playback, and rewind, fast and previous, among others.

This is a highly-compatible product. Therefore, there’s no limit to what you can pair it with. It also comes with all the necessary accessories for quick installation and setup. In the package, you will also get instructions for quick installation.

More Features:

  • You get a % satisfaction guarantee
  • The smart DVD player works with different formats

#5. Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S (Black) Upconvert DVDs to p 

#5 Panasonic DVD Player DVD-S (Black) Upconvert DVDs to p Detail

  • By: Panasonic Smart DVD Player

Convert normal videos to full HD p with this smart DVD player. It features advanced design and construction. The product is compact and portable. It comes with subtle details that make it attractive and stylish. Furthermore, this DVD player offers excellent audio and videos. It will give smooth and well-detailed videos that will spice up your entertainment.

The product is versatile. Therefore, it works with DVDs, CDs, MP3, WMA, and many more formats. With its advanced Dolby Digital functions, this is a next-generation product designed to ensure that you have the best experience. It allows one to access files directly from their USB easily. And yes, the set comes with all the necessary accessories required in the installation and setup process.

More Features:

  • The set operates at a voltage of V
  • It is compact and portable

#4. LG BPM25 Blu-Ray Disc Player w/ Streaming Services (Renewed) &#; Smart DVD Player

#4 LG BPM25 Blu-Ray Disc Player w

  • By: Amazon Renewed Smart DVD Player

This is an advanced smart DVD player. It offers excellent functions and performance. For instance, it gives full access to live streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and many more. Of course, the product also boasts excellent Ethernet connectivity for convenient streaming of your favorite videos and audio.

This is a versatile smart DVD player. Therefore, it works with DVDs, CDs, and other formats. Additionally, the product offers easy and quick access to files from a USB. It is compatible with most devices. For that reason, you won’t be limited to just a USB or DVD.

The set includes an adapter for easy and convenient operations. It also comes with a remote and an AC adapter. Furthermore, the product offers excellent connectivity to HDMI and other devices. For that reason, you are free to explore your creativity and experience customized entertainment.

More Features:

  • It offers advanced up-scaling
  • The upper-stratum p performance delivers unmatched videos

#3. Sony DVPSRP Smart DVD Player

#Sony DVPSRP DVD Player3 

  • By: Sony Smart DVD Player

Sony is a household name across the world. This smart DVD player offers unsurpassed performances for audio and video. Unfortunately, the set doesn’t include an Ethernet and HDMI ports. For that reason, you have to be keen when making a purchase.

With its advanced control interface, one can rewind, forward, or playback without much hassle. It delivers a progressive p performance, which makes it a great purchase. Something else, this is an economical unit. It offers reasonable power consumption, which makes it an excellent choice for those who want to save their power.

This is a versatile product. For that reason, it works with JPEG, CD, MP3, and DVD, among others. The set includes a responsive remote control that offers easy operations. With its advanced Megahertz processing, you are assured of immersive entertainment. The device also delivers a bit video performance, which gives crystal clear viewing. The superior digital output also adds to the great features making this a worthy investment.

More Features:

  • It offers instant operation for playback, rewind, next, and previous functions.
  • This is an advanced smart DVD player.

#2. Sony BDPS Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (Black), Single

#2 Sony BDPS Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (Black)

  • By: Sony Smart DVD Player

Like mentioned earlier, Sony is a renowned manufacturer. First, this is a powerful smart DVD player. It offers unlimited access to live streaming platforms, which make it a great unit. For instance, you get access to apps like Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. Additionally, the unit offers excellent Ethernet connectivity for efficient access to online files.

With the Mira Cast functions, the product allows one to view files on their TV from their phone. This is an advanced technology that is slowly gaining popularity amongst most people. With the p full HD function, this device will ensure that you have the best entertainment.

This unit also offers excellent DVD up-scaling and disc playback. Therefore, it will guarantee efficient operations. Another thing, it delivers improved and advanced boot-up and loading. With the quick-start function, you will take less time getting things going.

Another thing, this product offers quick and easy access to streaming apps. The customizable user interface provides easy operations. With this smart DVD player, you are able to browse files and also control different functions with ease.

If you want to experience HD videos, this would be a great bet. It boasts an advanced TrueHD functionality, which makes it excellent for videos. And yes, you will also get quick access to online files with its superb Wi-Fi connectivity.

More Features:

  • The box includes a remote and its batteries
  • The cable included in the package offers easy sharing of files

#1. Sony DVPSRH DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling)

#1 Sony DVPSRH DVD Player

  • By: Sony Smart DVD Player

Sony still scoops the first position. This is the best smart DVD player available on the market. First, this is an ultra-slim unit that is compact and portable. The new and advanced design makes it an ideal unit for use in different places. Additionally, the unit includes an HDMI port for convenient operations with different gadgets. With its advanced p up-scaling, you are guaranteed of excellent viewing.

The unit also includes a multi-disc resume, which allows one to switch between different discs without necessarily taking one out. The set also includes a multi-band TV remote that offers easy operations. You will also enjoy a one-year warranty with each purchase.

How about versatility? Well, this is a versatile unit. It guarantees excellent performances with DVD, CD, WMA, and other formats. Therefore, you are not restricted to a single input. Unfortunately, this isn’t a Blu-ray DVD player. Consequently, you have to be keen when making a purchase.

More Features:

  • It is quite versatile
  • The price is reasonable, given its quality.

What can a smart DVD player do?

The best Smart DVD players work with local media servers. This allows you to play home movies, watch home photos, play videos, and much more. They make the experience more exciting in comparison to other alternatives. The device also works with most streaming services in the market. These include HULU Netflix, VUDU, Amazon, Apple Tv, and many more. In so doing, it allows you to enjoy excellent online entertainment without having to upgrade your television set. The only thing you need is good internet access/ connectivity and that’s it.

By relying on internet connectivity, which is becoming cheaper by the day, you’ll no longer need to depend on cable. Therefore, it helps to bring the cost of entertainment down. It also allows you to play media such as DVDs, Bluray, USB, and more. They are superior to earlier DVD and Bluray players hence you get better performance.

What is the best smart DVD player?

The best smart DVD player comes with many smart features. This enables you to enjoy a whole range of entertainment options. These include online TV, streaming services, the internet, and much more. Setting up the device is easy and straightforward and needs no extra accessories or special tools. In fact, the top choices are Plug & Play and came ready to install and use. They work with most devices and brands in the market.

There are a number of good brands in the market. The most notable include Sony, LG, Samsung, Phillips, Vizio, Smashing, Panasonic, and Toshiba. By picking a leading brand, you are surer of quality service and longevity. It will support ultra high resolution, (4K) to offer a seamless experience.

Will a smart DVD player make my TV smart?

The best smart DVD player will make your TV smart. It comes with superior technology and a range of advanced features that make watching TV, playing, views, watching music, and listening to music more exciting. In fact, many people turn to this device because of the high-quality performance. Also, it’s much cheaper to purchase the unit than buying a smart TV. And by using it in conjunction with a normal TV that supports things like HDMI, you are able to transform it into a smart TV.

A TV that supports a resolution of p won’t be able to work with streaming services such as Vudu, Roku, Apple TV, Western Digital, or any other. However, when you connect it to a Smart TV, it will be able to stream the programs, episodes, and shows from the services. The gadget also supports internet services and will enable you to browse the internet.

A high-speed Internet will easily make your ordinary legacy HDTV performs as a Smart TV at fraction of the cost of a new unit. And thanks to growing popularity, and technology, smart DVD players are becoming cheaper by the day.

Key Features to consider when buying a smart DVD player

The size:

The size matters a lot. You don’t want something too bulky. Therefore, you should pick a compact smart DVD player. This way, carrying it around won’t be an issue at all.


You don’s a unit that works with specific files. Having a smart DVD player compatible with MP3, MP4, CD, and WMA files is an added advantage. This is because you won’t be restricted to specific files like most flops do.

Ease of operation:

You also want something simple and easy to use. Most units come with a remote and an excellent display for easy operations. However, some might not offer these features. For that reason, consider picking an easy-to-use model. That way, you will have less stress.

Final Thoughts!

Getting the best smart DVD player is not an easy task. We highly recommend the Sony DVPSRH DVD Player, with HDMI port (Upscaling). All the options listed above will deliver unmatched performances. However, our top pick convinced our team by ticking on all the parameters.

If you want to enjoy immersive entertainment, then be sure to check one of our suggested smart DVD players. Most of them boast a versatile design. Therefore, you will even use them when playing MP3, CD, WMA, and other files.

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Best Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray players

Best Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray players Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s round-up of the best Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray players you can buy in  

A 4K Blu-ray player is still the best way to go for film picture and sound quality at its very best. The best 4K players offer full fat bitrates for audio and video streams and all but guarantee the right HDR standards (including Dolby Vision and HDR10+), and object-based surround formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

There are loads of 4K discs to choose from, so now is a great time to upgrade, and in our experience, picture and sound quality tend to be better than watching a 4K equivalent on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

4K players still spin normal Blu-rays and DVDs (remember them?) so there are no problems with backwards compatibility. Some 4K players are also universal decks that can play more niche audio disc formats such as SACD and DVD-Audio.

Our pick of the best Blu-ray players and 4K Blu-ray players all serve up brilliant picture and sound at their respective price points, and you can find our definitive list below.

These are 11 of the best film scenes to test surround sound

Keep on reading What Hi-Fi?'s digital editions with this super subscription offer!

1. Panasonic DP-UBEB

As an all-rounder, this is the best 4K Blu-ray player we've seen at the money.


Type: 4K Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: No/No/Yes

Outputs: HDMI x2, Optical digital, multi-channel analogue

Dimensions (hwd): x 43 x cm

Weight: kg

Reasons to buy

+Vibrant, immersive HDR picture+Punchy, believable colour balance+Powerful and weighty sound

Reasons to avoid

-Could be dynamically subtler-No SACD or DVD-A support

With the DP-UBEB, Panasonic has taken the video processing tech out of the flagship DP-UB which features further down this list and placed it it in a more affordable package. And the results are sensational. The player serves up a wonderfully inviting and immersive picture, bursting with colour and detail. It also produces a meaty and exciting sound, which compliments the picture perfectly.

All the main flavours of HDR are supported, including HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, which means you can extract the most from 4K content. It's a very good upscaler too, so normal Blu-rays should look the part on your shiny new 4K TV. For the money, you'll struggle to find a better all-round machine, which is why we've placed this What Hi-Fi? Award-winner at the top of our list of the best Blu-ray players.

Read the full review: Panasonic DP-UBEB

2. Sony UBP-X

A brilliant 4K Blu-ray player, with an attractive price tag to boot.


Type: 4K Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: Yes/No/Yes

Outputs: HDMI x2, Coaxial digital

Dimensions (hwd): x 32 x cm

Weight: kg

Reasons to buy

+Crisp, natural-looking picture+Excellent detail and colours+Dolby Vision support

Reasons to avoid

-Sound could be grander-No HDR10+ support

If you want an affordable route into the world of 4K Blu-ray, the Sony UBP-X is a great shout. It's one of the most talented 4K players we've seen at this kind of money. It’s a fun, involving performance - pictures are stacked with detail. The Sony displays a wonderfully subtle picture that’s impeccably judged while being hugely entertaining. Sound quality is equally stirring with its zippy, dynamic character complimenting that class-leading picture.

The Sony ticks most of the boxes you'd expect a player to at this price, and includes both Dolby Vision and HDR10 support but no HDR10+.

Despite not flashing the hi-res audio badge, the X can also play up to 24bit/kHz files in all popular formats, including WAV, FLAC and DSD. There's also smart functionality and twin HDMI outputs. This Sony machine is good enough to boost all manner of home cinema systems, so you can buy with confidence.

Read the full review: Sony UBP-X

3. Panasonic DP-UBEB

Arguably the best 4K Blu-ray player for those on a tight budget.


Type: 4K Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: No/No/No

Outputs: HDMI x1

Dimensions (hwd): x 32 x cm

Weight: kg

Reasons to buy

+Punchy visuals+Impressive sound+Great value

Reasons to avoid

-No Dolby Vision

This Panasonic 4K player represents great value for money. Feature-wise, it's a little sparse, but it's the performance that matters, and on that front it delivers. It can provide surround sound (using a supported system), and the audio is nicely detailed, with an impressive sense of scale. There's a lot to admire when it comes to picture quality too - dark details are easily strong enough, while it handles 4K upscaling with aplomb. A great budget buy.

Read the full review: Panasonic DP-UBEB

4. Sony UBP-XM2

A great player for the money, despite a couple of peculiar traits.


Type: 4K Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: Yes/Yes/Yes

Outputs: HDMI x2, Coaxial digital

Dimensions (hwd): x 43 x cm

Weight: kg

Reasons to buy

+Crisp, detailed picture+Rhythmic, musical sound+Supports SACD and DVD-A

Reasons to avoid

-Lacks HDR10+-Odd Dolby Vision execution-Could be more vibrant

This mid-range Sony is a bit more capable - and a bit more expensive - than those at the budget end of the market. While it lacks a display on the player itself, its feature set more than makes up for it. It even has Bluetooth, for streaming audio to a pair of wireless headphones - a godsend for late-night viewing.

There's no HDR10+ support, but otherwise it's a very versatile player, playing nice with such niche audio formats as DVD-Audio and SACD. You have to manually enable Dolby Vision for supported content, which is a bit annoying (it should just happen automatically), but this player's superb performance still makes it easy to recommend.

Read the full review: Sony UBP-XM2

5. Panasonic DMP-BDTEB

One of the best Blu-ray players, and also one of the cheapest we recommend.


Type: Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: No/No/Yes

Outputs: HDMI

Dimensions (hwd): x x 18cm

Weight: 1kg

Reasons to buy

+Sharp details+Smooth motion+Dynamic sound

Reasons to avoid

-Doesn't play 4K discs-Small remote-No wi-fi

Making a Blu-ray player for such a low price is no easy feat. Making a good Blu-ray player at this level is more difficult, and a great one harder still. But somehow Panasonic has managed it with the DMP-BDTEB. If you can live without the 4K Blu-ray playback, the Panasonic is perfect for any entry-level home cinema set-up. Detail levels, colour balance and motion handling are all excellent for the money.

It doesn’t hold back when it comes to audio quality either. Its dynamic delivery is exciting to listen to, voices sound clear and the whole presentation is pretty balanced. If you want a solid upgrade on an old DVD spinner, this Panasonic Blu-ray player won't let you down.

Read the full review: Panasonic DMP-BDTEB

6. Sony UBP-XES

A hugely capable 4K Blu-ray player, not without its quirks.


Type: 4K Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: Yes/Yes/Yes

Outputs: HDMI x2, optical and coaxial digital, analogue

Dimensions (hwd): x 43 x cm

Weight: kg

Reasons to buy

+Crisp, clean 4K picture+Entertaining, immersive sound+Universal disc support

Reasons to avoid

-No HDR10+-Strange handling of Dolby Vision-Lacks a premium finish

There's no shortage of excellent 4K Blu-ray players to choose from at the premium end of the market, and the UBP-XES also deserves to be on the list. Like the Cambridge above, it's a universal deck which means it can handle all manner of disc formats, including 3D Blu-ray, SACD and DVD-Audio. It supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR, but there's no support for HDR10+, which is a little disappointing.

Its picture is anything but, though. The Sony serves up a balanced, natural and nuanced image, which displays great depth and an impressive amount of detail. It's a musical player too, with excellent timing and a fine sense of rhythm with music and movies alike.

Read the full review: Sony UBP-XES

7. Panasonic DP-UB

A seriously capable 4K player for home cinema enthusiasts.


Type: 4K Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: No/No/Yes

Outputs: HDMI x2, optical and coaxial digital, multi-channel analogue, RCA Phono, XLR

Dimensions (hwd): x 43 x 30cm

Weight: kg

Reasons to buy

+Crisp, insightful picture+Dynamic expressive sound+Good selection of features

Reasons to avoid

-Very little at this price

The DP-UB is another player to throw into the mix if you're in the market for a premium machine. Nestled between the Pioneer and Cambridge in this list, the Panasonic is a feature-packed option with excellent picture and sound quality.

Its menu system is a little overcomplicated, but once you've got the Panasonic set up for your particular display, it serves up an entertaining and attention-grabbing image, bursting with colour. There's a great sense of depth and realism to 4K images that makes you sit up and take notice.

Soundtracks are delivered with plenty of weight and power, which is just what you want from a premium player like this. The Pioneer just about pips it for outright musical ability, but the Panasonic DP-UB is still well worth auditioning.

Read the full review: Panasonic DP-UB

8. Pioneer UDP-LX

The best 4K Blu-ray we've tested at this high price point.


Type: 4K Blu-ray

SACD/DVD-A/3D Blu-ray support: Yes/Yes/Yes

Outputs: HDMI x2, stereo RCA

Dimensions (hwd): x x cm

Weight: kg

Reasons to buy

+Crisp, insightful picture+Natural colours+Dynamic, expressive sound

Reasons to avoid

-Few smart features-Still waiting for HDR10+ update

Some home cinema set-ups demand a player with even more focus than the more budget-friendly machines higher up this list. At this level, premium build quality and high-grade components are par for the course, as is the attempt to bring you the best picture and sound possible. The Pioneer UDP-LX is the best 4K Blu-ray player in the business.

Feed the player a 4K disc and the picture that greets you is breathtaking. It paints a balanced picture, packed with sensational levels of detail. And the Pioneer sounds as good as it looks, displaying weight, power and a fine sense of musicality and timing.

There's no smart functionality, nor is there a set of multi-channel analogue outputs for legacy AV receivers, but if you've got the budget and a suitable home cinema system to play it through, this 4K Blu-ray player will blow you away.

The only trouble is that the LX appears to be out of production. As such, prices are absurd. If you can buy one for close to its original cost of £/$, then grab it, Otherwise, you're better off with either the Sony or Panasonic above.

Read the full review: Pioneer UDP-LX


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Dan is a staff writer at What Hi-Fi? and his job is with product reviews as well as news, feature and advice articles too. He works across both the hi-fi and AV parts of the site and magazine and has a particular interest in home cinema. Dan joined What Hi-Fi? in and has worked in tech journalism for over a decade, writing for Tech Digest, Pocket-lint, MSN Tech and

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The 7 Best WiFi DVD Players

ezvid wiki logo small

This wiki has been updated 23 times since it was first published in February of No one enjoys running cables under baseboards, along ceilings, or through walls. Luckily, it's never been easier to use your home's Wi-Fi network to free yourself from a rat's nest of cords. We've selected some of the most affordable and best-performing wireless and smart DVD players, which are perfect for playing all kinds of audio and video discs, or even streaming your favorite apps. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

video play icon

This wiki has been updated 23 times since it was first published in February of No one enjoys running cables under baseboards, along ceilings, or through walls. Luckily, it's never been easier to use your home's Wi-Fi network to free yourself from a rat's nest of cords. We've selected some of the most affordable and best-performing wireless and smart DVD players, which are perfect for playing all kinds of audio and video discs, or even streaming your favorite apps. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

Editor's Notes

October 07,

While it seems like a lot of major companies are diverting resources away from these types of players and toward the hardware that supports a continuing cord-cutter revolution, some are still finding ways to innovate. The Sony UBP-XES 4K, for example, is a model that continues to push the boundaries in terms of both video and audio performance. One of the cool things the company has done in this and the Sony UBP-XM2 is to design a chassis that all but eliminates unit vibrations caused by the spinning of the disc or even the rumble of a subwoofer in your sound system, which can keep a potentially annoying rattling out of the experience.

For anyone looking for an all-in-one solution, the Xbox One X is still a fantastic choice. Now, we're only so many months removed from the release of their next generation of consoles, but if you don't want to wait or fork over the obscene cost that's being projected, this makes a wise selection. Of course, if budget is a primary concern, the Sony Streaming BDP-S remains a viable choice. It can even stream in 4K, though it doesn't seem to be able to handle UHD Blu-rays.

May 10,

To say that this market category has stalled would be something of an understatement. We were able to find only a pair of new models worth including on our list, as more and more users are turning to streaming boxes to get their content fix. What's more, it seems that Panasonic has pretty much left the game entirely, offering no new models and rendering the last players they produced more or less unobtainable. The new units we did add come from Sony and LG, and the Sony model actually has a great streaming platform built in (as do some others on our list), so you could reasonably use it as your primary cord-cutting device, as well. Some other products were jettisoned due to age, but the total number of items wound up being reduced from 10 to eight, as there just aren't that many high-quality options on the market any more.

A Brief History Of Recorded Video

Reading and writing is much faster with digital media, and also thanks to their digital nature, they can utilize interactive menus and file structures.

It was just several short decades ago when adjusting the rabbit ears atop a bulky, wood-paneled monstrosity was the only way to get a good TV picture. Around the same time as color broadcast was separating itself from black and white, Charles Ginsberg was developing the first video recording technology at Ampex Corporation. Almost 20 years later, Sony would introduce their revolutionary videocassette recorder, or VCR, making video available to home users across the world.

VHS tapes were constructed much like audio cassettes. They consisted of a magnetically sensitive tape wrapped around two opposing reels. The tape was exposed between the two spools where a VCR's head unit would read it. The quality of this system's video and audio feeds was limited, as were its durability and lifespan. As electronics technology increased, analog video fell by the wayside and was eclipsed by the DVD around the turn of the 21st century.

DVDs claimed the video crown from VHS tapes for a few reasons. While magnetic tapes degrade somewhat quickly, physically imprinted optical storage lasts much longer. DVDs, unlike VHS tapes, also won't be damaged or erased by local electromagnetic wave sources like magnets or X-ray machines. Reading and writing is much faster with digital media, and also thanks to their digital nature, they can utilize interactive menus and file structures. On top of all that, DVDs are much cheaper to produce and distribute than most analog media.

From The Theater To The Wall

Despite their high-tech nature, the actual operation of optical digital media hearkens back to the earliest of sound reproduction machines, the phonograph. Instead of a needle sliding along a grooved surface and creating physical vibrations, however, optical storage is read by a laser moving across a track of printed depressions in the disc's written surface. This surface is made of a very thin sheet of aluminum pressed between layers of plastic and acrylic.

At this point, home theater setup moves farther away from antiquated analog technology than ever.

Digital data is transmitted in binary, a number system that uses only 1s and 0s. CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays are made with a series of microscopic laser-etched pits and lands in the aluminum. Consecutive, matching types of indentations (such as a pit following a pit) signify a zero, while a switch from pit to land or back denotes a one. As the disc spins above the laser, these 1s and 0s are sent to a controller in the drive and organized for delivery to a video processor.

At this point, home theater setup moves farther away from antiquated analog technology than ever. Even if you weren't around for the VCR craze, you've probably poked your head behind an entertainment center and been treated to a proverbial rat's nest of cables. This ubiquitous mess of cable has been a part of video and audio electronics since movies and television became such important American hobbies. After all, hardwired systems have been the most readily available since home electronics was born.

But corded setups do have drawbacks. Cables, themselves, can be prone to signal bleed and shorted connections. Troubleshooting a bad HDMI connection could mean crawling behind your big-screen TV and checking each individual plug. Speaking of maneuvering between an appliance and the wall, it's not always easy or even possible to snake a wire around a tight corner. And, in light of America's growing obsession with digital video, it's nearly unthinkable to distribute one high-definition video signal throughout an entire house using a series of HDMI cables and adapters.

In order to solve the widespread problem of cable clutter, it makes sense to look to another massively popular digital standard: wireless networks. Far removed from the first days of protocol, Wi-Fi systems today are capable of transmitting gigabytes of information per second across varying ranges of frequencies. As wireless technology has progressed during its short life, it's been worked into a large number of home devices, and televisions are no exception.

Your Own, Personal Broadcast Network

As you might imagine, the act of transmitting high-definition video data through the airwaves isn't exactly simple. As with so many advanced technologies, there are a few different methods through which home devices pull signals from thin air. Most homes have a Wi-Fi router that they use to browse the internet. Some portable video players are set up to utilize these same home setups to deliver a video feed to any device on the network. Other units use proprietary broadcast languages to send video over the air to specifically paired devices.

Both of those types of wireless video players are restricted to the moderate speeds of home Wi-Fi.

Both of those types of wireless video players are restricted to the moderate speeds of home Wi-Fi. Because of the huge amount of bandwidth needed to accommodate a raw video feed, transmissions over standard wireless networks often use some kind of compression to make the files smaller. This is fine for most content, but the most visually intricate movies (or the pickiest videophiles) may require an uncompressed signal to be at their best.

To that end, you'll find a lot of options that use advanced wireless standards such as WiGig or Wireless HD. Because of the higher, 60GHz frequency used by these technologies (compared to the GHz and 5GHz ranges of standard Wi-Fi), there's far more room to fulfill the multiple-gigabit-per-second needs of lossless video. The drawback to these systems is that while they technically have longer potential range, their signals are extremely sensitive to physical interruption, meaning most of them require near line-of-sight visibility from the transmitting unit to the receiver.

Remember when buying video equipment that these technologies advance rapidly, so it's important to make a choice that you can continue to scale up in the future using better accompanying equipment. No matter what your choice, at least you won't have so many wires to plug in.

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How to buy the best Blu-ray player

With Blu-ray technology dropping from $ to under $ for some brands, it might be time to upgrade your player or even go 4K.

bluray disk

To take advantage of a high-definition (HD) TV that can support p or even p (also known as 4K or UHD), you'll need a Blu-ray player to go with it. The difference between your current DVD and a Blu-ray is like chalk and cheese, and you'll be pleased to know Blu-ray players have gone from more than $ to less than $ for some economical brands. We take you through what to look for if you're in the market for a Blu-ray player.

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DVDs vs Blu-ray vs 4K. What's the difference?

  • Blu-ray can play movies in HD (p) and some can either upscale video to 4K aka UHD (p) or play the latest 4K (UHD) movie discs at their native resolution, which is a much better resolution than DVD (maximum i).
  • Blu-ray provides for multiple streams of audio, so it can produce superior sound on a wider variety of high quality home theatre systems, though most home users will be happy with the standard Dolby surround sound that's already available on most DVD titles.
  • You can play DVDs and CDs in a Blu-ray player, but you can't play a Blu-ray disc in a DVD player.  
  • Blu-ray disc capacity is up to 10 times higher than a DVD, which means you can fit a lot more video on each disc, even at higher quality, including interactive games and other content. 

What else do I need to know about buying a Blu-ray player?

Region restrictions

Blu-ray discs only have three regions, and Australia is in the same region as most of Europe and Africa. DVDs are more restrictive, being coded by six regions. However, 4K UHD discs are region free. If you're likely to be playing DVDs on your Blu-ray player that aren't from Australia – or region 4 – you'll need a player that can cope.

Although it's possible to set most players to play all six worldwide regions, sales staff may be unable or unwilling to help you do this. We suggest looking online to find a hack to enable it to play all regions – there are a lot of clever people figuring this stuff out on the interwebs. Just be aware that it may void the warranty. Region issues are less of an issue for Blu-ray discs but it is still possible for a Blu-ray movie purchased overseas not to be supported on your player.

Picture quality and sound

When comparing Blu-ray players for playing Blu-ray discs, picture quality is of little import and sound isn't really a necessary consideration because it's more likely to be affected by the other devices that the player sends digital data to, or through, such as the TV. The big issues are ease of use and whether the player is the same brand as your TV as this will make operation and remote compatibility much easier. 

Playing DVDs on a Blu-ray player is a different matter. Some Blu-ray players are better than others at upscaling video from a DVD. No upscaled DVD can match Blu-ray quality, but our Blu-ray player reviews will show which are the best options.

Blu-ray recorder

If you want to use your Blu-ray device to record TV, consider a Blu-ray recorder, however this category hasn't really taken off as people see little reason to record to an expensive Blu-ray disc when they can stream it or save it to a hard drive.

Review the remote

The remote control should have buttons that are sized, shaped and spaced so you can easily find and press them individually. Look for buttons that are grouped so you can quickly go to specific functions, with the most commonly used buttons easy to find. Also make sure you can navigate what can be a complicated menu.

Ready for 3D? Don't worry, its no longer 'a thing'

If a player is badged as 3D-ready it will recognise and play the disc, but you'll also need a 3D-capable TV and the right glasses to actually view the image in 3D. However after several years of attempting to convince us that 3D is a really important thing to have on your TV, all major companies are now in accord stating that 3D is no longer 'a thing'. LG and Sony were the last companies to acknowledge what most of us already knew, that 3D was nothing more than an interesting gimmick and its no longer available on the latest TVs.

Compatibility and connections

Make sure the Blu-ray player is compatible with your existing devices. And to enjoy the full benefits of your beautiful HDTV, your Blu-ray player needs the best possible video connection. The following connection options are all able to show a Blu-ray movie, but if your TV can't handle at least a component connection, then even with a Blu-ray player there's no difference in video quality over a standard DVD player.

  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the connection of choice for a Blu-ray player. It provides a digital connection for both video and sound in one cable. The latest version or can accommodate the upscaling of video to a higher resolution and even 4K. It's also the best option for sound as it can handle most formats including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master audio and DTS-X.
  • Composite connection is a legacy connection found on most modern TVs and uses a single yellow RCA connector. It is comparatively low quality (standard definition only) and most Blu-ray players have one for simple compatibility with older equipment. Use this if you really have no other option.
  • Component connection can provide up to HD (i) quality if the TV can display that resolution. Component uses three video cables to show video, and you need a separate cable for sound. Despite Composite's HD potential, many Blu-ray players will actually reduce the quality of video output from Blu-ray through this connection to less-than-DVD quality. This is done to circumvent illegal copying, as part of digital rights management (DRM) by the manufacturers.
  • Toslink (optical) and RCA (coaxial) outputs provide a digital audio connection; either is a good option if you're unable to use HDMI to connect your Blu-ray player to your home theatre system. However, while these connections support most digital audio formats, they don't support lossless audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio signals.
  • Wi-Fi removes the need for wires if you're connecting to your home network. But don't expect 4K video to be streamed over this connection unless you have a really good home network connection.
  • Mirroring allows you to send images and sound from a portable device (smartphone or tablet) to your TV via the Blu-ray player using Wi-Fi or a system called Miracast.

Connecting to the internet and home networks

If your TV can't connect to the internet connection or your home network, you can use your Blu-ray player to bring your TV into the internet age.

An internet connection lets you:

  • Stream video
  • Access online services such as YouTube and Netflix.
  • Possibly (depending on model) upgrade the player's firmware or operating software to give you more features.

Once connected, you can use the player to connect to anything compatible on your network and often to the internet. However, not all players will recognise all file formats and it's a good idea to make sure a player will handle the sorts of files you like to work with.

What do these players cost?

From $ to $+.

Looking for TVs?

We've tested to find you the best.

See TVs review
Sours: https://www.choice.com.au/electronics-and-technology/home-entertainment/dvd-blu-ray-players-and-pvrs/buying-guides/blu-ray-players
✅Blu-Ray Player: Best 4K Blu-Ray Players (Buying Guide)

Blu-Ray Players

The LG BP is part of the Blu-Ray Players test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Blu-Ray Players models like the BP are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

UHD picture quality The Ultra HD performance rating represents a composite observation of native 4K with and without high dynamic range settings from UHD Blu-ray disc sources.

HD picture quality HD picture quality indicates trained panelists&#; evaluation of clarity and color accuracy of a high-definition progessive-scan (p) signal. All signals were routed through an HDMI connection.

Ease of use Ease of use indicates how easy it is to use the controls on front panel and remote, and navigate through player&#;s menu.

Sours: https://www.consumerreports.org/products/blu-ray-players/blu-ray-player/lg-bp/

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Reviewed in the United States on August 30,

So, if you're wanting to buy this blu-ray player mainly for streaming - stop right there and go buy a Roku or firestick. This player is just not built for streaming, I'm sorry to say. I bought this because I wanted to use it for blu-rays and DVDs and watching my downloaded films from a USB stick. And it does all of those things pretty decently. I have to say that I notice some skipping when I watch blu-rays and DVDs. Or, rather, the sound will suddenly drop out for a couple of seconds and then I have to rewind that part to hear the sound. I know it's not a problem with any of my discs - it does it with new discs, old discs, discs that I've watched recently on other players that work just fine - it's definitely a fault with this player and I'm not sure why it happens or how to fix it or if it can be fixed. It's not a huge problem. It only happens occasionally so it's not too annoying, just mildly inconvenient. I figure you get what you pay for. I wanted a cheap blu-ray player because I'm not made of money and I just wanted to watch my collection of films and shows, man. Like I said, it does that decently, but with the trade-off that it's not perfect. I knew that going in and I was willing to accept that. For only $60 this player is not that bad - the picture quality is good as well as the DVD upscaling and the simple, easy to use menu layout - but I wouldn't pay any more than that due to it's faults.

Again, DO NOT buy this for streaming because it's streaming capability is terrible at best. If you want really good streaming quality you're better off getting a dedicated streaming device such as a Roku or Amazon Firestick or whatever. I have a Roku for streaming and it works very well. If you're really intent on having an "all-in-one" type of player/streaming device then I think you'd be best spending a lot more money on something that's much better quality.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/LG-BPStreaming-Built-Blu-ray/product-reviews/B00UFQKYSM?reviewerType=all_reviews

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