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Bathroom Closet Re-Do…

    Recently I began having big ideas for our bathroom closet. Yeah, I really do think about those kind of things. It’s a really big closet for inside a bathroom. I am not complaining about the size, but the amount of shelves was unnecessary for just my husband & I. What the bathroom was lacking was a nice area for me to get ready at. I’ve always wanted a makeup vanity in the Master Bedroom, but a vanity just wouldn’t fit ideally. That is, until now! After removing a few shelves, painting the inside of the closet, adding molding to the shelves, & a few other changes, I now have my own little room to get ready in…

My New “Vanity Closet”
I forgot to take a before picture. Of course. I got really carried away with taking all the shelves down, but here it is with the shelves taken down & me patching the holes. This was also a great opportunity for me to do some “Spring Cleaning” & get rid of a lot of this stuff shown in the pictures.
I love that the mirror takes up almost the whole back wall of the closet.
I love that even though I removed shelves, there is still a lot storage.
I added molding to the front of the shelves to give it a more polished look. The two boxes are “His” & “Hers” for all of our bathroom products. The two plastic drawer containers are for my makeup storage.
The inside of the closet is the same soft gray as the rest of the bathroom.
I am installing battery puck lights under the bottom shelf to better illuminate the mirror. 
This is the vanity as you have seen in my past post HERE & the mirror that I re-did HERE. No all I need is to find a cute vanity chair for my vanity closet.
The storage: Two Tan Boxes, Target 9.00. & you can find the makeup storage containers at any Walmart, Target, exd….
So there is my “Vanity Closet” Re-do.  I have a few more things to add & still work on, but I wanted to show you the re-do as of now. I wish the lighting was better in my bathroom so the pictures would have been better quality… but you get the idea. What do you think of it as of now? What have you been working on this weekend? Go to Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page & link up your latest DIY projects. 

DIY Makeup Vanity Table

If you’ve been longing for a space to sit and do your makeup that’s functional, pretty, and doesn’t take up too much space, then I’ve got an easy build for you – a DIY makeup vanity table!This vanity table is wall-mounted so it keeps the space light and airy. And did I mention it also has hidden storage?!

My favorite part of our recent closet makeover has nothing to do with clothes. However, the fact that we finally got all the clothing and shoes organized allowed for this little nook to happen…

DIY Makeup Vanity

My favorite part of the closet is my little makeup vanity area. It makes me happy and it’s something I needed in here. I’ve always done my makeup in the closet because it has better lighting than our bathroom. A month ago, you would have found me sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor in front of the mirror attached to the back of the closet door.

Now you’ll find me getting pretty here. 🙂

This DIY vanity table is a pretty simple build. I had it fully built and the paint drying within a few hours time, then hung it on the wall the next day. All you’ll need to know to build a makeup vanity like this for yourself is how to make a few simple cuts and use a drill.

Oh, and did I mention it has storage?!

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Wall-Mount DIY Vanity Table with Storage

My DIY makeup vanity is 36″ long, just a tad over 12″ deep and 5 1/2″ thick. You can alter the length pretty easily if needed. If you want to alter the other dimensions, you’ll have to switch up your wood sizes below and reconfigure accordingly.

Supplies Needed:

Tools Needed:

Step 1

Cut each of your 1″ x 12″ pieces down to 36″ long.

DIY Vanity Table

These pieces will be the top and bottom of your vanity table.

Step 2

Take one of the 1″ x 12″ scraps you just cut. Cut two 4″ pieces from the scrap.

DIY Makeup Vanity Table

These two 4″ pieces will be the sides of your vanity table.

DIY Makeup Vanity Table

Step 3

Put wood glue along one cut edge of each of the 4″ pieces you just cut.

Build a Makeup Vanity
DIY Vanity Table with Storage

Attach one 4″ piece to each end of one 36″ long piece using your brad nailer or finish nails and a hammer.

DIY Makeup Vanity with Storage

Step 4

Flip over everything you just put together.

Wall Mounted DIY Vanity Table

Run glue along the remaining cut edges of the 4″ long pieces. Place the remaining 36″ long 1″ x 12″ on top and nail together.

Wall Mounted DIY Makeup Vanity Table

Clamp the ends together while the glue dries.

Build a Wall Mount Makeup Vanity

Step 5

Cut the 1″ x 6″ down to 36″ long. Set aside.

Cut the 2″ x 2″ down to 34 1/2″ long. Set aside.

Step 6

After a few hours, paint both the vanity table and the 1″ x 6″ piece you cut. I used a semi-gloss black color and gave my pieces three coats. You don’t have to paint the 2″ x 2″ piece as it won’t be seen.

Mounting the DIY Vanity Table to the Wall

Step 7

Go to the wall where you are hanging your vanity table. From the floor, measure up 29 1/4″ and mark in several places. Use a stud finder to locate and mark your studs around that 29 1/4″ area.

Mounting a DIY Makeup Vanity to the wall

Attach the 2″ x 2″ to the wall at 29 1/4″ high using your drill with the 3 1/2″ long screws where the studs are. Place a level on top of the 2″ x 2″ to make sure it’s level. Adjust as needed.

This will allow your makeup vanity to sit at 30″ high. If you want it higher or lower, adjust as you wish.

Step 8

Determine which side you want to be the back of your table. Attach the corner braces on the inside of the back of the table where the studs are located on the wall.

DIY Wall Mounted Vanity Table with Storage

To do this, I held my table up on top of the 2″ x 2″ and made a few pencil marks on the table where the studs would meet up. As you can see, these corner braces may not be evenly space on your vanity table. That’s ok. Really, you might not even need these. I just wanted to add a little extra support for the bottom of the table.

Step 9

Lay the 1″ x 6″ face down in front of the vanity table. Attach the hinges as shown below.

DIY Wall Mount Makeup Vanity

Step 10

Place the makeup vanity on top of the 2″ x 2″. Secure the table to the 2″ x 2″ by first drilling pilot holes along the back of the table and then fastening the table to the 2″ x 2″ with the 1 5/8″ long construction screws.

DIY Wall Mount Vanity Table

Do this also on each side of the vanity table in the top back corner where the 2″ x 2″ would meet the table.

Step 11

Open up the front panel and fasten the corner brackets in the back to the wall using the 3 1/2″ long construction screws.

Attach your hardware knob to the front panel as well.

Fill any screw holes with putty and touch up paint as needed.

DIY Makeup Vanity Table with Storage

Mirror / Sconces

This DIY vanity table is just the right size for me. Its small profile that attaches to the wall keeps things open and airy in the closet.

Build a makeup vanity table with storage.

Zebra Art Print / Leopard Print Rug / Brass Brackets for Hats / Single Clip Hangers for Hats

Plus the drop down front provides plenty of storage for all my makeup.

DIY Vanity Table with Storage

Brass Stool / Mirror / Plug-In Wall Sconces

The baskets easily slide in and out as needed.

DIY Makeup Vanity

Of course, the mirror and sconces do their fair share of upping the “wow” factor in this space. 😉

See more of the closet makeover HERE!

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DIY Closet with Vanity

  • Step: 1

    A standard closet with bi-fold doors is 60”wide and 24” deep, but the height varies. With this example, we’re using a closet that’s 90” tall. Using a stud finder, mark the studs on all three walls and then use a piece of painter’s or masking tape to mark the same stud location on the ceiling and floor for easy reference during the install. HELPFUL HINT: If you’re installing your closet with hardwood floors you can use exact measurements, but if your closet has carpet, you will need subtract up to ½” to accommodate the thickness of the plush flooring.

  • Step: 2

    Using a saw, cut two pieces of the ¾” x 15.75” melamine to 90”. Attach to the outside closet walls fitting snug to the back wall. Tip: Pre-drill on the stud line with a counter sink bit to avoid damaging the surface of the melamine. You can also add construction adhesive to the back for extra strength. If there are no studs, pre-drill with the board in place, remove and then add drywall anchors into the holes before installing the outer boards. HELPFUL HINT: Melamine has a nice smooth surface perfect for closets plus it has one finished edge that’s great for a final look that doesn’t require painting or banding.

  • Step: 3

    Cut two pieces of the 4x8 sheet of melamine to 16.50” x 90”. Using a pocket hole jig, add four sets ¾” deep pocket holes to the outer edges. HELPFUL HINT: Have your home store rip the 4x8 sheet of melamine down for you before you take it home.

  • Step: 4

    Dry fit the 16.50” panel to back wall fitting snug against the outer 15.75” panel from Step 1. The Pre-drill holes on stud line. Using the pre-drilled pocket holes, attach the 16.50” melamine panels with 1-1/4” pocket screws to the 15.75” panels of melamine first. With the pocket screws in first, attach the panel to the back wall with predrilled holes on the stud line.

  • Step: 5

    Cut the last two pieces of 15.75” melamine shelf boards to 90”. Butted up against the back panel, install the inner panels using the pre-drill pocket holes and 1-1/4” pocket screws from Step. Use a buddy and a scrap piece of wood to push against the joint while the self tapping screws do the rest of the work. *Make sure the finished edge of the melamine is facing outward! HELPFUL HINT: Don’t worry, these panels might feel a little wobbly until the shelves are added later. You can also trim out the bottom with quarter round to add stability.

  • Step: 6

    Before moving on to the shelving, patch the pocket holes in the melamine. You can use pocket hole plugs, melamine specific patch kits or just a good application of latex caulk. HELPFUL HINT: Want to add a little character to the shelving units? Add peel and stick wallpaper to the back panel over your patched pocket holes.

  • Step: 7

    Cut six pieces of 1x12 lumber to 16.50” and add ¾” pocket holes to the bottom side of both ends. Cut three pieces of 1x12 lumber to 24 and add ¾” pocket holes to the bottom side of both ends. Sand smooth and stain or paint to desired finish for shelves.

  • Step: 8

    Cut six pieces of 1x2 to 16.50” and two to 24” and paint or stain to match the shelves.

  • Step: 9

    Using the leftover pieces of 1x12, cut two pieces to 3.50” x 10.50”. Pre-drill two sets of ¾” pocket hole. Sand smooth and stain or paint to desired finish for shelf dividers. HELPFUL HINT: If you don’t have enough scrap, you can substitute this divider material with a 1” x 4”

  • Step: 10

    Use the 1x2’s from in Step 7 as a ledger board. Measure and mark at 16” for the lower shelf, 28 ¾” for the middle shelf/vanity and 76” for the top shelf. Use a level for best results and tack the 1x2’s in with a brad gun.

  • Step: 11

    Using the 1x2 ledger boards in Step 8 for support, install the six outer shelves and the top 24” center shelf using the pre-drilled pocket holes. HELPFUL HINT: Use a level and a speed square for support to make sure all of the shelves are level during installation.

  • Step: 12

    Attach the two 3.50” x 10.50” shelf dividers to the bottom of the 11.25” x 24” vanity top with 1-1/4” pocket screws. Mount the dividers flush with the front of the vanity leaving a ¾” spacer to make room for the ledger board on the wall. Pre-Drill the other 11.25” x 24” board to attach to the bottom of the vanity dividers.

  • Step: 13

    Using the ledger board for support, attach the vanity top and dividers using 1-1/4” pocket screws.

  • Step: 14

    Attach the bottom of the vanity with the pre-drilled holes in Step 11 to the bottom of the drawer dividers and attach to the side panels with the pre-drill pocket holes with 1-1/4” pocket screws.

  • Step: 15

    Cut a 1-1/4” wooden dowel rod to 16.25” and install closet pole sockets at the desired height for the clothes rod. HELPFUL HINT: The recommended height for the clothes rod for this build is 72” from the floor. Use a hanger with a shirt to determine where to center the clothes rod on each side.

  • Sours:

    Vanity in closet diy

    Peak inside my DIY vanity (and see how I organize everything inside!)

    Happy Monday! This post has been in the making for like, 100 years and I’m happy to be FINALLY getting it up on the blog. At some point, I’ll give you the full tour of our master closet, but today I thought I’d share my DIY vanity and how I organize all the beauty goodies inside.

    This post may contain affiliate links*

    The blueprint

    My master closet is always a hot spot when we give anyone a tour of our house. Believe me, it’s not glamorous, but it is an entire bedroom converted into a closet, so you know….it’s a head-turner. My favorite feature of our closet is my DIY vanity. I knew when we purchased the house, I wanted to create a vanity from scratch so that it would work for my particular needs (and giant stash of products). Thankfully, the hubs knows how to build stuff.

    If you’re going to create your own DIY vanity, I recommend mapping out everything you need and want to have access to before purchasing the furniture or supplies.

    A place for everything. I knew that I wanted drawers for my makeup and the random tools I use either daily or sporadically (tweezers, nail files, brow pencil sharpeners, etc). I also knew that I wanted all of my hair products, lotions, perfume and nail polish in the same place. I wanted everything to be white with clean lines, and I wanted it to be counter height so I could sit on a stool or stand and still have everything at a reasonable reach (I almost always stand when I do my hair and makeup).

    Draw it out. I literally drew it out on a piece of paper (let’s be honest, several pieces of paper) and brainstormed a bit before researching furniture and ultimately purchasing all the stuff. Then I put the hubs to work because if I would’ve tried to hang this stuff on my own, I probably would’ve torn the wall down.

    The furnishings

    I liked the look, feel and price tag of the Ekby Alex Wall Shelf with Drawers from Ikea. We chose the entire kit, which came with the birch brackets. The hubs went to Home Depot and purchased special screws and mounting things to make sure it could handle the weight of the stuff inside, on top and me (leaning on it every day).

    Instead of choosing a separate mirror, I actually ended up purchasing a bathroom vanity with a mirror on a door, so I could store product inside and tuck it away. I chose the Silveran Mirror Cabinet in white and the hubs figured out what screws and things he would need to mount it safely above the drawers.

    Tip: Make sure you measure based upon YOUR height if you are installing two separate pieces. I’m only 5 foot so typical height recommendations for “countertop height mounting” and “mirror mounting” are all wrong for me. We measured to make sure everything would be ergonomically correct for me (and when I say “we” I mean my husband, because I never think of these things).

    I used the top of the shelf to house some things I knew I wouldn’t have space for inside the drawers and cabinet (magnifying mirror, makeup brushes and brush holder, hair ties, scrunchies and other misc. thangs (the full list of products with links is at the bottom of this post!). Isn’t this aloe plant so pretty?  I got it from Succulents Monthly (get $5 bucks off with KIDDO5 :)).

    This 3 compartment acrylic organizer is amazing for keeping hair ties and other clips and accessories safe from kitty paws (and bellies – remind me to tell you about that time my cat at like, 300 hair ties). Apothecary jars work great for hair ties and flexible headbands too.

    Organizing the inside of the drawers

    Speaking of measuring. I measured the inside of the drawers (the actual space) to determine what containers I wanted to purchase to organize my makeup and other tools and then I went out and purchased everything to fit and crossed my fingers it would work out with my stuff (full measurements at bottom of post).

    I wanted to make sure I could separate my make up by category (so lips, eyes, face, etc.). I mirrored what I purchased for my makeup drawer for drawer 2 since I knew the measurements would be right. And, since I was just going to be filling those containers with random things, I didn’t have much rhyme or reason to what size containers I needed.

    Organizing the mirror cabinet

    While most of the product in the mirror cabinet can stand on its own, I liked the idea of having a few small containers to house some of the smaller product or product that can easily fall over and mess it all up! So, I measured and then purchased enough small containers to fill one entire row and guessed on the others. It works!

    I love having all of my nail polish in one spot, sorted by color.  Color coding is how I survive, guys.

    And, everything else has a “section” – creams, lotions, body shimmers, hair products, and perfume.

    Lighting and other things

    I’ll focus on the lighting when I write up the post on the entire master closet, but I did want to point out the importance of good lighting at your vanity! While I wanted a pretty chandelier above my DIY vanity, it was never going to give me the kind of light I needed in the room. So, the hubs installed a u-shaped track light system in the middle of the room (with the bottom of the U just above my vanity area). We then adjusted each individual light so that it pointed down and at the mirror to reflect the best light.

    I picked the Franklin Barstool because it is lightweight and can fold and be stored if I choose to remove it.  Like I mentioned, I stand 99% of the time when I get ready, but I do like the option of a place to sit in case I’m feeling lazy 🙂

    Since I knew I’d be doing my hair there as well (I have a separate set of drawers that houses my hairdryer, irons, etc), he added a simple electric strip thingy so that I could easily plug things in on top where I would be using the stuff.  All in all, I love it so much!  We’ve been living here for 3 years and in all of them, I’ve kept the set up exactly the same because it works so well!

    Complete product list for this DIY vanity

    Below is the complete list of what we ordered to make all my DIY vanity dreams come true (including measurements!).  Hope you’re inspired!

    Build Your Vanity

    They no longer carry these exact interior drawer and cabinet organizers (I originally got mine at the Container Store), so I’ll link up as best as I can below with similar items.  This set is the right height and carries lots of options for however you choose to organize your stuff! Here’s another.

    Note:  Make sure your bins are no higher than 2.25″ or the drawers won’t close. The interior measurements of each drawer (exact space you have to fill) is 21″ x 9.5″. Each drawer fits: (5) rectangular bins (6″ x 3″ x 2.25″), (1) long rectangular bin (9″ x 3″ x 2.25″), (1) large square bin (6″ x 6″ x 2.25″) and (1) small square bin (3″ x 3″ x 2.25″).  The space you have to fill inside the upper cabinet is 22″ x 25″. The bins I used in the upper cabinet were (4) deep drawer bins (4″ x 3″ x 3″) and (7) square deep drawer bins (3″ x 3″ x 3″).

    Below are some of my favorite products (shown in the pics above) in case you’re interested in checking them out too 🙂  I can’t accept comments here (security issue after a hack), so I want to make sure I leave you as many useful links as possible.  Okay, byeeeee!




    *As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Post may contain affiliate or referral links. I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my links, which helps me continue on this fabulous journey of blogging!  Full disclaimers avail. here.  

    Posted By: kiddoandsoul · In: Beauty, Dwell, Home & Garden, Soul

    DIY Barbie Doll Walk-in Dream Closet \u0026 Vanity

    55 Free DIY Vanity Table Plans | DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas 2021

    To make makeup vanity even exciting and better, we have got these DIY makeup vanity table ideas for you to brighten up your room and day, too! A woman’s makeup vanity is the most essential part of her life! It is that #MeTime spot in her life that can brighten up her long and dull day! These DIY makeup vanity ideas are totally free and will stick to your budget constraint. We have rounded up many exciting options that can easily answer your budget problems! All the while making the best vanity desks and vanity tables for you to cherish!

    From Ikea desk hacks to Ikea rolling carts as the vanity makeup cart, we have got it all here. If you have an old vanity desk and it has started making you feel a little less appealing! Here is your chance to remodel the whole look with these DIY makeup vanity table ideas! You can begin revamping the old look with spray paint magic or just redoing the base of the table. With cut-out wooden base or using a marbled DIY makeup vanity table.

    The best part with our darn inspirational DIY makeup vanities includes many exciting factors! That we have many options that feature a range of long and ample storage sleek side desks, wall hanging shelves, and wall cornered shelves. These DIY vanity table ideas are perfect for all vanity locations to organize your cluttered makeup set. Say a large room with a spacious vanity corner, a shared accommodation, or a dorm room. How about some cute flip top vanity tables or a briefcase chic vanity table! Let’s get started with the makeup vanity fun!

    55 DIY Makeup Vanity Table Ideas DIY Vanity Ideas

    How to make a free DIY vanity?

    Vanity table and dressers in our life are the vital need of every home. So you don’t need to buy an expensive vanity table. Do you want a free makeup vanity? Try some of these 55 best DIY makeup vanity table ideas and plans that will be the best alternative to modern and expensive makeup vanity tables.

    To improve your day, especially the hectic mornings by selecting any DIY vanity from the list that will suit best your home decoration. The next task would be to decide a corner where to place and adjust the DIY makeup vanity table you have made your own, for daily makeup sessions. You can’t work in the crowded areas of your home, so give your priority to peaceful corners of your home like a bathroom, bedroom, or walk-in closets.

    Most of the vanities have been made out of old stuff like an old sewing machine, old computer desk, and old workbench too. Or you can grab some free wood like pallets and make the whole new vanities for your bedroom spaces bringing in using your wooden craftsmanship.

    We have also published a post on pallet projects you can try. Lending a startling makeover to your old vanities with paint, stain lights, and the mirror would be an excellent way to get a chic and trendy vanity table. All these DIY makeup vanity plans have been explained right below. For complete tutorials, makeovers, step-by-step instructions and picture guides, just hit the reference links posted below each showcased design.


    DIY super Easy Vanity Makeover

    You do not need to buy a new vanity or dressing table as you can give a chic makeover to your old and rustic one.

    And then use it stylishly in your bedroom making it match with the modern fashion trends. All you would be doing is sanding and staining which have been explained. Detail here girlinthegarage

    Hairpin Make-up Vanity

    DIY hairpin makeup vanity building plans and giveaway

    Using some wood planks and hairpin legs, you can create this functional and robust vanity table for yourself to get ready for the day. It looks like a coffee table but with a raised height and liftable top revealing three sections for the storage of your makeup, hairbrushes and perfumes separately. Visit this link for complete details of this project pneumaticaddict

    Wooden Makeup Vanity:

    DIY Makeup Vanity 1

    With this tutorial, you can make yourself an X-legged stylish makeup vanity! This DIY makeup vanity will hardly cost you around $70 for the building materials. If you wish to stain up the whole thing, that will cost approximately $15 and pull drawers can be bought in $24-25. angelamariemade

    How to Build a Makeup Vanity:

    How to Build a Makeup Vanity

    Check out this simple, bold, and cheery makeup vanity. The tutorial has a detailed set of building plans! Jen wood house suggests building the whole thing accompanied by a friend, with the thought that this will make the entire project even more accessible.

    Flip Top Makeup Vanity:

    DIY Flip Top Vanity

    This top flip makeup vanity is not just absolutely beautiful, but it is also a serene and subtle DIY makeup vanity idea! It is highly functional and will also cover or keep your cluttered makeup supplies hidden. rogueengineer

    Makeup Vanity Desk with Lights:

    DIY Makeup Vanity Desk

    By using some plywood with laminated pine board and some other craft supplies (which you can check instructables ), build this functional and super stunning DIY makeup vanity. The glowing lights and the flip-top mirror are brightening up the whole thing.

    Ikea Makeup Vanity:

    Easy DIY Ikea Makeup Vanity

    How cool it will be to have an IKEA roll cart for a portable makeup vanity! This idea is especially perfect if you live in a hostel or sharing a bathroom or dorm. You’ll just need an Ikea Raksog cart, Metal utensils holders, zip ties and plastic dividers. polkadotchair

    Makeup Vanity from a Vintage Sewing Table:

    Make Vanity from a Vintage Sewing Table

    How about transforming your old sewing table into a remodeled vintage makeup vanity! It will just take about 6 hours to make and finish this DIY makeup vanity! You will start off with a vintage sewing table, extra wood scraps, sander, drill, and a few other supplies. lovelyindeed

    Pine Makeup Vanity:

    DIY Pine Make Up Vanity

    Simple yet minimalistic but highly functional. This DIY makeup vanity is based on a pine board back with a huge round mirror and some manageable shelves. Pro-Tip; Startup with a pegboard pine board to fit in the shelves later. collectivegen

    Makeup Vanity for Bedroom:

    DIY Makeup Vanity for Your Bedroom

    If you have a thing for rustic furniture, this three-compartment desk is going to be your personal favorite. It not only features three compartments but has a stunning mirror attached to it too. Rachel from shadesofblueinteriors has got the complete set of building plans and tools list.


    Glass Top Makeup Vanity:

    How to Make Glass Top Makeup Vanity

    This DIY makeup vanity with glass top is 17” wide and 48” long! It features three deep compartments inside and has ample space available for storage. The folks at thetarragonahouse claim that it is going to be the best thing you have ever built.

    Vanity with Lighted Mirror:

    DIY Makeup Vanity with Lighted Mirror

    If there is a more important thing in a girl’s life than the makeup itself, it is called lighting! There is no highlighter that can go better without proper lighting. Check out this epic DIY makeup vanity with this epic mirror shining like heavens. mrkate

    Homemade Makeup Vanity Table:

    Homemade Wooden Makeup Vanity Table

    Check out this wall mount DIY makeup vanity with wooden storage available. You just need to know your way working around a few cuts and a drill. You can alter the sizes of the wooden shelves as per your requirements. rainonatinroof

    Vanity Mirror With Lights Under $150:

    Vanity Mirror With Lights Under 150

    Because we know no vanity mirror is complete without lights! Give your vanity table a complete look by adding up these glowing lights. Combined with this ample storage option, it is a totally functional vanity table. youtube

    Build a Modern Makeup Vanity Desk:

    How to Build a Modern Vanity Desk

    Here is a simple, functional, and multi usable vanity desk! If you have limited space available or if you prefer a cleaner and minimalistic vanity, have a closer look at this one here. Keep your cluttered makeup in well-organized storage. youtube

    Hollywood Vanity Mirror & Desk:

    Hollywood Vanity Mirror Desk

    This small and cute DIY makeup vanity inspired by Hollywood vanities is designed with minimalism. It might be the case that you already have a makeup vanity, but it is so huge or old now. Why not replace it with something this simple and sleek. youtube

    Simple Makeup Vanity

    makeup vanity tutorial

    Its a sure dream of every girl to have superb stylish vanity in her bedroom, which nicely organizes all her makeup and other dressing accessories in apple-pie order.

    Where she can make herself up quite quickly for all occasions. Here we have this lovely vanity idea to DIY at home with the link to explore it with all details fashionablylo

    Lighted Vanity Mirror Unit

    beautiful DIY ideas for making your own lighted vanity mirror unit

    There is a need for ample light when you are getting ready for a party, dinner, or any other function at night.

    This lighted up vanity table and mirror unit idea for you to do night makeup sessions.

    Here is the complete guide to this project decorsnob

    Stylish Makeup Vanity with Lights:

    Easy Makeup Vanity

    For those ladies having a considerable makeup vanity table ideas. We have this utterly useful and functional vanity table with multiple drawer rows on both sides.

    Thus giving you ample space to hold and organize all your makeup stuff. You can specify each drawer for one of a kind thing in it and therefore easy to get and grab. Get to know the details here made2style

    Dresser into Makeup Vanity:

    reclaimed old dresser into makeup vanity

    With a little decor and styling up you can give a new look to your vanity or the dresser and it would be like having a new one in your bedroom.

    And luckily, you can hack a try on your DIY vanity table to give it a whole new chic avatar with low-budget. theeverygirl

    Tiffany Inspired Makeup Vanity:

    Beautiful Tiffany inspired Bedroom and Makeup Vanity

    This is not only a lovely and dazzling vanity idea. But a whole bedroom theme idea for a teenage girl and looks nothing less than a room of a princess with everything in classy white.

    So the vanity table with utterly fashionable design and looks to give any girl a jaw drop with its super impressive existence. So visit the complete idea and get some inspiration to DIY one homebyheidi

    Sewing Machine into Vanity Table:

    singer sewing machine desktable into makeup vanity

    Old sewing machine tables are found in lots of houses, and here we have discovered an immensely functional and stylish re-purpose of them.

    Yes, you can turn that old machine table into the useful DIY vanity table for your bedroom. Only with some renovation work like paint, adding drawers or new knobs and off course a mirror. Complete details are here myrepurposedlife

    DIY A Wall Vanity:

    DIY a beautiful wall vanity

    Wall vanities are the best solution to organize your makeup and other accessories. Have a small space and low budget? Try this inexpensive DIY wall vanity idea for you with a shelf and a mirror on it that would be super easy for you to go handy with.

    Here on this link, we have shared every inch detail of this project so browse to get the whole information denisedesigned

    Makeup Vanity Makeover:

    DIY easy makeup vanity makeover

    Here is this amazingly beautiful vanity table that would immensely grace up your bedrooms with an elegant, stylish touch for being super chic in looks.

    And you would be stunned to know that it has been made out of an old desk with the complete silvery paint makeover and an added mirror on the top of it. Here is the full tutorial of it livelovediy

    DIY Dressing Table – Makeup Vanity:

    DIY dressing table into makeup vanity

    Those who are looking for a dressing table but have a small bedroom they must try this corner vanity table idea for the saving of the space and the money as well.

    Just add a vanity shelf with supports in the corner and cover them under the top with a gorgeous curtain veil and a mirror on the top would give it a perfect finalizing look. beneathmyheart

    DIY Vanity Table Tutorial:

    easy vanity table tutorial

    Grab this super sleek and slim in design vanity table with wooden frame and a glass top that would be holding a bunch of your makeup and other such stuff properly on it and also bringing some fun stylish vibes in the bedroom decor too.

    So if you want to give this sleek vanity table a try you to explore the details here divinemrsdiva

    IKEA ‏Makeup Vanity:

    IKea makeup vanity

    This IKEA inspired compact vanity table would easily fit in the tiny bedrooms. With this tabletop having a lot of space under the glass top to hold your makeup and thus make it easy to find the right thing at the right time due to transparency. Here is the link to know more about it 

    Pallet Makeup Vanity:

    pallet makeup vanity

    Pallets are a rage these days, and people are making every furniture thing out of them. Here we have this vanity table idea from the pallets for those who need a cost-efficient yet super functional and super gorgeous vanity stand in their bedroom spaces.

    To make this rustic vanity with drawers and a lighted mirror unit you need to browse this link 1001pallets

    Glass Top Makeup Vanity:

    modern glass top makeup vanity DIY

    The glass-topped vanity tables are the real steal these days for being most stylish, elegant, and capable of lots of storage. And if you have an old desk at home, you can give that a beautiful makeover with paint and glass sheets or you can build a whole new one with the wooden boards.

    To seek more guidance and help you can check it out here lizmarieblog

    Apartment Size Makeup Vanity:

    easy apartment size makeup vanity

    When you have an organized vanity, you enjoy making yourself up with makeup and accessories.

    A budget-friendly idea of this DIY vanity table out of an old rustic table with red stain all over making it look lavish and rocking for the decor. majorshenanniegans

    Makeup Vanity for Better:

    DIY makeup vanity tutorial and instructions

    When you have a vanity in your bedroom, you can calmly do your makeup sitting on it. Thus make everything go entirely right even at the hours of a hurry.

    So here we have this incredibly smart and fashionable vanity idea for you all to hold all your jewelry and makeup on in apple-pie order. ialwayspickthethimble

    Wooden Makeup Vanity for Kids:

    easy kids wooden makeup vanity pattern and tutorial

    Like the mud kitchens, you can make these lovely kids vanities to have fun and believe me the little girls would adore it to the core.

    It’s simple and easy to make if you are familiar with the wood crafting session. Here we provide you the link for the information and get it started rogueengineer

    Beautiful Makeup Vanity:

    DIY lovely makeup vanity

    When your vanity is not in your financial reach, you need to go budget-friendly and log into the DIY crafts. This self-made cute vanity station has been created by buying the vanity supplies and then putting them all together.

    This DIY makeup vanity idea is customized, personalized, and cost-efficient. So have all its details here chroniclesofayoungmother

    Hair and Makeup Vanity:

    Using your nightstands or old side tables under a corner built a shelf, you can create a lovely retro vanity table for yourself in your bedroom. Painted in white and thus bringing some dazzling white vibes in your home decor.

    Small Space Makeup Vanity:

    eays small spae makeup vanity

    This small space makeup vanity idea is best for the small rooms and those having not much makeup storage.

    So with a simple floating shelf on the wall and a cute mirror hanging above. It is the perfect and the most straightforward vanity station you can ever create in your bedroom spaces. Check out this DIY make vanity here rockmystyle

    DIY Ikea ALEX Vanity:

    IKEA Alex Vanity

    This DIY vanity idea for the girls to build for their bedrooms. All their makeup and jewelry organized in the stylish and the best possible ways.

    So whenever you are getting ready, you find everything in the right place and thus save much your time. Get to more about vanity table here blushinginhollywood

    These wonderful DIY makeup vanity table ideas will explore all the beautiful designs that you can build at no cost. Take a short tour of these vanity ideas, choose your favorite DIY vanity, and add to your weekend’s to-do list.

    Early wake up gives you a much better start while living a busy life. Both working women and housewives look busy in the morning for office and food preparation. This is the time when each woman looks tangled in lots of messy things collection in the home. Finally, when a woman finds his makeup items as a chaotic jumble, then it is going to turn his mood off.

    For busy women who strive for everyday good looks, a makeup vanity table is a significant need. A vanity table can save a lot of time by providing instant access to essential makeup items. These vanity table ideas can help you to save your time in the morning by the better makeup accessories organization. A vanity table is for all those fashion-loving ladies who spend a lot of their time in everyday makeup and style.

    Black Bedroom Makeup Vanity Set:

    Black Bedroom Makeup Vanity Set

    Combined with a huge square mirror and a sleek and glass DIY makeup vanity, this is one perfect way to manage your makeup. The vanity table is separately placed from the mirror, but the whole makeup vanity table is themed up black.

    Makeup Vanity Dresser With Mirror:

    Makeup Vanity Dresser With Mirror

    This makeup vanity with dresser and those huge lights is all set to brighten up your dressing room décor! Keep your makeup organized and well managed in this functional makeup vanity!

    Dream Makeup Vanity:

    DIY Dream Makeup Vanity

    If you have a thing for rustic and vintage decor, this DIY makeup vanity is going to steal your heart! With simple and broad wooden boards as the base of the vanity table. Combined with a rustic mirror placed freely and not attached.

    Stylish Makeup Vanity:

    Stylish DIY Makeup Vanity

    Here is another option for a stylish and super functional makeup vanity! All transparent and with a number of boxes available to keep your makeup and hair things well organized! Most of this is not excessive building and just simple pull out trays.

    Wooden Makeup Vanity with Lights:

    Rustic Style Wooden Makeup Vanity

    This rustic wooden makeup vanity is bringing a whimsical appeal to the room with a simple single shelf and a hanging mirror. The huge glowing bulbs on the mirror are making the vanity mirror make a stand out more.

    Makeup Vanity Desk:

    Small Bedroom Makeup Vanity Desk

    For a small bedroom and limited space available, this small room makeup vanity can fit in best. If you have the same room space problem! You can still fit in the vanity table with these specific measurements and a small and cute mirror.

    Makeup Vanity for Your Beauty Room:

    Makeup Vanity for Your Beauty Room

    For our super makeup lover friends, this wide and spacious vanity makeup table can be a big treat DIY project. This DIY makeup vanity has so many drawers’ storage available as well and vast desk space with deep storage cabins.

    White Colored Bedroom Makeup Vanity:

    White Colored Bedroom Makeup Vanity

    This minimalistic and all white-colored bedroom vanity is perfect for a dorm room or a shared apartment. You can easily keep your things all in one place and at the same time manage it aesthetically in a unique way.

    Bed Bath Makeup Vanity Desk:

    Bed Bath Vanity Makeup Desk

    A simple makeup vanity desk with two pull out drawers like this is something that you can add to remodel your room’s look. The central theme behind this DIY makeup vanity is the multi-shelved transparent vanity boxes to keep things stuffed in.

    Dorm Room’s Makeup Vanity:

    Dorm Rooms Makeup Vanity

    This minimalistic white desk vanity with a cute oval mirror on the top is giving truly heavenly vibes. All laced with fairy lights and monochromatic theme. This teeny-tiny and adorable makeup vanity is most suitable for a dorm room vanity.

    Best Makeup Vanity:

    Best Makeup Vanity

    This is by far the best makeup vanity with a number of storage options. The cornered white shelves at the wall are an add on to the makeup vanity desk! The pretty cornered white desk with sleek white drawers is giving the whole thing a more spacious and minimalistic appeal.

    Makeup Vanity for a Teenage Girl Bedroom:

    Makeup Vanity for a Teenage Girl Bedroom

    Woah! This makeup vanity is all perfect for a teenage girl to flaunt her makeup collection and chic room appeal! The complete wooden shelf work around the vanity desk and the long drawers at the side are complimenting the whole thing.

    Mini Makeup Vanity Table:

    Mini Makeup Vanity Table

    This mini makeup vanity table is perfect for a small corner in the room. With wooden shelves on the back to hold your stuff and a reasonable table container to keep your things well organized and managed!

    Dressing Table for Small Room:

    Dressing Table for Small Room

    Check out this minimalistic and all-white dressing table is glowing up the place all the while making the place look like a heaven. The side shelves are adding on to the entire appeal of the whole dressing area.

    Briefcase Makeup Vanity:

    Briefcase Makeup Vanity

    Talk about all in one place makeup vanity! This briefcase makeup vanity is perfect for keeping things all in one place, free of clutter with the added benefits of deep storage and these cute glowing bulbs.

    Ikea Makeup Vanity:

    Ikea Makeup Vanity

    This IKEA makeup vanity is simple and elegant! If you are looking to keep costs down and at the same time have a pretty functional makeup vanity. You might want to look closer to this makeup vanity idea. A full mirror and a total of 10 drawers.

    Modern DIY Makeup Vanity with IKEA:

    DIY Modern Makeup Vanity with IKEA

    This DIY ultra-modern makeup vanity is a chic and absolutely elegant vanity desk idea! The two slim wooden standing legs are giving it a subtle look. The huge circular mirror on the wall is adding on to the vanity desk even more.

    Marble Top Makeup Vanity:

    Make Your Own Makeup Vanity

    This stylish cut out marble makeup vanity is not just more durable but also easy to keep it maintained and clean. It is definitely nice to be unique and different from all the other going on makeup vanities with wooden bases.

    Spray Painted Makeup Vanity:

    Spray Painted Makeup Vanity

    Just in case you have an old makeup vanity, and you are getting bored with it, here is another tip for remodeling the whole thing. Just get your hands on some spray paint and give the whole thing a new and classy touch with a complimenting stain.

    Bathroom Makeup Vanity with Mirror:

    Bathroom Makeup Vanity Mirror

    We are totally awe0struck over this super simple yet so functional makeup vanity! The whole thing is perfectly small and manageable for a dorm room, and at the same time, its pull out drawer can hold a huge makeup collection pretty functionally.

    Pinkish Room’s Makeup Vanity:

    Pinkish Makeup Vanity

    Add a bit of pink with a glittery and glowy touch and make your day glow up! This pinkish room vanity is perfect for making your day better! In case you have been feeling low all day long, this all pink and glittery aura can make things way better.

    Kitty Haven’s Makeup Vanity:

    Kitty Havens Makeup Vanity

    A beautiful kitty heaven’s makeup vanity like this can make your room so many times more inviting than all the other décor! A vanity corner or desk is by far the most important corner in a girls’ room, and it has to be super special like this one here.

    What is the best material to use for DIY bathroom vanity?

    Are you also interested to remodel or make your bathroom vanity at home using recycled material at no cost? Don’t worry! We have these 26 Free Plans to Build a DIY Bathroom Vanity from Scratch at home without spending any cost.


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