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Fallout 3 Weapons and Ammo Codes

Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic, open-world role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks in The PC version has a cheat code that instantly adds items to your inventory. If you know all of the weapon and ammo codes for the game, you can get as much firepower as you need to explore the Capital Wasteland. We have those codes below.

These cheats work exclusively with Fallout 3 for PC.

How to Use Fallout 3 Weapon and Ammo Codes

Open Fallout 3's cheat console by pressing the tilde key (~). Type player.additem followed by the item code and the desired quantity, then press Enter.

For example, to add an assault rifle to your inventory, enter the following:

player.additem FFEC 1

Fallout 3 Weapon Codes

10mm PistolF
10mm Sub Machine Gun
Alien Blaster
Ant's StingCE
Assault RifleFFEC
Baseball BatC
BB Gun
Black Bart's BaneB
Board of EducationCF
Bottlecap MineA
Brass Knuckles
Chinese Assault RifleBDD
Chinese Officer's SwordD
Chinese Pistol
Combat Knife
Combat Shotgun
Combat ShotgunD
Dart GunA
Deathclaw GauntletB
Electrical ZapFF1
Fat ManC
Fire Hydrant
Frag Grenade
Frag Mine
GasTrap DummyF6
Gatling LaserE
Hand LaserB9E
Hunting Rifle
Laser Pistol
Laser Rifle
Lead Pipe
Liberty LaserFE2
Mirelurk Bait Grenade
Miss LauncherB
Missile LauncherE8F
Nail BoardA01DD
Plasma Grenade
Plasma GunF
Plasma MineD
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Rifle
Police Batton
Pool Cue
Power Fist
Protectron's GazeCF
Pulse Grenade
Pulse MineE
Radioactive Spit
Railway Rifle
Repellent StickD3B7
Reservist's Rifle
Rock-it LauncherB
Rolling Pin
Sawed-Off ShotgunC
Scoped MagnumD
Silenced 10mm Pistol
Sniper Rifle
Spiked Knuckles
Super Sledge
Tire Iron

Fallout 3 Special Weapon Codes

10mm SMG Sydneys 'Ultra'E7CC
A's Plasma RifleB
Burnmaster (Unique Flamer)C80BD
Butch's Toothpick
Chinese Pistol (Zhu-Rong v)C2C
Clover's CleaverC80B8
Col. Autumn's 10mm PistolB
Col. Autumn's Laser PistolABBE4
Curse BreakerC80BB
Experimental MIRVB
Fawkes' Super SledgeF
Highwayman's Friend
Law DogB
Lincoln's RepeaterC07A
Love TapC80B9
O'Grady's PeacemakerD
Occam's RazorCB
Ol' PainlessC76
Plunkett's Valid PointsCAFA9
Slasher KnifeC
Smuglers End (Laser Pistol)B
Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMGDEEE
The BreakC77
The KneecapperB53A
The ShockerBFF62
The TenderizerAB
The Terrible ShotgunB
Vengeance (Gatling Laser)CB
Vampire's Edge
Victory RifleCB
Wazer Wifle

Fallout 3 Ammunition Codes

Caliber RoundB53C
Caliber RoundF7
Round MagnumE
10mm Round
mm Round
5mm RoundB53D
Alien Powercell
BB - AmmoB
Bottlecap MinesA
Electron Charge PackB53E
Energy Cell
Flamer Fuel
Frag Grenades
Frag MinesC
Mesmetron Power CellA80D
Microfusion Cell
Mini Nuke
Pulse Grenades
Railway Spikes
Shotgun ShellEEA
Sonic Energy
Sours: https://www.liveabout.com/falloutweapons-code-pc

Fallout 3: 20 Best Unique Weapons

Unique weapons are modified versions of standard weapons in Fallout 3, usually granting higher base stats or a unique gimmick. Unlike Fallout 4's system, these weapons are one of a kind and can't be replicated by other weapons.

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Fallout 3 has a large roster of unique weapons to compliment any build. Most of these weapons are fantastic and worth using, but some unique weapons are so strong that they are a must-have for any playthrough. From nuke launchers to electric swords, here are the best unique weapons in Fallout 3. This article contains spoilers for Fallout 3 and its related DLCs.

Updated July 3, by Ritwik Mitra: It's genuinely surprising to see just how competent Fallout 3's combat system really is, especially when one takes into account the fact that the game was released over a decade ago! Even now, roaming the Capital Wasteland feels as dynamic and entertaining as it felt in That being said, one has to admit that the combat of Fallout 3 can devolve into a clunky and frustrating mess at times even with the use of mods! To alleviate this concern, players can choose from a wide swath of the best weapons in Fallout 3. These end up being complete game-changers when it comes to cranking the fun one experiences in combat all the way to the max!

20 Shishkebab

One of the most unique melee weapons in the game that incinerates enemies with a simple swing, the Shishkebab is a must-have for any player who wants their combat in Fallout 3 to be more fiery. What makes this weapon even more unique are the parts required to make it.

The weapon requires a motorcycle gas tank, a motorcycle handbrake, a pilot light, and a lawnmower blade to be crafted. The end result is a weapon that ignites enemies with every hit, which can transform combat into a comedic showcase as the Lone Wanderer sends people scampering in a bid to quench these flames.

19 Deathclaw Gauntlet

The Deathclaw Gauntlet is one of Fallout 3's best weapons that has attained a massive level of fame among the Fallout fandom as one of the most popular melee weapons in the series. The idea of using a severed Deathclaw hand as a makeshift weapon is easily one of the most novel and interesting ideas the franchise has played around with.

It should be no surprise that the Deathclaw Gauntlet is the strongest unarmed weapon in the game. With a fair bit of Luck — both literally and figuratively — the critical hits scored by this weapon will mean instant death for the majority of enemies that are unlucky enough to cross the Lone Wanderer's path.

18 Fat Man

Speaking of iconic weapons in the Fallout series, one can't fail to mention this mini-nuke launcher that's easily one of the most devastating weapons in the entire game by a country mile. The Fat Man is notorious amongst the Fallout fanbase due to its destructive capabilities.

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This weapon should only be used against a group of enemies who are further back. Trying to aim at close-range enemies will definitely spell the player's doom. Using this weapon in VATS is not recommended either, since it'll end up missing the target more often than not.

17 Rock-It Launcher

One of the most creative and best guns in Fallout 3, the Rock-It Launcher is a must-have for any player who might be feeling a bit of fatigue from Fallout 3's combat system. The fact that it allows players to fire off all the junk items in their inventory makes it even more useful as a weapon.

The only problem with the Rock-It Launcher is that it can only be crafted, with no pre-made models available in the game. However, accumulating the materials for this weapon is more than worth it due to the sheer entertainment value afforded by this weapon.

16 Alien Disintegrator

Mothership Zeta is one of the best DLCs for Fallout 3, allowing players to tackle otherworldly threats in an excellent expansion that bolsters the quality of the main game even further. This add-on brings with it a ton of new weapons as well including the aforementioned Alien Disintegrator.

Watching the Lone Wanderer's enemies turn to ash with a few choice shots from Alien Disintegrator is enough to classify this as one of Fallout 3's unique weapons. While there's a fully automatic variant of this rifle as well — called the Destabilizer — the base form of this weapon is arguably superior.

15 Electro-Suppressor

The Electro Suppressor might be the most underrated unique weapon in Fallout 3. Obtained during the Mothership DLC in the ship's engine room, the Electo-Suppressor is a unique stun baton that knocks enemies off their feet when it lands a critical hit.

It only has a critical multiplier of x1, but critical builds can still take full advantage of this weapon. A single critical strike knocks an enemy to the ground for two seconds, not taking into account the time it takes for an enemy to get back up. If you critically hit while an enemy is down, the stun timer resets. This allows critical builds to stunlock every enemy to death. Super Mutants, Deathclaws, virtually every enemy in Fallout 3 can be stunned with this weapon.

14 Victory Rifle

While the Victory Rifle has a lower critical multiplier than its contemporaries, it more than makes up for that loss in damage with its tripled weapon durability and innate knockdown effect upon landing a critical hit.

Sniper rifles are in a great spot in Fallout 3, packing a serious punch along with solid critical stats. Knocking down targets with the Victory Rifle is rather common with the right build, making threats such as Deathclaws trivially easy to deal with. Players can find this sniper rifle in the sniper shack overlooking Rockbreaker's Last Gas. It will be in a skill locker.

13 Callahan's Magnum

For a small revolver, Callahan's Magnum is easily one of the strongest weapons in Fallout 3. This weapon deals more damage than any sniper rifle in the game, including variants.

Dealing a whopping 65 damage per shot and retaining the fire rate of a Magnum, Callahan's Magnum is the best Small Gun in the game. Obtaining this weapon will require you to open a hard safe in the Citadel ruins after destroying it in the Broken Steel DLC.

12 Paulson's Revolver

Callahan's Magnum might be the strongest Small Gun on paper, but Paulson's Revolver manages to take the lead if players can find a way to reliably crit. You can find it on Paulson during the Mothership Zeta DLC.

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Similar to the Metal Blaster, Paulson's Revolver fires nine projectiles with every shot instead of one. This means each pellet can independently crit, a common occurrence due to this weapon's x2 critical multiplier. When it does crit, prepare to deal a truckload of damage. A critical hit deals 35 additional damage with this gun, ten less than the entire round does by itself. If you can get all nine shots to critically hit on Paulson's Revolver, this gun turns into a pocket Terrible Shotgun that can one-shot most unarmed targets.

11 Experimental MIRV

In terms of raw damage, the Experimental MIRV is by far the strongest gun in Fallout 3. This weapon fires not one but eight Mini Nukes with each shot, dealing 1, damage per projectile. That amount of damage is enough to instantly kill every enemy in the game.

Sadly, it also means the weapon can kill you rather easily. Using this weapon up-close is suicide since the explosions deal so much damage. It also uses eight of the rarest ammo type in the game for every shot. Pick this weapon up from the National Guard depot to trivialize any encounter, but make sure to stand clear of the blast radius.

10 Xuanlong Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are the defacto choice for many Fallout 3 players due to their dependability and accessible ammo type. The Xuanlong Assault Rifle is the best assault rifle in the game and one of the most dependable weapons in Fallout 3.

With a DPS rating of 96, this weapon packs a serious punch for a rapid-fire Small Gun. The weapon's mm rounds are so plentiful in the Capital Wasteland that this weapon never runs into ammo problems. You can find this gun on Prime's body in the Jury Metro station after you complete Jiggs' Loot quest.

9 A’s Plasma Rifle

Similar to the Xuanlong Assault Rifle, the A's Plasma Rifle is one of Fallout 3's most reliable weapons. As a variant of the standard Plasma Rifle, the A variant comes bundled with five additional damage, better durability, and has a critical multiplier of x

As with most Plasma weapons, the A is incredibly ammo efficient. A single shot will take down most fodder enemies. Tougher foes go down in seconds thanks to this weapons great DPS stat of If you love Energy Weapons, there's no reason not to use this weapon. Harkness uses it in Rivet City. Completing The Replicated Man quest can grant this weapon based on which ending you receive.

8 Microwave Emitter

Completing the Point Lookout DLC awards the Microwave Emitter. This unique Energy Weapon fires a deadly gamma wave that disintegrates targets.

It deals 60 damage per shot, further amplified by its 2x critical multiplier and extra critical damage stat. This is also one of the few weapons in Fallout 3 that ignores Damage Resistance entirely. Whether it's a Ghoul or an Enclave soldier, the Microwave Emitter will make short work of them.

7 Lincoln Repeater

After a fair bit of exploration in the Museum of History, you can find the powerful Lincoln Repeater rifle. A base damage of 50, a critical multiplier of x2, and a critical damage bonus of 50 make this the strongest precision rifle in the game.

This all comes at the cost of using the rather uncommon Magnum round ammunition type. Should you come across a lot of ammo, consider using the Lincoln Repeater and blowing targets to shreds with its high damage per shot. It can also be used as a descoped sniper rifle due to its perfect accuracy rating.

6 Metal Blaster

Metal Blaster is a unique variant of the Laser Rifle that fires nine lasers per shot instead of one. It deals 55 damage per shot, over double of the standard Laser Rifle dishes out, and a higher critical damage bonus of

This weapon begs for a critical build to wield it. If every shot crits, this gun deals damage a shot or over DPS. Better yet, this weapon's projectile spread is practically non-existent. All of this weapon's beams stick together when fires, meaning it can be used as a devastating mid-range weapon. If this weapon wasn't so ammo hungry, it would be even higher on this list.

5 Jingwei's Shocksword

Completing the Operation Anchorage DLC will grant you Jingwei's Shocksword. Stat-wise, this weapon is very similar to the Shishekebab, although it deals shock damage instead of fire—one of the only weapons in Fallout 3 with this damage type. This weapon deals 35 damage per swing alongside two points of shock damage per second for five seconds.

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Jingwei's Shocksword becomes truly exceptional when it is paired with stealth. Using the Ninja perk and various stealth bonuses, you can deal so much damage with this blade that it can one-shot nearly every enemy in the game.

4 Vengeance

Deathclaw Sanctuary holds the unique Vengeance laser cannon. This weapon has one of the highest DPS values in the game, capable of dishing out damage per second with no skill investment or perks. Few enemies can survive the fury of this weapon for more than a few seconds. Just be prepared to frequently run out of electron charges while using this weapon due to Vengeance's high fire rate.

3 Terrible Shotgun

The satisfying combat shotgun has a fantastic unique variant named the Terrible Shotgun. Dealing 80 damage per shot, the Terrible Shotgun is a powerhouse against unarmored targets in close quarters.

However, this weapon goes from a great weapon to an overpowered monster when paired with stealth critical hits. Whenever the Terrible Shotgun critically hits, each pellet receives its critical damage bonus. With critical-based perks and a high Small Guns skill, this weapon can deal 1, damage a shot. That is enough damage to instantly kill every enemy type in the game. Pick this weapon up from Smiling Jack at Evergreen Mills.

2 MPLX Novasurge

Compared to other top-tier Energy Weapons like the A Plasma Rifle and the Wazer Wifle, the MPLX Novasurge is leagues above its competition.

Obtained from the Mothership Zeta DLC, this plasma pistol deals a whopping 80 damage per shot and can fire three times a second. A DPS value of is unheard of for a handheld weapon, but the MPLX Novasurge further delivers with its 3x critical multiplier and 75 critical damage bonus. Every Energy Weapon build can take advantage of this gun, especially those that utilize critical hits.

1 Alien Blaster

While the Firelance is a unique variant of the Alien Blaster, only one standard Alien Blaster exists in Fallout 3, so we're counting it as a unique weapon. Obtained from either the Alien Crash Site or Adams Air Force Base, the Alien Blaster has one of the highest DPS values in the game at

That DPS value is not accounting for this weapon's damage critical hits that occur with every shot. Enhancing this weapon through perks can make this weapon annihilate nearly every enemy in the game with a single shot. The Alien Blaster is versatile, deals an obscene amount of damage, and doesn't require any investment through perks or skills.

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Fallout 3

Fallout 3()

Fallout 3 is a critically acclaimed multiple-award winning action RPG video game, set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Washington, DC as well as chunks of nearby Virginia and Maryland. In Fallout 3, you play as the Lone Wanderer, formerly a Vault Dweller of Vault who is forced to leave after their father leaves the Vault. There you wander the wasteland, meeting a detachment of the Brotherhood of Steel, the remnants of the Enclave, an army of Super Mutants from a nearby Vault, the Galaxy News Radio station and its DJ Three Dog, and various other characters and locations. The game was originally developed in and first released for PC, Xbox and Playstation 3. Upon release, it gained critical acclaim and features voice acting talent from famous actors such as Ron Perlman, Malcolm McDowell, and Liam Neeson.

A variety of DLC was released for Fallout 3, the first being Operation Anchorage, a simulation of the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska. The second was The Pitt, in which the character explores the ruins of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where you find it filled with raiders enslaving people to work in the steel mills. The third DLC was Broken Steel, a continuation of the game's main story. The fourth DLC was Point Lookout, where the character travels to the ruins of the Point Lookout National Park, turned into an irradiated swampland filled with inbred mutants and cults. The final DLC was Mothership Zeta, where the character is abducted by aliens and leads a fight between captured humans from various eras of history against their alien captors.

The following weapons make an appearance in the video game Fallout 3 and its DLCs:

N99 10mm Pistol

One of the most common weapons in the game, the N99 is used by almost all the factions in the game. The weapon itself is a mishmash of real world designs. The rear sights, hammer, slide, and grip are definitely based on a Desert Eagle. However, the barrel and front of the gun are similar to the Dan Wesson PPC revolvers, having an enlarged front that is weighed down to reduce recoil, as well of having a metal canister-like tube underneath the barrel. It looks like Bethesda's idea of what IMI's future designs would have looked like. A unique variant is carried by the Enclave's Colonel Augustus Autumn, and a silenced variant is used by Mr. Burke as well as being found across the DC area.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark I - Magnum
The N99 10mm Pistol
A suppressed variant with blued finish and wood grips as seen in the Operation: AnchorageDLC.
The Lone Wanderer holds his 10mm Pistol as he looks at the giant atom bomb in the center of Megaton.
The Lone Wanderer reloads his 10mm.
The Lone Wanderer wields a Silenced 10mm Pistol in the market of Rivet City.

Smith & Wesson 2nd Model

The " Pistol" is a Smith & Wesson Model 2 Double Action. The player character's Father (voiced by Liam Neeson) uses one, and has a number of them stashed at his hideout, and a unique variant is used by escaped slave Wild Bill in The Pitt DLC. Strangely, it shares its ammunition with the hunting rifle.

Smith & Wesson 2nd Model - S&W
In-game Smith & Wesson 2nd model. You can see "Smith & Wesson" on the handle
The Lone Wanderer eyes a destroyed bridge, Smith & Wesson 2nd Model in hand.
Later on in Megaton, he begins to reload the S&W 2nd Model revolver
until it jams. All firearms in Fallout 3 tend to jam more and more as their condition worsens until they finally break.

Smith & Wesson Model 29

The Smith & Wesson Model 29 appears as the "Scoped Magnum". As the name implies, it is fitted with an unremovable scope. A unscoped version is used by the "Mysterious Stranger", who briefly appears during combat through a Perk to finish off wounded enemies. Another unscoped version is used by Paulson from the Mothership Zeta DLC and can be obtained by killing Paulson and looting his dead body or by making him drop the gun through various means (it should be noted that Paulson is from the midth century, making his use of a Model 29 anachronistic). This is the only way to acquire an unscoped Model 29 legitimately. A unique variant called the Blackhawk can be obtained from Agatha, but the gun has no relation to the Ruger revolver of the same name; another unique variant, called Callahan's Magnum can be found inside the Pentagon depending on how the player completes "Who Dares Wins", the final quest of Broken Steel.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 - Magnum
The in-game model of the S&W Model
Paulson's Revolver. Note the speed loader clipping through the frame. This is a modeling mistake with all the Model 29's 3rd person models.
The Lone Wanderer looks out at the Jefferson Memorial from Rivet City with his Scoped Magnum.
The Lone Wanderer attempts to reload his
but instead, the weapon jams. This leaves the Wanderer questioning how he has bad enough luck to jam a revolver.

Shansi Type 17 Chinese Pistol

As the name implies, this is based on the Shansi Type 17; a Chinese copy of the Mauser C96 in ACP. The Fallout 3 version is chambered for 10mm. It is mostly used by raiders and Chinese Remnant Soldiers, as well as some simulated Chinese troops in the Operation Anchorage DLC. The reload animation always features ten rounds being loaded regardless of how many are left in the magazine, and the clip is inserted with the bullets.

Shansi Type 17 - ACP
The Shansi Type 17's in-game model.
The Lone Wanderer heads into the town of Springvale with a Chinese Pistol. Note the rather worrying lack of a firing pin.
As he leaves Megaton, he decides to reload his pistol
and clear a jam.

Ruger GP

While not usable, the Ruger GP appears on the collectible "Guns and Bullets" magazine. It is also clearly seen during loading sequences.

A Ruger GP, the Stainless Version - Magnum
The model of the Guns and Bullets magazine, with the GP on the cover.

10mm SMG

The only submachine gun in the game. It bares a distinct resemblance to the prototype from the Defunct H&K SMG Program, though the pistol grip and trigger guard are based on that of the Thompson line of submachine guns. A unique variant is used by fortune hunter Sydney. As a submachinegun the weapon is extremely bulky, this is possible that this design is derived from M2HB heavy machinegun's receiver.

Heckler & Koch SMG II - 9x19mm
The model for the "10mm SMG". Note the odd fire selector markings and never-used underfolding stock.
Note the similarity between the M2HB's receiver and the 10mm SMG.
The Lone Wanderer ventures across the Wasteland with his trusty 10mm SMG.
The Lone Wanderer reloads his 10mm SMG.
Having wandered into the Metro of DC, the Lone Wanderer uses his submachine gun correctly and removes a Ghoul's head from existence.

Chinese Assault Rifle

One of the more powerful assault rifles in the game, but also not the most accurate. This rifle seems to be based on several AK variants. In the game, it was designed and manufactured by Chinese industrial conglomerate Norinco for the People's Liberation Army during the Resource Wars. Its visual design layout is similar to rifles of the AK family, but also combines design traits from several weapons - the hand-guard and rear sight are like the ones used on the RPD light machine gun, while the gas piston and the barrel are simply turned upside down. The folding stock is from the AS Val, a Russian-produced suppressed assault carbine. The rifle fires x45mm rounds, but the magazine it uses is curved like a x39mm one.

RPD Light Machine Gun - x39mm
AS Val - 9x39mm
The Chinese Assault Rifle.
The Lone Wanderer overlooks the town of Megaton while wielding their Chinese Assault Rifle.
The Lone Wanderer reloads his Chinese Assault Rifle.

R91 Assault Rifle

An assault rifle based on the early version of the Heckler & Koch G3, but shoots NATO rounds, like the HK33; the number in the name obviously references the HK A different version, the Infiltrator and its unique version the Perforator, can be found in the Pitt. There are several notable cosmetic differences between the standard R91 and the Infiltrator: the weapon is now black, stockless, silenced, and equipped with a scope and extended magazine. Despite the visually extended magazine, it has a magazine capacity of 24 rounds, the same as the basic R91 Assault Rifle. The R91 can be found on most mid level enemies, specifically Talon Company mercenaries as well as simulated US Army troops during the Anchorage simulation. A third unique variant, called the Alloy Steel Rifle, can be found in the game files for Operation Anchorage, but was never actually implemented.

Early Heckler & Koch G3 rifle with wooden handguard and buttstock - x51mm NATO
The in-game model for the R
The Infiltrator variant of the G3 from Fallout 3: The PittDLC.
The Lone Wanderer prepares to enter the urban ruins of DC, Assault Rifle in hand.
Later, while fighting some raiders, he reloads his Assault Rifle near a ruined highway overpass.
The R91 on the The Lone Wanderer's back in the original trailer.

Hunting Rifle

It is a Mauser-type bolt-action rifle, and resembles the Winchester Model 70 series, and bizarrely, it uses the same caliber pistol rounds that the Smith & Wesson revolver uses, though when the action is worked casings are ejected. It is interesting to note that while this is a very accurate weapon, the in-game weapon model does not have rear or front sights, nor does it have a scope. In reality, this would make the weapon extremely difficult to aim at longer ranges and would render it almost totally worthless beyond close-range encounters, even to a skilled marksman. This weapon is often the very first rifle type firearm the Lone Wanderer can acquire after leaving Vault for the first time (not counting the BB gun, which is technically not a firearm). This weapon is very accurate, and has the best zoom aside from the scoped weapons. The standard hunting rifle has spread, unlike the sniper rifle (and the hunting rifle's unique variant: Ol' Painless). It's still accurate enough for mid-range sniping, but a very high skill level is needed for sniping outside of VATS range.

Winchester Model 70 -
The model of the Hunting Rifle.
The Lone Wanderer with their Hunting Rifle as he enters Megaton.
The Lone Wanderer reloads his Hunting Rifle. Note the textured bullet on the magazine.

DKS Sniper Rifle

The "DKS" is returns from the original Fallout game; however, now its original similarities with PPSh's design is only very superficial. Several versions of the same design are used in the game. However, it is chambered for and is semi-auto. The sniper rifle is the top-tier long-range weapon when it comes down to it. It has a scope and deals much more damage than the hunting rifle, but has a very rare ammo type and is a very fragile gun. The sniper rifle has very noticeable sway to it when manually aimed. The sway can be reduced with either a higher skill level in small guns, or when in sneak mode. At points in small guns, the scope has no sway at all, though even at points in small guns, having either of your arms crippled will result in severe sway while using the scope.

Even without the Bloody Mess perk, sniper rifles can result in some fantastically gory kills, usually with the enemy's skull exploding. Weaker enemies frequently have several limbs blown off or are even reduced to mulch by a single shot.

"DKS Sniper Rifle"
Up high on an overpass, the Lone Wanderer looks out at the Capital Wasteland with his Sniper Rifle.
After leaving his highway perch, the Lone Wanderer reloads his Sniper Rifle.
The Lone Wanderer sights up an Enclave Soldier and gives us a good look at the Sniper Rifle's scope reticle.

Lincoln's Repeater

This weapon intended to be based off of Lincoln's Henry rifle, presented to him in It is inaccurately depicted as firing the Magnum cartridge instead of caliber black powder rimfire cartridge or the Henry round. This rifle also inaccurately has a wooden hand-guard, very similar to a Winchester Model , which in real life would block the trigger-like follower tab attached to the tube magazine's spring and would prevent the weapon from feeding the last 1/3 of the magazine. While it is possible to modify the rifle to fire Magnum rounds, it was mainly for game-play reasons because the Magnum round was already implemented and it would get confusing to be using 2 seemingly identical rounds. Lincoln's repeater is a very high-powered rifle, doing 25 more damage than the hunting rifle, and 10 more damage than the sniper rifle. It lacks a scope, but remains accurate at long range by ignoring the bugged scope auto-aim. It also has 3 times the ammo capacity of either of the other two rifles, but can't fire as fast as the sniper rifle. Lincoln's repeater can fire exactly rounds before becoming unusable.

Henry with brass-frame - Rimfire (RF)
The model for the Lincoln's Repeater, note the handguard.
The Lone Wanderer, clad in Brotherhood Outcast Power Armor, takes on a super mutant with an old age rifle.

Lever-Action Rifle

In Point Lookout, the Henry re-appears sans brass receiver and rechambered for 10mm. Called the "Lever-action Rifle", it's used by a variety of the inhabitants of Point Lookout. A unique version of the rifle, named the "Backwater Rifle", can be found in a Chinese Intelligence Bunker if the player completes the quest The Velvet Curtain. In reality, there do exist iron framed Henry lever action rifles, but unlike the copper framed version, this type is very rare.

"Back Water Rifle"
The Lone Wanderer using the Back Water Rifle variant on one of Point Lookout's more hostile inhabitants.

Daisy Red Ryder

Called the BB Gun in-game, the Red Ryder is the first weapon received by The Lone Wanderer, given by James (Liam Neeson) during the quest "Growing up Fast", as well as a rare few places in the Wasteland. It is the weakest gun in the game, but it has an enormous capacity and better accuracy than most early weapons.

Daisy Red Ryder BB gun
The in-game model for the BB Gun.
A young Lone Wanderer uses their new birthday present on a makeshift gun range in Vault Note the placement of the player's hands: blocking the sights. This is because the Lone Wanderer (and everyone else in Fallout 3) has mastered the art of squinting at the space just to the left of their rifle to aim.

Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun

The Sawed off Double Barrel shotgun is one of two types of shotgun that can be used in the vanilla game. This is another Road Warrior reference.

The in-game model for the Sawed-Off Shotgun.
The Lone Wanderer stares off at the Capital Wasteland while wielding his Sawed-Off Shotgun.

Double Barreled Shotgun

In the Point Lookout DLC, you get this full-sized double barreled shotgun, which only fires both barrels at once (ouch) and reloads in about one second. It appears to be the same model as the Sawed-Off Shotgun, but with a full-length barrel and stock.

The Double-Barreled Shotgun in all it's makeshift glory.

Combat Shotgun

This fictional shotgun has an overall appearance of the PPSh submachine gun from the fire selector switch located inside the trigger guard, the barrel's protruding muzzle-brake, the drum magazine, and even the sights. The way the reloading procedure is operated also points to the real PPSh, but this weapon acts more like the USAS shotgun.

Soviet PPSh Submachine Gun - x25mm Tokarev, what the appearance of the "Combat Shotgun" is based on.
The in-game model for the Combat Shotgun. Notice how the drum is far too far forward to have shells actually reach the action.
The Lone Wanderer approaches the settlement of Rivet City with his Combat Shotgun.
Not knowing what lie within the flotsam aircraft carrier, he reloads his shotgun, ignoring the question of how shells are supposed to go from the drum to the shotgun, given the lack of any hole in the magazine
which results in a jam.


One of the more common heavy weapons in the game is based on the M2 Flamethrower. The Fallout version has an extremely short range, not even shooting ten feet ahead (the real thing has an effective range of about 60 feet).

M2 Flamethrower
In-game "Flamer"
The Lone Wanderer stands outside of Rivet City, armed with his Flamer.
Striking a pose, the Lone Wanderer shows off his Flamer.
The Lone Wanderer clears a jam in his Flamer. How does one "jam" a flamethrower, anyway?

"Frag Grenade"

One of the most commonly used throwing explosives in this game, the frag grenade bears a strong resemblance to M23 Haanbombe grenade in general structure and shape, with but a few minor difference in details. The shape of the lever of M23 Haanbombe grenade is different from the in-game version, and the M23 Haanbombe grenade lacks the grooves for controlled fragments on its surface.

M23 Haanbombe.
The Frag Grenade model.

"Frag Mine"

A very common planted explosive weapon in this game. The general structure and details clearly indicate this mine is a reference to real world TM anti-tank mine, it is, however, an anti-personal weapon in this game.

TM anti-tank mine.
The Frag Mine model.
Sours: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Fallout_3

Weapon Stats

This page contains detailed information on the main player usable weapons in FWE, including those from the original game, DLC expansions, and additions from FWE. 

The reference information was compiled by the generosity and hard work of watto44 and themountainthatpwns from the official FWE Forums.  Kudos for their efforts!
  • Min. Spread is the minimum bullet deviation when the bullet exits the gun barrel.  It does not relate to gun "sway" that you see visually.  Sway is controlled by your characters skills and other abilities.
  • Spread, contrary to the original fallout game, IS used in FWE.  Spread varies between the 0 and the value listed based on the condition of the gun.  As condition declines, the spread factor is used.
  • Fire Rate is typically attacks/sec.
  • FormID can be used in the in-game console to add weapons to your inventory.  Open the console (~ key) and type "player.additem xxyyyyyy 1" (without quotes) to add the item.  "xx" (first two digits in the FormID) is the mod index number.  "aa" corresponds with Fallout3.esm, "bb" is The Pitt DLC, "cc" is Operation Anchorage DLC, "dd" is Broken Steel DLC, "ee" is Point Lookout DLC, "ff" is Mothership Zeta DLC, and "xx" is the FO3 Wanderers Edition.esm master file. 

Small Guns


Weapon NameAmmoClip SizeWeightBase DamageHealthValueMin. SpreadSpreadZoomAPFire RateReload TimeCrit DamCrit % MultSilent?NotesFormID
Law Dog Cal523027020630Normalaa06B
Wild Bill's Sidearm Cal523027020142Normalbb00a7cb
Pistol Cal522860370201141NormalaaA
Junky Pistol Cal5223351470206141NormalxxFA16EF
Paulson's Revolver Cal646026530352Loudfff
Blackhawk Cal6455225253452LoudaaA2
Wernher's Magnum Cal6455265253352Loudbb00b74b
Magnum Cal6445265253352LoudaaD
Desert Eagle Cal8442365256201Loudxx00A7D4
Desert Eagle (Exp. Mag.) Cal12440365256201LoudxxDF2
Sonora's 10mm Pistol10mm12236501571Normalaa06F
Col. Autumn's 10mm Pistol10mm12325355151012Normalaa06B
10mm Alloy Steel Pistol10mm832275365206111Normalcc00c06c
Chinese Dragoon Pistol10mm1222285365206111Normalcc00c
Zhu-Rong v Chinese Pistol10mm1022136520122NormalaaC2C
Chinese Pistol10mm1222085365206101Normalaa
10mm Pistol10mm832075365206101NormalaaF
Butch's 10mm Pistol10mm822085365206101Normalaa01A
Shoddy 10mm Pistol10mm83184066520101NormalxxE
Inferior Chinese Pistol10mm1221845765206101Normalxx
Silenced 10mm Alloy Steel Pistol10mm8316365206102Silentcc00c06d
10mm Pistol (SI)10mm831536520692Silentaa
14mm Pistol14mm6450365256251Normalxx00E3B9
Gauss Pistol PPK122mm EC12450370103353SilentxxFA08B0
Knee Capper Specialmm5448026525502NormalxxDF1
Pistol (EX)mm54482652524NormalxxFA16CD
Dart GunDart1315035025620SilentaaA
Needler PistolHN Needler Cartridge104300365166220Normalxx00E3C1

Sub-Machine Guns

Weapon NameAmmoClip SizeWeightBase DamageHealthValueMin. SpreadSpreadZoomAPFire RateReload TimeCrit DamCrit % MultSilent?NotesFormID
Tommy Gun ACP407186514652510181NormalAutomaticxxF1
M3a1 "Grease Gun" ACP3051870470206181LoudAutomaticxxF2
10mm Submachine Gun10mm255204652010101LoudAutomaticaa
Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG10mm365214602510152SilentAutomaticaa06E7CC
FN P90c10mm50518450251218NormalAutomaticxxFA00C6
Ragged 10mm SMG10mm25517605652010101LoudAutomaticxxFA16FA
10mm Alloy Steel SMG10mm30521470201071LoudAutomaticcc00c06f

Assault Rifles

AmmoClip SizeWeightBase DamageHealthValueMin. SpreadSpreadZoomAPFire RateReload TimeCrit DamCrit % MultSilent?NotesFormID
H&K Gmm50622450
Sours: https://sites.google.com/site/fo3wanderersedition/reference/weapon-stats

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