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Put an end to Bercilak's cruelty.

  • Seek out Bercilak at Mabon Market.
  • Defeat Bercilak. Permanently.

Speak with the Pale Tree.

  • Visit the Omphalos Chamber.
  • Speak with the Pale Tree.


This is a pretty straightforward mission. Go to Mabon Market. Caithe will be waving to you and ask you to follow her.

If you chose Hammer and Steel, your weapon will be changed to Occam's Hammer. Skill 1 is a standard hammer autoattack, skill 2 is a ranged attack that supposedly applies cripple but really doesn't, skill 3 removes conditions while applying boons, and skills 4 and 5 are both knockdowns.

Once you reach Bercilak, one of two things will happen:

  • If you chose Hammer and Steel, Bercilak will comment on the hammer and claim he doesn't need his armor to beat you before the duel begins.
  • If you chose Weakness of the Heart, Gairwen kisses Bercilak and then steals his helmet.

No matter which path you chose, the fight's straightforward. Bercilak has a knockback ability and can apply a single stack of bleeding for a few seconds, but has no other tricks. He shouldn't be any trouble to defeat.
Once Bercilak's defeated, head back to the Grove for an audience with the Pale Tree, after which this quest will be completed and you'll start the second chapter of your Personal Story.


Guild:Knights Of The Silver Chalice

Chalice cape emblem.png
Knights OF The Silver Chalice

The Knights of the Silver Chalice are a guild dedicated to advancing players in their Guild Wars experience. The Guild Master and Guild Officers actively seek players through invites and references to bolster their numbers and share their wealth of knowledge and equipment with both new and seasoned players.

The guild itself has been around for years, with some of the senior players having joined the game in its infancy. As such, many of the officers share a vast wealth of in-game knowledge and experience, as well as a pool of powerful and rareitems which are often distributed to other members as rewards for honorable service or as prizes for success in inter and intra guild games and competitions. Events such as the now famous Torrack Trivia each week, and runs through PvE dungeons (such as the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe)and PvP dungeons (such as the Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood) occur frequently and the leadership of the guild works to see that all participants benefit whether they win or lose.

To assist with the more complicated missions and quests that are undertaken by KSC members, the guild also provides a Ventrillo server as a free service to all members.

With players all over the world, the Knights hope to one day achieve a state of 24/7 activity. Sharing the mantra of the Sunspears of Nightfall, Knights of the Silver Chalice "Never Fight Alone". With this in mind, KSC hopes to one day have at least one of their powerful officers active at any given time of day in order to offer aid to any guildmember, anywhere, at any time. The current guildmaster is known to work hard toward this goal and is often busy helping his members with their various quests and campaigns in order to assure guild loyalty, success, and solidarity.


Current Alliance Rating: 1,000 - KSC Kurzick Faction: >324,000 ~ Yeou Longroad 22:49, 16 October 2011 (UTC)

Main Game.png

As one of the older guilds still active in the world of Guild Wars, the Knights Of The Silver Chalice guild has a long and rich history. Innumerable quests and missions have been undertaken by the guild and its countless past and present members and the stories that could be told of the exploits of these valiant players exist in numbers too vast to record. This section attempts to detail in brief the linear history of the guild as a whole, from the beginning to the present day.

The Knights started as an offshoot of a very powerful Alliance that dated back to the original American release of the game. This original alliance was known for its tenacious hold on the Luxon territorial area known in-game as the Jade Sea. According to accounts of former alliance members, the penalty for failing to farm faction daily was ejection from one’s guild. Many players were expelled while many others left of their own accord to seek alliances elsewhere. The founder and current Guild leader of the KSC was one such player.

Torrack rose quickly in his original alliance. As a tireless player, he was dedicated to the game and held the unofficial position of first officer in his guild, which at the time was rated as the number 1 PvE guild in the world. Slowly becoming unsatisfied with the totalitarian “farming law” of the admittedly powerful and prestigious guild to which he belonged, Torrack abandoned his guild to return to his roots in the game, seeking other players who shared interests in PvE, exploration, accomplishment, and the world of Guild Wars itself. Torrack was not a novice at this time, having literally obtained every title then available in the game and having completed every known quest, he had received Email commendation from ArenaNet for his accomplishments as a player character, rating him as the number 3 PvE character in the Guild Wars world. Disgusted with the rule of his former alliance, Torrack established the KSC in the hopes of creating a community that would be more about developing good players than about gaining territory or farminggold, items, or PvPrank.

From the beginning, KSC was a group of active players whose dedication to the guild reflected in their own accomplishments in the game. The Guild Master, making use of his extensive experience and the capabilities of his in-game characters, regularly assisted with the endless quests and personal tasks of his members. Loyalty and community activity grew to an unprecedented level that could never have been expected. Within the first year, the Knights of the Silver Chalice boasted representatives in all 50 states of the USA and a few members elsewhere in the world. Activity was constant and the KSC was online 24/7/365. There was never a time when a Knight could not be found in the game. The population of KSC grew to such an extent that players began to actively seek membership and the officers were encouraged to form branch guilds in an alliance under KSC which also rapidly filled with players. The KSC alliance was quickly becoming quite noteworthy, holding a position among the top 10 fun guilds in the Guild Wars guild website.

As with any tale, the golden age of the Knights of the Silver Chalice was followed by a period of darkness. An officer of the guild, corrupted by her power and popularity, began to weave plans for her own ascendance as Guild Master, spreading a web of deceit through the junior members of the alliance’s lead guild (the original KSC guild) and the less experienced leaders of branch guilds and competitors. She was able to convince these players of her superior merit and prepared a plan to dissolve the KSC from within and rebuild it as the new Guild Master. Certain of her supporters, she contacted Torrack and asked him to abdicate, leaving her in charge. Naturally, Torrack was shocked and incensed at this unexpected turn of loyalty and refused. At a time of her choosing, she used her authority as an officer to kick all of the members of the KSC and formed her own guild, leaving Thunderbow alone with the smoking remnants of what was once a proud and mighty group of players.

Like the phoenix, the guild rose from its own ashes fully renewed. Undaunted by the crushing blow dealt by one of their most trusted officers, the KSC bounced back - within a week, Torrack was able to contact more than 50 of his original guildmates and re-instate them as Knights once again. Within the next few months, the guild almost fully recovered and the officers were once again tasked with forming new alliance branches in order to accommodate the influx of new members. In time, the KSC’s alliance grew back into the peerless body of adventurers that it had originally been. It was not long before the traitor’s alliance crumbled and the few guilds that left with her returned to the Knights of the Silver Chalice, seeking re-admission into the alliance, but by that time, the roster was full. KSC had once again reached maximum capacity; by this time, there were Knights in all 50 states and in 27 countries worldwide. Guild events, such as the KSC’s legendary “Torrack Trivia” frequently hosted more than 40 members and the guild hall was often more populous than an average in-game town or outpost. Encouraged by his members, Torrack’s real-life player developed a website that ran articles and news about the guild and its broad range of goals, events, and special players. If the utopian world of the KSC’s early success was a golden age, this was the age of platinum.

But the sun could not be stayed from setting on another age of glory, bringing behind it another period of darkness. At the end of 2010, Torrack’s real-life player was approached by his family and tasked with calling his online persona into early retirement as Guild Master of KSC. The dedication and time required to maintain a community as large as the Alliance demanded too much of his time. Naturally, Torrack consented and withdrew from the world of Guild Wars following an unprecedented retirement party at the guild hall. More than 500 players attended, witnessing the transfer of command from Torrack to his second officer (the first officer was also reducing his in-game time) and giving him a royal send-off.

A time of discord followed. Without the reputation and leadership of Torrack Thunderbow or his first officer Acmer White, the Knights of the Silver Chalice and their once booming alliance began to falter and dissolve. Torrack was offline for a total of about 10 months, blissfully unaware of the state of the KSC. When he finally returned to Guild Wars on a more limited schedule, he found the alliance disbanded and guild in tatters, barely surviving through the efforts of a few die-hard members and officers.

In May of 2011, Torrack once again donned the mantle of the Guild Master and is working to restore the KSC once again to glory. With the good fortune and tenacity of the type of loyal and dedicated players that built the guild in the beginning, the KSC looks forward to an age to match the gold and platinum of the past and to carry that age over into the next Guild Wars world: Guild Wars 2

August 28th 2011 has come to be known as Black Sunday within the walls of the KSC guild. It was on this day, at roughly 2:00am Eastern Time (USA) that a powerful hacker managed to gain access to Torrack’s Guild Wars account and proceeded to systematically clear it of everything of value. The stock of Torrack trivia prizes was wiped clean, 9 out of Torrack’s 10 characters were stripped bare, and everything from salvagedmaterials to EliteTomes to greenitems was mercilessly stolen. Even roughly 600 platinum was cleared from his account, leaving the indomitable Thunderbow with practically nothing to show for more than 6 years of dedicated gameplay. Assuming that this injury was not enough, the hacker further degraded his victim by parading characters around in the nude until two loyal KSC officers, God of Red Warriors and Deceiving Chaos, noticed the erratic behavior and confronted the impostor only to be kicked from the guild themselves. The real Torrack was alerted to the anomaly in real life and had The Spiritor locate and reinstate the two lost officers. In the meantime, Torrack contacted NCSoft and ArenaNet to have his account frozen to purge it of the malevolent force controlling it. The account was cleared and returned to its rightful player within 48 hours, but not before the hacker, aware that he had been found out, assigned a player named Mesmertil Of Awe as guild leader and withdrew Torrack’s characters from the guild. In the aftermath, Yeou Longroad, having been in contact with Torrack during part of the affair, called for the guild to remain calm and hold together while God Of Red Warriors and other senior officers discussed how to regain control of the KSC in Torrack’s absence and whether donations might be necessary to restore him. Seeing that no further issues had arisen, it was determined that the best course would be to wait for ArenaNet to return Torrack’s characters to him, then reinstate him as an officer until Mesmertil could be contacted. When Torrack was finally able to log in again, the damage had been done and the guild remained in a state of alert. There seemed to be little left for him to do but start over from the beginning.

Early Monday morning, Torrack logged in to find Yeou keeping watch from his distant post in Asia. The two discussed the events of the previous day and Torrack expressed his intent to begin rebuilding his characters. Yeou donated what little he had, but it was evident that the dauntless Thunderbow had a long road ahead of him. The news went out to the alliance that day and the story of Black Sunday was spread to all members everywhere. Appalled at what had happened to one of the alliance’s most liked Guild Leaders, a surge of righteous indignation rippled through the ONE Alliance. In a noble effort unparalleled in the history of the alliance or any known guild, every guild in the alliance gathered replacement materials, runes, Torrack Trivia prizes, weapons, consumables, and gold for the leader of the KSC. The alliance’s lead guild also donated the material to provide Torrack’s Warrior, Mesmer, and Necromancer with new armor. Hearing of the event, the wealthy and renowned speed-farmer Neptune Nebulous rallied his own alliance to provide Torrack with the resources to create a replacement set of elite armor with runes comparable to those he had lost, stating that “Our guild and alliance owes it’s heritage to the KSC and to Torrack, who sponsored us years ago.” As the word spread, players left their missions and quests in Ascalon, Cantha, Elona, and the distant reaches of the Far Shiverpeaks to come to Torrack’s aid. In the end, Torrack found his characters almost restored, but his spirit was renewed completely. Never had he experienced such an outpouring of care and friendship and the charity of his friends and allies truly moved him. Torrack Thunderbow contacted Longroad once more to request that his statement be added to the chronicles of the guild that they might ring clearly forever in the hearts of all Knights and noble players that might peruse this record.

"To my friends and comrades in the world of Guild Wars: May I say that I am moved by your valiant and heroic efforts. Never in my history as a player have I ever seen such altruistic and noble heroes. Each and every one of you is a diamond, a jewel in the crown that composes this alliance. It is a humbling experience for me, not to have been hacked; but to experience first-hand the power of your friendship. It is, and forever will remain, an honor to play by your sides.This is what our Guild is all about; this is what our alliance is all about. Players helping playersa man’s value is not measured by his store of platinum or ectoplasm, but in his character and in the character of those with whom he interacts. You are true Heroes, my friends, and though I can never thank you enough for your help and selfless giving, it is your camaraderie and loyalty that have truly made me the richest man in all of Guild Wars."

~Torrack Thunderbow

Guild Knights Of The Silver Chalice Torrack.png
The Guildmaster: Torrack Thunderbow

The Founder and Master of the Knights of the Silver Chalice guild. Torrack plays a central role in the history and development of the guild and it can be said that he is the root of the guild’s personality as a whole. In the early days of Guild Wars, Torrack was rated by ArenaNet as the 3rd greatest PvE player in the world. Before the days of the Eye of the North and the Hall of Monuments, Torrack’s feats and accomplishments were well-known, but his love for gameplay and his desire to help others as well as further the cause of the KSC have always been his first reason for logging into the game. As an Elite player, Thunderbow possesses a vast experience of the game world and all of its content; he makes use of this in his own quests as well as the quests of others. Using his inherent advantages as a Ranger, Torrack’s varied strategies generally include pulling, baiting, and combination tactics which deplete the HP of his foes before they have time to pose a significant threat. He has walked every inch of every map and has faced every foe; in addition to this, he has completed every mission and every quest in both normal and hard modes – a fact which has afforded him an arsenal of skills and equipment to match his experience. The diametric opposite of his close friend, Acmer White, Thunderbow abhors the thought of his character’s death and prepares carefully for each outing in order to effectively control his fate in any anticipated encounter. As such, Torrack quickly earned all of the Survivor titles, despite the difficulty and intensity of his many quests, missions, and battles. As a guild master, Thunderbow is dedicated to making the game a place that players feel welcome and capable of taking on anything Guild Wars throws at them. The KSC is his way of giving back to the game and to the players that make it great. Ever ready to lend a hand to new and experienced players alike, Torrack spends most of his time in parties with new members, offering experience, skills, and pure DPS to help them achieve their goals and, indirectly, the goals of the guild. Torrack has been a part of the Guild Wars world for more than 6 years, starting with the game in its infancy. He has seen the game world grow and develop around him and is determined to see his way and the way of the KSC persist to the end of this world and on through the next world of Guild Wars 2.

Notable KSC Officers

Since its inception, the KSC has supported hundreds of individual members, many serving at one time or another as Officers. Of those officers who have served throughout the history of the guild, those who have distinguished themselves through accomplishment, contribution, loyalty, or leadership are listed here; their names forever emblazoned on the history of the guild.

The Knight of the UK; Acmer White is a Warrior generally recognized as the KSC’s “First Officer”. At one time ranked by ArenaNet as the #4 PvE player in the world, Acmer is a melee fighter that specializes in brute force and endurance. His primary tactic is to wade into the thick of the battle and fight his way through opposition with raw DPS. He is not intimidated by the prospect of his character’s death and frequently surprises enemies with very risky and unorthodox strategies. White is one of the KSC’s older players and is a Guild Wars veteran with roughly 6 years of in-game experience. Aside from being a powerful and experienced player, Acmer is known for his business acumen and uses his extensive knowledge to make his way in the game’s user-based economy. As of 2011, White is arguably one of the richest characters in the game world with practically limitless resources at his disposal. Of all of the Knights, Acmer is the closest to Torrack. The two have traveled and fought together since the days when they were both beginners and Acmer remains one of the cornerstones of the KSC as a result.

Knight of the EU. Atheena (or Collin as KSC knew him) is a Mesmer who has followed Torrack since the beginning, helping found KSC and it's initial Alliance. Her fighting style is distraction and subtercation resulting in the enemy defeating themselves or harming their own party. With her vast amounts of illusions and degeneration she has carved a path of destruction through all of Guild Wars' PvE. Atheena had always had a knack for lore and knowledge so she was subsequently named the guilds librarian tasked with answering any and all questions that any guild member would ask including Torrack himself. As with Acmer, Collin has been with KSC since the beginning and remains one of the guilds top officers maintaining the KSC philosophy and having a strong influence over decisions affecting the guild and its policies.

A battle-hardened veteran with more than 4 years of game experience under his belt, God Of Red Warriors is a powerful, aggressive, and strong-willed Warrior controlled by a clever, calculating, and equally aggressive tactician. With a general focus on adrenaline skills, he decimates PvP opponents and PvE enemies alike, but his arsenal of battle tactics is by no means limited. He is well-known for his meticulous development of PvE and PvPskillbuilds and could conceivably take credit as the developer and tester of many of the more effective builds commonly known to serious players. Red Warriors has been with the guild since before the golden age and remains one of Torrack's close friends to this day. He is considered by the Guild Master and the more experienced officers to be one of the central pillars of the KSC and maintains a strong influence along with Acmer in many decisions affecting the guild and its policies.

Yin is a Monk whose focus is and has always been restorative magic and healing techniques. As a healer, Yin has accompanied Torrack and other officers on some of the most taxing missions in the game and has gained a strong reputation as a first-class support player. Rapid-fire healing tactics, triage decision-making, and long-term energy management enable Yin to keep his party alive even when facing nearly impossible odds. Torrack himself testifies to owing missions to Yin’s timing and powerful restorative skill-sets. As a solo player, Yin Do See is known as a duck-run-tactician that uses long-range offensive skills and a clever use of terrain to keep his enemies at arms-reach while he whittles away their HP. Most importantly, Yin gained honor as a Knight by remaining loyal to the KSC since the day he joined; even as it struggled through its hardest times, this steadfast healer was a light in the darkness.

Chaos’ Claim to fame is his outgoing personality. One of the guild’s younger players, Chaos is unpredictable, rash, wild, playful, competitive, and fun – put simply, he is a very well-named character. Serving under Torrack’s tutelage, the youthful officer quickly mastered the arts of ambush and trapping. He is known for his ability to manipulate PvE foes with the competence of a puppet-master. With 3 years of Guild Wars experience under his belt, Chaos’ prodigious and fun-loving play style is supplemented with ever-growing in-game knowledge that makes him one of the guild’s most beloved officers.

One of the more mature players in the guild, Miss Piggy is also one of KSC’s most potent raw DPS fighters. Fearless and rivaling Acmer for brute force, Piggy is a 4-year veteran that is not easily impressed or surprised. Both Miss Piggy and her husband Pork Chop are close friends of Torrack’s and the former of the two has, like Yin, remained loyal to the guild through thick and thin. In PvE, Piggy is not swayed by the urge to waste time and energy on damage spiking maneuvers; instead, she works from the perspective of sustained pressure, immersing enemies in a symphony of creative skill combinations in order to take advantage of lapses in the judgment or timing of her opponents. Aside from continuous combat, Miss Piggy is a known collector of Miniatures and, at present, possesses nearly every pet available to Guild Wars players; though whether the previously dedicated count has been a matter of some debate.

The Knight of the East; Yeou is a new addition to the ranks of KSC’s officers. Scouted at an early level by Torrack himself, Yeou’s clear interest in the good of the guild and the development of his fellow players saw him promoted in record time. Yeou is helpful and polite, exercising an almost excessive decorum in all his dealings with the other members of the guild. Volunteering his time to revive the KSC’s Wiki page and website, Yeou holds the honorary position of “Guild Chronicler”. Yeou’s honesty and desire to see the guild thrive awakened a new zeal for Guild Wars in Torrack from the day of Yeou’s promotion. Still a new player, Yeou seeks honor in the Guild Wars community and spends most of his time alone on quests, the spoils of which he often donates to the KSC in the hopes of inspiring loyalty and honorable behavior in his fellow knights.

Tom is a patient and calculating player. Using extensive knowledge of the game and the myriads of foes faced therein, The Hunter stalks his prey and spends time preparing his environment before launching his attacks. In what might be considered the diametric opposite of the tactics employed by the guild’s first officer, Tom flanks his opponents from a secure position, obliterating them with a planned chain of skills that often wrecks them before they can even reach him. As a 4-year veteran of the game, Tom plays a vital role in the KSC, often shouldering burdens that others would be reticent to attempt. As one of the few mid-range officers in the guild, Tom remains ready to assist with the KSC’s most difficult missions and is a welcome addition to any party of Knights.

Normally an elusive player and a loner, Grantir became an officer of note after his efforts to keep the KSC alive during Torrack’s forced sabbatical in 2010. To this day, he frequently plays while most of the guild is asleep and is one of the few players whose normal play time coincides with that of the distant Yeou Longroad. Having been dubbed guild leader by Guild Wars after Torrack’s temporary departure, Darkness showed his loyalty by unquestioningly relinquishing command of the guild to Torrack upon his return. Due to his unique schedule, few knights have partied with Grantir of Darkness and little is known of his methods. What is known, however, is that Grantir stands ready to answer whenever duty calls and is one of the finest officers in the guild – if not one of the finest in all of Guild Wars.

A warrior with over 4 years of experience and known for his clever approach to PvE gameplay, Elm employs a vast array of skill builds to get the job done. Applying special attention to debuffs, Elm often cripples or otherwise disables his opponents before bombarding them with tremendous melee damage. This approach has also earned him quite a reputation as a PvP player and those who do not know him quickly learn to give him a wide berth in the arena. Despite his lethal capabilities, Dark Elm is a loyal and capable KSC officer, always ready to offer his time and knowledge to help a Knight in need.

Black Tastic Magic is a wild, intense, goal-oriented ectoplasmfarmer. A highly capable KSC officer with 3 years of experience, Magic is known within the guild as one of the most prolific ecto-farmers anywhere. Despite being very fast and highly proficient in elite realms such as the Underworld, Magic's 'mission-first' approach allows him to balance attack and evasion to sufficiently avoid being overtaken by his adversaries. His calm and calculated approach also seems to translate into his ability to turn a profit, resulting in his in-game gold being frequently maxed.

A Mesmer by profession, Mez puts his faith in his profession's unique degeneration capabilities. A particular tactic for which Mi T Mez is well known is the multiple-hex, which accounts for up to 23 pips of degeneration per second. While this technique and others like it are extremely useful in PvE, they are utterly devastating in PvP. The professional opposite of the healers of the game, Mez possesses a dazzling array of skills tailored specifically for obliterating Monks and Ritualists. A strong member of the KSC with 4 years under his belt, Mi T Mez stands ready to serve the needs of the guild in any capacity.

One of the KSC's newer officers, Ninja earned himself a place among the leadership of the guild with his fun and outgoing personality. It has been said that Ninja is aptly named, since "cool" adequately describes his nature. He is expected to achieve great things that the guild is ready to help him and all it's growing members excel.

Like Ninja, Aishil is a relatively new member, only recently promoted. He is friendly, helpful, and has proven his himself excellent officer material through his supportive interactions with his fellow guild members. He has already shown himself a solid player with a mind for skill selection, and is expected to rapidly distinguish himself as a player and as an officer.

Much like Grantir of Darkness, Kylar is a player whose personal style and habits remain elusive. He is frequently online, but though he remains quiet and keeps to himself, Kylar is always ready to help a guild member in need. Though little of his fighting style has been witnessed by the current guild population, experienced members such as Torrack have testified to the fact that he is a powerful combatant and not to be taken lightly. Like some of the other silent officers in the KSC, Kylar can be an imposing figure for new members, but rest assured that he is a player dedicated to the guild and the success of its members.

One of the newest officers in the guild, Snellink is expected to make a name for himself as an officer. Promoted for his virtuous nature and helpful personality, Torrack believes that Snellink possesses the potential to become one of KSC's leading officers.

Zakkie is a member from the older days of the guild, known for his fun-loving and adventurous personality as well as his having written the KSC Anthem during the golden age. As a 3-year veteran of the game, he obsesses over completion and frequently repeats missions and quests until they are fully mastered – an attribute of his personality that has gained him considerable respect within the guild. That having been said, it is Zakkie’s jovial and gregarious nature and his propensity joining parties in need that have earned him notoriety among the KSC’s troop of elite knights.

Primarily playing as a Dervish Reaper is one of the original members of the KSC. From the early days of the guild, Reaper distinguished himself through his courage, self-sacrifice, and dedication. When a call for help surfaces on the Alliance channel, Reaper was usually one of the first to answer; frequently stopping whatever he was doing in order to render aid to other players. Like Acmer, The Unseen Reaper is a veteran player that joined during the early release of the game and has been by Torrack’s side in one form or another since the beginning. His dedication made him one of the first officers to be placed in charge of one of the KSC’s branch guilds, managing it for 3 years before staring his own alliance. The Unseen Reaper has since returned to KSC as an officer to help rebuild the great guild he helped to start those many years ago.

The Council and the Legacy

Aside from these sixteen, the Knights of the Silver Chalice supports dozens of other players whose accomplishments and personalities await documentation. The KSC and its leaders feel that no Knight is unworthy of recognition, and this wiki is only one of the ways we hope to make our story known. Let the outstanding efforts, accomplishments, and contributions of these fine players echo through history not from the corruptible and destructible letters scratched onto parchment or chiseled into stone – but from the incorruptible and eternal collective memories of the culture of Guild Wars itself.

For those Knights who have served with the KSC and possess a desire to contribute the time, resources, and skills to the glory of the guild and the edification of its members: contact Torrack or any KSC Officer in-game to inquire about your qualifications for advancement and the role you might play in the future of the guild.

How do You Measure Up?

The KSC is proud of its officers and is not unwilling to verify their accomplishments. While it takes more than pure player skill and a stomach for the grind of gathering the game’s many hard-earned titles to be an elite officer of the Knights of the Silver Chalice, it is nevertheless one way of separating history from myth. Click here to access ArenaNet’s Hall of Monumentscalculator. Type “Torrack Thunderbow” or the name of any KSC officer into the calculator to see for yourself the real-time proof of where we stand.

Main Event.png
Torrack Trivia

Torrack Trivia is a regular event unique to KSC. It was developed by the guild founder in the early days of the guild, having spawned from an earlier internal event known as "Where's Torrack," wherein Torrack Thunderbow would hide in a town or outpost and send hints regarding his whereabouts through guild chat. Some of the hints were very vague while others were specific enough to clearly indicate the place, should a player's knowledge be sufficient. In either case, it was only a clear and extensive knowledge of the game world and its lore that allowed a player a chance at winning the game. Torrack Trivia developed as an event that focused entirely on rewarding player knowledge. Frequently attracting guild and alliance members with prizes like gold and green weapons and consumables, as well as various and sundry rare items obtainable in the more remote regions of the world. With the event occurring weekly and having an average attendance between 20 and 50, the players of the KSC are actively encouraged to explore and learn the mysteries of Guild Wars - an exercise that makes the members and officers of the KSC some of the most knowledgeable in the game.

Imperial Guard Requisition Order.png

A legendary destiny lies within reach of every Guild Wars player; let us help you to find your true potential. Take your stand along with Torrack Thunderbow and the many Knights of the KSC. Join us in making a lasting legacy that will echo through the halls of history and entwine with the lore of Guild Wars itself.

At present, there are very few requirements for recruitment. However, the Knights of the Silver Chalice consider themselves to be a highly cohesive guild of high moral character and generally seek sincere beginners or accomplished players whose style of play evidences this same consideration. Since it is important for the KSC to grow and to help its members and alliance, the Guildmaster and Officers actively seek new members while online, though requests for membership or information about the guild are rarely denied.

Following in line with KSC's goal of eventual 24/7 activity, the guild is also working toward 24/7 accessibility via the wiki posting email addresses or social networking sites of volunteers from among the more trusted officers (in contact information). As of the time of this edit however, this initiative is still in its infancy and further input will be required from the guildmaster before solid contacts can be posted.

Equipment Requisition.png
Contact information

The primary method of becoming one of the Knights of the Silver Chalice is to directly contact Torrack Thunderbow in-game. Yeou Longroad (KSC's liaison in Asia) is also known to accept in-game messages regarding guild membership and can be reached directly via his Email Address for guild inquiries. In general, however, the Guildmaster and Officers of KSC actively seek promising players, rather than waiting to be contacted.

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"Knight" is a charr cub who is dressed up for Halloween. During Halloween she can be found wandering about the Lion's Arch and in Plains of Ashford watching "Mad King Thorn" performing.



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In Lion's Arch
Rawr! Trick or treat! Or, when you least expect it...I'll be the shadow in your alley, the wather on your rooftop, the avenger on your heels.

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Talk end option tango.pngNo candy for you.
In Plains of Ashford
Halloween is such a funny holiday. It's supposed to be scary, I guess, but we charr aren't afraid of anything.
Talk more option tango.pngMaybe you can comfort the other children who are scared.
Fah! Scaring them is much more fun.
Talk end option tango.pngWhatever works.
Talk end option tango.pngEnjoy it anyway.


Only in Lion's Arch

(laugh) I love it!

Halloween used to scare me when I was little. B-but I'm, I'm big now.

Isn't my costume the best ever?

Watch out! Mad King Thorn'll get you!

Yay! Halloween!


I was running Knight’s for a very long time and I found that I was dying to condi more than I was to actual physical attacks. Of course it could be because of the extra toughness I wasn’t dying to physical attacks but I switched over the full berserker while taking the defense trait line with adrenal health and condi cleanse and I felt much more comfortable than full Knight’s.

In any class obviously you should be dodging or positioning to avoid damage so a big part of survivability is on the player but you should also remember that in a mob of enemies toughness or high armor ratings tend to draw aggro so Knight’s may be useless in that scenario.

I think a warrior in HoT should take the defense tree for the condi. It grants you Thick Skin and Spiked Armor for extra toughness entering and during fights. Cleansing Ire allows you to get rid of condi stacks and adrenal health grants you a huge amounts of healing, not to mention dogged march also gives you a bit of regen when you’re crippled, immobilized or chilled which is very common in HoT. Eternal Champ allows you to get stability in berserker mode so you can burst down enemies with CC skills if you decide to use that. There’s also signet of the dolyak if you want some extra toughness as well.

Honestly I think Knight’s isn’t worth it because you have some utility in the class to grant you that extra armor and if you wanted to you could grab some accessories for toughness (which I think is cheaper and easier to obtain). A full set of knight’s would give 439 toughness/armor, 2 accessories would give 220. I think a warrior should have 2500 armor at least. With full berserker’s (rings, amulet, accesories n all) and no defense tree you’d run with 2270 armor, with the defense tree 2451 armor, with knight accessories and defense 2671 armor. Full Knights armor would give you 2710 with no defense line and full berserker trinkets. If you ran dolyak signet you could add 180 toughness/armor to any build.

Note that with the defense tree, it’s on average in a fight you’d have about that much armor due to the nature of Spiked Armor and Thick Skin. There could be moments where you run lower.

Without full knight’s you also have about 15% damage increase when you crit from the ferocity as well.

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2 knight wars guild

Sick, sit down. Medical examination. What are you, Ophira. Sit down, sit down. Do you say your hands hurt.

Guild Wars 2 - Fear Not This Night - Asja Kadric

Cheerful and gallant, I invited them to sit and have a beer. During the second mug, the atmosphere was already relaxed, with light erotic notes, to which I slowly but surely let the girls down. Alice even told a terrible secret about the imminent wedding, to which I was still surprised. But in order not to slow down the pace, I suggested that they go for a swim on a nudist beach.

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