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Impressions:  What I like best about the look of this rod is it's overall simplicity.  The matte gray blank is adorned with 11 Evolve Titanium framed Y-Guides featuring Zirconia inserts.  The first 2 guides are double footed, while the rest leading to the tip top are single foot.  Securing them to the blank are gloss black wraps.  The guides not only look good and are sized right, but they seem to be of excellent quality, with no visible imperfections noted..  Same goes for the wraps as well.  They are clean, with no drips or sloppiness.

Moving down to the handle portion, you'll find several different features.  The split grips are a combination of foam and cork.  The cork seems decent, but premium cork is not expected at this price point anyway.  It's diameter is also slightly narrower than average.  The rubber end cap shows a 13 Fishing symbol, with and adjacent cursive text saying �make your own luck.�

The most standout feature of the handle area is the reel seat and trigger design.  The reel seat and locking ring are a silver graphite weave that looks futuristic and tasteful.  Speaking of the locking ring and reel hood, it twists with relative ease but could be a bit smoother.  The ring surface is also very smooth to the touch, and it can be a tad tough to grip when locking or unlocking a reel, especially with slippery hands. 

The reel seat is designed for maximum contact with the blank.  The blank is fully exposed underneath the reel, and the custom �hair trigger� design provides cutouts on each side of the trigger for added finger contact.  This seemed gimmicky and possibly uncomfortable to me at first, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  It is extremely comfortable and transmits sensations very well.  In fact, the relatively thin cork handle combined with the added blank exposure of the reel seat makes the rod feel narrower and more precise in hand.

In hand, the Omen feels great.  It doesn't have extraordinary lightness, but it is well balanced which gives it a light overall sensation when fishing.  The cork and foam combined with the silver weave accents of the reel seat makes for an upscale jdm style look.  Personally, I'd prefer full foam grips but that's just me.

Lab Tests:  Taking a look at our deflection data, you'll see that the Omen starts out inline with our MBR783C GLX baseline rod, but exhibits softer qualities when the weight really starts to add on.  Even though the Omen OBC73M measures out to be softer, in my eyes it remains very true to its medium power rating, as well as it's line and lure ratings.  Also keep in mind the MBR783C is also 9 inches shorter, and is a medium heavy rod rated for a bit heavier lures. 

Balance of the Omen is also noticeably better than our average.  With a reel attached, feel in hand is excellent.  For example, with a 6.7 ounce Shimano Scorpion 1000XT aboard, the balancing point is right at the winding check.

Real World Test:   I had a unique opportunity to test the Omen both in California, as well as here at home in Florida.  The California Delta and San Francisco Bay were fished out west, while the normal variety of lakes and ponds were tackled at home.  14lb mono as well as 20lb braid were the lines of choice.

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A major developer and designer of fishing rods, reels, baits and apparel has moved its office, product design center and distribution warehouse to Clearwater. 

13 Fishing opened its Clearwater headquarters in October 2016 with 30 employees who work in product development, customer service, accounting and warehouse. 

“For a fishing company, it doesn’t get much better,” said Jim Coble, president and founder of 13 Fishing. “You want to have a certain lifestyle. Clearwater provides a pretty amazing lifestyle.”

In 2011, Coble started 13 Fishing (with its tagline Make Your Own Luck) by strategically focusing on the ice fishing market first. Coble was experienced in the angler market and knew that ice anglers were both passionate and heavy consumers of the open water market. They were also not getting the attention they needed, making them the perfect market segment for Coble’s firm to initially focus its product development efforts on.

The product designers and developers at 13 Fishing created innovative rods and reels and the business ascended.

13 Fishing, located at 1310 N. Hercules Ave., has branched out to other fishing segments, including freshwater and saltwater fishing. Today, its products can be found worldwide and domestically at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Academy Sports + Outdoors and Gander Mountain.

13 Fishing sponsors professional bass anglers, saltwater captains and ice guides. It also sponsors high school and college bass fishing programs to help future anglers pursue their careers and passions in the sport.

“We are thrilled to have this innovative and market leading company join the Clearwater business community,” said Denise Sanderson, the city’s Economic Development and Housing director. “Commercial and recreational fishing is part of the fabric of our community, and 13 Fishing’s decision to locate in Clearwater provides the company with access to natural resources and the workforce it needs to continue to grow.”

At 13 Fishing’s Clearwater office, a passionate, experienced staff of anglers works on the product design and engineering of the rods, reels and baits.

“Florida is a great place because you have world class offshore fishing, inshore fishing and freshwater fishing,” said José Chávez, 13 Fishing’s marketing manager. “All the different spectrums of fishing are all here. It’s a perfect place for the product development team to develop products, test products and make them better.”

To learn more about economic development in the city of Clearwater, contact José Patiño, the city of Clearwater’s public information specialist, at (727) 562-4664 or [email protected]

To learn more about 13 Fishing, contact José Chávez, 13 Fishing’s marketing manager, at [email protected]

Photo courtesy of 13 Fishing.

Photo of Jim Coble, president of 13 Fishing

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Fate favors the bold: The last generation Fate Black rods were anything but black, in fact they were such a bright green that it looked like anglers were wielding lightsabers with each cast. While some anglers liked the bold green styling it was definitely a polarizing color, but in the end achieved the goal of introducing the Fate Series to many more mainstream anglers. 


This season the Fate Series gets a complete makeover, and it is more than just a changing of blank colors.


Built on Japanese 30 Ton PVG30T blanks the new rods are designed to be lighter and crisper feeling, while maintaining the powerful tapers that the Fate series is known for.

The new rods make use of the company's own Evolve components including the soft touch ported reel seat to provide plenty of access to the blank and stainless steel alconite guides. For greater comfort the team decided to transition to high density Japanese EVA grips, versus cork in the current generation, and adds the Evolve Snaggle Tooth Hook keeper on casting models, and the snagless hook keeper on cranking models. 

The new Fate Black rods are available in a wide array of lengths and actions and retail for aggressive prices of only $79.99 to $94.99 depending on the model. With general casting rods and specific rods for cranking and fishing swimbaits 13 Fishing has the complete spectrum of bass applications covered. ICAST represents a hard launch for the series and the new Fate rods are available now at Tackle Warehouse.  

More than one Fate: In a surprise move the company also introduced what looks like the polar opposite of the new Fate with the Fate V3 rods. These rods feature a white theme, like really white, as in a blizzard whiteout-white. Everything including the blank, grips, reel seat, and even the guide wraps is white on this rod. There are a few black highlights, and some black rear grips on some models, so you won't have zero-chance of finding your rod if you drop it in the snow. All kidding aside, these rods definitely do have a unique style that is edgy and will actually look pretty cool paired with many of the company's own black and white Concept reels.

Performance-wise the Fate V3 is a step up from the new Fate Black and features a higher modulus 36 Ton Japanese blank. The components also are upgraded on the V3, including soft touch Air Foil carbon grips on many models (some like the Frog and Chat-R-Crank still use high density Japanese EVA), and tangle free stainless steel guides with zirconia inserts.

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Do Not Buy the 13 Fishing Defy Black Swimbait Rod! (Brutally Honest Review)

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