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Vintage Militaria, Military Antiques & War Memorabilia for Sale

Genuine International Military Memorabilia Direct from Dealers Across Europe 

Whether you are looking for military memorabilia for sale to add to your collection, or for a gift, you are spoilt for choice on where you will find a wide assortment of genuine militaria for sale direct from dealers across Europe. Browse our extensive selection below of military collectables, and we are sure you are going to find something that you love that will be right at home in your antique military collection.

A Wide Selection Of Militaria Antiques and Memorabilia For Sale

No matter what type of military memorabilia you collect or are looking for as a gift, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for on You can select from the many military medals available, field equipment, military uniforms, deactivated pistols, armour, and edged weapons such as swords and knives. There is a wide selection of international military antiques for sale, as well as English and British military antiques from which to choose. Your search is made simple when you use our popular search categories on the right-hand side of the page, and there is plenty of information about any item in which you may be interested. No matter what militaria antiques interest you, you are sure to find something that will go perfectly with your collection, and no matter where the militaria dealers are located, you can enjoy delivery of your military antiques, UK & European mainland wide.

The Easy Way To Buy Antique Militaria & Military Artifacts

When you search the military artifacts for sale on and find something that interests you, you can click on the item of interest and get plenty of detailed information about the antique militaria. You will find that there is a concise description of the piece, as well as information about the origin, date of manufacture, the measurements and conditions of the item, material, and where it is located and delivery information. If you have any questions about a specific antique, then you can contact the seller directly, and you can also request that they call you back allowing you to haggle over the price of the military antiques that interest you. One thing that you can be assured of is that you are dealing with reputable antique dealers selling genuine antiques, so all you need to do is choose what interests you the most.

Military Antiques from Trusted & Reputable Militaria Dealers

When you purchase through the website, you will first need to register an account as a buyer which you can do by clicking here and will take just a few seconds. To be able to advertise your military memorabilia for sale UK and European wide, you will also need to register a sellers account, which you can do by clicking here. We put all militaria dealers as well as other antique dealers through a vetting process to ensure that only reputable and trustworthy sellers can advertise their military antiques, giving you the peace of mind that you are purchasing from a reliable antique dealer. For the best selection of military antiques in Europe, look no further than, where we are confident you will be able t find that missing piece from your collection. 

Military Antiques & War Memorabilia FAQs

Are military antiques valuable?

Military antiques have historical importance and have piqued the interest of collectors. These army memorabilia are all symbols of a soldier’s sacrifice and bravery and a reminder of the historic past and stories of valor. These are the factors that make antique memorabilia valuable. Depending on their age and rarity, one memorabilia could cost a substantial amount of money. The older and more flawless an item is, the more it will be worth. Check out Love Antiques selection for the very best in unique or custom pieces from our militaria category.

Do genuine militaria dealers advertise on Love Antiques?

Browse and discover the best and most unique vintage militaria from military dealers all around the globe. Love Antiques is the United Kingdom’s premier resource of antique crickets memorabilia and sports memorabilia. At the core of our longstanding reputation, British militaria dealers UK has trusted us to care for and advertise their most precious collection.

Is WW2 memorabilia worth anything?

As a specialist provider of militaria, we know this exclusive collection is a highly attractive piece because of its significant history and curiosity. WW1 memorabilia are one of the most sought-after items on our website. Collectors are often driven by their fueling passion to obtain world war memorabilia as reminders of heroic events that play an invaluable role in the historic record.

How can I get valuations for my military antiques?

Unfortunately, we do not offer valuation services. However, we have tons of useful articles that you can use for personal valuation. If you are interested in selling, you can sign up on our online form or send us an email to help you discuss the sale of your items or collection. It is our main mission that you receive the best possible experience when selling your military collectibles. For more information, we are here to provide a successful marketing solution that lets you market in front of a global audience.


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Please note that the War Front Seattle showroom wil be closed on Saturday October 9th and Wednesday October 13th 2021.

The War Front is a militaria, antiques and war collectibles dealer with two locations in Portland, Oregon & in Seattle Washington. Our stores specializes in the consignment and sales of all form including uniforms, field gear, books, photos and memorabilia, weapons & militaria as well as vintage military vehicles.  This includes popular items such as WWII uniforms, German WWII equipment, WWII Jeeps and other vehicles, WWII tents and mess kits and even WWII WAC and Army nurse uniforms! We also carry German and US WWII reproduction uniforms and field gear for the reenactor looking for something to take to their favorite reenacting platform.


Reproduction & Original Uniforms & Field Gear for the Serious Reenactor & Collector

Whether you are a reenactor, collector, living historian or enthusiast looking to purchase or sell WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam or modern day military items and collectibles or seek advice on the appraisal of a uniform, weapon or memorabilia, our knowledgeable team can assist you.  


Your Military Vehicles & Classic Car Portland & Seattle Dealer

We also sell and consign military vehicles from all countries and conflicts... Jeeps, Kubelwagens, military motorcycles, half tracks, tanks, trailers and so much more! Our Seattle location also welcomes sales, consignment & storage of classic cars from the 1930's, 40's & 50's.

Offering Consignment, Appraisals of Militaria, Collections & Estates to Oregon & Washington Residents

Whether you have a few items or a whole collection of military items,  The War Front can assist Seattle and Portland area residents in the appraisal or consignment of their antiques and collectibles. With consignment you'll get more money for your valuable and you can be certain that your militaria will be treated with the dignity and respect it deserves. We also handle estate sales of military & vintage items and tailor our solution to your particular needs. Find out more on our unique services here.

We Are a FFL Accredited Military Antique Portland Dealer

Not your typical Portland shop but better! Our store is FFL accredited, allowing us to sell, consign and purchase antique rifles & pistols. Are you looking for a M1 Garand, a 1903, Enfield, Luger pistol or other collectible firearm for your collection? Visit our Portland store today. 


Make your Television or Movie Production more WWII Accurate

With years of experience in the acting and production business, the War Front Portland & Seattle also provide military movie and television procurement & consultative services to bring accuracy and credibility to your production. 



We receive new inventory everyday! Be sure to come back often to see what is new in our showroom. 


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World War 2 was one of the greatest conflict in modern history. Millions lost their lives in a fated battle between the Allies and the Axis and tales of courage and sacrifices still live in the military artifacts that remains in the attics and footlockers of our grandmothers and grandfathers. The War Front  Militaria and Collectibles is proud to offer a wide selection of WWII uniforms, WWII field gear, weapons, medals and decorations, photos and more for sale at The War Front Militaria Store. Reproductions items and originals are available for WWII collectors and reenactors. Purchase online or at one of our two store locations in Portland & Seattle. Questions? Interested in something you see? Contact us today.

NOTE ON UNIFORMS - While we make every effort to add everything on our website, we have thousands of items and it's not always possible to do so. If you are looking for a uniform, whether reproduction or original, please call or email us. We have hundreds of them, they just take a long time to photograph!


In the last 80 years, relics from the second world war have become rare and continue to increase in and maintain their value. VDG Militaria (formerly known as Van Der Gaughan Militaria) is your source of 100% original militaria from Germany, Japan, Italy, USA, England and other allied and axis nations.

In the last 80 years, relics from the second world war have become rare and continue to increase in and maintain their value. VDG Militaria (formerly known as Van Der Gaughan Militaria) is your source of 100% original militaria from Germany, Japan, Italy, USA, England and other allied and axis nations. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for something other than what is listed on our site. Please continue to check back for updates! We have 1000’s of pieces and are always adding more. Sign up as a member and receive discounts for members! The items on this site are for historical interest only and are in no way in support of the radical political views expressed by some of the nations in history. To learn more please see our full disclaimer.


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 10/06/21 -   Revolutionary War American Bayonet Scabbard. Part 2 of the Collar Disc Collection. Amazing WW1 Rimless Brodie Cambridgeshire Regt. Trophy Helmet. WW1 Headgear. Selection of WW2 Uniforms Including a Decorated 9TH Armored Officer, A War Crimes Trial, JAG Officer and Others. PT Boat Sailors Helmet. WWII Airborne M-1 Helmet. WWII GI, Mail Home Box for German Souvenirs. WWII American/ Italian Fascist Paper and ID Grouping. WW2 Trench Art Modifyed Japanese Officers Sword. Great Leather Squadron Patch/ Insignia/ Paper Grouping. Very Rare Paper Group for  a Prisoner of the Santo Tomas Internment Camp for Americans in the Philippines. WWII German Insignia Catalog. WW2 Combat Maps And Much, Much More!!

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