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Olivia Marie Plath Biography and Wiki

Born in Virginia, U.S.A, Olivia Marie Plath is a wedding photographer known for her appearance on TLC&#;S reality series, Welcome to Plathville.  She was brought up in a strict christian and conservative family, however, when she was 17 years old, she wished to break free from that lifestyle as she felt she was unhappy and isolated.

Olivia convinced her parents to take  their family to a christian fundamentalist camp on which they agreed. After the camp, their lifestyle changed and her parents apologized for the kind of lifestyle (oppressive) they put her and her siblings through.

Olivia Marie Plath Age and Birthday

Born on April 26, , Olivia Plath is 22 years old as of She celebrates her birthday on 26th of April every year.

Olivia Marie Plath Height and Weight

Olivia Plath stands at 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She has an estimated weight of 58 kgs.

Olivia Marie Plath Family

Olivia Plath&#;s mother is named Karen Meggs. She grew up in a strict christian and conservative family.  In an interview with Youtube Channel Without A Crystal Ball, she mentioned that she grew up as the 4th born of the 10 children of a legalistic christian home. Details of her 9 siblings are unknown to the public.

Olivia Marie Plath Husband |  Ethan Plath

Olivia Plath is married to Ethan Plath, a media personality known for appearing on a family based reality  show Welcome to Plathville. The two first met at a christian camp in Olivia did not like Ethan at first but she knew he had a crush on her and it is until that they started going out for dinners and officially started dating. Ethan mother, Kim, encouraged the two to date. On November 3, , Ethan proposed to Olivia and she agreed to marry him. A year later, and on October 13, , Olivia and Ethan tied a knot and are now living together.

Olivia Marie Plath's Photo with husband, Ethan Plath

Olivia Marie Plath Divorce

Olivia Plath has often talked about the possibility of divorce from Ethan Plath for their marriage has been rocky since she doesn&#;t get along with her in-laws Barry and Kim.  However, Olivia and Ethan talked about the situation and decided to stay together as Ethans vows to always defend her against the family drama. He also seemed to separate himself from the Plath family in order to focus on his marriage with Olivia.

Barry Plath and Kim feel that Olivia is making their son, Ethan , stray from his upbringing behavior by introducing him to a new lifestyle.

Olivia Marie Plath Welcome to Plathville and Ethan Plath

Olivia Plath appears on Welcome to Plathville, a family-based reality show. The shows follows the life of the Plath Family which consists of 11 members, the parents Barry and Kim , and their 9 children. Barry and Kim are focused on bringing up their children under very strict christian and conservative rules.

Olivia, who has become part of this family through marriage to Ethan Plath,  struggles to blend with the in-laws. She doesn&#;t like to go by the families rules of no alcohol, technology, television and sugar and she has introduced Ethan, her husband to a different lifestyle.

Olivia and Ethan has become estranged from Ethan&#;s parents for not going by the family rules and are only allowed to visit Ethan&#;s younger siblings under supervision so as to avoid influencing them negatively.

Ethan has vowed to always defend Olivia Marie when it comes to his parents in order to keep their marriage intact.

Micah Plath and Moriah Plath , who are Olivia&#;s brother in-laws are close to her as they also have wished to break free from their parents conservative upbringing.

Olivia Marie Plath Career

Olivia is a wedding photographer and a television personality. She appears on TLC reality show,  Welcome toPlathville.

Olivia Marie Plath Photography : Website

Olivia Plath is a travelling wedding photographer. On her website https://oliviamarieplath.com/ she describes herself as: &#; I am a Georgia-based travelling photographer for wild-at-heart lovers.&#;

Olivia Marie Plath Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Olivia Plath has an Instagram account with K followers as of November Her Instagram handle at the moment () is @oliviamarieplath. On her IG page she posts some of her wedding photography work.

She has also has Facebook  page under the link: https://www.facebook.com/oliviamarieplath/

Olivia, and his husband Ethan has a Youtube Channel which has over 6K subscribers and two posts as of November Their Youtube channel is under the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3eBq6lt3FUJw5g8tMFw5Yw

Olivia Marie Plath Net worth

According to various sources, Olivia Plath has an estimated net worth of  $K- $5OOK. She earns her income through her photography work and as a media personality.

Sours: https://flyworldinfo.com/olivia-marie-plath/

Olivia Plath Believes 'This Year Will Be One of Change and Healing' as She Turns 23

Olivia Plath is ready to embrace all that her next year of life has in store.

The Welcome to Plathville star turned 23 on Sunday and celebrated her special day with a touching and reflective Instagram post.

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"23 &#x;️ I've already cried three times today as I read kind words and wishes from friends and realized (yet again lol) how dang lucky I am," Olivia wrote alongside photos of herself posing outside in a blue dress and red heels.

"I've seen a lot of foreshadowing that leads me to believe that this year will be one of change, growth, and healing, And I'm ready to lean into that 😌," said Olivia. "Here's to this new year around the sun and all the ways that it will enrich my life. Thank you for all of the kind and beautiful messages today! I'm surrounded by amazing people and I'm really, really lucky 😍🤍."

Olivia received birthday wishes in the comments section of her post from many of her followers, including sister-in-law Moriah, who wrote, "Happy birthday Olivia!."

Moriah also shared a birthday tribute to Olivia on her Instagram Story. "Happy birthday @oliviamarieplath I love you sis," she wrote alongside two photos of the pair. Plath re-posted the tribute on her own Instagram Story and wrote, "aww I love you sis. So glad you're in my life."

Credit: Olivia Marie Plath/Instagram

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Olivia is married to Moriah's brother, Ethan Plath, The couple's estranged relationship with Ethan's parents, Kim and Barry Plath, is explored on Welcome to Plathville, which concluded its second season in November.

As seen on the show, the conservative Plath family has been at odds and split into three households &#x; Ethan and Olivia, Micah and Moriah, and Kim and Barry with their youngest children &#x; though they only all live blocks apart.

The turbulent family drama has also caused issues between Olivia and Ethan, who have been open about their marital struggles over the past year and a half.

This month, she told fans that she and Ethan "are working through a lot right now," adding, "But hopefully it will all make us wiser and stronger in the end."

Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath
| Credit: olivia plath/ instagram

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Speaking to PEOPLE last December, Olivia revealed she's been going to therapy after recognizing she "was not in a healthy place" and "needed to work through things" from her childhood. The reality star additionally noted that she doesn't want to start a family with Ethan until they both process their respective pasts. 

"I also know that in many ways, we're not ready for kids," she said at the time. "We need to heal and process our own childhoods before we bring another child into the world."

Sours: https://people.com/tv/welcome-to-plathville-olivia-plath-believes-this-year-will-be-one-of-change-and-healing-as-she-turns/
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Welcome To Plathville: Olivia&#;s Wedding Photographer Job Explained

Known for standing up to Kim and Barry Plath, Ethan's wife Olivia runs a successful wedding photography business. She's a great photographer.

Olivia Plath from Welcome to Plathville is known for her clashes with Kim and Barry Plath, but she's also a wedding photographer, and we have lots of facts about her job to share. Olivia is married to Ethan Plath, and their relationship has been negatively impacted by problems with his strict Fundamentalist parents, Kim and Barry. Olivia and Ethan stick it out as a couple, but they've had to deal with a lot of disapproval from his mom and dad. Kim and Barry think Olivia is a bad influence. However, many fans think they are too hard on Olivia. Ethan's wife isn't exactly an out-of-control wild child, despite describing herself as "wild at heart" in her website bio. No matter what happens with her husband and in-laws, Olivia has her photography skills to fall back on. There is much more to her life than family drama.

This Welcome to Plathville star is a raving beauty with a noticeable resemblance to Gossip Girl legend Blake Lively, and she loves capturing the beauty in others while doing her job. While she recently stated via her @oliviamarieplath Instagram that she's "working through a lot" with Ethan, her business appears to be thriving. She frequently posts pictures of happy couples on her IG, and the pictures that she takes are definitely pleasing to the eye. Whether she's shooting couples indoors or outdoors, she has a great eye and her technical photography skills are impressive.

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Olivia's personal website Olivia Marie Plathincludes a lot of information about her photography services, as well as interesting tidbits about her life. Welcome to Plathville fans who want to hire Olivia as a wedding photographer can contact her through her website. She has a Web page, "Let's Chat," which features a convenient online form that prospective clients can use to connect. On her IG, she features the couples who are her clients, and plenty of them sing her praises in the comments. However, she also posts pictures of herself, including the picture below, which she posted on her recent April 25 birthday:

Fans may notice Olivia's red hair in the photo above. She always dreamed of trying fiery locks, so she went for it. She's got a brave spirit, and like Moriah Plath, she's interested in things that Kim and Barry surely dislike, such as tattoos. She's just as risk-taking when it comes to wedding photography. She loves taking pics at destination weddings because she is into travel. She uses a range of different photography styles to get exciting effects. She can do misty and romantic portraiture or crisp and vibrant shots with a contemporary feel. See a gorgeous pre-wedding portrait by Olivia below, via her Instagram:

While Olivia makes money through Welcome to Plathville, her photography business is her bread and butter. Before her photographer days, she did some interesting jobs. She was a roofing foreperson and a massage therapist's secretary. Now, she's found the perfect job.

When taking photographs, she has a keen sense of aesthetics, as well as a sense of adventure. She brings a part of herself to every single picture that she takes. Fans who want to get their wedding pictures taken by a bona fide Welcome to Plathville star may want to reach out to Olivia today. Olivia says she's been "finding her voice" after season 2 and this empowered woman shows her strength through her career success.

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Sources: @oliviamarieplath/Instagram, Olivia Marie Plath


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