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LED Lighting for Clusters, Auxiliary Gauges, Interior & More

The lighting for the instrument clusters prior to was, let's face it, terrible.  Especially at dusk!  These LEDs (actually SMDs) will banish the darkness.  Easily on a par with the nice, bright halogen bulbs that were introduced later on, these will snap right into the bulb holders to illuminate your 's cluster.  So bright, you will want to turn your dimmer down--imagine that!  The white units have a very slight blue cast, while the blue are considerably "more blue".  Sorry, very difficult to photograph in use.  All units are polarized and sockets must be oriented correctly for proper operation.  E-mail for details please. 


The smaller units will fit the 52mm VDO gauges, like the ones standard in the turbo cars.  For the 52mm clock, you will need to modify the mounting slightly, but they do fit. 

The small units will also fit the sockets in your 's center dash console, and the floor light in your emergency brake console--a huge improvement for both. 


A wonderful, and long overdue upgrade!

$26 for a set of two cluster illumination units, or a set of four small units.

$44 gets you two cluster units and four small units, enough to do three accessory gauges and a small clock, or the dash center console and rear floor light.  $62 gets you cluster lights, gauge lights and the center dash/floor light set.

We stock LEDs for just about every location on your including ceiling courtesy lamps and glove box courtesy lamp.  $6 each.  You can order them separately or add them to an existing order.  Please see selections below, or message us.

Shipments via USPS Priority Flat Rate Box, Continental U.S. only.  For international shipments, please

request a quote via the quote button.  Don't forget to include information on what you need, as well as complete, ship to information. 

2 Large, White LEDs

For Cluster, $22

2 Large, Blue LEDs

For Cluster, $22

2 Large & 4 Small, White LEDs

For Cluster & 52mm Gauges, $42

2 Large & 4 Small, Blue LEDs

For Cluster & 52mm Gauges,


Kits to cover cluster, 52mm gauges, dash and floor consoles

(You can add an additional, small LED for your shifter console-msg!)

2 Large & 8 Small, White LEDs

For Cluster, 52mm Gauges, Dash & Floor Consoles


2 Large & 8 Small, Blue LEDs

For Cluster, 52mm Gauges, Dash & Floor Consoles


4 Small, White LEDs

For 52mm Gauges or Dash & Floor Consoles,


4 Small, Blue LEDs

For 52mm Gauges or Dash & Floor Consoles,


LEDs for Glove Box, Ceiling Courtesy Lamps, Under-Hood, Trunk, and License Lamps

Wagon Interior & License Kit

2 Ceiling Courtesy LEDs

2 Rear License LEDs

1 Glove box LED

5 Pieces, $39, USPS Priority

Sedan Interior & License Kit

1 Ceiling Courtesy LED

2 Rear License LEDs

1 Glove box LED

4 Pieces, $33,  USPS Priority

Wagon ADD-ON Interior/License Kit

(Added to an existing order)

2 Ceiling Courtesy LEDs

2 Rear License LEDs

1 Glove box LED

5 Pieces, $30, Added to an Order

Sedan ADD-ON Interior/License Kit

(Added to an existing order)

1 Ceiling Courtesy LED

2 Rear License LEDs

1 Glove box LED

4 Pieces, $24, Added to an Order

Don't forget to include your car's year, and your city and zip code or location outside the U.S.  Thank you!

I wrote this up over on OVT, it's still a WIP but it's fairly complete:

I haven't seen this posted comprehensively anywhere, even though people ask about doing it fairly often. So here's what I've found you'll need to convert your over to using LED lights (both interior and exterior). STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS.

You'll need and single element bulbs, plus a set of double element bulbs if you're running fog lights in the rear.

4x single amber (front turn/running)
2x single amber (rear turn) (use white if non-clear housing)
4x single white (rear backup/brake)
2x double white (rear running/fog)
2x 41mm festoon bulb (wagon)
2x BA9s bulb (sedans/coupes)

Running side markers? No problem: 2x T10 #/ wedge base

This assumes you're running brake lights in the upper location with a single filament connector. Connections are the same regardless, but if you're using the single pole connectors and buy the 's you'll have to mod them (solder or aluminum foil) to bridge the gap.

You will also need an electronic flasher module, as the lack of load on the turn signals will cause the OEM flasher to not flash. You'll need CF13GL or equivalent european 3-pole flasher. Pinout looks like this:

I picked one up from my local Autozone for about $ Just make sure the pinout is the same, the PN won't matter.


2x 40mm Festoon bulbs (overhead/tailgate)
2x T10 #/ wedge base (main cluster illumination)
3x T5 #74 wedge base (center console)
?x T5 #74 wedge base (1x per 52mm gauge or console switch, lower center console light)
2x BA9s base (fasten seatbelt, center and lower center console)
?x B85d twist-lock (turn signals, warning lights) NEEDS VERIFICATION

If after installing them all, the light levels are acceptable and you don't feel the need to dim them, then you're done. If you'd like to be able to dim them at some point, pick up a PWM dimmer. I found one on eBay for ~$15 that looked like a near drop-in replacement for the stock dimmer.

You'll also want to make sure you don't buy exceptionally long bodied T5 #74 bulbs. They tend to either go too far into the receptacle and don't disperse light, or bottom out in a gauge before grounding to the body - and then not turning on. You might find that the upper center console LED isn't anywhere near bright enough even after taking these precautions, in which case an 'accent light' module might do the trick. Also do not buy 'super bright' or even white LED's for the turn signal indicators, they will be extraordinarily bright and blind you at night while making turns.

Your bulbs should look something like this:

/ tail/turn
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Originally Posted by RPGT+TView Post

Hey smokey, the regular leds will dim with the OE rheostat. Its the stuff that I do that needs the PVM dimmers to dim properly without the need for sunglasses at night. Roger

Oh OK. I as wondering about that. I'm trying to decide whether or not to LED my 91 sedan. And if so, whether red or blue.

My KW headunit has blue lighting, butI have a red Hella map light and white "delayed courtesy lights" in the floorboard, and also manually operated red courtesy lights too

I do like to turn the IC lights all the way off at night,and don't want to lose that "feature".

My 52mm VDO Vision gauges still stay lit, enough to keep an eye on the OT,WT,OP,VM, and vacuum gauges even with the IC lights completely off.

Are the VDO Vision 52mm gauges easier to LED than the oem VDO/Volvo 52mm gauges?

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Lights dash volvo 240

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Cleaning and fixing my cheap Volvo 240s gauge cluster (odometer repair and mileage correction)

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