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Janus Double Padlock Slide Latch
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Standard Latches & Hasps:
Janus Double Padlock Slide Latch

Cylinder Latches & Hasps:
Janus Double Padlock Slide Latch

CM Standard Latches & Hasps:
Janus Double Padlock Slide Latch

CM Cylinder Latches & Hasps:
Janus Double Padlock Slide Latch

OEM Replacement hasp for Janus doors. Includes hasp, slide bar, felt strip tape, back plate and nuts for the pre-attached bolts.


Price: $

Janus Style Double Padlock Slide Latch

  • Includes the hasp, slide bar, felt strip tape and nuts
  • Pre-affixed bolts for easier installation
  • Available in yellow zinc coated steel or stainless steel
  • Can be used with cylinder lock by adding backplate JAN-CTS-BKPL
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Door latches come in a variety of styles and types, and are probably more versatile than you might think. They’re most commonly seen on backyard fence gates, toolshed doors, and barns, but they can also be useful for other jobs, like placing at the top of door frames to prevent kids from accessing the pantry, or for securing sliding doors and gates to keep kids and pets away from a pool when unsupervised. And though these door latches won’t be appropriate as your primary security system, some can allow you to keep an extra level of security when opening the door to speak to unfamiliar visitors.

What to Look For

If you just want a latch to keep a door closed, then you probably can get away with a simple hook-and-eye latch. But if you’re interested in something a bit more robust, you probably want to go with a sturdier latch that can stand up to some moderate pushing from the other side of the door. Regardless of which type you go with, make sure to take your time when installing, otherwise you can end up having to re-position the latch and be left with unsightly screw holes.

How We Selected

We’ve used and installed a fair number of door latches in our time—on a range of door types and sizes—and after some extensive online research, have assembled this list of the best options you can buy. The high number of brands, styles and sizes available online can be overwhelming, so we narrowed down our selection to the most common types, and chose the best option for each category. We did our best to keep our options budget-friendly, without sacrificing quality, so regardless of the model or type you’re looking for, you should find one that suits your specific needs.

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Best Hook & Eye Option

Raswik 4-Inch Privacy Hook and Eye Latch


We appreciate how thick the parts of this latch are, unlike the thinner, less rugged options you might be used to seeing. It’s also covered with two layers of powder coating, which will stand up to long-term use in different weather. This look could be great for when you want to add a locking mechanism to your interior barn doors, but don’t want to ruin the styling by adding a modern lock. 

Keep in mind that this type of latch wouldn’t be ideal for legitimate security purposes, and depending on installation, is fairly simple to unhook from the other side. 


Best Swing Bar Option

Jack N’ Drill Swing Bar Door Lock, 2-Pack
Jack N'



Although they shouldn’t be trusted for total security, swing-bar latches like this are useful as a supplemental lock, or for those times when you want to communicate with someone outside without fully opening the door. 

Our favorite feature of this latch is the fact that it not only comes with three different sizes of screws, but also a pair of shims, allowing you to really customize the installation to your specific door. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, including a distressed bronze option, making it simple to match the latch to your existing décor. 

  • Die-cast metal construction
  • Comes with two in a pack

Best Low-Budget Chain Latch

Prime-Line U Chain Door Guard



If you’re just looking for an option that will allow you to open the door while still having some security, this could be a great fit. The white finish makes this a good option for those with the same color doors and walls, as opposed to more industrial metallic or black options. 

Its extremely low price is nice, but you’ll probably want to toss the included screws and provide your own, which will cost a buck or two if you don’t already have any on hand. 


Best Locking Latch

National Hardware V Lockable Gate Latch



Unlike some of the other options on our list, this latch has an integrated key lock, which makes it useful for those who want an option that can’t be opened by simply lifting the handle. A really convenient design feature is the adjustable screw hole on both latch pieces, which allow you to move them both vertical and horizontally. This movement is only a small amount, but will be enough to avoid having to re-drill screw holes in the event the mounting is a little off, which can leave unattractive holes in your fencing or door.

  • Can be mounted to a variety of materials
  • Includes 2 keys

Best Degree Option

JQK Flip Door Latch


Unlike most latches that are positioned side by side, degree models like this one are mounted on a corner, to connect two perpendicular surfaces together. Once the swiveling arm is swung into position, a small set screw locks it in place. It's also constructed of solid stainless steel, which will minimize any rusting and should extend its lifespan longer than less rugged latches. 

Since it’s available in either black or brushed stainless steel, you should hopefully be able to match it to your fridge, freezer, fence or door you’re using it on. This latch will probably be a bit more complicated to mount perfectly, so keep that in mind. 

  • Affordable price
  • Also comes in a two-pack
  • Not as multifunctional as a flat latch

Best for sliding doors

Defender Security U Patio Sliding Door Loop Lock


Although this latch can certainly be used in a range of settings, its loop-style design and 2&#;-inch reach would be especially useful for securing sliding doors. We’ve seen this type of latch positioned high-up on the door, out of reach of children, and used to keep a pool area inaccessible when no adults are present. 

The four screw holes on each side add to the stability of this model, unlike other competitors that sometimes only use two. That being said, if you have your own screws, they’ll probably be easier to use than the ones that come with this product. 


Best Slide-Bolt Option

Sanskins Slide Bolt Gate Latch



This sliding-bolt design is what you probably imagine when you think of “door latch,” and is most common on wooden fences or sheds. This model is made with heavy-duty steel, and can be installed on the left or right side, which is really convenient if you’re not sure exactly where or how you want to mount it. 

It also features a convenient padlock hole, so you can use it to securely lock up your garage, workshop, or toolshed, although you’ll have to supply your own lock. We appreciate the included carriage bolts in this latch, but we’d still suggest supplying your own screws. 

  • Black matte finish
  • Heavy-duty construction

Best for added security

Berlin Modisch Door Lock Reinforcer


This would be a great choice for those who want the convenience of a chain latch—which allows you to open the door a few inches—but are looking for something with a bit more security strength. This model flips out to prevent the door from opening completely, leaving just enough room to speak and peek through, and folds away when you don’t need it. 

Even though it’s fairly strong, this latch shouldn’t be your primary door lock, and an intruder can simply disable it if the door is left unlocked. You can choose between a brushed nickel or white finish. 

  • Sticks out further than other latch options

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