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Early Childhood Education in Poway, CA

Start every day with play at our center for early childhood education in Poway, CA. Poway Country Preschool is more than just a daycare provider. We develop a foundation for learning that is centered on the joy that comes with playtime. When a child is learning while experiencing that joy, they can begin to associate learning with fun.

Developing Skills and Self-Image

Since we opened our doors in 1981, we’ve been transforming the traditional approach to early childcare. Our preschool program establishes goals for developing essential skills and works to improve the child’s emerging image of themselves. The curriculum includes social and academic development that begins with infant care.

Innovative Preschool Curriculum

Watch your child as they progress with social, emotional, and physical development. Each of our lessons is focused on the specific needs of your child. They learn at their own pace at our daycare center. Early education makes a big difference one the child enters primary school.

Through a mix of individualized learning and group classes, we do everything to instill a sense of shared responsibility. The goal of our curriculum is to develop an understanding of what it is like to be a part of a broader community.

Events for Preschool and Learning Center

Education is vital for every child, and starting their journey young can make a big difference in how well they integrate into the school system later. That’s why Poway Country Preschool is a leading preschool and learning center in Poway, CA. We’re committed to giving children the best attention and care to ensure they receive the educational tools they need during this important developmental stage. Parents are always welcome to contact us or visit us at any time; you can look at our events calendar for special occasions for our learning center and students.

Until further notice, Poway Country Preschool will remain open with adapted hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) to provide needed education and childcare. We understand how important it is for parents to have a safe and reliable place to drop off their kids. You can rest assured that we’ll take good care of them while providing an enriched curriculum that will help them develop an insightful and curious mindset. We touch base on science, artistic expression, mathematical reasoning, cultural appreciation, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our preschool and learning center; we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.


voted best private school of 2018!


Our teachers here work alongside the children, aiding them to engage in Physical Education, Art, Language, Science, Math skills, and Music to ensure their Kindergarten readiness. Children are always encouraged with their self esteem, independence, creativity and exploration of their environment. Our hours are 7am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. We offer full time, part time, full day, and half day childcare programs. We are very flexible with scheduling needs.


Our philosophy here at hilltop preschool is the development of a child’s mind is an amazing journey. The preschool years are important for developing self-esteem which helps provide a solid foundation for growth and learning. We strive to support the individual growth patterns while helping the children to build independence, character, and respect for others as well as themselves. Within our daily activities children will have opportunities to be curious, explore their surroundings, socialize with their peers, and will receive guidance to develop the skills needed to be successful in everyday life.

Our learning centers invite your child to explore and imagine while developing school readiness skills.


I would like to whole heartedly recommend this school. I had my son Chance with them for 3 years. They provide a safe nurturing environment. They offer a well-rounded preschool program and have given my son a stable foundation to begin his school years.

Gene and Jan


I cannot say enough about the wonderful experience my daughter, Rhianna, had while in their care. I searched for quality childcare for a full year before I found Miss Marla and her staff. All the other places I visited left me feeling insecure and uncomfortable. I knew the moment I walked in that I had found a special place.



When Owen first started he cried as many children do. However he ended up very happy to be at this school and we know it was because of the positive environment of the center and the loving nature of the teachers. We would highly recommend this childcare to any and all people who have a need for childcare.

John and Angela


Our son Siddharth started here when he was one year old. It was a difficult time for him as he had just spent several months at home with his grandparents. We were amazed at the grateful efforts put forth by Miss Marla and her staff to help him feel more comfortable and get him adjusted to the new environment. Our youngest son went here as well and received the same wonderful treatment. This truly is a loving and nurturing environment. The comfort of dropping your child off every morning and not having to worry about him was priceless.



My daughter had a wonderful experience at this school and she was always excited to go. To this day my daughter knows school to be a comfortable, safe place where she goes to have fun, learn and make friends.

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Poway Preschools

Montessori Child Development Center Poway

14911 Espola Road, Poway, CA

Starting at $961/mo

Kindergarten literally translated means Children's Garden. It is a place where children will grow and flourish in their beginning education.
MCDC's Primary program for three, four and five year olds is a three to four year kindergarten depending on a child's birthday. There is no preschooling. Kindergarten foundations for learning begin immediately.
In order for your child to truly gain all the benefits from the Montessori experience, it is necessary that he or she stay in the same Children's House classroom until graduating to 1st grade. The initial year is the year of "This is... showing him all there is to learn, explore, discover, and practice." We are very involved with a child during the first year. The teacher will invite the first year child to a considerable number of one-on-one lessons in the different areas of the classroom, all delivered with copious amounts of encouragement, repetition and precision.
During your child's second year of Montessori education, we will encourage her to explore the environment much more independently. This is the "Show me " year. Your child begins to develop more confidence than the first year and is usually able to concentrate on activities for longer periods of time and choose her activities with intention.
Then, during the last and most important year, the What is ? year, all of the previous experiences are synthesized. This final year is the most crucial one for the Montessori student because it allows him to bring together all that he has been working toward in the previous years. In this year, your child internalizes and really understands much of the knowledge he has been absorbing in the 2 previous years by mentoring and teaching it to the younger children. This is the year he experiences an increased sense of self-confidence. Empathy and compassion are developing. She becomes a class leader, teaching and giving lessons to younger children in the class and is the example for the younger classmates to follow. It is at this time that she really understands and integrates the concepts she has been learning. Your child is now beginning to experience the world of abstractions. The world of Geography, Math, Reading & Language, and even the lessons of Practical Life reach a new and more independent level in the last year in a Children's House classroom.
By the end of the final Kindergarten year, your child is ready to move on to the next level of development, that of the Reasoning Mind; The Age of Imagination.


poway’s Premier preschool


Little Sprouts Academy Poway is the best preschool and childcare center in the area. It officially opened its doors in August 2018 to provide premier play-based learning and organic meals. We serve families with children ages three months to six years in the Poway, Scripps Ranch and Rancho Bernardo areas.

All Little Sprouts Academies offer an “organic” approach to early childhood education. We serve organic and vegetarian meals including snacks and lunch and use natural, earth friendly cleaning products. Our curriculum is play-based and inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We believe children love to learn and enjoy a healthy, organic lifestyle.

“From the moment we toured Little Sprouts Poway we knew our little one had to attend! The school is absolutely beautiful and I love how the classrooms are set up for our little one to engage and explore.”




Thank you for checking out Little Sprouts Mission Gorge. We cannot wait to meet you and your child!Get to know the team-Ginger (Director)

"Thank you for checking out Little Sprouts Poway! We cannot wait to meet you and your child!" -Ms. Michaela (Director)

 Get to know the team





(per month)


Infant 1

Full Time (M-F)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Tuesday, Thursday


*Now Enrolling!

Infant 2

Full Time (M-F)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Tuesday, Thursday



Full Time (M-F)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Tuesday, Thursday



Full Time (M-F)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Tuesday, Thursday



Full Time (M-F)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Tuesday, Thursday







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13376 Poway Road poway, CALIFORNIA 92064 | Open M-F 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Phone: 858.382.6106 | [email protected]

Lic. 376701374 & 376701375 | Ages 3 months - 6 years


Poway ca in preschools

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Montessori Child Development Center - Preschool in Poway, CA

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