Pioneer pl 100 turntable

Pioneer pl 100 turntable DEFAULT

 Anti-Howling Design for Superb Performance

Slim Design and Coaxial Suspension to Prevent Howling

Ultra-Thin DC/FG Servo Motor and "Stable Hanging Rotor™"

Reliable Auto-Return and Quick-Start Convenience

Additional Features

Illuminated Strobe lets you check to make sure the platter is rotating at exactly 33 ⅓ or 45 rpm.

Pitch Control ±2% lets you tune your records to a musical instrument.

Low-resonance headshell is made of high-impact resin mixed with glass fiber. Not only does it feature ideal internal loss for less resonance and better acoustics; it's also almost impossible to nic or scratch.

Anti-Skating Control is of the knob-type for easy skating-force compensation.

Oil-Damped Cueing allows quick accurate and safe manual operation.

Free-Stop Hinged Acrykic Dust Cover is durable, resistant to resonance and attractive.

 Auto-Return - A "Plaatinum" Record for Endurance

Pioneer put the Auto-Return mechanism in the PL-100 (the same as offered in Pioneer's most costly models) to a harrowing test of its durability, dependability and the silence of its operation; 100,000 consecutive automatic returns. We're pround to announce that the results were worthy of a platinum record; absolutely no sing of wear or tear, no errors and no annoing mechanical noise. When your record comes to an end, the stylus with tone-arm, begin to move more rapidly toward the center as they enter the spiraling lead-out groove. Our end-of play detection device catches this increased lateral speed as well as the position of the lead-out grooves, triggers the auto-return mechanism, and the arm is returned gently to its rest; power is then shut off automatically.

 Quick-Start Function - Additional Convenience

Power is switched on and the platter starts rotating automatically as you move the tone-arm towards the edge of the platter. We call it "Quic-Start" but it's more than just fast and convenient; it also saves energy and motor-shaft wear. And once the tone arm is over the band where  you want to begin play, an oil-damped cue lever lets you lower the stylus gently, preventing accidental damage to the record or to the stylus.

Controls on Front Panel - Easy Access

All controls [Speed, Pitch and Strobe] are grouped together conveniently on the front panel of the turntable. Operation of auto-return/shut-off is possible without touching the tone arm or even raising the dust cover. Your records are protected against fumbling fingers.

Shock are Damped with Coaxial Suspension

Short of weighing a turntable down with scrap iron, the most effective way to dampen vibration is with our Coaxial System, a Pioneer development for improved turntable performance. The external cabinet is suspended independently on four insulators; inside is a second independent structure supporting the base on which the motor and arm are mounted. This is in turn suspended on springs which share a common axis with the insulators. Any vibrations reaching the cabinet are dispersed laterally before they can multiply and cause noticeable resonance in the sound reproduction.

 Silent FG Motor Drives Stable Hanging Rotor™

The PL-100 uses a "magnet-with-coil" DC FG motor for superb speed control. Speed is controlled in this way; the FG sends signals in proportion to the motor speed to the drive circuit to let it know how fast (or slow) the platter is turning; if speed is incorrect - too fast or too slow - the servo orders a change and proper speed is again achieved. It all happens much too quickly for your eyes to see and too quickly for speed inaccuracies to spoil what you hear.

Power is transmitted from the motor to the low-resonance die-cast aluminum platter rim via an elastic belt, as in other belt-drive turntables. Any vibration from the motor is absorbed or attenuated, resulting in low-howl performance. Where the Pl-100 differs from the conventional belt-drive model, however, is in its Stable Hanging Rotor, a deluxe feature borrowed from Pioneer's more expensive turntables. The Stable hanging Rotor is a kind of cup fitted to the shaft under the platter. It gives the platter a kind of gyrostatic, stabilizing force that keeps the platter steady as it revolves. Since the pivot support coincides with the center of gravity, this design eliminates the kind of axis-tilt airplane and spacecraft pilots call "yaw".

 A Pioneer Exclusive - The Mass-Concentrated Tone Arm

Newton said it best, "…bodies at rest tend to stay at rest."  Likewise, as he observed, bodies in motion will not stop of their own accord. Thus inertia must be strictly controlled if the side-to-side and up-down motions of your stylus are to reflect the undulatins in the record groove and not outside vibrations. Pioneer has outfoxed inertia with the Mass Concentrated design. By shorteniing the distance between the support and the counter weight on the tone arm, and reducing the mass at the stylus tip, we have reduced cross-modulation distortion, improved separation and tracking sccuracy and prevented the reinforcement of all forms of extraneous vibrations and resonance. With the addition of an extra-solid tone arm base, the arm on the PL-100 is as steady, sensitive and resonance-free as you will find in any price range.

 Low low Silhouette

Thanks to the low-profile design of the DC FG motor and coaxial suspension, the PL-100 is one of the world's trimmest, thinnest turntables. It's only 96 mm high,with a total surface area 20% less than on our other turntables. But we weren't just trying to trim fat; the slimmer a turntable is, the less prone it is to floor-and air-bone vibration. Mechanical strength is improved, too. Add to this Pioneer's own Coaxial Suspension, and you've got a turntable almost totally immune to any kind of vibration, internal or external; the PL-100.


Drive System:  Belt-drive

Motor:  DC FG Servo Motor

Turntable Platter:   310 mm ø, aluminum alloy die-cast

Moment of Inertia:   kg/cm² (including platter mat)

Speeds:  33 ⅓ and 45 rpm

Speed Control Range:  ±2%

Wow & Flutter:  0,045% (WRMS)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  70 dB (DIN B)


Type:  Static-balance type, S-shaped pipe arm

Effective Arm length:   221 mm

Overhang:   15,5 mm

Usable Cartridge Weight:  4 g (min.) to 9 g (max)

Subfunctions:  Auto-return mechanism; Anti-skating force control; Stylus pressure direct-readout counterweight; Cueing device, Strobe light; Free stop hinges


1 x IC; 1 x Transistor; 1 x Diode

Power requirements:  AC 110/120 220/240 V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:  4 W

Dimensions (W x H x D):  420 x 96 x 365 mm (16-1/2" x 3-3/16" x 14-3/8")

Weight:  5,2 kg (11 lb 8 oz)

PC-110/II  Specifications (only model PL-100X )

Type:  Moving magnet type

Stylus:  0,5 mil diamond (PN-110/II)

Output Voltage:  3,5 mV (1kHz, 50 mm/s peak velocity, LAT)

Tracking Force:  1,5 g to 2,5 g

Frequency Response:  15 to 25,000 Hz

Recommended Load:  50 k Ω + 170 - 300 pF


Pioneer PL-100

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CanadaKijiji CA
Pioneer PL-100 @ Kijiji CA
Vintage Pioneer Turntable PL 120; $100Canada Kijiji CA CA$100 Oct 11, 2021
AustraliaGumtree AU
Pioneer PL-100 @ Gumtree AU
Pioneer Turntable PL100 , new stylusAustralia Gumtree AU A$150 Oct 11, 2021
Pioneer PL-100 @ Vatera
Pioneer PL-100 @ okidoki
Pioneer PL 100Estonia okidoki €149 Sep 21, 2021
CanadaKijiji CA
Pioneer PL-100 @ Kijiji CA
Platine table tournante Pioneer PL-100Canada Kijiji CA CA$160 Sep 21, 2021
GermanyeBay Kleinanzeigen
Pioneer PL-100 @ eBay Kleinanzeigen
Vintage Hifi Anlage Plattenspieler Pioneer PL100 Verstärker Rec.Germany eBay Kleinanzeigen €190 Sep 13, 2021
DenmarkGul og Gratis
Pioneer PL-100 @ Gul og Gratis
Pioneer PL100 pladespillerDenmark Gul og Gratis DKK 250 Sep 12, 2021
JapanYahoo Auctions
Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
rh269 postage 210 jpy (2)PIONEER PL-M100 attached hinge operation not yet verification Pioneer record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥2,000 Sep 6, 2021
JapanYahoo Auctions
Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
rp269 postage 120 jpy (2)PIONEER PL-M100 attached pulley 60Hz for operation not yet verification Pioneer record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥1,800 Sep 6, 2021
Pioneer PL-100 @ Bazos
MANUÁLY PIONEER PL-100, SA-410, TX-410L, CS-343Slovakia Bazos - Aug 28, 2021
Pioneer PL-100 @ Bonanza
Pioneer PL-X100 Turntable / Record Player Service Manual *Original*US Bonanza $16 Jul 9, 2021
JapanYahoo Auctions
Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
rm186 postage 520 jpy PIONEER PL-M100 attached motor operation not yet verification Pioneer record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥2,000 Mar 28, 2021
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Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
rta186 free shipping PIONEER PL-M100 attached turntable operation not yet verification Pioneer platter record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥2,200 Mar 28, 2021
JapanYahoo Auctions
Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
rsspi186 postage 350 jpy PIONEER PL-M100 attached Speed switch operation not yet verification Pioneer record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥1,200 Mar 28, 2021
JapanYahoo Auctions
Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
r spin 186 postage 210 jpy PIONEER PL-M100 attached spindle shaft operation not yet verification Pioneer record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥1,800 Mar 28, 2021
JapanYahoo Auctions
Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
rs up 186 postage 350 jpy PIONEER PL-M100 attached up down operation not yet verification Pioneer record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥1,200 Mar 28, 2021
JapanYahoo Auctions
Pioneer PL-100 @ Yahoo Auctions
rt186 postage 520 jpy PIONEER PL-M100 attached tone arm operation not yet verification Pioneer Short S character type record player parts Junk exhibitionJapan Yahoo Auctions Auction bid
¥3,000 Mar 28, 2021
AustraliaGumtree AU
Pioneer PL-100 @ Gumtree AU
Pioneer Auto Return Turn Table DC Servo PL100Australia Gumtree AU A$7524% Mar 19, 2021
Pioneer PL-100 @ Bonanza
Turntable Belt for PIONEER Models PL-2A PL-A25 PL-100 PL-512 PL-516US Bonanza $11 Feb 8, 2021
Pioneer PL-100 @ Bonanza
Turntable Belt for Pioneer PL-61 PL-100 PL-1OOX PL-112D Turntable T23US Bonanza $1043% Feb 3, 2021
Pioneer PL-100 @ Bonanza
Cuing Elevator for Pioneer PL-400 PL-300 PL-260 PL-250 PL-200 PL-100 TurntableUS Bonanza $12 Dec 14, 2020
Pioneer PL-100 @ Bonanza
Turntable Belt for PIONEER PL-X100 PL-X20Z PL-X21Z Turntable 21.4US Bonanza $1011% Jul 23, 2019


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Pioneer PL-100

Library / Pioneer

2-Speed Auto Return Turntable (1980-1981)

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Pioneer PL-100


The Pioneer PL-100 is a 2-speed, belt-driven turntable with pitch control and auto-return tonearm.

Features include an auto-return mechanism, anti-skating force control, stylus pressure direct-readout counterweight, cueing device, strobe light and free-stop hinges.


Drive method: belt drive

Motor: FG servo motor

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed control range: +-2%

Wow and flutter: 0.045% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: more than 70dB

Platter: 310mm aluminium die-cast

Tonearm: static balance type, pipe arm (s-shaped)

Effective length: 221mm

Overhang: 15.5mm

Usable cartridge weight: 4 to 9g

Dimensions: 420 x 95 x 365mm

Weight: 5.2kg


100/100X instruction/owners manual  Deutsch

100/100X instruction/owners manual  Francais

100/100X service manual  English

100X instruction/owners manual  English - charidot

KUT/KCT/KU instruction/owners manual  English - jwscott

WE/WB/WP/R instruction/owners manual  English - Mal1951

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Pioneer PL-100 Reviews

Pioneer PL-100

Pioneer PL-100

7/10 by AJ-DE

My father has had one of these for around 40 years and it always just works. Very solidly made quiet components.
As others have said as a beginners deck it is good, though it would be outpaced by upgrades to speakers and amplifier above the basic hifi level.
It's not near a Rega P1 but for a beginner or someone who's not too critical this is an enjoyable deck which can be matched to a decent stylus and very easy to use and live with.
Don't read this as negative in any way, for the price you'd find one at (max €100) it's a good bet and you can't go wrong.

8/10 by norville rogers

Great basic deck. With a great s shaped tonearm capable of carrying a big range of cartridges. Serious heavy platter too so sounds great with a good cartridge.
Very indestructable so a great beginners deck.


Pl 100 turntable pioneer

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