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The Echo Fly Rod portfolio delivers a superior range of performance, fly rod style, value & unsurpassed warranty service.

Novice to expert - ECHO has your next fly rod. In our opinion, Echo rods represent the best combination of performance, price, warranty and overall quality.

Why buy your Echo from the Caddis Fly Shop?

Our shop is less than two hours away from Tim Rajeff�s home, center of the Echo - Airflo world. We hang at Tim�s office, drink questionable coffee, see who can cast better or longer in their backyard pond, the rod torture machine break Echo rods, fish demos, and contribute to new rod designs. In short, we know Echo inside and out, drawing-board to boat.

Performance: We fish Echo fly rods in rivers, estuaries, on the coral flats, and in the deep blue sea. They get the job done in fine form; and are a pleasure to cast and fish.

Echo Rods are durable: Tim Rajeff and his Pro staff make dependability the foundation of every fly rod design; their commitment to quality control is lock-tight.

Availability: The Caddis Fly Shop can deliver an Echo rod to you as quickly as any other online Fly Shop; probably faster. We don�t just list these rods; we keep a big pile of Echo rods in the back room, ready to ship.

Dependable Echo warranty. No one can match the warranty service and fee charged by Echo. Bust a tip in the back of your 4-Runner, ship it to Echo, and within a week, for 35 bucks, you will have a new tip and be back on the water.

Guide Reviews and Video on Echo Fly Rods

ECHO TRIP: This rod is back for with an 8 piece configuration to make travel a snap; line wts 5, 6, and 8 cover the key fly fishing bases around the world.

BOOST BEACH: at roughly 12 ft, these rods are not switch rods, not spey rods, and not just long single hand rods either. These are genuine long rods designed ground up for the overhead caster who has his or her feet planted on the gravel, sand, jetty rock, or oyster beds. A superior rod from Puget sound to Pyramid lake; from BC to Cape Cod; and from Alaska to Chile, these rods are superior long bomb casting tools.

ECHO E.P.R.: Near as we can determine, this rod replaces the PRIME, a great one piece rod that never sold worth its true merit. The E.P.R. is sesigned with a super fast tip, loads load quickly at close range, plus a super powerful butt that will push line into the wind with more authority than any rod you have had your hands on. Yet. Tim says the action of this rod is STUPID FAST: our translation is CRAZY FAST.

ECHO BAD ASS GLASS: OK. We admit it. We have biases. A few of the Caddis Fly staff are anxious to get our hands on these rods. From estuary chinook, swinging an intruder from the boat, largemouth, stripers, and Pacific albacore, these rods are high on our list to flex.

ECHO Dry: This is the rod for the trout and panfish angler who longs for a true to line weight fly rod. Many modern fly rods are far more powerful than their classification suggests. The DRY is a fly rod in wts from 2 to 6 that is crafted to cast the true line weight. Light and accurate at honest, practical casting and fishing distances is the trademark of this rod series.

ECHO O. H. S. : stands for what? Overhead spey? Overhead switch. Doesn't matter what they were thinking, these are great new rods that you can cast single or two handed owing to the easily attachable inch spey or switch rear grip. These rods are longer than usual, at 10 ft 4 inches, but shorter by a tad bit than most true switch rods. Think versatility. Think less strain on your shoulders. Think beach rod, nymph rod, streamer rod, steelhead rod, and estuary rod when the wind is howling onto our casting shoulder.

Echo Carbon rods: upgraded for , well under two hundred bucks gets you an already tested, very fine Echo in fast and moderate actions that will meet the needs of 2 wt to 6 wt fly line fishing � a step up from the entry level Solo single handers.

ECHO BOOST: Pure FAST ACTION at an amazing price. The BOOST is truly an exciting addition to the RAJEFF fly rod line, with an astounding range from lines 2 through One of these very modestly priced BOOST rods deserves a place in your boat, and in your rod hand. HOLD ON: read those last few sentences again please. Tim Rajeff is a wizard and no loon when he went to work designing these rods. The 2 wt is not the same taper as the 12 wt. The range of rod vs. line wts in this series is astounding, ane each of these is well thought out and specifically engineered. NO JOKE!

Echo Tim Rajeff Spey Rods: A rejuvenation of Tim Rajeff�s �Signature� Spey Rods delivers enhanced poser in the lower two sections of these spey rods generates spectacular line speeds and tight loops: these are truly a different breed from any of the rest of the Echo family of two hand rods. The Echo TR features a narrowed fieldl of rods including 3 wt and 4 wt microspeys, and covers the heartland of spey country with a 6 wt, 7 wt, and 8 wt two hander. Thanks Tim, these are solid upgrades to the Echo TR team of two handed fly rods for !

Echo Ion XL fly rods: saw the evolution of the ION accelerated with an upgraded action and the same legendary fly rod toughness; lighter in hand. actions are appropriate by rod weight to throw the light dry, the flats Charlie, the heavy Clouser, the Popper, and the Bugger. If it has fins, there is an ION in the 6 wt to 10 wt class that is perfectly suited to the game.

ECHO SHADOW II fly rods: A superior European Nymphing rod designed by Tim Rajeff and Tim Erickson. Great feel, fast-enough action, light but long, give you the feel and finesse needed for specialized nymph fishing - and we fish these long beauties with a dry fly too.

Echo PRIME: Incredibly impressive one-piece fly rods at 8 ft 10 inches -PRIME rods are saltwater and estuary rods that deliver impressive power, line speed, and casting accuracy. Flats, Blue-waters, Bass, Musky, Stripers, and Peacock in South America? Whoa baby. PRIME offers superior performance you have to experience to believe.

Echo King fly rods: at 13' in 9 or 10 wt line-class, these rods are not for the weak of heart. Tim designed these rods for Alaska and BC Chinook, big sink tips, and seriously heavy flies. If you target big kings in big water, this is your rod.

Echo Instructor: Same materials and tapers as the E3 series, finished off in spectacular white for enhanced visibility, the Instructor fly rods fill a need and are just plain fun to practice with. Will they fish too? You bet they do.

Echo Gecko youth fly rods: Children love this Echo fly rod, with appealing colors and not-to-worry durability, it is a perfectly good casting & fishing fly rod for the youngest fly angler.

Echo Micro Practice fly rods: not simply a toy - this casting simulator will help you improve your casting skills if you dedicate some time to this innovative mini-rod.

A couple of months ago I was down in Florida for a work conference and on the way back I had a chance to spend some time on the pointy end of Steve Seinberg'sskiff.  I still need to tell that story with a blog post since we had a stellar time looking around for juvenile tarpon but there was a moment of "tragedy" striking when the tip of my ECHO Bad Ass Glass Quickshoteight weight was snapped off in a boat mishap.    Boat hatch doors love to eat tips for snacks and this was a good reminder that rod holders are there for a reason.  Lesson learned

Sending off a fly rod for a warranty repair is never fun and when I finally got around to sending off an email to ECHO Fly Fishing to figure out the process, I almost instantly received a response back pointing me to the Replacement Rod Tip Sectionswebpage.  A scroll trough the drop down box, a couple of clicks, $ (plus shipping) on the credit card and two days later a new tip arrived putting the Quickshot was back in service. 

While I haven't talked about them much yet on T.F.M. but the ECHO Bad Ass Glass Quickshotfly rods are everything that I hoped this series would be when Tim Rajeff and I started talking about them a couple of years ago.

Short (this series are all 8' in length) heavy line weight fiberglass fly rods are made with big flies and big fish in mind.  Inevitably this can mean a broken rod every now and then from the abuse and the possibility of a fix that is both inexpensive and quick brings a lot of piece of mind.

Visit the ECHO Fly Fishingwebsite to learn more about the Bad Ass Glass Quickshotline up along with how they approach warranty and repairs.
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The ECHO rod company has surged ahead with an arsenal of fly rods to cover any fly fishing situation. From sweet little creek rods and heavy backboned beach rods to extended length two handed chuckers. ECHO has designed a fly rod for your casting style and preferred approach. Easy on the pocketbook and stacked full of quality components ECHO fly rods are guaranteed to impress.

ECHO Carbon XL

Just to touch on a few of the opportunities ECHO supplies for fly fishing&#; (See Vail Valley Anglers website for the full selection of ECHO rods we carry.) I will begin with the ECHO Carbon XL fly rod which is an entry level priced rod with an array of likable qualities. At 9’ in length the Carbon XL feels like any other 9’ rod in the hand. Able to deliver heavy nymph rigs as well as dry flies. The deep root beer color glows in the bright sunlight adding an attractive richness to the rod. The carbon fiber reel seat gives a nod towards modern rod making materials and provides an attractive look.

Loading up and punching casts into respectable distances with a feeling not expected at this price point, the Carbon XL is a very versatile fly rod. For an angler looking to make a purchase that will last and a rod that can grow with the expected learning curve, look no further. The Carbon XL is sure to become a favorite. Vail Valley Anglers can make your purchase of an ECHO Carbon XL a genuine investment into your fly fishing future.

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A new offering from ECHO comes in the form of a dry fly specific rod. Light and lively in the hand the ECHO Dry delivers a feather-like touch to your dry fly presentations. This mid-priced dry fly rod is an excellent addition to the accomplished fly angler&#;s arsenal. Especially if you are looking for a well-made, sweet performing rod that can deliver when pushed.

Equally at home on a float trip to cast dry flies tightly up against grassy banks or for a wading angler looking for a designated dry fly only rod. On those days when you can leave your nymph box at home, the ECHO Dry is a great rod to reach for. Upgraded hardware compliments the quality cork handle well. With a tight crisp casting stroke the ECHO Dry fly rod excels at true fishing distances where mending is critical. No need to reach the next area code with your cast as the ECHO Dry shoots accurate casts into difficult water and manages the fight with a finesse and smooth touch that keeps hooks set.

Bad Ass Glass

ECHO has a large lineup of specialty fly angling rods that cover the spectrum from small, freshwater steams to large, broad rivers and even into the Saltwater. Here ECHO shines like no other company I know. The research and development that has gone into creating what has risen to the top of my enjoyable saltwater beach rods is the Bad Ass Glass series of rods.

No discussion necessary they are just plain fun. Easy on the shoulders for casting all day long, the B.A.G. loads at moderate distances but retains the backbone to punch casts across windy flats. The soft tip keeps hooks in place without pulling them the way stiffer rods do. And the butt section of the rod transmits critical feeling into your hands during the fight allowing you to adjust pressure or to really put it on them. Looking for a really fun saltwater rod to add to your bag of tricks? Look no further than the ECHO Bad Ass Glass.

ECHO &#; heavyweight performers at real world prices. When entering the world of fly fishing or looking to add a specialty rod for targeting saltwater challengers ECHO offers a selection of fly rods that are sure to bring a smile across your face, leave your wallet a little fatter and deliver the performance expected from a quality rod company. Check out all of the ECHO rods we offer on the Vail Valley Anglers website.

Michael Salomone, &#;Sal&#;

Vail Valley Anglers Fly Fishing Guide & Content Writer


Like this:



I’ve never been a purist and will do just about anything to get a fish to eat, but there is something undeniably special about dry fly fishing. When the conditions are right on a river like the Delaware, I’d almost rather search for hours without a cast, waiting for a rise, than to pound the bottom where I might have better luck.

And so, with a summer gig working on the West Branch of the Delaware River, I found myself in the market for a dry fly rod. I decided to try my luck with the ECHO Dry in a 5 weight. As luck would have it, I caught a fish on my fist cast with the new stick. I drove down to a public access after work and watched the water for about 45 minutes before making one short, accurate cast followed by a delicate sip and an airborne trout. While my luck ran out soon after, the rod did what I asked it to do on that day and many others.

The ECHO Dry is, you guessed it, Tim Rajeff’s dedicated dry fly offering. Ranging from 2wt to 6wt, the 9’ ECHO Dry is designed for accurate and delicate casts at “real fishing distances.” All weights come in a green four piece medium-fast action blank, with stainless and low-friction ceramic guides, and a carbon fiber reel seat. The rod is paired with a hard plastic tube with cloth exterior.

If you’re looking for an affordable rod to lay down that perfect drag free drift, take a hard look at the ECHO Dry.

What Works

The Dry is considerably more delicate than other ECHO trout offerings like the ECHO Carbon XL or ECHO 3. ECHO describes the Dry as medium-fast action and overall, it is, but while sporting a relatively soft tip, which serves its goal of being a dry fly specialist well. For those that have cast similarly tailored rods, expect the Dry’s action to land somewhere between the G. Loomis NRX LP and the Orvis Recon.

The rods run true to line weight and are designed to load optimally for the foot cast. I could pretty comfortably shoot 50 or 60 feet or more on the casting pond, and sometimes even the whole line. While a tough rod to aerialize a lot of line with, you can still put a few hauls in and send it.

The ECHO Dry is a great option for shallow wade fishing, but really excels out of a drift boat where you are generally above the action and have plenty of room to cast. As with other soft-tipped, 9’ rods, I had trouble making those same 50 foot casts with delicacy when wading much deeper than my hips. A better, or taller angler might have more luck.

Photo: Cosmo Genova

Flex and feel
The flex of the rod is great for fighting fish on light tippet, and the action suits the different types of casting, false casting, and mending you will need to execute in topwater situations. The soft tip makes for dainty landings, and the high-mid flex of the rod is great for throwing slack into your drifts and making quick mends.

The ECHO Dry has excellent control in its foot optimum range. It is responsive and allows for presentations that are a bit more nuanced than those made with a stiffer, fast-action rod. A slower, softer casting stroke will help you tap into what this rod is all about.

Aerial mending, reach casts, wiggle casts, and the like are a breeze on the Dry. Switching from dries to small indicator nymph rigs was comfortable, and with the Rio Trout LT, roll casting and feeding/mending an indicator drift was buttery smooth.

Price and warranty
The ECHO Dry is a darn good rod for its modest $ MSRP. There aren’t a lot of dry fly-specific rods at that price point. Affordability has always one of ECHO’s selling points and they keep delivering the goods. The ECHO lifetime warranty is also hard to beat. I broke a different ECHO rod in an unfortunate drone accident (yes, really) and ECHO had a replacement in my hands in about a week for $35 plus shipping.

Line Pairings
While the Dry is able to cast a variety of lines well, for my casting style, the ECHO Dry favored lines like the Rio Gold and Orvis Hydros HD, while over-lined options like the Scientific Angler MPX and Rio Grand were overkill for the action. For the fishing I was doing, the delicate pairing of the ECHO Dry and long front-tapered lines like the RIO Trout LT or the Scientific Angler Versatile Presentation Taper (VPT) was the way to go.

What doesn’t

Not a lot of tricks to this pony
As its name suggests, the ECHO Dry does one thing better than any other and that’s gently plop a dry fly in the right spot to setup the perfect drift. But the ECHO Dry is a specialist, and if you’re aiming to fish this rod beyond dry fly fishing, it is important to understand its limitations. For nymphing, the Dry is somewhat limited to small indicators and relatively light nymph rigs. It's a bit soft for hook setting on long indicator drifts or making long roll casts or mends, but performs well enough while tight line nymphing or swinging wet flies. A 5 or 6 weight might be able to fish some streamers, but it wouldn’t be my top choice beyond small wooly buggers, deceivers, etc., on a dead drift. And expect the Dry to be a bit too delicate on big rivers like the Delaware when the wind kicks up.

It's also kind of a bummer that the Dry only comes in a 9’ blank, as I would have liked try out a 10’ configuration.


Overall, the ECHO Dry is an extremely castable rod—with the softness and finesse required for delicate dry fly fishing—that is well worth the price of admission. I have come to enjoy the feel of this rod despite my fast and aggressive casting tendencies. It has been an overall excellent performer during both the wade and drift boat fishing I’ve tasked it with it. Through much of the blank, it provides that fast-ish action that many of us prefer while, via its soft tip, offering enough feel to excel at the dry fly game. Paired with the right line, this rod is very precise and controllable within its effective range—that 25 to 50 foot sweet spot. If you’re not looking to drop the dough on what can often be significantly spendy dry fly specialist rods, the ECHO Dry is a compromise that isn't much of a compromise at all.



Fly fishing rods echo


Echo is a small fly fishing company based in Vancouver, Washington. Echo is owned by Rajeff Sports and is the vision of Tim Rajeff - casting expert, avid fly fisherman, long time Alaskan fishing guide, and world traveler. Echo makes a variety of both single-handed fly rods and two-hand rods. Single-handed Echo fly rods include the Shadow II, Echo 3, EPR, ION XL, Bad Ass Glass, and many more. Echo switch and Spey rods include the Full Spey, TR2 Spey, SR Switch, Boost Beach, Glass Spey & Switch, and more.

The Echo 3 fly rod series features powerful rods that are fast-action and encourage a quick casting stroke. This series from Echo encourages castability at both short and long distances and is a testament to Rajeff’s expertly designed rods. Low swing weight helps improve presentation and reduce fatigue from long days on the water. The Echo 3 freshwater fly rod series has an extremely diverse set of rods ranging from a 7’ 6” 3wt trout rod to a 10’ 8wt Steelhead and Salmon rod. The Echo 3 rod series is a popular freshwater mid-priced fly rod and reflects the Echo brand well.

Echo calls the Full Spey a “full-length, light, fast action flagship of the fleet”. The Full Spey rod series reflects Echo’s ability to build superb, strong, light, fast Spey rods. Built primarily for Salmon and Steelhead, the Full Spey is well-balanced and built to encourage two-handed casts for days on end. The Full Spey is a high-powered rod with a crisp medium-fast action, perfect for Scandi or Skagit. This series represents Echo’s rod making versatility and adds to the overall brand image.

Echo also makes single-handed saltwater fly rods. One of the most well-known Echo saltwater fly rod series is the EPR. This series is an uber-fast rod with a fast tip that encourages easy loading at short distances and incredible power at long distances. The EPR helps tighten fly line loops and increase line speed to cut through any saltwater conditions. The rod generates loads of power from its fast-action blank and allows anglers to attack any saltwater scenario with confidence and ease. The EPR comes in rod sizes from a 9’ 6wt up to a 9’ 12wt. Do you need a trusty saltwater fly rod series? Choose the Echo EPR.

Another popular Echo two-hander is the Boost Beach. The Boost Beach is a more specialized series from Echo, and reflects the company’s ability to make flagship all-purpose rods and highly specialized rods alike. The Boost Beach rod was created with the intention of making hero casts in high wind with big flies easier. Although the name may suggest differently, this two-handed rod is made for both fresh and saltwater applications and is perfect for casting all day on Pyramid Lake or surf casting into a strong headwind on your favorite beach.

Echo also makes a specialty freshwater rod series called the Echo Dry Fly Rod. The Dry caters to anglers who often fish low rod weights, light tippet, and dry fly patterns. This rod is specifically designed for casting at important trout distances. The rod sports a medium-fast action which accommodates a large range of casting strokes. These rods are also extremely well-balanced and perform well when matched with a regular fly line. Rajeff’s expertise shines through in the design of the Dry and these rods work well when fished in relevant conditions.

Just a short overview of some of Echo’s rod offerings allows insight into the dynamic and innovative workings of Echo Fly Rods. Echo design is always purpose-driven and Tim Rajeff is an expert at designing the right rod for a multitude of fishing scenarios. Echo prides itself on fly rod affordability and offers some of the best mid-priced rods in the industry today. Tim Rajeff has been in the fly fishing industry for a long time, and his expertise, experience, and professionalism add a huge advantage to all Echo fly rods. Whether you’re presenting small flies to eager Cutthroat Trout or making long casts into the wind from a beach for Stripers, Echo has a rod for you. Try Echo rods today, you won’t be disappointed.

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