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Stardew Valley: Every Type Of Weather And Its Unique Effects

Like any good simulation game, Stardew Valley has randomized weather that changes from day to day, all through the seasons. Other than giving the game a realistic sense of weather, it affects things like farming, fishing, and other game aspects.

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The weather changes from day to day as well as with the seasons and it's handy to know when bad weather is around the corner. Thankfully there's the TV screen that shows the weather prediction for the next day, which helps players coordinate their plans for the day ahead. In addition, there are also Rain Totems that players can utilize to usher on a rainy day when needed.

Here's a handy guide to all the weather types in Stardew Valley and the various effects each type has.

8 Sun

Bright sunshine is the most common type of weather in Stardew Valley, taking up the bulk of Spring, Summer, and Fall, and about half of Winter. On bright, clear days, there are often lots of wild, forageable items spread throughout the map in any of the three seasons.

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Additionally, all common fish are available to catch, besides ones that are specific to certain times of the day. Everyone's schedules are pretty steady on sunny days as well, so if players need to get in touch with certain townsfolk it will be a lot easier to find where they are. What can be better than strolling around town and tending crops on a warm, sunny day?

7 Rain

Rainy days are both convenient and gloomy. What's nice is the rain automatically waters all outdoor crops, which can save players loads of time. But all crops in the greenhouse are unaffected by the rain and still need to be watered. When it rains, all animals will stay inside their barns, which makes total sense.

In addition, during rainfall specific types of fish can be caught, which makes it a great time to round out some Fishing achievements. Rain also alters some of the townsfolk's schedules, so pay attention to where they are when it rains. For example, Sebastian goes to the beach when it rains, as fitting to his character.

6 Wind (Spring)

Wind, also known as pollen, looks different in the Spring than it does in the Fall. It's basically a normal, sunny day but with pretty flower petals falling from the sky, replicating the effect of wind blowing.

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Wind doesn't change too much about the game, besides the aesthetic of the day. It's a nice, stylistic touch that brings texture and quality to Stardew Valley.

5 Wind (Fall)

Similar to Wind in the Spring, Wind in the Fall is just like a normal day except with leaves falling and blowing around. Again, it brings a really nice aspect to the game and creates an ambiance that is perfect for Fall.

Characters' schedules are not altered and foraging is the same as a regular, sunny day. Windy weather is simply an aesthetic feature in the game that provides no changes to any of the features.

4 Storm

Stormy weather includes all the same attributes as Rainy weather, except with a few more features. Storms in Stardew Valley are characterized by lightning strikes that occur throughout the day. The lightning can cause trees to fall and crops to be destroyed, which is definitely not a great thing for a well-put-together farm.

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The irony is that Storms will still water outdoor crops, even though there's a possibility it can destroy them. Storms also usher in special fish that can only be caught on these days, which makes them great days to get away from the farm and pull out the fishing rod. In addition, only on Stormy days will the Old Mariner appear, just in case players are on the path towards marriage.

3 Snow

Snowy days make up most of the Winter season when it's not otherwise sunny. Its transparency can be changed in the Options menu, which is a nice feature, just in case players want it to be extra snowy. This type of weather doesn't change too many features of the game, but it is worth noting that Winter seeds still need to be watered on these days.

Falling snow doesn't have the same effect as falling rain, so Winter seeds need to be watered throughout the winter.

2 Festival

Fitting for Festivals, the weather type on these days will always be clear and sunny, even for the Festivals in the Winter, Feast of the Winter Star, and the Festival of Ice. This is a nice aspect of the game, as these Festivals are times to take stock of the game or just have fun and not be focused on day-to-day tasks.

Sunny, clear weather is appropriate for the Festival days, especially in the Spring and Summer. While it does take away the randomness and accuracy of the game, it does make for very pleasant Festivals.

1 Wedding Day

One would think that Wedding Days would be sunny and bright, like the Festivals, but unfortunately, the weather follows the randomized algorithm like any other day. This means it's possible that a players' Wedding Day could be stormy, rainy, or even snowy.

If a Wedding Day falls on a Festival Day, the little heart icon will not appear, which is also kind of a bummer. While the randomized weather makes for a more accurate depiction of Weddings, it would always be nice for a bright, sunny day.

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Welcome to our Stardew Valley Fishing Guide.

In Stardew Valley, fishing a skill associated with catching fish, either with crab pots or with a fishing rod. Fishing becomes easier with higher fishing levels, upgraded rods, and tackle.

Tips for fishing in Stadew Valley

  1. Craft trap bobbers. The recipe is 10 sap and 1 copper bar for 20 uses. This is worth the cost. Always use the trap bobber, bait, and the cooking dish "Dish o'The Sea" to give you to best chances.
  2. Craft a lot of bait. You do not need wild bait.
  3. Craft a chest with Dish o'The Sea, bait, and Trout Soup and place this near where you most commonly fish.
  4. Where you fish affects the quality of the fist.
Click on the name of a fish to learn more about its selling price, which varies based on your fishing profession, location details, fishing level required, best time and season to fish, size, base XP, difficulty level, behavior, and what the fish can be used for.
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Stardew Valley: Spring Fishing

Where and When to Catch Fish

Fishing during Spring in Stardew ValleyFishing at the mountain lake during Spring. This actually isn't the best spot, should've gone up the bridge! Deeper water offers more bites and higher-quality fish.

The following tables list the fish you can catch during the Spring season in Stardew Valley. I've broken them down this way to make it easier to look at the current season and what you can catch. This focuses mainly on four fishing spots, though there are a few more that contain exclusive fish.

The following data on fish times and weather should be helpful to you catching every fish and completing bundles. Note that for times, the 2nd number is the cutoff - 6AM to 7PM means that at 7:00 the fish will no longer be available. Fish that start with late times that end in the morning can be caught late at night or early morning.

Spring Fish List

Fish in River at Pelican Town

The best place to fish in Pelican Town is the bottom left corner of the area, just before the exit. There's a river there, where you can hit the deep spot south of villagers' homes.

Fish to CatchValueWhenWeatherWhat Bundles
Catfish200G6AM-11PMRainyRiver Fish Bundle
Sunfish30G6AM-7PMSunnyRiver Fish Bundle
Smallmouth Bass50GAll DayAny WeatherNone
Shad60G9AM-2AMRainyRiver Fish Bundle
Bream45G6PM-2AMAny WeatherNight Fishing Bundle

Cindersap Forest River Fish

There are both a river and lake in Cindersap forest. For this fishing spot, I've focused on the river as it is the one that contains exclusive fish. The lake has fish that can be caught elsewhere and is nothing special.

Fish to CatchValueWhenWeatherWhat Bundles
Chub50GAll DayAny WeatherField Research Bundle
Catfish200G6AM-12PMRainyRiver Fish Bundle
Sunfish30G6AM-7PMSunnyRiver Fish Bundle
Smallmouth Bass50GAll DayAny WeatherNone
Bream45G6PM-2AMAny WeatherNight Fishing Bundle
Shad60G9AM-2AMRainyRiver Fish Bundle

Fish in the Mountain Lake

Fish to CatchValueWhenWeatherWhat Bundles
Bullhead75GAll DayAny WeatherLake Fish Bundle
Carp30GAll DayAny WeatherLake Fish Bundle
Largemouth Bass100G6AM-7PMAny WeatherLake Fish Bundle
Chub50GAll DayAny WeatherField Research Bundle

Ocean Fish: The Beach

Fish to CatchValueWhenWeatherWhat Bundles
Halibut80G7PM-11AMAny WeatherNone
Eel85G4PM-2AMRainyNight Fishing Bundle
Sardine40G6AM-7PMAny WeatherOcean Fish Bundle
Anchovy30GAll DayAny WeatherNone
Herring30GAll DayAny WeatherNone

Further Reading on Fishing

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Using Bait and Tackle
Summer Fish
Fall Fish
Winter Fish


Stardew Valley: The Rain Noises & 9 Other Biggest Mysteries

Stardew Valley is considered by most as one of the best farming and life simulator RPGs to date. Especially with its latest 1.5 update release, Stardew Valley is packed with multiple features that allow for immense replayability. One of these features is the secrets and mysteries that are hidden throughout the game.

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During a playthrough, the player will come across some weird things that seem to make no sense. And more often than not, they won't. There are some unexplainable facts spread throughout the game and despite fans having come up with some theories about them, these theories still create more questions than they actually answer.

10 Rain Noises

Stardew Valley is full of weird, unexplained events, and one of them is the weird sounds that can be heard on a rainy night as showcased by a fan. These sounds definitely give players the chills, and have no direct explanation.

One theory is that the coyote sound refers to a coyote that attacks and kills some of the farm's animals if the coop and barn doors are left open overnight. However, there is no theory about the other sounds, which makes this really creepy.

9 Lonely Stone

The Lonely Stone can be seen on the map, in the sea right next to the docks. If the player clicks on it from the map, a stone-breaking sound can be heard (similar to the sound that breaking stones make while mining).

Afterward, the player gets kicked off the map screen and goes back to the inventory menu. The lonely stone still remains a mystery and fans wonder why it's even there.

8 Abigail's Father

Even though Abigail is presented throughout the game as Pierre's daughter, there are facts throughout the story that say otherwise. As revealed in one of Abigail's dialogues, her mother forbids her from meeting the wizard.

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She is also the only villager (other than the player and the wizard) that can see the Junimos. In a later scene between the player and Caroline, Caroline reveals that in the past she saw Pierre cheating on her, and to get back at him she dated the wizard. In the end, she reveals that Abigail is actually the wizard's daughter.

7 Skull Cavern Plaques

Located throughout the Skull Cavern walls, there are some plaques filled with symbols that initially seem to make no sense. However, many fans have tried deciphering them, and through trial and error, have come up with two main translations.

One of the signs translates to "we are cursed, too much iridium", while another to "wizard sealed us in this prison until the day a hero puts us to rest". Perhaps the first one refers to the purple slimes in the Skull Cavern, while the second to the creation of the cavern in general.

6 Main Menu Alien

While in the main menu, before clicking new/load game, the player can click on the 'E' letter of Stardew 10 times in order for an alien to appear behind the letter.

After smiling for a few seconds, it disappears again and the menu goes back to normal. There seem to be more than a few secrets referring to aliens which raise a lot of questions that have no answer yet.

5 Flying Ufo in the Shipping Screen

After sleeping, the player sees the shipping screen where the profits of the current day, as well as the date, are shown. On the 24th day of winter, Santa Claus appears on top of the screen.

However, if it's not the 28th, and there was no rain, the mystery is that there is a very small chance that for a flying U.F.O. to appear on the top of the screen. This is another reference to aliens that leaves players wondering.

4 Alien Capsule Event

Stardew Valley includes multiple farm events that have a small chance to occur overnight. One of the most mysterious events is the appearance of a weird alien capsule on the farm. It appears as if it's filled with something (like an incubator ready to hatch), but the player can only move it around, not open it.

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The mystery is that after a few days, the capsule is found broken as if the thing inside finally broke out and left. The player never learns what was inside, and the alien capsule is one of the biggest mysteries in the game.

3 Villagers and Slimes

A unique fact about slime incubators is that they can be placed anywhere, not only on the player's farm. Interestingly, placing them in the town and hatching slimes there allows for some unique interactions between the slimes and the villagers.

Slimes incubated there will act, and be treated like normal villages by everyone else. Villagers will say hello to them, and the slimes will greet them back.

2 Spouse & Slimes

Another unique interaction regarding slimes is the one between the slimes and the player's spouse. If the slimes are incubated inside the player's home, and the player has a spouse, then slimes will attack the player but not the spouse.

On top of that, the spouse will attack, and kill slimes in one hit. Perhaps the spouse is defending the player from the aggressive slimes.

1 Yoba

Yoda is considered to be the deity of Stardew Valley with him having a shrine in the back of Pierre's general store. People are praying to him there every Sunday. Throughout the game, multiple dialogues between the villagers reference Yoba, without however having him play an important role in the story.

Also, there is a book in the library that refers to Yoba as the god who created the world. Nevertheless, not much is known about him, and he is more of an unexplained filler side-story.

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Valley rain stardew

The Weather is a daily event that occurs in Stardew Valley. The weather can be predicted one day early by interacting with a Television on the Weather Channel.

Types of Weather

Name Unique Effect Seasons
Sunny None All Seasons
Rain Automatically waters all your planted crops, increases energy drain from using tools outside. The Rain Totem can increase the chance for rain the next day. Spring, Summer, Fall
Pollen None Spring, Fall
Storm Occasionally energizes any Lightning Rods around your farm. Lightning may cause trees to fall and crops to be destroyed. Includes the effects of rain. Spring, Summer, Fall
Snow None? Winter

The weather will generally affect the types of fish that can be caught, foraging item positions the next day, and villager routines.

Stardew Valley - Rain ? easy weather change with notepad

Stardew Valley falls under the umbrella of relaxing games to unwind to, alongside Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. However, players have reported accounts of strange sounds occurring during specific events, and this guide will explore all the weird noises in Stardew Valley.

Noises when it rains

The most common reports of weird noises from Stardew Valley players specify a sinister howling or moaning when it rains, as well as during thunderstorms.

Most have identified the croaky noises belonging to frogs, but these eerie sounds don’t seem to belong to small amphibians.

One theory suggests that it is the echoing sounds of whales singing in the ocean since Pelican Town sits right next to the water.

Another theory suggests that it is the wizard, M. Rasmodius, who you can hear wailing on rainy days because he can only commute when it pours. Marnie also confirmed that she can hear noises coming from the Wizard’s Tower in the far West of Cindersap Forest, but players have confirmed that the closer you get to the tower, the further away the noises are.

Some players have also considered Krobus, the friendly monster who lives in the sewers, as the culprit behind the noises, but that theory doesn’t seem to stick either. 

Stardew Valley urban myths

From Sasquatches to water monsters and sky whales, players love to debate the origin of the strange noises and create urban legends to add some extra excitement to the game.

Not only can these noises be heard when it’s raining, but they are also heard during the night, accompanied by a strange rustling of leaves outside.

User Kati3e posted a strange experience on Reddit, which makes Stardew Valley sound a whole lot more terrifying than it started out to be.

The user-described one evening when they were walking back to their farm, and upon hearing the ghostly sound, a white figure appeared and sat on top of the storage chest. The user thought it was their cat that was sitting, but when they moved closer, the figure vanished. The user also confirmed that the cat was inside the house when they entered, therefore it couldn’t have been outside. 

In the same thread, another user reported taking part in some fishing in front of Willy’s Shop before a loud croaking and moaning occurred. The user then saw a green head poke out of the water before swimming away and described it as looking something like a Kappa – a turtle-like creature from Japanese folklore.

If you fancy perfecting your fishing game with hopes of sighting the Kappa, check out our guide on how to attach bait to a fishing rod.

A strange sound was heard in the night…

There is one possible explanation for these random noises, and that is the Strange Capsule event.

If you have ever received the message, “A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night,” then that indicates that a Strange Capsule event has been completed.

This refers to the opening of a strange capsule located on your farm, releasing a creature into the wild.

The creature has been described as friendly and only seems to appear at night or in random spots. Players have reported seeing the alien at the bus stop or in the background somewhere, but you cannot interact with it.

Even though there is no concrete explanation behind Stardew Valley’s weird noises, it definitely adds another compelling layer to the farming sim.


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