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1. crucial

adjective. ['ˈkruːʃəl'] of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis.

  • decisive
  • essential
  • important
  • life-or-death
  • life-and-death
  • polar
  • critical
  • inessential
  • indecisive
  • noncrucial
  • inconclusive

Words that Rhyme with Crucial

  • actual
  • antisocial
  • antisocial
  • artificial
  • beneficial
  • commercial
  • commerical
  • controversial
  • especial
  • essential
  • essential
  • eurocommercial
  • existential
  • existential
  • experiential
  • exponential
  • facial
  • financial
  • financial
  • financial

How to spell crucial? Is it crutial? Or cruciale? Common misspellings are:

Example sentences of the word crucial

1. Adjective
It is crucial that group homes be about more than making a profit.

Quotes containing the word crucial

1. I read the script and decide if a particular character looks fun to play. I look for complexity and a sense of humor. Those are crucial, real things to life.
- Steve Buscemi

2. Personal branding is crucial in today's society. Just remember to wait until the metal is red hot before pressing it into your flesh.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

3. The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.
- Emil Ludwig

2. crucial

adjective. ['ˈkruːʃəl'] having crucial relevance.

3. crucial

adjective. ['ˈkruːʃəl'] of the greatest importance.

  • important
  • of import
  • all-important
  • all important
  • of the essence
  • irresolute
  • indefinite
  • expendable
  • extrinsic


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[ kroo-shuhl ]

/ ˈkru ʃəl /

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involving an extremely important decision or result; decisive; critical: a crucial experiment.

severe; trying.

of the form of a cross; cross-shaped.



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Origin of crucial

1700–10; <Latin cruci- (stem of crux) cross + -al1


cru·ci·al·i·ty[kroo-shee-al-i-tee, kroo-shal-], /ˌkru ʃiˈæl ɪ ti, kruˈʃæl-/, nouncru·cial·ly,adverbnon·cru·cial,adjectivenon·cru·cial·ly,adverb


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CRST syndrome, CRT, CRTC, cru, cruces, crucial, crucian, crucian carp, cruciate, cruciate anastomosis, cruciate ligament Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021


What does crucial mean?

Crucial means extremely important or involving an extremely important decision or course of action. Close synonyms are critical and decisive.

The word crucial is usually used to describe pivotal moments, choices, or actions that will affect everything that follows, as in We’re at a crucial point in the process—we need to make some big decisions. 

Sometimes, crucial is simply used to describe something that’s extremely important, as in Getting enough sleep is crucial for staying healthy.  

Example: I can’t express how absolutely crucial it is to surround yourself with the right friends.

Where does crucial come from?

The first records of the word crucial come from around the early 1700s. It comes from the Latin crux, which means “cross” and is also the root of the English word crux, meaning “a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point.”

Crucial decisions about crucial actions need to be made at crucial times. These crucial points in time are like a crossroads leading to very different directions or different outcomes.

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What are some other forms of crucial?

  • crucially (adverb)
  • cruciality (noun)

What are some synonyms for crucial?

What are some words that share a root or word element with crucial


What are some words that often get used in discussing crucial?


How is crucial used in real life?

The word crucial is typically used in the discussion of pivotal moments or decisions.



Try using crucial!

Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of crucial?

A. optional
B. critical
C. imperitive
D. important

Words related to crucial

deciding, necessary, touchy, pressing, compelling, urgent, vital, pivotal, central, imperative, decisive, essential, momentous, acute, clamorous, desperate, dire, insistent, searching, showdown

How to use crucial in a sentence

  • The less crucial amino acids seem to help organisms deal with oxidation, a 2018 study concluded, hinting that LUCA’s forerunners incorporated them while evolving in an environment rich in oxygen or other oxidizing compounds.

    Your ancestors might have been Martians|Charlie Wood|February 12, 2021|Popular-Science

  • With venture capital crucial to catalyze business growth, the funding model needs to change.

    Funds are emerging to back African female tech founders|Abubakar Idris|February 12, 2021|Quartz

  • However, we’ve seen users are spending more time on TikTok than Facebook, and it is crucial for marketers to provide those users with content.

    ‘The momentum is there’: In 2021, marketers are starting to see TikTok as a staple of the social budget|Kristina Monllos|February 12, 2021|Digiday

  • In an article published today in the journal Science, researchers stressed that building an understanding of how these particles are affecting us—especially the most tiny pieces—is crucial.

    Microplastics are everywhere. Here’s what that means for our health.|Ula Chrobak|February 11, 2021|Popular-Science

  • ProPublica went on to use the disciplinary data we published to do more crucial stories.

    ProPublica’s “NYPD Files” Wins John Jay College/Harry Frank Guggenheim Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting|by ProPublica|February 11, 2021|ProPublica

  • All it needs is one more “pipe” to select and transmit the crucial information.

    Red Tape and Black Boxes: Why We Keep ‘Losing’ Airliners in 2014|Clive Irving|December 29, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • During two years in Iranian custody, Abdolhamid provided crucial details of how Jundullah operated.

    The Dangerous Drug-Funded Secret War Between Iran and Pakistan|Umar Farooq|December 29, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Some pilots consider the infrared marker to be crucial to the close air-support mission to support ground troops.

    Newest U.S. Stealth Fighter ‘10 Years Behind’ Older Jets|Dave Majumdar|December 26, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • And some of the most compelling statements came from a powerful, crucial set of equality allies: corporations.

    Corporations Are No Longer Silent on LGBT Issues||December 24, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • From the looks of it, mistletoe is a keystone species and plays a crucial role in that forest ecosystem.

    Mistletoe is the Vampire of Plants|Helen Thompson|December 21, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • A crucial question, very much affected by what the Admiral told me last night.

    Gallipoli Diary, Volume I|Ian Hamilton

  • "I'm so very sorry," Anson said, slightly flustered, remembering that this was always the crucial moment in a sale.

    The Salesman|Waldo T. Boyd

  • Colonel Mildmay considered; they were approaching the crucial point, and he took his resolution.

    Robin Redbreast|Mary Louisa Molesworth

  • Bernadotte moved slowly, and did not render his force effective at the crucial moment.

    The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte|William Milligan Sloane

  • Some of my green men had funked just at the crucial moment, and I had all but shot one.

    Four Days|Hetty Hemenway

British Dictionary definitions for crucial


involving a final or supremely important decision or event; decisive; critical

informalvery important

slangvery good

Derived forms of crucial

crucially, adverb

Word Origin for crucial

C18: from French, from Latin cruxcross

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

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Synonyms of crucial in English:


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1‘a crucial debate on the Maastricht Treaty’


pivotal, critical, key, climacteric, decisive, deciding, determining, settling, testing, trying, searching

major, significant, influential, momentous, consequential, weighty, big, important, historic, epoch-making, far-reaching, life-and-death

2‘confidentiality is crucial in this case’


very important, of the utmost importance, of great consequence, of the essence, critical, high-priority, pre-eminent, paramount, all-important, essential, vital, vitally important, indispensable, mandatory, urgent, pressing, compelling, necessary, needed, required, requisite



With the aim of teaching good citizenship, danger avoidance and incident management, the CrucialCrew allows children to experience a range of scenarios intended to be both fun and informative.

Passing on crucial skills for 25 years

"It's a very crucialwin for us," said UVC coach Joshua Ylaya, whose wards moved one W behind Cignal (7-6) and PLDT (7-6) in the chase for third seed.

Upbeat UVC guns for 7th win vs PLDT

CRUCIALPOINTSThe Stars may have lost crucialpoints in their 2-1 defeat to Sierra Leone, away but there is still some hope.

Kudos to Stars for victory

In seeking a solution for this mismatch, we began incorporating ideas into our supervisor training from two renowned leadership books, CrucialConversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High and CrucialAccountability: Tools for Resolving Violated Expectations, Broken Commitments, and Bad Behavior.

Crucial camp conversations: five keys for success

Canal anglers have to make the crucialdecisions at this time of year with the colder weather 'cleaning up' the water to where they will be most likely to find fish, before 'daintily' dropping in.


TEHRAN (FNA)- The most crucialequipment needed for construction of platform 20 of phase 20 and 21 of the supergiant South Pars Gas Field have been unblocked and transferred to Khorramshahr Yard for Installation, operator of the phases said.

Crucial Platform 20 Equipment Unblocked

"A patterned carpet in deeper coloured berry tones will contrast beautifully against dark walls, and will instantly create a luxe decor to any room set," says Emma Hopkins, marketing manager at CrucialTrading.


| Top right: Saint German Console Table, PS1,585; The Cordon Bois Ottoman, PS925; Tracery Table Lamp, PS295; Vouvant Mirror, PS195, Ophelia Cushion Cover, Large, PS65; OKA ( |Mississippi Red Plum Carpet (WS123),PS67per m2, CrucialTrading (


Sours: //

Crucial synonym for

Crucial synonyms


Having or suggesting a consciousness of high position or authority; authoritative:


(Medicine) Of a patientcondition involving unstable vital signs and a prognosis that predicts the condition could worsen; or, a patient condition that requires urgent treatment in an intensive care or critical care medical facility.


Pertaining to the foundation or basis; serving for the foundation. Hence: Essential, as an element, principle, or law; important; original; elementary.


(Gram.) Designating or of the mood of a verb that expresses a command, strong request, or exhortation

of the essence. See syn. study at acute.acute

of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis


The definition of trivial is insignificant, or of no importance.


Abominable; reprehensible:


Having to do with the basic or ultimate purpose, aim, or end


The definition of trying is defined as an irritating person or thing.


A crucial or decisive point or situation, especially a difficult or unstable situation involving an impending change.


The quality, state, or degree of being of the highest importance:


Not critical; undiscriminating or indulgent.


Not important; insignificant or petty.


Offering so little chance, as for improvement, as to cause despair; extremely dangerous or serious


Serving to put an end to doubt, question, or uncertainty; decisive:


Determining or having the power to determine an outcome


Requiring considerable effort or skill; not easy to do or accomplish:

of vital importance(related)


Being of vital or central importance; crucial:


Determining or able to determine an outcome:


of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis


Relating to or constituting a climax.


Vitally affecting subsequent events; being of great consequence; momentous:


Of basic importance; essential or principal:


Of, at, or forming a base; fundamental; essential


Pertaining to any of several supposedly critical years of a person's life. [from 17th c.]


(Ecology) Influenced by or resulting from the prevailing climate.


Dire is defined as something that is urgent.


Requiring serious thought; momentous:


of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis


Giving safety; reducing danger or harm


of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis


Causing great discomfort, damage, or distress:


of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis


The area drained by a river or river system

Find another word for crucial. In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crucial, like: important, critical, essential, momentous, fundamental, vital, telling, imperative, all-important, of the essence. See syn. study at acute.acute and cruciality.

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The less crucial amino acids seem to help organisms deal with oxidation, a 2018 study concluded, hinting that LUCA’s forerunners incorporated them while evolving in an environment rich in oxygen or other oxidizing compounds.




adjectivevery important


adjectivemost important, essential


adjectivemost important, essential

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